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Time to talk sabres hockey on WGR Sports Radio 550. Now. Rob ray brought you by Jim state gap because hockey fans he hopes by the locked poured out to restore high impact here for hard working men and women. By the greater buffalo area Honda dealers Condit was named Kelly blue book's best value grants you greater buffalo area Honda dealer today. And by Budweiser hockey we'll never be the same hash tag laid up buffalo. Sabres and penguins tonight on WGR 705 game in Pittsburgh. Rob ray. Is already in Pittsburgh rob always Pittsburgh got today. Pittsburgh little cool little darker you know little but it almost treason war so. You like going records. I don't mind Pittsburgh. Some Gluck who ought downtown here coastal hotel. He stayed close the period a week at war two which is now ratios and only Japanese that. Entitlement. You played your first game there edited the they have any I don't receive a statue any thing Ernie sort of that was. Spiritual over there it's because it's float like a pilot gravel ground up dirt and concrete because. It's a parking lot now I detour that little town in put down and it would actually wrote to their spoke to not let them Wear. Scored the big goal also. It kind of hurt that hurt sit back to you look good news or drive by in theory they're guys that were little circle. Can you still see can you still see everything about that moment in your mind. Oh absolutely yeah. That's one good bet like that those kind of things you don't forget and it doesn't matter all in court Ramon scored 41 total also. Couldn't remember part other ones are you remember now. Could have been the ref didn't mean quite the same. Yeah do you remember it. Rom it having happened entered your remembered from having seen the play the over over his sometimes guys will say. In a moment like that news this kind of war you know because it was it was so exciting that Uga might have missed some details about it and don't remember stuff. Well it's just nice to get treated the back and look at it. You know it's nice that you can actually. Trade Khaled then and have proved that it actually can echo. But in my case even medical I I didn't even know when Ian because there was ability reaction to look. Why would he do you I think at that point you. You're so jacked up the adrenaline going and everything that cute you know sometime you'd think. It was way better than what it actually ones and then went back looked is quite the way I remembered but you know still you know great to all the something so natural. Where do you start to be able not being able to change umpire that you know because there has proved that he can back it. Arlen and I applaud on lecture on the guy yell that he did you eat like that kept the schools. Normal order of the game cheat because on the sites. It would Islam view it on. Coffee was. And I. You there electorate there. There was who was the goalie. Perhaps wrestle with the goal you know Jason about oral scored his first goal against is pretty nice rob this rudeness you did did you. Go ahead Terry Miller who's a bilateral First Financial goals against Marty. Router yeah a legitimate a lot of discord effort go to our next thing I thought he played along tiger. You you have bomb you do have a you know it's somewhat of a collection of this the you know stuffit. You've got it mostly in boxes I think from from last I remember talking to you about it. It Bibi you just mentioned coffee LeMieux Grasso they do you divert. Fought to try to get them decide that sheet for you. No no that's a good idea though. A really good idea. But it can be really I mean those I mean that's those certain club hall of famers error mean that's that's not peace. Yeah I think everybody on the excellent also hammered sort of regard there or in what should stick it in our Neil. He had given a quieter. Whomever was on our side. There has to be all the fame for Kevin McGuire. Think somewhere there has to be all talk and I turned linesman the other Oliphant for a referee you're what it was Eliza. Mike Lee on the Europe throughout Syria. Cool. All right so to present day you realize that does Sidney Crosby was in the worst slump of his career. We're now right now he's gone thirteen without a goal 538 dot com. Most famous for you know presidential polling data analysis probably. Just quoted article out today about about Crosby season and like all this metrics are down expected goals. Some of his possessions that's they're not generating chances and don't score them on the nice it's really weird even for a guy who's older like he is for. For Crosby to go so long. Into a season and struggle for him. Like he has is notable. Well I'm glad you said it because that'd wanna bring it up just equal claim noting it was so something Knebels until the net but it. You're talking ignorant. Per square. Just kind of and not an excuse but I I might be an excuse for a guy like crowd who played so much that. You know they played a punt back to back a lot of road games at this point. You know kind of them. The hang over from Stanley Cup after Stanley Cup and the amount gain in ice time in and crack this that this guy has gone through. And edit each now. If we catch up a little facility you see mostly team out there today was not go to practice. And I imagine things trying to. Manage that. As much as possible through to make sure that these first goal for the game so. I don't think I would really sit back and think that maybe Sidney Crosby is. You know taking a step back until it. It happened urban vehicles or something because it seemed like every time you think that he does all the sudden turn up not only those get back to. You know up to the top where he's been Purcell ever sort. I I don't. It's it could happen at some point but I don't they have yet. It's a second longest goalless streak it's eleven games by the way blessing yeah. Earth the second longest goalless streak of his career. Previous. Was twelve in 201112. But during that goalless streak he had seventeen assess Antonio's 312 games he's got the Wii. In the slam games so one has really. That is really something. But you guys aren't in my court I'm not an actor and I still think he's the best out there now and there. You know at some point he he's gonna get a second wind to turn it open. If you watch all the guys you guys meet your goal is to get things figured out there and Sidney Crosby knows better than probably anybody out there right now what it takes to win. And how'd it manages. It body of work coat and all this kind of thing of beauty you know you can't. Lay it on the line for each game and and expect avatar I'm not what you are outlook toward nature. And this guy got a lot of lot of Maher program. In. I would think it. You know his team's doing okay that are that are carried in the order not young guys there that. You know art art or keep them in the console when the time comes there's certain crowds we need to turn it up a notch and they know we inaugurated though. Rob ray with us from Pittsburgh so what are we have over the weekend you had Detroit. Was in Detroit. Yeah Florida Florida Friday and Montreal and mean I don't know both both teams probably were frustrating. For. Now vote for for similar reasons for Friday. Funny really made me nuts rob I mean thwart us. Thwart a sport we are in the sabres are bad so like there's that okay Florida is bad. And I don't hold with a shot at times in the game we're like this really excited for fla that was really upsetting to watch that game brought him. You know what I think in both games we just got to work we're broke battled com. It also ordered. Come in and in the all right you as you know you wonder where the download jumpy about forty our spotters or do you get our trouble ball. Then they get it for awhile and then they got away. It is speakers are notorious for. Going out of proving a point yup that's the way to do it and then once that accomplish that it just sort of pull back and let that happen which. In in that game they'd they'd just pull back after they realize that they this'll work we're we're we're haven't successfully make that change the game that that team was. That's human lawful. And you know and yet a goaltender that once you got on the is just so good little situation and you know at that point we do need to generate much. So guys grilling the edit the article for the sixty minutes and realize we're working too many times and shoots the commode that first period in the you know what they're gonna do is gonna work and then second period or third critic mode totally get away from it shouldn't. They've been a blue in the game so there's got to wake up opener I conceded we're being told. Is working now you got to make sure you continue to do it. Seventeen games five wins minus twenty. Goal differential which is thirtieth in the league. Rob are all big question is what the general manager would be thinking at this mean he's in his first year. If that matters. If he's he's. Charged with getting this team to the playoffs making them good. And maybe it's you know I feel like this season is already a lost cause but I don't have to be right. So what would he be thinking or should he be thinking here is it. Some sort of next rebuild. Is it trying to do kind of what Marie inner rebuilding effort day which was tree for veterans and try to accelerate. Mean that's kind of what were at the back end of what is the mood here. I think that what do you do any moral mode that he's not gonna do it. Early he's gonna wait till he is the proper assessment of everybody that my match knee jerk assessment and he's somebody plate or for bad games and then get in that might look at this guy can't play and then. So it's gonna be at Kirk are. It's not enough that I would believe is gonna happen to Christmas that are in the years when you get a good idea that and then. Make some that happened but I don't think it's going to be brutal. Completely I think he's gonna realize that he passed the court together core guys here. And the guys that. Could beard spoke dubious core rate now I think that's what he's judging that judging although the fringe guy she's judging to see what he has for court. And if girder. Going to be able to beat. The guys are gonna carry this important not and you know picky in May be get that I open a little bit that maybe some guys. Are exactly what he might have spot and I would earlier where in the current cover for him and tell them that some of those guys that we are. Might be long term here aren't going to be. In I'm not talking. I'm not talking you know guys who have been brought in you know it still all are talking guy is that you know maybe are on Il and and guys that. That are supposed to be carrying the load here in an Arab trouble to have. Yeah almost pass. I mean you do not naming a name here but all Riley is the name that comes to mind dope also got to know move. Michael just signed for eighty million dollars which could mean. That's not happening. Sold when Leinart but not great yet right I mean I'd at the high end your cain's gonna be a free agent with the high end the year Bristol line in May be. Is someone you you might wanna consider in this conversation too good luck. But I mean the vote the post but that's why I think you're going to be talking about your right. Yep yep Narnia and you're not up and and I think that it can make it to make a statement AA and to make your team better. Sooner and sort of going through the opening and and building from the trap because. You know you've got interrupted which now that you don't have that war chest anymore goes. Corny picks or whatever work over three years that we had is back at all go on and really not a ton shall sports so. You know he's he's got to make it work in the end boob pieces that it. Because you don't have that luxury that stockpile of draft picks to start moving in and out of me we drafting lumps and hitting on pews so. Right that's that's the only way you're going to be able to do it. When do you start. As soon as possible or you wanna Wade Miller to what you wanna do I think I think you wait until you're just find out which. Which got them when teams start realizing what they have to and what their needs are like talking guy here they want a third line center. And you know they've got guys that they're possibly going to to move to do that. Because they know they've during an area where they have to take something to get something. And you know others click here they've got they. A fortunate to have two or three young goaltenders you somebody took a look Cooper alternative got a third line Letterman that they're willing to give up that put. The odd part in the you know use the start like that I need a goalie to right. Yup. You got two guys that are usher contracts and monitors over there. Chris Baker we didn't insert it there sorry rob Chris Baker tweeted to dale Peterson is stirring up DHL mean in general. Yeah you know I don't general managers get famous. Draft picks me at the start of their tenure by inheriting guys from the last general manager was fired because they were terrible. You know you you go get your draft picks how much time if if it's it's more than that to would be prospects. Like went win do your 2018. Draft picks make the league. Three years two or three years as your drafting at the very top right which is possible. Hum two or three years away so maybe bilateral would like to even really thinking this way you might end up treating four. HL. Young stalks there if you if he can maybe that's. I got a huge soccer sort of fine and the current. And have a relationship with him and understanding you know guys that. You know completely ended two different I look at it out of Louisville couldn't play in our team become a clearer road and you are chip looked so. You know he's got a knack for fun. Well I mean any any any some of that nature speed I need done in the and you lot of stuff I mean a lot of stuff you know that the worst thing is rob again you know you know you mean you're you're you're you're trying to be as optimistic as you can. I. I am too which a long season I watch these games not just because of work a mile above the law the watch out of the watch hockey. So epic you know they they beat the player really is game on Tuesday and Ivan the soccer that's going OK this is that you were. Let's go let's put them together here and then you watch Friday and by by by 9:30 Friday night I am so bad. Think I built my night around home watching this game and I'm not even pay to get in the building like thousands of people. Any soul and frustrating to hear but they don't know they don't understand that they have to work and Mena if I don't know. I'm watching these games and Jack cycle is like he doesn't even exist on Friday night to read it never song. Endless what is happening. Nowhere are my god hates bush and you know what a lot of that I consider watching now and hope that popped so you lobby. We everybody puts that big. Emphasis on skill speed and then all that kind of thing and forget about character. Characters on the missing in our game bat because you kind of a lot of hard look on her character guys. My nappy Africa remind that you most skilled guys and make it over. And in a lot of cases don't have enough. So when things are better at which the character guys are gonna kick in to make a difference and if you have got to knock out that you're in trouble. All right rob well. That that's all the questions I have. For today we'll talk to you Friday from Detroit. Were you that's where you have that casino. Yeah probably you know problem and it Attica. Yes that's very sweet very careful in Detroit apartment our. Character. You guys mostly. Set up what are Google on prepaid attacker. My notebook and what it if you can receive addiction TV you really get to double digits win win or lose on Friday yeah. I imagine you guys are coming back year after this right you're not going I don't expect to Moody's and put it definitely is I don't want more thorough and burglary. That's what they told you coming home to bear could talk thanks rob we'll our guys. Robberies. Game appearance for the Sierra WT are brought to you by Jim's steak out because hockey fans eat hoagies. By the lock toward outdoor store high impact here for hardworking men and women. By the greater buffalo area Honda dealers Condit was named Kelly blue book's best value brand see your greater buffalo area Honda dealer today and by Budweiser hockey will never be the same hash tag. Light up buffalo. Anybody else wanna take the question. What should. Happened what should they do. What should be done with the sabres lineup the sabres ross' or anybody else wanna take on a credit that. There's no other answer for me the Robb's answer. We just sit here and wait for Brendan coolly to be amazing. Or Alex deal later to be amazing. And then. I'm loose team but I signed someone else like Cain and then some. OK like and I'm pretty good. And and then guys start to leave even good players eventually. You'll probably do I have a is that what like most most just sit high eight or. Asked and if I act there's no other action. Besides backward. For next. There's just no other what what do you do trade LT lender. I mean trade trade who leaked. No no no you cannot treat those people. You I break capsule we cannot treat those people the other young guys have me. Multiple league just there to win type players because they've not proven anything. It's weird way hockey works like once you exit sir haven't proven anything. It when you're still knew what you Lander outrageously Baptiste bail he's he's a higher pick for one thing but. But you know yet what his ceiling isn't known stuck no distilling is on these guys and is not good. I don't know I mean I only get too distracted. By a bootleg robs common at the end there about character but it I don't know much. I connecting the dots wrong but he's what I think he's telling is that the the high end guys on this team are lacking character. Ellen that's not possible to go. Christmas is not not good that's not content congress but I need the I end of our roster to have character but might future depends on it. Babbitt's awful here that. In my mum misreading that. Then pump the brakes for me but what wha. Now does not sound good. This season like I think I did the same sort of tap dance last year but. The lose the first game in a shoot out of Montreal to go to the islanders and it kind of crushed and then they come home play the doubles and get crushed crushed crushed but that's over. Okay it's a bad week it's not even wake. But like and I don't have it now and I'm one of my now on fourteen games more or not I have five wins in the second worst goal differential in the NHL. What do must also think what are what are we supposed to think registered there that is not it's a slow start. Sort of bad and so far there bad. Again. 8030 fight that we can't even get. A winning record for one game with the sabres is like six years like out of the one day don't almost 400 games and they've gone into a game with a winning record their five and twelfth. It's not happening. They have to win eight in a row or whatever seven in a row row. When will they win their eighth game from now. Boom gosh. Next year like January. I don't even know what government trying to predict that just. You know it's sinking and lines open mics open the Bulldog WGR. Stuff that we're going this that the games are thought it could well. I was getting a lot of good chances. You're just not a word for a but no Soviet you know you obviously can't live in the past in this league we have stretch of ball games there are setting in twelve days coming up here it's. You know could make or breaker yourself. Obviously disrupt their best foot forward against the defending Seneca camps and trying to you know moderate distribute two points and that's really all we can we're more right now. Jack cycle on a goalless drought of his own exit eight games for Michael yes. And eleven for Crosby was corrected on that. Yeah 538 dot com. Has a Sidney Crosby article today about how. He's in the were stripped of his career. The sabres might be the tonic he's been waiting for I don't know it's probably not playing all these other games against the lightning. But. He does get usually points against the sabres. But I happens the united Derek edited more real -- to me he's he's got scores under siege it's like towards everybody. But he sees breed a ball point game ball score 51 and 43 Dyer at some point to boot he's you know he's he's done some good work against neighbors. We have 51 goals against the sabres no new model the three games a year ten years thirty games you an effort dual goals to one points as 51 points sixteen goals. Sixteen goals 43 games is all that's that's. Not not including the shoot out winner in the first winter classic or the gold medal winning gold is Ryan Miller at the Olympics I'm there those are not lists and that goes I'm thinking of results don't count. And those don't count in the NHL isn't allowed to use that highlights from mom from the Olympics I don't think you can you can count that period because the NHL can use it so yeah I guess I haven't seen that took my colleagues didn't happen this that you didn't think they can use that highlight so I guess you know he'd don'ts on the players that are. That's when Gary Bettman pretty much the other in incredible. Bettman had aligned it he got mocked for about how old the problem with the Olympic idea is that it erupts or season everybody pointed to the lockouts. We have three a lot of notes on this American can damage and obviously the sanctity of your full season is is very important deal. Here is Dave with us on WG Arlo Dave. And I got bought out. Our topic of air America they were a little bit about how I mean. Inherited a higher they are harvesting game and there aiding and you heard about their vote. I like. I think act are all all it also make very intense and all the bad. That the sabres are very important they have little bad. Lander bullies. Ass and I think they got the young guys comment or an effect. By ethnic let those who think they. A marketable probable slower guys out this roster and that's I think the cap state the rule per Evander Kane. Who really can aid in is the player and he's only one sack and I'll hang up and down but then you're. And he. It's also hard to figure out what cool image column on the on Keane he's gonna cost so much money right now style wise. A perspective of nothing but like the player on the ice he is exactly what this team needs because of his skating he's had he's a good skater. Any scores goals and that's important but it's gonna cost a premium and like I don't know that makes sense to do right now with him IE. Am I doing it waiting for those guys. Signing came right now doesn't make sense I wouldn't. So I just I just don't know. I just don't know what what you can expect to happen here. It is. It is bright and I stopped sort of being the drums about it because they probably I was dispute saying the same thing all the time about skating and in speed. But I did them callers right. You you've got. And you hired a coach that wants to. Be about what the league is about which is speed. I do not have a roster that is really that good at that game. I mean I just don't my best guys. I've got two guys up front that can really wheel and my best skating defenseman has played in Rochester. That's my team. And I don't play up tempo and speed that I mean it's don't have it. Seoul. It is it is very hard I think to win consistently. In this sport at whatever level. But having it both stroll through with the NHL level. If you are the slower team night in and out and I think a lot of nights that's what happens. Well. I just I mean I would love to have a better idea. For what the the plane should be then dismantling the roster but I don't I don't have a better idea than that. And you couldn't. Go back and probably will do this funny at times and rehash the last five years but it really doesn't matter right now to bottle roll in the sabres it shouldn't matter at all. What matters is where my going this year. As we've had many times. It's important for the GM's take a hard objective look at that. I find absolutely no reason to think this team will be good this year as constituted not. Nobody's all that will help. Like that there's just no reason to see that. So what you wanna do about it it's definitely not signing Evander Kane. It's definitely not doing that it might be trying to trade O'Reilly how treatable is C. He he. Has been traded already. And like he's got some value for the player that he is we love the idea but it had fifteen million dollar contrary treated no that's right that's right. So. There you know for guys to get traded at all with the book contract like Jack and look at the contracts at the young rate most important players got. Riley did not get that from his offer sheet at one time but he did not get that his original team that's only part of it. He now is big big money as his own poll so when you have guys that. How treatable are today if they even wanna be traded in some cases you have to get them to agree to it like it also calls him. So. What can you do. You either have to. Make it work with him by surrounding him with older guys that are upgrades. Or if you can trade him them may judge don't think you'll avoid that necessarily. If you can't and then. Maybe you should mean I always say maybe about trying to cop out it's just like what is out what do you do with them. Yeah right what what what what kind of treaty is that. I use that is at a train for a top defenseman. Is that a trade war. Pick that could become a public what what is the what's the key part of that deal they do what what can I accomplish. By attacking. As Donnie I'm not I'm not having to worry about what I'm doing. To replace him literally in the line up right now I think that that that amid you'll just have to wait for that. But what can I get it might make them with him. I don't know I think the contract. Is troublesome who's got room for that guy like best price you're gonna have to take something back. And could could slow Mo what you're taking back be just Jong that someone needs to clear to make room for him I think him and like I wanna I wanna do that. Four were talking it's probably really hard if you wanted to do it. Which is doing by here I guess I mean this is not to imply any thing. Directly but you're you're probably trying to change belligerent with the bills did you know you probably trying to meet. The sabres different in an important. Structural way if you will and I don't know. That that's what's called for but. It is like up widely. How old belief for one reason or another that this is a team apart yours which the these rumors are always at my doorstep about. Always has seen this picture of these guys or whatever you know like so if you want to clean up. The sabres like it if that's necessarily think it's F I don't I don't know for sure if you have to do that. Then you're taken pennies on the dollar and then if you if that's your if that's your move it's the bills it's it's serious you know it's I don't care what I get. Almost. I want to be done a one well that's a great unity improved. You out for recess commuted to it well when this offering. Comment. Option was the summer. Before the offseason and summer was a season ending and it was before. And it got traded. Yup so it would abandon. Mike 2013. Or 2012. Feeling spring of thirteen I think is okay for a half years ago. Could he still yet he starts that season and then make that trade and it's for memory comes. And I and I think I think the suffering. That was not a full year had no Pete. It was a wonder about Bristol line and I'd love to know on the inside want. Kind of value the league thinks he has. Brian Burke only runs so many teams so I'm not sure if you would get what you would think what most people would think of is a good trade for Bristol linemen but. He's not helping me and always injured right now but. Just I I would be I would rush to do that. I would rush to trade crystal line and if I got somebody back Vance. Measured up. I would rush to do it. 8030550. Is the number. We have sabres pregame at six tonight much over the bulldogs WGR. Israel says Jeff would a pair of tickets right now to go check out trans Siberian orchestra. Performances Saturday December 16 at 8 PM. At keybank senator does surprises fifty bucks courtesy of our friends that live nation. Can buy tickets or tickets dot com or win a pair right now 6449878. Caller five is gonna take care. All you can do that's it yep. I'll phone when it's decades although or even know if I could dial phone anymore Oakmont I hardly ever do it. I hardly ever gonna answer the phone just boy just talked to your food to the microphone thing on your phone and just say the numbers. Who would give you don't sort of even at the pump from in just talk Q4 and two fallen. Call yeah sewing so 8644987. Asia. A trend that should work early I can't certified there's one thing I know I can do in the future occurrence has. The company line she okay Google. And to. I call 644987. Days. Mean if you're. Call six or fair or not any urgency there. Bill well I'm David Compton not knowing exactly of the hour now so sorry whose boots. The kids probably know wow how many times do you have to not have that work before you just actually. Call up the keypad and just do it for puppets are always end up doing that. I do do do some voice texting. I Don I've done my torture. And move on. Yeah and it's the same permitting. Although here's something exciting in the world of technology. So with this new furnace that we were forced to buy because Carol when broken does anybody ever by one another way. Mean you know what we should get a new furnace is really in the mood for a new furnace I just did seem the new furnaces the 2008 teams looked great it would look so nice in our house. That's no yours breaks records and ours broke. Really they don't vote of our basement. Yes. So we're getting and the guys who aren't super job for us this of this this guy Jules. And we typical. Show fashion he even knows about me blog might. A year ago we bought the thermostat like the cool. Our Wi-Fi way thermostat. That's got the huge. You can control your home's temperature or you've shown you're quite a year ago we bought this. Never opened. So Friday night the furnace is broken I mean you just added in a box in your house we don't want wrapped OK I mean would there not like Christmas rip and read the Oakland. It's got several of the package sealed. Friday night. The furnace and a short. Illness. Shell shall we say after a brief illness equipment that. And during that time Friday night sabres run could not hear the TV. In the basement or on the first floor like the first episode is a soul loud to told comes over and you know you needed. Here's I could fix that piece for 500 dollars but we've we've had this conversation several times throughout new furnace. So while I'm no heat Friday the thing broken him all night I wake up to this mobile Robert Eaton again. England is just the fire department we're doing now and then but read up on it and my wife takes the kids to a hotel. The next two nights they stay at different friends houses. Three nights enrolled sleeping alone in the freezing cold are just friends move well enough to Padilla feet. And so that's right that's right so Joel comes over and is the darkness you wanna do it let's do it and my wife goes wait a minute. All you are goal we bought. But the Wi-Fi thermostat what position rages buying. A we needed it. You need to do their recess I think we did I I don't we did we knew thermostat they did you hear so and so's got a thermostat or you can control temperature on your phone let's get back. I don't remember why exactly I thought at that moment but the first bit old has been coming we bought the thermostat. It sits on a shelf and told this is now one great job thinking of it but now being implemented into the new moved into Rick's list. Yes it's great guard the guy was like oh you have this already addressed this already well. A year ago and asked him we thought about installing it never dead. Along with Al. We can't wait to mess around it wants the job is to good. Wondered might this come up. I was gonna call good contest slighted when tickets right that's what happened and technology. Technology you can work your present from your phone I think our phones we're just trading O'Reilly of support that runs well. O'Reilly you are Ken Campbell and do we want to trade Riley and 8030550. Will your calls on the sabres or the bills' hot yesterday with a big loss and Tyrod and everything. So why am wheels get into it we will already after the update here on WGR.