11-14 Phil Housley Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, November 14th

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Fell almost to a man the players were talking about how you played so much differently in the for quicker than you did in the second then on the cost to your point. And it I don't know if I agree with I think you know you look at a team like they have been they've got some highly skilled forwards. And I thought we we we made the right decisions you know you know they're gonna have a push. You know I thought we did a lot of good things tonight and powerfully scores two goals or get a big kill on the five on three. You know we had a shot mentality. We executed a place on a Russia's. But the bottom line is is like you said we didn't win the game so. You know assistant. Or play without the pockets it's awareness. In our d.s own. And we continue to talk about that we're gonna to continue to learn from that. But news at the bottom line is we can win hockey games we putter the cells out of position. To win a hockey game you know going to third period with a one goal lead we go we got to be able to shut teams down you know there's. Good teams that are gonna you know they're gonna create. But we got to rely on our play without the Harkin have urgency. To protect a lead and then try to take advantage of mistakes the other team makes which we don't we we came close to. There. Push they have that your push back as well the team didn't back down and nor did they backed off for protecting your teammate once again. They speak into the character and in a process of building something here which this group. Under your guidance as to care for the continues to seemingly grow here. Well I think I totally agree with the and guys stepped up by I think we're trending in the right direction those last four games you know I think I guess that we had a little bit and pick up against Florida. You look at the game against Washington. Even our last game against Montreal I think we're doing a lot of good things it's but. We have to realize that we have to take with a game gives us that if we're we're we're gonna play you we have to play defense we have to defend well. In this league you have to defend well you have to play well without the puck you're gonna win. Sam and Jack any manner both dropped it right and in and he said jury to step up the other night and and not caring Jacko sticking up for the team me it shows that. You know this group is a very tight group. That they're they pawn for each other. So that's good to see. The five on three and the ensuing power play only gave up one shot a lot of blocked shots there was a lot of desperation through Iowa. What went well in that killed at what if that didn't go so well for you and I we just took and did a terrific job of getting in shooting lanes taking away passing lanes and and as a result you know we've we've we've we've we took that away in the to have a lot of options and and again you know our penalty kills and pretty good this year. In a lot of guys are getting it and been shuttling in and paying a price for blocked shots this game a long time what's the difference and I'm blessed because so maybe. I think when he was playing in the middle he was really good. Position Li I think his competitive. Battle levels on. Is capitalizing on opportunities now is get some more looks so. It's good to see him moving and a good direction.