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Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, November 14th

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It. So any perpendicular ready for. He's how we signed an end Jeremy why sorry there was about says forget. We sort of control evident from that point forward we couldn't get anything going negative plays got a lot of the first involves that we're tough to give we didn't convert them in the we did have certain sorts I was in traverse those who spent fuel. Still work and signature we earn our technique and focus on the details we had a big long one on third and short which itself saw average wise but they're few and that we would start. So trying to iron out to be tell all things and make sure we know what we do best what happened yesterday Pope is an outrage that we team. Get this fixed give spectacle of the pot directly cup for rugby. The sun came up this morning and you're trying to keep perspective on life even though we didn't play very well yesterday and you know I look forward to us getting things turned around and hurt non WG ER Sports Radio 550. All right happy Tuesday good morning we used to call these talk it out Tuesday's. The sting of the game is a bit. Lesson I guess we've heard from the coach heard from airport heard from a lot of the players my name's Jeremy Dwight Howard is off all week this week and book. Let's just get the elephant in the room out there I texted him yesterday. And I said I want you to call an 830 and pick the bills men and always off but he can do it he wrote an article on Sunday night for the website. So. I asked him pick the bills today and he did not write back course again. So I mean we're gonna have to call him if necessary he's gonna do it. I think he's gonna do it today F he has to people are counting on him people are relying on him to pick the bells. In all. It's it's it's fun after wins it's fun after losses he's got to do it it's. It's how we put the game in its proper place right. So. I will continue to reach out to Howard and try to get him on the phone line. Sometime around 830 so he can pick the bills so that's that's first and foremost. I put a Twitter poll about what needs to change for the bills and I would urge you and yes I mean urge would urge you to go to WGR 550 dot com. And read the piece from neat Geary. Who did the show me yesterday works post game showed as pregame with me on Sundays as well. Nate Geary has a piece up on our blog website about the fact that something has to change for the softens something passed change. And you may think by looking at just the the the article hatter of the picture to picture me and Peter mean. You may think it just says Peterman got us start over Tyrod that's not really what it's about. It's more about a storyline that we kind of thought we would get into throughout the season which is. Hey the offense in the quarterback don't really seem to match why would the bills install on offense the doesn't appear to be all that good for this quarterback. And for Taylor. Whether he is be set up to fail or if he is sink or swim that's one way I've put it that in other putting in a system that doesn't exactly highlight his strength is kind of sink or swim. The saints yesterday. The saints on month Sunday should say their defense was not complex at all it's very much a lot of just like. Cover two zone and just watched the bills kind of punch themselves out. So. I would very much urged to read that. An article from Nate Kyrie breaking down the offense breaking down what happened tonight I put a Twitter poll in response to this that you can vote in or you can give us a call at 8030 by fifty. And the poll says what changes needed. Option one is not just the process you don't trust trust the process they are in a playoff position. The bay played a good team in the saints and they lost they can just go beat San Diego slash LA I know. Beat LA and just feel good you know the dolphins lost last night on Monday Pope also the dolphins. Playoff chances are dealt another blow. And the bills are still on the six spots still control their own destiny still pretty good I've played around the New York Times playoff Pristina by given wins over the colts dolphins dolphins and chargers stick I had like 84% chance to make the playoffs so nothing needs to change just the process. Option two is the offensive scheme. That Rick Dennison has to make adjustments to figure out how to get Tyrod Taylor in a good position. Because. Taylor has had a couple games where he struggles and if teams. Keep him in the pocket and that. Basically eliminates his ability to be effective it's Rick denizens job to figure out ways to get out of the pocket. It's Rick Anderson's job to figure out ways to use his skill set to make plays down the field that's option two option three. It's changed the starting quarterback. And Nate writes about that a little bit at the website and that's not a bowel. Because tire us no good and Peter irons better he's more saying it's clear that the coordinator is married to his style. And if for gonna do that you might want somebody that can run it more effectively than the guy that they have. Not that he's better than that guy but just that. As we've said maybe since training camp. He might be a better fit. If in fact they're going to be ripple sleep committed to this type of passing game fast. Quick decision passing game. And the fourth option is just fix defensive line you know find a way to get defense back on track find a way to make stops again this defense has been dashed big time. And whether it's in the run game or in the passing game a I don't see and I'm I'm. Not try to be contrary Enron not trying to be out there would any sort of like hot take here. I don't see why the performance against the saints is any more jarring in the performance against the box. The box threw for 384. Right the saints run for 300. That's great. The box threw for 384. Andy Dalton and the Bengals. Lit up that bill secondary the bills' secondary has been a big problem for a couple of weeks and they got off the hook against the saints because the saints shielded the defensive line. Has some problems so what we ultimately have as a defense that looked like it had a pretty strong. Unit together as as eleven pieces and you know we are we're talking about Micah Hyde and Jordan Boyer and EG gains in. Treaty is white the secondary was great to start the season and that tailed off. And the defensive line we never I don't know without is gonna be great juries usually Dutch could count on him Kyle Williams marshaled ours at the start of the season. Obviously that didn't pan out the way to many. Hoped it might have and linebackers they I think we might say linebackers throughout the season we might have expected her to be some problems there it's it's. It's clearly not a completed unit for this team is is the way they're gonna go slows your four options on what has to change. One of those options is nothing has changed is just ride this ride and see what happens so. You can vote that you give your phone call 803055188. By fifty to 550. They went out acquire receiver in Calvin Benjamin and then barely threw to him. We're gonna play some sound throughout the morning from Rick Dennison place in south for Sean McDermott I'll give my thoughts on how old the decision to play Peter Main might have taken place. Mean McDermott kind of set as much but. Why it happened how what happened why now and there's a good question to be asked there why did they all the sudden. Not all the sudden they probably plan that at some point and they were never down 37 before or whenever thirty points. While while why this week why was this the time to decide. Let's get a look at the computer and something that McDermott talked about wanting to get a look at the CO does against an NFL team sure it's going to be garbage time but what's gonna look. So that's out there as well. 8030550. Is our phone number. 1888550. To 550 I I also feel like at some point we have to talk about the streaker because he's getting round the clock coverage on be on WB yen. I heard law law advice for the guy tryst in some then. Two effort Fred I can't remember your in the Lamberth something like that the giving him free legal advice on the parent read the article a cut from our poll came Maria. And I'm hearing that he miked ninety days in jail and a fine and morneau site. Made with a follow up on that because I was listening yesterday and it was spot topic of conversation for their afternoon show was well. I'll seriously take that kind of thing to other cities talk about shriek yours is much is. We are right now I don't know I mean. I don't know that's a good question. He. It happened after I had left the stadium so I do not see it but I aid of course sought in the paper and saw snapped jet videos and you know. Twitter videos of itself at some point man you'll chime in on that aid off real 550 is our phone number what now. You know what now. They don't look like as good a team as they did two weeks ago but they're in the same spot to make the playoffs sixth. Same spot. And it really Camille looks like it's awful on Baltimore and this week. The ravens play the Packers on the road they have games coming up against the lions and Steelers. Can. Baltimore just. Ball clerks. The bills like gated alienate them might be were eight knee gets in the playoffs depending on just how bad the succeed is in the AFC. So your phone calls it a trio pocket to start things off of the Bob Bob good morning you're on. WG morning. Or are doing great. Couple quick things. Short period article and I won't hurt and Panama supported. About them over the week and it commented Annan. How are holes where he kind of got lawyers and a quarter scene that. Trying to slow plodding when he space. And just like with the to clean out your box law. On the court there are important to Al looked at or up I want to order in. Which were here. And then move on that. Factor again. Broader and l.'s operations some actual topical and what they have a torture or one that's worked in. I surrender or are we talk many a time all up and I think you and I ordered all kind of work here or what calling him and saying the men and urged not to report and what are seniors were urged people. And everybody else but to answer. And it didn't answer Houston based all order order and general man rigor. And well peel ports on out of here warlords local market and you wait because we don't see every answer and we would be to win the Stanley culprit in our history we have won a Super Bowl. Yet we also atlas like in straight that they are going to. Harris here that will go back and looked like ouster as you are saying Gordon and I eight years we we quit. To order a brick it would turn or what went on. What we've ever seen that's not a bad. No direction that it knew of genes aren't you can park and the stereo. And what side are being cited in the watch well game. Well it may even win one but we're strictly you you many I mentioned but should not just about winning and winning championships. And accusations were portable and that became emerged out. Sure I win ball and the so I help you. And coral search your art. All right thanks Bob the got to a lot of their parent you're to a lot yet again Renee Gary's article delete your bucket account op. You mean about ownership. They just changed direction again with both of their teams and what what should you do. When you are going to make it change from let's let's use the bills are from Rex Ryan. To your next coach. Should Jew who hire someone and this is what to do with Rex GG hire someone that says you're close I'm just gonna add to what you've got here and will roll this thing Porsche hire someone that says. I know how I wanna do this in in my take time I'm gonna get to where I wanna be. Student from schools of thought you know I would agree to a point about direction I think direction is. You know this that this that the saying is that momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher direction as your quarterback. Do you have one or not do you have a direction. And for the bills now I don't think they have occur a clear direction right now that just means that they're not committed to Tyrod Taylor. I don't know whose start is going to be next year I don't know with a back up's going to be next year announcer who's gonna start against the colts because of the bills lose couple games they might wanna go. To Nathan Peterman. So where's your correction who's got direction right now the rams seemed to because of golf the Eagles do because of whence the Texans do because of Watson league teams that. Have a new direction deck press got in Dallas. That's your direction and if you are already. Rolen out a great quarterback you have had direction. So you can make it about ownership if you want in ownership can be clueless. And still win Jerry Jones didn't want deck press got they got him anyway now it looks Smart so. A lot of times ownership is talked about ownership can provide money ownership can pay people ownership can buy out contracts ownership can. Whether it's a hockey player or coach and say this guy's no good I'm gonna get out of here some other ownership groups don't spend as much money on all the things. I don't know you wanna blame an on ownership fine how to the teams do before they showed up not good. So. There could. If you want to make it about. The new orders other reason these teams don't do well I'd say the old owners didn't do that great at least not for the long haul and especially like most of the Stroud is on the last bills owner. And on the sabres. I mean they've been the playoffs like what. 34 times and about one years. So it's fine you make that point I just. One of what what where were you before and the sending mr. of the tank culture in the tank where warrior before. Two week deal before they pick samurai heart they drafted eighth. Mean that's where they drafted last year so. They've really had just kind of been stuck in a spot in you know for people who thought the tank was gonna work we did because it's mark. And it works for other teams I guy I made the mistake I guess a believing got a good plan could work here. What's different from Houston's tankan buffaloes the difference is Houston didn't blow it Houston made a bunch of good picks. And also they finished in the bottom I think draft in the top 54 times. But whatever anyway 8030550. Direction is your quarterback in what's the bill's direction for a couple of years now it's Ben. Let's just hang out here and she was going on. And may be Woolsey. The ball really exciting. Player and he'll take a someplace but that's it. And them that maybe direction was trading down in the draft at this past draft so you can take quarterback this year. Rights of podshow report on that said it was his opinion that's of the bills are probably looking to do. All of a sudden need to draft kit class doesn't look as strong and paid chiefs pick is going to be late and had the bills pick might be late and what. Where's your direction now. You're direction might be used those picks build a well built it up and play Tyrod Taylor again or or play neat in Peter next year depending on what their plan might be. But they get home call Bob again like he's like a city got a lot of their. 8030550. To Don and Cheektowaga Don the morning on on this Tuesday it's the talk it out Tuesday. Morning or your morning good. Good god I'm so I'd read dominate the article are really really good war there's a lot of points that we all talk about pretty much every day. On after the game their couple snapped I wanna throw at it till now collective games that we lost. Shady but all 43 times poll. You gains prior to that we won against all where and gearbox kept the ball 63 times people. Though. Their one obvious that they're really. And then going into those last two games we were number one against a rush. And when you put the last two games together when you allow what I think 500 total rusher nauert or respect you. That would probably prep the browns or game is a career. High school college and have felt because he. It was awful on apple awful that that an issue but. Going forward Tyrod. I like Colorado really wanna support hierarchy by. There he's obviously not the correct the program like that that the training. You can not a streak that dropped quarterback that's that looks like they wanna do. That first series against. You know because the greens look really good things out there were gonna do. Target Kelvin Benjamin achieving your ball flight that run. Go down 43. They score we go back out there we go back in the Iranian plan that we do every week running lap run right. At all but it's Colbert comedy and he's just take her third down I don't know I don't get it. In Dennison said that that is a play they had designed for McCoy but that's new wasn't available that time. You think you don't change out of it thanks Don I wanna pick up consonants and something you said because you may I'm gonna come and imagine needs article a lot. Neat Kyrie he wrote to WGR 550 dot com and there's a lot of stuff and that's good it may be realize one thing about Taylor in this fit. Well at times hitting this conversation sounded like anti Taylor stopped and in reality what it is it's just. Noting. There's a problem here there's him there's a mismatch here the did it doesn't quite make cents and here's an example of how. Taylor finishes the game with what eighteen passes. And how many of those passes. This something neat points though were dump offs to who. McCoy not as check downs put as designs. Right they they Randall's a little swing passes to McCoy a couple times in a war on on one or two. But the point is you led nineteen passes who had nine completions and unlike two or three of those. There was not an actual passing play called. I think it back to win the patriots used to do this and lighted on the slot against the bills like. Give a passing Plame people call an extended run. Where it's a snap and a quick throat the last and it's not exactly a screen it's just a designed run play. Because the ball is so close the line of scrimmage never in danger it's basically a long handoff from Taylor to McCoy or from Taylor to Colbert. And yes it's a pass but the receivers are running out to block. And this happens with this bills team sometimes where the play is snap. Turn and throw it to this person right here throw it to McCoy it's not a read to do that permit sorry. Maybe that's the read the point is it is so. Quick to get the ball out and it doesn't matter. If you got three receivers on the field that are to you're gonna throw it to that running back you're gonna have geeks and extended hand off. When your passing he produces 56 yards and most of became on extended hand offs you just think. Why in the world do you think your quarterback should be used like this he is a playmaker. Who is not free to to to make place. Now I was trying to collect all these different waste. Talk about it and comparisons to make this morning about how it's not a fit in this this this is like having a Ferrari in united. I'm I'm struggle for the exact analogy ahead when or where to write it down but it just its sole. It's just so. Strange. True seed certain games word they'll give him deep drops and roll outs and then you have games where if a team can just keep him in the pocket each year dead you know he you don't have much of an answer for that. But feel like the offensive coordinator it's it's it's on the coordinator Tom. The bill stood seeded that's gonna happen to them and have an answer for so with Peterman hike. What does Dennison want to go to Pearman I mean and McDermott says he's our starter. You just wonder if that's that's the thing to meet this goes back to when they drafted Edwards right address Trent Edwards who may have J. P. Losman and anytime a team does this the bills haven't done a lot you say ha I will why did you take that quarterback. Chances are repeater in the bills took him because he's a shot in the dark has won several sooner we get. They seem in practice they might not think he's better than Taylor from a talent stand point bought. Rick Dennison might think you know I see enough raw wanna get an inning game and at the opportunity presents itself now got a mini game are right. Look good in a touchdown. He had seventy something yards on two drives the other guy only had 56 yards moon all right well now home feeling good about this. You just wonder I'm not saying denizens out they're trying to get Tyrod benched it's just if he's not willing to change his own system. And Taylor is worse for it. He might have a guided. He thinks can run it and I know they're out there to win games they wanna win of course they do Tyrod has wins for them but. If every team just decides keep him in the pocket the one about and the bills are really equipped with an answer for that the bills are in some trouble. So 8030550. What change is needed for the bills. Here for options at the Twitter poll none just the process. Offensive scheme starting quarterback and defensive line fixes. 8030550. Give me your thoughts maybe I forgot something you can not include that here. As well it is WGR Sports Radio 550 Paul Hamilton a little later date great uses sabres game night. Guys who. Scrape. Scrape really great news Marcus and Ellis sick. And big guarantee to go back in the lineup he went to his first bills game you can read about that from Paul Hamilton at WGR. All right industrial 550 open fault lines what needs to change in and what happens from here for the bills still almost six spot is it not to think about shaking things up significantly. 8030550. On WGR. Disappoint them upbeat. You know because I know we're building an unknown that we and play. Up to the standard we played at before and and with Scotia before so for that reason I'm upbeat and I'm looking forward to getting back to work. Phil's head coach Sean McDermott. Your headlines the bills of course sorrow and I'm gearing up for a trip out west that I can leave until Saturday stand East Coast time that's pretty much the plan. Saturday they leave for LA take on the chargers. In Los Angeles at the stub hub senator hopefully. Bill's fans he can't take that thing over in the Monday night game the Panthers blowout the dolphins who are just. Mean the bills are five and for the dolphins are foreign five dolphins are horrible forceful bad. And yet they have four wins so that's good news for the bills and more good news for the bills that put that in finger quotes because of course you know considering. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is in concussion protocol which I would like to say means he's definitely going to play in football no you know. And Russell Wilson went custom protocol went inside ten came out in five minutes so rivers is in concussion protocol my guess is he'll play Sunday because. As of four boy how it usually works you don't you don't miss games with with concussions is court starting quarterbacks that are franchise guys ask Ben Roethlisberger. Now when I'm maybe I'm being cynical more often than not I would bet rivers is gonna play. But using concussion protocol. Other are headlines the sabres are all. Then melt are there on the road. At Pittsburgh tonight take on the penguins. And Detroit later this week the sabres are. Not good we'll talk Phil Housley tomorrow but. Yeah I knew you really except for hockey and celebrate your new your really excited. We'll get to them at some point of it we'll talk about them Paul Hamilton will join us in wool off. Commiserate about how bad hockey team is. 80305518088550. To 550 bills are phone numbers of oil littlest Sumner from Rick Dennison. So bills offensive coordinator spoke yesterday and we'd go to couples like highlights. He said a few things that might. Not sit too well with yup and well who talk about what the what the game plan should be from here for the bills is they take on the chargers. So first off period Dennison on they're offense in the quarterback. I think it's the same as it was last week restored and feature we earn our technique and focus on the details you know we did average we don't we had a big long one on third and short which tell saw average wise but it was few and that we went back. So trying to iron out to the detail and all things and make sure we know what we do best. It's that we need to find what we do best there will be no debate it's what we do best watching film it's not a preference thing it's what we do that. We'll do what we do best what did they do best. I'm Mira I'm I'm ready for answers what do they do best. Give Tyrod Taylor out of the pocket and in deeper drops and throw downfield Charles clay. What do they do best. What they do best is run the ball fairly effectively against bad defense is like Tampa and Oakland and get shut down against respectable defense is. One what did they do best. It's certainly not get the ball to their big targets Kelvin Benjamin here's Dennis and on Benjamin. Coverage you know dictated that they started out had a moral one we took our chances didn't make the plays start changes and too safe coverages try to protect the guy on him I guess try to work some high level high low levels with him. And somebody underneath them they kept up underneath so it's up to me given right spot to give the targets and they give him catches so you know working on now on to. Working on how to find a way to get Dennis the gets. Sorry Kelvin Benjamin the ball. More on this is certainly Richard not gonna force the ball you don't wanna be part of our mock terrorists take care of the ball you know have ball security known that you can do you make a place that. That are dictated certainly can be a little bit different than the other players that are around with his size putts and that's again on me and I had a series of plays I felt we can do that. There he was in single coverage or two guys over there. And that didn't happen obviously I've Benjamin restarted three times on the opening drive. And then not not again by Taylor for the rest of his. Time in the game so the question of course to Dennison went you know how much of it is on him and how much of it is on Tyrod Taylor why did Tyrod keep checking down. Coverage deeper. We're working on high level throws change recovers from treaty to TV everybody dropped or at mystics they were at the levels in order make a first I have to get a completion it's either shoving it down in their deep respect risking the ball for an interception or checking it down. You know in hindsight we talked to look some time out mix changed chances like we said he took it is. We need to find the Czech economy if we can make a first down run it. It's an inch and one right. He took it as we need to check down we told me needs take chances he took it as a check down. That the saints and all the saints had to do in this game defensively was get the bills in second in ten. And then like you said drop his own back to the sticks you know the saints are what I want backed her. A bigger watches him a third time I know right watched hawkish. I watch his game a third time because it wanted to see how the saints were sold dominant offensively and the story of the games. He ends up being the run game. That the bills' run defense got dashed. They gave up what I've I've had this dynamic keep pounding it. The the saints had a 164. Rushing yards after it was thirty to three. So for me there's lot of garbage time in there but that's not the point I'm making here. All right so it's thirty to three I thought our hub of the saints. Get to thirty to three. Was it all the run game and the answer to that is no it wasn't that they'd still did run the ball they ran for over five yards per carry. In establishing a thirty to three lead. What else happened. The bills on a third down went offside and that was a first down. The bills had a personal foul face mask penalty gave my first down there was a third and thirteen Ettinger third and ten. That breeze made a pass completion for like thirty yards there's a second and ten where they throw the ball and get a first down that you had you need to be able. To complete a second intent. And the bills. The way our offense works with with Tyrod Taylor in this Dennison system when it goes poorly when the offense struggles. It's because they don't get enough on first down to even threaten anybody in the passing game and you just know. What what's Taylor gonna do on third and thirteen. Like I I made comments yesterday the bill should just punt. Because as Dennis and lays it out of things gonna drop the gonna drop to the sticks there asking you to throw it in front of them so you can tackle them. And the bills. Every single time that the saints asked them to do that did it. Skip. Punt the ball away. It was at the easiest defensive game the saints have ever played. Stop McCoy on first down. CEO pay there's a holding penalty first and twentieth drop them back. They'll throw dump offs they'll rotted on second and twenty per second in fifteen to trying get at the third and something closer. Because this team from a passing standpoint it's just such a bad passing offense and Benjamin was supposed to cannot. And who was also lighted up was supposed to bring in an added element I still think he can. But it's just bull. You know it's just. What is gonna change. Text or rights and you talk about how bad the dolphins' offense is a day after Tyrod it's 56 yards passing that's funny manner and monsignor Trent cited the bills' offense Tyrod Taylor. Is much better than the dolphins' offense. It it's probably not they are. Near the bottom of the league in passing yards per game as they always have banned the tax rates and we never tried to get Sammy the ball why would it be different. Different coordinator. 200. I I thought. Especially because it was a ship but the Benjamin trade. That is a mid season move to try to get better right it's a mid season trade this is a we think we are good and this person right here is going to be one of the reasons were we continue to be good Benjamin's gonna add another element to our offense. I guess I'd. I didn't see it coming but the bills would have their worst offensive day the day at the the first game with Kelvin Benjamin. Right like I don't. I didn't see that coming. I really thought they would throw to him and Taylor saying he's got to throw 5050 balls he's got to throw into coverage and one game in a the coordinator says we couldn't get it too because they're rolled coverage is way. I mean how how many years are we just going to be there. I I don't follow other teams closely enough so forgive me if I don't really know this but. Do other teams say they can't throw it to their best receiver because he was covered. The other teams throw would not throat of the best receiver because they say well they they put covered over there so we couldn't and the bills did that against. Kansas City with Watkins and that one game or just ends up being now we couldn't they move coverage out and the offense doesn't have the ability to do anything about that I'll pick. It's just a frustrating. It's a frustrating loss all around and I'm spending a lot of time talking about the offense I know the defense is. A big issue to. They've been getting dashed by a number of teams and it's it it goes back to the jet game. The Ron over in that game it is worth mentioning that in both of these games it was close and then. Like. You know the dam breaks. It becomes a blog at that point thirty to three becomes 47. To ten. Now thirty to three is the game's over. And the saints just ran it. As people like to say down their throats. They got run over you can say a lot of different ways the saints were were better and they're they're a good team. 80305518550. To 550 on the streaker. Who was getting around the clock coverage on our sister station and pick it up on the streaker. You know rights. I wanna say for him. I I don't know the law. If he'd kept his underwear on I bet they charges would be significantly less probably right technically that's that's not as bad what is it public lewdness he got there's something like that it. There is trespass criminal trespass. And done. The I think Aaron B units weren't talking every said the you know he plead guilty and try to plead it down something non criminal. You know. What's he gonna say listen did you see the game or Iran or were you there I was just trying to give some fans some of them have. Cheer about whatever. Now. I. Then the topic or yes it is like should they throw the book at the guy today just like. Laugh it off. I think every Kenny gets at the reason you have big penalties for this the reason he might spend some time in jail is because we don't want people to do that all the time. If you or just hey you knuckle head. Don't do that again. The more people would do it I feel like you're used to be more of that at the stadium. Right up the easy more street that's a streaker is what man on field man running on the on the rim of this of the the 100 level there until like they used to happen a lot more. Do not. Think so is it just me. Now I mean there's been other things that happen in of course you know it it seems like. For people that run on field though it it seems like that Eaton we never actually hear the penalties for what actually happens I mean you you you pretty much gas that al-Qaeda brand. Probably runs on the field they're probably banned from like from going to the games and everything like that but I mean. This is sort of like the first time works just like okay well he's in this this in this it's like. Okay. Have banned for life that's that's hot that's a tough one to take two of your your fan if you don't care I mean north here from. But the guys he's not but what that guys from Saint Louis in just came into town for a game or your banned for life why not. And and there's a there's a very easy softball joke right here to say like banned for life thanks in our. Banned for life. I can run on the field as soon as. And kidding. I'm kidding you know take a joke you know. 803055188550. To 550 yet it's again it's it's the nudity it's the grown man is naked in public. You know I know if you do then. Depending on where you are used to dream whatever. You're golf course in your goal Goran. 73000 people. We were granted. What what percentage could see the lewdness. A say like 50000 think theirs lewdness there and I can't see because I'm far away. And you know also alone number can actually see it. Who got funny text about this. Phony tax that I can't read on the air but funny once 8030550. Got a tech stress could be charged a sex offender I I don't I don't know that's. That's why I said. I don't know the law probably better off if he had done it just like. I don't Wear pants and do it but then you're not streaker men. And the the the the photos were funny and now library I know cheer on a wall over Twitter FaceBook in there. Interesting decision that diamond content. Interesting decision mean he looked like he was having fun. I don't even know if you remembers where is foot records that he thought he will mean the one. The one lucky that I've prime S rescue three got a couple pictures yesterday morning in and looking at the couple pictures in I quote freedom just like a true look at the champion race here. He wrecked. 8030550. Rivers in concussion protocol a gig in New York Times playoff machine when we get back. How the bills make it what wins and losses mean the most at this point and just how big. This week's game is it's the thing I was ready to do pretty quickly turned to this game and talk about how important it is. 803055188. By 52 bucket gets up next the playoff machine and the percentage chance they make you with a win vs a loss. I. You're watching local market and they're supposed to looks good in urged are all cool. Our audience. Or lose region currently being taught so got a lot of labor council based. In my house you know a lot of quality you lob and then it but I know that it pushed so dimples. Don't work for good another good steps this week. Eric Wood speaking on the chargers the LA chargers. They are three and six and the bills are underdogs this week heading out to Los Angeles to believe. LA is up four point favorite and I see that right. So music and neutral field where you're getting that kind of punch it's. A situation where the bills are. I'm certainly not getting respect but the trip out west for them and when I looked at it last week and thought that's what I saw was four or not I'm sorry yes it was four points. NFL week eleven month on dudes and working your chargers. Bills. For some reason I don't have the game what's that what ever and it has four points. Good bills that favor the the spread is plus four for the bills plus thank you plus for a case of San Diego minus four. Like the bills in that spot. Our New York Times playoff which you know promised they would get to this if you're wondering are right so. The dolphins lost how does that affect everything for the bills where our day. Seoul for all teams in the AFC to make the playoffs. In New England that 97%. Pittsburgh's 98 jaguars 92. Chiefs 93 I think your division winners are pretty much locked in the the jaguars pick them over the titans because of schedule so easy. So anyway bills 44%. Ravens' 35%. Raiders. 18%. Dolphins also 18%. It really looks to me like its bills and ravens. The dolphins could get in if they beat the bills in their head to head matchups but all right so how'd the bills and make the playoffs what are the chances that they make the playoffs their current. Playoff percentage according to the New York Times playoff machine is in the neighborhood of. And. Just under 5045%. In that neighborhood. A win over the chargers. It's 40% a win over the chargers gets them to 63. And a loss puts them at 28%. And the way that I've look at this going back to reject team going back to a couple weeks it is it looks like it's I think it comes down the charger game. If the bills beat the dolphins twice and the colts and the chargers. That means they are nine and seven. And the chance to make the playoffs with those four wins chargers colts two dolphins. Their chances of getting in on 984%. You only need Baltimore to lose a couple games they're not very good. The ravens they're not though the ravens are just as bad a passing the ball as the bills are by the way if these two teams are brutal the difference might be. That Baltimore is currently running the ball fairly well with Greg Roman as their offensive coordinator or run game designer whenever. Our Greg Romans there and they've got two guys that are what balked Allen and Jim Aureus DeVore is sound and what time I'm mixing up my fantasy running backs of its group off the waiver wire or one point in the probably dropped. So anyway Baltimore they can run at their defense is good and they can't pass it and the bills. We thought that was going to be the bills but the defense kind of went out to launch. 803055188550. To 550 tweet from Matt arms are markets. Did they keep Taylor thinking they were getting in different offensive coordinator the more I hear the more I'm swinging away from Taylor and to Nathan Peterman. Well. The coordinator was not their first choice. Dennison is not their first choice. McCoy was a choice ahead of him and maybe that would have been different. Dennison that there were two things about Dennis in that we came here I thought this is strange the bills had a great run game. And they hired Dennison who was in Denver Denver did not have a very good run in the does not so I mean it denizens fault. But they just. They hired a gathering a different scheme came here change the scheme from a really successful 121 that we see is not politics houseful. And the other thing about Denver was the percentage of shotgun snaps. Right when Taylor last year Taylor was number one in the NFL the bills are number one in percentage of snaps or in the shotgun. And the Broncos were like bottom three. I thought that's that's kind of strange to commemorate an offensive coordinator that doesn't run shotgun to a quarterback that runs primarily shotgun. And this year we've seen that there's a there's a difference Tyrod Taylor's splits. He is more successful out of the shotgun many is coming out from under center. They have receivers that don't exactly. Get great separation. At quarterback that doesn't throw to receivers unless they are open and uncovered it in a hoax in front zones and that's what. Now we're seeing defense is to a couple different things to this bills team it's not just about keeping Taylor in the pocket it's about. Convincing him to throw here right lead this guy open he'll take the don't they'll take the check down it's third and thirteen what do we do give them the check down he'll take it. And he did a bunch of times and then there's that Dennison quote that I play a little earlier and on to play again here listen to Denis and on this on why Tyrod kept checking down. Coverage deeper. We're working on high level throws change recovers from treaty to TD everybody dropped tourette mystics they were at the levels in order make a first I have to get a completion it's either shoving it down in their deep respect risking the ball for an interception or checking it down you know what hindsight we talked to looks sometimes got mixed changed chances like we said he took it is. We need to find the Czech economy if we can make a first down. In hindsight we talked about when you take some chances and he took that as when you check it down. That sounds like there might be miscommunication. Or a philosophical difference or. Mac it just sounds like it's not exactly how it's post ago. 8030550. And 1888550. To 550. What are your thoughts. On this all the line by the way is plus for the took it down because rivers is in concussion protocol so that makes sense that's why couldn't find it opened up at four and now it's it's that while awareness. 8030550. To join us 1888550. To 550 your phone calls on what should change. I don't get the sense there's a big push for the quarterback to change. But the Twitter poll might saying otherwise we'll meet those results and your phone calls or return on W each year.