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It's gators Andrew Peters Craig re very Marty your armor live on WGR Sports Radio 550. And at mass geez so Marty was just draw on the Internet. And the piles of the Internet and you came across these things we got her. That's literally as it Twitter Laura Twitter can be considered the bowels of the Internet at times. Which catch. Well I was just seeing that the the docs. And I am docs. Could be in search of. He help up front because of their shall start and have a lot of injuries up front. So. You know there's a big picture of Evander Kane right there they were talking about how the docs or inquiring media about the Madieu Shane situation but that's all said and done. So old Alex he'll Chechnya could be an option if the bots are Canadians were elected to move Al generic. And the other option would be. And I Amdocs telling the sabres were vindicated because. If we look back at about a year ago. A year and a half ago gain was mentioned in some trade rumors with the docs because the docks at 678. Defensemen and they were getting. Ready to. Prepare for an expansion draft so everybody was gonna be calling the docs and try to acquired defenseman. And the sabres could definitely use one of the the only guy and he would like what he said. I'm sin. Four event we are just calling for me and McCain thing I'm in there is this just speculation at this is like you know connecting dots and what are we doing here I am gonna say that there is probably have been conversation of these rumors and these articles out there there's been conversation and it should be. You're are not doing your job as GM if you're not having conversation. With the other thirty teams. And in and we could be Anaheim doesn't get Evander Kane somebody else well and need a neo but the sabres have to do it event McCain. And awaited under gain entry himself is for the sabres to get the best value out of that deal and you have to allow Evander Kane. To negotiate an extension with whatever team they oneness and so if the docs are seeing Wi one event hurricane. Give us permission to talk and an X an extension with him. You're gonna get the best return. Because they're not gonna give up. Month or or baton and or anybody indeed for a rental player that you may lose at indices who are you getting from time who who do you. And and and the question is. Do you want to be here do you want for its U one. I think he won the I don't we're gonna give away the one guy that's producing points. It's always we'd been one of the worst scoring teams for the past four or five years you know I did so we wanna give away. And get a defenseman Barack. And who's gonna score goals for this team. While you're gonna hold. And being on the fact that your young guys in Rochester Mike are going to be coming up our young guys here are ya ya interview dashing daily that he's at a middle income family has teamed scored a goal in the minors again. OK I mean that in our young guys are here right now Bailey each year out he's here Griffith this year. I'll be you know not here anymore. He has said Griffith I'm not considering it being a prospect look at Ford but I cannot. Three. Aides said Griffith has always been really nice American League player. By an idea and it's a level. Did yours either. And it is if you it's faster rights Nokia's size is not a factor he's not super fasten our size become a factor. East of the stuff blow but this that I look at guys like in we're gonna see. He was this judge for the sabres but Paul gusting. Was knotted study in the American League but he was able to adjust his game to the National Hockey League and be efficient. Different times I get that would you say that Paul that had a rule that he was given absolutely. Now do you think on our team here in buffalo that there's rules or does everybody just look like sampler. I would say everybody can event and I think I interchange I almost like I was and I later they're just I think. Honestly and I think what you want about it rip but I mean and in conversations in the past it seems like twenty gains as the mark where you can. Really tell what you have in players or an MR right there right where -- 1617. Games this news I mean I I'm I'm thinking and eighteen and so thinking that I'm thinking that a lot of the madness that a lot of the start of this season I mean it's a new general manager in new head coach your re evaluating. You have to reevaluate. Through your own eyes with your own scouts with your own theories and philosophies. A cool truly fits and who doesn't. Right I mean I think that's what they're trying to figure out mr. Gergen is on the top line he's played in the fourth they've had everybody going. Up and down we started poorly out on the third or fourth line now he's scoring top of that with the size Jurgenson started on the second line. I'm just in moving guys around you not to the first line. So he moved the third line now is in the fourth line he's also plates on this year and I think he used equally bleak rates on a Stanley Cup team. On a Stanley Cup team has some experiences could buy into a role that is given to him that's my question what he would beat what is on the role what is his war pipeline that are left. I am gonna say yes. I pay him was always think in some guesses and it come through and merely. V guide that she wanted to be and and training camp happens now. He's he's going to be a an ace in the hole for the sabres here he's going to be that got. And and this season comes and he gets lost again. And away. I don't know I might very IU if you give me a if you ask me to give your percentage. Of wet. This is the rate of success for hours and goes you're gonna do whatever they sell what is a good third line player so you want to be a third on what about a four point four. Reported fourth final you'd have to be really deep. For him to be a fourth line player and the team is in deep enough yet for him to have to play on the fourth line now. That's just the system harsh realities of where I mean what what do people really expect that mean I'm not saying that they you don't want more out of teams and you don't want. More scoring. Better effort on some nights but on saying as people really expect I mean and a repaired this team to make the playoffs I answer it wouldn't expect a lot more than one and seeing. That's what I expect with the depth though I mean I kind of feel like a move like Evander Kane like we're talking about. Brings in maybe a couple of pieces I think we were alien. Fill in some of the slots it will not replace Evander Kane. But it might solidify a little bit some the other areas slightly media defense media to throw traffic media Tony Lander certainly do we could be brazile what do you do a dollar defense. So you have you know what would he do with fault. Who is arguably probably been one of the best defensemen that we've had when he's played where he's with George's has been playing well argue there's a team like markets would wanna join us for them for the play corporate last year the deal you pick up half the salary. You send him with you know in and it adds a lot of depth to a team like Anaheim who's missing some of their. Their key guys to. Are you do it and then he's been in our lineup healthy scratches to they do they really know what they have right now and and that player I was really excited about it into becoming and so I don't all of that that I can give up on a guide this soon I mean it hasn't gone as smoothly as I think we all would have liked but I don't think we. And owing anybody could really. Relate to the transition this guy's gonna have to had to deal with no questions like we have toggle and Aaron coming over but I mean c'mon you're throwing on the line with. Patrick Kane mean you go to a cancer pain and put them on with. With Brian Souter is in Minnesota he might have a different problem. You want to wait what you need to see what you write him off now he's on his arms and that they would at all or it you know when he was bearing cash come already can't speak English right. Yeah he's he's playing with a signer of that speaks Russian. Yeah what's the transition it's very simple. Nobody is different but here's the thing. I think we all. Could be guilty of doing this in its normal every year you get to training camp and you think the best. Out of everybody. And you make your assumption your prediction. With your team had its Mary Beth you're thinking the best what Brian your thinking the best out of larceny I think in a best. Out of Gergen senior think in the best out of and keep it. Now you sit back and you say okay what do we what is is brewing here and what do we got doesn't mean more salt doesn't mean more pepper what does that mean right. And keep pin. I really thought hey Ryan Ellis vibe guys look at sites seven Toronto what he was able to do you bring in in this. Now I'm not seeing really a lot of speed. In his game you know and I would like to be able to think that that was a key element to is success in Russia it was the speed of his game. I'm not seeing a whole lot of creativity. Well and had a puck moving ability but when you play over in Russia you're playing on those Olympic size ice surfaces that you know those guys have more time in space yet so. So now eighteen gaming eighteen tonight and looking at adams'. Maybe and keep in does not gonna give me what I thought maybe ease 50% where I thought and me being tiger incentives. 40% or thought and Larson is 40% what I thought and then you go down the list. And all of a sudden your 59 in. Three team. Our 59 in two. Supposed to be in 95 in two that's the that's where did that the coin flip this. It's a gators Andrew Peters Kregg survey were just talking about an article that Marty found just about Anaheim needing some scoring punch and a banner cain's name. Being mentioned her and also his picture was there. Is there is mention too it's god Cheney are given a game. James van Riemsdyk could be a fit for the dark. Don't examine it and now that he's embedded to finally scored a goal finally scored a goal in politics. I'm manager I'll bring I'd love to give Sam. Clean slate here buffalo a lot of sector Marty yeah I'm Kevin on the line you know 30550. 88550. To 550 if you wanna calling got a couple tweets here about a man McCain go ahead Kevin got some say. Guys are going good I don't break. I think in the random could get rid of a better game as big mistake or god or. Players are hurt I think there's other guys that are not listing. That are. Performer in the weight ratio. Goes in a better carried would be a big part in the mood in this screen. But it well wait easy salon did you know me I've trigger finger on opera and dance in OK fine. Anything he's that type of players you want on your team what do you favor McCain for the next four season. In or Z Nike's make in 525 right now easy asking for 66 and a half. So you're gonna seven and a half your eyes your your your gonna be given hurricanes six and a half million. To. Again. Dude the same thing over and over again because it's not gonna change anything right now where you have an opportunity. To rebuild. And regroup. We have we have time on our side but to listen I have four tweets that just came in and nobody wants to trade him but I think people need to understand if he's not going to recite here. Where you don't know you can get a deal done me be with the numbers that he's asking for you've got to move. You gotta get some new forest you can't let him walk out the door for nothing but the sabres were in a playoff push you're totally different spot. Bob let's get to our power rankings quickly to the point coming up next at 1130. So if you wanna hear Marty Craig get into it stick around you can hear that but our power rankings rip you're top five. Let's start with years. Price top five storm up on the board Hoosier house. Can't remember. A. Tampa Bay. Number one they are without question the the elite team in the league right now with leading the charge with dom. Drew draw off stand coasts and had been on the back end very strong team Saint Louis number two New Jersey doubles number three. LA kings number four. Rounding out my top five. Is the Ottawa Senators is on really news sneak in and just kind of like reshuffling in the orderly orbit. You know did that these teams rate now or for my eight. Thoughts or is the most consistent teams in the league. Yes have they lost games but they seem to rebound they seem to play the same way each and every night and they give themselves opportunities that we win each and every. Mario how is your list different from. Gregory. Mayan listed as yet as different but here. And but I am a simple either players on the monitor at this same five. Teams that I did last time but I just switch them around Tampa team that's 81 in one Stan and death. New Jersey put him up there because they stand. They Chicago Blackhawks after being down 41 aegis. Watched all of it by Cox thank you for being there tonight my doubles absolutely Irvin and the kings dropped that's odd for me. Winnipeg jets. I mean the eighty keep. Steadily climbing up and up and up and up and the bullies. Who. Again I think he. There are pretty spectacular and terroristic although they lost last night as a tough one but there's cinco justice. We you guys are pouring. And I got a couple got a couple new squads on the on the old a top five roster thereby days a all right thrown out there fellas look up. Hawk long term. You once you words you don't worst they've won 60. Yeah. They've won six in a row Marty power great therapists they're the power house team right now number two Nashville what they've done. How are they doing with the do they've won four in a row and propelled themselves in the third in their division Tampa made just doing what they're doing they sit and though the pack. I've New Jersey. And then unfortunately I got to or cross the border and give a little loved the old baby leaps over there I don't wanna do that. But I'm going to do that they've won four in the world. And is Austin mile Matthew still playing now he's asked exactly out. Exactly does that even mean something else eyes are brutal mean these guys just mail this segment in every week. And I believes that did and I regret my pecs. I want agree and Andrew is an idea you you sold me. The Internet once. Lucrative yeah. Six Shapiro why you may have brought about them being a man I'd put my drop on their to what they Montreal's. One injury and lots. That last thing gas and return to pick up their game Cole this is powerhouse like these teams currently. Labeling. OK I wouldn't let why these I don't like team. And state. Put him against he would put the Tampa Bay Lightning in New Jersey Devils daily kings Olympic jets and the centers lose against you in New York Rangers. I'm gained key to 80% my teams. And understand that's the latest whatever makes you feel better. It's brutal opinion not put shall we were just in the files cluster they've won four row all the major away doesn't mean he is under a rock bottom right now and if Arizona. If Arizona were all the Sunday won six in a row they would be up there so what is it is that the power ranking for this week a par inking for whoever was in the finals last year. Because you seem to become fuel over the case natural will be in every power rankings you'll see magaziner anymore I started the season on the number ones and they're still up there are still there I mean not exactly an excellent lately as other teams are ever. Fair as powerful as any team that's out there and they've played last week and go to Nashville. Was a 500 hockey team Aniston won four games enrollments ill but that's the way it goes did. Everything's so early right now team's second with him Ivan Campo has lost. Two games and regulation issue out here in two games in regulation you you can not tell me. Dare not that top team in the National Hockey League right there it is snake. My job's done if asked to gain infinitely. He Minnesota was one win away. From moving into the old power rankings they want to general. Sorry boys Minnesota as a 500 hockey team anyone that's amazing is I didn't see either one of your list you just so bloody predictable both of you. You're so bloody predictable by going off the deep and all the time I picked a team that has six wins in a program that we are talking or firing their coach last week. George is going Lord of the Rings therapy you're gonna win the Stanley Cup yeah. Great job you you you you out and out fungus all. And so I'm here to do when we do that you guys are going against each other and to the point next segment here coming up present presented by who Marty. In a gym students take out Seattle religion Friday we guarantee of Friday buff chicken little meet and greet I don't get it Thursday. And keep in the phrase in variant Friday. Once you have somebody deliver. With with this electric power that you have I'm sure somebody else there European group would deliver costs about taking estrogens taken RA. Andrew Peters Gregor bay Mardi Gras and we'll be right back with to the point presented by Jim stake out next. Welcome back and on Tuesdays and Fridays Marty here on joins us not always in studio sometimes. Sometimes down the keep thanks senator for the morning skate update. Yeah sometimes sometimes sometimes. And when he is in studio we do to the point presented by Jim stake out where Marty will always tell you to eat at Jim's. So let's offer or let's start here who wants -- party here reichert he's been Leo oh are you in the middle of respond tweet with 280 characters as you've been typing over their first so long you know as for diet and hopefully jockey. Turkey to you respond to everybody that tweets do you. Now but there's times where I like the conversation and I get involved but sometimes it's just hard as they people we during guide to game like tonight. But if I'm on the phone on a computer responding to tweet. I missed five minutes of the games on the screen and then I'm oh what happened there you you just lose the feel for so like when mean you're taxing the other game. Did you realize only takes you on commercials. And I only lake that's what I try to do so. Good. Army to start here Martell. How do you I guess I just I I don't respond to me tweets I guess it Ireland and no one I want Texas I don't know. Where you don't. Reply of people you do it while I'm I guess side and he'll choose whatever. I handcuffs. You know our guys maybe I'm our soul to accuse the gators were back here it's to the point present a budget stakeouts so. Both Crosby and eichel tonight facing off 7 o'clock park drop on MSG 63 pre game show with Marty. Who has the gold throw first Michael Crosby has the votes in one. Yeah yeah. Crosby is that they want to would not things that you'd expect eleven games he hasn't scored a goal since October when he at. Some say it's gonna be cross because I don't see Crosby go 1213 1415. Games were inaudible I think it's gonna end sooner or later. So I would keep a close eye on 87. In his game against the sabres tonight because. He I don't know if for whatever reason I've got a bad feeling about him not as much about castle market but I. I would look for use them. Does it not make you feel very uncomfortable going into Pittsburgh. Knowing that Sidney Crosby. Is certainly. Has a drought he's minus fourteen. The worst in the league he has not playing Sidney Crosby tight hockey right now but he has the backing of the guys. The castles in the Malkin. You also have to to put in to. You know he's playing with Cassel he's playing with a roster right now. I just think that Crosby is such a dominant force that eventually he's gonna break out I just wouldn't bet against them. You know I liked the weight jacket played I think he's really tried to calm you know get out of his his little drove tube but. You know I can't bury it. Who object canceled he has five goals. And points in nineteen games. That's stuff start revealed today tolerate like them. That is true for turn the page are presented by jamming a stake out here in the investigators who is the best shot at joining. Burger in hall of fame class of two when he team. Who has the best shot of joining marked and broad or not Mike Berger mart burger more my tank marked down my throat and a. Marty wants the same self but I'm gonna go first on this one and I'm gonna say Jeremy Roenick. He's no jail are going to be on tomorrow to JR is in the same situation as Matt's son dean and and killer Doug Gilmour. I I believe that JR was not just a great player in the game he scored goals over 500 had all the points. But he played the game with with the edge. Com. And more we'll see what happens at eight seconds left as one dollars and Mars and notes for this one of he easily in his own answer is absolutely yeah Rudy got. From an. Clock on. As I don't wanna go over or under my thirty seconds there it is Daniel Alfredsson. There's as the guy that was just. Fantastic hockey player a great leader. I mean you know I. Yeah I'd like I love JR I think you'll get in I think so but other than Brodeur the number one guy that's going to be in is offered some. Number two after Alfredsson would be Marty Saint Louis who would you rather have your team period. Jeremy Roenick or Daniel Loughner itself it's. You know our many times I've been victimized by Daniel Alfredsson while Andy Ottawa Senators and a way to Eddie played any I didn't realize but he had a nasty streak Joan and complete defense to play off to play every aspect. He's just a fantastic. The leader. Understands the game so yeah I think what about field yet 440. He'll worry is my X-Factor so this is what I think this year. Brodeur offered since Saint Louis. And then I have fuel Florie and Jeremy Roenick reindeer right there. I mean if if Jaron honestly put Maarten Saint Louis in over chairman Ron. You. Little man played in the big man's game and chains again team let's get. A pat on the back all right well while he's going dot org guy JR win. And he's going titled the GO bomb underneath inequality are less Saint Louis won the scoring tallied 99 points how many times JR more than 99 point I don't. I don't care I do are it's a death oh adult. PD doled give me dead 99 points. Who is getting a 130 points when Saint Louis one that's going title my fault it's really definitely changed the game you're still getting a hundred points and the guy why did delete change all the rules with the hooking and clutching and grabbing the smaller guys could be better OK guys that score more points because it wasn't getting so that party and I don't know where whales and all I know is this is that I've been told that every aspect of the show is phenomenal except for the fact that you guys over talking to the points so that's the only. That's the only criticism I've been given so is this lead the way in a hole in his quest to be kidding me Maarten Saint Louis and if he's got a thousand points 33 and year eager knocking out loud Jeremy Roenick in there. History that never eat even how 400 both did he hear you say we get a move on game and half or Ireland let him take the ground take taking your rates of show Marty we're guests on it go ahead you would you wouldn't take. Saint Louis or JR. Salaries and not in the slightest. When asked 500 plus schools and one doesn't even a four wondered. What has touch that's over a thousand points. One has 12150 points idol on any one played the game like a warrior and would blocked part with this face. One needed the rule changes to become. You did not meet I think it is yeah. Objection your honor on the accident I didn't beating the witness I don't know whatever I object there's no leading it just it backs and there's had been as low fat. Acts there ought to primary race is Marty Saint Louis it was a fantastic hockey player there's absolutely no question he was he was special in his own rate special leaders. Seven or eight year period in his career where he was one of the best in the league but. I mean he's he's Stamkos in the county coroner there. Make arguments against your right and we would agencies we have to move on here. Next topic onto the point presented by Jim stake out here investigators too soon to tell who won the tourist to change trade. River we'll start with you is it too soon. I think both teams got the player that they want it I think that when you look at Nashville they were lit. There really wanting that defense of tight players that can play both ends of the rink extremely well. I think Carl terrorists is that player he is now. Giving. A lot adept in Johansson tourists. And Menino is their top three guys that's as strong as you're gonna get. But it's the MacKey Shane he's what the Ottawa Senators need a little bit more of a dynamic player offensively. And someone that can now push the pace of play with a little bit more speed. Marty too soon to say hey who wanted to change it terrorist trade. Yes too soon to say because he. We will not know. For probably five years the avalanche had an affair with this whole thing understand that is terrorists. You Shane but the Colorado Avalanche have a master plan of players and assets that are coming in. And so yeah it's way too soon if we only focus on those two players and right now I would say that terrorists as. They are better than do Shane. But you'll take dishing a little bit longer because he's coming into a system that is completely different. A lot tighter. Game plan and an analyst in Colorado. If you're tuning in just now we are doing to the point presented by Jim's steak out and more on the topic number four. And when all the weird goaltender earnings in the top of the wins list in goals against average RES. Next question do you use our goal to win in this league. No he. Sorry yes you eight. You don't need Carey Price when I was I Humpty Dumpty sat there a question I thought it was going to be posed differently. Like I thought you meant. Me here let me let me ask you again genius are going to win yes he Needham and female goalie to win in this week. If you talk about Carter Hutton and Aaron dale and those guys they played three games or whatever. It's wholly different the guys that are the top Jonathan Quick. Corey Crawford. DeVon due next. That's less feed who is. Basically. Bishop moved over for him so yeah you need just are a premium goalie atop then. Goldman I think I'll say this just in I think bishop held back got Tampa Bay for a few years to be quite honest today and bass lest he was ready. To your you're don't playoffs that that one year he should have been he should have been plan I actually think he stole a couple of games for Tampa. In the playoffs. Here. That happened. River. To the point presented by Jim's steak out Unionists are going to win no. Mum. Member of the guy named Cam Ward yep yeah today shaky rookie season. And didn't show up. Showed up to the playoffs and won a Stanley Cup period. Anti Niemi. And in his out of me now and now he's out of league but when he was with Chicago. He played phenomenal in the playoffs. Backstop that team to a championship. He's not a star by any stretch of the imagination as sons of the role. Exceptions rule. Chris Osgood Chris Osgood with 35 when he won a Stanley Cup with Detroit now wouldn't resolutely not really anywhere near. Osgood could be a hall of fame goalie he is indigo conversation. Look at his numbers look at what he's accomplished. He was because they're always agree under appreciated and I am going you know he's much better than what people we could isolate key in nets on with that team back then. And he could've won the Stanley Cup you know it's his athleticism and Nat and all the guys. Who did Chris Osgood still the number one job from in Detroit delay a year deal last night Erica they won the last guy Dominique. Dominique that I'm in ash. Is Saddam. A great team but your not making this aids and we of this guy's doing games Brosseau go back in there Ozzie. Arterial pressure at little brown are all the pressure was on the big oil the one of the best goaltenders covered on the pads yet the pressure he didn't get it done. The little guy when Anna in there aren't that great last hopper for to the point what I think what he has done is is. That was quite honest if it was this time he just. He he competed when he two he had the team in front of them that got it done he made good timely saves once that's gets outs when you compare all the goalies. Is very much compared able to appear turbulence death. And you think your church should be in the hall of Chris Osgood longevity. In Osgood also played on the most storied franchise in the last 25 came into Detroit you kidding me or 1993 remember back in it anyway again when he had so the guys are gonna disregard federal. I'm Marty is not all favored that game was way to good defensively didn't really do anything and listen I'm knock and argue right now. That mart burger. On another team in the National Hockey League would not be mart burger that's baloney Marty was Marty regard our value is Marty is Marty because he played on the team that played the trap you only had six shots a game ultimately scoring. Good point to a great point. Well didn't they attract they were all good team not minority they played the trap their thing was still locked down defensively not allow anything an offense to my heart it was so bad debt and nobody should be it should be there. Start your points are gonna get the last great point here to the point good reaction by Camerota yes herb called Ross on marsh on kissed some reaction here. So let me tell you what happened so called robber martial arts yes I told him I have a wife and a baby so I can't do it right now did it bother you know. I kinda like that that's a home runs and yes. Waiting about the reaction. I I I love and I think when you look at the newcomer of not getting sucked in to Brad marsh chance antics and having fun when it. This is to me that's fantastic it reminds me of a little bit we talk about Jeremy Roenick a witty he did but. You would do that stuff on the eyes of somebody was trying to have fun we don't know you just let Blair along well you look the best part about this is. Reaction is you're getting one rat to another I mean the year you're trying to Susan and out rat the other guys Brad Marchand came. And and calmer office is the same type of guy he's out there to get under people's skin on the other team he does a great job of that. And now you're in a situation where you've got the greatest rap in the game and and and and Marchand. And calmer off doesn't even react to each. Takes the consensus of goodness thank you very much that was wonderful one of the greatest rats me never it was a Keith Acton. Keith Acton he would do so like that who was there were guys reverend you'll rock them sock them videos. And oral cancer this and I are promote a plea for Edmonton. Yeah I plea for Edmonton for a little bit but he played for Montreal Minnesota Philadelphia. He was Kenny amendments to I think that's the we are sourcing right now despite bringing up England's been. Marty I'm asking those to points over plus I'm not wearing a sabres have pretty zipped up and went out was not a team guy you have to come in wearing a suit. They're getting we had an agreement before the show and and you get us an idea art is set to music he should put a blazer wrongful. Mrs. party because Marty wanted to does this and then it's. That's a rat there's no trial that's funny because Friday. All you wanted to do it comes to union and studio at the right here like Marty you're my body stadium Saturday. Armon and our. And now you come here oh my god they're an arm for the game absolutely. Got their narrow for the game to prepare my kids. Stretched too little and stands for sure you're all right so the war became wanna some on the boys wearing jerseys that yeah yeah Jack eichel jerseys. There were there rocket. Love and media. Are right. We'll be right back little recap in the future tonight's game 7 o'clock parked truck here on MSG and WGR Sports Radio 550. That man down there at the end he will be on the broadcast at 630 will be right back. With Andrew Peters and Craig let's. All right welcome back final segment it's 1150 to look at that and isn't that well it was 1152. 52 and he's got bit. Q percent battery left its assigned sabres are gonna win night Dave Andreychuk and all of that Davis chuck in the hall of fame as last numbers this it was 52 we come back you're 5252. With number fifty twos and 52% battery. I think the scores going to be five to sabres tonight. We think. In now. I just recap from the future investigators WGR Sports Radio 5:50 am ST. This one could be instinct. Much Crosby could cross is probably look at this child has to own it now. Ill at a Pittsburgh thing was to. Mordant any at a teams is when you see a team struggling coming in. So as importantly here's airs my recapped the future. And any game where. Crosby scored. In you know you thought that the Pittsburgh Penguins are gonna walk all over to sabres the sabres somehow. Managed to pull together a fantastic. Thirty minutes the the second half of the game and it's not how to win not got a. Like most about that wing Martin was that they hit by Evander Kane really set the tempo. Lately midway through the second period I don't like it to specific. I mean and then he lifts the stick in throws out front captain Jack meets rifles and overdue whoever's plan on the way lemon. That's again whoever's on the wing went advocates who culpable is going to be by that point game offers very close. But he ER I feel very nervous about the game tonight this is a loaded hockey team castle Malkin Crosby the tank Ross gets all modern machinery marquis shall I mean it goes on and on. I mean they need to be ready for this game from the drop of the puck whether it's going to be a long night your nose going to be ready from the drop of the park. And right over their weakness and and that man is John Murphy and Donald Jones see you tomorrow.