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Tuesday, November 14th

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It's time to talk sabres hockey on WGR Sports Radio 550. Now. Rob ray brought you by Jim state gap because hockey fans he notes by the locked poured out to restore high impact here for hardworking men and women. By the greater buffalo area Honda dealers Condit was named Kelly blue book's best value grants you greater buffalo area Honda dealer today. And by Budweiser hockey we'll never be the same hash tag laid up buffalo. Sabres and penguins tonight on WGR 705 game in Pittsburgh. Rob ray. Is already in Pittsburgh. Rob always Pittsburgh today. Pittsburgh little cool little dark jury you know little but it almost treason and war so. You like going records. I don't mind it's very I should go out there ought downtown here coastal hotel. He stayed close period actually go to war two which is nation goes well it's happened that title. You played your first game there. Yeah it did they have any I don't receive a statue or any thing any sort of yeah. They're stuck over there. A pilot gravel ground up dirt and concrete because. It's a parking lot now I detour that little town in put down and it would actually wrote to air but not let them Wear. Scored that big goal also. It kind of hurt that hurt. Sit back to you look good news or drive by in theory they're that's where little circle can you still see you still see everything about that moment in your mind. Oh absolutely yeah. That corner like that like that those kind of things you don't forget and it doesn't matter all in court Ramon scored 41 total also. Kuerten remembered part are the ones are you remember now. Could have been the rest didn't mean quite the same. Yeah do you remember it. Rom hectic having health standard you remembered from having seen the play. Over over his sometimes guys will say. In a moment like that news this kind of war you know because it was it was so exciting that you might have missed some details about it and don't remember stuff. Well you it's just nice to get treated the back and look at it. You know it plays that you can actually. Trade Tallet then and have proved that it actually and technical. But in my case even a Gloria I didn't even know when Ian because there was a political reaction to all. Why would he do you I think at that point you. You're so jacked up the adrenaline going and everything that cute you know some time you'd think. It was way better than what it actually ones and then went back looked is quite the way I remembered but you know still you know great to have all that something so natural. Where do you start to be able not being able to change umpire that you know because there has proved that he can it's eight. The parliament. All the blood on we're sure on the guy yelled what he did he like okay schools. The order of the game cheat because on the ice. Who is LeMieux was on is copy was. And I. There to a street there. There was who was the goalie. We're also wrestle with the goal you know Jason bottle scored his first goal against is pretty nice robbed this rudeness you did did you. Go ahead sorry marches a bilateral First Financial goals against Marty. Router yeah a legitimate a lot of discord or go to our next thing I thought he played a long time cards. You you have bomb you do have a you know it's somewhat of a collection of this the you know stuffit. You've got it mostly in boxes I think from from last I remember talking to you about it. It Bibi you just mentioned coffee LeMieux Grasso they do you divert. Fought to try to get them decide that sheet for you. No no that's a good idea though. A really good idea. But it can be really I mean those I mean that's those are innocent of hall of famers error mean that's that's not peace. Yeah I think everybody on the excellent also hammered sort of regard there are and what should think you are Neil. Kevin McGuire. Whomever was on our side. There has to be all the fame for Kevin McGuire. The pixel where he has to be all of a tough guy turns linesman the other policy ethnic referee here what it was Eliza. Mike rarely on the Europe throughout Syria. Cool. All right so to present day you realize that does Sidney Crosby was in the worst slump of his career. We're now right now he's gone thirteen without a goal 538 dot com. Most famous for you know presidential polling data analysis probably. Just quoted article out today about about Crosby season and like all this metrics are down expected goals. Some of his possession stats they're not generating chances and don't score or them on the nice it's really weird even for a guy who's older like he is for. For Crosby to go so long. Into a season and struggle for him. Like he has is notable. Well I'm glad you said it because that'd wanna bring it up just equal claim noting it was so something Knebels Angel but not but it. You're talking ignorant it's. The per square. Discredit the and not an excuse but it it might be an excuse for garlic crowd who played so much that. You know they Prado trying to back to back a lot of road games at this point. You know Canada. The hang over from Stanley Cup after Stanley Cup and the amount of gain in ice time in and practice that this guy is gone through. An edit each now it could be correctional facility you see mostly team looked at today was not go to practice. I imagine things trying to. Manage that. As much as possible to make sure that these first goal for the game so. I don't think I would really sit back and think that maybe Sidney Crosby is. You know taking a step back until it. It happened urban schools or something because it means that every time you think that he does all the sudden turn up I actually don't get back to. You know to the top where he's been Purcell ever sort out. I I don't. It could happen at some point but I don't they have yet. It's the second longest goalless streak it's eleven games by the word eleven yeah. Earth. Second longest goalless streak of his career. Previous. Was twelve in 201112. But during that goalless streak he had seventeen assists Demetrius 312 games he's got the Wii. In the slam games so one has really. That is really something. But you guys are right in my court I'm not fair because I still think he's the best out there now and there. You know at some point he he's gonna get a second wind to turn it open. If you watch all the guys see guys we get older to get things figured out there and Sidney Crosby knows better than probably anybody out there right now what it takes to win. And how it manages. His body and his work coat and all this kind of thing that you eat you know you can't. Lay it on the line for each game and and expect avatar I'm not what you Wear outlook toward nature. And this guy got a lot of lot of Maher program. In. I would think it. You know his team's doing okay that are that are carried in the order not young guys there that. You know our our or keep them in the console when the time comes there's certainly crowds we need to turn it up but not too and they know it invigorated bill. Rob ray with us from Pittsburgh so what do we have over the weekend you had Detroit. Was in Detroit. Yeah Florida Florida Friday at Montreal and mean I don't know both both teams probably were frustrating. For. I don't know threw for similar reasons for Friday. Funny really made me nuts rob I mean Fortis Fortis sport we are in the sabres are bad solely theirs that okay Florida is bad and I don't hold with a shot at times in the game we're would be really excited for fla that was really exciting to watch that game brought him. You know what I think in both games we just got to work we're broke battled com. It also ordered. Come in and end all like you as you know you wonder where download it jumped ER Bob or Eagles are weak spot there do you ought to trouble well. Then they get it for awhile and then they got away. It is speakers are notorious for. Going out of proving the point yup that's the way to do it and then once that accomplish that it just sort of pull back and let that happen which. In in that game day they'd just pull back after they realize that they this'll work we're we're we're having successfully made the change the game that that team was. That's human lawful. And you know he's got a goaltender that once you got on the is just so good little situation and you know at that point we do need to generate much. Also got a grilling the edit the article with a sixty minutes and realize what's working too many times this year they've stood commode that first period in the you know what they're gonna do is gonna work and then second period or third critic mode and totally get away from chewing. They've been a blue in the game so there's got to wake up opener I conceded we're being told. Is working now you got to make sure you continue to do. Seventeen games five wins minus twenty. Goal differential which is thirtieth in the league. Rob all big question is what the general manager would be thinking at this mean he's in his first year. If that matters. If he's he's. Charged with getting this team to the playoffs making them good. And media it's you know I feel like this season that's already a lost cause but I don't have to be right. So what would he be thinking or should he be thinking here is it. Some sort of next rebuild. Is it trying to do kind of what Marie inner rebuilding effort day which was tree for veterans and try to accelerate. Mean that's kind of what were at the back end of what is the mood here. I think that what do you do any moral mode that he's not gonna do it. Early he's gonna wait till he has the proper assessment of everybody took on much knee jerk assessment and he's somebody plate or for bad games and then get in that might look at this guy can't play and then. So it's gonna be at Kurds are quick access. Not not that I would believe is gonna happen to Christmas that are in the years when you get a good idea that and then. Make some that happened but I don't think it's going to be brutal. Completely I think he's gonna realize that he asked the court. Together core guys here. And the guys that. Could beard spoke dubious core rate now I think that's what he's judging that judging although the fringe guy she's judging to see what he has for court. And third. Going to be able to beat. The guys are gonna carry this important not and you know I think he's in May begin that I open a little bit that maybe some guys. Are exactly what he might spot and I would Lugar where in the current comfort them and tell them that some of those guys that we are. Might be long term here aren't going to be. In I'm not talking. I'm not talking you know guys who have been brought in you know the still all are talking guy is that you know maybe are on deals and and guys that. That are supposed to be carrying the load here and there are having trouble to have. Yeah almost pass. Mean you do not naming a name here but all Riley is the name that comes to mind proposals got to know move Michael to sign for eighty million dollars which could mean. That's not happening. So old when Leinart but not media right I mean I look at the high end your cain's gonna be a free agent of the pioneer Bristol line in May be. Is someone you might wanna consider in this conversation too good luck. But I mean I don't know who told us that that's who I think you're going to be talking about your right. Yep yep Narnia and you're not up and and I think that it can make accurate to make a statement eight a and to make your team better. Sooner instead of going to revolting and and building from the trap because. You know you've got interrupted which now that you don't have that war chest anymore goes. Corny picks or whatever work over three years that we had your back at all go on and really not a ton shall sports so. You know he's he's got to make it work in and boob pieces that it. Because you don't have that luxury of having that. Stockpile of draft picks to start moving in a note to me we drafting lumps and hitting on a few so right that's that's the only way you're going to be able to do it. When do you start. This is possible or you wanna way to Miller to what you wanna do I think I think you wait until you're just find out which. Which got them when teams start realizing what they have to and what their needs are like talking to guys here they want a third line center. And you know they've got guys that are that are possibly willing to to move to do that. Because they know they've during an area where they have to take something to get something. In you know others click here they've got they. A war chest of torturing young goaltenders you somebody look at look at Terkel alternative got a third line and a woman that they're willing to give up that put. The odd argument. You know use the start like that I need a goalie to right. You got two guys usher contracts and matures over there are. Chris Baker we didn't insert their sorry rob Chris Baker tweeted today Al Peterson is stirring up DHL mean. Yeah you know I don't general managers get famous. Draft picks the at the start of their tenure by inheriting guys from the last general manager was fired because they were terrible. You know you you go get your draft picks a much time if if it's it's more than that to would be prospects. Like when when do your 2018. Draft picks make the league. Three years two or three years those are drafting at the very top right which is possible. Hum two or three years away so maybe bilateral would like to even really thinking this way you might end up treating four. HL. Young's dogs there if if he can maybe that's. I got a huge soccer sort of fine in the current. And have a relationship with him and understanding you know guys that. You know completely ended two different I look at it a Louisville couldn't play an arcane but I'm gentle rhetoric road and you are chip looked so. You know he's got a knack for foreign. Well I mean any any any some of that nature speed I need done and the and you lot of stuff I mean a lot of stuff you know that the worst thing is rob again you know you know you mean you're you're you're you're trying to be as optimistic as you can. I. I am too which a long season I watch these games not just because of work I mean I while I love the watch out of the watch hockey. So quick you know they they beat the player really is game on Tuesday and Ivan the soccer that's going OK this is that you would. Let's go let's put something together here and then you watch Friday and Mike but in my 9:30 Friday night I am so mad. Think I built my night around and watching this game and I'm not even pay to get in the building like thousands of people. Any soul and frustrating to hear but they don't know they don't understand that they have to work and I mean that I don't know. I'm watching these games and Jack cycle is like he doesn't even exist on Friday night the guys didn't never song. Endless what is happening. You know where are my god hates bush should you know what a lot of the times and sit there watching now and so that popped so you lobby. We everybody puts such big. Emphasis on skill and speed and then all electronically. And forget about character. Characters on the missing in our game bad because you kind of a lot of hard look on her character guys might not be Africa remind that you most skilled guys and make it over. And in a lot of cases don't have enough. So wanting to. Which the character guys they're gonna kick in to make a difference and you have got to knock out that you're in trouble. All right rob well. That that's all the questions I have. Today we'll talk to you Friday from Detroit. Were you that's where you have that casino. Yeah probably you know problem. Attica and yes that's very sweet very careful in Detroit apartment our. Character. You guys must be. Set up or Google on great worker. My notebook and what it if you can receive addictions EV do we get to double digits win win or lose on Friday. I imagine you guys are coming back year after this right you're not going I don't expect to Moody's and put it differently is I don't want more thorough and not. Worry about it. That's what they told you coming home to bear could talk thanks rob kill our guys. Robberies. Gave the appearance of us here on WT are brought to you by. Jim's steak out because hockey fans eat hoagies by the lock toward outdoor store high impact here for hardworking men and women. By the greater buffalo area Honda dealers Condit was named Kelly blue book's best value brand see your greater buffalo area Honda dealer today and by Budweiser hockey will never be the same hash tag light up buffalo.