11-19 Buffalo Bills Postgame with Schopp and the Bulldog

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Sunday, November 19th

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This is the post game show would show with the bulldogs. Brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Welcome to the post game show. The bills lose to the chargers. 54. To Tony for. The team that stands out. The the critics eagerly anticipated always imagined. You want woods to meet in Peterman B. The poor guy. Threw five interceptions in a half. Which is a historically. Inept performance. And one wonders if he'll ever be seen again in an NFL game. This job. This is not something that I'd say the at all likely. This feels like a new low in the seventeen year. You view the performance. Of Peter me in the decision to play him. By the first your coach trusting his process all the stuff. It just could not have gone any worse than that. He dropped all eyes are a few times during the week like I mean even at these clown shoes you know then then this big complicated. How. Why did picks and I have fourteen passes. By able urged them. It's the worst performance by those statistics. Just generally I guess you could say but you have to use this to statistics is the worst performance. By NFL quarterback. Since the merger. Not just rookies not just bill's. Tyrod Taylor. Went into this game with three interceptions for the season two which bounced off Charles clay. And you know got criticized all the time and got pulled because he didn't do enough well. And his replacement has a chance. To throw more interceptions for the season and then Taylor even if Taylor plays the rest of the season. Which. Kinda cast who now right. I don't know how you can go back to that after that I mean. We'll see I'm really really curious because the way forward here for McDermott is going to be very interest and how he handles this news conference that I have read a few minutes. And tomorrow. And his team which we won't really know what he says that the team adult they're gonna show you who's video's been talking locker room after. After this on the to do that attorney losses just one match. Us. We do express martz that's the game real quick check it out express Smart not your average convenience store 5424. Was the final. Peter man. Six. For 1466. Yards and five interceptions. With no touchdowns Taylor and relief fifteen for 25158. A touchdown and a rushing touchdown. Was Shawn McCoy thirteen for 114 I mean some great moments. Had a touchdown rush and reception in this game. LA rivers forty for 32 to 51 and two Keenan Allen twelve for 159. Into anything you wanted. Melvin Gordon Tony for Brady and 16 turnovers to none there's your culture. The bills who were setting insane paces for takeaways and not committing turnovers the other shoe has drops. And they were minus six today sure sure you write like us. Put that echoed through the size of Texas Jolly Green Giant should Wear shoes to do with the green to the I think. And sandals and those were apple I I don't know. We'll have Sean McDermott live from LA when we come back Mike show in the Bulldog here this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. What really goes emotion right side back to the guy play action fake you. All right quite short often. In the buffalo territory the third. Chaos it auspicious does not begin to tell the story to describe the computer men's. Said debut maybe that work. This fall. DiMarco the first one yeah. Something to do be immediate hit on the next two. Replied that's you know what's gonna happen again that that's you that's our new band play. After that on the last through your he did he did the thing the fans want Tyrod Taylor to do morrow and and just throw it may be enough to just throw it out there and partner cool okay. Errors yeah. Five picks and a half. Will he ever be back. I'm really. I'm out I'm inclined to say no way. But just know what ever I mean I don't know ever meet next week even. I'm inclined to think it's got its gotta be Taylor not not because. I didn't endorse this decision I did what you do. Total football team to run the got to fight interceptions and one that you know how you can possibly stand in what are your team and say we're to start this guy again. Americans are you could do. What only extend or take questions from the media about it I adjust to discount retailer in the event. This year and however it's gonna end they don't want to be their quarterback. And this guy. It's possible that his move might Graham but this is our apple football and five interceptions the bulls will draft someone. They won't go into next year thinking he'd arena is an option if he doesn't see the field again here and do something don't. Race the taste of this out human often. Soul yeah I mean what is going to his head and wonder. What is going through everyone's head you know is. It is right. And it is an option to to point out here that Tyrod Taylor. Can still do the thing that we've talked about him doing for a lot of this season with respect to what they might do about next year. This year which is get them in. And then. They have a tall fir decision about whether to replace him right away I can eject still happen OK but can he quarterback it's units are sixty points a week I I think if I can carry this offense and I think. It's just call bond girl but Monroe is. Two weeks ago they played good jets and trailed in the fourth quarter 347. Last week they played New Orleans and in the fourth quarter trailed 473. And today trailed 4710. And 5417. In each game they finished with a touchdown or two to close the gap. Still you're talking about. I mean 7080 point margin to defeat Cuba a little bit over these three weeks out and this is a team that was three and six. And they're not and not put any amount blowing anyone out on the way to those three wins evenly it's not it's. Yeah I mean they they. I wrote last week with the quarterback thing you know performs a table last week when you know that cost him his job or at least that was his last appearance before he got benched. To me the defense once the bigger story in the game. Did Kazaa yeah but you're not winning anything here against any one if you can't tackle people and stop some people. Without getting turnovers all over the place. And they are still meet again this this this game script can look a lot like last weeks in that look these turnovers. Helped set. The charger result in your defense is in talks. And it's your turn it over your own three and out. But you don't know the couple possessions Peter removed on appeal forwarded on to public many victories by the time the reporter exception thoroughly all the I think we should you can now. Could oh that's progress right. Not for your defense you're back on the field but still we didn't run over that's not changing. Soul guy I don't know put put Taylor input Peter many important giant web in battle give a crap at this point you are tackling anyone. Mears getting trounced here. It did not help the Kelvin bear. Benjamin went out early grabbing the back of his right knee after what I mean the one of the first very first few plays of this game. His knee has been a problem in the past. And I don't know I mean I wouldn't assume to Italy's it would assume we get any sort of definitive word on him. When Sean McDermott Israel is ready to to talk to the media that should be any minute we're sort of coming out here until he is ready to go. But it did not help Benjamin Benjamin part of a point here with Peterman. Certainly an argument I heard many times over from fans at least. Was he's gonna throw the ball on time and this is what you want and this is why you trade for Kelvin Benjamin he's a quarterback that is probably a better fit. For Kelvin Benjamin because it's a rhythm and he's big and he can post up DBs and it and you can get something out of him this way. And then he was. On right you don't he does exactly that but all of that happens on that one boil it paid to quit probably too quick throw and it's a thirteen or fifteen yard daily. Arnold's not here comes the cart. Here comes the car he's not right way to come on the field rebound to leave their beds or not. So yeah I mean that meant that the DiMarco Ol play is right after that I think right there of the of the moon and each. It's a it's a blaze of fury after that completely I don't even know. What the hell happened it's just that there were some cadet runs I don't mean I don't know what this is just was a mass. We will like you saw McDermott right now he's ready. That's not the not the result we are hoping for that's my responsibility. And you know get pushed through right now Swiss police as really as yet push through things like this and we'll go we'll go back to work holy land. Well wasn't what he had hoped for or are we had hoped for nearly. And the same time like you know a year when you put a young player out there young quarterback that there's going to be some ups and downs this is part of it and you know. The good part about it is I know some really tough individual and he's good football players you know to me it's not indicative of who he is. As a player. That you know you can go through some in this all all good players do. We want them to evaluate who value and take my time evaluating. Is going to be happy news about start. Obama make the decision that Phillies right this football thing. Yeah yeah. By halftime. Get together with the staff and and we evaluate things at halftime and and that's the decision and at that point. You. Were. Through. Your minds. Well you know today that the game got away from us and heard and due to the turnovers and in part. You know that said it's there's areas we can give you better add in all areas you know and in this offense we defense and special teams so. You know they were backed up early with some field position through the use turnovers and until we go back and evaluate. All areas of our football team. That freedom quarterback struggles. Actual auction. Why he switched. Or watch me switch known. Burke. Well this is about this is about. You know not only winning now but also the future and you know. From these guys were Cardin and you know I felt like like I do every decision that I'm making is in the right. And best interest this football team moving forward. He's second guessing yourself put up now. You worry about that. You don't just happened there wasn't proud of you. We're. You never carry over you know this. No I mean it's an only tough individual like recession and you go back and look at the history of games in a rookie quarterbacks there's going to be some highs and lows that's all part of it. That's all part of it and and you know the thing he needs to noses we're going to be right here support and and that's important part of we stick together as a team. It. Will be like it was out. While he was into the game he was in the game he wanted to go back out there just like you'd expect all competitors to do wish natives. And you know he he he takes his job seriously and he's driven to succeed and he wants to be the best and so those traits. Are part of the reason why we drafted him and so. You know I stay confident in me and you know I know he's gonna learn from this experience and so we've. Respond. So. Well it was Jews he you know he his rating obviously you saw it came out with the offense to the good job. You know and so. You know he he he embraced it pretty good job. Despite fears they have a three game stretch as the bills you have had ever. For you again in your first years ahead coach and balancing a lot of different things including faith that you want players that have been your leadership. How concerned are you. But these these three games and especially the way they want. Will impact that. Well that's a question for them. I know this and I'm confident this football team and and we're going through tough stretch right now teams all teams go through this you're crowned league this is as part of it. Very rarely. Friendly do you have a clean year we're here we are not and try to manage some downturns and that's as part of it. You know look at a lot of people had us written off early in the year and to be where we are now for I think for a lot of people it's. Look at with a different than what they thought initially so we've got to manage this downturn right now steam only tough make the proper corrections and move forward. And as I you do that how you keep everybody. Focused and where you want them to be including your yourself because this is kind of think shake once confidence. Sure I know you're going you know or color from that with that I've been on the other side of these of these situations a lot for my twenty plus year career in the NFL so. You know I've done too much to. And I'm too confident in this locker room and his coaches and his players to. To think otherwise you go you going to make the proper adjustments. And you go back and re teach and that's what we have to continue to do the game got away from us a little bit today in a hurry because of because of the the turnovers and that's part of it. You got to take care of the football and so. Within that with the go back and evaluate all three phases which will do. It's still under evaluation and yeah. You don't make it start. We just you know obviously you know keep that myself and not really Jerry adds to its about moving the offense in and you know that's that's what I've got to look at. And can get a better feel for live from the offensive coaches of what happened when it happened why it happened and and so. You know that's which do. It didn't books and it looks overmatched. You've just move the ball. We need to either. If they're adding he's spotted social. Well again like guys like as a girl herself you know. You go back and say hey field position early field position early field position early in and that's that was the start of it sometimes things snowball when you're that type of situation so. I'm gonna go watch the film and evaluate. Every down both on defense just like I really Athens and special teams. Much as we as workers like they have no way to get African Americans not the right game to give. We're racist groups and I'll start. I used to light say that you know again I felt like this is the right situation for me to come in and play. And since like I said before I'd I don't regret my decision I regret the results that we get the result we're looking for. I'm so I don't regret your decision at all. You know you overestimated his race. Nate Nate comes into work every day and he works extremely hard he's gotten better every every day every week every opportunity he's had. He's handled the right way and so in the game got away from us today and like I said before when you have young players and we've played a lot of young players you guys see that. We've got a number of rookies on the field made included today. Among other players first you're second year players that's part of it they're gonna go through some ups and downs what's important how we teach. Through these ups and downs and how they learn like I said before this is. In part about winning now and it's also keeping an eye on the future winning in the future also. This is calculated risk when you made the move on. Was part of the calculation. Howell the rest that he would react to it and if so. Is there any thought your mind it better play overall could be reflective of the team that couldn't in its own way so support. First supported the idea aluminum rookie. Now they were focused our pleasure focus they came out they were moving the ball you know on offense and and then we had a the plane that went off our hands and somebody else's hands and got return for a touchdown and that's where I'm from what I'm saying is. You know when you look at big picture of this football game again it's nowhere near the result that we that we hope for one and are prepared for. The game got away from listener hurry and he stepped back and look at it objectively look at it. You know that's that's part of themselves. But I thought our players are focused they were ready they worked hard during the week or coaches worked hard. To you know just like we've been all season long so our preparation. You know all that woman will not waver when I change. Inventions and make a difference and thirty points swingman how much was his injury and going down here are you without Jordan Matthews. So here without. Your two best receivers. Think you know at that doesn't help. Josh honestly doesn't help. All part of again I think it away from this rather quickly there that says it's never about one guy. And so you know not your make a few pieces. And so you know we we got to continue to move forward. In all areas. And I thought that was positive we we get on the ball auction I thought well at times and and hit some big runs and you know give credit to. Our offensive lineman in line coach in Rick Dennison then it. He came out came away and had a good week of practice and identified some scenario we thought we couldn't could run the ball. Here here it's. You know I've got a lot of confidence in Tyrone I'm not gonna get into you know next year although I've got like conference and how about some things. Are. Right well I mean by now I think we're used to McDermott at these press conferences when you lose 541 before you get a lot of this was not the result we were hoping for and it was not a matter of preparation and we tried really hard. And he would not even go as far as to say that the decision to start neat and Peterman. A fifth round pick in this years draft the quarterback taken. Win with a team that was in a playoff spot at the start of the day was regrettable. And he wouldn't even either saying. You know and I debt this but who would start next week. To meet. The notion that Biederman could start next week is unconscionable after today but you just can't this this team has gone from a good story. At five into to a national joke. And in the quarterback change is why you have a team that you go well I guess they weren't that good okay that doesn't mean you would joke you're joke. When you do that then you take a quarterback who's been pro bowls out and put a kid into wasn't even out great prospect and he throws five picks and a half. That's when your joke. They have done that. And the I understand this coach you want to criticize guys in public ring like that. Well into vet because that was unbelievable what happened today there's no way he starts against the cheaters Jason. I cannot. Imagine. And I haven't you don't like a lot of folks plenty of time as second of this game. Unfold in front of us. To think about this I just cannot envision a scenario where he is standing in front of his team. At any point this week. Telling them that me and Peter minutes gonna start next week's game in Kansas City now I just cannot imagine. Him having the balls to do that. I just I don't know how you could possibly stand in front of those men and tell them we got it through five pick them in first half. Is going back I just can't believe. We will see it I didn't see this move coming last week to begin. Soul but there you know that going in OK what and so to my analysis from what it's worth maybe not much but I just give out police would tell those creepy guy. It's no little backed him yet who did see it coming on the show last week we got a caller to. From fans who said that should happen and we did what we tend to do. And kind of scoff at that it did happen I called the idea insane you know what that. After watching this game maybe it was. Much over the bulldogs your calls and a moment this is Buffalo Bills football. Well wasn't what he had hoped for or the we had hoped for. Any the same time like you know we hear from you put a young player out there young quarterback that there's going to be some ups and now this is part and good part about native and those who knows tough individual and and good football players to me it's not indicative of who years. As a player. But you know you go through some. All all the players. Sean McDermott I need and Peter Wednesday it wasn't what he had hoped for or we had hoped for. He probably was beyond his worst nightmare of reporters and nobody has actually going through that in the last 55 years in the league just. Good or bad nobody has actually had five picks and a half and like no good place. Since the merger literally. It was incredible. I mean just. Picked it would for any team to have made this decision. Are on their starting quarterback. To this backup in particular a fifth round rookie. What would be it would be a story in the league right but for frost I mean were. Seventeen years. In this exceed five and four like I. It's it was a bold move Perry said I didn't see it come in any came and like gosh. I mean journalists. Put your fingers or your Adobe Rockies. And that was them that was a disaster. 377. At halftime. Against the chargers team that had not scored more than 47 and game and was three and six now. I mean I I I'm I'm ready to move on from Tyrod Taylor in the future. I don't see how he doesn't play the next game and admit just in just what ride this out now I just cannot. At all for for Albert McDermott sounds fairly noncommittal wants them reviewing all. I would have predicted that that's what he would say. But the real surprise me if he were just definitive in the post game news conference and he you're already knows what he's gonna do but I mean he's gonna tell anymore was gonna do. I just. Cannot. Imagine Isner where he stands in part of that team and tells them Peterman is playing in Kansas City a scant. After that mean it could've been good in bed. And you might still think you got to take wow that was. That lets write any to be. With there's certainly a lot of debate last week any discussion about what to do or. Whether this was right or anything like all that really a shot means really no point in any of them so bad. That there's no conversation there about. The rest of probable next week at least I don't but the rest of the season necessarily but next week at least and but there's no argument for that this was right. Mean because it was so terrible because of that the five picks and a half. It was always for me about. Because they were in a playoff spot I I know what you know we're real people think about the future of the position and everything but. Right now for this game they had two choices. Tyrod Taylor couldn't even Biederman not Josh Rosen. Not Russell Wilson from the past like they had two choices. Taylor and Peterman and for this team at five and four to be moving for the future it doesn't wash he had to be on Taylor's level. What would you consider that to be you could just generally settle for the the fairest way to do beyond the average performance in Taylor's career. Which is not prolific but it's also not sloppy. And so that would be like the standard for me is is is it about there it is well I think you got away with a again you can you can continue want. But there's nothing to talk about like that there is no conversation about that it didn't come close to that and there is no question. That Peter Mann was not. Ready for today not. Prepared for today. Not just because like he stayed up too late but just because. His game his abilities and his experience all of it put together it was a ten it was a gaffe. From McDermott it was a terrible. All right misjudgment so now he's left with you know I would recognize a reluctance to go back to Taylor because you you basically saying I blew it. Volume I I I made the wrong call so based on this. Whole wages apple football I'm home back to the guy that last week I stood out here are told you. Wasn't good enough for us anymore meaning never actually set up editing that we was doing is telling you to it was a good enough anymore. So he's got to go back to him and that's embarrassing. But I think it's more embarrassing to be. To dig your heels in and be defiant about it and meet you you bullet you own it you that you made a mistake. And you won game yet you or your team better than that and you'd you'd you know. You may not feel great about Taylor moving forward I I don't. But. You have to put him back yeah I just don't see any other alternative. We'll get your calls in a moment 8030551888550. To 551 more thing before we do. We will allow our network affiliates ten seconds right now for station identification here on the Buffalo Bills radio network. 305 CDW GR buffalo and WK SC HD to Niagara Falls buffalo. Point five best. NBC is showing the highlights was any charger interception like a good catch. The couple on the just like stayed in there in the ball falls out of the Scalia that the bill the second to. Well the fourth when the guy has to dive a little bit and but the the the the two where he gets hit. That the ball was floating in the air because it isn't in his bathrobe when he's throwing it and he's got a helmet in his chest as he's getting rid of the ball so old that. Affects the flight of the ball the ball is Cecilia just like in the pop flies basically two defenders who just don't look at us. My lock via. Here is David with us hi David. They I don't know. Just I'll leave. You. Yeah up in that you care. The first thing you need to point out air will complete went I don't. Did I think of this move the movie you know it is huge. You know are involved comforted them whenever it isn't it hit it governor in the we need to worry them for the future. Like it got that this guy BP like Rex Ryan but now the debate now you know the idea that credit eagle league doesn't cop like Iraq. You know that the firstly and secondly is there are sold me all too well that atmosphere and eat and it's an old. So you're gonna need although it's gotten better. And all of yeah annual bull Bob ball. Well. Although the timing point just seem to me the have been waiting to get Tyrod Taylor off the field and they decided that. Sue Roth games in a row was justification for that. Was it. That that would have happened anyway well everybody wanted to say no we wanna give them some benefit of the doubt. And like no that wouldn't have just happened automatically. It must be that. The backup news good and all anybody was ever really able to do in any intelligent way was to take a wild guess as to whether he would be good sure. He played. A little bit against New Orleans in the equivalent of a pre season game and played in the pre season he played college football you have some. Working material but it would you know it was never right to consider that sufficient you just have to hope. And trust that this coach who has gotten a lot of credit and one a lot of fans by his title and missed the player's team is here but he would know well enough that you know you trust me on this and he'd be probably. I might add that very conversation with players got trust me on this Ike I believe in Essen and one that takes a devastating he takes yeah devastated much overstating it meets with one decision he's in his first year but. He. He he's he's gotta you gotta dig himself out of because it is your your supposed to trust the guy across the process right. I mean that that all just takes a massive massive broadside. And that that's why I cannot. Imagine. Even my wallet and go through the tape. And emit a baby maybe in my if I can imagine a scenario where he's sitting there with his you know his his staff of office of people and well you know all we can block want to appear he got hit on those two the first one was bad luck is that it was right to right to the fullback he should've caught it. And try to explain them away like I'm old maybe someone in the roots go. Do it. Five picks and a half c'mon what are you really gonna stand up putting your team in double b.'s and again how you do it. But you just have to fall back in goal yup my bad. I just ulcers don't. Right. Now right like I I considered it a real slight to Taylor that he was benched this week in the first place in lot everybody agree with that. But I I really felt that way. And there's a there's a comparison somewhere in my head to work out with Capra. But we're gonna police is gonna keep signing these lousy quarterbacks is proven to be lousy quarterbacks and pretend that the temporary thing is in political. And like we're gonna go to. You know Nathan Peerman again next week and you know what we believe a Tyrod Taylor the coach and that about implying that the tyrant thing is political but. We we we are still a lot of cut it would dirt today all I got a lot of confidence in Tyrod Taylor. Okay. How much exactly let's put him let's quantify some of the stuff do you respect for everybody you're respect for all the players you respect all the teams. All the all the decisions. Postal speed real. Much respected you have for this guy. I bought. All summer that Taylor had impressed McDermott. And really want him over that McDermott was whipped the idea dealt with the idea of Taylor being his quarterback I bought that. First chance they got. Yank foreign vests. That's pretty credible here's Robert with a us hi Robert. They were drawn out ballot I don't want lace. Just a bit up first come out calling it all a patent that the per I'm not actually done like it. Truly upset that the bill that like my colonel still wandering out. On the last few weeks you know I'm colonel became an hour and a look that. The bad but the trust is obviously. On the return my call is garden bench I agree with. Not all applaud you sure are always senate ludicrous you earlier by importing of oil that and the eat at that and thank god. But your opinion. The big big picture and I'd walk off hit in this culture. Reason why you that we don't even practice. Ever want but that. Obviously he was a disaster. Our pit Iger know we don't but don't I picked. Which is an incredible. Your opinion is charged yet how we. Believe and I got. Well that'll be up to everybody to do it individually I'm not gonna sit around and assume that he's gonna get everything wrong. I never would assume he did everything right so I don't think his judgment in every way is compromised or in a shot. But this was a tremendous. Mistake. And I would appreciate McDermott not acting like it wasn't. With all that all we know about how coaches don't want to criticize embarrass I. I'm here as usual I'm here for the I'm here for let's be real I would appreciate it if he did not act like this was not a tremendous mistake. I'm not gonna get my hopes up I'm not assume every call he's ever gonna make will be wrong. No it was wrong to assume every call he would ever make will be right if anybody did that this was a disaster. And let's let's act like yeah we're gonna go to. Who's to sneaky Joseph okay Jody B Osce Joseph might not appreciate being called that. And it is because I haven't really discussed it with Joseph or anything which show ever I don't nicknames are cool. All right Joseph what the updated in more of the post game I know Joseph also give back to acai I hope. Think you might Buffalo Bills lose their third straight game again by a huge margin final score today chargers 54. Bills 24 all week the big story was neat and Peter rim would get his first career NFL start. Appearance starter with a nice third Kelvin Benjamin that's for the bad news began Benjamin went down holding his knee he was carted to the locker room and quickly was ruled out. For the game that doesn't bode well for his status going forward almost immediately after Peter and threw his first career interception. People leery goes in motion right side back to the guy play action fake feud. All right fired short hopping it. In the buffalo territory for thirty. The bills did respond quickly you Shawn McCoy broke loose on two big runs the later tied the game Peter may. And to top ten point. The forty Stockton starts inside the thirty and it broke down at the 27 yeah. But some applied got loose and Emanuel finally brought him down a big Gator hurt but Shawn McCoy. McCoy what the bright spot for the bills thirteen carries for 114 yards of rushing touchdown. And receiving touchdown however got worse for Peter and he threw three interceptions in the first quarter as chargers pulled away Peter and continued to make mistakes he finishes six of fourteen. 66 yards and five interceptions. All in first half. Tyrod Taylor played the entire second half he had just just under 200 total yards. And two touchdowns John McDermott would not say will start next week he says he's of he will evaluate the position. The defense again they had a poor performance they go up forty points and just over 400 yards in other than badger and Micah Hyde also left the game with injury. No update on him just yet. Next up for the bills at the six and four Kansas City Chiefs next Sunday. On the NFL scoreboard starting with the chiefs they fell to the now to what eight giants twelve to nine in OT. Baltimore ties the bills in the standings with a shutout win. At Lambeau Field in Green Bay Cincinnati holds off the Broncos twenty to seventeen Denver has now lost six games in a row. The vikings improved ate into an impressive 24/7 win over the LA rams and the dolphins dropped to four and six when they lost to Tampa Bay. This bill's game wrap up has brought you by independent health from your every date your unexpected independent health Richards are here to help. For the Buffalo Bills for in network I'm Judy B Osce might paktia. Thank you Joseph. 54. Or what 24 point four if you've worked only 24 team. Former 24 not worst the last week. We split a variety last week was 47747. Time we 710. This game was at one time 4710 I'm wondering if it's the first time a team has played back to back games when they were losing 47 to ten in the NFL. Bush opened a Bulldog with mortar calls it a moment this is Buffalo Bills football. Yeah acceptance certainly before and you know there's always says you win or lose we learned in. Definitely be. Mom myself move forward on him learn a lot from this and mission. American David Liederman is going to be talking about all over national sport shows here in the coming days. It's Thanksgiving Thursday so maybe just in the coming day I don't know. It's one of the worst starting quarterbacks that lines ever seen in the NFL the record for interceptions in the game is eat. Bulldog you were there. Oil it was. At Comiskey Park amateur in 1950. A growth. The Eagles 45 the cardinals seven Chicago cardinals. And cardinals quarterback Jim Hardy. Was twelve for 39193. Touchdowns and eight picks after that game I burned my party Jersey. You did and I posted it on and was or even a number rotted in those days let alone a name known name bubbles zero. So hates the record Joseph Ferguson. Through six for the bills and game once in 1974. Through five in game three other times. Scott Tommy O'Donnell 1960 Tom Lawrence film the raiders Super Bowl winning coach later in his career. Now isn't the breeders' bu I believe. 1967. These quarterbacks threw five interceptions and gain for the bills so to effort today meat and Peter Main who only played half and it was his debut of course as a starter. Wall. The bills are tied in other news for the sixth seed in the AFC playoff race with Baltimore. Which one in Green Bay today shut out win. Bills that chiefs' next week the chiefs lost to the giants today in our six and four after starting five and oh. So they're not feeling too differently than you do differently. The giants to get to play the beatles' hello well. And amp amp everybody's getting their points now. I mean I just. I do not want to take attention away at all from the decision. That McDermott made to put Peter Meehan in this spot in the 51 happened exceptions I mean it is just incredible that went that quarterly. And you just cannot. Beat even the most the that the harshest. Person predicting. How bad this could go would not have. I think predicted five interceptions and a couple bullets it's. Put this defense is not stopping and anybody right now anybody or any thing right wanna run you wanna pass. At a soul I mean. I know that she doubted what she scored nine points on three field goals today losing in overtime to the giants who are inept. But I don't know would you would you bet against them getting to thirty next week. The chiefs forty. But worst I stopped. Well it's the NFL and you can't do that but I know what you want to. Thirties three weeks ago 42 weeks ago fifties beat earlier you're the sixteenth. And it was the first 5424. Game in NFL history. For the final score. Here is John with a us on the post game show hello John. At guys expect McCall sure. So I think they're sort of promote agreed to move the scope of government it. And and at least a playoff drought mentioned Tyrod Taylor when your five in war. Locked in a playoff spot and you start this round rookie quarterback. Like are you kidding me up now Taylor has is limits obviously. But there I mean it's clear that appear and what they're ready. I mean it's crossed the proper effort to turn that over and over and over again but you know life the only process that McDermott. There's an outside his support a process of elimination thanks guys don't John. A turn of phrase. For the listeners of their from John. Get a Bulldog I did on a process of elimination process of illumination OK let's have the control room is very excited about that are at night. I have to strike there was somebody else. No no. No I would like so it has Eleanor I met the process of elimination I really enjoyed that line goes sorry I didn't like it. I had to make says he celebrated supplemental game happening right now right I got everything's over lightly for my game right. I think there's people right here the years of experience with this show. That that trip that changes to words and think it's usually like turning last week really guys who thought it was clever to call Tyrod Taylor Taylor Nim Rod Taylor like it's usually name calling in all or stupidity. Here at least the guy goes. Process of elimination but that's not a bad headlines. If you were a newspaper headline writer. It's a long worked for a moment on our Morgan and peas for the web portal and maybe a minister. This change not abort Chris right now I have a swear word in there and I don't think I wanna hold that. First orders cluster. As I think about it a dirt. Got to be some editing room. Your word elimination both eleven letters so he's not it's not going to be a question of drawing board. Doctors here is bath with a solo bath. Okay no bath let's go to John necks or John. Yeah well. John and a lot of games. Look crook got fired and it felt so coordinator. And they opt out of coordinator because. It's reggae they can figure out how to stop somebody at the end up. App. Worse. Terrible. Separately. The other point is if we are. Excited to. Gator man. That's why this or that observed. But why didn't go out. Although he on this Sunday and say that everybody. That. Silent like I get my guy is my guy Monday. Like I'd like quarterback. Battle when you come out on Tuesday. Until LA. Polluter quarterback's going to be. If you can't you can't hide that all week. The U you're going to be asked to talk about your offense. And a deployed games what it is it's just always done it just it's just not how it's on you there some advantage to be gained. You think Peter has a better chance of succeeding today if they keep this a secret or something because I mean c'mon. Yeah I do I pick diablo I killer brain waves. Yeah exactly. Let the excuses start I guess I can't think of a time I've ever heard of this in the NFL. Maybe you can John you can think of one example. Of a team that did that with its quarterback ever wanted to reach healthy anyway can you can you actually do that no right. You're still talking. I can't remember ever. Anybody doing that. There's a lot of media you may have noticed a lot of attention on these teams usually doesn't work coach can look. Bad if it gets out and he's hiding it your your first question is a different question why did he. Say what he said about Taylor Sunday and Monday and I that's a that's a reasonable question my answer is because McDermott doesn't know what no other way to talk. He's only way of talking even tonight is we tried I I think everybody put the work in everybody's grainy. Everybody. Was prepared. The best he doesn't know another way to talk so I assumed he had it in his mind at least by Monday. But Taylor would be replaced he made the decision known to Peterman on Tuesday but we talked to a live on Monday and he didn't sound like that at all. So you know they they want teams want a control their message and they want to they wanna do with their way. And for them that was going to be Wednesday morning. Announcing this move. And it's not even really necessarily. Important. That he talks to erupt the way that he did on Monday. I think Taylor deserves some credit for playing the game today. You know like I headed in my mind and I I wonder if some of is fans did too like he should just say screw you I'm not gonna. And that little that would be amazing if that happened in the NFL but it wasn't to be expected. But he might have been really bitter and he went there and he'd be played art when you gotten you got. Stuff from time Tyrod Taylor in the second half that. So. You know not the kind of thing I'm usually looking to give guys credit for but he did do that. Let's see we have Tom excellent time. And I got what I. Odds are good and you got it on demand at the voyage on and enact wanna make this point after you know made. You know came out or secure online on our I never bought. All and I think it like it's really quite poignant now. And like you when they're not involved right now OK and you stop the act that I dealt. I you know I don't know why I'd like I'd like your ticket is quarterback but the minute give me is that they and other. Why just flock to their offense amassed my Tyrod Taylor. Aren't. Right well that's right right from the start it means is that the hiring of Dennis in four per for a certain kind of fan and certainly some media we analyzes kind of stuff. There was a connection to Baltimore but the disease is the larger story was. He runs an offense that seems at odds with Taylor skill set. And they were there were troubling signs almost right away. That that would be the case. And we still got some good games out of Taylor that mostly William just. Making plays. Spinning away like nah not really executing the offense that has drawn up which probably did in your coaches. But still they made plays and they had success but no it never was fit and invade furthermore we're never. Gonna try to structure this thing. And and build an offense around Taylor's. Attributes. Otherwise she would you would have never you're never got away from the overburden moved in over read option. Four for example the it was never there. Yeah and that is that is controversial I think but not surprising. If Taylor will probably find that whatever happens storm in the future in the league is that. What what. What they wanted routines wanna do is commit to a guy and the bills have been terrible committing to him they just and in awed and there's still. Bouncing all round with him on the roster almost to the point of embarrassment. Today it was embarrassing. But you know is are going to be in a team that's like OK this guy is good Noth from were to build around him and try to win with them I don't know what question that could have happened and it didn't happen. And I guess I would predict not Tyrod brought race up. Before he was special to comment that made the rounds last week but he had made it before he was benched but there there's a talk for standard for me and that's part of it. There's there's a certain skill set that. Some quarterbacks play fast. Not the big arm not a big guy and you need in the NFL you need a coach to commit to that and try to work with that and most these coaches who get over these jobs don't. Call from that they don't. Wanna do that there. Their careers are on the line every year assistant coaches and they know what they know in this coach it was gonna be Ron and West Coast and if Tyrod Taylor's the quarterback of the bills. I'll do the best I can't. And as soon as they got a chance take them out into the out here we are now five and five after. A beat down today. Much soap in the Bulldog here on the post game show is. This part of it anyway and brought to you by independent health from your every day you run expected independent helps Red Shirts are here to help. Back with mortar phone calls in a moment this is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Went in the sand. The stampede and looks steps up fires another went down about cypress point is intercepted just want it picked up my grip or what it sounded far sideline. Game goes down about 347 yard line I could get worse. In the fifth one. So we didn't get worse interception wise after that after all. Five interceptions and a half a historically. Unfortunate performance. From me in Peterman in his first NFL start. The bills are five and five after being five into. This week they bench or starting quarterback who replaced him with a rookie who threw five picks and a half. And lost 54 to 24 it's another new. Moment in bills history and drought history this is the eighteenth here since they've been to the playoffs and there's not a day like this. No that's why I mean and don't. There there have been other moments where the deem. The waiting game unfolds. Mistakes that are made him a Dallas Monday night game for 2007 in the comes to mind where real frustration. And you just can't you just can't believe what you're watching it. And so there's this yelling and bingo heads off walls literally in here by me but did that I met Ahmed night against that tells him but this. Two to be in the spot they were and it had a surprisingly good season to make the move and then so whatever anticipation you'd after the game even if you didn't like boom boom. But it's easy I think undeniable you do like the curiosity factor is off the charts here. You know I wouldn't on this I didn't need him to do this but he did it so what does this kid got the game is gonna start in the. Okay. Even George blow you away but. After error two picks it's still 77. Pretend seven whether it's not where you're you're you're not bleeding out yet it's it's OK it. Right and if you don't like OK that was a world star bought. Out momma why you've. What's well. And it's just god would economically disastrous after that it it it feels like hope we go low point in. In it in a drought that's full of nothing but old points. To have that scenario one poll what that just oh gosh. That was it's different than a disastrous. And being where you can't believe they lost the game. Because you know or plausible there's no drama in it. Like it was surreal watching for staff. Mike show with a Bulldog here on the post game show 8030552. Were reach us let's go to George next hi George. They have all that went well I haven seen any November collapsed but that. Since Hillary Clinton are now. 888 but I just wanna say I think who it's fitting that the game was played at. Because Peter many achievements to. Show it meant what today. OK it's just comedy hour thanks George from Lima thanking you. Here's Chris snacks like Chris. He has yet to own hole and tried to cover. Yeah and so my man out I'm actually down in Florida watching the game and down here that you you'll Tampa Bay and Miami. People. And I had to wait 33 hours. Okay he I'm sorry we can't have that. Let's listen to Nathan Peter men who opened regimes like a good idea doesn't sway error and his and hammered. I don't mean to imply at all that he would have been trying to trying to amount amount of George sheer. Peterman. Yeah yeah tough games certainly before and you know there's always says who never lose we learn and you know that'll definitely be. My mindset move forward I'm gonna learn a lot from this and make sure never have again. I'm always trying to be ready you know so. Pairs much as I can during the week. And you know try to go off their helmets and went. They again you know I'm I'm prepared. Watched you know from all we can and if we see that the guys can do out there and you know it's founded obviously the hole I felt town and so NFL like us you know prepared is gonna play better. And Natalie it's. Can turn. Yeah I mean there is you know again and played very well you know and those things start to happen you know I got to just be able letting go and yeah I if for a lot of them myself. We're so I'm always fall out of school career. Really distressing got honestly. The area. Really don't understand why things happen where they do sometimes. But you know I've got to trust and plan higher powered. I think you know my relationship. Throughout. You me we're seeing that you did the first apple fans were chanting we Tyrod what that means you have. Okay let. And a lot I mean really throughout the whole game. Guys you know all over the teams and things that encouraging things and you know. Saying that day I mean you're gonna learn from this and some other stories too so definitely helpful we got a great team here. A lot of good teammates. You know moment or play even that you really lightly built. Good about what you're doing. Yeah I mean you know from the start good obviously felt very confident going into a game. And they just got away from us. I play next week until. It is who. Shot. You know definitely just freshman Darren and in his decisions. You know common ago again go back and learn from this much I can be ready for whatever happened. It's. This. Yeah there is pointing obviously. Think anybody go through this to be disappointed is it means a lot to you you know you do put a lot of work a lot of time and energy and trying to go out there and went you know in and help your team mystique and so. Is that we tough but again I'm gonna learn from this and or restore for me it's on the second quarter Q did you feel well. Shell shocked that it just cut. Four successive. Yeah. You know surprising but again I'm gonna learn from it and can't say that enough obviously. And things don't. I've never experienced something like this probably. So you know this is good learning for me. Under a lot of you know I thorough lot of good job you know and they're great teammates again. So you guys got to find ways to help our team you know putting in better positions to went. Is that with the team of four or five for a playoff spot. You. Concerned at all about what's amusing to think. You might have him here hopefuls. I don't know you know I've got a lot of good feedback. In terms of encouragement from guys. And I will say that I think this is very strong team together and yes we're talking a lot as it is a test of how long team will stay together long list you know and down. I think a great teammates and I think we're also gonna learn from this and Congo and try to accomplish our goals. As you look at yeah. Found some things. Run game. Here injuries. For a long time. House preserve you know I think those those great you know the other two play series were scored touchdowns and again the O line running back goes on doing great job and on the connections and and other great job as well so Yahoo! there's some things that bodes well. This second day. Is it just throw out there. Yeah I mean they're planeload coverage or take a shot. Kind of you know got hit I think at the same time and and get to get everything I want into it. So young tough break. Nathan Peter men's six completions five interceptions. 5424. Chargers the locker room report brought to you by a light storage tour life story with care. The rare 4 o'clock eastern start for us that means were talking during the summit like game. And it's Eagles six cowboys three early only six minutes into the game the cowboys. Got a big return of the opening kickoff kick a field goal Philadelphia went right there on the field. And scored a touchdown which is being reviewed gather review undersea but it may come back. What is the was down before the ball. Going to be second and inches if it does. Back with more the post game showed axis is the Buffalo Bills radio network. Well obviously if it's not the way drew it up virgin did in his mind but. You have the same time you know he's got to have a tremendous amount mental tough this come back to me that's a tough sounding but. He's a talented guy he knows the game he'll be okay and we're just encouraging you know hey work your way through it the way that we're all doing right now. And you know just continue to grind there's a whole lot of football left. In this season and out especially for him in his career. Kyle Williams and the bills. Kyle Williams has been through a lot of these some of these. Beat downs hopeful seasons that turned. Dark. This one not over. The bills have six games to go to against New England. Which is rolling again as usual. At Kansas City next week for a month or more of the chiefs were the seeming class of the league. Now they are really struggling I watched I watched everything today there are game at the giants was a weird one very windy. Alex Smith who goes not throw interceptions through three. Think it was three you know one Q3 with two Kelsey to one. And OK so Smith had a third one on their last drive of regulation that was overturned there was no lag okay. Yeah Kelsey through one. 99 to overtime chief spawn in the giants' drive in when. So they're probably gripping. I would think they're gripping that they get to play this bills defense. End this bills' defense is not stopping. In. He body. They're not getting cooperation from our offense. Or record five interceptions in the first half today. And I've beaten anybody picnic at the news just mass that's right but you want a positive us spend. Not really hurt report. Tough question asked me. Wanna posited sure. I have to tell you what I would have us at the Nathan Peter an experiment. Ended. Fast. I think it almost has to be over unless Tyrod Taylor is hurt. I would be surprised orally when they get eliminated if they keep losing measure than maybe Peerman employees to get overweight seasonal or if but. You know. Likely is scenario is that when a couple along the way here maybe even stay in the race. And then that's it for Nathan Pete Norman and I don't have to wonder about him. You know I appreciate. Enough wanna be a little sensitive to the point that Williams is making and the coach is making that the guy I mean obviously it's a terrible day. And hopefully for his sake killed you know be able to handle well. But it's. I don't have to like this this this game had they lost it. Forty to ten. And Peter Grimm doesn't throw any interceptions but he also doesn't do very much. Positive either just there Newton the bills don't get any offense relief. And the chargers are scalable more and they lose maybe Peter and season he probably does and I just the likely a scenario with this one is. He would not be as good as Tyrod Taylor from where he was drafted he probably would not be as good as Tyrod Taylor this all say it is this way. I don't have to if you will please allow me to say there's one word suffer like you don't have to put him out there and just wonder and ask questions and sort of argue about Tyrod that's all done this team is gonna go to Kansas City Tyrod Taylor is going to be their quarterback and he's won games for them so maybe they don't have what an awful taste in the mouth. It'll be it would be stunning if any other thing I mean we you know McDermott was noncommittal. That's predictable I would predict that tomorrow. He will tell everyone when he meets with the media and then when he some of those in the afternoon that he's going back to Tyrod Taylor I just cannot imagine him standing in front of this team. And telling them he's putting Peter and I think it would just be blindly stubborn. And five interceptions and a half yes the first woman offered DiMarco yes they can block better he got it on to look at it. You just I don't see you general it. I aged eyes can't I can't imagine. Anybody not in the buffalo area with a taste for this kind of programming can join us tomorrow afternoon will be talking about today's game. From 3 to 6 eastern before sabres hockey. And listening now we'll have neat hearing along with Ryan gates with our overtime post game coverage but. This show were doing is over much over the bulldogs face glistening this is Buffalo Bills football.