11-14 Paul Hamilton with Jeremy White

Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, November 14th

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Just next. His thoughts on. The sabres who played tonight but also keep things rolling along on the bills and the quarterback discussion there. You know that that the Dennis and Taylor tandem. Seems less than ideal and how does it ultimately get resolved. And win so it Israel 550 you're on all the we will get to your phone calls the segment course will roll right along Paula good morning. Good morning how are you congratulations to air and judge and his unanimous rookie of the year. Ballinger was unanimous to. Yeah I mean our yeah. I hurried out strike out as marches ago when judge and whatever there anyway. I've also. Thought you piece up on our website we can mix bills and sabres open the victory antique and when it was first bills game. Yeah he was excited about it when you're out talking to him last week I was looking forward to it and even know indicative McCain go. I can get older as well as. A Buffalo Bills fan now we're anticipate he enjoyed it denies that it was a very unique experience and he said he definitely is gonna go back again merry go and would you think of the game on what's your what's your big take away I mean I know a lot of talking about. On the run defense of course have good reason army conversations and about the offense and what the game plan should be going for so what's your take away. Well yeah I mean. Art the if you have a really good offense they can help your defense when they're not going well. And the defense was horrendous at the office you know couldn't keep up at all I mean. In the first drive of the game. I mean these young Benjamin in the playing against a very short corner just at the Boeing were near me and probably pulls an and and you have a touchdown instead it's severely over Normandy and the reason I'm bringing that up is not the first time we've seen that we see that all time. And it's. You know easy throws like ten. You know may be the hit him maybe they don't kid it's kind of adventure and then. He got a first down after that pick me up Benjamin again you throw behind him. And he can barely hear his hand on the ball and again all got to do is get it somewhere around him. Where he can catch the ball and you've got a first down and maybe get a touchdown instead instead of a field goal now. I don't know of any offense what do kept up with what the saints were doing because the saints never punted. The only thing that stopped the saints was one owners who want formal. The ten yard line or they would have had over fifty points. So. You know in this particular case I don't know for an offense if your offense is only if you're gonna keep up Britney probably what kept up with the jets. If he had a better profits. You know in ten games 107 at halftime and you know attend seven and at halftime the jets game Paul. People started to turn Mikey he got really nasty really quickly from bill's fans and the bills really haven't recovered from being down 107 of the jets at halftime. The jets ran him over in the the saints ran him over as well so I wonder about this defense you know was it was that one that just. It it it didn't force a lot of punts at any point this season the part that's because they had interceptions they got fumbles they got a little bit lucky they. They were in the making plays and now that's gone away it is this going to be defense that is. Turn over or touchdown. Wants the turnovers go away your and your rough shape. Know exactly. It's. May only got the one turn over its north but again. You would have turned the ball over probably five times to even be in that game now with his eyes as well as they are running the football and Rudolph. I mean through two horrendous performances there are still in the playoffs right now. I mean and that's that's the crazy thing that OK here five and four but you haven't fallen out that last wild card yet so. Terry gates pick yourself bought itself off the ground and do something about it I mean it's still in your hands to do something about it. You're playing the chargers next week there's no reason why you shouldn't go out to Los Angeles and when that football game. Especially who knows where rivers is going to be whether he's going to be able player not easing concussion protocol. So you don't know if you're going to be facing Philip Rivers or not. But you've got Gordon and you know that that can become a mass real fast too if you don't tighten its defense up. Paul Hamels and on the AT&T Allen Paul there on out on Saturday your experience traveling mothers with. Hockey team Mora and it as an empty yourself and your clicker going out west what we think you like these earlier or the day before and stay on West Coast time. I am weird at that time thing doesn't bother me either weren't. I don't get jet lagged either way I adapt to the time immediately when I guess there was so what is the sabres a approached and the last couple years when it is like going out to LA or whatever. They've gone out a day earlier times they didn't this time. But there have been other times where yes they have gone out at nearly a day would be two days to the required to go on the night before right so there's times they're going on the two days before a game. Bright and date usually it last year was the first year they didn't. And they're back to doing it this year where they play the game sleep state tonight and then we've been back now to come home. Which players do or do not like. And expect I don't think they. They don't like get back I think they understand it and they get it when your in Vegas or you're in Vancouver. They don't like it when you do it Dallas right and it was done in Dallas especially when I'm when the time change up and so they would've had an extra hour so I don't know full house and took that into account when he was deciding to stay in Dallas they were not happy it's there now I'm back to bill's calls in a moment but quickly Paul tonight Pittsburg the sabres in Pittsburgh. What's gonna happen hawk how long can look let me ask you this. After the last game Ryan O'Reilly says he feels like he's just skating around. Jack cycles says he's not contributing and that's true warming and injects maybe in the worst phone could his career with the sabres at this point eight streaking Google via via the he is he getting in position to shoot and not shooting is he not getting in position anymore like that it just. I I think I kind of look at this team Paul said like something's gotta give and I don't know what it is but what what's gonna happen. Let's go house flee if gripping the stick to partisan thing is you hear that all the time. Reason I ask that is if you notice especially on the power play a lot of checks one timers are wide now just a little bit at their wide he's not been that. And Mets and I've seen myself as he did get a lot tighten our little mad because he hasn't scored in so long his political pressure on himself. And those one timers always used to be I'd better just a little bit and why he's not missing by much but he's Nissen. And that to me is the biggest thing that or he makes a great movement and the plot dribbles off his stick. I've seen that a couple of times which I don't normally see. So that's why am I just wonder if he's just get a little uptight now and he's trying him to make a move reduce something like that. And he matting if he gets Manning to watch him pass up some shots that he does pass up where he's trying to you know past somebody year. But on the other side of that coin and very used to do that a lot to you can't take its creativity away from him. You don't want you know he's a very creative player and you don't want to take its creativity away from him to. You're playing a penguin team tonight we're Sidney Crosby as a scorer while we are scores against the sabres so. You wonder that's good but I mean the penguins are 25 in the league in scoring and the sabres are 29 right now with the coyotes in the Oilers are worse. But I'm I'm actually looking at the penguins being more surprise to me. By they're more goals being scored I mean the penguins are 25 in the league two point 63 goals per game which is higher than if you would looked at 25 placed team. In past years so in the league more goals are being scored but the sabres as I said only two teams are worse than them. While tonight's faceoff is at 7 o'clock from Pittsburg Paul there's one thing that happens in every single sabres penguins game it's that the penguins will score three goals in the span of a minute I'm counting on that to happen. Every time they go to Pittsburgh. It sullied over rightly put every time they go to Pittsburgh says via one nothing and knowledge goad. I don't know get the mail come back on other down three to one hour right now that. I missed that this game now some. Looked effort tonight that our baseball. Take care.