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Tuesday, November 14th

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There's an understanding opponent this week who the opponent is and we'll get more into it as a day unfolds and we kind of false every game is to big game because it's the next game that's the approach we respect every opponent and put in the time that we need to do that to put our best foot forward so that's been that way since we want. Feels that coach Sean McDermott. The bills gearing up for the chargers now. It is buffalo football Tuesday it's talk it out Tuesday it's a day where the dolphins lost they got hammered by the Panthers last night put it Panthers team that beat the bills back in week two they'll put a different team they can score now. Eric Kelvin Benjamin but they put up points and they blew out Miami last night 45. Points 4521. If you had Christine McCaffrey your fantasy league feel pretty good. The rushing yards Carolina 29 before. Against the dolphins so the bills are the only teams team to give about 300 rushing yards this week. 8030550. Pandas also 70% on third down Cam Newton finishes 254 and four touchdowns. And the out. There's your there's your full leg yes. 8030550. To join us 18552. For fifty. Just checking Jarvis Landry again in the touchdown an eighty Jarvis Flannery to have a monster game and he did not. So. Did you see the big hit that he got. Laid upon him by keep on Seymour I did not buying I I saw you tweeted it out from the WGR count. I mean you can help play the clip hero quick I don't think there's any play by play to a B you can just hear it here they hit a yeah. Your reaction. Now yeah. Am trying and I'll keep on Seymour was actually off for worse for that hit mean Dahlia women went down and stayed down but. Mean Aaron Williams actually adding quote we did this exact same video and just had the looking. I am all Japanese. Wasn't a dirty hit though right now know very clean clean America. Eight Israel 550 to join us he's Britain Wilson I'm Jeremy White I have my Texas Howard. We got a plan break thirty if you blink when Howard picks the bills who got a plan for a nominal he knows about yet but or economic. It is talking out Tuesday the bills lose to the saints you know I've got a Twitter poll about this and I want to actually get done on the and Sean McDermott said because this is something that is. It's important to meet to talk about as of the Twitter falls what changes needed for the bills none just process. Offensive schemes starting quarterback or defensive line fixes. And winning this Twitter Paul right now is starting quarterback offensive scheme is second. And I I can understand you could flip a coin between those two because we've talked about Taylor in this Dennis an offense they don't exactly. Complement each other perfectly. So. Dennis and asked her surname tennis an beat term was asked a ball fans that wanna see Nathan Peterman play. And this is important to me because. That's the kind of game Peterman goes in. And the bills lose and I get people on Twitter and text and friends will say all white feel bad for you tomorrow you have to deal although. Crazies that want to change the quarterback. And I think you're right I don't think it's crazy. And learn and not the silly thing they're gonna do it but I definitely don't think that it's crazy. And I don't think those people deserve to be made fauna in the bills are gonna spend another year. In the bottom five in passing yards per game and passing offense and how crazy is it for anyone I understand. Speaking of fifth round pick is going to be a great player that's that might be crazy sure right I agree that it's not likely. Is it likely you'll even be better or nine. Can't even go that far. But McDermott talked about yesterday. And said he he understood. He'd he gets it and I promote fan's standpoint you can understand why you wanna see more of Peerman why you wanna see that. And I as as a player heard his growth he's he's on the team. So in talking about that a team that was interesting that. McDermott. Broached that topic early when he was asked about it and he says. Yeah I get a negative from fan's standpoint I got a double techs on this one of them is. From a Texan named chairman who wrote and you're not getting calls on Peterman because those of us that are sick to death of Tyrod and his checked on offense. Are very disheartened by the decision to keep Tyrod as a starter. We've lost hope. And their four bit of interest no longer cared argue or plead our case for something that's so painfully obvious. I'm not out here and a get Taylor benched because. He's some sort of bomb like I know he can have good. Games and against the charters he might have a good one he might be a reason that they win he's had games where he was a big part of why they won Tampa Oakland. Denver he's a big part of why they win games he's. You know he is who we is and I've. I said this a few times that I think the debate about Taylor is even really a debate anymore the next the next stage of this debate. Is when he is the time to have to move on like when is the time to say all right. Sure we know what he is and he's ultimately gonna move on. Indy Gary's piece and our website WH ER 550 dot com if you haven't read it it's a very good piece from me about how something on the softens needs to change. And he points out that eventually Taylor will move on from here and go somewhere else and probably be successful because he's got a good skill set. In this offense just does not fit it so maybe he goes on to Arizona and plays for Bruce Iranians while they draft to care who own don't Torre goes. Right he'll have opportunities there's no doubt about that. Willie B the bill starter I do it's possible. He's gonna make eighteen million next year in the bills could pay that and bring along somebody. Also they could try and build around him and say that. You know it's not his fault he's just he's just part of the team but it's that it's the Dennison Taylor mix that. Is really the that the toughest nut to crack for me like I don't understand. How the bills think that's going to work long term. And last year they fired a coordinator after two games right. Greg Roman had a full season they were pretty good as parents best statistical year two games later he was fired. Now Taylor's got really. Some rough days mixed in here. But it's it's as much on the Dennis and offense as anybody and there's a good stat on this in 2015. And 2016 combined. I got the software from a at yards per pass. Covers the bills those alternate to breakdowns good stuff. In 2015 and horny sixteen combine the bills had a grand total of three games. In which they had under 250. Yards of total offense. Thank. 2015. And sixteen combined that only happened three times. That is happened three times this year and we're halfway through season. So in two full years three games like that half a year in the Dennison office. Three games like that and two of those under 200 yards of total office. The offense wasn't broken before the offense worked to a degree. Whether you wanna say they were tops in scoring offense or feel like DB away and they ran the ball really effectively. But. Since then. It's everything's dried up. Your defense is a mess right now I don't know if that's coming a savior. And your offense. Which was a strength before last year's offense with some turnovers from this defense. Is gonna win games. Right in the last year's offense with a defense that gets a little bit battery isn't just completely run over like directs teams work this team startle click it's gonna get run over. And I I just wonder about them the McDermott and the dean partnership like what they ultimately. Wanted to do in terms of building it. How many other players will be pushed out. You know if you don't like. It will Kyle Williams be here next year are there certain veterans that are worth keeping. Eric Wood Kyle Williams and there are certain veterans that are worth keeping because they make too much like maybe courting gland is is moved out. I just look at the way they're building a roster that talent that they have shipped out. They're not afraid to get rid of somebody whether it's Daria us or rag one because they're not they're guys you know final these guys don't really contribute in and contributed much for them. Just comes down to. As as this process finger quotes process goes forward as this team building continues to move forward like. I wonder where their that you talk about direction. We are caller columns and and the first our talk what direction what all what's the direction right now what direction would you like to see them take not. Like wins tonight alexion go to play Italy. What direction do you want. Because I am I'm the one that I say I don't want Ron Ron Ron. Managed the game I don't want that anymore I don't know how many years we have to watch that and think that's. That's how you have to build your I don't I don't want that anymore and I I see you got from this offense it wasn't necessarily like that they had big play capability with Taylor in the last two seasons and that's gone. You know watching this game back you see an awful lot of ten yard patterns from receivers in front of and a zone that she's giving you knows and Taylor's not gonna throws and those tight windows he doesn't throw to tight windows. He's gonna dump often you know you use you come in just our worry our. So 8030550. If you wanna join us 1888550. To 550 if you are one that wants a change. What change do you want and again the really important I say this. If you're a change the quarterback person I know you probably get mocked for. I'm not here to do that. I didn't market and training camp I think this the the point is consistently. Misrepresented. You know people cite all yeah Beckham quarterback he's always the most popular guy in town would do this every year no we don't. We do not do it every year we do it when the quarterback looks not great. And why did Jeff tool become a sensation because in training camp Manuel looks terrible. And tool move the offense now which one of Amanda being god neither. So it's not like it happens every year it doesn't happen every year in fact one era happened it was Tyrod Taylor. Who was the backup move on the job so it's not every year the the backup is the most popular guy why is Peter mean even talked about. Because he was drafted by this team. Meanwhile cartel Jones. In one of the funny things that could happen with Philip Rivers out of concussion protocol it's not going to be cardinal Jones northern have to be another injury jones' third on their depth chart so. I iced I still do expect reverse the plight. But. The two or cargo Jones that would be pretty funny. So to keep an eye on that will keep yet you know what's going on with the chargers with rivers in concussion protocol it was new to Anthony Lynn he said he. When he found out the welcome news to me. So Lee and fought rivers went home okay and came in the next day and reported a concussion like symptoms so that's ultimately what the chargers late. And if rivers didn't play I think that would be a good thing. For the bill's course 8030550. Club anyway back to the point about Peter men. If if you want that to happen I don't think you're crazy I don't think you would have been crazy to not wanna bring Taylor back and not you know if that wouldn't. The silly say I don't think he's any good. I just a lot of people on the people I talk to and friends of mine don't dislike him or think he's terrible they just they want. They want a feeling of direction. And that's kind of something that the new higher gave us with McDermott. Think there's a new coach there's a new GM trust the process okay there's a little bit of there's a little bit of a direction there. Because this team especially at the most important position at quarterback. They they don't have a correction and that doesn't mean like Tyrod can be it they just don't ever commit to him. You know they signed that big long contract but there is a clause in there that they can get out and they do and then pay him less money and every. It is something Taylor might even think about. He doesn't have job security with the franchise when will he. If ever. That's kind of to me what that the overall arc and overworking picture of this bill's franchise is it's art or like what's that erection like I'm weight. I'm waiting to find out what it is and Sunday they'll boldly. Go one direction. Whether it's with a first round pick a quarterback or if they stock up on a bunch of guys and say Tyrod is our guy and renegotiate contracts or he's a starter for two more years or three more years ago. It just feels like a holding pattern I've said that before it feels like a lay over. Your five and four things could still go well but at the end this season even if they did and the drought and the offense looked like this let's imagine that for a second where old we. That the first day at the post game show. The post game show on Monday after the playoff game we're talking of the playoff game if they lose and the next day when we say all right Heidi get better. Because this is the team you've got and they get to sixth. You're gonna have a bunch draft picks you're gonna feel pretty good about that so in my case the direction might might look good. Industrial 550 Josh and 40 read just a morning. We have our guys are too good. It'll work on the opposite of what we like the bill. Who or what we'd like to see an opt for me and you don't maybe a lot of other people just consistency. From the op and probably be whether it. You don't work at it only yards per game or it defense is already the deep ball or stop the run up the middle on the just to get a consistent in the opera with a lot of flat out front just to see at all but that but working together offensive coordinators work with the QBs than. Whoever all. You know I feel that thought. And the hardest things a lot. You know one game we gained the knack for organ or not. Now. Do you want consistency right. What exactly is you know it can sit and you know we're playing good you know we might not win every game but at least we're going to go let it sit there. And that's it and just that's that's one problem that this team has Rick Dennison says you know we're gonna go back to doing what we do well and I asked not saarc a week. What did they do well. Right arms are I was I was actually need for the phone and I was actually asking Josh but what did they do well. They don't stop the run anymore they don't stop the pass this is their defense if your Dennis and what do they do well. They don't throw it well. They don't run it well. What. I'm. It's you know rhetorical question how everyone say it. Okay you go big or go back to what you do well so far what you do well. Is capitalize on turnovers against teams that have bad defense is like Oakland and Tampa. And you got a touchdown Atlantic got a defensive tightly to that the thing you do the best as an offense. This is the you know what I have the answer actually have the answer. It's protect the football. That's the thing they do best they don't turn it over. They still have the best turnover margin in the league. They don't turn it over soul if the best I've got is I don't turn it over. Where my. How much can I hang my head on that in rushing yards per carry. The bills the Buffalo Bills your Buffalo Bills are 22 in the NFL. They averaged three point eight yards per carry less than four yards per carry for this offense which in last year was the best in the league. Yards rushing per game the bills are fifteenth. You know like. This is what did they do well in touchdowns rushing touchdowns the bills or eighteenth and that includes an office with Tyrod Taylor. And what do you do. Really well. Big play runs forty plus yard runs on the season the bills have one. Has been one big run this year. I just that's that's where Dennison has to come out of an answer. What he and an end of the answers just protect the football and that that's when it gets scary. Dan in north tunnel on a day in the morning. The warning Jeremy in one of the things that. It has been kind of bothers me and I'd like to turn the year regardless is you are look at it very simple standpoint I respect that and look at Tyrod Taylor made an expert help one simple question. Is he mile long term solution to meet me answers now. Which means OK then what am I doing. You know when I look at Peter and play my question I want ask you don't you wouldn't and although it all builds and doctor is. At what point in time do we stop all applying this statement about it and the fact regimen that is. And he looked good but it was against the dirt street snow okay well if you look at there's your second stringers. When you looked up it was for stringers increase see what you look good but it was in the Turks and seeing what attempt to stop off I think you looked at. Why why can we equipment that's my question. Now there's a catch 22 Daniel and it'll never get an opportunity and this is something that if you think back to. I'd go with me for a moment here I'm not suggesting Nathan Peter is going to be any good at all bought. A lot of times. These guys going because of an injury. I how to deck truss that look great the pre season for the for the cowboys and watery say yeah. Who cares pre season and it don't get caught up in this it's all it's all a myth it's the pre season romo's thirty he's your starter it if Romo doesn't get birdies on her harder. You know Brady for Bledsoe Brady is get her blood of those get her birdies not a starter. That's how it happens a lot. That well looks like we have no choice. And I'm not expecting Peterman to be very very good when you say at what point do you consider moving on I I considered it the pre season I'd and that's. That doesn't mean that I think he's better it's just. As you say. I'm looking for the long term guy in every minute of every day I should become a looking for that Peter may and I don't think that he's better than Taylor because if he was a think they would play him. I will say though. That with Peter his performance on Sunday against the saints in garbage time whatever. We got closer to that day. In that the coach talked about wanting to evaluate and wanted to wanted to see how we did here's. Rick Dennison think anabolic Powell. Peter and look now finally. Maybe went down like this right maybe in one of their meetings nick Dennison says to make Dermot you don't. We get an opportunity any point this year up thirty down thirty whenever which gets kid and the delegates that we got to get a look we got to see him with I don't live bowl as we as we get we gotta see what he can do out there and granite it'll being second half but it's a step up from practice. And it's a step up from the pre season so we get the opportunity let's do that. Opportunity presents itself he's and warrants to take a look at that tape let's see what he did well. The thing that he does well is. The balls out 1230123. Out. That's not Taylor is the best that and if that's what they're gonna keep asking over and over again. Then. What's it makes sense to do so I don't think it's crazy I don't think it's a slam dunk. But the conversation is most definitely open. Yesterday it was that they lose a couple games they could make that decision I think. And and the other thing is every time we do this someone also like oh my god the defense is so bad coverage talk with the single we know the defense is bad. What's gonna be what's the change it's gonna sparked the defense a return is gonna talk about technique and coaching and that's great. Figure that out there's not like soft out. Ramon homer for Matt Milan won everything is fine everything looks different where's the offense went when you're desperate. You think about hey maybe this one change will change things and it will look different it will. Instead of scrambling in incredible lecture plays in the pocket the ball be out made a ball be picked. Maybe the B batted may be the be complete for first on the ball will be out. That's the thing needs of vastly different look if you were to make that change and I don't think they'll make it this week. But. Over and over again. My amount while an ice to go to closer to. Case Keenan has good tax case Keenan was a joke last year he's doing great at the ball to receivers look to make plays of the ball that's their third string quarterback. You know they would just play him he has to get two other guys to go down. 8030550. 1888550. 2550 to join us it is talk it out Tuesday or -- phone calls and if Ronald stick with us good conversation about whether or not. The change should be made or how close. How close they are two at what what can get sit there and think a lot of people are in the same kind of boat. On that they're feeling on this team in mobile looking for his wins or looking for is someone to evaluate the long term. And that still could be Taylor. Just doesn't look like it's going to well. With this offense. 80305 fit to join us here and WGR. This up but it will world where do we have to get addressed and be plan a good opponent this coming Sunday. And out of that don't take. Top of the run defense standpoint. That's what people gonna do and test our run defense and we've got to short up and take a lot of work on our part to have you been doing much better job when it comes to gap integrity along with these need to sit blocks and get off blocks and tackles. Leslie Frazier bills' offensive coordinator. Jeremy White with you Howard's on vacation this week Paul Hamilton comes up that 8 o'clock I think tax embassy. Power books or guests so I was at the text people like 5 in the morning but oh hey sorry Paul I mean wake you up. And groping at howry 32 pick in the bill also stated that headlines of course the bills prepare for the chargers this week overall west on Saturday tries to an East Coast time. The dolphins get smoked. By the Carolina Panthers 45 when he won the final score four dolphins and Panthers and that brings an end to the week ten so weak eleven starts Thursday night Tennessee at Pittsburgh. And game that handles fans are really just watch in the ravens at this point two the world of football all of Matt when. Majoring Claiborne he was our Ted top player of the of the day yesterday six sacks. On the day he got 750000 albums because of that some different charges have put Philip Rivers in concussion protocol. And that was linebacker Sean Lee could miss several games who another one here this is my own fantasy team but others as well Erin Jones. Packers are back a three to six weeks. Which is good news for me because my team is totally taken a dive since time when gummery went from. Feature a lot to bitterly in the NFL. Sold it now that are jones' her leg in all right let's go get the ball back. I'm Montgomery even though that Aaron Rogers or the raiders have broken ground on their stadium in Las Vegas and Telecom has renderings of that thing. Local. Yeah are right in 03055188. By fifty to 550 mentioned that Rick Dennison says the bills have to get back to doing what they do best. And I ask what is that. What is it for. I think it's protect the football that's the thing if you look at their numbers offensively the thing that they are ranked the hot and the best at. Is up fewest interceptions for driving fewest turnovers per drive but they do not move the ball exceedingly well. They do not score rock exceedingly well they don't run it well. And they don't throw it while running the football their 22 in yards for carry passing the football they're like bottom three consistently. So get back to what we do bass I'd I worry about that. Chargers this week 8030550 asking about the direction like what what direction do you see your do you wanna see here. From the bills are going forward I. It's funny like I get. A lot of feedback and I do have a tweet here from. It was Mike. Who said. On the Jared I'm sorry it's much I enjoy the show. During bill's season endless topic of talking recorder back in the future in the middle of five and four season this tiresome but it's what fans gravitate to it cuts. Would vetted the seasons before they're five and four last year. And then you know running falls apart there. It went 12 on the effect last year. Five at Ford is nothing new wake. So yeah and when your quarterback throw for 56 yards I think it's worth talking about. Editor for 310 yards we wouldn't of either pro 175 and two touchdowns we wouldn't but 56. And the coordinator. You know sand at one point you gotta throw some down their week we told him to take a couple of chances and he took out his take is as check a ballot that that's. I'll keep playing that because that to me is there's something about. This this match up this. This marriage between Taylor and Dennis in which seemed odd from the start and they were on pace to have you know season that's right on par. Which is other performances without the big flashy plays in the passing game 8030550. To Brian and RK Brian good morning. They figured well why look like diseases. The camera so that what the article is you are every minute you talk about eight in eaten better. And correct your mistakes and is it better player every single day. Like the draft that query. All error receiver ranked almost last dark laughter reception. It's like we did get simple low and we have the question about Lockett all I like how hard the football player we figured it out. And like it Kayla really at all speaking at the really accurate that you work. Broke some player and the little drag out there that it. You've got to carpet receiver now nobody thinks they were our bobbled it ER that. But I think under the legal player of your it was a real well received. Why can't we get that or I kept at it why he it would you know what what exactly urban. And you know you look at that arc pilot who are they any different at the turn over John McDermott. Talk about how they'll turn it over it yourself a break it the way. Both are paralyzed by that I don't even know what we're doing out there any more of what a shock rebel waterboarding back in a moderate now. Well wonder why you go every single. File he's not super. Stat that's amazing that the coaches are like well in the rocking don't yet you keep kept long running back Costner. Well. But the me over there liking it they're shorter little out. Tickets are not really can't be really is that an accurate then then why don't you know Larry having this discussion item moved to different quarterback. I mean we really. Complete a nine yard out there. We're not gonna win any football game. Thanks frank got great points you know I've I've I feel what you say and why can't they get fast like a faster passing game. Mo I would my opinion most of what they try to do it involves split second timing is all it is late it's just there's this is going to be late a lot. And you know you always this silly seat on the first watch the second watch but the coach is now in the coach is we know of the throw is a little bit late and that's like how come this got. This this receiver had no room to run after the after the catch well because that one split second allow the defender to get their war. Why can't they throw quickly like that has I think everything is a little late. They did throw slander Benjamin on what the first white it was you know as a bullet right into his chest Eminem was good nine yards. And then he didn't throw to him over the middle the rest of the game. Think aware of the throws go throws go in front of the linebackers or to the sideline where it's going to be a tough catch for anybody. If the Benjamin played Benjamin had a step on a guy. And that on the first drive. The ball's not taxable for 65 guy like ages. How many times at the seat are I think I need somebody to put the ball in play for a six foot five guy. I'm Peter means performance and again like this is conversation about I don't think they're gonna make you change this week I don't know how soon they would. But between the coordinator you know they they they talk every couple weeks recorded as here's here's denizens review of pop a Peter. He opportunity did some good things but I noticed timing was good at taking extra hit you're there which you know will correct and and give them but he threw volley operating office of two men and didn't find them doing a fine job he's working hard at it he studies. Because the game plan he answers questions very well rightfully so he knows progression you know it. Noses for Russians knows what to do meanwhile on the other side is the starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor who now that he doesn't know that stop you probably does too but. What Brian's mentioning is the mindset and here's Dennis and on that. Is certainly Richard not gonna force the ball you don't wanna be part of our mock terrorists take care of the ball you know have all security known that you do you like to play is that. That are dictated certainly QB is a little bit different than the other players that are around with his size but and that's again on me and I had a series of plays I felt we can do that. There he was in single coverage or two guys over there. Don't wanna force it. I edit text or write in something that I wrote I need this this phrase this is a good phrase to live by and I guide. What Y want to run my office right now I've got Rick Dennison running okay he's he's the offensive coordinator. I don't know if he'll be here next year if they finish thirtieth and passing and 23 in rushing does he come back. But they say the they've just got to get better players. But are monstrous take care of the ball I like I got about a month trial like there's a differ one I like Bruce parents. Bruce variance has a book called the quarterback whisperer and I read that currencies listen to it on tape. Because I was let's not tape and Bruce aryan has a Montrae and it is no risque at no biscuit. In a text or wrote that incident no risk at no biscuit mean you've got our Monterrey is to take care of the ball. You're gonna lose if you. You're gonna you're gonna lose it lesser defense is getting used turnovers where the bills' defense is still number one in turnovers per drive and interceptions for driver. They're gonna have to get those turnovers back. In order take care of the ball have that be OK. I wonder if the bills as we talk about direction like one. What do they wanna build they wanna build an offense it's always about taking care of the ball respecting the football. Beatle iris I respect points are and I respect putting up points I respect. The teams I respect and in football thing about this way for 6% of what the teams that I respect to teams I think a really good. I don't think about whether to teams could be sentenced turnover differential I'd I think if he was good based on their ability to score. And stop teams from scoring. I think the saints are really good they run along now Drew Brees can make every throw he needs do. But I respected teams that score. I respected the Packers until Aaron Rodgers laughed I respect the patriots. A respect this Steelers to a degree because they've got some good weapons. Great weapons. I don't respect Jacksonville could have been not yet. I think they did a first round bye and then losing their first playoff game in their face and rounded team that they're got their defense is very good but. Respecting the football. That sounds like a team that is. Old looking into the future and thinking all right well do the best we can right now but. I guess that the the the point where it doesn't meet. Is when the Kelvin Benjamin trade happens it becomes they're going for it the Golan finger quotes all in our right to throw a little bit more. This is the year you're on the doorstep get a little bit more bold with the offense and then that just did not happen. Will happen against the chargers will happen against the chiefs the patriots you're going to need points against these teams. And respecting the football I just don't think that wins. 8030551888552. By fifty to join us we'll go next to nick in Rochester nick good morning around WGR. Morning guys. Yet what they're up but then I totally agree with you with protect in the apologists inoculated overrated I think people forget that you know personal law punted. Technically kind of turn over in itself. And and we've been doing a lot of that this year and you know we do minister or more points and you know. I'm not alas I bought into the up old gold I've been to you know we are looking good we were and we became buyers at the trade deadline. You know we traded for wide receiver we still and have a QB you know we did the same thing with EJ Manuel and me. Another costly and the same but you know we all better hope. He finally put the scrutiny was due to begin in the year player in assets and instead of being sellers at the deadline to become buyers could be at this. All gold by the Jews dollar. And we built fans still think Tyrod Taylor is the answer but you know he stinks he's terrible you know I don't wanna be of any more game to. Put Peterman and there. I don't even care anymore it's gotten ridiculous to the point that we still defend and and it's always somebody else excuse old. The open line on what kind of sent not Tyrod stink and you need to go we don't point five million dollars to this point. In his career in buffalo and do what B a mediocre quarterback we're not going anywhere with him and had a lot of golf. All right thanks thanks that I you're a little further than. Most I think you're not you're not alone in being that far down but. IE. He doesn't stink to me but I I understand frustration which you. Especially for this franchise which has. Played waited too long on guys before we've watched them way too long and this time you know here's your three and to me he is what he is and I think I probably underrated him the last two seasons. Our two years ago I was pretty happy and your two while while the C a step forward that didn't happen and then. Once that happened we got two year three and I thought I don't I no longer expect steps forward I just expect him to be this. And for some that is good and often that's that's worth building around Brothers they want better. And I don't because any wrong with necessarily either one of those stances just think it's your philosophy. I'd. Right now I two I tweet yesterday during the game heard from Sonny going and draft a quarterback and it wasn't about tires up breeze watched a couple plays that threes made and thought I. I need to play with a fullback cure and I need a need to not think about. Respect the football like I mean is the saints Mon truck protect and respect the full ball. Is the patriots Matra respect the football. It it's what you do when you know you're limited and how long live the that the Benjamin mode the Benjamin trade. Was the moment I thought maybe okay we're gonna come out of the shell little bit it's not gonna be respect the full ball or they're actively speaking about. Putting it in danger. And like to meet. I I sometimes get. Frustrated at my own. But the words I used on a talk relic take a risk taker shot put it in danger it's just like. Totally reasonable plays in passing games that happen every week. But the breeze for Michael Thomas on second and fifteen the ball was finger quotes in danger or you trust your receivers or there's all these. Freezes we use that just blow by the the reality that this that that this is what passing games do. 8030550. To join us 1888550. To 550 for Arnold stick with us whiner line on the other side more your phone calls its. Talk it out Tuesday what direction from here. I don't I don't I also don't let's say five into was fool's gold and everybody bought in I think most people like K five into this is fun let's make the playoffs. The playoffs or something that football teams can be apart of and then lose and then we go back to a normal life or don't ever think about. The drought so I don't think it was fool's gold and they were reasonable five into a moment ago five to four. Only our fiber foreign you can make the playoffs they'll. I how'd you get there Heidi how you get to the playoffs. 80 Israel 550 join us on the new GR. I don't know what's worse barge and barriers. Up orders on these girls. True spirit first priority that they are okay all it. Oh very well. Three years ago today just get a tweet from Mike Maroney. In Miami on the Thursday night game punted. Fourth and six down ten points almost three years ago today years ago today I was authors and I came up that's the whiner line has brought you by the premier group in their wine of the week. Which I'll tell you about in just one minute the wind of the week is. Josh cavernous only on just 1099 for a 750 milliliter bottle only 99 after mail in rebates yell premieres weekly specials at premier wines. Dot com and by premier gourmet Buffalo's craft beer. Destination. But I say is gonna get through that I have like a stat of the day or I don't know Braden realist than it's okay if you were. Into the good at a really good tweet when you get to from Jimmy on the other side about the process and I think it's pretty it's a pretty good one but on one of the things started out today as. The offense at what the defense has problems what they gotta do be better. The offense what does that have to do you figure things out and Rick Dennison says they got to get back to doing what they do best. Model that what do what is that what is typically have an idea. Can somebody tell me what they do best they don't run that well they definitely don't throw well. They've got games and they've had trouble protecting the passer they have games where they can't get anything going in the run game their receivers. They don't even throat that receivers this team. The leading receivers Kelvin Benjamin but before him it was Jordan Matthews with less than 300 yards a laugh with your season so. I've. I open up the phone lines and don't wanna talk about Tyrod and Dennison and in Peterman to. Because I do tend to think we are caller is pretty far down on the road on Tyrod. They do tend to think that. The to the Peterman discussing its mock too quickly and he gets made fun out too quickly nordic chains are five and four like yeah they're there. But private for that if somebody else who played quarterback the whole year the with a before five with a B five and for the B I I don't know. How much more often than they need to beat Carolina. How much more they need to beat Cincinnati. Would they have had enough to beat Tampa. Man on the internal over so it's it's. It's not to discredit anybody for what they've done tyrants and a part of these wins I just don't want it immediately dismiss the idea that. They could be better. Then they can be better they'd changed coordinators that to be better they changed quarterbacks that can be better if the two of them stayed and they got together and figured out what they can you as a as a tandem that works because the passing game is the Tyrod is on pace to have. Roughly the same season he normally does except the little works all the worse is is numbers will be dip the bit. 8030550. Inject it depends on which number like his completion percentages there but the yards per attempt this in the numb number of times he's being sacked went up after the jet game. I've and on the map to check it out though updated through. On nine games but it'll 30550. If you wanna get in in your thoughts it is odd. But there. Aren't aren't the hello Jae. An. Average we're gonna maybe go back to. Bernard in buffalo Bernard. Big guys are large load alleging that normally appreciate. You guys did on it and relief you got all that. Keep it real and tell the truth about the quarterback situation that so much don't talk about artistic the world where are probably about. Was it Tyrod Taylor and Nate Biederman. Honestly my him my brother and I we discussed. I'd already gotten it in the fourth quarter put. Napier and made audible out of public how route but he made but yet but the army was called the linebacker the look at each other's sake he'll he'll kill. I mean back in in happy clambering about that. Probably NFL starting quarterback the last three years we've put our route and we're lucky we are out what it. That doesn't think he's accurate we trees are a lot like it was. Oh. We're gonna protect the football or need to do just enough and like you got that he's been apart of victory. But he had to help this win and when it's our republic where it doesn't happen in the book game. That might have been in a battle I'm probably. How. I wanna see humans get the ball out quick what are we can do with passing the quarterback. All I saw it and thought this thing art that's about all. Now I three through. What what was the what was the route called a dagger route. I saw that but a tweet an I'll point to of the throat Benjamin dagger out against cover two like. Is that what everybody calls it I don't know what was the cover two was it to but the point is. Eat if one of you would you'd think long term there's no way it's a marriage put it's it's like let's let's just put it there. Dennison and Taylor together. What are the chances that these two stick together for many years to come. What are the chances of that what's this bills' offense missing better alignment okay fine. You want you wanna help the offensive line you and your right guard you're. What ever. And on on the Biederman labor and I didn't see it I I don't know the audible would just call them the Lima I don't know about that they don't. Boards they let Taylor is not incorrect they don't trust them I don't think they trust him. Right if your whole plan is hey just don't for turnovers. All right I don't drug don't throw interceptions just. Protect the ball I think it's because they don't trust them I felt that way about Roman I felt that way about lane they trusted him more than this coaching staff does or at least. They put the ball down the field in this coaching staff you just come a dozen so. If it's Dennis and or Taylor. It's it's more about the two with a really shouldn't be packaged deal probably for the long term and that's always felt like what it and what it will be. I don't know what the ultimate resolution is at this point 8030550. To join us in 1888550. To 550 it is. Talk about Tuesday if you're on all stick with a switch your phone calls. What's the cancer. Protect the football or a no no risk it no biscuit that's what I like no risk get no biscuit Bruce aryan says that. Well but in the respect the football it's. Jerry white and bright Wilson here and a VCR.