11-14 Sabres-Penguins Post-Game with Brian Koziol

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Tuesday, November 14th

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Don't win your home but Buffalo Sabres. From our flagship station. This is still call themselves post game show on the Buffalo Sabres radio. Here's your host my Inco CEO. Five to four overtime victory for the Pittsburgh Penguins. It felt like that ending was inevitable with the way just. The game was playing out buffalo just again finding another way not to get it done. On a night where they probably you could sit here and it's I could talk about how they deserve to points. Feel like the same arguments that I made on Saturday night about them deserving. Two points could apply here. Yes that some of the circumstances maybe a little bit different but. You know this is another game again where they have to figure out a way to get a win and they get points. And appoint sounds nice but. If you you know it's 7 o'clock this evening. He would've said they're gonna get a point tonight in Pittsburgh. Gassing some people would've taken that but. The way it plays out the sabres have a two goal lead and never trail. Until it's over when Crosby find cheery. And again in a situation where. It's kind of that. Who's at fault for that last goal it's probably Michael but he was phenomenal in the game. And yea you know DOT go after mark LS goal all he lost series. And Cherie was there and if you give Crosby a split second opening he's gonna take advantage of any dead. And series a good player. He's able to finish it there. To give Pittsburgh their first lead in their only lead and the win five to 416. Seconds into the overtime buffalo never possessed the pock. It was a faceoff obviously senator I start OT with tank controlled things. And he brought into the buffalo zone Crosby had it circled back behind the net crutch Jiri goal over. Just like that. I don't really are really entertaining game a night where it was a very entertaining game. The sabres get a point and again. It's okay. But as Rick Jenrette the suit was set at the end of the broadcast they start Mets are winning. And these last two games they've played well enough to win in both games on the road. In Montreal and in Pittsburg yet somehow figure a way not to get a win. And I'd like sit sit here and say well the this is that this is the blame factors the person that's at fault. As a team that is got to figure it out. And tonight. You know was Crosby and cheery making a really nice play. But Michael needs to cover sheer either. Let's go to the Roman start things off live in Pittsburgh here Sam Reinhart with Paul Hamilton. Momentum turns early goals late goals in the hits for sure how do you feel. Physically personally aside from velocity. After taking him if you'll find that. Still with the the tides and turns of this game is about. It's trusting me go to the job of you know we we we are now lead going into third there's reason we. Replaying and ends. Or the best team in the world. On the last few years so. We we would play with the mindset we're gonna go take it to a room and who they affiliate in them. I'm forget and him and we suspect much him and the more opportunities you get that team. There's four more times and lots we should do their job on third and and still playing the same planet so. That's that's low for us salmon you get a lot of confidence in your office to do. Dating profitability back in the last two games. Yeah I mean I don't think of change anything. And I think. I'll share their some bounces a cooler airway and and you know this cool little success so hopefully it continues. Healing aliens and he checked jump in weight to throw him makers mean when you think. I mean. That's that's that's group again and that's the kind of guy is. He sounded really good job mr. coming in and and being that guy. So to to see both climbing up and that's huge. Appointment you can finish the game in summing things went right things like that. Yeah I mean I think this appointment comes from. Can we changed our game and we had no business and no reason to enter game so. Hopefully we can learn from Ireland and even ten. Thank you Sam Cameron are posting Brian back to you. Samurai are leading off our blue and gold locker report brought to you by for Dallas care quality health coverage it's our mission. Visit to Dallas care dot org I asked Paul Hamilton at the at the seconds. What would you do in the third and he said don't change anything but he said he thought there could be some sitting back. First interview Sam Reiner said well we might have set back who might have given them too many opportunities. They didn't necessarily go and press for it you look at the shot totals just battle loan. And you might agree that thirteen shots in the first thirteen shots in the second just six. In the third is that holding back. Statistically that looks like it. And Pittsburg that of course and that getting the tire. In the third back to the room Jack cycled out liven Pittsburgh. Thank you Brian. Jack. This through the first two periods in the last group what was different. First two periods without media tries to get to them third period we sat back and take it to us. Flynn played scared to pure delusion and not going so. They're gonna hit him in New Orleans you know get hard push. Talk about the goalie you score how surprised were you when that puck came to you from Crosby done years ago for a check. Skinner Ryan elegant and there's three of us. Turn over. It's good to get on an unlawful. I hope John certainly. You played in the first two periods is using it evident you're able take advantage of how they were trying to play which for an extra guy doubled just you know talk about how that. I know the disappointment now but when you play that way you can take it to. I'm gonna do for sixty minutes don't you know in the third period via. I thought. You know like I said we're just getting their bucks we weren't fortunate into though we are. You know that played the hope here in their zone every time we got that was stranded offer statements that are trying to find a teammate in. No it's. It's tough obviously. You know you get a lead and playing good and then. Certainly at one point so we are trying to find ways to get to hear it's still it's frustrating in. No work what happened on what happened on the overtime goal. I think it was just the switch and I didn't pick up here quick enough ballots on me you know Kennard has a good job I think it was Tina went down and that's it and and alienating a play he spun off pretty quickly and in minutes past there and I wasn't expecting in house. You know China finally back to the front ad in there shooting stuff you know when his back but. You know I was just below the closer so I wasn't. You know stillness of the such they're looking for me and I snuck back there I mean. That's on me analysts that the settlement for a so. You know it's tough on me so cool and I don't know a lot of the looked at it again but it just seemed like a pretty hard head Sanford Simpson sensing pretty vulnerable so. You know I think that's just part RT just above them and they're trying to send a message that you know and I feel that and organize it get to liberties taken on a men and notes to the serious stick together. You know we're group here when it was together and and you know one of us goes down you know bill authentic around that analysts. Well they're about tomorrow so you saw that on the playroom was in their frequent so. You know whether it was clear not a on have to look at it again it just seemed to do the hard headed and you know later on a single of vulnerable so. You know eight you obviously don't wanna see especially. You know when you're on the ice and that's that's been here you know good buddies of mine made some teammates that day care vote so. If you do it for me and I think you know coach's locker room. Thank you Jack. There are a post Ingraham you Jack cycle there and taking ownership of that game winning goal and I thought he was. General he was late says he's lady and he explained why city was in the midst. Switching with Cain Cain went to the law back to there his Robin Lehner now live. Hard to get a point out of it you were very sure tonight your thoughts in the overall feeling. They're gonna talk a team. So loss and it sucks. What happened when you got hurt there. Dollars. Tweets. Tweet something that's not an issue is not an issue over time well. The smallest things I am. I just wish. Take back anything I think we can do I just wish we would have played all third period like we did often is scored for four world. And we got a couple good chances off to their well. Posted a 44 rolls of pictures from also turned down there and I think the first. 111213. Minutes per hour or so it. Again we're doing very good team oracle there it is closely reflect the parks open and neutral zone with some com. Back to back in black and again on. You know it's the world's best players over there they're gonna do something and we're gonna learn from it. I think Pia a lot of great various book. Such listen you made or forty saves for what happened behind the net on that one on the first warm yet. For our growth there are suited my one dose covered. I think we're gonna community feel better I made. Amanda past obviously when a priority and got a book folks like. Cancer right side and most think you know his sort of torn off the skates. But again we've we've all spoke from Larry Carroll on second period. We're up three wrong on this final thinker and some say serial make up for. You know talky and against one of us teams in the league and give them. Some space and death has. So fortunate I think they're fourth rolls over like it's here for giggles through like three students before Kessel gets its long term. How well you guys played on the five on three I think you only saw one shot and they block some shots at that seem like there's a lot of desperation out there are during those two penalties. Filter peak is king. Playing really well through. For past will be I think if you was really sharp fall. All of game I think they're they're goals little bit of food if we can make and its failures. Fortunate. Just crossed gross there's this precedent of people are balking charts there sort person himself forward for us here he gave us again. You know one point but the the loss plus that Florida. And Heatley. We but. I mean she was self learning them. Like. We're gonna give up you know it's and would we know what's follower and we also noticed we. When 123. All of a sudden climb back up to 500 and any hour now here it's we we we have to take lessons out of this it's a it's again we're we're gonna there's some good teams coming out we. A lottery say a high scoring teams who were complain lately Cleveland. You know Florida's on a high scoring teams this team ours a lot of skill I think they'll. Few really good opponents from an up and next month and you know it's a lot of good teams so. We we have an audit control how we eat up time and do the right things and I gonna keep working on my game and they're longer Ricky Moore found her game and and get better book. That's that's what is your round. Robin Lehner imposed in Brian thank you Robin Leonard closing down there are blue and gold locker report brought you by the Dallas care again. Sabres followed overtime five to four Connor Cherie scoring sixteen seconds. You know a nice feed from Sidney Crosby the play was very fast. Yes cycle needs to be aware of cheery and get there but. Boy having. I guess take and I can understand how it happened and as Michael explained. He and Cain we're switching Michael went in to take Crosby on the Walt. And cane hits them and cross BC Cherie there and bang the pucks there and it's in the net already and in off. Letter you know in that case generally think he has much of a chance at all letter was great. Mean to say that he had on CNN the second say that he had on haggling with the gloves in the second. He was very very good beat Pittsburgh ends up with 45 shots on goal. They have five power plays. And one of them the five on three for 51 seconds and you know that power play is lethal I mean it's. It's Crosby and it's Malkin and it's what's hanging and it's tornquist and and again easily get cheery and as you roll them out and they got castle I mean. They have got a ton of good players it's not a fluke that they won the Stanley Cup two straight years and for the sabres to be able to do what they did on that five on three. And on the power play and the night was special teams. Sabres won that battle. Fight back to Pittsburgh here's Phil Housley now live. Fell almost to a man the players were talking about how you played so much differently in the third thicker than you did in the second then on the cost to your point. And it I don't know if I agree with that I think you know you look at a team like they have been they've got some highly skilled forwards. And I thought we we we made the right decisions you know you know they're gonna have a push. You know I thought we did a lot of good things tonight and powerfully scores two goals or get a big kill on the five on three. You know we had a shot mentality. We executed a place on a Russia's. But the bottom line is is like you said we didn't win the game so. You know its system. And play without the pockets it's awareness. In our d.s own. And we continue to talk about that we're gonna have to continue to learn from that. But you know the bottom line is we can win hockey games we putter the cells out of position. To win a hockey game you know going to third period with a one goal lead we go we got to be able to shut teams down you know there's. Good teams that are gonna you know they're gonna create. But we got to rely on our play without the puck and have urgency. To protect a lead and then try to take advantage of mistakes the other team makes which we don't we we came close to. I. Push they have let your push back as well the team didn't back down and nor did they backed off for protecting your teammate once again. They speak into the character and in a process of building something here which this group. Under your guidance as to character that continues to seemingly grow here. Well I'd say I totally agree with the and guys stepped up by I think we're trending in the right direction those last four games you know I think I guess that we had a little bit hiccup against Florida. You look at the game against Washington. Even our last game against Montreal I think we're doing a lot of good things it's but. We have to realize that we have to take with a game gives us that if we're where we're gonna play you we have to play defense we have to defend well. In this league you have to defend well you have to play well thought the pocket you're gonna win. Sam and Jack any manner both dropped it's great and you know he said George to step up the other night and and then Keener and Jack has sticking up for the team made it shows that you know this group is a very tight group. That they're they pawned for each other. So that's good to see. The five on three and the ensuing power play only gave up one shot a lot of blocked shots there was a lot of desperation through Iowa. What went well in that killed that market that didn't go so well for you and I we just sick and did a terrific job of getting in shooting lanes taking away passing lanes and and as a result you know we've we've we've we've we took that away in the to have a lot of options and and again you know our penalty kills and pretty good this year. In a lot of guys are getting in the shop lane and then paying a price for blocked shots this game and a long time what's the difference in him the last speaker so maybe. I think when he was playing in the middle he was really good. Position Li I think his competitive. Battle levels on. Is capitalizing on opportunities now is get some more looks so. It's good to see him moving and good direction. Him post and Brian you Phil Housley is live post game press conference brought to you by Paul William belts your power of attorney. Five before the final let's go right back to PBG pizzeria in Pittsburgh Paul Hilton standing by for his analysis. Paul I asked you during the second or mission what would you like to see the sabres do in the third. And you described exactly what you thought could happen. And every player said what. You had said we've seen before about sitting back you said. Keep it going play this up tempo it's working. And if you have to win no I'm paraphrasing here he got to win six the five go do it and they sat back and every player owned up to it just like you said we might see. Yeah they talked about how they were just flipping talks out and they were really doing a breakout or anything like that it was just. Hold on and hope he gets through and they almost did but you you know home Malkin and Crosby are against the sabres and they did it again. They they all these comebacks that we described in the past 234 years. Three goal comebacks everything. Malkin and Crosby have been the catalyst of the whole thing. And even though Crosby came in slumping he did it again scored a goal even know he gave away goal to two. Do Michael I mean he but he scores one that he sets up for it the game winner. And that's just too young mistake on the game winner I mean check cycles and it got to take cheer their and he EU. You know wind that is watching behind the net his cane and and Crosby do battle and and we came to the bad job cross speech to create player and he's gonna get that out there you know he's gonna put it right on the tape. And it's you know when your three on three it's one on one ever has got amendment and that was Jack man and he just wasn't aware that he was there and didn't cover him. Paul Michael had a I thought a very good game and he also owned up to the fact that he thought he should have been quicker to cover Schering on the game winner. Absolutely he knew it and but you're right he did have a good game and what he did her samurai and heart goes a long way as you're saying you know a lot of people write a one jet Michael drop the gloves and I totally understand where you're coming from for that but still I'm 2000%. On whether. I mean he he was there in a flash and then Evander Kane saw that Jack's get involved and he got involved in better came might be one of the toughest guys on the team so. You know just the you know they were all there for each other and that's a good thing. There are a lot of things to help them momentum wise in this game at times he took advantage of the momentum mean that play they score. Right in the beginning of the second period sixteen seconds and they score with six point seven seconds left in the second period to take the lead back. I mean they're a lot in the five on three kill was phenomenal I mean I expect great job so much desperation. That you saw there and you know did did a phenomenal job with that so there are so many times that they would grab the momentum from the penguins. But yet in the end they still can't get it done they did get a point out of it which they usually don't get the usually wind up losing going away out here but. You know they get a point out of it that quite frankly just another game we're sooner talking about where they should've gotten to. Paul does a quick thought on letters night we mention the great job dropping saves in the second but I mean he faced. 45 shots and a lot of power play opportunities. Yeah he was phenomenal but he unfortunately. For him though he gave that puck away behind that. And the bank in an awful Riley why won are still behind the net so that's you know miners there that's a goal he gives up that it's not you know pulled. It is not even in the net for but it's the past that he makes that second time that's happened to fairly recently. So but overall he makes over forty saves and made some phenomenal saves along the way. And really. At times battled you know battle through screens battle through bodies to be able seat box. And dive it pox and a dive forward and you know you would say he probably deserves a better fate but one of the goals as I said you know it is is totally on them. Paul I'm a safe flight and he said they're coming back in the go back on the road for Detroit on Friday. That is correct the kind of weird road trip I don't know if I've ever done a road trip like this where it's three separate cities in a row but. Is back and forth back and forth to spread out so much yeah. Paul thanks a lot we'll talk to you Friday okay it okay Paul Hamilton in Pittsburgh yes there sabres and Paul flying home tonight and then. There on the road on Friday in Detroit it's a 730 puck drop sabres will return home. On Saturday the Carolina of course that's a seven game and won both those teams are here on the sabres radio network. By five to four Pittsburgh wins it when we come back leaches more highlights that's breakdown gain caves check. The NHL scores. But for all of our local affiliates were gonna say to ninety authority keep listed a post game go to WGR by fifty dot com or on the WGR 550 app. And fraud you on our flagship on Sports Radio 550 more of the public about post game coming up. Pittsburgh comes back five to four Connor sharing the winner in overtime. I'm rankles heal this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. Now. That's saved from Robin letter Rick general on the call on Carl Hagelin monster glove save game was tied at three late in the second period. In a few moments later Benoit pulley I gave buffalo a four to three lead but that save of the game. Proxy or your local Geico agents say 15% in just fifteen minutes feature free Geico quote from locally it's got called in. Or Tim lynch welcome back to the poll William Bell's post game show I'm Brian called the 054. Pittsburgh winning it in overtime tonight time for our top shelf gold game. Well unfortunately we know how this one ends the game winner. Crosby lightning quick pass to find cheery in front. Cherie second of the night the game winner Pittsburg controlled the puck for. The only sixteen seconds in the overtime that you saw and heard it right there Rick called the entire court time for a net highlight. Sherri safe from Crosby inlet tanks 54 Pittsburgh pitcher top shelf goal a game brought to by Clarence kitchen design studio. For a beautiful top shelf in your dream kitchen visit Clarence kitchen design studio. And start treatment. Before we get some more things done here on the show let's grab a couple called 8030550. Let's start it off of Brian Williams a high Bryant had. You had a lot to stay home all those gains lately the power play and I hate the defense. Pretty good because it started hitting. Finally. No leg Lou Bennett Nate I'm surprised because this data have been I'm not how. Maybe I am really hurt hey I'm not I'm not sure but Ed dot and then there. At that point he they haven't yet taken any chances but media franchise goalie. I think they Bryant adding that probably at that point it's on letter if he feels good. Having that it's his call to say end. And he was playing great so I don't I don't have a problem and staying in just because. It the wasn't like you know if they're down 51. And you're worried about him any capacity and the game's over that point maybe I could see the argument but. He was excellent and he wanted to stay and obviously. If the traders felt there wasn't any sort of at harm at risk then I'm fine I guess without played out thanks for the call 8030550. Is the number final shot totals. Up Pittsburgh. 45. Buffalo 32. Power plays the sabres win this category they go to a three. Pittsburgh won a five. Your three stars. Samurai and our quality game tonight from buffalo he's the third star he had a goal and an assist. After corn quest he is the second star he had a goal and an assist as well and Conner she re. Two goals including the game what are you start number one and Connor series tonight in our high impact player of the game. Brought to read a lot port outdoor store high impact here for hard working men and women. The travel a thousand miles to find a store like ours the attendance at PBG eight Serena. 181438. And the sabres will next play on Friday as this three game road trip continues with them coming home between each time. 730 puck drop 630 pregame. The sabres and the red wings from the new. Little Caesars. Arena in Detroit. So we'll have that for you right here on the sabres radio network and then Saturday Buffalo's home breast 7 o'clock puck drop. With the Carolina Hurricanes. And we'll have pre game at six for that let's hope we can do with us throughout those games right here on the savers radio network. Right next to go to gym on the post game show hi Jim go ahead you're on the year. I just two point one about vocal one though if I just laugh now because whatever related does some really dumb. Big color commentator guys they always a bad break. The dude we've got to have that that's how that gap goal that's scored at that and the first period he's out of position. And Lear is gonna make five or six or seven great if the game and letting the goalie should he always does. And college golf. This guy is at least 43%. I think honestly about race he mood of the faceoff in the overtime. Then he elects the gaggle in front of the matter is scores. Big game winning goal so really it's like put this guy on the wing because he cannot win the faceoff. And to stop putting him on the night in any situation where he's going to be defensive liability because he's worked what's the constantly. All right Jim well. Probably that's not your request is not gonna happen meaning. He's their best offensive player he's gonna be on the ice he's gonna get a ton ice time. This team tanked. On purpose they loss on purpose for years so that they can get a a Jack cycle or powdery David and while it and the being Jack cycle so. Yes on that goal he needs to cover Connor Cherie. But I think when it comes to defensive woes. I I wouldn't sit here and say that he's at the top of the list of the blame game I think there are other forwards at times. That at least he can stay with some of these guys I'm not saying he's perfectly defensively yes he had a piece. Of that game winning goal there's no doubt about it tonight any owned up to it so it's not like he's he was deflecting in any capacity but. Yeah I just I mean this franchise it's put itself on a path. To get him. So in terms of him being out there in the overtime he's gonna be out there in the overtime I want him to be out in the overtime is he's the one that could put the puck in the net. In always face off to me 43% like I don't know. It is what it is. I mean eat if you wanna sit hearing to pick Ewing go across the board Larsson. Four out of thirteen he was 31%. You know who also draws tonight the only saver over 50% with Ryan O'Reilly. So. Yes in the OT he lost it and Pittsburgh in controlling never got a back that sequence. You wanna put it on Michael little that's fine. But I would want on the overtime to start. Every time in my opinion. Thanks for the call 54 Pittsburgh the final. Let's set aside we will have more the post game Dane case check of the night sports also coming up here. On the Buffalo Sabres radio network. They're downright heart valves definitely the hit that was talked about the most and Michael's response. All part of our Seneca poker deck of the game. Brought to reset it a poker inside the Seneca nagger casino the real deal for winners only. Pittsburg in overtime over buffalo five to four Connor shearing winds at sixteen seconds then Brian calls it with you here on the post game. And he can't join us on the phones during the game we just got to get something off your money can always Texas you're thoughts. Honey AT&T tax line that number is 55550. Switched to AT&T wireless in DirecTV today stay connected all season long AT&T. Entertainment your way. Well then. Think well it was a pretty entertaining game now which. Ended as we're watching the third watching the savers sit back you and I are sitting a thing we kind of know what the final part of the scripts gonna be yeah it's too bad but. For two periods that was a lot of fun because there hasn't been a lot of fun periods to watch this team this year. Both ways even if you're a mean. Or your just a casual hockey fan avid fan of neither team but just you like watching on eaten those first troopers are very good it was great it was really entertaining. It was fast pace there were a lot of shots obviously a lot of goals. You had the central players for buffalo. Putting pressure on Murray that you want to see Michael Reinhart Evander Kane getting in the mix. Who is it was a lot of fun for the first two periods and it's clear that Michael Caine right are can't just be on the and so that's how that would be great if this was. NHL 94 and you turned off line changes that would be the case is true however you cannot do that. In real life but eichel and write articles alluded to it afterwards and and liner for that Merrill ever won two spoke to Paul. During the post game also the same thing you know they came out during the third period and didn't play. The way that they did for the first forty minutes and that let's Pittsburg ultimately tying the game and then winning in overtime. Which is too bad because they deserve better. As they did Friday in Montreal but they're the steam this keeps finding ways. To either lose or not get the full two points and it's going to cost them in the standings now speak at the standings. Loyola. Suck but the standings in a moment let's hear other night went up first all right and then we'll reflect on the standing let's do that right now all right let me tell you are probably we go yes thank you everyone for going around the league. And it's brought to you by Jim Murphy Buick GMC Jimmer he cars dot com serving Western New York. Since 1985. To the other 7 o'clock starts also went to overtime tonight the Blue Jackets beat the Canadians in OT 221 on sick Redskins game winner. A shootout meanwhile in Florida where the panthers' top stars 43 is the final there game still going on third period in Nashville Predators. Leave the capitals six to three while the wild are on top of the flyers it's still one nothing. I Nino near writers third goal of the season that with about two minutes ago in Minnesota. Halfway through the third in Winnipeg jets lead the coyotes four to one Jules army of finding minutes tonight with his third of the season the Oilers. Are all over the golden knights for nothing Edmonton in the second. Ryan Nugent Hopkins school number seven on the season for Edmonton just are ready to get under way in LA. We're the kings tonight posts the Canucks men's college basketball battle of the top few teams in the country number one duke outlasts number two Michigan State. 888137. Points for Greece and Allen meanwhile fourth ranked Kansas leads number seven Kentucky. In the first half 2623. Elsewhere tonight Syracuse beats I own a 71. 62 and tenacious falls to air force 93 to 79 and in cape around the league Brian team. Great college basketball matchup tonight as you mentioned their duke holding on 01 vs two and now. I'm looking forward to going home watching the second half of Kansas and Kentucky deck a good time at. Are you inviting me over I'm not it is and you can you can tomorrow or thank you that's I I accept. Classic this. Great uniform match up there to Kansas and Kentucky in there. You always like to see negate and that the first game have the uniforms going to be doomed in their royal blues thank you not the black stop the blacks and they looked really opens I'm excited that college basketball season is up knowing. As MI I'm looking forward to I saw you being tenacious on Saturday and that was a great game globally and big things out of Nevada guns are on display tonight sure Alia actually at the top ranked teams but. Big things for UB men and women of the season they are both pre season. Number one in the media poll yeah. Saint Bonaventure was ranked I believe by CBS sports is the number what team in New York State. If you see that I did not see that yes so how about this the Poland Syracuse yes and while there he's actually three OK at saint John's was ranked second oh then Syracuse at three I'll him. So Bonaventure high expectations are there at him and then can you show us Beirut they were frisky against UB as you mentioned over the weekend those games are good that's three years in a row now. Kinesis and UB of hadn't really epic games. The previous two gone over time this one could've gone overtime now Denise is was down three with the ball four seconds left and they turned it over again I mean. You get a three off their good shoot three shooting team and we could add three myself healthy basketball back isn't angry. Our debts I said you back as well broadcasts and appreciate so Friday we get the the wings and the savers does this make you feel any better as we look at the standings okay. The sabres even though they are still. You know scrapping points here and there. The final playoff spot right now on the east. Has the Rangers with twenty points. Sabres at fourteen does that mean you're feeling better worse or or nothing. Action six back batter than what it actually it makes me feel not bad. Six points back of what would be the last he meant yes I'm kind of OK with that although there and you look at opportunities like tonight. And Saturday night and say well shoot if they had gotten two more points a game if they'd won both of those they would have sixteen is that a fourteen and guess what Detroit has eighteen and then yeah which then you that is tied them on front right that's that's true but you still have to look at it and say the difference at this point I mean. You can't keep letting it pile up but ultimately at this point in the season. Middle of November you can't you can't exactly say the difference between four and six points out of a playoff spot you're looking at such things at this point is. That big of a difference still. You have to reply to your point yes you have to at some point to mean this this is what I think should be the goal of the scene I am I'm probably this is not gonna go up on a poster in the walls they were Dresser and catch you but my thought is by the end of the 2017. Portion of the schedule the calendar year they need to have more points. Then they have teams played. Okay heart that's the goal because right now you've got to eighteen games and fourteen points share. So you've got to make up that for at some point but a few more points than games played. And you still love. A full three months. Is that you have a point game that's 82 for 82 corrects and 8280 nanny to last year. They are not so and we know the playoffs in the east probably isn't that low ninety range and so. If your head of your games played in your entering. The second half of the year which we hope with Phil Housley maybe the system going batter them. Well if you're if you have if you have more points than you do games and obviously they're not going to be 82 at the end of 20s17 while maybe can be a pace to be upper eighties or near ninety which would at least at the very least put you in the race rioting which is what probably many fans are hoping for like taken. In January and February and march of actually games that mean something yeah. It's something to shoot for and and if they can continue to play even though they haven't translated to wins but if they continue to play like they have the last. Two or three games you'd like to think that those would eventually turn into instead of overtime losses. Or is flat out losses and a maybe Beckel can be achieved and that's what is at the southern literally shoot for I mean. We kind of talked about it during air Breeders' Cup show a couple of weeks ago for his ban as the season has gone I mean in the theater in last place in the division. But you look at the standings and it's like well you know it's. A big game weren't there could be Arizona you know which is. Sometimes I feel around here but they still need to keep getting points at these overtime losses whether at least staying relatively it feels like. Nation. The way that. These gains have felt a lot of times it feels like their record should reflect what arizonans are accurately. But. And I dead but there in a hole right but as this and I think it's it's if it's that would be my age I'm it's a good go that's my poster in the sabres room okay. Must have more points and games played by the end of 27 and like I think it's fair goal. That's your poster in the sabres are that's my privacy you'll will have to talk to Paul. Next week CG things that are C yes I'm sure that the team and we can ask Paul if that's a fair Eagles have OK okay too incessant. He always very open to ideas. Yes but usually that's right big media thinks we'll talk Friday with the sabres and the red wings and that will put a wrap on our polling and belts post scheme tonight. When I think our crew here being house. TJ luck and an iron ore producer Kyle power work in inside and our social meanders on thank you Kyle and Dane cave. Great to have you back here anchoring tonight. Our pregame show hosts who show over the below their game announcers were regenerate robbery minus rankles he'll finally get over time Pittsburgh five. Buffalo for a we'll talk on Friday with the sabres in the red wings right here on the sabres radio network. Okay. The. It's been really oh. Well.