11-14 Robin Lehner Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, November 14th

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You were very sure tonight your thoughts in the overall feeling. They're gonna talk a team. So loss and it sucks. What happened when you got hurt there. Hours tweets. Tweet something that's not an issue this is surely time well. The toss things I am. This wish. They expect anything I think we can do I just wish we would have played all third period. Like we did after this quarter 44 world. And we got a couple good chances off to their will. Posted a 44 roles are thick with them also turned down there and I think the first. 111213. Minutes were real slow. Again or are doing very good team oracle there really is closely reflect the parks open and neutral zone with some com. Back to back and back again and you know it's the world's best players over there they're gonna do something and we're gonna learn from it. I think you were great areas book. So let's listen you made or forty saves for what happened behind the net on that one on the first warm yet. All of our growth there are suited my one dose covered. I think we're gonna community feel better I made. Amanda pass obviously when a priority and got a book folks like us. Cancer right side and artists think you know it's sort of torn off skates. But again we've we've all spoke from our Karen second period. We're up three wrong. I was fine I think as some states here make up for. You know it's talky and against our best teams in the league and give them. Some space and death has. So fortunate I think their fourth rolls over like it's here for deals through like three students before Kessel gets its long term. How well you guys played on the five on three I think you only saw one shot and they block some shots at that seem like there's a lot of desperation out there are during those two penalties. Filter peak is can. Playing really well through. For past will be I think he it was really sharp fall. Ball game I think their their goals little bit of food if we can make and its failures. Fortunate. Just a cross gross there's this president will. B Breaux baucus Charles there sort present himself forward for us here he gave us again. Don't one point but the loss this loss at Florida. And we but I mean she was so learning them. Like. We're gonna give up you know it's and we know what's follower and we also noticed we. When 123. Hole sudden climb back up to 500 and I you know are now it's we we we have to take lessons out of this that so it. It's again we're we're here there's some good teams coming up we. A lottery so high scoring team Stewart playing lately Cleveland. You know Florida on a high scoring teams this team is a lot of skill I think they'll. Few really good opponents coming up next month and you know it's a lot of good teams so. We we have to know how to control how we eat up time and do the right things and I got to keep working on my game and it longer you work on her game and and get better vote. That's that's what this.