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They make comes in the work every day he worked extremely hard he's gotten better every every day every week every opportunity he's had he's handled the right way and so in the game got away from us today and then I guess it before when you have young players and we've played a lot of young players you get CNET. We've got a number of rookies on the field they included today among other players first you're second year players that's part of it they're gonna go through some ups and what's important how we teach through these ups and downs and how they learn like I said before this is and part about winning now and it's also keeping an eye on the future winning in the future also. Summer Garrett of his comments after the loss yesterday the president looks bleak and know what the future. Present Sox it is bills football Monday presented by northwest make swift northwest get back to living five interceptions repeat him in yesterday. We will wait and see if Sean McDermott has his mind made up later today. As far as the identity of the starting quarterback for the game against Kansas City on Sunday McDermott is going to meet the media this afternoon. Our south part two will be on hand I should double check this but I'm pretty sure it's at 1 o'clock. Yes it is 1 o'clock Sean McDermott to 45 for tennis at 3 o'clock Leslie Frazier and I'll be covering all of that eagle 305 pick you get your calls. 888550 to 550 amidst all the quarterback issues and everything went bad yesterday Kelvin Benjamin goes down on the first drive of the game. Not a good sign when they rule a guy out for the game. Within like ten minutes after the injury and he is supposed to get an MRI today and we'll await word on that there are a lot of things wrong with the bills. Including the quarterback and a defense continues to look. Awful just shot awful awful and I don't if you're you're just joining like up if go guys risks we're gonna blame the defense now. But the defense. Is that. And the defense probably was bad but was hidden by takeaways takeaways more takeaways now the net taking the ball away. Now again yet but I tried let's yesterday they tried sending five I think sometimes six guys and couldn't get Philip Rivers and holy smokes. Nobody knew working Allen was throughout the entire football game. Except Philip Rivers so there's a lot of things going on which armor permits bills the quarterback is the obvious thing today yes we're talking about Peterman. Then colossal mistake that McDermott made and how it just blew up in his face. But holy smokes the defense has gone completely south in this three game losing streak. They look like they have no clue on that side of the ball I would bring it up because we spent the last year plots. Talking about how Rex Ryan ruin the defense and we don't gut McDermott made a batter. They look pitiful. Worse than Rex is defense is Rex is defense is were disorganized. Now they're just flat out getting beat. Their their their run defense. Again it is you know Gordon and that happens a big runs yesterday but the missed tackles the the issue is on run defense the no pass rush than. Not getting takeaways the past the defense being shredded GAAP. I I I think with Rex it was. These guys there's ten guys on the field is twelve guys on the field they're all talking to each other there out of position they don't know what they're doing. These guys are organized that is flat out that these last three games they can't stop anybody. You shouldn't go 22 opponent possessions without forcing upon. In this day and age in the National Football League. When it it just it's it's. Almost unfathomable for me. To think you can go that long without getting all punt somewhere forced by your defense do you write off the season in the post season and start looking at the draft thirty UCLA. Six games left to adapt and I haven't written off the season yet today is not that did happen discussion obviously. But now I haven't I mean I'm I'm watching the out of town scoreboard yesterday is not a good day for that yesterday and yeah I mean I've well of course we had I had the 1 o'clock pregame show so I'm yelling and screaming at the Packers who decided not to score points against the Baltimore Ravens. But in a Miami lost good. But there wasn't a lot good that right general you know one Baltimore one was a big one. So I haven't written it off. But boy I mean it it sure it's crazy for me to sit there and tie yeah. Hey you know what there's still five and five are tied for the final well wild card spot Baltimore's got tiebreaking edge when the bills looked. You don't they've done in a three game losing streak Kate think back jets game. That game right. Saints game worse than jets game chargers game worse than saints game. I mean the feeling pretty darn cat. And yet they did against New Orleans New Orleans was about as miserable day as you can think of you there you're a season ticket holder. That was about as bad days you could possibly dream up and seven days later they topped it with yesterday's performance against the LA chargers so. I haven't written off the season but I can't even begin to wrap. It's my job to tell you wild card scenarios and standings if it wasn't my job I wouldn't have glanced at the standings and looked at everybody strength of schedule because. After these last three games what would be the point. I did watch Sam stemmed Arnold and Josh Rosen Saturday night. I have a ton of games on my DVR of quarterbacks to answer the second part of your question. I never stop thinking about the draft never stop thinking about quarterback and I'll continue to think about quarterback in the draft. Needle through bodily Josh Rosen looked really good the other night. 8030550. Drugs and maybe at some point we'll talk about the most famous crotch grab and history of college football. I would still take baker mayfield I thought he was the best quarterback on the board it even though he is getting ripped and crushed for what happened on Saturday for Oklahoma. Okay let's get to your calls we wants new start here at Allen Baltimore here on WGR thanks for holding on. More troubled credit card garden. Bogged thank you. Back or call it you know Colombo Laura I have a comment and gonna have a quiet. Okay now mark mark I'm there yet. You know I love it haven't I rap what some years. I know I've been to buffalo say that the systems and Obama in New England. Or equal or get a move the ball. And you know I think Baltimore and the ball more and I am in Iraq. And then go back to work around you know I've always been a is every year you know when he came to a now. Apple me. Be it but we're unless people want me to do what. We know we know you're out of pocket quarterback. You know also if you are pocket quarterback. Chase offered to meet here this. You know I don't got cold or. Everything every year in and taken from. I mean big so I mean they they took our wide receiver. You know and they traded on the way in game be brought some ideal. Now we brought Mario said you know. Right you know them and isn't going to be you know not going to be let me. I mean it makes you happy. That they don't want to be you know. Well I didn't even know where our. Oddly they used that would make. I mean there were five and two I think they'll do pretty good at that point illusion Morales gonna fall don't you think Al if you're if you're getting crushed like you have the last three games. Whose morale isn't gonna fall. Yeah I think you're in your right and get up consoles. Market quotes. We got a rookie coach. You know armed look at the tackler got Wednesday. That's big that's basic tackling. Your body and you and you and you and you well. And that bit and that it wouldn't and the beginning of the women. When they went and when it saves in the in the big Coke. Shall I mean. Let's be real here this is a team that needs a lot of the but the the reason they got one on got six picks in the first three rounds and you're given three threes and got three extras because they know they're not good. The reason they traded players because the GM and a coach wanted to build their own team they want to get players that they think fit their system. And this has just started this the first draft class of that and the draft class has pitched in pretty well. So I guess you wait for next year and hope you get six picks and maybe for those guys pitch in. But in terms of the tilting in the offensive coordinator point like yeah we know it's a mismatch. They are not. Committed him yeah I think we we talked about this just Al thanks we talked about this yesterday on the pregame show if you're Rick Dennison right I do believe. That one of the jobs of it of a coach head coach a coordinator special teams guy wherever anybody. You should coach to the strengths and weaknesses of your your players your team. That you coach and their strength to do whatever you can hide their weaknesses. So I. I I understand where you're saying and I agree I think it's it should be on Dennis and you tweak think you can have an offensive philosophy. But of that offensive philosophy doesn't really match the skill set of your starting quarterback you should do something about it to try to take advantage of that skill set. In this instance it's quite possible that the bills and by the benching of Tyrod Taylor this past week I think they sent a message loud and clear. That the bills brain trust do not believe in Tyrod Taylor is a long term answer his quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. And they may not have felt that way going into the season the net out of state might have just said hey look you know it looked around the market. Pete we took a flyer on Peterman he's not gonna be ready to play right away we don't like what's out there you know what we're we're gonna just keep Tyrod here for 2017. Which is why you trade the best receiver if you're not thinking about Tyrod as the long term answer your try to make moves to make your team better in the future so it's a long way of getting to. What you bring up I think I would agree with inferior to you should. Trying coach to the strengths and avoid weaknesses. But I think your organization felt this guy was not the long term answer at quarterback he Rick Dennison you put in the office. That we believe. Is the best offense to run you put in the office that we see here lasting beyond 2017. When there's a different quarterback running this offense and I think that's basically what they're doing. You know what with. Losing faith and all that stuff yeah you'll lose you know when you win you believe in your coach you trust the process yet by end all that stuff when you start losing. You don't buy and all that stuff in to start doubting all of your coaches and you wonder what they're going ot. I think what happened to McDermott though. Through the quarterback decision I think it's a completely different discussion. You know you you had lashing get players doubting Rex Ryan Wright the players on defense did not believe. In the system the scheme and everything they were hearing from Rex Ryan and for that matters brother rob they just didn't. Have faith that the coaches knew what they were doing. I think this group. And I don't know a thousand a got better got it to tell you dissent than than me he's around the team every day. I think this group is you know was open to see what the rookie head coach would do. And he comes in and lo and behold look they're winning you know they beat Denver they beat Atlanta beat Tampa they beat opening up to really nice wins. Defense looks good to take in the ball away. Bomb and and you start believing. When you start losing you're going to start wondering if the rookie head coaches in over his head did they know what they're doing is Dennison scheme the right thing forest. You know what's going on on defense should we be blitzing more why are we doing this why are we doing that I think yesterday or this past week to completely different thing. I think if as they said if I'm a player in that Rome I'd have to be scratching my head going. What did he do and again I don't. I don't pretty. I don't mean this as a leap of faith in Tyrod Taylor I'm not a huge fan you know I I would move on from Tyrod Taylor. But at five and four in a playoff spot with the season still very much available for you to get to the post season and end the drought. It it was a really odd time to say we're gonna give the rookie quarterback a shot in a critical game. I just don't understand that decision I think it's your point now about the the players. I think this is the first time if I'm in that room. I really scratch my head and go what in the name of how could you do that was our head coach thinking when he made that switch at this point. Illegal for I and I I would wonder about losing the belief of the guys in the room in trusting the process and buying in and all this other stuff. Because you'd be they can. Trust the prospects can we just what the heck and met a visit to Fargo to say the process is garbage yeah well it's not a real I think I know but I'm I'm so I'm sticking with the phrase that the coach no I know I'm and I'm not picking a new puts trust trusting the coach is hard to do. After you benched the starting quarterback and lose by thirty points sure. I understand the process is bunk and the process is. Get good players at important positions and put them in position to succeed in hire the right coaches and all that you know like. The family stuff that's that's the window dressing in the process is been something that has been. Mentioned you know at five into McDermott was a little bit more reserve. Then fan yeah me and it was very like let's not have a parade because for five rescue he downplayed it a lot and maybe he saw this coming which you know if the bills. If that soldier right now we saw five and five coming because the defense indicated that it was gonna have problems. They say that now you're not that impressed if you could go back three weeks from now honored say. Listen I know we're five into block is about to happen we we we can't live on turnovers were given a huge yards in the passing game. The box should have been a wake up call right the box James winced and those are 384. It. Wake up call so I mean the process. Yadda yadda yadda culture this culture that ends up looking a lot like a former bills teams that have a fast start and fall off the differences. That the Peterman decision is that that that's the different thing in this process as opposed to other quarterbacks and other coaching staffs of years gone by and droughts gone by. So you know when we talked about the decision to go for Peter ring you're apartment it's critical game the timing Munich the timing is suspect. I spent the whole week saying he's got a look like he belongs there and the fact that he didn't I I wonder if if McDermott is surprised. Did you think needs to where you worried about him you know did you think it might be a storm of rim did you expect him to immediately step in and be better than Taylor that's the question today. Did you expect the quarterback to step in and immediately be better. Because if the answer that is Noelle. Then the win now stuff is yeah disingenuous century grid say yes to that he'd probably do what you could cure cancer could be. Maybe not immediately but I thought. In time yes it would be that the right move for us it would be an upgrade the offense would function better. Over time with Nathan Peter man in charge maybe wouldn't so I don't they would say immediately maybe not and I am not against that idea are our Ali. I've found in the blood boil it all the way down I didn't really believe in this team at five and two to be a good team are great team. It was hey you know what if we can and this drought the degree I'd I'd love to just check this box and go on with my life soul at all costs sure check this box straight for Kelvin Benjamin. Go out there and try to beat the jets in the saints. And win and LA and beat the dolphins and if you check that box then hey Sean McDermott you've done something that no one's done here for seventeen years. And we'll talk about the process a lot you'll be a made man. The fact that they're not maybe gonna check that box doesn't really hooked me that much. I do appreciate. That. That they want to be better. And he's when he says you don't worm were about more than five and four in a when when your sitting at five and four that's tougher this year then in August. Right it's pre season he says listen guys like the way the seasons go we do get the five and four and we. Have a playoff spot online I'm not on money and for that I meant to be one of the best teams in the league if you sit in an August everyone says. Oh hell yeah for me to write but when you say it when your five and four. It's splits people of the more right fair. Yes that's the point about the timing yes it's that is everyone would agree yeah I wanna be about more than five and four putt at the moment meantime at work in a playoff spot right. Edit edit doesn't mean I don't I'm not kidding myself saying your Super Bowl contender but. You're in a playoff spot in this city. Where that it has seventeen of drought is an exit this is the you have to do a just what your expectation is what your asked is in the offseason what what were my. The offseason I am draft quarterback go ahead and draft a quarterback signed somebody else whenever you gotta do they bring back Taylor. And I have the switch to I told you the start of the seas like okay. Not exactly clean slate but he's the guy and as long as he's the guy and they're trying to make the playoffs I'm gonna hope that that works out for the urban. And evaluate him and see if they can get in weapons. Zoellick your your goals change with the time that. The goal is set forth and in the offseason I got a different gold and I do it week nine when I'm five and four. So if fans are upset I think they have ever right to be upset. I started this point for me saying. I haven't really believed in the bills being a good team. Since. I don't even know when. I know they always get around this five and 45 and five they're always here. And maybe that's why and I'm cheated on them that I the last time I truly believed in the bills might have been when they were three you know for five and one. Entrenched here. Depth but to be totally honest. Deck is even the fifth start where like pac. Whatever they're winning it can't sustain let's just enjoy the eyes so long since I've been like I think about with the Eagles are going through right now but they must be swept up in this holy crap we found our your order back not just apple we're awesome up our coach is Smart Peterson actually looks at a really good coach the rams even though they lost it today. The rams must be swept up in the viking like on their third string quarterback. Like I'm waiting for this franchise in this team to really. Take everyone with them on a ride. And I am of you know on the one side that thinks they should continue to look for a quarterback. If they they didn't have to benched Taylor C here's the other part of this they didn't have to benched Taylor. Benching Taylor makes it one more unlikely he's back next year yeah and I wait I mean I was prepared. To say Taylor can start next year as long as you draft the guy or as long as you start to look at that kind of stuff and now. In all maybe you do. End up taking a step next year we draft a guy eleventh and play him right away or you signed some other veterans are coming in just mind the store for year. The frustration for me with the benching and we got to get the break for Arnold hang on the frustration with the benching is. I can tell you that I can think the bills were not a good football team and yet. You could still made the playoffs this year because the AFC is that bad. In this is where someone will tweed and it's a guy's what's the point of making the playoffs if we're not gonna we're knocking on Iran. It's seventeen year drought. Everything goes back to the stupid route right who wasn't throwing rocks at their television when fox runs the Mayo music city miracle clipped. In the fourth quarter and it's 5417. I know that's the last time the bills made the platinum got to show the clipped. We the bills and the drought are synonymous while we're gonna land and you can be not good. But in this ridiculously. Bad AFC. You could still made the class a share and ended the drought while we're complaining about little things that you on the broadcast how about Kurt Mann a few saying are about to make people buffalo mad and comparing the LA temperature of the buffalo temperature now. Whatever the they do that for New England. Bust out on the net a megaphone here there are other polled cities in the country is Chicago so anybody. Seattle. Old men both flows gonna get mad we're gonna point out that it's 38 degrees there. Neither could showed a clip of November they didn't do that don't do that for the night storm or whatever the heck it was. All right let's get a break if dropped all hang out more your calls come up because it's one of those days we need to talk things out. 8030 and it's not even talking out Tuesday were jumping the gun 8030550. The John as a before the money south coming up next as well that is on tap on tap this week a premier gourmet. Serran act green thumb double like PA hugely dank fruity and residents IP a group with equinox inducing Rica Columbus ops. I've no idea what that means Jeremy who is looking at me like you know what you just read. Now they'll have to explain to me. So for now quite free. But not quite frequently. Watson on the road. Eats all bill's old days Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living itself. I'm GO. Well to Oakmont shield itself up dungy ills. But you sound gut punch you sound coupons GO. I'll go Ponzi elves around coach the audio on WGR. That's coming up in the moment and bills losing streak is at three if. Boondoggle yesterday. Stimulus boondoggle yesterday in Los Angeles 5424. They'll set a franchise record by the way for the most points ever given up in a three game stretch 135. Nathan Peterman six to fourteen in his debut five interceptions in the first half benched at that point. The first time in franchise history bills ago at a 47 more points in fact McCain took it they're five and five they play at Kansas City the chiefs. Have gone. South. They are now six and for that lust for the last five games they lost the giants yesterday twelve to nine in overtime. Baltimore takes over the final wild card spot in the AFC from the bills the ravens beat Green Bay 23 nothing. Bills and ravens both five and five but Baltimore has the tiebreaker edge New England walking away to another division their eighth and Tuesday swamped Oakland. The dolphins lost to Ryan Fitzpatrick in Tampa Minnesota and the saints both get wins there rate in two but Philadelphia maintains the best record in the league at nine and one. After they trounced Dallas. Last night and Sunday Night Football and the sabres are back in action tonight at home. At 7 o'clock against Columbus in my own use that term loosely action. Okay the sabres are on the ice tonight as seven and will feel the team banks that are nipple. And we'll have the game for you on W Joseph actually three home games this week tonight. Wednesday night Minnesota and Friday night the Edmonton Oilers get your calls 8030550. Will also get dry AT&T hotline. And bring in stock pot Chu is brought to buy out that liquor need to stock up shop near its only outlet Flickr good morning mr. departure are you to. Well. Now the Nazi I'm disappointed. I'm tired you know it's OK I would accurately obviously it's our radio in the morning that on the coffee can't fix. A lot most of them feeling how am this morning page your arrow down I guess that just completely snapped off because of all the used to Chad these last three games. Played ever last week that it even actually write the Eros because we're so many. The downs but I tried to this week so I rumors are not accurate it last week last week I said. No arrows down written because you could just write all I could go on the say they in this league but I didn't. I tried to fight you know it in India where it really was this week other than it is just collectively as a team again. So many things wrong and there's just there's so many things going wrong. Now. With McDermott. Keegan had issues with the players in the room to think he's they've they've lost faith in their coach. Ali I asked few players this yesterday about so the fact that you know this could fracture locker room. Yeah they said what you expect to what you would expect players to say which is you know we have good people in this locker we care for one another war that happened and I think it does start there. You know I mean whatever it is this this culture and you win no where we talk about that neat things that I think that's where your culture does get tested. If you'd if you have faith in the people around you if you believe if you if you care for one another you know let that happen you in his support each other either way but. I do think now that this is a critical point critical decision we made this week because they're going to be a lot of room. Who feel this week OK whatever happened we need back Tyrod Taylor. If he doesn't do that it you'll really know those people that the onboard and you know they're meeting people the other way I don't know. I don't what I've seen I think now it's. Very critical over the next several days next several hours maybe whatever it is. For. Sean McDermott to make sure that this team is all on the same page or at least on doing or each other doing what they can't make sure that they that this. Well the one part that's tough about that self feed comes out today and says tell we're gonna go right to Tyrod Taylor the question is. Bolden did you make a mistake. I don't have to admit Delhi. And he won't do that. Hopes he'll hit because you'll say no I felt Nathan was ready. What's that what you did yesterday idealism that was impressed tees and now he says I I would do the same again I felt it was ready to play. We need I it would what was Casper I'm paraphrasing I did what was best for this football team and it didn't work out and I stared at some level and you can say eat eat but right I mean of course that you could say well obviously it was a colossal mistake because he wasn't ready but at the time I think you know if you feel that. You're making a decision and and it doesn't work out and you say. Okay well I guess that work up at the time I think you'd still put yourself in that moment say until made the right decision at the time. If you do that tyra though at what it of course you are basically admitting that it was the wrong thing to do in the first place because were. He obviously wasn't ready in the results speak for themselves. But he won a battle that killed he would Syria I don't I don't think you would see it in the state. He he would just say I felt it was the right thing at that time but I feel this is the right thing at the time. He he's got to go back to Karen Taylor got nice out I think so let it. While he hears things so. If you still feel that you are you still wanna win this year and used New York in a position to contend for a playoff spot which they are. Mean let's be honest I know the way they've played again and now Tennessee here's they have wants a running now but. This inning speak for themselves Leo lot of help again yesterday other than Baltimore. The rate there did you feel that that's case I think that that's where the locker rooms and Jeremy ware is. They get the EU it's it's demonstrated out right now tyra gives you the best chance to win after what you saw yesterday. So you're gonna need to do that and the other thing is at this point. Don't you kind of take into consideration maybe saving equipment from itself so to speak in his psyche where he is in everything that happened it. You know it is also about the future it is about the only computer in the future they can mean. Wow like maybe you should just. Back off a little bit and let him get a little more seasoning at practice whatever before you put in that position. Yet that's why I thought it's like you you're down silent you would notice that. They were they were discussing on the telecast. Like going into the break coming out of the break whether or not you know pay what Sean McDermott gonna do is gonna go to Tyrod Taylor you know leave that to be imminent. And I'm thinking there's no waste and get back out there at the very least because of what you just said he's he's got to be completely shell shocked. You due wouldn't put him back out there after I mean and historically bad. First half of football offered quarterback and say I give the old college try Q let's get to know you you can't. You can't rule in the kids complain at what point you reach out to right coming out to start the third quarter that's right or not he managed. Of course she was gonna put Tyrod Taylor back in there's no there's no way you gonna subject Peterman Denny more embarrassment like that. We always agreed in the broadcast. We talked about during halftime rate at the end of radio and a half Murphy tells or talking about it. Person that the Kelso is that you got to correct tire right immediate you have to. Got to consider what the situation you would need to go forward I think they agreed. I spoken locker room with only what happens is at the Sean does the does the halftime with the TV side right right right that with the national Laura Oakmont was the on the sideline reporter I I talked with her after she spoke with him. And I said what did John tell you. She said. He told he's gonna go in there and make a decision and I thought right that I knew like he's asked if he's even wavering he has to go back yeah right I mean it it otherwise you what is it like no were unit is our guy we made this we're gonna commit to home. And I and in we all kind of agreed like everybody like talked you said you have to go back so now you can't allow him to come out the second half again. Eagle 30550 to join us Validus here on the AT&T hotline Stephanie and Jacksonville. Thanks for holding on a no welcome the bills football Monday. I think I have two questions. The you know our allotment morial how the locker room and how can divide it. I kind of just wanna get what you think may be the owners feel today. Allow his decision. And if he continued to make it's on Woodbury continues to make the same decisions he's made up until this point. How long do you think he hasn't buffalo I'm not on the bandwagon so. Get him fired or say he needs to be back Islam and our Allan stinky. Well when you say lately new witness that you're making and they what you say if he keeps making the decisions and using plural there which other ones are you talking about because I mean. Not that it's a lot of the decisions this organization has made people scratch their heads over what they actually while working. Well obviously I mean the decision about Nate and and the other illnesses like you said trading Sammy is sports. Now and the future. I'm. Not I would like the double talk would you not would you actually if you're ordered for all of us that. Here here if we can't hour I'll say it is gonna look at take it to the heart of her point though. Let me Sean McDermott has more power in this organization that any coach may have ever had. I mean I I I don't know how much power the guys in the seventies that whatever but I know since at least. At least it's Ivan colony Marv Levy and Sean McDermott is the guy who runs he isn't that show he run this organization I guess it's up to bring him being together they a lot of power. I don't know obviously what Terry or Kim are thinking I'm sure they're quite disappointed. And the way everything went down but they're very supportive people and they're gonna continue to support Sean McDermott whatever. To issue makes I don't think I don't see them stepping it is that immediately is call originally. I don't see them stepping in in the situation and let him work through but absolutely I think they're gonna have a lot of questions they why wouldn't. Well I'm sure they're gonna say hey. Why why why did this happen have you felt he was ready tell me what what happened here that but the back to my point is that it was there were allowed a season I think at this point. What's it like if they can use them but. That decision hasn't blown up their face to treats any mystery round RB. So I think this is the one there have been other ones that you could still say yeah maybe maybe not for the most part where. It in two after making a lot of those were some people thought head scratching decisions. What did you say this Celek and there's some every bit of bids it's entirely possible that the owners think aura but every key they can beat. Hearing came can have different opinions on this too course it's one wants to and the drop the other wants to find a quarterback you know if I or if by noted team I was obsessed about finding a quarterback and finding an upgrade. Even at the expense of five and fourteen. But I wouldn't be met in my coaches there and yet I you know I respect what you did you know how I feel about Tyrod Taylor and we were prepared to walk away from last year. So you know I think this isn't the same scenario is if it were Patrick Holmes going in for Alex Smith or another like it would go ruffled going in for Brady. Taylor came back on a pay cut after testing the market this team. And what they owe him one knows what is ownership feel they all him. He just cannot hung on for another year while the entire operation moved in a different direction. So if ultimately they decide are McDermott decides I'm an. You know take a look at how the operations going. If you're the owner and you wanted all that then I don't think you be mad at all. I think it's funny Sal and it could 2000 you mentioned. Alex Smith I thought about that in the last break. But everything got like this decision blows up a McDermott's face and he's getting just crucified across the country binational meeting going. How could you venture quarterback with that lighter and a playoff spot. And I are thinking you know if you're gonna Chicago's old buddy Andy Reid Zandi. Bail me out go play my homes and take out Alex Smith as a division leader. Venture starting quarterback and go play Patrick monster I don't think Andy Reid's gonna changes quarterback there were some but that's all we're calling for the yesterday so what that happened this week what what if not any greed did that. I don't think you will not gonna happen McDermott call up Andy Reid tell on the bench is quarterback he. May help us out this week. There or there have been rumblings it's reflected differences there they're leading the division. There's still a couple games of the division maybe even after yesterday's six weeks before I think. Although that goes and out that they had elks that played an MVP type level for five weeks to a did not. He hears that they about yes I accept I accept a plea this a lot yesterday. Obviously the way back and maybe even dreamt. That. See there's two parts this quarterback situation now controversial everyone caught there's two parts of this whole thing that goes with the quarterback. First part is they compete America clearly we saw yes he wasn't ready for that we just wasn't ready. Yet that day sure in will he be better next time I think it's hard to be worse that he was. And I think I I fully believe they felt he was ready but he clearly wasn't ready for that yesterday. That doesn't mean that Tyrod Taylor is suddenly the guy. That can fix that offer its problems because guess what they're still there you know that the office is still limited which Tyrod Taylor all the things we talked about. Leading up to let yesterday which Tyrod Taylor are still true that's the problem here. I'm not tell me does give me a better chance when he does you go back Tyrod Taylor next week you're trying to make this in to get to the playoffs now. I think we demonstrated that. But all of the reasons why. You do it or even thought about William from Tyrod Taylor still exist they don't just get erased because because they competed in was that yesterday. Yeah no I think Jeremy meant that earlier yeah nothing changed our care I mean I was not I don't know why I'm just saying it's a good point Jerry Jerry brought opera nothing changes. I tried my money my whole. I do know I would have made the switch was not based in faith and Tyrod Taylor to magically turn the offense around. It was based in it was just too much of a gamble for meat to turn to a guy who was an unknown quantity. And that gamble backfired and you know we considered talk about in the pre season he'd looked good he showed poise he didn't look like he was not up to the NFL moment. Well yesterday clearly he was not up to the NFL moment and so react not a good points on just backing. I I said all week to you to Schobel out for sure. The switch to an eight and Peter was never about Peter it was always about Tyrod Taylor was always about the office. It what they've done if it was Dario Joan Lester tonight is of course not yet at least ahead appealing to be the most ready. But it was never bow where it should he get this kid in because he's got to be so great it was always about we have to do something about this offense because it's not move its networking. Millet in any better. I missed Roger are you are are you going to do or 10 o'clock show today I'll be there. But I either and I got at mile radius that they talk about this. Will be arms and that's what's good luck. All right guys thank you south Sal brought you buy outlet liquor need to stock up shop Newark's only outlet liquor will be on from ten to noon. Sean McDermott meets with the media at one today cell be on hand for that we'll see if anything comes out as far as. The starting quarterback for the Kansas City game Steve there's an update on Kelvin Benjamin on Micah Hyde the two injuries from the game yesterday. Benjamin reportedly getting an MRI today on the injured knee. What else. Eric Wood at four Sean McDermott at 445. As well on bills football Monday here on WG. Who slept for their own fourteen. He yard line it's not. Who created take those emotions to the left side Peter Henderson the sale three step drop. It's all bill's old days Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. While coach great server where he erred and records loans for any. As some you know aren't college at all. A lot of wireline call of the day. Brought you by the Amerigroup line made easy to America when we gets Kendall Jackson vendors reserve Chardonnay just 1099 for a 700 hold on. Give me 750 milliliter bottle. Only 899 after mail in rebate you can see dollop mayor's weekly specials. At premier wine dot com. Also brought to buy premier gourmet buffet those craft your destination. Travis Yost yesterday Twitter that there have been many low points the last seventeen years but this has to be on the mount Rushmore. It's not mount Rushmore season as they say but yeah for the drought bout we did the drought bouts in the off season I got to add this in mean this would be. This is an elite. About it is it is. Okay this civil sake don't bring up the cannon that's your deal. It is pretty amazing that every time you think this could just get hit a lower point they find a way to hit a lower point. Yell or at least think this is such a memorable lost I mean this but this is one all off three game stretch him out. All of hideous defeats. This one even more so because the benching the quarterback playing Pete in a new guy comes in and it's not even. Nate and Pete image came in and just had a rough day and they lost twenty Ford. Thirteen. 51. Half interceptions. Not that they can I throw the stat of the day in right now that ties and deserves. Nathan Peterman through more receptions and one half of football yesterday the the rams and patriots have thrown all season long. Through five picks immediate it's. It's it's just. In terms of the seventeen year drought and how many times have you when I come in on a Monday morning and talked about. I can't believe how bad that game was typically road game they played some really ugly looking games over the years. It's amazing that you can talk about that I mean right member of the game what was it how many years ago in San Francisco. They give up like 4000 yards into the 49ers and lost like. 45 to three or whatever the heck it was they played some really forget Doubleday. It's saying something. To say that this could be the new low point of the drought or right there on the mount Rushmore of low points in the drought when they're being quite a U. This one well when you throw is not just the one lost. It's five injured five and five and three losses and under 35 points. And everything falling apart and the starting quarterback being bench in the back of comes in and he throws five picks and one half of football. You couldn't have. I don't you couldn't do it could have been screwed around a training camp played around with crazy. Unbelievable scenario that the bills will pull off this year I don't think you would have written this one. Yeah to be 52 to go lose three straight give up a franchise record points in those three games and in the third game bench Tyrod put in the work you know get picked by times in the first. Good 50 god. And of this seven. Anybody else because watching game and also on Twitter the game defeat was behind Twitter yeah. I'd like it was behind the NFL stats too yeah by late I go to the NFL website to follow all the stats everything. Placer coming up before the game is national yet so I'd be sitting here you know watch the game he's already got three interceptions and here I'm all the tweets number four my depth. No way right and you look at the screen depth how how is this going to be a fourth one. A fit up fifth that. So now got spoiled for a week I stopped looking at this at the computer because of that one time I did look it was the Melvin Gordon touched Emery got outside and number couldn't get him and I like where OK now let's go to another touchdown I guess a better life. To see this one happens. I'd if you're on holding I'll get open segment where little bit late so we gotta get our business and my my apologies. But we wanna talk Q it is bills football Monday presented by northwest make the switch request it back living. Talking about quarterbacks which talking about whether you've lost faith in McDermott and do you think. But players. Have lost faith in John McDermott after the quarterback switch and the the way it blew up in his face yesterday 8030550. It is all things bills football were taken to calls on WGR. Those old days. Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living.