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The John repeat show presented by. NAPA Auto Parts W remark one buffalo studio we welcome those of you were tuned in on the radio on a flight to buffalo WGR. And goes to be watching on this final cast. On MSG and if you are watching and so advocates are probably so Steve tasker just getting settled into the C era hello Steve. I don't know prejudice don't and that I thought I had ever lost commercial break for had to come analyst and a back there when they're they're doing some work in this yet in the metro must. I literally was stand there like coaching them with Watson like some goober just drinking in Korea a path. Plus a dress like they're a can carry over there there's an adequate itself its day to ask you with a lot of angry at walking in whenever and wherever he wants around these parts. He is also with Vienna on CBS. And he was airing on Sunday pregame sidelines or that there pregame show on CBS sports network autopsy yet did you see that one common steam coming in your pre game Edwards and I said. I think it's it's gonna put him like 47 points. No I I knew the saints were good offensive team they really were they found a new dimension in in Camara and I knew they were Drew Brees is still playing great. I knew their defense had been stepped up a little bit had been that has gotten better there they're all of that the bag children that's a good football team there there there are right now I think now if this week. With you know eight games gone for them or nine games whatever it is. They're starting to look towards the playoffs and other starters had deep mystery and a the next couple weeks they're gonna start. Dude scoreboard watching about home field advantage is at that team gets home field advantage that's. Yeah he's shot and it couldn't get another world championship and that's how good those guys are office Eagles saints yes who's better. I think right now the saints are they're. They have more proven guys. On their offense catching balls and making plays and then the other team and I I likes it the Philly Philadelphia but. Directors to good teams but there's no question it's. I think the center I've seen them busting the Eagles to. You know I I don't even know if what the saints are good team they've now won seven straight games they are like a well oiled machine they are rolling on offense and defense. Do they not I know Carolina has to go into New Orleans is still played them but do they. The Carolina Carolina still trying to get into this thing is well you know and and they won't be able to run the ball and that are on defense I don't think it's a weekly lead. And you know Carolina can and can score some points when they want to. So it's that's going to be an interesting division is still have the topic is trying to do whatever they can hang around that thing is going to be interesting division but the saints. A plan like they want right now yeah I think if you're the saints you think you can we keep this up for another eight weeks are playing pretty good right now that's that's our asset that earlier about the Kansas City Chiefs and it's proven to be an overture that kind of in house take perhaps that you get precision steel you know appear race he stopped taking a deep breath and aren't around embraced gain on and that's what happened achieves I think with there. Our animals I think the differences Alex Smith has played well this year with the chiefs from what he's not Drew Brees into Brees knows what it takes. He knows what it feels like smells like too cute to world championship and winning and he can see that this team has. What it takes out even though he allows in the takeover. I agree Steve testers whether it's from the NFL on CBS's we let's turn our attention to the Buffalo Bills seeded team that you know great deal about. In our Twitter poll today so here at the bills five wins four losses. Seven games left to play. Four of those seven opponents are for those seven games are going to be be against teams with losing records. So I Twitter ask him folks seven games remain how many of those seven will they win. Most of our respondents two thirds say the product and went through your four which would make him eight or nine win team at the end of the year. 28% of our respondents say zero to two wins. Which obviously won't get in the playoffs and 6% say five more wins which obviously would get in the playoffs where would you think what would you pick there's even as we look at its record winds maybe. I mean he got so many games you gotta feel like the team's gonna find itself a little bit there's no question they have not played well in the last couple weeks it's all been up front now. I don't know whether that's a physical Wear these guys all the sudden have run out of gas in their tank which kind of doubt or whether they've just. Have been making mental mistakes up front taking the wrong caps jumped into the wrong angles that kind of thing which is all it takes in the run game. You don't give up. You know 298 yards rushing without having some mistakes in there no little you know you don't get this not a team that is 290 yards bad is currently so. You gotta think that. There were some mistakes made so. Having said that I mean look at that you you think they got a and they got to eat. Well we've gotten in trouble think they're gonna sweep the jets. Need to speak so they got up yeah I think they're gonna try to sweep the dolphins. Mean they split with the dolphins on again are they whipped beat the patriots are gonna sweep there or you know or they gonna get a win off the patriots. The colts being here the colts game is the most the cocaine and must this charger game as a must. I think more so anything you forget about that standings is all those other teams that were talking about getting in the wild card with buffalo they they all lost to and so. You know they're struggling just as bad as buff last the last couple weeks but. And I think it's important when this charger game just because it whoa you know if you get back together Larry remember how good we were our three weeks yeah exactly. And so I think that's I think emotionally it's a big win if not announcement yet got to be to eat you gotta feeling your beat the chargers he got to beat the colts. If you can do that. And you know try and sneak one away from the patriots sneak 10 gay. See how you can do in Kansas City Aleman I don't know for anybody going can't seem beat those guys. And that's that's where you see it and it's just it's the dolphins in the patriots and those last six weeks. And sprinkle in the colts in there that's that's the season yeah that's the season they got to be. They got at least split the division games and they got to beat the colts and chargers because. The chief U and that's a tough game outing you think would Kansas City win that game all bets are off then that it stop and is that right after him. They can go out there and be Kansas City. They can beat anybody that's exactly right from day and then every game becomes a winnable game right exactly. Now the patriots right now playing like that features that we used to seeing what they do it later in the season. So that's why did this week is so important it they're all important but this week is important. Because number one you got to stop depleted because number two you got to block conceded the next week and that's a tough game you know to win Sunday and if you know when this when you got the Kansas City. You know three game losing streak trying to beat them on the road us the stuff do you need to get some momentum back in your in your favor. Going up cans sitting you have the patriots in the office license says Britain colts this look it's this week. It is an every week is the season with this week is the season for the team in my. Let's take some calls for Steve tasker the bills wallop they are in studio with us you know 30515. Tool free. 1888550. To 550. Like track number what bill's rant calling from Tora from Rochester. I Trent miles which in camp there. Are you there Trent. Trent. Now if he's this self proclaimed number when bills. These candidates that you can't keep the number one bills and waiting that's our that's our current that is them that's our call here from Jack in Rochester project going at. I'm probably going to do that have to know. Do well. If you look at their front seven is largely the same with a couple of exceptions. On the front seven that count got ran over last year by the Steelers command twice by Miami. And we got the jets came in this came into effect five games where where this has happened. And it seemed like you know both games. They're competent to collapse of me behind big gaps stuff that that tackling stuff that you can boost their confidence. And I'm wondering if McDermott would have been welfare to maybe take a page out of Wade Phillips playbook as I remember when stuff like that used to happen. He would call a defensive timeout. And get them on the sideline and gather their heads together in my pep talk and try to break that kind of snowball effect that we seem to fall into repeatedly. The I think one of the issues with his last game against the saints is there. You could call the defensive timeout after they were throwing the football everywhere too and base they only started running the football. After they were up. The significant amount thirty what what was after his twentieth three at halftime or something in 3173. Halftime down two scores and then they come out. And they jump up warning for three I mean it drew breeze stop throwing the football in at 200 yards passing. So you got to think well even if we do stop the run. They haven't even scratched the surface their passing game and that they were this a team that was jest out matched on Sunday. For whatever reason I thought to going back to the jet game and I'm sure the Sean McDermott did this. It's our member thinking since I thought about it all week leading up to the saints game for the ten days leading up I thought. There was something in their schedule in that Thursday night came in the short week. That they got it would just. I think that that was when I looked at the entire team everybody on the team seemed to be playing in the same way. It seemed like they were all they didn't peak Thursday night you know on same as they they've hit a swoon on Thursday night so I think the schedule leading up to it. And they should research this and it was like they just did or did Willy Nilly wherever they wanted. But you can bet the next Thursday night game they're gonna have a completely different schedule. Diet practice regime and work out schedule all of that. So I thought that's what was scored in that Thursday night cannot you know what they're gonna learn from that when the coaching staff as well in the street conditioning guys can put that back in a file. This game. Analysts say I thought they felt it to me in the big picture. They didn't have good deceased roomy. They knew how good they were they had a lot of confidence that they could play in their building in Nguyen well in saint surprised I think they got surprised by the State's and so I'm not there's no excuse for it economical and you gotta play. But they got hit an amount by saints team that they did not seek. The you know traditionally released the last three years and we know the State's defense is playing well. We know that the saints had a different game now they were running the ball a lot better you know he's still ahead your breeze. I don't know they expected for the safety through the front. And who abuse their defense the front and their office the front of dominate the entire game like it did I don't think they expected that you know so. And that's where is started you know they can run the ball Aiken. You know that their defense is playing well but they dominated up front on both sides of the ball the bills couldn't do anything. With that. In other Colorado Wade Phillips and maybe think about. Lead some some good seasons out and in Denver wins the suitable out there now he's in LA. No I'm sure he didn't expect it seemed to be sitting where it is now that. And he's back in the driver's seat for that division out in the west Harry is played right exactly he's he's a really good coordinates are expected in my. In you know I've said this before you Murtha. Yeah when you see eagle out in the offseason he sees free agent guys land EC teams land free agent player and he you go back in name whoever you want from the offseason. Whether it's a quarterback or whoever. The biggest free agent acquisitions for any organization or coordinators not players. Are coordinators mostly defensive core GOP thinks. Tennessee now sitting there thinking. While optical blow. We got him you know away from Pittsburgh reiterate to leave there you know Wade Phillips is a great example of that as well. Even there in and now I'm having trouble remember worries that exactly Jacksonville. With. I. I think it's not Jack's boss Jeff it's Greg Williams who is a great defensive coordinator. The Philadelphia Eagles and Schwartz Jim Schwartz I mean these coordinators or the guys you need. They can get the most out of less. And those are the biggest free agent acquisitions and the rams are perfect example of an attic and here's a thing. The rams got a little law got found a quarterback that nobody knew existed. They got it going offensively compliment his defense and when you're playing different Wade's defense is a really good out for a but. Those I think are the guys they don't get enough credit in the league and every like that sexy thing if you can week you know that we're gonna sign you know. Genetic problem and assign this you know whatever whoever. It's the coordinators that are free agents that are the absolute best guys go laughter Jim Schwartz a perfect example of what he did here in buffalo with these guys. Now what student Philadelphia Greg Williams is doing the same thing. Who Wade Phillips is doing the same thing he could Donald list of those guys that bounced around and and really. Play extreme had great defense where they've been and as says. A player. When you you know that Wade Phillips. Is at the coordinator Jim Schwartz or anybody any of these great you know coordinators offensively or defensively. That helps for you as an organization to get those players ago and play for them because like pat I know that defense that fit well and that defense I know what I can do when that deepens the players. No you know certain coordinators and what they're doing that and how they're gonna. Utilize in all that stuff so having those great coordinators helps you in recruiting free agents in the offseason because you know Gaza Google's aware where they're gonna be utilized. They feel like they're gonna play. But they wanna be in a defense or offense where they give me please. Steve tasker is in studio with us you're welcome regulars ecology industrial 515. Toll free 1888552. By fifty China and north up on the line alliger. Hey John. Donald and Steve I hope you have a good day. I got a question for Donald Donald this is a pretty old excuse that you use for not playing up back up they have no experience. But it seems like the team is creating their own excuse. How is he going to get the experience. If he's not played. You get the experience when you play with the team from the beginning of the season you don't put. The rookie air right now when you're still sitting in the six spot for the playoffs I mean s.'s. News is not an excuse is just doesn't make sense to me. Do you think McDermott is giving him any time each week with the starting unit. Probably not Noah. This Steve talk there's no way here's that you don't care you don't get your backup and your starter half ready to play you store a 100% ready to play. He takes all the reps it falls on Nathan. Nathan and Peter Nathan Peter and to make himself. Ready to play that's what Tom Brady did what he's playing behind Drew Bledsoe fifteen years ago. That's that's the way it's done and here's and here's why. The only way to earn experience is to make yourself the best option for your team. You've got to convince them with whatever reps you get in with your work ethic and with the time you put in off the field. That you are viable option to help that team win once you do that. The decision is already made. They will put you in as fast as they can write it down and that's what Nathan Peter has to do that's what Tom Brady did I know this for fact I said before. Before Tom Brady win and in the pre season I was working for CBS. I might play by play guy Don creaky was doing the pre season games for the New England Patriots and he told me. It out of a production meetings that Bill Belichick told. The guys in the pre season broadcasted Tom Brady. One should be plain. And as soon as they got a Jenna I was talking about actor Tom Brady over Drew Brees he's at he's too Smart to keep on endless so Bledsoe and drew broad so he. Should be plain but Drew Bledsoe is you know establishing. And Bill Belichick wasn't this guy who's got all the cash he does now. Belichick didn't make that decision it was made for that's right when who molester a desperate owns Tom Brady convinced. Those guys before he got on the field that he was going to be ready when they gave me the chance that's what may computer and has to do now he's got a know the offense forwards backwards sideways he's got to know both sides of the football he's got to know. Just it's got to become a Ph.D. In this offense and what it does to certain defenses and until he does that. He's not gonna be the best option but as soon as he is. The players in the the players in the locker room will make that decision for the coach you know he'll hear battle loud and clear it'll become app painfully obvious but until that happens he's not you're gonna see him. And you shouldn't. Shake you explain this because I think to the average fan it looks like they're creating their own excuse not to use ships so yeah I understand. Yeah well why would want an excuse why wouldn't want to give the play your best insulin but what do you think is at play here. I'm not sure what you mean Joseph why would they be looking for an excuse. Not to play if he was in fact going to be the better option. Well that's the attitude that Steve explains something I didn't understand. I just at the bit to the average and it looks like they make the excuse. We kept playing because he doesn't have experience. And we never seem on the field goal the average person wants to know how would that guy ever going to. The experience yeah I get you John what and here's what it boils down to your right it is it is a little bit of an excuse but what they're saying is he doesn't give us would give the bills the best chance to win. That's the reason he's not on the field and the reason he does give the best chance to win is because he's not. As well versed in the office as he needs to be. To play well in every situation. Certainly. He's got a handful of Renault get a handful of reps every week he'll go out there and throw around and but he is. He is ability get on the field depends on his work ethic and his ability to demonstrate his. Knowledge and expertise in the office with a limited reputations. Now does no question except perhaps to Tyrod he's in. That that happened because that he is the best chance he is the best opportunity to win in mid may be lights it up but until. He can prove it on limited wraps. And and that's his responsibility to he's got to spend time and effort in the film room and in the playbook. And coaching staff has to see and that's expected of him but he's got to do it is such a way that it becomes part of who he has. And when he becomes and convinces the coaching staff. That that's that he is ready. He will be it will be you know more willing to give him a shot. Once you make them move you're saying he's he's right now he's your guy moving forward to educate go back. Like you you can't put Biederman and and he doesn't play well. And you go back Ouattara says it too. You can do whatever you wanna go. I classically perspective yeah pat you can do that but it is coaches this coach is sold like. Well prepared and well thought out I don't see him doing that tournament now go to avatar and the rhetoric surrounding that would be this. You know what we've seen a lot from Nathan Peter meant. Tyrod struggled the last couple weeks. We wanna see if Nathan can do some things in this offense on the field and we wouldn't we're gonna get some practice they kink here's the problem to you can't like practice him all week to find out there and you know so well at least yeah I'll think he's going to be able to do it that Tyrod goes in without a week of practice. So that's what you're up against but if we got to the point where you know Tyrod could take reps in practice Peterman started shows some things in practice message you know what. We think he's ready and then he goes out there and even if he stinks it up. They said well you know what we thought it was ready he's not Tyrod is our guy going forward and that that would be the rhetoric that you could. Used to get around all the accident right now though exactly all right rhetoric takes place when you're out of the playoffs are. Only when your forced to buy an injury or right a break up like that injuries aside yet that's kind of foolish to think that way to make them well when you're sitting there in the six oh yeah and then what do you guy goes in and and Peter Neumann. East stakes. Or doesn't play well or is how like Tyrod while then what do you do it you know a few. We'll Tyrod you know he's battery at least teacher doesn't first downs of this layer of the year and now I hear me now you're you know you're eighteen. You know the drop. Because you've because you start to get cold feet and you're you you bailed out on what you need to be true this this process that we hear so much about these become kind of fun a fun topic in a project and also punch line what's awhile. But it's also because it's so funny he used the word so much that if you sell out on that process will there. You do that for midway through the first season right now Steve casters in studio with us a call here from candy in some. And York and the how are you guessed it basically this. Don't have much to build put I can't I'd go crazy I can't figure out the answer I don't know who dust. Try this it was a Sunday night game does mineral potential that played. Kick off Guy Carbonneau and don't. He immediately shut in the barber who refereed. And David and shovel a pact that the player. In which case he then took me. I don't. Yeah well here's the thing yet did I sought on the hi my story. He caught he caught in the end zone and you know just handed it to the officials toward walk off the official was actually caught off guard handed to him not because. There was nothing wrong with a bit. He couldn't blow. So we stand there hold the ball and you got. Well guys like me run down there who were just. Looking for an extra Salina official let alone a mechanical ball. He's got and he's trying to get he's got the ball as he can't get the whistle to this map that guy thinks he has a bald official knows what he's gonna blow the whistle. And didn't hear the whistle so he thinks I made a mistake. I got to grow so he takes it back you know so then as soon as he takes it away officially official gets his hand blows the whistle but that was you're right. That's when those where panic sets in act you do something that's not July you handed the official start to walk off you don't hear a whistle. All I was think you're referring issued just to do what the ball hit off. And just have always there aren't sold guys figured it out. Well yeah he might have but I think the official was on the same thing that play was over he was the officials and and the place we took the ball. And you know it was yep you're right that was a very unusual play it was going to be dead ball anyway because the guy caught the ball. He did not take it neat which is EU need to do. So that he remembered all Latin official remember all that it was kind of if you're right it was a completely awkward moment and that's not. It was I don't know at a time like you talk about adrenaline level going through the roof and my heart beat you can't just audio walk off the panel's centers like. And a this is good I forgot about that's not a that's a good guide to good call and I'm glad you brought that up this on what happens when you take kick offs of the game when you minimize. This guy's got total hack it back there. You know eat and you're. There's so many nuances about back be in kitchen kicks in and we indicated wind field when you're right now when you're not an odd you know make all these decisions that. In a don't really practice that much and particularly mean you practice it the pre season stuff the games go on and it might be a month. Before you get a chance to return one you know because once. You get older guys that's their only job on the team. And let me just yet and it gets into the Steve we got to get to break but. What do you think when you see guys bring in the ball out of the end zone five yards six yards deep in and run out to the eighteen yard it used to be a big huge known. Yeah you never brought it out three yards let alone five. Or six has consistently been okay and there were hit by as net now the point but I. It would be almost for me and here's the problem you get. At some point you're gonna need. You're gonna need to got to bring it out you're gonna need it cannot be you have do home run throwback like Tennessee did some years you're gonna need one of those you know those collateral place you're gonna need a play. And you're and each can be the only time you do have return all year is that's what you're looking at and and then there are other times when. It they'll bring it up five yards deep because it was a line drive kick and got their quick they'll think cat I got this was our idea is crazy talk to me because I've. I know this. The twenty was the yard line where and I know that they're like I did it united active at 35 yard monitored we kick off from their twos and that's when he was always the number get an inside the twenty not 25. It's as easy as these it's one it was a it was a number that you know as Steve you talk about at some point you're gonna need to at some point gonna have to bring it out and if if you never bring it out when you're you know 45 yards deep the guys in front he's offensive linemen the tight ends you know they'd never get a chance to relief to go on their guys they go lot of they go on auto pilot ranks that they don't want our puck decision and then all of a sudden they got to return 1 am done for being here is exactly they're. But give the wave and by -- that guy. You're dead. On the topic kick up I've never seen better hang time that I saw from well let's see its occurrence. I kicked did you notice that I don't know I am just looking to see only kick returns. They certainly had an article I was in and out. Yeah if he was taking a high but it wasn't taken a deep right into the end zone but yeah I don't via the anchor it was a believe list. The bills were desperately needed. I'd Stevens with a certain segment a couple of putts it. We're gonna come back with more edit your questions are up for grabs it 030552031. EDT. Like fifty to 550 back and forth Jabber B show from one bills drive on buffalo for the three. Joined at the hip with Steve tasker joined by Steve tasker in studio where this. For next couple minutes or so you're welcome to join us eagle three or by fifteen. Toll free 1888552. But fifty. We are good little special teams ripped on here ST let me get another call on teams here David newstead is on the line with a question Steve Dave Garnett. Yeah I guess I think for taking my call bombs do you being the premier guy over the years special teams left the latter being respect and and I got a question for you the Gunner position. And bit changed over the years that are involved and that tactics used in that position where they're pretty much the same as you play. Well I just I guess a lot like it was when I played I think the punters these days on the around the league are better than they were on the whole. It back in the day when I played. I do think that philosophies have changed quite a bit. They've got ponders now I think a lot of the thought is the prevailing sentiment is to kick it as far as you possibly can't. I think that's helped ponders a little bit. They wanted to kick that ball you know 56 yards they're just getting big guys with enormous legs and Tom aired out. So they kick it 56 yards and give up a ten yard return is still a 46 yard net. That's the philosophy that prevails or National Football League now you see a lot of guys banging it hard in the meantime they Gideon's outside their own forty. Without a hit that Australian in Dover and kick and trying to pin the guy down inside them the twenty yard line and then it's all about distance and yardage and inside the twenties. And they don't care about fair catches or anything like that so. That's a little different than it was when I played the philosophy we had was that we we didn't mind given up a few yards. On the net punt but we wanted. Everything to be fair caught so you want it high. And as for she could pundit as it's so that we can run down hundred forced a fair catch if you could do that the philosophy was. You didn't risk given up a punt return for a touchdown ever now Bruce. Do a lot of directional kicking restate who you played a lot of directional kick in 2000 donors. Did OK does that now but he did a lot of directional kick him with prime Mormon when I was here. And arms really kicker he's good he was today as yesterday. There were a couple of times three. On that thing down the middle with his way yours I ended but. For the most part he was and he was putting it on the sidelines you know and was Bruce like that when you were we have we have we wouldn't take it game by game. A lot of times we might try that for some guys and are some guys that we Ginn did bother too much as always we always felt it was a bad idea to put the ball field. He always wondered at the numbers are outside one way or the other because suggest. Skating guy this room. So yes there's no question about that but by the same token if we got were put inside the twenty. Did you put it right this crowd yourself. Yeah. You're right I think that. If you got to that comes down to kick them all to do if he got to that can do it okay but if you got a guy can do that only one out of two times or one out of three times that's not consistently enough to use it as a weapon because. It's actually him the best spot recently it's going to be everybody around him that way at Wachovia. Oh. I'm all the earth so if I meant Africa opens. Miserable S and you get guys it's unbelievable you remember a few years back. Jeff Fisher in Saint Louis coaches in this. Day the team. Dig out of a read on the team they were plain. That dated to look at it and find the ball ever. In the air they only looked at the returner wherever he went that's were whole team wins covered kick right where the return was goes coach yet this year. Puts you guys back. And deep one Dudley do whatever so the returner fakes like he's going all the way over the sidelines like table on Austin or somebody there and every race. Won't really close at their kind of hone in on this guy is he's a weapon. And lo and behold the ball lands on the other side of the field guy catch it goes it. Just because in the punt team where the ball I. I cannot believe an NFL team. That doesn't notable. Right. I could not cover kick assigned to this I followed the eye care with that guy was because he might even catch it. I always and and one of the things that I I coach guys up on now to talk and if they grass which they don't anymore. When I was run tonight cultivated the ability. And concentrate on the ability to find the ball while it was still sprinting. Did you it's like you're running with your head this week that class eager to head and Kent Connecticut where the guys you see the returner. But then when you raised up and looked up in this guy. Up in the year you raise up you know you you're not grown and out right so guys is like horses got his ears back and run like his tail on fire. The ways ears come up. He's not pushing so hard he starts he goes slow. Same thing covered it kicked so I cultivated eat the at the ability keep my head down kind of turn. And find that ball or at least facts McCain and it plants. So that I can keep running fast. Can't believe guys which is run and who blood on his watch and what's court where you I don't know I'm over here I think he's going OK let's run that way. All it is. I can't believe and I think that Jeff Fisher to do that appellate out against those teams what measures well he's a safety but. Eating non of these teams coach informant. You still see it though were especially when. You know partners like right at the team and our Linus on them and and and a return as read it that in our line. He might run to one side you see the whole team follow him in the ball bounces on the other side and always coached guys duke is you need it sometimes work but. Yeah. But but especially right did you just thought as he honored and was capable and there's and it's a lot of steps to the guy calls for fair catch. He's off your radar for the right you don't even look at him find the ball. And get to the goal line to let go because he's he can fake a fair catch right if he's not fair catch and that is a problem. Xenia and then he got it if you're gonna make it to hand. They got to find the ball it's not coming down the right spot for him catch it then yes you do that it S which got a dip. So good returners can do that. When I was return I would just back it sure Balt and don't you know you know make sure we ended up with it but. In his life it's complicated. Part of the game. That you can exploit because. Some guys a don't care that much B aren't that good at it and see. Stupid. Any event it to a devastated dad to come out and that is dramatically that the they're just not coached up well you know it's just not a coached up to a column special teams go from Lehman awkward but ultimately. I'd been wrong. Could I policy. You got you got into the special teams that the first time collar but I turned achieve yell it all work and heard guys talk about special teams my question is. We've had this argument and are also watching football game over and over again where they're Mikey. Peel off a penalty spot touchdown or they either been attacked the actress and yards on the kick off. So now instead of kicking up from 35 you're picking up 45 or whatever might be. Why do the kicker constantly to really do don't into the stadium. One side but little pooch kick you let them touched the ball on the one and try to stop them. You're detain illegal hadn't taken on the point by I am. Absolutely with you a 100% William if I had that I would tell my kicker and I practiced it. If you get a fifteen yard personal foul penalty and you kicking from the fifteen where your kicking from the thirty that from the 45 or some other penalty. Particular to get personal Fallon extra celebration. Or the other team gets it's. Unnecessary roughness penalty because they're mad at your celebration what ever figure taken from the fifty. I would have a standard practice that your kicker has kicked in his repertoire. Where he hits it as high as he can't and drops it inside the tenor of the five and outside the numbers weren't. Dick yeah yet to think about it yours you'll at a kickoff unit you you were up fifteen yards. Closer to exactly it's now and again I know the guy and put put a hand up ought to kick off and do their catch. So why not try to pin them. But speed. Every single time you see that play the kicker kicked it through the end goal went out into the stands and I don't understand why. A minute Cesar Izturis yes I mean that's not as well as the thought is it's. That they wanna give up any type of chance for a big play but I'm with you in the got to maximize that penalty. And and you gotta have your coverage team. Is going to be fifteen yards to be in the key is this what you've got to have a kicker that can get it up high near that's not as easy to do it sounds you can do with a punt. But when your ticket and off the ground it's hard to get the thing airborne enough like Merv was talking about the saints kicker in his kickoffs you've got to get really high well. That also includes probably hit it a little deeper whatever but the thing is I would I'm I'm with you I would have. Even if I had to get a different guided going to kick like lineman or some with the square toe the app I. Can't have a get the ball high into the air like upon. And drop but inside the tenure at least in the field of play. Where they have to feel that all the side you can attack on not just inside the fifteen inside the tent. Because your coverage team is down there that fast not I'm with few limits I think it's a hole. In the strategy a lot of teams use I think it's easy to say okay cute ideas that would give two months 45 and not going to be a return for touchdown. I think it's a bad idea not to maximize a penalty like that I think it's a good call wave. You know and and ultimately you gotta have the trust that you kick the can get it done. And that year kick off team can cover. You know because you are just run through it explain it to me that you write but the question always becomes you know how much do you just said I must do these guys really care about you know when you're so used the ticker tape I was attacked dozens of players. Cared about not less than amazing that the players media running down. You know are are you doing your job or are you the one that's actually down making tackles all the the youth youth there's the colts have enough confidence in his team to get them Emeka. That's true but listening to it's got to be part of the specialized. They use special six free kicks and kick off after safety. The free kick a fair catch after part when you wanna try for three point at argument kidnap their own in his own right to have you fair catch it you try free kick a field goal. All that. It's got to be part of that I think when you the other team gets a personal foul. When we score. And they're an enforcer on the kick. I think you got to maximize it and try and dare to try and return. Steve and get a good gate with the CBS then selling cars some billboards at the airport it's that or what have you ever thought about but it's open and critically. I doubled it I had like three dozens that it every time I think it trip might take itself could get a coach and special teams. Why. Earlier interest you're gonna sit next to guys like Don went nine for much as you do and wonder why I don't wanna coach Rick Perry. What to do with me as an aspect to do we do with guys like me that there's a lot of special teams who have money. Or when yet it's well meaning but you'd never mind. Coaching is not a career. And it's a lifestyle. And it's not a lifestyle that for me so much tougher it's a lifestyle those guys are coach when your coach in the NFL protected them and it to defend our level and college level. You are coach. 24 hours a day seven days a week 365. Days a year. Europe and ten years a decade now that your life and that that's that was not something spoke to me and I'd I'd love coaching my kids when they were utes football and eight years old through twelve years old. But I was even then I was the assistant to the assistant to existing tees this story just go to you're too I couldn't take the pressure now on active and mountain and I know what I love doing it I love seeing how did the positive affects the game have on kids I love doing that it. But it's a lifestyle even those guys that you football league and they start coach net for the fall and they are consumed. By their little youth football team. And I and I would have been ten times were knows what's in Alabama the other night Saturday night and bring gable you know MCA diocese or office accord with that thought occurred to him Brian Cabell. Who has moved around a tonne. You know he's and Lee you know scattered around it it's different and in a difficult place it's very difficulties you live in a lot of different places and it's a great way of life no question did you get a were some quality people you work with young men in effect him and and have an effect on their lives and their futures is a question about it's important. Roll in and in the sports culture as a coach but. You're right I mean it is a sacrificial life there with your schedule with your family and with your. Where were you living in her and it's and it's not something that I would ever I've ever seriously considered. We're glad you're we hear those today is more fun it is. There's no scoreboard that there is under no Q can my sink if we if we have a bad show. But not like we're playing. People leaving Iraq. And equities making a coach's time now where our air pro sports high school football coach of the week. And we started section six where it is Erik rep from Lancaster. He went Lancaster to a nine to nothing whatever point is in this totally far west regional Lancaster now the point is just 57 yards of offense so. Lancaster advances to the semifinals next Saturday play Cicero north from Syracuse and section five Derek. And a chino from a previously mentioned a point is they lost but he and his team went to the heavily final justice first year as head coach. Little irishman here at nine into the section five in section six high school coach for the week. We're back but one moment Jabber B shall from one to drive them Buffalo Bill. We're back with more of that John Murphy she. Back we just got a couple of seconds left here thanks to Steve tasker for joining us today along with that pre window. Sam farmer from the LA times tomorrow Thurman Thomas being studio and we'll talk to some bills as they get set for practice. All right it's been said it's a must have must win game for the bills right after the players will approach it that way too starting tomorrow. They they better pro today away even just for private purposes. He better come out there and played better a lot better and they did the past two weeks he got to get together. Our mobile talk about that tomorrow more on the chargers want to thank our presenting sponsor NAPA Auto Parts. On your local Memphis or online and apple online dot com production assistants JJ garrido George west. Jeff COLT make Thomas Hollander Olivia Merrill Shelby rushed our producer. 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