11-17 Sabres-Red Wings Post-Game Show with Brian Koziol

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Friday, November 17th

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No real home on the Buffalo Sabres. From our flagship station. This is the hole where you've dealt post game show on the Buffalo Sabres radio now. Here's your host my Inco CEO. Marines who won the final Detroit. Winning. Over the Buffalo Sabres. As we will. You do Paul William bell sabres post game show I'm Bryant told the elf. Now is not much excitement here in terms of what we can say about this game tonight yes. There were a couple of good things Robin Lehner I thought kept them and it gave the chance to win. Yes the penalty killed was five for five. They keep taking penalties. And so offensively. There or not chances to score but they don't finish and as what has been reaped a repeating. Refrain. On post game shows. This team. Had opportunities. To give themselves chances to win and they find ways not to and tonight is another example of that. As they follow the renderings by 31 score. I was not impressed by Detroit. And it really think that they did that much. That we have seen this year they you'd be sitting here saying Wallace a good team. Detroit's. Now in the playoffs if the season ended today. So that's a playoff team but at least you know a quarter of the way through season that that's about what looks like a playoff team. Arafat makes you feel better or worse because I didn't make the sabres you know. Looked awful apparently but she's a mean there were some times there were Detroit just. Was in the sabres then and buffalo looks like they were. Her. Noninterest did disorganized. Lack of urgency on the power lately just. Guys you have to play with a little more vigor a little more effort a little more energy just this is it a winnable game and it was not there. And we continue to have the same conversations over and over yes there are players on the ice right now they probably shouldn't be playing are getting the minutes that they are. Then there's guys that have big contracts that are not performing. And the offense continues. To just not be there. I nights when mediate is there than they decide to not play defense and they still lose but we saw Illinois Pittsburgh they decide to sit back. Tonight the penalty kill was good enough the goaltending was good enough that they probably should of one. But they found ways not to score sometimes hitting posts sometimes going in on a breakaway deciding to skate sideways. And south Griffith. And then kind of botching the play as a whole. We will be head into the locker room in just a few moments Paul Hamilton is on his way there now and we'll get player reaction live from Detroit. Also get Phil Housley live post game comments. House Lee's been taking some criticism from fans. As we here on post game shows he's been very positive. That seems to be. He is public persona right now even on nights when the sabres deserve to be criticize and it's obvious. He seems to be taking the high road and I don't know that's. Just his public tactical move right now but I know fans don't like it. And what he says to this team and private. Vs maybe what he says and his team. In public in terms of his reaction after a game might be two different things I would hope. He's saying something different than what he's saying right now to us after losses. Because. These gains in a lot of ways our net and on what you view to be unacceptable. And they're not good. And to meet again a night where you're playing a team that talent wise. Is it that much different. And you find another way to loose and the sabres are eight points worse than this Detroit team. A team that I thought the sabres Libya had. Had with in this Atlantic Division race. And the sabres continued it's fall back they've only won three of their last ten they've lost four are all. And they continue to find ways to lose and now tomorrow night you're playing another team. Where at the very least you're not gonna be out match tell lies are playing the Carolina Hurricanes. They are in last place in the metropolitan division. Will they figure out a way to get it done we'll see. There hasn't been much consistency with this team there hasn't been great decision making. Again you look at what ends up being some of the game winning goals there the second and the third goal lack of coverage around the net. Larson loses a battle in front and that's our goal there's a loose puck Larkin is there there's no Saber insight. He seems to be the only one aware that the puck is coming free and loose and able to be there for a play Cain is a little late getting there there's no other forward incite the defenseman is to defense and on Wanda Detroit player while. Clark and skates furry. So you know even on a night like tonight where I thought I thought letter played great. No offensive support at all. One goal. In the sabres spent most of the second period a lot of their energy penalty killing and did a pretty good job of it but. When they had chances to score they found ways not to Jordan Nolan has a break way I've. A pretty much had enough Joseph no Jordan all and I don't need to see him on the ice anymore. For whatever role he was supposed to be fulfilling I'd I don't see it. I'd rather have somebody else beat playing I'm not saying I have a guy it's coming on the ice is gonna make you win but I'd just Jordan Nolan to meet. He is. RO was there a bone thrown there to Ted Nolan sun for some reason it just. He's there there's no use for him to be on the ice right now in terms of why we think you know. He would be some way that's gonna help this team win. You know he's got a chance to score breakaway clean cut comes in in -- and then you've got Seth Griffith on a breakaway I don't always do it. Skate hard robbery senate skated hard go to the net. And he kind of peels off. And shockingly. Decides to make gay cute pass backwards. Outs go to the room alone buffalo goal scorer Ryan O'Reilly live with. Boston defense as a comfort zones novices compared. To others. Is to topple Obama wants them. In the box there are good players who park it was tough to turn around and getting momentum. He did a good job though I thought maybe it's momentum because you did such a good job killing off the five on three in the yet three quick penalties or does it to zap your energy. You know at different times and I think it's that thing to to manage talent by. You know we did do some good things. There was good news we killed it off like. And that many it's tough to find them it takes them as in the game it's tough climb back that it wasn't. You know that's an excuse if the planet waited to do it performance. For scores count and while saying you know I lost my Amanda from into the net today and commitments in the back and that sorts. You know that's that's there have been there in the game in buffalo you took their speed away from them seem like that speak tonight. You know they're skating you know definitely generating a lot more last game and I think we are now and an ever bigger than the you know hesitant and and an effort to make mistake it just. It was too tough you know businesses get more bounces in Austin this. You know what happens that happens next in there and get more bounces and that's tough on back and can you the third period and it is in the bottom line a candidate entrance and go for forty minutes is expected winning game even though. On it's notes. Over here to manor where we're embarrassed with it you know we're not not being in a much better effort and I only the penalties killed them on what this list of things we can do that. To generate and again mind myself I think you know I guess the public schools that do this to a scenario have to fund for greater these guys and coastal. Brian Reilly and we have a vendor came over here. So you can get him. Oh. Vendor it just seemed like we'll tell you guys did a great job killing the penalties but it just seemed like the energy went way down after that then that Detroit seemed it really get the skating legs after that. I mean every three or Syria just to college but. Was part which gave momentum. Final five. There really took it to us like second period and cal plays there late. Talking to Ryan it seemed like you guys have the speed in the game in buffalo this game a team like Detroit have the speed going through the neutral zone and it. It seem like you're caught you guys more than a few times with bricks and in your goaltender know they do this with. Us players in the where we were where there are going in and to those who weren't physical enough we didn't. We're hard on. There's the players. Enough and I think imposed on two through we weren't physical enough you know you are to stop cycle stops the united the most among their us. You know I can and I have to I have to mention money and I can't say enough on his game. All year. He's being. Outstanding you know he makes for a five highly real says there and I don't know we talks or it. But outside of for his locker but you know he it is a lot of credit and you know we often had to drive. You know future shuttle tonight with the with only place. That physical game you talk about in new defensive zone that obviously in the offices also held maybe when it comes to creating more shots and give guys like Howard and rougher and make them. Yeah. You know. It's hard to create offense went green on puck. Definitely have pockets in our plans put some as warehouse and it was taken off them and and a they cannot. Take and it's made plays and and and all those little things that require some sacrifice so. We didn't do enough ultimately into how the Rafa tonight we need to. Dig down individually and then and trigger what's what we wanna or monitors out here. Thank you better have an opinion on the post game Bryant and we have Jack Brooks to a series. You're trying to get silverlight here for games and coming up you can get anything going in the season how important that stretch and do something with. It youth. You know we got over. And only get her game together for tomorrow. And I did play the third period that are you feeling afterwards that it took in the sector a bit. Check back on the post game and you have. Robin winner over here to. Robin different game tonight they came at your team with a lot of speed and a lot of breaks in on goal and you. Yeah. It definitely. Professor and we were Taylor. It's pretty ugly. Today I think. These guys are up some momentum he would hope from killing penalties you gotta tying goal in the third period was never seem it has been over the hump in this. That if elected government for repeat his included a good job I think we've got tired here. We've. Us. I don't know how many minutes out of its plan minister were an arsenal in the second period. Higher. It's there have been a large majority. And it's it's hard to play defense and in this league it's people hitting you people hitting area you know its. People make you turn everyone comes back and arts. Her loft astronauts there. When you have to kill three penalties in the first eight minutes of the period that this that this as you said it does seem like it took a lot about you guys here. You know I think so for sure it doesn't look like an. Again I think yeah. And out there what everyone lost colleagues they do they'll be wears off fast and how's this for specific penalties and you know. We're looking longer a couple of fighting penalties are there serious wrong. That's. You know we were right and it Conan wan Austin into this into the third I think. I don't think that's for sold my reflects what happening out there he seems like you're right on your game tonight. You feel good increase. You know vote him off. Doesn't matter if it it doesn't matter you know when. I can feel good I want or review about a game you know we're no warning right now you know it's. Who really doesn't matter to me it's the honestly it's it's it's tough it's just very tough. Again. Professionals we've got to move on. These holes are tough times it's close so that it's McGregor thank you from a letter in the post game Brian back to you. Robin Lehner before that Jack cycle before that. Ryan O'Reilly. All part of our blue and gold locker report brought to you by fit Ellis care quality health coverage it's our mission. Visit the Dallas care dot org also Evander Kane in there as well for interviews I just to update you on the view it Michael interview was very short but. How he did say he said quote I'm good. And that was pretty much all he said in elaborating on what Paul asked him about that hit late second period that he ended up having to go to the room for. He came back in the third. I didn't see any sort of signs. Anything. Negative from that hit it was a scary moments in the fact that he was. Grimacing looked like in some decent amount of pain but. Not able to put much weight on it but he came back in played thirty says and good so. We'll take that it is word you hope that that ends up being the same. Tomorrow when he wakes up that he still ends up feeling the same. 31 Detroit wins it over buffalo tonight prying calls Hilliard Amherst Paul Hamilton is in Detroit with locker reaction will be heading back there just a moment. To not only get Paul's take but to get Phil Housley. And his live post game comments the players. Seemingly to be putting an armed themselves again. Latter. Feeling good about his game but says just this is tough. Honestly were professionals like this is these are tough ones take. And Cain saying the same thing and O'Reilly. Doing what he usually does which is saying I need to be a leader I need to do more need to get these guys going. And that in terms of nights like this sometimes we hear from Phil Housley in house Lee seems to kind of paint. The picture a little more rosier than maybe all of us had just watched and listened to so we'll see you Housley has to say here in just a few moments let's get you a couple final stats. Shot totals again I mean Phil Housley is stressing shots they had twenty. Six in the first four in the second ten in the third. Twenty. Again it's not the world beaters here this is the Detroit Red Wings team that's kind of in transition mode twenty shots on goal your not gonna win many games. 33 for the red wings both teams for all for the night in the power play sabres were zero to. And the red wings were zero. Five. Tonight's winning goaltenders. Jimmy Howard is your winner forty shots nineteen saves. Robin Lehner you're losing goaltender 33 shots in thirty cities although I did think letter played well and judging by the Detroit media voting on the three stars that was also reflected there Larkin. Who has a goal you start number three. Letter from buffalo in net in the loss star number two of and Luke glendening. With the goal. He is the first star of this game tonight but I thought for the sabres Robin Lehner was their best player. And we'll make him the high impact player of the game brought you by the locked for outdoor store hi I am pick here for hardworking men and women to travel a thousand miles to find the store. Like hours. The attendance tonight was 191515. If that's correct 101000 of them war. Not in the seats and maybe in the congress and anymore. It looked more than half empty. I know Detroit's hockey town and I know they got a whole bunch of fancy new things in bells and whistles in the concourses and maybe that's where people were I know the sabres maybe aren't a big draw on Detroit. But she's for hockey town it was a La. Of empty seats I'm sure there's some sort of spin on this has to live but there was definitely not over 191000. In the seats tonight. 8030550. Is the number let's talk to Paul Hamilton while we wait for head coach Phil Housley. All the players again. Putting it on them I know that we might get a different spin here in a moment but they seem to be. Putting themselves as the reason why this team again found a way not to win. Well Phil Housley till this earlier this week that. When they get less than thirty shots they're O seven and oh another oh wait no it's it just wasn't going to be enough fitness as you mentioned and it just seemed like after they finished killing all those penalties they came bang bang bang the energy is gone I mean I saw very little energy after that. Detroit out skated that we really saw the red wings beat my quest what was it four golden opportunities on the liner when there's not a mall. And it wasn't for one or this could have been 67 to one maybe. You know the way he played in the and there are so. It was a total different story than game in buffalo and but you could see Buffalo's speed. And the reason why they you know didn't give too much up to Detroit in that one nothing game but they really give up a lot there were a lot of skating opportunities. He saw a lot of Detroit's speed. That they hit some holes one and made some great saves. And as I said once they were done kill almost penalties that seemed to be on form. Paul in the third the two Detroit goals just. It's Carr's goal. That made it 21 that is have been a game winner and then a loose talk Clarkson or Larkin pounce as on it in the just. He's the first player there we've seen and a lot this year where the opposition's the first to loose pucks. Yeah they are and that's when you don't have with the you know we saw no energy or no desperation no energy except in the penalty kill that we saw a lot of desperation on penalty kill. But you know when you drive it desperation energy you know if you know the battle's not behind the net. You know they there's a big battle behind the no lasted a while but Detroit won the battle and Helm winds up bringing the puck out. And then there's the battle in front of the net Detroit wins baton and they wind up scoring glendening I went to get in the polls so. More than one battle was lost on that play and it was a long battle to buy it to our Detroit stuck with it. And by sticking with that they wanted to get your colon that. Paul Hamilton on our post game 321 Detroit victorious will have Phil Housley live posting comments here at any moment. Paul Michael just very shortly the descent I'm good there any reason to think that there could be something to worry about going into tomorrow. No it didn't seem like it and the reason it was short he had been talking while we were talking over under cain's he had been there awhile so that's why they cut it off from gotcha it it wasn't anything rude or anything like that it was just even talking while. And it is tribe as a result at that point so that that's why it was short coach Housley. This coming in here and go team like in the second period. After the penalty you to come bang bang bang and it seemed like that to sapping energy you didn't have much energy. And we didn't have much discipline asking in this part of the game you know look at the game against her there we took a penalty go down five on three did the same. We've got to be smarter. When we're down one we can't give them. Five on three bit and they goes deeper than I thought we just got battled out. Worked and out competed tonight. At times even looks long and I don't know why. That is that you know we play one game in six nights. Since then. It did in the and it's. It's disappointing if there. Is based on speed Xavier team looks well I would agree that looks to me. Well it's just discovered just not paying attention to detail away from the pumpkin and managing gaps and it just I think it comes down to begin prepared to play. You know I think we need more commitment to winning. And in a game like this which I think they were there for the taking. But I have seen it and we are committed to winning were really good hockey team. Case. When he about when there's only one multiple guises it well I think it is in its it was all battles tonight and the games that we're we're. Really intense and into the battle and stand in the battle we're good team when we don't battle. It's very evident we lose coverage that we have breakdowns there's mistakes that are made. In that the first goal that was just mainly battle in our wingers are supposed to be hold on that front protecting there's only one area but they weren't there in position. And they get their first goal was pretty easy to talk to us earlier in the week that if you don't get thirty shots you don't win and sure enough I mean I only got twenty tonight it did seem like they are now. Well I think that as a result of this not paying attention to detail and falling game plan. We have to execute what's what's mail in front of us we didn't do that. We turned up shots tonight on the rush. Just simple things that you know we we got away from. I mean maybe the game in Pittsburgh there the other games that we've had really good efforts and then we want. Your program on any sliver of anything how much this four games in a row at home. Potentially help your cause you do something with them. Mo gonna have the right the ship because Carolina is pretty good hockey team right now. Again pretty good balance so you know we have an opportunity tomorrow. You know the stars this power game homestand the right way. But we've got to come to work. Phil Housley and post game Brian last year. Phil Housley is live post game comments here on the Paul William mills post game show brought to you by Paul William melts. Your power of attorney 31 the final it's you one final thought from Paul Hamilton and they'll let him go here the post game. K Paul Carolina tomorrow they come right home tonight for in a row at home. And I think it's. It's a fair point like. If something is gonna happen with this season. We are we're approaching that now or never status and ABM I'm jumping the gun but it feels like it. Well you heard Robin one or say he doesn't care be played well this is not good enough. If they don't win you know it's just not good enough then. Markel scanned Ellis said that yesterday when I talked to him that he doesn't care for playing better he goes. We should be mad in this locker room because we're not winning who cares if we play better. He said we you know the we're here to win and we're not winning so you like to hack here that attitude and maybe. Have more players have had that attitude because Marco scandal comes from winning atmosphere you know that the team makes the playoffs and has gone a couple of rounds in the playoffs before so that's what he's used to. And you know that's what he's trying to you you know get get to this team and I don't know what it be fair to say that sometimes simply put her on the road this year than they played at home I mean now so I don't know. You know how it how it'll go I mean it's really impossible to predict you know is going to be good game bad game or whatever. But certainly there's going to be an opportunity now where you're not traveling as much and this wasn't a hard road trip I mean came home after each team that was spread out. You know Montreal on Saturday and then not Pittsburgh on Tuesday and then here in Detroit on Friday. So you're able sleeping your own beds and see your family and that type of thing into with a the first two games they played well but. In the end and that's what scandal is talking about playing well not good enough because been winning neither game we lost them both and over time so who cares if we play well. And of course they didn't play well miss game but it was still there for the taking you were talking about that earlier. If poorly they played orally scores and it's still there for the taking in. You know you be unfortunately for Cain that puck. I think it bounced on hammer gonna get a wide open net right at the end of the period and wasn't able to convert there he was extremely upset with himself. But he wasn't able to convert there because yet wide open net staring him in the face but you know when they get they get those types of opportunities they weren't able to convert. Paul have a safe flight home we'll talk to you tomorrow on the pregame show itself and be great Paul Hamilton in Detroit. He's going to be back with us tomorrow at keybank senate the sabres next game and our next broadcast. Sabres and hurricanes 7 o'clock. All of the pregame at six hopi cumulus right here on the sabres radio network. I for all of our local affiliates goodnight to you we'll be right back at it tomorrow at seven with the sabres and hurricanes. Brought you on our flagship by double BGR Moore Paul William belt post game coming up. 31 red wings over the sabres. I'm rankles deal this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network it's. Robin letter one of me is thirty saves on the night. It's our Geico save of the game brought to buy your local Geico agency 15% in just fifteen minutes get your free Geico quote more collegiate Scott Coleman. Or Tim lynch welcome here to the post game again rankles with you 321 Detroit victorious. Time now for our top shelf goal the game. It's the game where O'Reilly had just tied things at one and a few minutes later. There were at the wings had grabbed the lead for good it's Thomas attire is fifth of the year. So it's it's not there where this fifth from applicator at 836 later. Still in the Larkin seals added 1554. And our top shelf goal the game is brought to by Clarence kitchen design studio for a beautiful tough shall be your dream kitchen. Visit Clarence kitchen design studio and start training. Pilots grab a call here 8030515. Jonathan and Alden is here on the post game hi John and a tiger on the air. This shell on on all the horrendous effort Ironkey as part of a memento saver Israeli. Really got nothing good to stay on that they have made the hammer one today at the last I'm just glad I'm a proper job I believe the favorite ruling yet to ask. I agree Donovan they have very little right now to me there's a handful of players that I would be fine I mean I mentioned Jordan Nolan he's not the only one just. In Al where are we going with this and I know that. The easy answer is who let's get Neil Weiner appear let's get bet teased up here let's get Bailey appear let's gated. I've Rodriguez anchor who played his first game thing and some that can happen but some of that we know with Dooley and others like the Lander the developments the right way to go it's just. Been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting. And this team currently right now isn't such a transition mode and the suffering has lasted way too long. So you'd like to press the fast or about a little and unfortunately. I don't think you can do it with Coolio in the Lander and others like that. Middle staff have who scored two tonight. Like you got those in to you can't individually just press buttons at these guys they get up here even though I understand it's the more intriguing. Interesting. Player you'd like to hope that they can get up here soon as possible but. The transition right now with what Jason bot shall Phil Housley have from what Tamarine Dan miles I had like there's some work to do. In unfortunately. And I am never going to sit here and say have patience but unfortunately it's going to take patients. Because there's still a lot of flaws in this team there's a lot of players right now on the scene the products there'd be playing but. That's situation it is what it is we'll see how quickly they can fix it over earth on the football side of the goal of bill. They may be are speeding the wheels faster we'll see a cultural and Housley can do the same may become this trade deadline this offseason this draft and we'll see where it sits but yes we're trending towards. What feels like another wasted season in terms of meaningful games I'm not even saying a word playoffs I guess saying meaningful games. And at this point I think that's very fair to ask. But with the coaching change of the GM change and what this line up is can. Consisting of you've got Phil Housley wanted to seem to play with speed and they look slow when they a lot of slow players you have them wanting to struck shots and get up the ice well they get twenty shots. And then what players do decide to go up ice they decide that they make the wrong decision or they pass up on a shot. Or when their back on their own offense and and they have no awareness of what's going on around them. And a too slow to react and the opposition beats in the box. Part of that I think is players adjusting to what Phil Ozzie wants and do but I think a lot of it is. There's a whole big group of players here that are meant to do what Phil Housley wants to do and I think Phil how's les ideas are wrong. I would like it to work. Because I think it'll be a more entertaining brand of hockey. It is think there's a lot of players on this team right now they just don't fit adding it's the square peg into the circle polar however you wanna say it. Three don't on the final timeout and we'll get more on the post game Dan K sports check to. When we return this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. Chris Jenner and colleagues then here came that hit on Jensen it's our Seneca Volcker deck of the game brought to by Seneca poker. Inside the Seneca nagger casino the real deal for winners only. Rankles you hear 31 Detroit over the sabres another loss to sabres have lost four in a row they are now 510. And four. Carolina is up next tomorrow night that's a home game. And it's hockey fights cancer night down at keybank senator so. They'll have some pregame festivities and some other things going on throughout the night yes a good cause. So I know it's tough to beat a good mood about this team but if you're going down their tomorrow night I think it should be good night for a for the obvious reason stated there. Dane gave. You ready to go with your update here ready to go with the update only one other NHL game tonight. Would you like to hear about it in detail I would love to. Stay tuned around the league is brought to you by Jim Murphy Buick GMC Jim Murphy carries dot com. Serving Western New York since 1985. In that one other NHL game tonight the Blue Jackets beat the Rangers to do nothing or Tammy canary in. And Zach wearing ski your goal scorers for Columbus Sergey Bobrovsky gets the shot out. 36 saves in the win Henrik Lundqvist forty saves. In the loss for the Rangers in the American Hockey League. 31. The and works continue their winning ways Alex neo Lander picking up his first point of the season. And assists. On a CJ Smith coal and Smith by the way had two goals tonight also consists of three point nightmare. College Hockey kinesis gets a win at harbor senator five to one is the final. Over Bentley and football the bills heading to LA this weekend to face the chargers Philip Rivers has been cleared to start chargers quarterback out of concussion protocol I'm game cave with a around the league Brian back to you think you can. Leno but Kyle Chris called Lowe's opening night. Sure. He was most noticeable accent is for shifted deflection chance to have a goal didn't play much those six minutes 56 seconds of ice time. One shot and went three of five on base Coca. Hearing on. Not allowed to start somewhere not a lot of ice time for him that's our a couple of noticeable. Faceoff stats. O'Reilly. Sixteen out of 2080%. That's good I call 21 at 1217%. That's not as. At that that's bad action that's very that is. Now Michael the night have a strong game. But. You know. And I get to worry about it liar right. Get line. Now a story about you know if that. He says he's got second he says he's good but Chelsea right but again waking up tomorrow we'll see how he feels. They probably won't have a morning skate early something that he participating in so did we did the injury. Identify what we're just a lower body. Would like oh yeah there was no official statement from team. Michael came actually the third and idea Paul Assam in the in the post game. About it any dissent and good I think I did I don't know if we've missed earth I missed what if there was a need Euro hit I mean I my score I think it was definitely something on the leg middle of the lake area as he got hit check low. He was on one team wincing. Beaten and then he went to the rule and then came back up for the guys yet tangled up with a sabres players on ending came to him yeah. So we'll hopefully there won't be any sort at a news to that hopefully he says he's good he wakes up tomorrow feeling fine and we'll see him tomorrow it's Carolina result. Carolina tomorrow again another game. Here at home Carolina Hurricanes are not good there in last place in the metropolitan division. This is another game that they should not be. Overcome by with the other team having just an enormous amount of more skilled at what this sabre team has but we know that that this and clicks necessarily. Bear true buffalo was founded almost every way. To lose here this year. Nevertheless will be here to talk about it before and after tomorrow. Dan thank you for your work tonight thanks for having you know prom and appreciate shown them. If the police secondary that's right that's right. All right well. I knew you're at play this good timing on that. 301 Detroit is your final and as they do after wins games they play this. Journey song which some might find annoying some might find something to sing along to apology due it over me if you'd like to. Anyway tomorrow night sabres and hurricanes 7 o'clock I'll have pregame at six live for the press box a key banks that are. Hold that you can be with us then for our network producer TJ allotment. Dan Kane with Paul Hamilton in Detroit and are even ounces regenerate robbery mining is rankles elect thank you for listening the final again. Red wings three sabres won. Into other Esther evening we'll talk to you tomorrow at the sabres and hurricanes right here. On about the the sabres radio network. Yeah.