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Sunday, November 19th

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Hello welcome QB WGR and football podcast but give him. On the regular. Thing myself Jody FiOS T care Cramer here as well hosts of breakfast with the bills fancy style Sunday morning act. Well this week it's not as gonna say is not this as a man three I guess they have 6 iron 7 am right we have a set time we just kinda kicks dogs are great it's normally at 7 AM we kick off your bills game coverage. But out west. For for one for 1 dale 1 morning only. Nine to eleven to our show because on Sunday because the bills only play at 1 PM essentially. Off fifteen and sixteen weeks out of the year. So we're like your under card to the rest of bill's coverage if it wasn't for an Dem facing the chiefs. Say it was west and the Broncos or. The raiders. We you'd be on again at 9 o'clock but the one timer do we know if that she did that she scheme might have. You being moved it floor five and that's on its are on seven pot you said that a couple weeks ago but. I'm Niger ray rebels see if that changes while. We're gonna in the navy Peerman news yesterday we just had a record podcast before Sunday because. This changes a lot of things in the fancy football world. Especially if your parents for the bill's. Huge indicator and fills players this is day. Anyone that you have that to bill is affected by this news and if you had Tyrod Taylor. You're probably scrambling for a different option and will hit some odd potential. Alternatives Tyrod Taylor there are probably available in Europe free agency later in the show but. First let's talk about how this affects the offense in general because you've got. Eight quarterback picked in the 2017 NFL draft year replacing him. In favor of a quarterback that in tyra tailored that was not. Taking a lot of chances. And you know what that was gonna hurt Kelvin Benjamin sock really what we saw from tyra Taylor on Sunday we're seeing throughout his career is. He's gonna get the ball to his number one receiver but not nearly. In the same amount in the same volume that some of the top quarterbacks around the league. Are giving their number one receive the attention of and Cam Newton while the throw all the Kelvin Benjamin. In game were you were down the tired yes and it was and was on the first drive no less it was it was within like five place. It was the first drive. Right it was badgering guided on the second play of the drive. He got a a slant pattern and the militant twice and went to twice when they were in the red zone bull misfires by Taylor. Including one on third down that was behind that Benjamin almost one and I had a cup that's them it's all tough catch were handed behind you like that running the opposite direction but the date Peter ends artery through on that on the money either I don't think now and here's the problem with Napier men. From what we've seen so far. For every awesome throw that allows you you're going to get one throw to counteract that says OK here's a fifth round rookie for a reason. He has accuracy issues just like any rookie quarterback would. He's going to get the he pass rushing attention of the Los Angeles chargers. That I expect that show you also usher in Natali Joey boast that they don't need a blitz of joy bulls and Melvin Ingram are amongst. One of the best pass rushing Jewell was in the lead I think their third in the league right now in sacks. That's terabyte. Is also they have good interior pressure and a sniper forty Dana or religion or alienate those guys push the pocket and and Dan Ingram and boasts a comer on the outside and there they're dangerous. I will. Although they get a lot of pressure just from just those four I would expect them to blitz once wiles while because especially on third downs and Peterman. There is time for sermons first game and that what you do is you blitz rookie quarterbacks to do that so. We'll see how we look at the first drive. Yes for sure audit they would come out immediately but now this is it's funny lake coaches sometimes say well we wanted to come out and and in the face. Earlier ruling that much in the mouth rightly that in the court speaks that that's that that's the Pope speak for coach speaks. On you want punch in the mouth right away so maybe it was some blitzes and turn it. Also on the bill side. Maybe they wanted Billick. Did coach speak on their assembly one point seven miles to go deep someone in the first couple plays. Maybe they were on Dionte Thompson long in the try to put human error now is my. Here's my problem with that theory I can't do with this quarterback and that's why don't think they'll do with this court. Yeah why oh why would you suddenly not do with Tyrod I mean by would you do it after benching Tyrod Taylor that would just. Which is one of the few things he he does really care how well right fare well. No with Peter and the other issues arm strength is even going to be able to test deep. That's one of his biggest problems coming out it was the arm strength issue and answer a question that. We're gonna have to look conceding in answer in these these final seven games. Furthermore. I mean let's let's be real here pretensions on ball first. So you know it that first that's hers for delay is gonna be Iran play the office so predictable and it. And this let's bring mr. Sheen court for a moment. He is not being your. Your coveted number one overall pick over the last couple games is actually probably cost you games. More than anything else against charges they still struggle against Iran. However he's going to be seeing all of the eight man boxes. And everything of the sort. My biggest question out here it is. Just averse to debt get a flex sparked a flex spot. Because of the injury to Mike Tolbert because cadet has more receptions and carries in his NFL career. And yards blow late wait more he has 866. Receiving yards in his career only 87 rushing to. Not even close to ten times right and ties it's not even exaggerating it is ten times more. That he is getting more catches then yes then rush he's he's he's a great pass catching back Andy he's going to be the got a spot McCoy. In PPR formats that hurts McQuay even more. Is now I have another pass catching option and one who is you know made his money doing that. McCoy only point 50% snaps last week a lot of that was because they it was steam so a lot of hand. But it's not a good sign to see. McCoy not in the beam out of trying to catch up messing with his groin and early in India than that that's a that's also true yes armed boat with conduct their unity good point you might steal some touches away from him. When the bills are. Trying to play catch him because when your throwing out of the backfield you don't wanna have Mike Tolbert in their. You he's the guy you tell in tennis that I should screen inanimate she'd go outside this house and what picket with fences but. The kid that's gonna come and I don't know. They care what the defense you know pick with a sign of yeah and that's great. In the carrier picket bent on some next we have the up and it takes the picket fence. From the dead how is the houses I was thinking of the defense and he's gonna go to any random write without picket fence yup pick it with a picket I was thinking of the defense and on. I don't know office. He that's gonna come in he's actually probably going to be half decent in the past game and if they're part trying to play catch up. He's going to be able to play more than Mike Tolbert was able to just simple dump offs. He's a bigger bigger threat that and that's why did that. He's shifty. I don't think you can start Kimberly unless you absolutely desperate I was historic possess super deep wheat is it's a flex play if you're a twelve. Team or higher lead. It might be worth the risky flex play. If you're up fourteen to seemingly well it I would have got fourteen PPR you would need to be really desperate I think I would but. There are hurt scenario three but there's a question opposed there and no doubt though this hurts McCoy yeah I think. A lot more than anything more realistically if I think huge it'd have to debt on your on your mind. Nittany need not even Adam to your bench or if you have McCoy BB our special guest session. Armed. I'm not sure he's gonna be owned and a lot of leagues he's only he's known in less than 2% of leagues right now so. Just keep your Diane because he comes out Sunday and he does pretty well ought to pass game and he's ignited you should definitely add. But right now I don't think you have to ask him are you ready for the no one cares about your team moment Alia Stan I'm currently adding two pairs and that is. Over who over and over who lake Shane Vereen and Jamaal Charles of the best backs of well. But but who are you dropping forum. Free interest in Jones. Yes the accuracy is can be seen Charles throughout the year I think its roles is on with Booker back. Pocket but there that's a scenario where concede. Fine secular bad see what he does. Court were to get hurt. I forbid. He would probably it's happening right back as of right now so yeah it's. Other receivers that it affects in the past games starting in Jordan Matthews two point 75% that's less than Dionte Thomson. Against the saints and Dennis and talked about Rick Dennison talked about it earlier this week he's going to be. Because slot receiver. And it. Rick Dennison not sure he uses that position all gotten so of course looking forward offseason I don't for the bills bring back Jordan used but. Is Jordan Matthews a guide you can drop in this week's. I'm not gonna say Americans territory. I'd give a couple weeks to see what happens here. Because with the quarterback changed there's one thing that has happened me and Peter and throws with the anticipation or the timing that is required. And Jordan Matthews is the slot receiver for this team. We have to see the snappy use drill let's see how this plays out in LA. Before you dropped Jordan Matthews because. And he's coming off of what was the best performance of his career within a half. But the problem I have is heat while. I don't have an issue with him being the slot receiver but he does not an offense that utilizes that position. Enough to war not only because you're running legally slot receivers can have success rate is up on it. Tinian and dole is done it this is not an issue it's not a question of the offense with Jordan Matthews this was questioned the quarterback. And Tyrod Taylor does not the order guys that aren't 1% open. He's EC opened through open. And the thing is that Jordan Matthews he's made a lot of this hate. As a slot receiver in Philadelphia. It's appearance there and he sees something if he sees a match up against a linebacker Jordan Matthews. He might just pull each year. I adding more owners. Are are you reread absolutely. And I dropping him yet I see what's happened and if someone did drop. I'm looking at Jordan Matthews I'm looking at the scheme with maybe he can revitalize and CU. Maybe Jordan Matthews or one of these bills receivers see it was a fancy season. That you see all the time stereotypical. Guy who does nothing for ten weeks and then next thing you know your playoff push because of guys like Jordan Matthews how Charles clay because he only played a little over half the snaps last game. He did he got the ball couple times promising he didn't really look a 100% healthy. But he looked okay. He's not a 100% healthy Cabrera practice reports he's been limits rate and he didn't practice yesterday so. What what are you doing with him you starting him this week are you holding onto my bench I don't think your that are honest and wise use unless you're in the ten team league navy. But the position might dictated. As we've set multiple times this year tight end position has not really been. But let me read you just some of that is the consensus rankings from all sites transformed tennis pros come for this week. After your top three which is Kelsey hurts in our house. You've got Avant Ingram. It's been good and got Jimmy Graham he's been good till he's kind of woken up and back and and that this is where you really start hitting guys worth that you can't really 100% trust. You Jarrett cock. I put Delanie Walker up there Delanie Walker that is ninth you've got Albert four and you've got Canterbury is it too bad weeks in a row are offered a bad week or week last week. Vernon Davis you can always count on it Jordan reed is out of we don't know what that situation is yet. Jason Witten who doesn't get the volume to thwart starting anymore and then now you're down this is that year that they've got Charles Clayton. Tyler croft Austin Hooper hotter Henry and and Charles play. It's that he's got a good group of the Claes and were hoping for a touchdown because you do not believe that he is gonna get the volume. To. He's not gonna come out I don't finish yet I six catches for hundred yards that's not a position this year and if Charles plays and that we keep restarting those guys in a promise clay most likely is not as big of a red zone threat is those other guys especially with Kelvin Benjamin. Yes but at the same time. You know what there is something to think about this tyrant who loved throwing to Charles play. His numbers this season were high about having him about it is here and now with tailored gone. Here's a question. To maybe you do sit on this week. Because we needed a lot of the bills players and now any wheat this year valuation. There is one that I say start though bio means. Government. Start element I think that he's gonna he's got to force that football account management for better or worse made the appearance gonna force the football on the players that. We might not see this but again. Even with Kelvin Benjamin I'm arriving NC must take that back 06. For me he would be a go to a solid flex play at the time but I'm not forcing him in a mile and a you know forcing a lineup but. There might let's just say there might be worse things can do because. We don't know what the crowded group is gonna look like now of the Arctic Thompson's really taking all these snaps. What does that mean. And you know what we have to see perhaps the snap count Matthews the usage of Benjamin what. It is downstate towns and really had it with all those other three aforementioned receivers. And is catering don't like one of them more than another and we saw what pre season. Peter in Jones had this report that you wish Tyrod had with jade Jones very it was known residuals looking great. In the pre season when Peter was talking football that is those two just had a mental link they played together in Senior Bowl Varity had the familiarity. Are moving on over there is with you this real quick Calvin judgment easements and he's ranked 38 this week but little game of higher or lower. On who you would break. Alvin and I love what are the five above him by apple will five below him or Disco Jordy Nelson Paul Richardson. Danny Amendola and Tyler Lockett. You OK with all those behind him yes okay so now let's glitzy word you would have an honor mean the guys above him and then you tell me whether you would rank him higher or lower than that person I've got rid of often is Cooper cop. At Minnesota. Oh yeah above and yes my hum it's a new at Seattle. Ted Ginn vs Washington. I might dislike both of them up above again. Its new against Seattle with a very injured and depleted secondary actually not be a bad place to get a couple more here Corey Davis and at Pitt Pittsburgh Brad about his Richard or Rashard Matthews at Pittsburgh. Yeah you know what I am I stopped at a stop at their account yeah. I think that that's so that you have a little higher than what happens that's is spots higher ranked. So yeah it was a new rule would you have them is what I think is very fair this probably about what I've you have writers issuer name acts. Will you would you have them is a high and wide receivers three or flex. Which is about where our. On the 11 more topic here in the bills. Tyrod Taylor if you at him as your starting quarterback a lot of little he was owned ESPN's Lisa BC's own an 80% of weeks I started in 45%. So for those 45%. Of all of teams that had Tyrod Taylor's they're starting quarterback some guys that you can look out for. As potentially a place where you that I've got a horror story for so offense that had Tyrod Taylor well you're not alone here. Because not you have off. Have a player you have to drop Unita had any value in this nine more. My sister asked me for advice to shoot player for Spanish league this season. She had Carson Palmer he broke his arm and then Egypt Tyrod Taylor and Matt Stafford is back ups. Don't know. Hired a series this is what she had an opportunity to sell Tyrod Taylor high after the jets game up where he garbage time in his way to thirty points. Now think initially had Stafford cases. But the way she suddenly would have quotes or stories she's lucky she's that's yeah but she had a trade offer. Tire for what it was time I don't remember what the player was verbatim but I think it was. You think of who was I don't think that. I've got some stats here regularly back on the tax hike and see who once I got the stats here that are brilliant and really say how while Tyrod Taylor. Has spent the past couple years is a fancy football quarterback. Only player in the NFL with at least 3000 passing yards and 550 rushing yards each season the only person people to do once we're Cam Newton. And Russell Wilson. During those first career start Taylor rushed for at least thirty yards in 1929 games that's bidder that essentially is. He starts each game with a with a touchdown. And it is that's going to be gone with they appear because you were not expecting him average thirty yards rushing per game so. And one Wal-Mart since the beginning of point fifteen only Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees have more games at least fifteen fancy points and parents. You're missing consistency. Your he did he not often head those enormous gains that when he does because the user to rushing touchdown or and probably 8090 rushing yards. But he had ace he had or for you. Which was about. 01213. Points and he was almost always getting you to fifteen which is faced court back. You know what as it can do know this week this year that has been constant up and down up and down forty point 16 the next week. Turret healer so that's you know the can be brought the fresher does have a guy and you know you're gonna get out and that's gonna change in the computer and of course yes yes. But the idea the offer was for. Judy's and Schuster and the now injured there it's. So it when it gets its user which obviously it's not troubled her for a guy who's now drop. I'd couple quarterbacks that could be potential replacements. And see which you think of these guys Jay Cutler. I'm doing guys own and less than 50% of leagues so that. You know bomb the majority of people here have a realistic shot and I can be like I have a metal shafts have thoughts on it Jay Cutler thank you colored by the he's been deep sense GG IE last he has a top ten quarterback to only two games. But he's top ten fantasy quarterback in question does it their teeth kicked in a lot they do their offense that's not running the ball all the time now because you know it's flat out fact they don't really have a featured back. They like they're gonna be passing the ball more. And please Tampa Bay this week though. Maybe you have a speculative but maybe you wanna throw Teddy Bridgewater on your bench just in case he starts our monitor immediately guy for a week or two. Jay Cutler place Tampa Bay this this week which is secondary to two lot 300 yards passing to almost every corner at that point. And not to mention I mean again Miami has been bad and they've fallen behind vague so that actually does decrease in garbage time value. That they can be helpful but broke but going forward I would hope that Chico is on the like a weaker to add a player. Both I think if you if you that these are the guys under 50% so. You might be stuck because the other guys on this list are not great names he got Eli Manning. Josh McCown. Who's been good but the jets remaining schedule is. I mean it's Carolina Kansas City Denver New Orleans LA chargers New England. These might get to a point here if they lose three or four row where they just say knew what accounts been good. Or out of let's throw back and berg or patty in there it is let's see. That is sure so I don't know you can do it you know if you're a good team especially I don't know if you can count him account right out to be. If your data on how to play. On other quarterbacks under 50% of peace keep them I think could be decent one or two week filler the problem is the the tenuous hold he has on the job. Is Bridgewater any this could be the last time we seeking him this week. Keenan Kennedy's tough matchup against the rams QB threw his way to keeping the starting job for. When he was he was lights out for touchdowns and so. He has to keep that kind of pace up in order to make sure that the vikings don't welcome their franchise pastor back other names senseless rant that's Patrick bully morals Andy Dalton Joseph Flacco. And this is the guy. Then I think every Tyrod Taylor owner should go out and get the problem is he's a bad week this week he can't use him this week. But I think every tyra Taylor owner should go out in the should put Jacoby percent. On their bench Jacoby are set is the twelfth ranked quarterback on the season he's been a while and quarterback won since he came in. As the starter for the Indianapolis Colts he only has. Two games on the season lower than ten fantasy points he has two games on the season higher than 25 fantasy points. For the most part he's fallen into that 151617. Point range. I think percent is a guy UK using this week I know that's gonna that's gonna stink for a lot of owners out there. He's on the only 16% of weeks I think he's a guy that you need to go out and you need to get his passing yards over the last five weeks 212. 20233308222. Years not thrown at the week before that. 3142. On back six or seven weeks he only has one game this season throwing for under two at a passing yards. He needs to be the debut and he he's the guy that you need dad. And if you would have told me before the season. That Jacoby percent would be in the top twelve scoring two quarterbacks. And that's not starting the first week I wouldn't of wanted to move forward with another day of my life. I mean. Asked what kind of police and engines you've been taking it it's less a figure might be a little less of him it's more or at the colts stink and are always losing and he asked and they have no right but what I'm saying though is again. If you would have told me before the season that Jacoby Burress. Was going to factor in scoring. In a positive manner. Again I don't know what I would have done with my life. Also three straight games with two passing touchdowns he's gonna go up there he's got a an amazing rusher but he will go out there and I'll get you. But it you fifteenth when he. That ours things yes we'll get UBU a couple of points on the ground precepts the guy I think you add to replace Aaron Taylor for the rest of the season. Our let's hit some topics from around the league we've got the Serafin Miami because these hard Reggie Cutler a little bit. Armed dolphins head coach and off corner quite Christensen saying today Dovonte Parker. Not fleeing with the same edge he's seen in the past. This huge thing because Parker's snap count. Was held last week he went from he's been in about 8590%. The entire season last week even though they're playing from behind you was at 60%. So he wasn't on the field and a tersely injury got that are sent touchdown yak about Parker so. Are you with regard to park it. People drafted him in the fourth fifth round a lot of times he worried you're not worried but he AC. Were at the Puerto Rican definitively say he has not lived up where you draft. He hasn't lived up to where you draft and Robby is going to know not this season but at the same time that seems like a one week. You know that snap count issue I think this is more of it that dolphins actually had grind and I kept saying this. He would actually be losing a little more to the standards. Jay Cutler is showing Y Yi. For the most part he's showing why he decided to walk away. Band. It influenced everyone on that often mean. You look at that stretch word Miami's has played in the east the prime time game as they are curable and apple. Mean Matt Moore when he filled in for Cutler Matt Moore is supposedly one of the better backup quarterbacks and Ian didn't look like you know it was a travesty. It was hilarious to watch as the bills fan by it. If a dolphins fancy players it was terrible at the ravens defense that week was almost thirty points so. Yeah no effort dolphins player that you drafted this season has let you down. And part of it is mostly news department most of it is this team lost their for their their best quarterback. Moving on into Washington. Reports say that west week Jordan reed heady sat back which had missed last Sunday he is a game time decision. For week eleven so my question is is short brief he plays that you're starting my question is more for Vernon Davis. He's only don't have 40% of leagues. Is he guy you should pick up especially with that we discussed earlier how volatile the tide in position has been this season. Is Vernon Davis guide you pick up and you watch the inactives on Sunday and if Jordan reed is how you start Burgundy. Yes yes. Is Jordan reed it is. About as available as marquis is Goodman was with the Steelers bills and it's not a knock on the market yet which is not a knock on markets get a great guy. You know aegis aegis costs that was certain ball well. Jordan reed it is an every other game he's out kind. Absolutely pick up for an Indians especially yet if I'm really I think Vernon especially good for reasonable Vernon Davis the poisoning is automatic and yes because Kirk cousins likes throwing was tight ends and it's just a fact. He likes going to whoever's starting tight and his odd news I David Johnson today some owners still have him sit in on your bench give an IR spot as while he's out of the cast on the cast for about a week now. But yet doctors are telling him not to have a timetable on his return that he does not rush back to cardinals a four and five. Is it that as Dave Johnson arthritic and win last week that he could stay in the hunt maybe he does come back it's looking more and more like he will not played this season. Argue at the point it's seeking redress league keeper league you're seeking reject we reject league drop at least drop. I think that it's over. If you haven't Ira spot you know what else to put on their church and but maybe you've got Eric Jones on their. Air Jones might only be out three weeks. So had dropped David Johnston Rhode Island air Jones on your ire is you've got the higher spot to don't tires by nation on it yet yet. Absolutely if you don't have an hour spot he supposed he should be gone and if you do you have an higher spot there might be better uses for you this season. It's a risk he might come back for your for the final two weeks of a fancy season AB. But that's only five weeks away and he stealing out of a broken wrist that it's Phyllis the stitches. The stitches I need to take now. The good news for keeper owners is the rest it's not a knee injury yeah you'll be back next season opener have a keeper league or dynasty the he's going to be fine for you by. This season if you got on the higher end here and keeper league ball is staying there and there's nothing you can really do about it. And what last last one here on a sort of bring this up because of how it's funny that this happened to the kind of human nor for me. Larry FitzGerald signs a one year extension with the Arizona Cardinals and here's the thing. It's surprising to me because. I know Fitzgerald's always been with the cardinals but some. Point don't you just get sick of the quarterback play in his Buick you know what I'm almost lectures almost over. I think that go play with a guy like Aaron Rodgers or Tom every year somebody like that no that's not gonna ask you sing in Arizona warmer here. Some players toothless. And you have to commend them for their loyalty for the team that drafted them. And you know what some people have that virtuous stance where they don't want to ban in the team that gave them their chance there. They're the team that gave that clear their prosperity. Larry Fitzgerald's gonna go down as it all fair and parlors here. As you are done anything wrong. Just doesn't seem he's ever done anything at all the only thing he ever did wrong to use the fact that he was so good that the bills couldn't get him. When when he drafted yeah anyone third overall Arizona yet for on the world it was he was drafted what 2003. Yes. Eight. But again Dario he still on the easing. He's still amazing and you know what later FitzGerald is still it and now he's still a decent chance to play for as a wide receiver. He's not the best play like he was last year when obsession with Blaine Gabbert starting lets us look let's vote I'll give you questioned their FitzGerald is he flex option even with Blaine Gabbert starting at quarterback yes and it's because slayer FitzGerald. He's gonna get his targets he knows how to get himself open you sampling error confinement football for four catches and sixty some odd yards. Really I mean. Larry fixes a guy that you could still safely put in don't expect as much as you normally would from an. But he's not he's not a dangerous place he never has been I just realized I'm playing against wired answer this week he's the fifth receiver on the year in fancy points. That is well how do you numbers UFO catches last yes he dead and he does assault quietly. Sixteen points last week things out catches think about it. He's really only had 12 bad games you'd think about it Larry FitzGerald does all the stuff quietly. That's why he's never player that he has to really leave Carolina he hasn't had he had a Fidesz he has had two weeks in a row this year double your fancy points. He's a lot of big games yet sixteen last week that bodes well for me means not gonna play amazing next week settling Gabbert. Houston secondary knows the defense is just not Robert Woods went on I 96 yard bomb yes and everyone involved or knows that's not a Robert Woods things. Are we're gonna wrap things up here on the WG air fantasy football podcast didn't discuss what Thurston a football. Which were what is this on Thursday because he let us on Thursday night here or not it. And you hear us against either going to be ongoing or oversell yet if you if you had your Steelers I hope you had a shows players and Ben and Ben at home in prime time. Sarah DeMarco armory in Antonio brown and you've got Steelers players hopefully there and number four Tennessee have leads that they run the ball in Pittsburgh to throw. With brown brown was to surge teams around double digit points gain a little worried. But Europe's starting. That's gonna do for us Jody B Osce at dvi CW GR dare Kramer at dare Kramer WGR. 9/11. Now Sunday morning nine to eleven changes times if you want you got. You've got prime window you'll be working up you going to be able here as you'd be able asked these questions. You know this is we're gonna be a pretty great time to to feel these questions. Is in your reports of an act is coming closer and closer toward the end of the show. Fired ma I'm on Sunday rapid fire that's can be fun to our show for us and got questions we had to get involved up tweet at us tweet at the WGR 550 count. On senate and Eamon owls somewhere you know on the news is that now. I mean I danced she is a Matsuzaka faced. We had a MySpace account and he payment doughnut we don't set chat we shouldn't we should be getting section. Shouldn't we yeah I'll run it. And the WGR snack shack now he wants to see us. That you are trying to lady Hillary area where I I don't know if time I'm a model so that you hear these guys are. Our confidence keep keep confidence is key that's gonna do for us you can catch us on Sunday nine to 11 AM on WG RI. I'll set an article on WG a fight he dot com why neat Pearman has some big fancy she used filly to check that out as well. We will see you Sunday. Thanks for joining us here in the WGR affinity football podcast the bills.