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Monday, November 20th

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It's always Simon and Jeremy White. They competed in under center his first start in the NFL you can roll right find short often. In the buffalo territory of the thirty. 35 yard line picked up by Craig Watson who steps up. Miers and other went down about cypress point is intercepted this one is picked up by Trevor what it sounded far sideline. How could get worse. That's up being certainly before there's always says we never lose we learn in you know definitely be my mindset move forward Obama learned a lot from this and make sure know how to begin football through tough stretch for all things go through this while people had us written off early in the year to be where we are now I think. For a lot of people that's with a definite defined mission so we got to manage this downturn right now stay mentally tough make the proper corrections and move forward. Non WG ER Sports Radio five feet. That's it that's. I got a decent night's sleep. I I I don't even know where to begin that was about as colossal mistake has never made. Yeah. Big one that's a that's a really pick one public eye I don't mean this is Monday Morning Quarterback is it certainly will sound that way and I wouldn't have made the switch no it was too much to put a rookie and in that situation right. I don't think it dropped five per step interceptions either I I didn't think so either yet you know all a lot of this is the reaction is well I hope you guys are happy. No I'm not back on I don't I'm not happy that I was happy that they made the move because I thought. It meant he was ready. Not so much not ready yeah. But but I and that's why I said you know look. I don't mean it adds this was your off last week's I didn't you know I didn't have our divers off I think I'm sorry I don't know who was off last week. I wouldn't have done it but it wasn't as much faith in Tyrod Taylor it just wasn't the proper time to put in a rookie. A rookie by the way this is not to Shawn Watson comes in at halftime of week one to twelve overall pick is getting shot the plight. This is fifth round quarterback couldn't exactly have been you know a brilliant career at Pitt. In the group critical game of the year in the throes of back to back embarrassing losses throwing him mincing make your first start you know it just didn't make sense. And it doesn't help. And at one thing that's true here is Tyrod you see how DA is able to mask some of their problems. It also was a great game to show how many problems they had out off. That it adds much is the thing about we're gonna talk about Pete imminent Tyrod in the quarterbacks but this defense is acts of mass you know it's funny the five interceptions are big headline as they should be it's pretty embarrassing for Peter and it's embarrassing for McDermott for the bills. How many lives by. 3030 yet come out as well last week 37 and again they have one pick last week there so one take 37 point loss five picks. Thirty point loss and you know when Tyrod goes in search to make a little bit closer majority down by thirty points. It's done it's about forty to seven at one point a jerk I could dep is that the exact score the saints game of one point forty to three. And then Peterman through the talk it out and if so you've got a team. That it's safe to say I don't think either quarterback wins that game because the defense didn't force a pot that the defense went like two full games above point where upon 22 consecutive opponent possessions without forcing a putt it was the jets early fourth quarter. Was the last time and at another team punted before LA punted in the third yeah pop up and last time the bills forced upon when the game was close. That would be you back Oakland needs to Tampa and try to get probably Tampa or media AV earlier in the jet game. And and that's that I guess said that this the you know the five interceptions are the story the quarterbacks which is the story I think there are big issues here I think there are. You know I guess you have to wake up wondering if the players in that locker room forget trust the process draw the players that locker trust the coach. I mean I mean I'm. There will always be different factions in a locker room there will always be guys who work. You know friends all were believed in Tyrod Taylor thought this was not the right idea there will be guys who didn't think Tyrod was good enough and thought let's give the kid a chance. But either way you'd have to wonder what the head coach is thinking putting a rookie and when you're in a playoff spot. After back to back losses and GAAP met the this so many things were floating through my head yesterday and one of them is if you're on that team. What do you think about your head coach right now on all of us he's been preaching to you all year now you've been preaching. About winning now winning now and when he set it on Wednesday announcing the quarterbacks which. They had won enough now and they've done enough they made a trade for receiver so I thought okay they're they're really are trying to win now. And yesterday post game he says it's going now and the future and always so we're back to the message from training camp right when they traded Sammy right which is that yes it's now but it's also the future so. Are they really doing nothing more than getting a look at this kid. And maybe trying to improve their draft position like its sole hard to imagine that McDermott would ever done that on his own or the big dirt written material would do that period. I don't believe anybody in that I don't believe he would have done I don't believe the GM would have gone to him and suggested. I don't think the owner would have gone to the GM of the coach and mean you luck. We knew it was five and four with a bit of an asterisk we knew that that that the brakes were playing into this because the turnovers were helping the defense the offense was somehow. Scoring you build the passing game was was. Averages a compliment it's it's that I don't have statement that and the running it was inconsistent but the AFC east so you were taking advantage of all of these things playing in at the same time and I don't think anybody was under I was an inert under any delusions the bill said turn the corner five and two. But hours ago and hey let's run with a OK whatever your five and Q why don't figure that grape BA if she's down you could make the playoffs. Why screw that I just it just it didn't make any sense to do that unless again I'm not at practice I'm not in the quarterback. Room. I don't see and hear what McDermott season here's but it just on paper. On the surface it didn't make sense. It would have been worse coming up Tyrod wasn't playing well tyra was coming off up put. Addict performance in the game against the New Orleans saint 56 yards passing. So maybe there wasn't the outrage that the earth or the question that you should have had but it just didn't make the timing made no sense to try to step if you wanted to take a look at Nathan teetering guess what. Odds are you're gonna lose some football games in May be fall out of the playoff race there would have been ample opportunity to play Nathan Peterman and take a look at him now it didn't happen. Have to be yesterday when your season was on the line knowing that if you lose this game. Here now staring at a most likely five game losing streak even with Kansas City losing yesterday. I still think the bill to lose to the chiefs you have a few go from 52 to five and seven because of this game yesterday it wasn't the time to do that. Did you edit obstruct noted that snowballed Jeremy if you're McDermott. And you're sitting there Monday night or Tuesday whenever he was deciding what to do you had to run through your mind okay. Worst case scenario Peterman comes out any puke all over himself what happens he's not good enough to overcome. Early adversity that you can't ask a rookie fifth round pick. Say if we get down early back couple scores. And by the way whatever the status you know this team under Tyrod when there were trailing by more than four points never wins a game maybe once or twice. You can't put Peter minute position of if we get down 1014 points early in the fourth quarter this kid will have the composure to turn this thing around it. Not not with the defense being shredded that they are being shredded in this losing streak. It just didn't make any sense. We threw five. Colin or his fault for credit I would say the delay eagle one was not. I would say a I I might even let him slide on the one where homes closest bulls is coming adamant she's under pressure. I would say at least three if not for probably three for sure but probably a fourth now. The the DiMarco went. The DiMarco wind is not his fault I know I don't know why you're thrown to the fullback he's like the last ten guys that static Harry Lee he's the last guy be throw into it that's that this team does that's what this offense is about. So. You know he's not Colbert they got told her out of there and you know what ultimately there's an active right they would throw the putter would have the price would have run run him three straight times after McCoy is back to back plays on the touchdown drive so they have to play Taylor and it's all it's not you there's no question you sure yes. And that way you and I assure my thinking like the bills right now well McDermott wouldn't commit to it and that that might just be because last week he. Committed to a starter and then change his mind and so maybe you wanna commit to it until Monday or Wednesday because. My BK because he ultimately wants to of talking over how want because he doesn't wanna announce it at a press conference US we will tell the OK to back to work fine. But Bulldog Bulldog stated it extremely well on the post game show yesterday. How could he possibly go stand in that locker room today. And state of the team fellows for coming back epitome. I mean there'd be jaws would mouse would be a gate how much different would it be than boys we traded Sammy Watkins. Guys we traded Marcel for a sixth round pick guys we traded brought Ronald Darby away and the Marcel thing I don't think would have been eight melt the gate thing there are probably plenty over the newsroom that are thought it was time from ago there's just a bunch of moves they've made they would wonder what are we do win ya I I think you absolutely have to wonder. It sets. It is Peter in his playing Sunday in Kansas City I love that team I'm seriously turning to the guy the next all going. What the bleep is this guy doing. If there's no way you know where is Ted what do what it what do we have the franchise doing right now. What a disappointing day that he does it better than I do which I was so terrible. Odd but you just wanted some level of intrigue entertainment and five interceptions but he I you turned your worst enemy in the world and said listen. I know you hate my guts to me a paper. I want you to script out the worst possible outcome of this game today. Your worst enemy could not have written down repeatedly thrown five interceptions in the first app wanna be a pick six and one will want his best throws will actually lead to a receiver giving her. That's right number one receiver will go down on the fourth offensive play of the game with a knee injury and be lost. It's pretty bad. You couldn't even in again it'd nightmare scenario you would not have drawn up five. First half interceptions and the chargers are amazing at losing all you need to do is keep them close and they'll find an anti right. He threw. Six passes completed to bills' receivers and five to chargers players that you can't the write that up that's that's pretty bad. I mean I you know. I'm sitting there at halftime and at another talking about what happens who's the starter. There is no way you can put Peterman out there in the third quarter in awe at the very least the kid must be shell shocked I mean he just got his. He's just got his lunch handed to him I I since I'm speechless I just them absolutely speechless. And as they said I think there are so many issues look the I listen to the post impressed I was in Iraq when he was asked about who's starting at Kansas City said I need to take some time you know and and evaluated I'll save you the time. Put Tyrod Taylor back in the game and go figure out if you're gonna spend time on anything figure out what the heck is going on what your defense. Which can't stop anybody right now right the way the defense plays. They will lose to Kansas City you'll definitely it's New England let's put up eight yup they will mood. Miami's and inching team Miami now Islam backing and it's an awful team they are awful but they're awful because they they've everything we do wrong to do themselves a they fumbled ball all the time they throw picks all the time there. Mean they were all over the field against Tampa and ultimately just fumbled Landry fumble Cutler bad picks. Yeah so who knows I mean this is probably aiming for. Eight Nate seven and nine I was leading 79 and maybe six in ten at and point at the at the rate this whole thing's going to lend up looking back of the season in San Icahn. Probably should've brought back Tyrod won a couple games probably should have written this thing out if you want the bill for the huge year provision just done that instead of what we wanna do bull. Because we've managed to do his anger your fans that like Tyrod Taylor whereas if he had just left they would have ultimately. They had to move on from that it is funny the the the the the combination of things are trying to do here at all really does not add up. You know I know they talk about win now and and also win short term win long term and all this stuff but it really doesn't add up if you look back on this season. And if you're port if you're trying to sell the we are trying to win now portion of the discussion. That you trade Sammy Watkins and you trade Ronald Darby and EU trade Marcel de arias and you bench Tyrod Taylor at five in for a let a playoff spot. It all does not add up it just. Doesn't make any sense even with even the Daria straight you know and again yet he's had off field issues this snap numbers were down all that stuff. He's still that I I believe he's still a talented football player that just all the stuff you've done. Doesn't add up to were trying to win now most of the moves and decisions they've made this one being the tapper. Do not add up to were trying to win now it if you were doing that. You would have probably just stayed with Tyrod Taylor as bad as he looked against the saints you would have stayed with him. For what may be three more losses whatever you wouldn't you would have kept him in there until you've dealt. For all intents and purposes rather play efforts now let's get Peta and in their for the final 234 games do you advocate can do it just. To make any sense it's pretty bad and you've turned it into a laughingstock right and now they're just they're national joke everybody's everybody's written the bills everybody on Twitter everybody on. The talk shows that they I mean they were all second guessing the quarterback decision. Before the game began. As it plays out you get blown out in the kid throws five interceptions in the first app they're just a national joke this morning. Everybody stock about. What the heck are they doing in buffalo wanting it doesn't do. This game didn't change my opinion of Tyrod Taylor. Now it didn't change much on the eighth and Peter me neither mean he's young knows what will ultimately be that might have been his last game ever or maybe he turns it around. But on Taylor. But this is the comparisons he analogies are always out there like yes though it's it's it's someone you like but you don't wanna commit to that the bills haven't wanted to commit to Taylor. They don't have to pick between these two men for the rest time so when Peter ring comes in and stinks the joint out I don't think. All man I can't believe I ever thought about moving on from Tyrod Taylor there. I I'm in the same spot I think are right all looks like I'm going to be definitely drafting one turning over every stone I possibly can and to find the best quarterback I can. I think the the positive if you wanna try and find a positive out all of this is that if there was anybody wondering if the bills are on the fence about drafting a quarterback. I think they clearly leap off the fence. They closed essentially the benching of Tyrod Taylor you know it comes back to play yesterday they've closed the book on Tyrod Taylor I mean it does anybody think he's accurate 28 team. Even if the took another pay cut I don't think he's back here and 2018 and any luck. The piece of luck and I'm not gonna tell you that Peter Minas is useless and it was a waste of a draft pick it was I apple football for god should have been put in there in the first place. But let's face it if the bills needed any nudging prodding and pushing it. Cajoling. About drafting a quarterback high. I would hope this past week has ended any internal discussions and debate about that with them move essentially moving up from Tyrod. And putting in a guy who we said at. As a flyer sick of the kicking him out if anything it just that there isn't terribly well the problem with that is where they every draft and right deny can be tracked ninth. Good luck enough and this is the scenario we all kind of force saw ultimate yep. Oh. OK it is built football Monday at 80305 that the did you pay phone lines are open now here's the deal. You know what the amazing thing is well I obviously you know. We're going to be spending all morning talking about the quarterbacks which in Tyrod Taylor Nathan keep him in there are are the things that talk about the game. McCoy actually ran the ball well. Benjamin's injury. I mean we shouldn't be surprised at the the bills couldn't stop Joey boasts. Their run defense still had its issues the past defense was terrible they couldn't get a sniff Philip Rivers. It for some reason they decided to just let Keenan Allen run around free all day. There is there's a lot of stuff to get to believe in an outline what Leonard hopefully entertain you and ourself by actually looking at the AFC standings. Put it but it it's it's pretty much we know it's it's all about the quarterback and I I think. That hole. Trust the process. And everything going on which Sean McDermott this was a as he called and I believe they calculated risk. Man. It blew up with you could've put all the dynamite sticks together in the world. And that's pretty much what happened with this move it blew up in his face so where are you this morning about about the head coach I. Kipp believe I'll ask. I can't believe anybody you'll call us today and say. I'd still start Peterman against Kansas City the seas maybe you what may be at stake. Guys his season's over five and five were not gonna make the playoffs the heck with this stuff Tyrod not coming back throw the kid and I think you have to play Tyrod Taylor. 8030515. To join us 888550. Q 550 ads as they set its bills football Monday were our phone lines are open. They got obliterated but we wanna talk to you about everything and and how this makes you feel about the head coach. The thing at a new head coach to really interesting. When the guy shows up and it's starts. Maybe not DOT days but in training camp we start. Forming an opinion about the new head coach board games or even play week we talk about what he says. We analyze. How he says things and press conference is we talk about what kind of practice she runs. We start evaluating him and then the game started we we wait and see what does he do with time management what happens in. You know two minute situations they look organized. You know how is it challenges does he go for it on fourth down Desi punt in plus territory how often. And you know we we've evaluated McDermott have been some good have been some bad this was. Clearly. Dubbed. Biggest misstep and it's not even close in his first year as head coach of the bills. And five into a few weeks ago people were feeling good we are talking about how you know if this keeps up guess what McDermott's can be in the coach dear discussion. Now it's completely the opposite direction in the bills are getting absolutely crushed across the country by the national media and people are looking at him as like. A big joke and wondering what in the world head coach did so does a lot of the tape. We wanna hear from you. Full Israel right now seeing givers your thoughts on Peterman on Tyrod on and Puerto start next week. On McDermott. In it and as they say they've there's a whole bunch of other stuff from the game yesterday but it it it is you know it is dwarfed by the quarterback discussion. 8030515. Or if you need to focus on this morning it is 8885525. Fifteenths aren't the twittered some things make me laugh. Brendan in Virginia you're on bills football Monday here at WGR. They go to court I don't good thank you. They. You know the preface this by saying how much Tyrod Taylor band you know you're probably about to get. Around. It. Watching yesterday's performance. And I'm not you know clearly not an adult coached but how many interceptions does it take. Before. You have to question. What did make the right call yeah and you know after the second after the third. I was in Shirley up to the sports yeah but you know they don't play it don't put Tyrod back into it and then McDermott after the fact. He he bounced me. How. They're the gold districts it's just say hey you know what the eighty media need a wrong call here you know mediocre it's I don't know. Well but all of this together. Closing I think we need to start questioning. You know at the top. McDermott 42 yeah because you can't get a chance at at ending this terrible playoff drought. And you gave us more of the same. I don't know that that it's very frustrating at depth and now we need we need to start looking at at the leadership. You know unfortunate. Well I think Brendon thanks for the call I didn't think he was gonna yank him in the first half. As they set I had not thought it was funny you know the guys on fox for talking about waiting for the third courted to start. There even at the end of the second quarter they were talking about how well look forward to talking to Sean McCarthy who is gonna play in the third quarter I can't believe there was any choice in any you know. And unless you've figured. The game was over at halftime what's the point even bringing Tyrod Taylor vacuum but if you're gonna preach all the time about. Fighting till the end doing everything you can and winning football games giving it your all you eat you know he had no there's no way he was gonna put Peterman back out there to start third quarter I didn't think. As the interceptions were piling on. I thought sure I thought about it everybody would have thought about it is it possible he's just getting yanked the kid now. But I'm not surprised that he played in through the first half hour. And I don't know why I had an off its he's trying to show faith in the kid or. You know he doesn't want he doesn't wanna give up on his decision that was his critical decision and didn't wanna get ballot that fast I don't have an answer for yet. But I wasn't surprised he took that thing to halftime and then decided. To go what Tyrod Taylor in the third quarter and look at it think it's it's a fair point. And at that Brendan it's not. The the problem isn't UN I second guessing the head coach I really think the biggest issue is the players players that room you know that the guy. Who they believe then I forget who was aware of which Eric Wood on the fox telecast they were talking about how they spoke to one of the guys on offense. And about the quarterback switch. And basically help our deal were you surprised can you believe they bench Tyrod and his hits with something about all we have we have we believe that our head coach. We have faith and Sean McDermott that he knows what he's doing. And that faith have to be if not completely blown up as as shaken as he can possibly going. And if if I'm playing. And I'm in that room I would have been thinking last week. Really I mean what I. You know Tyrod might not be any great shakes and you know the offense has been bad and we were horrible against the saints and yadda yadda yadda but put in the rookie now. I think you've got a big problem I think she Palmer tournament at the really big problem by the way Sean McDermott. Defensive minded coach. Guys that side of the ball probably wondering what the heck is going on there there's no pass rush there's no run defense. They can't cover people they're not taking the ball away they're not getting sacks. They're getting obliterated in that side of the football so those guys have to be wondering about Sean McDermott and Leslie Frazier what preaching. 80305. Shipped to join us 888552. By fifty Iran holding on untapped we wanna get your opinions in this morning. On the quarterback switch and whatever is on your bills mind on this November morning. That is on tap next on tap this week at premier gourmet Sharon act green thumb double wide PA hugely dank fruity and residents. I have to go well I've got to go online and figure out what all that means. Hugely dank fruity and residents. Anyway it's hugely dank fruity and resin aside PA group rid equinox Medusa eureka and Columbus hops. OK it is bills football Monday presented by northwest make the switch northwest to get back to living. We want to hear from you next on WGR. You go lyric goes in motion right side back to the play action fake feud. All right quite short often. In the bubble territory dirty. More touchdowns. It's all bill's old days Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. First down buffalo at the chargers 27. They're gonna run McCoy pin. On the pitch let's not document. First. Closing cute touchdowns for LeSean McCoy yesterday from the maybe the only highlight for the game for the built our bills game highlights brought to by Clarence kitchen design studio highlight the heart of your home would they dream kitchen. From Clarence kitchen design studio visit Clarence kitchen designed dot com. And start dreaming gonna get your calls in a moment. Builds. Loss yesterday 54 to 24 they impede him in six of 145 interceptions on the first half he was yanked from the game at that point. Tyrod Taylor what the rest of the way Philip Rivers had a nice day to pick you want a couple touchdowns Keenan Allen had a field day with a 159 yards on twelve catches in both those. Rivers touchdowns first time in franchise history the bills that given up. More than 47 points or 47 more points in back to back games they're five and five they've lost three straight there at Kansas City on Sunday by the way Sean McDermott mentioned. That you wanted to take time to reevaluate or evaluate quarterback situation wasn't rated name a starting at for Kansas City. I believe it's 1 o'clock today Sean McDermott meets with the media salvia stadium. We'll have the latest for you here. I'm WGR bills next opponent the chiefs they earn a freefall they've lost four of five after dropping 8129 overtime decision to the giants yesterday. The ravens. Now are in the sixth and final playoff spot they beat Green Bay 23 to nothing both Baltimore the bills are five or five ravens had tiebreaker right now. Patriots or eight Q the obliterated Oakland 33 to eight Miami lost to Tampa thirty to twenty. Couple of other great gym teams now after wins Minnesota and New Orleans the vikings down the rams. Saints rallied late the fourth quarter beat Washington overtime. And Philadelphia maintains the best record in the NFL nine and one after crushing Dallas last night 37 to nine. The sabres play Columbus tonight at keybank center to 7 o'clock came and will have that game for you here. On WGR so get ready for. One goal from the sabres OK it is up bills football Monday presented by northwest mixed with northwest get back to living. Make one comment. Now it's now with the show's all about. Can we finally mean. Among other things a million things are but it never ever at the hockey team no no come to bring up the nonsense about trading a player because he's been hurt before. Right who returning when you trade Sammy because I can't stay healthy it's okay he can't stay healthy. Jordan Matthews tonight how healthy now Kelvin Benjamin days out out yet. Not a criticism of those players it's just you as you dread every day gains he gets healthy right you cannot plan. On injuries. And to trade a player Roy because they've chronic injury OK I understand nots don't back and undoing that traded just at that time. One of the justification was. He can't stay healthy meanwhile he's healthy and the guys that you brought in are not them so. Don't ever think you can count on healthy players because it's random. And its unlucky in it's unfortunate for Benjamin. No one else has random turnovers. They've they've got. They had seventeen in the first seven games remember that when they're winning games and they were even getting defensive touchdowns and got one take away in the last three games. And it it hid the fact that the defense is in good. That the defense of lying isn't dominating their matchups as the bills needed them to do in this scheme. That the linebackers aren't good enough to make plays on a regular basis they certainly can't cover. And as good as the secondary was playing the start the season you now see. Deficiencies in the secondary as well although Jordan Porter did what Jordan port does he broke up a couple of more passes in the end zone yesterday. All right let's see where he left. Off. Christian and see you're around bills football Monday here on WGR go right ahead. Great alcohol and because I think it's more about dolphins collided because the lion eat better quarterback. I mean our target that they opera polite Joba on how to live on a big slightly retreating tiger you know what how many holding penalties and gain. Well that game was like fault wasn't it it was there was all I mean it was all for before. In cog NATO and would I think got a holding penalties on the same drive. All I mean and then you look at the quarterback threw five pecs. Well you look at the tackle and the pressure that's being put on any court. Tyrod or Peter either way you look at who's being a quarterback. They're not getting it time to pull the ball at all. There's not true that's not the problem that's not bad I'm not gonna tell the offensive line is good it's part of that but but but let's not ignore the obvious the quarterbacks to start glut. All what Tyrod he's not all the ball downfield I ate he'd get did you do a little in the second half. But even before that he wanted to get that are you watching around you've got facts. What shall I turned against the saint. Maybe 67 against the Jonas has got to six I think maybe six against the saints and I I I really think they need they need to rebuild their offensive line in to rebuild their defensive line. They need to pass rush. The need. Corners. They realized they need a linebacker is it defensive tackle is they need a whole bunch of stuff it's starting to look more like the team we thought it would look like for those that thought it was gonna be a bad year you know these yeah look I'm Chris I appreciate the caught at the line's been bet right I mean they've they've got their own issues but. I just think if you're it. When when you make the comment and we've we've talked about this so many times over the years we I can't tie every time we take the call aegis you know the comedy dismayed. Hey guys no quarterback could play behind this offensive line. And I'm again I'm not here to title lines playing well they're not but I think if you say hey guys it's the line your. Not giving enough credence to the quarterbacks aren't good enough. There have been times when Tyrod Taylor had time to throw and he was not good enough. Peterman I don't know how much they were you know these are rookie. Try you know making his first start even if the offensive line gave a better protection he still might have had a rough day yesterday I mean he's. He's a mid round draft pick rookie out of Pitt who had an okay college career. It's not like you know again I keep bringing up to Shawn Watson they had two incredible years at Clemson. Played into a national championship games and made an Alabama defense that sent atomic guys the pros look really bad. But that's a guy you would say you wouldn't be surprised if he came in and succeeded like he was ready for the situation. I don't think Liederman lots gather the offensive line yup they're bad but yesterday I mean the quarterback still through. Five interceptions what. Though the throw what the one that sailed over the update Thompson's head I don't know maybe Thompson ran the wrong route he wasn't under pressure. You know one of his interception baby was that wanna forget one of them all out. Any gets hit by Joey both suck. But he was planted in throwing the foot. Football to the other team and they and he got a picture we post and the one on the sideline is all embedded that the cornerback jumped the route that was a short drop and looked at it right quick throw the quarterback ready is eyes saw what he was doing and jump the route there was no pressure on them play so you know it isn't just. The offensive line the quarterback. Quarterbacking. Has been was that has been bad. Eight but thanks for your call 8030515. To join us. Perry in Toronto you're on W Jerry Eagles football Monday. Good morning compared to call. Art councilman Bob Morgan caught it ought to the old go back coach mark immune. Number one out of the earth or even respected and suction. Play calling. We shouldn't just kept running the ball a lot of subtle but what you know. At least settle the guys down to the a virtual bargain playing our number one. Number true are disappointed. In our special. Something that. Or been harping about arm every time we got a kick off return or run an all out. And they're starting out like that and fifty yard line. Rather just need him on their. So urgent are putting it all on the coaches. And all the other stuff we've been talking about but Bo duke they really starts with the yesterday. The well I'll go back to Jack I I agree with John the the first part watching not when I wanted to bring up two things one you're overdoing it on the special teams. I haven't checked all of them but I'm looking at the first three returns at Tate had. First was to the 25 the second was to the nine the third was to the 24 so it's not lucky he wasn't stock he was actually getting to the 25 yard line and some of its returns. I didn't think about special teams for 12 yesterday that's not what they lost the game badly. Took took a running point gamma court was good but I will tell you that's like if there was ever at the time we say hey fellas let's run the ball. Is the third drive right McCoy has runs of 37 and then 27 to get to touchdown you're feeling good you're right back in the game the next possession. They did pass the first two plays were passes and eight yard pass to play and eager pastor cadet. They ran record for Q they ran McCoy they lost to an end Peter was picked off you basically would be saying. We're going to stop throwing the football they weren't going to do that. You know again I I think you could have tried to lean on the running game a little bit more but at some point. You're still putting the ball up in the air and you are trusting. The rookie quarterback to have to throw all the football they weren't I don't think going to go in and say you know what we're gonna run like 45 times of gonna pass fifteen. I don't think that they would have taken that approach at some point he still had to make plays and he was not up to. The task of making plays in his first regular season start. Appreciate the call. It's the old golden. To Toronto and Tommy you're on WG jogger right ahead. They get the morning it can't wrap my head around. Are you put her unproven. And you know mid round draft pick in that situation. With so much on the line I felt I felt pretty positive about the he's you know I should still feel positive in the fact that we're. You know number seven in the on connect feel like with. Games remaining we you know there's some winnable games there we have to upset I didn't achieve or the patriots. He should at least one time and Andy and went against the dolphins but I'd put all the wasn't ready and even when the articles about me warming up to Egypt he thinks Obama did not look ready. Mean you beautifully up for the DiMarco one on him and the other four fine. But. I pick. Here's what a pivot DiMarco that the pro am. Indy in a situation like that and more seasoned quarterback would take a little bit off that ball hit the ball back. And it's still in its in its hands and knees and NFL's applied yard pass to DiMarco agreed it was Erika at that level levering Biederman was bad he had thought he had four other interceptions enemies and if he wasn't ready or didn't look ready that's on the count and mean yet. It's that's on the coach it's his decision he. You know how how can you say it was a dumb decision McDermott thought it would work right that that it was a bad decision now right I I thought. United said this all week he'll he would only do this if he knows it's gonna work the it would only do this if he knows it's an upgrade. And it was clearly not an upgrade now to they plan on our bodies so impressed with Peterman. As they could they roll back out there against the chiefs the only way they could. Is if they say listen we seen in practice we really believe he's coming along what happened it was terrible start. But I guess we're gonna go back to that they quoted but I did it would be like you said to be tough to sell the locker room but just because you think something's going to work doesn't mean you are immune to being called. Like out called up and dumb decision I thought it was gonna work. OK while Mac case in nevermind not somebody's pay the bills rent a triple reverse on fourth and thirteen. And rare blood result was gonna work. Obliterated we bring out the halfback pass and track and we had a broken that I thought I was gonna work. I don't know I'm not I mean I'm mad and I'm mad at the coach I'm not mad that he's trying to find an upgrade in fact I'm encouraged by that. And I'm not changing my mind on Tyrod Taylor based on what happened yesterday because. And I I think I know exactly how to Tyrod is he's pretty good. But the bills are looking to upgrade that position and but to me that's the thing that they drove me nuts about the national conversation. And it's been misrepresented by so many people like buffalo hates Tyrod demands that he's benched and now you got what you deserve when none of that's really true. They last week no one was what calling are clamoring for Peter indigo win it was just stay on the offense was bad again and Tyrod and Dennis and do not see I'd I hear is against the saints he can't do wanna think he's at the Redskins and the saints. Yeah they little mop it and and you know Kirk cousins isn't thought to be the best in the world some people say he's not that good but under the put up 31 points on that defense and on the loss because the Sene scored anyway. So I'm not mad that McDermott is seeking someone better. But. In this season in being a coach of this this team this year looks like you made a bad call. 8030550. To join us. 888550. To 550 is bills football Monday presented by northwest make the switch to northwest give back to living Jon tweeted in. Too bad quarterback is a top priority in the draft. As they need an entirely new offensive line and defense their front seven that's one of those days Morgan calls coming up as we dissect. The loss to the charges but also. The quarterback decision. And where are you these days on Sean McDermott what do they about the bills head coach after it basically. Blew up in his face Margaret calls on the way bills football Monday WTO. Levin who buffalo until the eleventh instead you're being out of the shotgun pressured into it downfield it. Intercepted intercepted by Casey Hayward was the flag on the way they were gathered himself gets up bright and around the thirty and he struck down at 331 yard line. It's all bill's old days. Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. It has its and we have to. Our lock from this film as far as making a decision on my administrative decision will be made or announced a lot of things to watch so the next couple days as far as you know. Committed decision never. Has seen here and there right now as a team. We sit follow Bob and we haven't played well the last two games. Home we have to be it was fixed that and do whatever it takes is to give back when I don't know when this out of school we'll. Paris tennis some of his comments after the loss in Los Angeles yesterday 5424. At a treated about the difference. We know I know the quarterback will be the main topic but is something going on with some of the defense of players have some quit on the coach. Due to the Derrius rag and trade to back story there something ain't right with them full strength yesterday seemed suspicious that they're good. Now I mean there might be some I. The rag betrayed no means thought he never did anything that I doubt there'd be people upset about the Derrius trade I think they're not good that the defense a lot of thought would be good. Let's face it we ought and there are questions throughout the accent and the defense of like not playing as well as I thought. Shaq Lawson has brought nothing to the pass rush I thought he'd never really good year he and Jerry Hughes. As bookend pass rushers and that has not materialized for loss and anyway linebackers were questioned going in their that they don't have playmakers in that group. I was. Really surprised and stunned at how good the secondary looked in their placed elbow off tray white has had some struggles as a rookie quarterback will. EJ gains is in out a lineup they have no cornerback depth although Leonard Johnson had a couple nice plays yesterday. Porter has been good high it's been good but for the most part. You know the the questions he had about the defense and whether or not there was enough talent enough play making ability. Have come to fruition and and as I said there Vincent disappointment to me Shaq Lawson has done next to nothing in terms of pass rush and I thought to be more from him this year. Deal though the whole events of yesterday ends up and I think it brings out a lot of opinions a lot of passion but. What's different. What what has changed. From before the game two today. What what is really changed the defense which was getting dashed disorganized again last year. The young quarterback that nobody knows he's gonna be good people still being so far market Tyrod Taylor. You know it. Maybe they should it on him after the third pick before the game is totally artery to be out of reach but. What's different you don't have any. Non Tyrod believers that are all the sudden jumping on his bandwagon right you name any more people jumping on the Peerman bandwagon and a ultimately feels like we are where we've been for awhile which is most people saying keep looking and keep surgeon. They were happy to see Peter mean because that indicates that they are searching and to me that's the big picture that's the big take away. That they are saying and they will actively say we think we can do better at that position and we will. Exhaust all avenues now should you do that when your five and four and trying to break the drought now that's that's for debate. Brian you did that's that's up for debate if you if you wanna do it when your five and four because the games matter OK and he admits that's your right if you think. Go out trying to beat the chargers make the playoffs because you haven't seventeen years I think that's totally fair too. But in terms of what has really changed in the last 24 hours. Not much I guess I I guess more German or tell you what's changed more for me it's not the last 24 hours it's three game stretch. And it's. It's. Going into the season thinking whatever we would have said at the may be with six in ten men with seven and nine. But a team that's gonna be under 500 ball make the playoffs I don't think they'll be in the hunt this lovely too many holes. And thinking of five into they did it was wrong. You know maybe they're better than I thought maybe this is maybe they picked the right coach look maybe the defense is better why outlook at the secondary. Didn't know what to expect and then didn't think they'd be really good but holy crap these guys are ball hawks. Maybe I was wrong maybe this team is better than I thought so. That is more of a compilation of the last three games that would not have changed began to. You began to feel that queasy after the jets game after the saints game you probably thought oh god. Well at least they will be Los Angeles and get to six wins. I guess nothing would have changed singularly from the game yesterday but it's the losing streak. That made me go Ka I'd stay slow but that's this is the team I thought. I was going to see going into the season they don't have their quarterback. They still have issues on the offensive line. They have a really bad receiving corps. And they have questions littered throughout the defense really better receiving corps especially with the injuries. Folic got their pit of their with a torn off now Andy and Bobo nor Jordan Matthews has been no great shakes when he's been in the lineup either. Benjamin parking dissect avenue about a chance to evaluate with cal management can be as a Buffalo Bill. 8030550. Join us we'll sneak in a brick we go folks settled under spot because we get right your calls we come back out of the update. And we have an open segment coming up next south of where that's at 730 but we wanna get your thoughts and I'm bills football Monday percent of our northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. He's all of bill's old days. Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living.