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Tuesday, November 14th

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Just next. His thoughts on. The sabres who played tonight but also keep things rolling along on the bills and the quarterback discussion there. You know that that the Dennis and Taylor tandem. Seems less than ideal and how does it ultimately get resolved. And win so it Israel 550 you're on all the we will get to your phone calls the segment course will roll right along Paula good morning. Good morning how are you congratulations to air and judge and his unanimous rookie of the year. Ballinger was unanimous to. Yeah I mean our yeah. I hurried out strike out as marches ago when judge and whatever there anyway. I've also. Thought you piece up on our website we can mix bills and sabres open the victory antique and when it was first bills game. Yeah he was excited about it when you're out talking to him last week I was looking forward to it and even know indicative McCain go. I can get older as well as. A Buffalo Bills fan now we're anticipate he enjoyed it denies that it was a very unique experience and he said he definitely is gonna go back again merry go and would you think of the game on what's your what's your big take away I mean I know a lot of talking about. On the run defense of course have good reason army conversations and about the offense and what the game plan should be going for so what's your take away. Well yeah I mean. Art the if you have a really good offense they can help your defense when they're not going well. And the defense was horrendous at the office you know couldn't keep up at all I mean. In the first drive of the game. I mean these young Benjamin in the playing against a very short corner just at the Boeing were near me and probably pulls an and and you have a touchdown instead it's severely over Normandy and the reason I'm bringing that up is not the first time we've seen that we see that all time. And it's. You know easy throws like ten. You know may be the hit him maybe they don't kid it's kind of adventure and then. He got a first down after that pick me up Benjamin again you throw behind him. And he can barely hear his hand on the ball and again all got to do is get it somewhere around him. Where he can catch the ball and you've got a first down and maybe get a touchdown instead instead of a field goal now. I don't know of any offense what do kept up with what the saints were doing because the saints never punted. The only thing that stopped the saints was one owners who want formal. The ten yard line or they would have had over fifty points. So. You know in this particular case I don't know for an offense if your offense is only if you're gonna keep up Britney probably what kept up with the jets. If he had a better profits. You know in ten games 107 at halftime and you know attend seven and at halftime the jets game Paul. People started to turn Mikey he got really nasty really quickly from bill's fans and the bills really haven't recovered from being down 107 of the jets at halftime. The jets ran him over in the the saints ran him over as well so I wonder about this defense you know was it was that one that just. It it it didn't force a lot of punts at any point this season the part that's because they had interceptions they got fumbles they got a little bit lucky they. They were in the making plays and now that's gone away it is this going to be defense that is. Turn over or touchdown. Wants the turnovers go away your and your rough shape. Know exactly. It's. May only got the one turn over its north but again. You would have turned the ball over probably five times to even be in that game now with his eyes as well as they are running the football and Rudolph. I mean through two horrendous performances there are still in the playoffs right now. I mean and that's that's the crazy thing that OK here five and four but you haven't fallen out that last wild card yet so. Terry gates pick yourself bought itself off the ground and do something about it I mean it's still in your hands to do something about it. You're playing the chargers next week there's no reason why you shouldn't go out to Los Angeles and when that football game. Especially who knows where rivers is going to be whether he's going to be able player not easing concussion protocol. So you don't know if you're going to be facing Philip Rivers or not. But you've got Gordon and you know that that can become a mass real fast too if you don't tighten its defense up. Paul Hamels and on the AT&T Allen Paul there on out on Saturday your experience traveling mothers with. Hockey team Mora and it as an empty yourself and your clicker going out west what we think you like these earlier or the day before and stay on West Coast time. I am weird at that time thing doesn't bother me either weren't. I don't get jet lagged either way I adapt to the time immediately when I guess there was so what is the sabres a approached and the last couple years when it is like going out to LA or whatever. They've gone out a day earlier times they didn't this time. But there have been other times where yes they have gone out at nearly a day would be two days to the required to go on the night before right so there's times they're going on the two days before a game. Bright and date usually it last year was the first year they didn't. And they're back to doing it this year where they play the game sleep state tonight and then we've been back now to come home. Which players do or do not like. And expect I don't think they. They don't like get back I think they understand it and they get it when your in Vegas or you're in Vancouver. They don't like it when you do it Dallas right and it was done in Dallas especially when I'm when the time change up and so they would've had an extra hour so I don't know full house and took that into account when he was deciding to stay in Dallas they were not happy it's there now I'm back to bill's calls in a moment but quickly Paul tonight Pittsburg the sabres in Pittsburgh. What's gonna happen hawk how long can look let me ask you this. After the last game Ryan O'Reilly says he feels like he's just skating around. Jack cycles says he's not contributing and that's true warming and injects maybe in the worst phone could his career with the sabres at this point eight streaking Google via via the he is he getting in position to shoot and not shooting is he not getting in position anymore like that it just. I I think I kind of look at this team Paul said like something's gotta give and I don't know what it is but what what's gonna happen. Let's go house flee if gripping the stick to partisan thing is you hear that all the time. Reason I ask that is if you notice especially on the power play a lot of checks one timers are wide now just a little bit at their wide he's not been that. And Mets and I've seen myself as he did get a lot tighten our little mad because he hasn't scored in so long his political pressure on himself. And those one timers always used to be I'd better just a little bit and why he's not missing by much but he's Nissen. And that to me is the biggest thing that or he makes a great movement and the plot dribbles off his stick. I've seen that a couple of times which I don't normally see. So that's why am I just wonder if he's just get a little uptight now and he's trying him to make a move reduce something like that. And he matting if he gets Manning to watch him pass up some shots that he does pass up where he's trying to you know past somebody year. But on the other side of that coin and very used to do that a lot to you can't take its creativity away from him. You don't want you know he's a very creative player and you don't want to take its creativity away from him to. You're playing a penguin team tonight we're Sidney Crosby as a scorer while we are scores against the sabres so. You wonder that's good but I mean the penguins are 25 in the league in scoring and the sabres are 29 right now with the coyotes in the Oilers are worse. But I'm I'm actually looking at the penguins being more surprise to me. By they're more goals being scored I mean the penguins are 25 in the league two point 63 goals per game which is higher than if you would looked at 25 placed team. In past years so in the league more goals are being scored but the sabres as I said only two teams are worse than them. While tonight's faceoff is at 7 o'clock from Pittsburg Paul there's one thing that happens in every single sabres penguins game it's that the penguins will score three goals in the span of a minute I am counting on that to happen. Every time they go to Pittsburgh. It sullied over rightly put every time they go to Pittsburgh sales via one nothing and knowledge goad I don't know get the mail come back I. Other down three to one hour right now that. I missed that this game now some. Looked effort tonight that our thanks ball. They care Paul Hamilton on the eighteen to outline a little sabres preview and object your phone calls on the bills 8030551888550. To 550. The the processing to tweet about the process I'll ask this going to work calls on. A what to do about the offensive match Dennison and Taylor. A Jimmy wrote in between it and read the question is what is the ultimate goal of the process here. They're choosing to follow the process were being told trust the process respect the process. Well a there respecting their own words is there an end goal or we just winging it and calling it calling it a process. That's a fair questions one of these. You know it's a term it's it's an overall belief like. That Sean McDermott's gonna build a team in with Brandon means helping gonna build team in their vision. That plays Smart don't McDermott talks will be fundamentally sound he knew we joked about it a couple weeks ago that. You know fans love a team that's fundamentally sound I can and you know laughter that has. I just wanna win you can be on unsound if you want to win. Score points touchdowns are good wins are good. The bills are sixth in the league in penalties then all of also knocked at. That attention to detail that's coming gone away. Like a lot of things about the process I got all right trust the process trading dart is trading rag on trading Darby and walk ins. Trust the process OK the I think the processes the text. I think it's. Brandon being might want to exploit the fact you can get a bunch draft picks you can pay him last and you don't have them. Strap yourself with free agency money instructor cap that way sell. I guess that's it if anyone has an answer they want that on chime in its welcome and it'll 30550. Will go to Collin in Kentucky Colin good morning your on WGR. Hey bankrupt my call. Great show the sport you know I can't I just have one question and the one common and the question is what specifically do you think it's changed. And you know all these ago because. Twelve days ago they were five and two and they looked like a team that you know could maybe make one wildcard and called in just course. Oh. I mean. The idea that they're they couldn't couldn't possibly win and now thirteen and. And that keen just a matter you can go up 34 point egg against the raiders. A team that put up thirty points against the Buccaneers on the point about being. I get a lead in Mike I don't know which. Picket all walk I mean. Big Apple had few extremely bad gained there's no doubt about it but it also a team that's capable of you know putting 26 points against the Broncos including torture it's against Al condemning. They're going to beat new wing. And not going to beat the cheeks candidate beat. Philip Rivers back up. Well I think first off I think about the play rivers not as backup. And I think they can be rivers right into the charges three and six and the chargers are spectacularly good at losing games. I got a point that I think bill stay in have a unique ability. You get very high when things aren't going well and get extremely. Low when things are not going well and if you just take a step back. And look at this team this is the first year this team new coach new team. They're fighting for which way to eat better and better that I thought that they would ever beat this year. Now well. Mean five and four if you said that on opening day people might be taken at the wanna goes from five and two to five and four that's gonna change. I don't think it's unique to bill's fans and it's ever sportsman I mean. If you start by an all in and go five and five things are gonna get different if you lose two games things things change. You know in terms of the raider in the box games. You know you can say people got really high I got excited like to make the playoffs how good are the bills most conversations I would have about that we like. But you know two week year in the AFC they can probably get in. While hot they score so many points against the Bucs and raiders offense made some big plays and the kind of watch eternal worse. Think that's what has changed from five and two to five before they can turn over. It's gonna what they were plus fourteen through seven weeks and yet they got one against the saints. They need any against the jets directly. After getting four in games the gotten one in two games. And their defense which not only looked like it was good for maternal standpoint the defense looked very good against Atlanta. They are without a couple their receivers maybe that's why the defense looked pretty good against Denver. Good enough. Since then they've been Ronald 500 yards and into games so you know what's changed is. A lot we've we've we've seen a lot change. We watched them get steamrolled by the saints we watched them get steamrolled by the jets who were supposed to be an inferior teams so. As much as beating the raiders and beating the Broncos and falcons. Major think they can beat anyone and it losing the jets may just think they can lose to anybody. And that was a big nose big blow to the confidence of of defense so thanks Coca-Cola and the its unique and gets the biggest and how life works when your fan. Next up go to Dave on a cellphone Dave good morning. All they're good morning elders and just call on their child in an article hoping. Art yeah we were waiting in the lucky to mark of games we're Gannett turnovers. Eight it would have been just a small offered a performer and like what are fine and I am sick of the coaching staff that. That want to protect the football and play it safe all the time I wanna coaching staff looked at it as a occur. And you have the ball you don't do anything which you give a virtual marker wins a third down interception or port found on. It's all the same except for the open positions you know sometimes. Bush. Talking politic or loafers what we're doing our thing that you had the alt alt and what you can mount three point action that's what. I don't interpret restrict eccentric and circled and you've gotten up and yet. Dave Dave your your someone that I agree would very much I say there's a lot and it doesn't always. That people don't always agree upon is just a managed turnover it's managing the game. It is the same as like if you look at those third and twelve dump offs. It's punt on third down. In a pot is eternal or I I do agree with you it is eternal Burke that you make peace with by saying we'll turn this over to you in exchange for 41 yards. Every time you can't you do that you decide to turn the ball over and a team like I get. If I'm Jim really deep into this I get obsessed with a because when I see points off turnovers. As a stat. I I don't care about points off turnovers nobody or says how many points are scored off of Pontes. By how many how many points off turnovers the saints have seven right because again interception number one. Seven how they get off not turnovers authority. The jaunty that's that points not off terminal for points not punts without his scenes get thirty. So you can talk about respecting the football. And not turning it over but if all you do as a result is upon. You'd just turned it over all day and they got 47 points seven of them came off a turnover and that turnover was a pick on a third and twelve that would have been a punt. They got picked off on third and twelve and it's wanting you picked off on third and twelve of his throw at 32 yards literate too we arts and got picked and return of the three. 8030550. Me off coupon and away and the return to the three yard line and and you punch and then that's not a one off a turnover. Points off turnovers one of the stats that tries notes I've got a lot of Mike Ditka. And and companies don't sit well me because of that they're too easy to kind of look at and say why why does that matter John Anton alana John good morning. More anger as personable it is or broken pressure listen to a stationary orbit. All of soul. You know. You've set a lot of the stuff I think that derivatives that is is losing confidence from the fans was with the approach he's taking arguably is quarterbacks. Cairo a killer everybody knows he's got the medical quarterback. He's got that taken and where. We don't know what we're going to be doing a quarterback picture we should be putting McDermott and actually we should be put computer and to see what he has so we know whether he's a quarterback we can maybe build on what we have to do in the draft or to trade. If we keep terror difficulties in order to know anything about Peter that we're gonna get to. Next spring or not to know what the heck to do and he's not showing any kind of plan and end it was sticking with Tyrod that you're so it isn't doing any good. Well it and I'm arrogant to break her to thank you mean he is an NFL quarterback he might take them to the playoffs it might happen this year. And if it doesn't have and as your might happen next year I I wolf. Continue to say that Tyrod Taylor is good enough to take a team the playoffs absolutely and given the the bright talent around him he'll he's like a lot of other guys only got. Give him enough talent around him he'll do well one thing about putting a team around him is getting a coordinator that. Isn't about his own scheme but is about Taylor. And it just does not look like this this match can can be either for the long term. And I don't think Taylor's here for long term tennis and I don't know it offensive coordinators in defense of coordinators these guys are like and I don't say this to be in it in. Insulting but like like middle managers the move around the edges. Home port is an offensive coordinator the look at the patriots history of offensive coordinators out of jobs elsewhere beacon and somebody else comes in and they're fine. You know that that tends to be that the quarterbacks are good and as long as you're coordinator of the doesn't completely screw up the talented quarterback you're gonna get a coaching job somewhere pat Sharma by the way is the next one probably get a job at charmer. Coordinator in Minnesota they're doing really well but I just I don't want in my. I guess are trying to say is I don't ever want my franchise Ron based on who my offensive coordinator it's analysts that guy's gonna be my head coach. I like Sean McVeigh Sean McVeigh. Can can decide who my quarterback's going to be Sean McVeigh can say jar got so good enough or geragos not good enough but I certainly don't want. Just a journeyman. Offensive coordinator mean denizens had some good success in the league it's not and I'm not totally taken a shot at him. It's just who decides who the quarterback that they drafted who decides who the for the future quarterback case. Won't decide that it's Taylor or not. It shouldn't be up to the coordinator because heck I could have a good year and be gone in. Right sixteen games but bills make the playoffs Taylor throws for 3800 yards and 48 touchdowns and get tired. And then a guy that made the decision on the quarterback is on so. And this is Kyle Shanahan and less and less the coordinator is my coach I don't want him making the calls. Industrial 550 I'm unlike personnel moves and that's that's what this is about a I I don't. But quickly for you to break him more your calls and have an idol I hope this doesn't summit as overly negative it's more about. What now but what are you going to do bills you have a five and four season you are alive you're in good shape to make the playoffs you have to win some games to do it. And your offense we've seen multiple times were up to three games this season with less than 250 yards. Teams know what you're doing and what answer do you have. Dennison says we gotta give back to do all we do best the only thing you do well right now is protect the football and that's not enough. So what now. 8030550. It's a VCR. And settlement. From the. Kevin Harlan on the call. DeVon punches both former Michigan Wolverine. Two touchdowns as expected. By the way Benjamin out and the passing game for the Panthers looked just fine the. Tweeted a bit it's not to say anything bad about Benjamin but people thought that they be OK when they governor Benjamin and turns out after one game. They are okay. 8030550s. Our phone number sports headlines Carolina won last night don't look now actually can look now. The NFC might get teams at ten and six that mess and the AFC might get the neat teams in so. One thing about the drought here's a fumble quirky stat for real like you know. We're mad the bills haven't ever made the playoffs in seventeen years they've had nine in seven seasons they've had a neat seasons. The Seahawks made the playoffs at seven and nine during that stretch right into bills or pills that better seasons and teams that have made the playoffs but. Making the playoffs is the benchmark. So anyway you know 30550 or phone number and the sabres played tonight that this could the peak rape. It cleared Pittsburgh. 7 o'clock from not PPG paints arena. Quickly yelled. Bring up to speed on where we are you calling him you thought. The double major website has a article up from. Nate Geary which I think is. Tremendous woke up this morning I read it I think it's great and and you can be a Taylor fan. Or non Taylor fan. And a Greek basically the concept is if Rick Dennison is unwilling to change the core principles of his offense dramatically they should consider making a change to Peterman. The if there is important. It's not just they got to go to Peter minutes if they'd want to run this type of offense. This is something that was written by a few others month ago. And I want to get to some of the comments from. Dennison and what he had to say yesterday and from Tyrod as well. So first we'll go Dennison on why the offense didn't ultimately push the ball on the field. Is certainly Richard not gonna force the ball you don't wanna be part of our mock terrorists take care of the ball you know have all security known that you can do you wait to play is that. That are dictated certainly QBs a little bit different than the other players that are around with his side's for it and that's again on me and I had a series of plays I felt we can do that. There he was in single coverage or two guys over there. So that's on getting the vaulted Benjamin it's worth I mean. How about a play that they have for McCoy in. Mike Culbertson their instead and it's just like yes same same deal McCoy in Colbert but anyway that's on Benjamin getting him the ball and I and taking chances. Coverage deeper. We're working on high level throws change recovers from treaty to TD everybody dropped or at mystics they were at the levels in order make a first I have to get a completion he's either shoving it down in their deep respect risking the ball for an interception or checking it down you know what I and so we talked to look some talk about mixed changed chances like we said he took it is. We need to find the Czech economy if we can make a first down on that. So we try to put a message in there to send a deep but need took that as. Second down now Taylor on the game plan for Benjamin. Our requirement is also particularly defense gave me how to do fed started rolling towards them lessons resources brought to book just a lack of execution across board passed their running game. Mark's best arms in the just managing the game converted a couple long third downs that were key to their mosques and it drops she says I was gonna fan of them but did you watch some over his career pretty consistent and best of them are gonna work to do better. Terrance Taylor on the same some what dated him breeze in one more thing on the decision to come out of the game. Dozens of decision labor cost McDermott for those best detain. Before there is that I was more so receptive to performance from our performance I we understand. So there you go that's the breakdown of how it all went down and now the Dennison Taylor match they just don't see it going forward another year. But I guess that it possibly could. Until they wanna go in the next season with the questions page Tyrod Taylor had two pretty good years in this offense and then things kind of got scaled back a big yet a number of games less than 250 yards of offense I give up the stat earlier. The last two seasons the bills have three games with 250 your last. This season they have three games with 250 your last. The run game is gone from number one of bottom 10 August 22 yards for carry looks up earlier 22 in yards per carry three point eight yards for carry. You bring in an offensive coordinator that has the best run game in football it dropped to 22. What. Is that is that something you can just pony up for another season out. So what changes what can pressure would be on I would think they fired Greg Roman after two games and Roman had a really good first season. Then two games boom he's gone Dennison. Don't think he has a whole lot to hang its add on for offensive success this year not yet there and opportunistic defense that sets they're offense opt in if that doesn't happen. I've got a really really limited office. 8030550. And the Monterey is to protect the football. We know we've seen a lot of that that's that's just not gonna likely get it done unless your defense is doing the job for you rooting Kansas City pretty good morning. Say good morning that particular call. You know. How would you talked about Abbott and that there. Are programs that need it worked to our strength order book to be back what. I don't understand it we can wait three wide receiver Lockett what. And hold it. OK so maybe two of them look fairly good receivers that you want to. You know they call the other team and all of a sudden they're pretty productive in their offense. Okay people or get them the ball got a rookie quarterback just about air LA get locked in didn't look. And of course Brady can be re Egypt yup I liked I liked I I like we'll be done. I compare him to Michael Russell will be used Russell wilt in it at all out of pocket like off and your only act. They give Wilson deeper drops out yeah they give him the given downfield throws it doesn't make a tiger isn't always mega ton but. That that's the thing elected to see the catch by Doug Baldwin last week on Thursday night football. Mark you'd go to court and he did it to go lucky guy you're you know. That your steady the owners and business dammit then I mean they didn't need a good quote I don't you know what I don't under a topic under immediate Peyton Manning. Never mean. More than three feet laterally you know. So I think you know it it's like to report that arched right. At that. Think Trudy and that's one thing an eye on the ball and catch that's a ball where ball when asked to go up and make a great catch. So we'll Tyrod makes that throw are only gonna throw to Benjamin wants one on one. Nine these are questions and I on what you're saying about Dennison and and you know whether it's Peyton Manning he's worked with before this is the question I I I always keep coming back to. They hired Dennis in because they thought. OK we started when Sean McDermott is trying to fill oddest coaching staff and he's looking for an offensive coordinator. Listing the things here's what I want for my to my offensive coordinator I should say here's what I want muffins corner. Where on that is. Groom a young franchise quarterback is first is that fifth tenth. Is the first one protect the football. Commit an offense gonna protect Fuld is the first one establishing good run game mean in Denver last year they were not a good run game they threw a lot he he had Trevor Ximian. And the run game to give them a talk help last year in Denver think is they're hiring their offensive coordinator not because Dennis and won this but the process was going. For. What did that list of attributes that they want what was on that list because if Dennison fits all those attributes. Then. Part of what you have to say here is. Well this this marriage this match of the quarterback and offensive coordinator. This won't last long the coordinator stays the quarterback goes in whether it's Peter men or somebody else or a journeyman that they get to mind the store all they've. From the kid. I guess it's possible. It's also possible that they've. Get on the same page in gold ten and six and make the playoffs winning game at Jacksonville. And we are saying how could you get rid of anybody that make the playoffs like there's still a lot of season Russell is a lot the goods that could still go forward and it. It's just like. It's it's been an odd it was not match up from the start and we're seeing part of the reason why it was so if you get a chance. Check out that piece from me Geary and our website I think he does such a great job lane and out. On what. If anything the the options are to make changes and says to get things going. To me it's about. If if if Taylor if they're gonna stick with Taylor and he's gonna throw these shots downfield to Benjamin and they're gonna keep landing out of bounds. And you gotta make a change. If he can get those shots inbounds and if there was trouble picks along the way so be it I need to go down swinging to a degree I need to try. I don't wanna just throw picks when I'm down 35 points. Sometimes you know you're down seven the Cincinnati games a good example Tyrod didn't throw pick until they really needed a touchdown late in the game and got intercept that they. Earlier in the game I need you to be more aggressive image to tribal they during the the reason Cincinnati won that game is AJ green. I've got Kelvin Benjamin who supposed to be my number one target on the outside. Gotta get my chance. And Peterman gave me a chance to make a player to Tyrod found about a slam after that didn't get many chances. Because that one behind him you know that's tough catch some will say you can get data to get a hand on and I'm not always wanna do that. Randy in buffalo Randi good morning. No I just don't know it up up well and they're afraid to recognize the bill as they are horrible. Trade let me keep the weight area. And I was not serious and Ireland. And her soul then he earned. I think it is going to be more of the same keeper are the middle and so we get bigger darker either huge lot and I believe it. I'm at peace with playing in the raiders game. Amare so where should we be talking about the last three in there ran over the belt. That that's possible mean lynch when shadowed. Which had a bit of a slow start the season and a big game a couple weeks ago. And against my fantasy team. Base if your when my fantasy team Randy you're gonna have a good day the thing about the diary is. Again like everything that they do you and our Marcellus heart soul but I writers are saying like he's a talent he's the high draft pick he's. Jacksonville's probably thrilled to get that for a sixth round pick in he'll help them. What the bills are doing in this is where every moviemaking got to say okay long term vs short term. They don't think Dari S was buying in finger quotes they don't appreciate his. How seriously he takes his job how late he is whatever all that stuff. There will be times you have to get over that and it might be easier to get over from a draft pick who's making a lot less money. And the money thing is important to have all these draft picks means you're gonna get some talent for cheap and that's good. Can they get a reasonable replacement with a 23 pick in the draft this year. Instead of paying him these huge cap that they were going to have to engram are gonna get hit with cap and anyway. Which you know isn't going to be easy. Can they can they get similar production and a better overall team mate. For last the answer to that is it's going to be tough to get a better player was more talented. But maybe. And they can't do it until the offseason so that's like the short term vs long term we're getting rid of this player. And the sixth round pick is not going to help us this year so we lose a player off our defensive line rotation could marshaled RS help this defensive line rotation probably. I would say yes. But. Their planning for something on the line it's different. That's why they traded Watkins mini trader Watkins and then traded for Kelvin Benjamin. Get rid of the receiver that would have helped Taylor then a few weeks in said we need a receiver whose gonna help Taylor and they come out of that with a second I'm picking EJ gates. So you'll always at the look short term and long term and you're gone for the playoffs all out. You know. You've made moves that have thinned out your depth of that maybe you want Mike Gillis we back maybe you want. Is about a lot of Jonathan Williams. And her brother Jonathan William as my backup running back or Joba and dirty and then than Mike Tolbert but. This is why didn't trust the process there and I hate to see how many wins we get this year you never know have a good have a good fun season five and four is ahead of schedule. But you're always look and this year and next year and that's kind of where the conversation is today about the quarterback and a coordinator how how does this thing Grohl. Or how does this thing go. You can join us on the phone lines at 8030550. The thirst and I came here on W Gerris Tennessean in Pittsburgh and you can listen on radio or watching on television they're doing that behind the quarterback the sky cam angle so that's exciting. Sabres and penguins tonight also hear don't miss it it's on the Biggio. Jack is creating so I'm not worried about the offensive part of his game I think he's doing really good things away from the puck and he's got to just take with the game gives them when you start going searching for things it just seems those times things turn to turn back on you so I don't know if it's gonna gripping the stick I think he's trying to do the right things you you know I mean he means well he's just got to continue to work through it. Those that Jason Carly and her reason. And you know that's my job my job separate itself I haven't obviously produce. In the fashion and I would have liked early in the year but so long season and you know the pop off the bounces that sort of thing a circle around I think you know when your playing good you get your chances it's obviously positive. Sustain those games when you are playing well and you have it in your feeling then and and pucks are coming it's it's important to make sure you're very chances. All right. Phil Housley and then Jack cycle I've got a article open here from Michael golf running a good Fran am meta analyses name or find out might even get a month. He writes for the buffalo all star online at buffalo start dot com the article is how Buffalo's defense is stifling its own forwards. Which would be a rehash of what we saw before spring like. This team is gonna be death by defense again maybe. Sabres and penguins tonight is. Good morning WG are happy. Tuesday it's November 14 right yeah. Thanksgiving is close. To get there I got to think of the new twist on Thanksgiving survivor this year will be a week from tomorrow. We do Thanksgiving survivor the tradition unlike any other. And I got to think of the twist last year I have alliances be had teammates. We teamed up different food items with the other food items. So I don't know can organs due this year. You know. So get any ideas on that you can send to us how to how to mix up Thanksgiving survivor this year. Industrial 550 on the on the bills we've we've talked a lot about. This I get the offense back on track how to fix it if it can be. Fixed I'm the go to San Diego for the chargers this week is a four point underdog and on the game would be shocked if they want that game. I think charger fans would be shocked if the chargers wanted to chargers are amazing at losing all amazing. And the better than the bills at holy cow hot they lose. So much so I think most football fans have come though I understand late yet the chargers have the market corner on holy cow how do you lose that game. Let's go to Ellen New Jersey Al good morning. Good morning. It doesn't matter if you'd get the best op as a coordinator of the bad line and the best receivers and a leak. Hi rod didn't give them. Not all. He can not ask them what ball he doesn't get it up and it is quick enough and when he does he highly inaccurate. What Peter and and it all started a game at the start Tyrod let's see what Bittermann has only know what to do next year that it. It's all of our eye out all the tour. I'm begging yeah. Okay. I mean I'm still gonna go to the games. IE I mean. There are. I've said it I'll save fifty more times 94%. Of fans and evaluate this quarterback in this team are in the same bill currently or in the same spot. And you would be on one side further off telling us he's not an NFL quarterback he is. He's okay we know his limitations he's good sometimes we knows limitations a better coordinator would make a difference it would. Better receivers. His receivers are RO are good now good enough. I find good enough. A better coordinator would matter. Jerry golf was with Jeff Fisher and whoever was opposite corner of western I was got Sean McVeigh. That makes a difference. Doug Peterson the things that these teams are doing offensively are really helping. Their quarterbacks yes you need a great quarterback or what a good quarterback to execute but. Take even the saints with the saints have done has become more of our run heavy team than years past. And they've got breezed to compliment so. Except to tell the Tyrod is gonna be great no matter what but. I think what we're seeing is a drop off from the previous coordinators. Roman and Lynne to this one. If nothing else the wrong game is a lot worse seen anyone tell me. That coordinator doesn't matter well the run game matters and I know you don't want accord maybe you don't want a quarterback completely. Leaning on the run game in that success I understand that and I agree. But. He's been better. You know he's been he's been better in the past he's had good games. 56 yards is pretty red. Text or it's an immunity idol someone votes on the off early that's. Ridiculous you can veto it. Have to find a way how does how you win an immunity idol and Thanksgiving survivor 8030550. Like I said. I don't think anybody's crazy today and he's a tyrant not an NFL quarterback has gone around proportionate. But I kind of opened the show by saying if you're gonna save play Peter may and I'm gonna make fun of view I know people will. I just don't think it's not I didn't think it was not at the start of the season I don't think it's not now I don't think it all happened yet but it's not crazy. Because of the match and the mismatch. If they're not gonna fix the mismatch at the not gonna find a way to get together. More just wait and closer and closer to get somebody that is a better match. 8030551808552. By fifty let's give away a pair tickets to the trans Siberian orchestra collars five and six. It is December 16 which is little over a month away. 8 PM start value fifty dollars curtsy alive nation general contest rules apply tickets available at tickets dot com callers five and six today. Pair of tickets to the trans Siberian orchestra. To explore when I. 644987.