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This might show there's been there's one product that you can buy today. I realized lately it just it blows my mind it's just stupid thing to say but I have never been. And one to shy away from saying stupid things. Are they not amazing you walk into war room. At all. Or bathing suit you just walk into a room there's a pretty good it's no bull dog and a little worried experienced. Just passing by Phil well the think Patrick critical times of friends of mine were playing. Downtown after read so I may have been like on the fringes of it for you ever just moved there though I never like folding chair packed to cool Robin put on orange error green beads and took what they. I bought a parade. It's Mike Hsu open and a Bulldog. On WG ER Sports Radio 550. All right. You know what let's put Marcus get us going here I'm Marcus. Editorial Doug thanks gone. Thank you for a couple of quick thoughts two quick reward. He can't see in the first row right at right at the line this action quakes cannot miss those. Very nice let's see what section is that is that section and. Don't remember this action or program registry number. Sitting there thinking looking at the people in the call eight operating a lot more. And now. Probably yeah. That's just that's just to me that's like the right place to be ball they thought the hockey game that's that's that's that's where I wanna be. There were so we're right on the and for some reason back in those days at the mercy. Seat was always see again to bring your kids Nadal. That was awesome man and a yes. Two other points. First. The sabres. In the it's just sit. We almost. And there are all appear pretty essentially squandered. And that's spent four years of job. Waiting and waiting Murray came their own site and it turned out now and insight to be. A disaster. Lastly. Who's that guy is about. And president of the bill in the trailer. And I'm wondering where and in some way somebody going to look at it they you know. But what individualists but evolve and all of that and maybe not so much now bill. For the last it's you know eighteen of the last nineteen years with the sabres are government do you want to. Consider. Why does somebody say it. Pay the common denominator for all of this is that's water under the. No one says that because it isn't applicable really it is he just doesn't make sports decisions. So if he runs the business the business is good. There are no one would reverse fans say it but if people and fans ask why doesn't management say if that's why. But but they separated because everybody always beckoned. You know marketing genius. Okay that's. But that doesn't give you a blank slate for all the other. Pope Paul lists doubts. Fans use terms like marketing genius. Two to properly assessing you don't use terms like marketing genius you simply say he runs the business and the business is. Good especially football vets say it. You don't blame the mascot when the bills lose either. My point is this. We've actually made it pretty much the entire market. The bills market. So what else are you getting from this individual. I don't you have to ask them that the intricacies of that are far beyond me. But if they're worried that something media they would do the thing you want you want them to do it because the teams lose. Though not because like it to the point is it a business point. The point is a my teams lose you have blamed the latest already here's the sabres on him. Bob is bad there. Just for the decisions they have been there. Which are what can you name one. Or were you know he didn't hire marine. Pat LaFontaine or Hillary he wasn't even more India a short amount North Miami I don't know what's it look. He. To it took to begin. With squandered assets. Or or even like members of the awed and and I'll bet. Like rush should be fired because Murray treated for Evander Kane is it's it's just does not those lines never meet. So I can't help me I just can't help it is. It is. Bidder. Then it is settling in the year barring. Some some some turnaround that. I don't know all week a goal I thought might happen in two weeks a goal I'd motive debt are written and we make this bet. I was supposed doubly sure they're gonna get together here are you know sure that they won't know. I'm not sure that they won't but it's getting harder and harder late I don't feel more and more to trump. Which is you know. We don't need tool this in your marketing the same thing with the same territory when you're in a dark place. Because of you know your commitment financially. I I just. In our feel stupid for expecting them to turn this around. I'm not positive they can't but it's getting harder watching watching believes we can was horrible. Horrible okay yeah yeah I was horrible horrible spirit watching them and expect you know and so he's gonna score right Cole Hall a sixty foot was shot from the duke beat me. Moves and thwart a couple weeks. Anyway. You know. There was all that there was all that capital you know there was awful that good stuff but the caller alluded to. And we remember sickened that you know. There's certain things that we've said. Over the years that stand out like I remember thinking about the weeds of prospects scratching the beach. All these guys are going to be coming at all these kids know these guys on the way and of course there are all get a hit I would never for all of them all you need is of a few guys and I'm I'm gonna be also. But we can find the beach in that regard because it's not they're not calling. The guys that are left are there is not happening with them. And it on to Windiz KC Mittal said get your just pick in the last two out of high school what thinks like that's that's more. Having meal deal lender is important remember that he's still out there and his skating again finally like practicing. With the team. But why well it's true cost. O.'s that are. You know. I don't know all. How much different they'd be if they had it all all those things we're still here you know. Because I don't JJD compliment even though the closest best god. To be missing right now and thank. I don't know peace is is he making a difference of these are my team right now and renal Writely doesn't mean I don't I kind of doubt it. But. You'd still I think. What what happens when expectations get accelerated because you make trades to move up. The rebuild is well we started we sort expecting those results to come in. And I think if you were still counting on the kids. There'd be a more patients within the fan base because you'd know that. Well back I just got here and that guy's still in the minors and I'm still waiting to bring you just made is gonna chill debut this year. And so. You still might not end up better off what you wouldn't be as mad right now. Because. You'd be sort of you might be impatient but you wouldn't be mad and like I am. I'm trying hard not to get mad. You know one question I'm thinking of is more of a philosophical question with like try to analyze what's happened here with them. It if foot in one scenario. You keep all those specs. And you pick the players that were picked. And very new organization you know maybe you've had to do a couple of other things because you have that many more bodies. But you generally have you have come for you have Brendan LeMieux was descend down again. You have Tyler Myers what you have all the guys you do on do mean all those trades and when you say. Who along those players is like all I can't believe he's gone. It's not easy to find a name for that even one. So in scenario hey you all and do the O'Reilly trade you undo McCain trade under the letter trade. And you know you do whatever you have to do to fill out your team after that. You're one thing. In the other you do what they've done and you're another thing. In the second scenario where your bed it hasn't worked you've got more work to do a lot more thing. In the first scenario we can't know what they would beat but. It might be right I'm inclined to think that's still not a good roster and you just said the difference would be we wouldn't be. Upset. Is one worse. He's one way worse like. Eat either way if you ask the right art draft but if you draft so my guy not good either way yeah if you draft a bunch of guys that are good players. It's it's not. Better. Then trading those picks up a few four guys and stole losing I mean right. Is there are differences that is it is it beat the exercise is is that what is the approach the problem. Or is it not the approach it's the result and okay well. Cain oral rightly or what you want a 41 point to a point at. Is why eat as much as anyone else the team isn't good. It's it's not right to this point one guy who are trying to end up there. Because. The collection rate is failing grade. And then their signings in there that are still blew it. Just George's playing Molson is still on this team he has played him a little bit I guess but stole. He's he's he's here his salary counts in a whole campaign him. And that was that was another decision and that's not isn't just go for borrowing disastrous. I mean yeah not a high impact players but they're filling space they're throwing big cap room. And I've never ever do it isn't my supposed to think they'd like. One or both of those guys help me help my team mature. Everything you hear is the third amateur right that's that's the thing. And so how much he I don't know I don't know the answer. You know I have a I have a suspicion in mid may be even more than that. That the guys that you mentioned Cano I don't know those guys you focus on because those are the traits that that guarded the system the most. I gave up to leave for assets to make those trades. I got a couple of things that that didn't matter. But you know in the big picture here. New team to begin for example. Back. But. You know that that ultimately is is all right leave for three things and it's cane for. You know two or three things. Future wise. And you know your robbery talk about the character of the team and Blake. The idea of what like what they meego. That those guys help. Median. I don't know are they hurting me and I again I have some suspicion that maybe they are then visited that that. The thing I'm I'm doubly penalized you know I got I counted on them to accelerate. My winning. And that didn't happen and maybe to move to the team's detriment. They are not good examples and not the leaders that we would lead them to be for Ryan Carter on Coleman these young guys that are showing up here that are supposed to be the future of the franchise. Think that's. That's bet. And sometimes you can make that deal and that have done all the way to work in the world. To find out exactly what you're buying. And still get fooled. You can ignore. May be some conflict with Cain there was plenty of reason to be worried about it. You still do it anyway because you think it's worth that the talent is worth it and you know he'll grow up and maybe he's even done that you know why I I don't I don't know old. Where all the problems lie is just. Matt I don't know I've been talking here froehlich a minute and a half and it just feels come talk myself into they are met. Yes. I think they may not be among us. Well I am still not bad. I wish. The O'Reilly trade. Or the cane trade did not happen. And I'm still not at that and I'm not trying to like the Mets say that would any regard at all for our felt that the time like a a post I'm still not. It's a not thinking. They should not have me go straits. A I thought both made sense. You want top players you're getting top players. I was less impressed with the idea that you have so many picks so you can afford. I don't like to look at it that way I didn't like it at all I do like at the same way with Kelvin Benjamin. In mine. Those picks are still text no matter how many other ones I have these they have the same value to me. No matter how many other ones I have I think sports guys who run seems to some of don't look at it that way I asked being that night. If it was easier to make history because he had more picks music yes. So you know I don't know if everybody agrees that but. Like I don't get too they shouldn't have done most things. As the pass a trade that I hated and I hated that now because he's high impact necessarily but because I hated what they said. Are you with the trade meant to me which was oh. Numbers have no place in this in this room and all the talk it's just been talk that you just don't make that trade at all ever. If you respect the stats your scout in your behaving like ESCO. And that they don't I don't mean that condescending please show us. That's the old days. So that. Ticks me off and Molson river where it was when I heard that he would resign like wow. It was an ivory just I was blown away by that the okay yeah this is going to be this is the plan. Five years 45 million dollars like. And I are still baffled by always on the on the team up two years ago that was obvious. That it was over and he still Georges is dressing tonight. I mean just what what's that. Sold. What I really say. I just didn't I never gotten to. Also liked. But what goes on garden I thought that was on time free agency deal. Letter right in like I don't believe that out that was also like passing that was. In credible I guess I guess I mean. I'm walking right up to say united I'd wish I had back. Sorry I'd and education to say it. But I mean if you're an idiot saying that because you know we you're along for the ride and it's fun yeah. Right prevented me it was fun sitting in here catching the idea of Evander Kane trade days before it was made. Which you and thinking it made sense for them to be the team to do it because but he could acquire a player was or to not care. That he was hurt but that was the Genesis about it so remember we talked to John Shannon even that day is that there's no way to trade for now he's hurt and receive your own. Ultimately for him because he's hurt they can do it meets our governments have so late that was swollen but but he you don't. Sometimes I get drunk in LA II would I would like to have them back. Because there and I. Not because. We wouldn't we wouldn't be upset if the teams that weren't good. Ides I guess. I guess some worried. Oh about what I actually bought. In those guys because of about god if I problems. In the room. And a source of Brian Gionta your shoulder Rihanna duet. And it didn't take and he's gone now and I still have some some issue with preparation in or whatever. Doubtless borrowers because I got some good hockey players. That aren't performing very well. Pizarro what it is but. I guess I would I would say I would copped to yeah I would I would like to go back compartment bumps sit here and just have all the all this stuff but I still don't know what it is. And that would be better than us because I feel like I'm now have to go back app I'd put him right on the edge of having to do battle over again. Yeah I think that's right edge and and that I mean can you who the other way to continue a man. Jim. Talking to make ends up boat that you deal right how we're doing it I can't even imagine it right now. When I do any yet we're talking about Doumit felt OK I think there's what are we. Like the meat we're talking about do it doing it I think is going to be. An appeals untenable to me. It's wow now I have a conversation which is actually going through it again. It's a lot. I am would emotionally drained by this conversation. Do you think the listeners feel sorry I'm sorry listeners. And I'm really wow. It's Broussard. Michael that your committee but then we find. Mean maybe you though with. Well I don't how many games of that in a row I need to to start to care. It's not gonna happen tonight it's no there's no chance and if anything happens tonight that's gonna get me to care it's gonna have to be a stretch. That I've been waiting for years for. That I just don't see that happening if it does great but. I follow all the numbers guys and all the numbers guys have never wavered on the Buffalo Sabres for years. Not only in terms of what is known about their process. In and only there's very much reporting on that even here but. What they are. What type Travis Yost came on last year or two years ago whenever it was. There really liked the idea this question for him it Travis so Jack cycle is here. Federal Matthews was in Toronto yet. At this time but. Much we're all had bad metrics in Boston was old and shot and if there was Tampa but that was about it Carlson hadn't reached peak Carlson. Let's Travis here's upon Detroit was going to be terrible if you're here's a fun one. Rake this rank the teams in the sabres division by. Best situation to worst situation like if you were to inherit Newton and Atlantic is it Atlantic Division if you're inherited Atlantic Division team rank how you would want which ones you want to inherit. Most of to at least. And he put the sabres six. Point six. But Michael. What and draft picks and why would you want six but like those guys collectively have never wavered Scott Cohen comes on Alex Scott is the year oh. I mean just an end and chart the chart guys in the stat world that don't not even just like the reporter guys are that the writer guys on the shark guys. You should redone I mean maybe you do we used to shoot those guys up both look like don't exist. Bad dole boring. Nothing off the charts over a year early on the screen. Often happens from there. Marshall and Bulldog hereof pregame it's six hold on. We've got an announcement. Yes. I'm glad you remembered. We were. Right noted. Posted we've come to come to this story we have some sort of technology could let us know via computer Heatley put a post it note on the window between our studio when it's like golds at these fees. I had so forgotten about this and I'm looking your face going all know what mrs. -- sorry yet it's no good this good school. The sabres. What were announcing. With the sabres that dom turkeys for tickets. Is back once again this year the sabres are partnering with wegmans. WGR that's Austin all of our Entercom stations for the Thanksgiving Turkey drive. The data's going to be this Thursday November 16 the benefit local food pantries. For every twenty pound Turkey dropped off. Or the equivalent of a twenty pound Turkey the sabres will give the donor. Two tickets to an upcoming game the tickets the maximum before per person. Will be distributed immediately at the drop off sites all of the donated turkeys will directly benefit the buffalo city mission and the food bank. Of Western New York now Turkey drive against this Thursday morning. From 6 AM to 9 AM at the following locations the keybank senators serve for slot. They ask you to answer from Baltimore street via Perry street. Wegmans in Amherst and Alberta drive and the web means in west Seneca on Orchard Park road. In west's Erica. Last year the annual Thanksgiving to drive collected more than 2000. Turkeys so turkeys for tickets is back it's this Thursday point pound Turkey. Pair of tickets to a future Saber game. Keeping center downtown. Lot. Out there. And then a couple ones out here in Amherst on Alberta and Wesson accountable. Putting the equivalent of twenty pound Turkey is a more than one Turkey that add up when he that it does not like. Yesterday we had a guy on 12100 pound dog virtual border town column right. Wanna make sure I'm clear about road. The equivalent of a torn apart Turkey would be turkeys are amounting to one rounds were you like some packaged doesn't rests only and then that might be 45 pounds these two Baltimore and that's it blows in the lest anyone be confused. Which over the Bulldog back after the update with the update actually on WGR. A blessing in my own joke could be spent by itself I'm laughing at me swear your about your joke the author of the bill have made a move. They have the day all they've traded for Aaron Rodgers they can't craft. They have should see a sports update these waved. Demons attack a general worthy and reassigned to someone named DR Andre Coleman. Who is large 65341. Pounds. The foundry Coleman heats up the first time he's been on the roster so he takes worthy spot. I'm assuming this is in some ways a reaction to getting Rondell over the last two games. You act like you you're just being modest you at what you don't know DR Drew Coleman he has a sister named apple won't media. And a brother named Valentino and if those are not three great names as a great job Abalone DR Andre in Valentino word up to the Coleman family. Well bond on the names. The bills are off today they will get back to practicing tomorrow with her new defensive lineman in the mix that's the Andre Coleman to roll worthy released. Your opponent on Sunday. Is in somewhat of a quandary with their quarterback situation Philip Rivers if you haven't heard is in the concussion protocol. To the chargers. Aren't sure what his status will be come Sunday that will bear watching as the practice week it's going for them as well on Wednesday. Let's go to the NFL the Carolina Panthers set a record for most yards in a game after trading Kelvin Benjamin two bills. Devin function seems to be benefiting as they blew out the Panthers. Blew out Miami last night Dole's lead. In the wild card race the six spot by one full game. With seven games left one other NFL note the saints have signed former bills running back Jonathan Williams. All of the broncos' practice squad the sabres aren't action tonight for games coming up in less than half an hour Lennar and goal against Matt Murray. Scanned Dallas skated this morning will be in the lineup it's expected that victory and keep in will be scratched on defense. Again for game coming up in just few minutes next update in thirty minutes or so. I think Arenas that we had flu shots are more or 52 and three and when we don't get thirty shots hurled 70 so what does that tell you this team is a group. We've got to shoot the puck more and Jack's case I think he would agree with me he's got to deliver pox I think that's gonna change defenses it's gonna create office for a. This kind of thing the Phil Housley says that bothers me it worries me. You don't win games by shooting the puck more you win games by controlling the play more. If he really thinks it's a it's a simple matter and he may or may not but this will be set. Simple matter shooting the puck more like the sabres have sole possession all the time and just don't shoe. That's not it if he's wrong they're gonna win more games. Just shooting more because there it's like them the rushing stat that. Oh and Thurman rushes for under crystal used the arm with urban rushes for a hundred yards the bill or Hillary a one C one is still there ahead considerably embed teams just get kicked the ball Thurman Thomas forty times forty times in a row. And no we're gonna win the game so. This is not this comment. Is not what sports sounds like anymore. But you know this after shooting the puck more. When. But again like I don't know if he. Thinks of it quite like that it's he does have the the records right I think that that's all you know. So our shot attempts an indicator of processional. But is that part of how that all works. Course see yes runway yes. That's right but you know you. Have you know that you just you're not going to win mortars because you issue more known as not that that's that even has always been Deborah is actually you know order by this innings. You know it's good teams they controlled the play with the differential you want. Not just shots on goal. And by the way is are we talking about shots on goal. Course he would be at times. Got it up. Think. Play better you'll get more shots you win more played better attorney Jack Nicholas knew what to do something differently I am to show up. Well could only be that. I could use I mean. He you know he's got fourteen points were through seventeen games so he's one good night away from B and I'll point per game pace so it's not like he's. Flat Friday was was bad. Proper I really watched Friday's game. I mean you know. I hope someday I remark Saturday it's close okay heralded event Friday I was I was saddled up I was watching the game. And it got a lake idol mold. A few minutes left in the second period and I said to myself look it's just. Maybe this is not that I don't even know if he's playing tonight what is going on. And like I don't need every night like him to be vis a sole reason for our existence or anything but like he's pretty. He's super talented. And I'm in a close game with the work papers. Who don't have him. Ate food. Any time here when we do that then good good to great. Let's let's go do the thing you'll spend forty minutes on among what I need to do so impact. The game in some way and it just the game just went by and really. Pool. Years that are going by yeah and Leah I don't want and up in like I'm I'm I'm taking all of this out on him. But I got fuel to make a difference in these games that's what the value and having you lose. And there's a game this just sit Merrill might long. And it wasn't like. There world want to please because he has plenty of these nights where there's not there's not a a bunch of numbers all over the stat sheet. You know that was impressive. This was not that this was like somebody else could have been in his uniform all the pressure's on he's got his money. He made the commitment you're going to be here through and through. Here is Mike with a solo Mike. A well aren't good. Let you know what do you guys oh Ottawa hot button and bulldogs aren't on the I write a note. The sabres an absolute disaster. And out and had nothing to do with coaching or the other net that are a culture. It's all the contract. You guys are leaving the bad. Basically the problem with our contracts are during the the change is now you wanna call it you know we we we we sign. Middle contracts and everything we have an appetite. All had been we we thought you know we are looking you've got. And what happened was that we surround our team with players that. You know for example all the little. Or forty guys that we think will make it better when we don't even the foundation. Are seen. I really got it I mean he's supposed to be part of the foundation. Seoul. Are. We got birdie because I bet it won't want it to establish. Our our guys are true. What if built the OO ability the first thing except. Actually bill I trying to see how would neighbors as well. All they absolutely took steps back the I don't know if you sip but they did it maybe got you know but not not right now amid but as part of the story is a part of how we got to right here. Soleil and I don't know I believe they still they do not have any good defenseman they have not had any good defenseman in a long time. And it is making it not to say that all the forwards Earl is great but it makes it impossible for them like they just cannot they've neither changes. Mean from a couple of years ago it's mostly different guys are from the team the buyers trade its may be everybody but Bristol line in different. But you just don't have anything working there know. And I you know I I I want to. And wanted to believe the new system once it took hold. Wounded and show old Bristol line and to be a more valuable player then. All the all the preceding numbers tell you that he is but. It's not happening. He you know he's out now but whatever they're not that that's a better with him probable lineup at all but he he was not impacting their games. So the remake of the DA and Japan is not yet like. But that's not a fully formed idea. And that's disappointing but you might hold the sabres were getting zeit says the you know look he's got him and he's like a first pair guys they're great defensive team I know he's got its flaws. But like he played right away and just kept playing. And and keeping can't. Stay on the ice hero to Josh Gorges blink but I would much rather than just keep playing and deepen until I decide he can't play for me at all. Did keep keep letting him get better it biplane and if that doesn't work then let him go back to Russia because I I don't look the point years. They are to bring him here as a grown up and dominant on the develop them. Okay me good luck with right. Bryant's next however I am. It's pretty much everything you're saying. You know from the I you look at the way that they're trying to build this scheme under very. And there's a whole lot of rhyme or reason through because they went out and got a couple of offense that started and on back and they got rid of McNabb who you know not really anything special that. They wouldn't have taken I would read most the sane people you're Mike's had a lot of data science stuff and I love it. I'd have to guard the guy who premature and once said that you really gears. And brought uncool lookup of premature once that is not very good. And then we'll cover it here anymore and it seemed Olympic opponent meg gonna risk a line and really did. And his numbers he advanced to a smaller way out this series he's been like 10% that are relatively compared to the team. But it's still think they never happened that stopped trying to bring in people a compliment that will even be better than him. And I'll get the mile under draft and they passed over a lot of depend in Newark. In a really killer and also yeah I feel like they're just kind of been in in balance to various whole plan and I don't understand exactly what they were trying to get there. Thank you. A good job and I think the chip grenade pastimes solitaire it was go wrong with me. All they know a search of hello there and expect. That was the player in the building. Seemed like we thought would be chosen to sort of media minute I'd avoid that John McEntee and other guys they didn't pick. In that draft he skipped school that puts people. Bad foot speed. The gives you every time. Been saying for years to slow. Almost pollute. Vulgarity in front yeah describe how slow. And I met ventilated deserves a player that really only mean one defense I'm relieved that I didn't do I don't know why I even thought of it. Pre game at 6 o'clock. Turkeys for tickets. Back this year will be Thursday morning at two wegmans location wanna members one of west Seneca and also be keybank senator parking lot there. Thursday morning from six to nine. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR. Knows this and he's going to be man wanna bring it up on the year because it's just me being selfish. But. I'm obsessed. With. These certain fantasy game I have this week this week week eleven then it's a must win. Is not only a must win the most win by 26 point two points. Six point two points getting. Yup. FF FPC football guys championship football owners who organized the site. Sigmund bloom co owns and John leaves that some of our guests. It's the last week of the regular season in that league it's my most expensively. In the playoff format is really Smart it's. Complicated too but best record one. Most points to. Next best record three next most points for four. Playoff teams Gary I'm playing against the guy in the spot I need to get to. And I have the fifth most points in the league I have to beat him by 26 point two I don't need to win the winners and help me a bed and unlucky season in that league so. I have points but I don't have the record okay. To a need to get no points. They gonna beat this guy by 26 point two points to do so. And it won't be easy. And probably like a 40% favorite to do it he's got careened on against the giants. Some nice match ups this week he's also very very low in freeagent waiver budget and I have money to spend. So if I knew who he might want as an upgrade I could try to block him. And I would do that but I don't think there's that much potential out there he goes to kicker and try to vial tickers. Trade all my backups to block him from getting kicker ticker this game there may be I don't know every little bit right assuming funeral for. Right and I'm also thinking about that one time we talk about DeSean Jackson against the bills you know who are my guys with the Heidi ceiling potential who were I have Isaiah crow well on this team. And I think I sit them for somebody like a rod Smith. Or Andre Ellington. Somebody with the the potential for like a 65 yard touchdown on a screen. Maybe Dallas is using Smiths are rules right Odom and they did they used him a lot against Atlanta. So. That's what's in my head until I got to win I've got to win that game by 26 point 22. Which isn't going for the marathon. Yes that's exactly like America this point it's not a sprint this fantasy Bono Eric right although this is seems early for playoffs but okay. Wright is a little young a little early the only lead I have visions. And you have the you have two weeks of how why they do that is you've two weeks of your league playoffs. And then you're winner goes on to. Compete with all the football guys away winners wild and then there's a quarter million dollars at the end of that song like that. Well in the top two guys are automatic. Through the but if you can come in as the three seater the four seed and win the two week playoff. You qualify to Iran. Big steaks I've just got to win by 26 point 21. Group with the blessing publicly. No it isn't but I don't think Tony percent maybe. Maybe slower. It's my only. I think yeah it's not only losing record in all those leagues but only losing records this team and they've been on lucky. And everything has been. Lucky in his time and all that it's good but it's not a ton and oh good and and I have this this one is like spent the most money on. June. And there of lucky. Or unlocking the business pretty much older horse I don't know Dave Dwyer the same guys at the World Series this sitting at the final table the World Series of poker. Which which third anymore by the way about. You know this one there's some law committed some skill. Any advice would be. I got no threat Oreo I've come. Whatever off I will engage in the conversation when we ever got my might I got lawyers probably sixty to my team is just. Elliott has suspended Rodgers hurt on just. I don't have an I don't have it and I am not digging you're not going to the way way and not that mean I I spent last week I spent the most time I've ever spent looking group. And there was nothing and it wasn't just twenty minutes. Not a manageable amount. Him. Give them two points out of four net. Polls that yeah that's right the U we read that happen in them the week he sat and we said you lost that game to me. It. Pregame is coming up it's sabres and penguins from Pittsburgh will start off with Paul Hamilton after the update Mike show in the bull dog WGR.