11-14 Jack Eichel Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, November 14th

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Through the first two periods in the last group what was different. First two periods without me try to take it to them third period we sat back and take it to us. Played and played scared to pure delusion and not going so. They're gonna obviously when you're yes you know get hard push. Talk about the goal you score how surprised were you when that puck came to you from Crosby done years ago for a check. McCain air ground and in their three of us. Turn over. It's good to get on an unlawful. I hope that a jump start with. You played in the first two periods is using it evident you're able take advantage of how they were trying to play which for an extra guy doubled just you know talk about how that. I know the disappointment album when you play that way you can take it to. I'm gonna do for sixty minutes though you know in the third period via. I thought. You know like I said we're just didn't have thought we were fortunate into though we are. You know that political pier owners own every time we got that was stranded off or statements that are trying to find a teammate in. No it's. It's tough obviously. You know you get a lead and playing good and then. Malia on point so be it trying to find ways to get to hear it's. No it's frustrating in. No work what happened on what happened on the overtime goal. I think it was just a switch and I didn't pick up here quick enough votes on me you know Kennard is a good job I think it was Canada went down and play its it and. Alienating a play he spun off pretty quickly and in minutes past there and I wasn't expecting in house. You know China finally back to the front that in your Sherry banks stuff you know when his back but. You know I was shifted a little bit closer to my wasn't. You know stillness of the such they're looking for me and I snuck back there I mean. So that's on me you know incidents had only for us so. You know it's tough on me so cool and I don't know a lot of the looked at it again but it just seemed like pretty hard at Stanford saint sent send seemed pretty vulnerable so. You know I think that's just part Archie just above them and they're trying to send a message that you know an arsenal that who organized it it's liberties taken on a men and notes to the serious stick together. You know we're group here when it was together and and you know one of us goes down you know bill authentic around that wireless. Brawl heard about them up so saw that on the playroom was in their frequent so. You know whether it was clear not a on heavily vetted again it just seemed to do the hard headed and you know later on a seemed a little vulnerable so. You know eight you obviously don't wanna see that especially. You know when you're on the ice and that's that's been here you know good buddies of mine made some teammates that they care about so. You know it is it for me and I think you know coach's locker.