11-14 Sam Reinhart Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, November 14th

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Everything from momentum turns early goals late goals and hits for sure how do you feel. Physically personally aside from velocity. After taking who you'll find that. Stu with the the tides and turns of this game different. As trusting me go to the job of you know we we we are now lead going into third visitors and we have it. Replaying plans. Probably the best team in the world. On the last few years so. We we would play with the mindset we're gonna go take it to a room and who they affiliate in them. I'm forget and him and we suspect much of the more opportunities you get that team. There and score more times not to you know do their job on the third and and still playing the same planet so. It's let's look for us salmon you gain a lot of confidence in your office to do. Dating profitability back in the last two games. If I mean I don't think have. Changed anything. And I I think. I'll share their some bounce that cooler airway and and you know this cool little success so hopefully it continues feeling aliens and he checked jump in weight to throw him makers mean when you think. I mean. That's. That's this group and hand them and that's the kind of guy is. He's and it really did on this here coming in and and being that guy. So to to see both climates and that's huge. Disappointment you can finish the game and summing things went right things like that. Yeah how I mean I think this appointment comes from. Well. And we changed our game and we had no business and no reason to your game so. Hopefully we can learn from Ireland and even things.