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Tuesday, November 14th

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Mentally and tell our cars are started that's what it said yesterday and I know what tariffs on and ultimately makes them so. Current starter other's company that's check the ball down that's it there where the reads take you where the Smart play. And then there's other times when this is a league of contested boss you know that's obviously worked so there's a give and take care as we all know itself seem tyra grow I think Tyrod do some things better this year than it did last year and that's that's part of his growth process as well as our team's growth process also. That's bill that coach Sean McDermott coming up. And this segment a fun trivia question of fun instant trivia full disclosure it's not instant I told Brayton what to ask me. And the reason I told them I want to do it is because they just want to do it. I want to answer this instant trivia question I've not looked up the answers it just popped into my head and my dad your great instant trivia. It's video game based. I think you'll like it. All right atrial 550s our phone number that's the end of the segment had a little fun there Jeremy White with you powers on vacation. The sabres played and I 7 o'clock in Pittsburgh. And yeah out Noble's we'll see how that ultimately goes. I you know Sean the term are there this is a league of contested balls. Interest in the offensive coordinator did say we don't wanna force the ball you don't wanna turn it over and I I just had a moment right. Of these coaches probably you're really tired of us. Over evaluating everything that they say. But it is a vicious cycle because there and plea trying to not say anything. And then we're trying to get something out of it so than that leads them to say even less so that leads us cynical what are they thinking here what does he mean here. So you know. Coaches talk and we try to figure out where their heads that because they don't always. Give you everything are gonna be. Secretive to a degree as they wanna be there gonna protect players Phil Housley goes this a lot. Mean Housley does not call players and McDermott. In on last week after the jet ski news asked the offensive line need to play better his answer was we all need to play better. You've got coaches here that are gonna protect their players I don't have a major drama that. I think sometimes the coach who does that like how sleek. How is gonna have to show he can get mad at some point or else fans will stop taking him seriously so anyway that's just a little side but I had to tweet that I want the read from. Adam he wrote an. At a wrote in about brand a Dennison comment and I've played this a couple times this morning and as Iran hold you you decide how how much you wanna take this. How much you want to. Take out of this play as I say we. We don't pick apart all the things that they said. Us all go and ordered Edison was talking about the office yesterday in the the third bite I'm gonna play for you is the one I wanna know. What's your take out of it but let's let's of context in there as well so they didn't wanna force the ball. Is certainly Richard not gonna force the ball you don't wanna be part of our mock terrorists take care of the ball you know have ball security know that you do you like to play is that. That are dictated certainly can be a little bit different than the other players that are around with his size but and that's again on me and I had a series of plays I felt we can do that. There he was in single coverage or two guys over there. And there's so you don't protect the ball take care of the ball. Kellen Benjamin's a little bit different that's on me here's a coach saying it's my fault and I I've got to find ways to get him the ball they said they did have. Plays for Benjamin in all to believe drawn up. That's and I now process that's who will work with that's our job as coaches to pull out our players in and put them in the right spot to. You know I don't wanna put a minute basketball or KV and vets files where he can't succeed. Tonight so it's about putting him in position to succeed so then. This is where the third one I wanna play. Why did Taylor keep checking down because one of the big questions about this game against the saints shirt the defense got run over the got to fix that and I I'd. I know that like hardcore football fans of the in my colleague was talk about the quarterback all right I'm talking about philosophy and what they wanted to do and who they wanna beat. They traded for Benjamin all week and a half it was about how all. You know he's connect maybe catch contested balls Taylor's gonna throw release covered he couldn't play against the jets because he didn't know the route tree and mean. Took a week and a half when he played and got three targets on the first drive and never again he could have those three targets against the jets. I ran to the sideline twice and now ran a slant. And those you intended target but why did Taylor keep checking the ball down here's a question venison and here's the end. Or coverage deeper. We're working on high level throws change recovers from treaty to TD everybody dropped they were at mystics they were at the levels in order make a first I have to get a completion it's either shoving it down in their deep respect risking the ball for an interception or checking it down you know in hindsight we talked to looks sometimes got mixed changed chances like we said he took it is. We need to find a check on him if we can make a first down run. Says someone odd and that's what Adam tweeting me about is our communication breakdown there in high in hindsight we talked to him out. You know take a chance and he took that as checking it down and hoping that you vis Iran for some yards. How much you wanna take out of that. And is this an offensive coordinator quarterback that are not on the same page currently and had a rough game they've had a couple rough games they've had some good games. So what happens against the chargers hopefully looks a lot more like it looked against. The falcons a lot more like it looked against the Broncos. And against the raiders in the box and they move the ball fairly well against those teams. Can you do that when you don't gain any turnovers and you gold the length of the field can you establish the run and you find a way. To get you yards for carry up over four. If if the offense doesn't change if things don't improve drastically. I wonder what the movies on offense next year. And help on the line. Continue to try and run this style of offense this running game to get different pieces for it you had the number one running game in the league last year. Now they're 22 in yards per carry Jason in saint Catherine's Jason good morning. Yeah. You're going on sort of thing you should stick with the limb here at southern good Nicholas Hughes started we did we go to higher he might have stimulus. Of Brewster about war allows who goes. Oh really me I'll do loser and I'll do not come on line somebody currently money in the united play anymore on and so on. You know that you're out there well look at him later they're going to be very high candidate city artillery fire are higher in our. Now we leave fifteen torn area and iron out so I think you're gonna have a combined then you'd hear quarterback in the lookalike who do you lucky tensions in the well of our net here late went. Maybe maybe maybe maybe not and that that that that's you know this is a bit of a separate conversation. When the bills made those moves and and and that the talk was the plan will be doing next year I did not like that plan at the time I thought. That's a good plan to have you want in control of it though. Think it's as I mean I'm not a GM of a sports team I've probably never will be I'll probably just sit here and tell GM's that they make bad moves and good moves. But if I Wear the GM of a sports team I would focus on the things that I can control and I would dismiss things that I can't control. But this is why would tomorrow when this is the sabres lose in a pub talk a lot about like how the tank didn't work and stuff like that I I'm amber and never be conversation about that. Would audio. And Powell defended every day because that I could control a I would make moves that I can control. For the bills to pass on quarterback with the idea of getting one next year because the class is gonna be loaded never oh yes you're gonna have two picks you'll move up. I never thought he'd be able to move off and never thought that was a guarantee. You're counting on teams in the top the don't need quarterbacks one of the might be San Francisco they just one. If the giants crawl in front of them I've got Cleveland in the giants won in two on the board. There's two gone Arnold says he might not of the stories he might not come out Allen all the sudden that look too good. Mayfield and bakery feel that being the second round Guidant didn't he plays too well all of a sudden he's gonna go sixth. I never like the idea of counting on things to fall your way. Control which you can control. And that for the bills are going so what do they have to do to get a quarterback in the first round next year you know you said package those two picks and move up. I don't love their chances to do that it would probably cost a ton because. Another part of this and I knew I like to point this out this goes to Tim Murray too when teams know you have a lot of draft capital are gonna ask for a lot of draft capital. All print and being you want to the seventh pick it's going to be your first your two firsts. Your early second and Euro and your third. Now another team might out of the pay that much you just might try and squeeze the bills because you know they have used some has more money you know. You squeeze them if they have more draft capital you squeeze them. I would fully expect the bills to run into that problem of Internet to necessarily buy you know it's and it's. It's a game it's competition it's it's about asset management that's the job of being a GM so. I. One on a tangent there after what you brought up thank you ring I'm Jason about what what what are they gonna do they could bring Taylor back. They could. And fix the defense right it wouldn't take much for this bills team if the season ends and they're nine and seven or eight Nate. And they look back in the Celek man when our defense was relieved popping and we will win and let's draft a couple players in the defense and get that unit Golan and go to the playoffs or if they make the playoffs they can do the same day and say it again like perfect. Made the playoffs at nine and seven and on the offense wasn't that good but man when this defense is common let's get that defense of stress the more guys over there. And it'll be year in all sixteen of past nine quarterbacks in draft a defensive tackles and linebackers and cornerbacks and I just I get I get nervous about that about always passing up on the on the on the attempt to get better at the most important position to always fill around new wouldn't surprise me if they do it again. Woolsey there's been that that's I guess your call got me to home much there is that is like at play. And to plan on all will take your quarterback you can't do that unless you are the browns the browns can play and what they wanna take because they're gonna finish last. The niners to a degree can can make a plan here in the twenties you're in the teens you can't make any points. Garage in Williams on the morning rush. I want. The ball. Oh I don't predict it. Ain't like it. And it it. About how. All that being I got. A bad day at. Mickey you. Noise in the back in. You have due to it yet. What I am. Bill Bennett and I at that. But it what it is but it but it's been that bad to get out of it be. Yet paid yet Bob and dumped in the it guy. But I beat it at the it looked like it happened EE. The up a lot of Bobby it is important it. I'm pretty bad people. I. The dot and had it about. Are that they do it we can't get a ticket if he don't. Like it. They eat and eat and eat it and see. Ya I I'd bet we. The and it's not at quarterback and a billion. Identity as a pocket. I bet you I. But. He is not a best Rebecca he's he's a good starter he's he if he leaves here after this year. Willie get a starting job somewhere probably I don't think anyone would go long term answer B last year he went to the open market and this was the best. Opportunity he saw. So that's worth mentioning I don't I don't want this to sound like I think he's he's really really bad. I defended Greg Roman two years ago I defended Greg Roman. I thought Greg Roman was getting a lot out of Taylor. And I heard a lot of he's holding him back will now I think UCE would it actually looks like told him back. I did they fire Roman I thought. You think you're gonna do better. Anthony Lynn went in and the numbers are the same and now Rick Dennison zen and the numbers are the same except they don't run the ball effectively. So I mean I don't wanna say he's bad I don't think he's bad I don't I've I would personally if I were running a team I would be looking. For improvement but I wouldn't also necessarily. Take an open door I would do what I can to plan on something better and I I don't know what the bill's plan is at this point I don't know of Peter Meehan was ever part of their plan. The won't moan that Israel the fifth round pick it's a flyer if Taylor gets hurt they'll get a good look at him is he just. Lose a couple games they go to five and seven they might make a change if he gets really bad on tape in Dennison says listen I got. I got this schemed up in the balls like it or needs to go. Then maybe they do. So. It's possible. I I've I wonder when the right time is or how eager they are to do it if at all. But for the first time the one thing that has changed it yet they lost they got hammered their defense needs to figure it out. But the other thing that's changed is now all they have. A little bit tape on Peter Main. In a game. So let's say the chargers game is going on and there are not bogged down by thirty but they're down by fourteen. The they want more. It's 2713. In the fourth quarter with twelve minutes left. Did they say well. You know. Instead it was thirty and look good what that looks good when it's fourteen. It's it's just it's possible. That's all we might gotten closer and all that Craig and Williams bill Cragg morning around WGR. More Turkish Armenia and pay I got a lot of respect for McDermott you know ranking and I question is when it first came here. This first broke our lunch he would stated when they ask about Tyrod. Ever would do that during their position now I'm pretty much sure that I saw this in preceding games as he did. And Tyrod no touchdowns. Or interceptions. He just it was not a kitchen at all which are you hearing in precision. He's acting thing he did the other guy. He did not you were completions. First downs touchdowns. So part of it and teetering not earned that position of a chance for its just I can't believe it. Blows away. Well that's thanks Greg it's not surprising to me one thing that. More monetary says I've seen what Tyrod is on I've seen what what's up humans on Tara won games in league Peterman is not played up a complete game awful game he's not played at all. So why I do understand. One thing that I find for I said in the pre season I said after Carolina I said Esther Cincinnati guys insane at today. I don't think it is crazy to wonder about your quarterback and I was glad McDermott. Yesterday mention this again fans you know they want a holiday they wanna know how he's doing he's on the team. You know he's he's on the team to wonder about Peerman and whether or not he could succeed is I think totally normal and fine. And the one thing about Peterman is. Every time he's been out there it's been the same thing. It's different it's not doesn't have to be better. But it's different it's balls out balls out ball's out so pure person. I think I might be guilty of this too if you're a person that gets frustrated with how the ball doesn't go out quicken up how throws are late if that's the thing that drives you nuts that. Why don't just throw it throw throw throw at them on the other guy goes in and throws it you're gonna think our. Problem solved like at least that problem is solved. Now Peterman Michael Wynne and throw it and by his third quarter of action get picked off four times and we say. Maybe want to protect the ball in Ike it's I understand the nature of the back and forth but I don't think anybody that wants to see Pete Harmon is not at all. And I don't think people that think that that's knots are not either. It's a it's about a velocity. You've got the Peterman fans that think he could going in viewed the exact same job you've got those that think hey even if he blows up so why. And then you've got screw that I wanna go to the postseason in five and four is alive. If they beat San Diego they will be in grow now not in great shape but good shape. So I participants on the come like playing all sides here but I do think there are valid points on each of these sites. Ripped away for the trivia. Michael next segment maybe extend the sports the instant trivia that I just I'm shamelessly asking bring to put together. Handled by I just I had a pint I write stuff down my phone like when I'm walking around I'm like it's a little pop in my had not taken note and then sailor with going to be condensed in trivia. Well we do still have to deduce interview Tuesday trivia. Yeah did you cook request I did yes what he got so. Aaron judge won the rookie of the year yesterday unanimously. Viewed. I have a problem with her out and it worked. Unanimously yup voted as the AL rookie of the year. He is in the running and also to be named the most valuable player. There's only been two players in the history of baseball to be named bolt rookie of the year and most valuable player. In the same year. The question is can you name it those two players that one. Rookie of the year and MVP. In the same year. All right Paul 64498 that it will take the first crack caller call in number five. If you when he gave 25 dollar gift card to Santorum speaks from Clinton. Pizza pub and grill good for both locations in Williams bill and rate your neighbors. All right do it up 80305 if you get vector phone calls fallen trivia. Her those of you borrowed video game generation like me mogul throwback. Maybe inspired by the NBA jam teacher that I bought a couple weeks ago it's going to be huge in Korea. But it's fun want. And and I. I feel good about the guys and we have playmakers we've got you know shot a good football player really good football player I think we cut. Our wide outs before we just have to play better we didn't play very good leading country is just don't. From 932 that is bills' offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. The investigators on the way at 10 o'clock today in preparation for the bills are for the sabres and penguins. The man on the sabres. Jason down I guess maybe for tomorrow to talk about disable bit and the plane Pittsburgh at 7 o'clock the sabres are. Not only bad. Boring soul. Boring. And it's really unfortunate a guy I in hopes that the Phil Housley system would be at least up tempo and exciting. And it still might get there might take time Paul's been saying it's gonna take time you might need a few more pieces on the Blue Line but. This past weekend you know you might be more upset as quick sabres thought you might be more upset that. The sabres lost twice they lost one overtimes we got one out of four points against who they play Montreal entree on the or I'm in Florida. You might be upset about that what what gets me upset about those games is. A point that I always make an important to some people makes me not a hockey fan but I don't care. One game is halo 11 and the game tying goal. I'm sorry it's 11 in the third and I shot the goalie never saw as the game winner thanks congratulations Florida. Job. Saturday hey it's one nothing amiss chop the goaltender never saw makes it 11 cool cool sport. But sometimes that the game and on its highest level and just like. I'm watching such a bad product. At times like he can gates it can be the best when when scoring in chances in. And many in this team sometimes is it's locked in these event let's games and it's really. Hard to take it's not just about losing it's about. All. And it. They've a period where they don't. Guilt of gold it's like OK nice job meanwhile us beat him to go back but whenever I can I add some pop in my head. The bills are still without a touchdown in the first quarter of game this year. Don't talk about one way to put your defense in trouble about never scoring in the first quarter no touchdowns this year. 8030550. I'm ready for trivia in about three minutes I'm excited for it it's fun trivia. Joy in Rochester children morning. Thank you very much for having me on my part when there are I think those cute things are really career. Put the brakes on any kind of get out of your swap the first it is. This idea that your brain using track six and your gonna builds. You know your team America. I think that's outdated there is no building up for tactics you have to litany here and now. With the Cleveland look at yourself. And you know you can say OK well there's a couple of teams where. They hit north at a first round draft pick that turned out that. It's just more is it's not like he used to be. The second is. You have to either you have the mentality of my way or the highway with the term. And you might be a mile and and you you aren't. Don't talk and notes participate in the mean by that is the Jarrius he's not walking solar eclipse in just. So you can't. You have to try to work around him rather than you know migrated our highway making him point. For instance along time ago there was a card into wearing Thompson felt he talked in one hand. You know there was a Tom Landry and he was pretty Artest and Aaron but. It just let Thomas be like any value. In the bench all thanks Iraq and he ran and you know. I think it's like I'm raider fan you'll likely choose that. Well. I don't condone it. No and I designer standpoint are making the point you're making and this is something about player development player development player management. Once you draft a player that's not the end of it used to find ways to like. How does this player learn some new ones from people learn in different ways and teachers know this and and educators know this coaches noticed lots people notice. That different people learning different ways and the my way or the highway bit like you can get away with that early. When your fresh onto a scene it's about trust the process right they can trade. Anybody new bailout trust the process as I drive an Internet thought like trade Taylor. They'll pick up the option in trade Taylor. Any offseason they were just say trust the process of the got a high enough pick. You have some fans really happy about that. That is likely but. Cleaning out someone else's mess is easy it's easy to do. And then once your own decisions get put up and CO like all right where are you how did you do it. That's when you run the trouble you can talk about this with any coaching their Brothers Tim Murray Tim Murray comes in and jettisoned every piece of Darcy Revere and were like yes sweet. And then he went on a made his moves and it clearly wasn't good enough and boy. And now what is Jason Matra don't clean it up Tim Murray's mess of the sabres are bad. I'm not looking at box role as the reason right now I'm looking at the moves that Marie made. And how come the bills under achieve it but I mean out even underachieving this year that this was a Rex was a disaster please give us credibility again. Fix the defense we want this team to play. You know with a but the certain style on defense. Fix the I'm just what were by walking around all these points but I think you understand what I'm trying to say which is clean and up somebody else's mess is the easy part. You never get criticized for that noise give credit for that. And there will be a draft pick I would think if McDermott here for ten years there will be draft picks they think are great guys and then they don't really match and they just dump that guy right away. With the patriots get a lot of credit for that moving on from a guy well they moved on from. Names escaping me. Help me. Not Tyson Chandler Chandler counts can. I was at Landry Jones and then Tyson Chandler and wanna that was Chandler Jones right okay. Pools meant. Smoke on the night oil to give up on Jimmy Collins threw that you can read write that name and and they're able to do it. But it one point this year New England still is not doing a great job rushing the passer of the you know they could use is Landry Jones. Now Landry Jones Chandler Jones bull gonna stop talking with these two anyway there there will be challenges there will be moments where you have to say. Morgan were to deal with it right it was Sammy Watkins a bad guy because he thought his receive requests gonna get paid. Sin Hawkins a bad guy for wanting to get paid I don't think so. I don't want my team just. Turning away from players because they think they should be paid. I don't think that that's its ownership of what this group is gonna do not saying that. Is there will be challenges along the way previous white ones for when his rookie contracts up when its fifth year option comes up to pick up. That a move along you know they are they gonna be. We pay guys we have a value on a guy got released a Seattle the timing of of value we set and got. That's all there will be challenges and I don't think they have faced any of them from a personal standpoint yet is when you trade arias for a sixth. And Watkins for you know a second and corner when an expiring contract and Darby for Matthews and you know these guys are expiring contracts are gonna bring back gains. They'd like Watkins in part because of the injuries on the gains as hurt those that take him off the list. Do you make tough decisions say let's pay that guy even though. He was turtle last year you know that this goes back to what I was talking a lesson like IE. What's what my main control of a need to know what I do and don't control I don't control off and I it's our. You know sure there recurring injuries but a lot of it's bad luck. For certain players. Two of Joseph we just Agile thanks Joseph one more call and then the trivia Tim in buffalo Tim go ahead. Out on every thanks pat. Despite talk about I would might shall send a couple million Google it said that he would rather walk. It. Think they'll call in the burgers that we. It's just that they're it they. If that was rhetoric and it just take it regularly beat that game. I. Am well I don't know it could partly. It's it it's. Probably impossible I would say it's impossible. I mean I. I hate suggested. That wasn't too popular there when they had the extra three days to repair the goods they should the next three days on the chargers and set the saints. And look ahead. But I'm sure they didn't do that and I don't think is any chance that. But thank you for the phone call I appreciate it and have yourself a good day I'm not sure if you like the trivia but I'm ready for instance trivia. And I shamelessly asked for the list. So let's do it. Couldn't. Is just a break because we talk so much bills today and that's there and any fun I've had some confidence but. I wanna bring to ask me infantry I couldn't do what Howard here and you do and Howard's not here someday to name all the characters from street fighter two. Yes and now by my count there seventeen of seventeen. Is a lot okay seventeen. Techsters in tweeters. Can help me after an awful that this is the original street fighter two. By the original street fighter two is there are reporter won the nobody ever had and now our enemy there okay. Let's do this. Let's go with Doug Kenny and right you. And right you. Fool right for sure can write you. Well okay. You have the right street fighter two up to why I don't know I'll just wanted to be asked these questions that final do myself. Can write new guy all. Dial yes Skiles on here blonde golf. Blanca yes Blanca. Behind. Sumo wrestler. Yes. Yes John Lee. As saying gift. Yes saying give. Chun Li yes you can write you. And righty maybe it's me beat L yes caddie Ken masters and right yes OK got it sorry. As a red and typically with this game so you don't know street fight off. I I believe you now. Textures and tweeters you can send him an all right sold all some. Vague an M buys in and ball broad. Those are like the guys you fought on the way up. How many who's who how many left you've got 1234. The worst part is you can give me hints that you know these people are right exactly just wanted to quiz myself on whether or not I can remember all the characters from got you got it like seven locked. Boy. Who knows maybe at the dvd origins of the each character you know how you get in a country Mexico. Or boy. I don't know. Raid some then. Textures and tweeters talk about here. So I got. It's as a GAT upside I guess I asked was he Mexico I know he was Thailand Thailand okay Saigon I said vague idea Vega yup Vegas from Spain got M buys in and rising yup. Been. It's gone back they're getting like release in the classic version of this game the now give me another country I still don't have Mexico hi Japan. Barry said. Put a guy or girl guy. I don't know. Was it a coma. Now that's not the one I've played know for sure no way no no you must have been added later maybe and got a little check but I don't know that is. Brad wells while policy Church of England. Yeah cool was definitely not this year on your must be on street fighter Turk two Turbo. And I'm looking for the regular street fighter England I don't know who's England Cammie light. Of church recently might have been a late addition. Cut Cammie aunt candy would be in there. Ti hawk whose teeth knocked up tee hawks right yes it is the one is going to go dissolve the Turbo addition can't. But anyway thanks for the exercise just indulging me street fighter two. There was an original street fighter game. That's three footer two and 1991 yen OK. Final boss was vague. That's it we can reach it we can we can stop a dangerous the soft here because who want to listen to me get these names wrong what are the names did you have. The other names and I had and here are let's see. Three long. Odds installs them as adults and young adults he's a guy threat the stretch you arms yup DJ. From Jamaica. Yeah OK our Matt that's right now remember that DJ and candy were definitely late edition's they were the street footer Turbo one's okay I remember DJ Cammie. And then the only on the one I don't know if you set it I'm you might of Chamblee as a gently doubters yet really super fast kicks yep that's at. I think that's that's a listen I have very here tonight. Thank you tennis boards on the way I apologize for that just really wanted to do it. Street Feder won was arcade only to rewrote and scorpion do that's Mortal Kombat. Come on. We will do that when tomorrow. Scorpion sub zero. The original. Seahawk was Mexico all right thank you guys. Spot if you're 30550 extend the sports on the way next. Breaking sports news bears first here. GR Sports Radio fine. Don't know if lots. Time smugglers and a sports. Sabres and penguins tonight sabres and red wings on Friday the season is. There here's sports club stats dot com and check their playoff loss ul Iman I meant to mention as well Memphis sorry we can get to it. I did later charcoal fame yesterday up in Toronto. Listen to part of his speech was pretty cool and so. He mentioned how he felt so fortunate to have played them so much of a hockey so close to home from Hamilton. In a place for buffalo plays for two run home. And there's a really cool speech sabres playoff odds are down to four point 8% according to sports club stats dot com. If you care the the bad news is and this is where. Now whatever maybe it's improper for tomorrow the bad news is that there are worse than everybody in the east. It's upper Florida was twelve points. And they've just been downright terrible 59 and three no play. Pittsburg who the penguins are in an odd spot right now Pittsburgh has 21 points. And out of the playoff picture. Right now. Very strange to see that New Jersey and first islanders and second Columbus and third of the that the devils picked first last year. Yeah and just. All the time all the time I'm gonna do it amen to do it again tomorrow you know was worse and the sabres last year the double doubles. And now to earn first. It's not being bad three years ago that makes you bad today now it's not being bad last year that make you mad today. Teams that have finished behind the sabres have rocketed past them because of their own. Mistakes they've made mistakes and Jason botched roll. Part of a lot of new players. You know was also better than the sabres are now. Colorado who finished dead last in standings last year you know where they how they doing here it says seventeen points right now I mean they're still pretty bad. They've been all right this year they're not great but. You know there's still playing better than they are the sabres are down. I've watched the the global series and they are over in Sweden playing its Ottawa for that our home and home series that they technically had. Pretty entertaining Colorado seems like they're pretty fast team their defense is still mass but. You know. They just require that new Samuel Girardi kid from Nashville on the do you change trade. Pretty good earnest pretty good. All right that does it for us were back tomorrow I'll probably have cell on tomorrow he's off today of teams off today. We'll get a press conference and Sean McDermott at 930 tomorrow wouldn't expect anything out too drastic from the bills today right. Mean economic quarterback and they're off today plus Phil Housley tomorrow Phil how's it Amal Sean McDermott Jamal sour about your tomorrow. I will be ready to talk about if the sabres lose which. You know. I wanna have a big discussion like a big one about where they are how they got here and all that goes with it. Can promise we won't yell at each other that much so we'll see if that ultimately comes to pass tomorrow sabres and penguins tonight at seven he used to gators is up next.