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Here's presented by. Good morning welcome that investigators Andrew Peters and an under dressed Craig Reeve made and they very well dressed mark and here on. We're live on WGR Sports Radio 515 MSG. What happened and why it will buy it and not just a couple today that it. Guys going to wedding after her what's going to happen and apparently crashing you know you address but it W why not what did you do right that's right that's another good look good the plea that I got to play your active slavery and some guys have to Wear suits make themselves feel like that but. Now all I'm saying is that. Well this was all. PDs plan this was all peace plan. He says it has to make and that's making nine that I just thought let's let's make grimsley comfortable and a low income or get on here upn and well I certainly feel super uncomfortable right now while you've made me feel. In 03055080855250. Ayman WTO Sports Radio five if unanimous I don't feel good and steal a feel like stuffy. You know it's funny out of this is that some listeners probably gonna think me you know I feel bad for ribs. We're gonna give them like a couple of free suits and Andrea does is gonna come in the next day and will be in play. Dressed today he and he'll be off why are you wearing a suit. Because we get big game tonight and I figured I gave got a lot of things going on during the day to prep for tonight them like I don't know well. Like to admit like anybody knows why can't you give us. Bring yours suit quoted in your car and you would Wear your normal game it's a great idea I never thought of that the one thing to light on of this because when we are doing road games where our. In studio and sitting mine and so really you have to do is where you're top. You could be sitting there and boxers are unaware of all that mattered nobody would know. So all really I would need is a shirt a tie and jacket. In the car but. I still don't understand what wire rings. You know. The use it and he'll let us understand I don't I wasn't in order jacket until pieces. That's what I jackets on and make his uncle you know how many shirts like these this is. Crazy to me. You're of more clothes in the back room. And I have a mind tar closet. Yes there are are pleased that it insert a lot you're seventeen to Canada's Indians the cigar yeah. And where it actually brought it in last year when the Indians were in in the finals yet and we'll Elysee wind JJ in the back is gonna let me Wear on the shelves because my brother got the Roger Dorn Jersey for my birthday years ago he's. Mean I'll have a big Major League fan or we didn't we brackets and receive their obligation of the I was so disappointed got knocked out but that's. That's a that is OK so yeah that's mine I just haven't brought brought it home I think I made. Is leaving here it's a great setup forms Marty's like where is his right lease and stuff in the back and. Hi nice to walk around you know look like Europe you know no I showed and that's. Great offer from guys. I mean I'm gonna. I'll admit that he said I looked uptight because all of this what I know is that rips put on the jacket guy and look merely an add it. A bit of European Cup on new when he immediately it was fat guy and a coat on and and debates whether if you just public and those were muscles Marty. Those were muscle. You know those with that third force of well if I can do thirty push ups definitely. Can and so. So over the weekend. Old man river here we are pretty active on Twitter on Friday to a buzz I hate Bart. But you were like all over Twitter and you were there to watch MacKenzie wieger and you fired a little video MacKenzie. Flying around in warm up. Yeah FT to animate type something. I meant what I said my tweets you he is a better skewed. Aren't they all don't. Did you guys are all guys are talking or are eight no way to way to take my my jerk like common spin it into a little bit about of somewhat savior but no but seriously he's good skater. Yes yes. I'm comfortable talking to a you don't wanna know all food all these ease. He's a really nice player he's worked his way. To get to where he is right now I really really worked hard he has Madison. Normal path as most he didn't he didn't even start play AAA hockey until he was in bam. He didn't go to the Quebec major junior Intel he was eighteen most kids going their way at sixteen cents a means it's so. He didn't eating make its first Quebec major junior team until he was eighteen years old and then everything just to he was a much more mature player at that time he'd matured a little bit later than. Then most then he took off from their but he he played really well he played. You know it's 1414. And a half minutes device side on the third pair. He was on the first power play with air neck plan on on defense disease super skilled player he I thought he played quite well too. Wait it Marty Tweeter Craig got party we are on 43 factory survey 52 I'm at the site Craig in the show is that the investigators of the game didn't quite go the way we. Had wanted to and we do little. Recap of the future we we wanted to sabres we predicted a 43 win with MacKenzie reader with. Three goals and everybody would have been happy. How would you guess that's what's so we did yeah you're supposed to be here Friday that you weren't. So no I would say it without you know that's good now. Did you would you as of Friday nobody else idealist is area. Bang on nine came in to hang on Karen heard okay Amy. Has he couldn't he couldn't fossils obligation on Thursday and knew that you were bailing on us so he said he would come and I totally appreciate. Him but I didn't bail on my obligation because my obligations where. To be on the bench during morning skate and then to do. 7 o'clock game tonight. A sabres are at Pittsburgh Marty is going to be on the tube it DC we're in the same suit and why. He's running errands all they've agreed to I have to change suits now for tonight do I have to pick a new one well I don't know is out of fashion full pod world can go double showed double seem suit exact kind of rule are wise enough on me that's like taking one suit on a road try it's like this and if you're. It's your back right and you raise you have your your game road and they relics are back and you do a full the F peeping Daschle jeopardy. Do you Wear the same suit the whole day because you know that they're going to go on different days in the week we've got to change. So you're gonna change yours and although our shows there's a taxi were it is sabres tonight 7 o'clock park drop in pit 630 pregame show you went up for a chemistry. Also on WGR 550 soul tough weekend for the boys Kate two losses game on Friday in go quite as planned. Give us your receivers weekend as a whole before we head into. The game tonight against Pettitte threw one to. Wonder really that's what it was Florida was. Two empty natter so it's not for one game you look at the county look at the scores you say are they lost four when he got blown on the water and had blown on the water. They had a chance it it didn't really good chance to win believe it was. Brian art at the chance in the slot them Longo made a great save on beautiful at save the game for Florida. But it just. There's there's a lack of many many things rate now in is just tearing into the next an island in Montreal. If you. Pretty good game like I'm just Tennessee with our expectation right now where Barack pretty good dander up when nothing. And a little frustration and a Jack and I think Jack is very frustrated that we'd Eddie's playing and we daddy's not producing and he's not making a difference. So we gives a slashing at the end of the second period. You know and I followed these things always happen when you take on discipline only because your frustration. Level is too high. You get scored on Andy get scored a power play goal that. Ends up making a big difference in the game and the overtime. Listen. I know there's bad bounce I know they're talking about W brakes is today Katie try to make a pass and all of that and O'Reilly says he's got to make a better play. All in all the it. Did a great overtime paired against Boston why because he had the puck possession they were calm they were composed. It didn't look anything like that against the Canadian it looks like they want to rush things. Do you were getting pressured he could never really. Get any red gum and. Sony accessory in Canada added it's an electoral. So we look at a loss and you can't we look and say you know Montreal is trying to dig themselves out of a hole too I mean. Mean not on. A verdict dug themselves of the hole there are seven and three in their last ten games so there. They're not what we remember them a couple weeks ago. This team's playing. Very very good hockey rate. And the sabres are still in the same situation. Trying to find themselves and we're almost at a quarter point in the season and when we have. You know to go back to a two wind and I say to Q1 exits to open ankles is it 21 loss to Florida. It's still upsetting because Florida's. The worst team in the Eastern Conference. There the worst team in the Eastern Conference I look at the game that we played we do anything. Terrible in the game a mistake and all but. Our team doesn't look great. Is is this our team were almost a quarter way through what are we gonna what are what are we going to build from. What was the difference in the Florida game was one thing one line. Dad and of Barca who ago he dominated. The sabres new rate now. Because like I said Jack has got his frustration level. Peas he doesn't seem to begin random. They move common build down the line try to put samurai and hard on his line which came. We don't have and it's unfortunate because I think we have the makeup of the cast having aligned decked him. Make things happen decade dominate at times like the bark of line didn't do anything the first period and also on second pared their paired. The sabres could not stop them. Yeah he could not do anything about it. And that we don't have that right now in. It realized it lies on the the top guys and I know that's a lot of pressure we hear I said O Reilly said it's my fault I need to be better. Are also starting to play a little bit batter but it's not where we would want to be jacked it's taken a step back and he's trying it's not for like they're trying I think that. Yeah his body language sometimes is one that's defeated. But he's still working hard I just think that. Now Mort in any. Any other time in his career he needs guidance he needs somebody to sit down to shore him what's happening in the eyes wet. We are all seeing what the coaches are seeing. And how he's feeling it through the ice is two different things he's done it. OK so. He may have signed his contract extension and and but he still being coaxed rightly stay eel because until he's gotten lately let's not make any any mistake nearly there're going to be. They're going to be sit downs I don't mean lectures but I mean teaching moments and he still acute. He just because he dominated a one into the ring doesn't necessarily mean that there's nothing else for him to learn I think that's what everybody out there needs to understand you think jackass pressure. Of these open at that a pressure as well you know what he should be right right now because if you does not produce this team has zero chance of winning zero. But what it used to tell you lives and PD same thing when you are struggling with it when I was struggling way to have to bear every actor it's unfair for Jack in the situation with what he has it's not unfair -- that because you are a lot wise pressure wise and unfair he's putting a lot of pressure on himself and he has no secondary scoring he has no the third line is nonexistent. Where Sam Reinhart there's no primaries where cannot lead don't. Don't think about lay out wires going. He. Purdue everybody has to put. If you're Jack in east got five goals in his last seven games and he says I'm put a lot of pressure on my shoulders. I would agree it's eight the streets you're playing while you need help. Yeah you might not. I don't the keys and you think he's playing bad and in the eight teams that he has not scored there's ways I don't set up more guys on this team than anybody. It's trying to offense. He's appointed in not I don't think that he. He was threading needles used it and it was an nicely expand he's flying and he tries the guys are bass that 211 with Cain. He's selling and shot it looks to make that pass. Now I get it if any challenge not every pass that's your sponsoring over a defenseman sick as can land and be in the back of the net. But when you're Jack cycle. If you are gaining the game you want to play. I asked to Cain is right and it's taken its in the back of the matter what happens in Chicago judges take Chicago for example what happens when a hurricane in in east mom don't score. When Patrick Kane and Patrick Kane and the knees Moscow score well nobody else's. Yeah I'm just saying for an example what happens in air it change your second time he got caves driver in their prime Crosby's art to a market probably hasn't scored. Crosby hasn't scored at all we know is going on castle and Malkin on else fire okay or is that kid in Arizona that's doing well Keller. Yeah Clinton tells our day and if Keller stealing himself or not I've got so much pressure to perform. And through to get ourselves out of the basement it's a kid. Look at your stats like that what you are doing it's not your fault you don't have the tools around you. You've got do you think Clayton Keller has pressure. I'd say yes I was absolutely zero press yet why he's playing in the desert. They have new medium amber and walked in after the game and I don't even care to be there 'cause they wanna be covering out the cart the football in the be and the baseball so. They don't have any pressure there this is we're in a market here that Jack has pressure but they're gonna ask questions form to be able to edit this and what is one of Jack's strongest suit and partly what is worked at last year's form in the park. Shooting is one time right as went on has been pretty good you know he's he's not in a net he's standing on some of it's like completely like haywire he's got the yips on the one time a partly. And so now. Link it all comes to Shanxi Province and out there the shanks the yips whatever it is do you view but do you. Jack's one guy our five men you'd. And on that unit are very very good players Ryan O'Reilly has the ability on his own to run a power play. And he has that pap puck moving ability one timer ability. Everybody's can needs to work together they have not found. What makes Rick if you look at capitals the capital's power play. What do they try to do have some of the greatest passers in the game the guys that can shoot the puck but what is their main focus. On that par Alex of us OK but bang thing I don't here's Mexicans taken away the F Carlson topic and Q she were the bank down lower back goes down Baxter and oh she in the middle. In the slot like green hats off like they know like his team we'll see that for the game we got to take away all we take we overeat you're there are placed on one that's not true. Now they get the park to Karlsson at the top and get a shot through to get there mark over. It was a great day out because or other guys five other they have if they're not good enough job and that's hardly ever matter to me the penalty killer respect. Other things they did sabres are not doing a good enough job on their partly. To have the a position reached back. They're shot from the point or to pass on low they only have to take away one thing right now as the trying to get to Jack or Jack trying to make a play. And I get done that's fine but. Whenever that opportunity is there debt you're getting a pass in your wheel house and you averaged a chance of the one timer. If a guy. Was fully confident. And fully within himself a jackpot would be on yes Al Arian. Voice now foresee things that lurching okay struggling and is that guide and let me let me throw some and what does he need then wouldn't be all he needs guidance. To me I think I kind of is it is it because he's trying to put the park in the perfect spot to score now. I think immensely I am I if I asked Jack cycle right now and I don't know that ought to be 100% through but if I said Jack. Do you feel like you're playing fast do you feel like you're skating do you think you'll make your move in. You know at a rate of speed that the National Hockey League is demanding. I think it would be epic pause and you would say how Anheuser Cody answered I think it's eight at times simply pretty quick I would say no. Had zero time are you playing quake that's not true. That is a 100% through what he means you're not that's not true at all. I would agree that when Jack has the puck a lot of times he's moving up price. He tries to gain the Blue Line and then he tries to slowed down side to allow guys to get into positions that slows down in neutral zone. He's those on Andrea I think. To try to simplify everything you have the pot why does he viewed goal. Because he's looking to make a play economies like it to be a playmaker in what is one of his biggest strength when he was drafted SP is heating. How about when the puck on the medal. Instead of always look into your laughed angle in towards a left wing and looked to me gets low backhand pass and draw up layer TU and an open somebody up. It's too hard national likely to do data on a consistent basis because the fact checkers are always come right back on the and if you slow yourself down in the allowed him to come back in those and in the play. Your gut your dad because teams are defending with five you get a three on two or maybe sometimes even at three and three wood about actor actor. Paddled to the metal go forward. Blow them ill invest in you or smoke and and just keep go that's the way so I would say tried going to the right side. Go downhill scapegoat writes I'd use your body to shield a pot take it towards an. The other team respect. Because now all. It's like it that football team that only runs the the ball and then you say all we don't have to worry about the pass as they're there running we're gonna put guys in the box. While not the same thing with Jack it is the same that would partly at becoming too predictable that the other teams are able to just modern. Smarter with the understanding is most most penalty kills understand that Jack is going to be the guy that. Is is the focus just like in which optimal capital's Al Sebastien is the focus he's the one time threat and it's a very dangerous threat. Two teams play outdoor match and higher but here's the thing if they do that. That should give him your other skilled players an opportunity to work the pocket. And and and make plays and right now it just seems like we're not. We're not finding the right play to get caliber posts are trying to get we're trying to get the pocket jacks so much and there are over playing Jack and keeping things so tight that nothing's there watchdog posts on apartment from it and is there a defenseman trying to move him out of the way to know. Is there somebody taken him away. No because they only have to worry about the past from that that the top defensemen to Jack court to the other side maybe today slot so. If there's a shot from the point from the middle of the ice cal is all by himself the front and and and what the sabres and against Montreal as Jack was able to find out on the goal line. And instead of kicking it back up to jacket back to that point man. I was like I'm a ticket to the net and see what happens because nobody is worrying about I'll proposal in front of the and Dan if Medicaid came in there was a couple. Of hard plays an up the ball rallies of the goal. But. Just like you said you have to. Expose the at a team to other things. For your key. Lays or you key players to be able to have. Significant success and it's not that great now we're not exposing anybody. Two other players and like that or pool got nobody with the government report of the got a giggle and an end but eat turns on the edge up a couple of times and then it's like whoa. We afternoon. Respect. And it opens up. More space. Yep so Crosby struggling to. Very much so. And now it's well let me ask you do you think Crosby has pressure now do you think he has the same pressure as Jack know why. I mean which answer do you want it is one of the fact that it Marty what well. The fact of the party won three. Two and Roland in that the pressure for them is to win. To three. That's their pressure that's the pressure that that that they put on the talk does he have pressure no because we've talked with a before even abused on the lineup. The teams OK you know. I don't know I don't if Crosby's not scoring right now I don't think it's as big of an issue for the penguins as it is Jack not scored for buffalo city because as if Jack dozens. Now again and and and sell it at all a guy that you call on secondary but in the one a one B one C. 11 B and one C are stepping up and winning them games war where Crosby. Does not have that pressure of of just being the guy because he has secondary guys that just video. Right now we are hearing I don't have any of that I hear about your dad that UCO Crosby a secondary guys. But really right now why are the Pittsburgh Penguins where'd. Is because they only have. Three. I would say two primary guys that are working and nobody else's. It's gasoline market. And if Pittsburgh had secondary. We against Seoul and Crosby and Hagman and wherever you want to insert there. They would have more six. You know. How the league is built Ken Hitchcock the other day was asked about no secondary scoring in Dallas and he says I don't care about secondary scoring as long as my primary scoring is. On fire well that's through to a certain extent but. Maybe four at three games span where your primary scoring is gonna dictate the way but look at it in it was 512 Carolina yesterday now. Mogilny did just pot Q4 goals a game and you'd win the game 53 because in all of us that we it is but you do need. A strong top six that is going to be consistently. Involved in the games that's the key. Even I would say top nine may be forward. It Ian Williams though you're on the line with Andrew Craig Mardy on WGR 515 MSU got called for we get out here go ahead frank. The real pressure real quick pander waste wood and a fight. Did you hear the crowd. Ever been to the crowd when you're actually the fight never. Never would do any action that I'm happy to your tortured throughout much. Make it to the other night yet locked in at just about like a 100% pull out all the time it is basically happened and if you're out the puck up and happened. I think what's gonna detect and don't have. And there might there might not right and I'll tell you that there might very polish military duty hour. And he got into place again where Olympic Games and they're gonna do you're done it the other got a clinic. Familiar Clinton accumulated you don't hear what you're going on around you should do it. It is partly one quick thing about it but I doubt that these field by his wife at a morning it is going to be quite a dispute in the morning. In Vietnam nickel back in the current executive director out earlier period but. A complete before the game and understand the pre created it and I did feel that I really appreciate that much. Frank change in the game changed the game one phone call. I will get to the pregame skate and a little bit bullets and act as I I think that's a mystery to still I hate the pregame skate. But the morning skate receiver Marty with the guys that's able when he says about playing fast I could hear anyway when I was fighting and how close the general that's to my ears were ringing. Comforting cloud services from being focused and being in the clear the mechanism Billy chapels on their. Well it's about playing facets vote. It's a boat. Not thinking I think that's what frank was alluding to this you know you play the game these guys look like they're over thinking their game there a little bit slow in their decision making because they're thinking so much instead of just going out reacting. Doing what their instincts. What they've done their whole life seems like right now they're starting to try and make perfect plays they. They wanna play fast but they're thinking the game a little bit too much and and and that's when you're gonna struggle. When US practice that's all the coaches say fast fast fast transition transition fast fast. And I get that and you probably need to do it. 23400. Times in practice before it becomes natural in the game and I think as Chris pointed out that. They're recent it's. Trials and got kind of simulations of the sabres make you slow down and think instead of just playing. That's another great line from the movie Ria. Don't think. Below zero you can't breathe through your eyelids can't breathe through your lives so you know you can't breathe author plug your nose inclusion Nazi breathe through your eyes. Which I've mammals right from my nose 120 year is over well at night seven minutes after. Are right sabres at penguins tonight 7 o'clock parked RBC the a man with the guys down their 6:30 PM on MSU with Brian Duff. Crosby and Jack article both in scoring drought who's gonna crack out of personal figure that out to the point. Steve and your chart went into the hall of fame long awaited trip to the hall of fame for the commander chuck and also. Our power rankings coming up our power right we got power rankings a great idea I'm getting us Jacqui I feel so uptight feel like Marty during the broadcast I'll be right back don't you what. What other is gators. Welcome back as the gators interpreters Craig read today I feel so much more comfortable right now Craig. Looking good now that I've. Let me paint a picture. Theater of the mind body and if you're in a picture so. Revs wanting to look. A little bit more are dressed up. Put on game. What is Cashmere army be jackets are yes with a pink is bill that it's billed the it fills you I think thigh. Our round is zip up could be Danny had gone before. Dead navy flashed a little bit against one another. And opinion has solid Hayes leave he shiny. Pattern through. It is I think what he's trying to stay real in his unit is currently fancy though it is saying. Smoked or else it's about here. Who. That any hi I'm David you're tied late eighties. I I don't they like I was doing. Or. Because of the draft lottery we did that boxing very sound mind Larry Baer. If America. Rev rod the Jack hi. It's been years and jackets actually that jackets here as we did that wrote broadcast Euro was he more well I know. It is I feel the way you guys did at the start you look like a banker. And show me the money you've anger and eagerness or those rules. Major League that's mostly that the does have a 5050 raffle during their game. In the 5149. Raffle because in Vegas odds are always better than an hour that's what it. I submit that. I thought it was a 5149. Because it is house always wins but the AD played the other side. Your odds always better in Vegas and 5149. A funny. Ross and there they're having fun. It's like it's a little 'cause when it that's having a lot of fun right and you want to play a power rankings week. And and. Yup the way in find out yeah that's coming up at 1115 I actually can't wait to hear your power rankings files. I think there's a couple sleepers out there. For sure so speaking of sleepers. Steve hander chuck well last night went into the hall of fame. And sort this is amazing because. So many people when I started to show when it was hockey hotline on the radio we were in the save restore so many years ago. I remember this time a year everybody would call and and you know the hall of fame talk was always a big discussion. And Dave hander chuck you've been passed out and passed up and passed out. You know offer first so many different reasons that I think numbers just cannot. You know the numbers do actually do the justice and along with what he did for longevity. His goals. You know how he played the game winning a championship. So I just some quick thoughts on that and chart we talked about it last week. But this is long overdue I mean I'm not trying to sound homer ish but there are people on other side of the border that listened to our show in Toronto that love Dave and hit his biggest goal production in Toronto is a leaf. Is that when he scored fifty. Point 99 points thing years. Yeah 54 goals it was between the leaves and the sabres that year in 9293 we scored 54 goals. But he had his biggest season with one team 9394 with 53 goals. Which is amazing another nine in and you never got 299. Frustrating is that. Think if if you would never gone to the hall of fame the thing that twice he'd gotten to 99 points and never to a hundred and not made it to all famous so this is to me. PD I'm toll on board Richard this was long overdue anybody. I don't care if you played. 35 years in the NHL if you scored over 600 goals you deserve to be here to Iowa for a few who deserve and and Dave Andreychuk scored 600 goals. And a total distance. As to where he scored his goals in the national like you are probably 650. Feet. It was like two feet away from the goal line every time I is that. He's a master of front of these the eight foot area he scored every single goal that he you know 640 with where within eight feet of the net he's a master he's. He's six foot five he's 209. Point 530 pounds. Armed you know what's in wasn't the most gifted skater but he was the best at his craft in around the front of the net and you know to think of to think they see that you know the longevity. That you have to be there have in this game 600. Or hundred. 16139. Games played is is feet within itself but BO score 640. Goals. That's specials that every story about Indy so in 2001 too doesn't it doesn't one ended talks playing here in buffalo. In all we have a really good year. We're missing Michael pack up and when Andy signed when buffalo I believe Darcy gears said in all will have tax sign and we're gonna have a good team they brought back. I believe Donald debt came Baghdad year. Steve Heinze was in Dominic was on fire he just come back from being hurt a year before so we have a great team fortunately Paxton sign but still. So at the end of the season. You know indeed we have we lose to. Pittsburgh in the second round of the playoffs. We battle cast pride as goal game seven so. After a day game. Andy says yeah I am I am done and I am an retired mad at that point he's 37 years old soul where OK great so. As a team we gave Adam a custom Rolex made. And nice big Magnum bottle Y name. In dollar trip way have her leg and I congratulation on your retirement you know enjoy life and and we give all that. And and then. A year later. Playing with the Tampa Bay Lightning. When he actually measure he mentioned that in his speech last nine out of the cut that that that we have doesn't match that but he mentioned sitting around it is cottage. And his wife was really pushing him to go back and play go back and play. And he talked it's going to be actually. The second SoundBite about his the reasons why he went to Tampa Bay but here's what he had to say yeah. Just about buffalo alone. But as I have my final coach says to me. John toward Rome. Slow as molasses. But for some reason he gets it done. And I believe that's where it all started an auction off for Marshall I went to buffalo I think Scotty Bowman. For what he did to drop me. From men and great players in buffalo grade twelve years that I spent there were exciting times for me. I grew up an awful. Lot about what friends are in the house. I have my girls were all born in buffalo are mirrored buffalo girl. Good times in buffalo really really good times. Great players. Hall of fame players you'll bear parole. Phil Housley. Good players when I was a young kid at eighteen years old. I grew up there I grew up in buffalo I love buffaloes went to Toronto. Played from my childhood. Team that I watched I got to put on a legion. Uniformed. Aren't enough or at least if this. But seriously I mean. That's pretty that's that means a lot to apply army and you know he when he started in buffalo and eighteen then got got rolling and now we asked him before and actually he's he's gonna come on and join us tomorrow is traveling today. Yep but you know a lot of players feel that way about buffalo so many. Players come in and stay here and you know married and buffalo girls like many of the guys that have been here you come in as a youngster and you feel that buffalo as that welcoming. Environment that. Ian on the bring you in and everybody. You know did this deal seeing it takes a village to have to raise. A child you know they got through buffalo does it bring you in and wherever you are people wanna help you along it. I remember when I came in as. Eighteen year old working on the summer. In home mom like all I need to buy a car well you know Jim visit to lead our trainer and his wife took us Meehan another of my teammate to. A couple of dealerships and helped us out and all of this guy noticed and that's what buffalo did. Too many many players that are still living here. So for Dave Andreychuk I think I was them. The blueprint of how most people get to the end buffalo and love before and stay in buffalo is exact data and they loved him. Loved literature. You know. Well he gay and they gave that he gave them reason to love him he is he's a special player and that's why he was. Inducted into the hall of fame and you know he he played for multiple teams out there and yes he did when a cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning. But he's going to be known as the buffaloes. There is no question I don't know I'll be honest it jumps and I think Dave Andreychuk will be remembered as a Tampa Bay Lightning. Because he lifted that cup over his head. And because he still is with the lightning organization. I believe he'll be remembered that now. Two quick stories again about anti media or to see how easy how we we are literally I mean literally wanted to give a little tribute here in the years to. The grand Turk but it is I guess an art ever apply stores and much. And I guess that's the way you look at it. I played against the manner chock when he was playing for camp the day I remember that I do not see him as as he. Tampa Bay Lightning. I see him as a buffalo state and a and everybody's everybody's can a different. You know when you are when you think it's academically the demands at a micro Canadian dinner Anaheim duck and talking while he played he played what eight years in in Anaheim last eight years I still think it team was salon is and what appeared to have no question. I yes in a way that the shooting that Florida I don't know places story 76 goals as a rookie and yet there is there is a Winnipeg yet there's a big part of that. But. I don't know somehow Dave it's different Dave Andreychuk wasn't dead superstar in buffalo when he played here he wasn't the number one guy Tim was the money wise. Matt and me on cycle cui who was the captain and Montreal Canadians so that's why it was different but. I am EE and with in the I love the went directly to Adam learned so much from him loved how he had he had stories for everything. Every time we got to Jersey played in the old building the continental airliner arena injures he. He'd stand right where you scored as 500. I think it was 500 goal. He goes right here boys that's why I was that's where I'll be tonight in now because he knew exactly what am. And that's where it was like in the creek basically need stayed there. And a second thing that I thought was very funny that people may not remember is the undertow at play for the Boston Bruins. He signed the Boston Bruins played with a Boston Bruins was traded to Colorado with one ray Bork. And when that trade up and everybody says rape or is going to Colorado trying to win a cup and so the private jet it out of Boston to go to Colorado. All the cameras are on ray Bork and in the background there's a day event or chuck basically like hearing raised equipment right. And basically there's a hall of Famer. Now who was. Barely mention in a trade. Who carried another hall of Famer to a different team when it as the heated cup and call out bill because that's not the array one rate stayed later in one bed by that time. Andy was gone but he went to Colorado to try to win a cup the first. And I remember I did the rape or after he was on the team then yeah I'm one ticket just remembered Bob Cole's call. Says Tommy trying to get a token uncle called mean you have got an area. Ray can you hear me ray you are asked Stanley Cup champion re at a better way. Hope they say that's needed. Frequently competency there imagine Bob caller ray Bork always these Stanley companies like it was bouncing in zoos incredible as you want to guide chase them much but not the Evander chart. Going to join us tomorrow. Will confirm the time with you but I'm looking forward that in a while deserve. Hall of fame induction are either. Put in his time no questioning gave back the game was a great teammate I'm right with you cupid at camp when he signed back here I'll never forget the article that rips demonic. Hate to install. It was he's back registered members and he's back and and how home everybody was so excited about that people remember that he Wear number 52 and nobody in awhile that Rickey award a little while you were not because survivor out of order or request other I would hope it would do and give it to wouldn't give them. Dave Dave Andreychuk is number 25. So ended chuck had to take 52 and I I'm telling you that is where the organization. Needs to step in and say sorry dude your number we only earned on our oil traders to just deliver Barack after a little bit different number different number but that's OND that. Nice guy he is now just like 52. Who will be the next buffalo sabre feel our former Buffalo Sabres inducted into the hockey hall of fame able answer that question for a while maybe we were all in now our buy sell trade presented by buffalo sports coming up. The other side of the break Andrew Craig Marty against the gators WGR Sports Radio 550 amnesty. Hockey talk. That kids who thinks he's the investigators. With Andrew Peters head grade where. Welcome back it's 1052 food and honors the man shark warnings announces sect second number here Buffalo's 52 I get to sit beside the greatest fifty you'd ever played buffalo all time. Crank rephrase act Craig repay 52. At Marty you're on 43 the only 43 never Wear the jerseys is just by default Ortiz and obviously there's a lot of 43 Europe sect right now cause of those two you learn to look into it. On the best 43 mystery there and I I wish I could have picked a number nobody else like second doubles girls play doubles early exits like there. Nobody likes that doesn't mean that. Return back all right. Why is worth six it's not what 76 whip is all these young guys. They want to they wanna build their own number. And I got an 88 or 87 and 8880 eight's Erica wind it's no one will ever Wear a neat idea being. Who. Not understand why you are way I think David passed. Now. But I understand why Patrick Kane would Wear eighty or Crosby would Wear 87 the birth year berth here I get Mario. But 76. Logical question Gretzky 1199. Because he's the best thing. In 99 minutes and doesn't wanna Wear ninety and one that's his favorite player was Gordy is what he was saying and it went our analysts say it was that he's the twice as good as how Z. Before David started now. He wanted you always want he always worth it I believe you were nine as a kid and then I got to 99 later it is. He did earn your right Marty you're just like a book of knowledge when it comes to the stuff all right buy sell trade. Presented by Buffalo's sports go to buffalo sports for you can buy sell and trade union sports equipment so I asked the question. Who will be the next former buffalo sabre inducted in the hall Freeman is a few options out there. I present to you today. Pierre Ter shot is a hall of Famer buy sell or trade. Peer church let me just tell you why. Kill. Thirteen 127 points and 12194. Gains and he has 515409. Playoff games 97 now heated when a cop. In a cup. 456. And zone and all those gains and care team that's 226 miners. But I have. That's taboo if you 126 when he did some quick answer right there right but. Live and I passed before. Are hurts soul Pierre church are as a hall of Famer vice electorate and not for me. And you were talking about former sabres side I think that we can look at Mogilny. Way ahead of characters on in that category but. No I think curator John was a very good player. By you know coming into the league as a very young age and then I ill Pietro is on at his best years I think with the New York Islanders. But I don't think that. He was ever able to put it over to top where you need to lead the league in scoring maybe one year to do to be considered one of the vast. He was a second tier guy even though we had. Very good production but we are talking about the eighties and everybody add. You know. A lot of points Baghdad and so. And it sees just short in my book aren't just short Smart that's a cell. That's a cell I'm selling it a day ripped by sought treatment by Buffalo's more Pierre terse John is a hall of Famer Marty sold it and sewn. I I am not a 100% sure but is match Sunday in there yet. So mats on dean played more games. And had just calm a few more points than torture yeah. Both had over 500 goals in their career. Appear church shock I actually has more better statistics points per game. You know they're the same type of player there of the leaders of their team at the time when they played pure church on was the face of buffalo when he played. He was the face of the Montreal Canadians when he played the face of the New York Islanders when he played. He was a superstar in this game he performed. Point production wise in this league and you know I mean it's gonna be very close I'm going to I'm gonna trade this because. I think that with the the players that are beside him the guys like Matt son dean. On there's compare herbal very much if you're gonna put mats on dean and I don't know understand why appear church wrong. Wouldn't lesbian and they're great argument of I'm. I'm gonna buy this because I believe he he's he lived up to expectations as the number one overall pick his numbers did he didn't win a cup. If he wins a company has like guy you know over appointing games coming across that does indeed make went absolute. Apps again you know. It's but it also dot hi Gil famous Indian at some international success. So that is considered. It's not the NHL hall of fame at the heart. Why can't I haven't gone back fired up at a church on one of memorial cup to reach of that puzzle and I'm talking about it but you know what number two in that draft. And deter children now. Misses I mean this is a tough one you'd take your kid from London who has a top points. UT cute knuckle Bakley top points production. Could have been a buffalo sabre. To party politics. Annie hall of fame. Astoria here turned it deters us nickname and Montreal was detained men I heard a story. Very similar to distort I think it's fixed but I don't believe it because I really like here too are either too is that I think it was just and he was honestly don't lecture on Wednesday in the Montreal media what you remember of theaters on one's the one thing one instant when story what do you remember characters. Didn't he get run over by dale after scoring double and the Washington New York islanders' playoff series and that killed the islanders when he regular gas suspension was an effort I only one more question. We figured that one more. And am not a very good diet at IRI I'm trying to understand I'm trying to understand peer to urge on when I played he was older than I was I had a chance to play with your pictures now. I wanna Knoll. Is Doug Gilmour in that in the whole thing. As a commodity. It was Gilmore has got to be in the hockey hall of fame won a cup. You know it's funny because it. Great question it a non nova a me out here. He's told me he's in the hall and Gilmore was inducted in the hall of fame OK so a favor and that's good does Gilmore. Played over a hundred games more than purer church. Has scored less goals than turf. And her job was. Or over a point A game player in the thirteen her almost twelve almost thirteen hundred. Games why wouldn't he be inducted if they'll Gil Martin or Matt Sundays towards the names killer. You played at a very different game innocent and I'm gonna say this I think Jeremy Roenick should be and often before characters on. So they've best season. That Doug Gilmour had 42 goals and a 105 points no it's not you know like 130 adversaries are 300 a 127 points. 32 goals peer Ter John had 58 goals a 135 points in his best. Ernie in a good argument for river are when we come back here we are going to do our power rankings at 1115. And a preview the sabres game tonight 7 o'clock park drop. On WGR 550 and MSG 630 pregame show. On both stations you see Mardy on their goal there just to see if he changed his suit today. And and what else we talked about to the point coming up from 1130 so lot talked about will be right back investigators WGR 550 and MSG.