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Rivers looks choirs down they. Eat right side towards the end. Down once again. Field as rivers pointed shotguns got two receivers often swept into the right stick on either side and throw on first down this website about what. Even Alan branded died. Big Dave McKean and count getting killed Hubert who won stoning if your calls here. Those are some of the highlights from the game yesterday our bills game highlights on football Monday or brought you by Clarence kitchen design studio. Highlight part of your home with a dream kitchen from Clarence kitchen design studio visit clearance kitchen design dot com and start dreaming. When we do you are accurate to call bill call now we're gonna make Keenan Allen are Ted's hot player of the game. Why not thirteen targets twelve catches. 159. Yards. And two touchdowns. When that day so when you hear the cure to call. Make you call in and if you are the correct caller to identify key to an Allen. As the player the tip top player you would a forty dollar give credit to the top ranked fatal trio fight it to join us 88552. For fifty. We've got. All line open if you wanna get him we're gonna get caught up and calls for a moment to. On the reaction so far today last night was one of those nights where people will send messages to UN to me in saying. Man I don't are you guys might one not wanted to win tomorrow it's so bad at holy cow. I feel sorry for you are going to be honest I think the reaction has been tame. Right. And the reaction is tame for a few reasons one you had funny that thought the other five before but how good our day. You know you still have the fans that want them to break the drought no matter what so we can be over so we can get the spotlight off of this franchise. When it comes to lead pointing out that the droughts there and you know everything they've done over the last seventeen years has kind of what added up to the league's thinking the bills are incompetent and if there's one thing about yesterday it's tough. It's that that move put is mocked around the league. And you end up looking incompetent to the browns live in this neighborhood right the browns are in the neighborhood where whatever they do their stupid. The league thinks the browns are dumb FK they had a coach who was it showed they fired him after one year option to what a bunch of idiots the browns are stupid. And the bills they make this move nationally it's what's wrong with you are you crazy and then during the game you've got a lot blown a rigorous scripture char man yeah you got everybody the bills are being called racist by some analysts cited Somalia it's I mean like so everywhere out there. It is. You know it's just an example of what the bill's overall. Identity to the league is and yesterday was. They're the team that isn't good and battery life. They make decisions like that they're stupid I get it and at trial that's you know it's one of the reasons I was thinking about Kansas City what if Andy Reid did that this week I had to wait what would the reaction be. What if he decided to bench Alex Smith and played Patrick more homes against the bills because they've lost four of five games and they just scored nine points against the giants. Would people be up in arms and say what do you do when you're leading the AFC west. Your crazy or they got sandy Reid he's proven NFL coach he's been in the playoffs he's been in Super Bowl he must know what he's doing what the the problem with the net the media. The narrative from the media nationally. Was incorrect to begin with because the narrative from the media nationally was let's look at Tyrod stat line in two plus years and say what you do invention Tyrod Taylor. Look we all know that the media who who said that it was on the station has for years now says essentially. I'm not been tied at Tyrod destined for the hall of fame but what are you guys don't. Why don't you like Tyrod peak as we watch him play and we know there are limitations to his game there are flaws in his game he's not bad. But again there are enough flaws in the game that you realize there's only so much to Tyrod Taylor's game I think we've seen his ceiling I don't think he's going to grow as a quarterback. The whole act. If you want to bench Tyrod that's fine I just would not have done it for this game this would not have been the week I would have done it. I'm not even sure if they lost to the chargers with tyra probably wouldn't do I can't say considered but I probably would have waited until. After you lost to Kansas City in new England and Ivan 71 games left Nicole ice I rob thanks for coming you're not Bakken 2018. Pay Peter menu going you've got the colts and the dolphins twice in the final four games go placated boom it just. So I you know I yeah I ice all the stuff on Twitter and their rip in the bills and let. Don't like to read it because you know no one wants to see people collender you know your your team a national joke. But the narrative about tyra what it's always wrong from the neck. Shall be right it it still is it still buffalo doesn't appreciate what he does well and the answer to that is yet we know. Yeah we kill we lived it we watch it every day. And it was not aid in all of a big swell of he's got to get out of there when McDermott made the move. Number I was surprised him with a you know it's just all the bills a lot of problems and their fans just want to blame Taylor not true. That thick just not true so that's the thing that drives me nuts is you know being told. That this player is on appreciated. They need to be at the buffalo needs to wake up and realize what they've got. You know yesterday I saw more of it that Tyrod deserves so much better like. No one else has talked about like this is no one else in the league is talked about like this a player deserving better to be. To be on the open market inside with Jacksonville may be I think he'd be nice for Jackson because they have a awesome defense and their quarterback is really bad. But I felt I never really good running game to my son every potential landing spots for Taylor what three were they three with a quarterbacks are amassed there. It's never always gonna replace Roethlisberger or he's gonna replace. There are right Andrew walker that show was a problem you know the look you know Tyrod Taylor it's never that. And the problem that I've always had throughout this entire process is that we start talking about quarterbacks people tell you to be afraid of getting a bad one. And now. Our line looking at the good ones you know whose name I didn't hear really mentioned at all yesterday during the game Philip Rivers. There's a good one he's been good he's been good for a while us go to the playoffs is great now. But he's better in the bills have ever had in seventeen years solich. Peterman goes in and you've got some that say croc. Or go seek. You were foolish to ever question Tyrod Taylor. Now millions of course you want of course you want. You're questioning him because he watched number two and a half years you think he does some things well but it's obvious this team is moving in a different direction. It is the same thing to a lesser degree bestowed to engineer it's like Evander Kane. Are they gonna re sign him I don't know. We have talked about trading him until they do right until I know that this team is committed to this player I've got its freedom. Like they're not committed to him and that's what Taylor is a player that they have never been committed to it. It's funny. I look at it would sell as ominous last hour he he said he thought the benching of the quarterback. Was not about Nathan. He's not the only guy who said that last week event you know talked other for people who cover the team on a regular basis I don't like to find out what they're hearing what their thinking. And it was it was the same narrative it was it is and as much about Peter minutes about Tyrod it's about. This the functionality of the offense and how it's not working there's something wrong with the offense. The defense isn't able to bail this team not right now the offense these Victor game up to bail out the defense the offense isn't working. So we're gonna move from tyra because he isn't working in this offense. Quite honestly. I would've hoped that you've made the bench if you are going to tell me you're gonna change quarterbacks. I would of hoped it was about Nathan Peterman. I know who Tyrod it's I know the shortcomings of the deep the officer I like it is not all Tyrod fall it's not offensive line isn't. Cool I absolutely believe you could make the playoffs with him as your starting quarterback you gotta get out spend those draft picks and kill the drought goal for if you want if that's what the team wanted to do. They could do that and that's why I thought a minute a Twitter debate with someone about this the move and now I side I said it was a reckless gamble that guys like he treated instead. I'm OK would it I don't want you know a safe coach I don't want to settle a coach to be content with mediocrity. This wasn't about being content with mediocrity this was about. Trying to win games two and a playoff drought right now and if you're going to make a switch to me it would not have been it would have been more about. They see something in practice. They see something in the quarterback meeting rooms they have they they see. That it's time for this kid to get a shot because he could make the offense better. Well he didn't and he didn't look like he was ready for the shot it isn't as much about Tyrod. He is who he is he's not going to get better I mean not here anyway but I don't think he I think we've seen the ceiling of Tyrod Taylor. This to me was. About Nathan Peter minutes saying he will do a better job in this office he didn't. Maybe he will down the road but he didn't yesterday at a time when you were trying to snap a two game losing streak. You know you have the chiefs and the patriots next and you were in a playoff spot it was not the proper time it was a reckless. Gamble. It was and it was putting in an unknown. At a time when your team is tie game. For something positive to happen and have they set I think the repercussions are there are going to be guys that room who are actually gonna lose complete faith that they haven't already. Did so yesterday in their head coach. 80305. Chip to join us. 888550. To 550. Fill in Syracuse thanks for holding on your on bills football Monday. Right ahead. Hey guys you know Jeremy Allah I don't know whether or not what you incompetent because. I really want to be about hire fire. Bomb we work it'll grow the first three weeks to tackle now. But. Oh the only witness wrecked out of the way whoever. Our top line. Currently down and it would Irish are 01 world after what you saw last year are off. Again and again our weapons and I did. Not put our our into an op it. Not your current skills are not ego I would scramble. At the bottom why not Iraq or on the court today. Up a lot in direct result though. Don't get it that bought my. That we'll get rid of it. And our our court back track at the opposite. And. It's one of the mysteries from via the pre season the offseason it was. You know. When they traded away Sammy Watkins and again this is an about Watkins specifically but it's but the type of receiver he has. He. Could get open. He in the you know in terms of Tyrod not throwing a tight windows Watkins is decent separation especially down the field he can. Catch contested balls like Benjamin is supposed to be able to boy we haven't had a chance to see that yet. So everything them they did the off season there was like this undercurrent of is Tyrod Taylor being set up the fails is gonna hell's gonna work here's the other big mystery. Why did change the run game. Yeah it is then of the biggest one of all. It hey it wasn't till yesterday hey I've got to the number one rushing offense in back to back seasons great. Let's change. Well let's let's change systematically how it works. And I mean like what you taken it taken it apart and put back together and you get half of what you had to begin. So there's another big mystery all all these signs though point to a franchise. That is in the midst of like a reboot. Right the thing that doesn't fit the reboot. Is five into. And if they think if you pull back and look at big picture what you see is that the bills. And did they get caught up in five or do they traded for Kelvin Benjamin. Soul I don't know if they got caught up in it or not if they were. Gonna bring a big Benjamin and Tyrod got one game together. Right it's like. It does seem like there's a bit of let's try this and then let's let's try this and and sometimes you get out in front yourself with a five into record I think let's tripper secret. It's funny I think that's rice that I think music it's confusing. I don't know they got caught up in a Jeremy does every time you tell me. You give me an example of the bills quote trying to win now I'll give you an example of the bills operating NA anything but a win now mode. K so they traded for Kelvin Benjamin Wright also traded away Marcel darkness has ago I pointed out on Twitter they've looked just awful since the darkest trade. They go out and sign and Quan Bolden in okay look we need to ride receiver let's go convince Anquan Bolden come here implied. But they also traded Sammy Watkins and they traded Ronald dark. Day bring back Tyrod Taylor and don't spend a high draft pick they trade out they don't take homes they move out they take a quarterback in the fifth round. And then a bench Tyrod while sitting in a playoff spot at five and four so. I don't know what they're you know I'm really it's really mixed signals I'm not exactly sure. I know what they're saying I hear what they're saying but their actions. Just go back and forth they don't they don't. Equal up to one definitive plan here so I'm really not sure what they're doing I can't see how you could preach. We're trying to win now short term and also do what's in the long term best interest of the franchise. And make some of the moves they made going back to the offseason and the pre season it just doesn't add together. Season ago Mike in Pennsylvania your bills football Monday on WGR thanks holding on. So you guys good morning yep might have thought about the quarterback play were the decision Narnia that as well let's talk about couple moves that I thought. That our builder actually missing these players and they were under the radar can be the linebackers look very slow likely. You know having dark brown wanted to see where it would help battle a lot on that on that defense and covers I'm sorry record the brown who is so low he's not. He's not a quick twelve I leads you to downhill. Roeper column and it also probably look at the time how I was with you I didn't think. Maybe you would work the money away or whatever LA page don't play. I mean. I think he's he's turning into a great receiver Earl or not late not to mention something secret. You don't and the in the run game has ordered blocking and in this order to. Under the radar and then. It's obvious that that the run defense hasn't been that there tree so I mean. Whether he was playing a lot or whether he works just not trying to brought up the gut or whatever it is like. I mean I don't know that a coincidence that he's going on and their dashed those up. Up the gut or in the defense but those are also three player that I think they'll kick the walking in the dark street. Away and give us but I mean if you sign or you don't have to go out and get kelp bed Germany and give up a third round draft pick so. Well designed lock ins you if you if you didn't trade lock you try to block as you were chasing the number one wide receiver at that point. Right and so I just and and now you're giving the tropical wait till I just don't know if like geysers and they got caught up in this bargain to gain. You know and it it was kind of a false fire and how many times at least false bargain too I mean it's it's it's amazing being built an oil man they are also good and then big purse whatever reason. Stage just crawl want to camp will be at that always happens to. Christine I'm still gonna support the boat or to re. Our key losses that I think the bills meet they definitely need speed on the linebacker position right now it looks like a map. I still wouldn't I appreciate what you say about woods iced the Winnipeg in the kind of money I'll I like properties are good receiver the guy I want the guy you might want from LA is Sean McVeigh. Mean. Woods is very good golf they they throw the ball McVeigh that offense they have. Awaken that thing from Jeff Fisher doldrums to high powered attack and they lost in Minnesota via look a very good defense yes yes Minnesota's good to. Case in an NFC is loaded. They read it to the last the last wildcard team is now six and three in the NFC if the bills were in the AFC you're cash this in awhile ago when I after. Nevermind six and three in the AFC to get home field advantage. At this point I still would to change I would've got a different read Robert Woods I would have paid him what he was looking to get on the open market and again I like committee is a good receiver. I was also anticipating at the time. That Sammy Watkins was going to stick around and he was going to it and that was gonna cost you a good chunk of change. If you picked up the option we would have been talking I think thirteen ish thirteen or fourteen million dollars. In if you re signed Sammy Watkins it would of cost a ton of money so I I wasn't willing to. Put Robert Woods in that salary range coupled with what I thought I was going to have to budget for Sammy Watkins. You're right about in oppressed the browns freeagent at this point I don't see the bills won and to re signed Preston brown because she's just not a playmaker is not good enough. There are no playmakers in the entire line backing core looked a darn thing that's that's set them I'm cabinet debate with a guy and on Twitter about the Doris thing sure you keep the darkest issue for me is. When Marcel was playing. Ain't. The easy answers to say hey guys they traded artist look at our run defense right and you might be right. But I will tell you and Doris was playing he wasn't playing at Thomas snaps. When he win games when he was injured or it was still only playing twenty snaps a game. They were still really good against the run I don't think this entire collapse. You're going to equate the defense collapsed the season went south. Because of the Doris trade act that's a stretch. What you did was you got rid of a giant body in the middle of your run defense for sure a guy who can occupy two offensive lineman. And who could stop the middle of your defense yes. There are there have been numerous runs these last three games to for sure. Right up the gut without big hole in the middle of the defense you've got rid of that big body no question about it. But I'm not gonna make the leap Antalya that because a Daria is everything has fallen apart because of darkness is not why. Keenan Allen had nobody near yesterday on the way to twelve catches for 159 yards and dar ES doesn't exactly help in the past rest either. He's not gonna explain why Kyle Williams can't push the pocket or why Shaq Lawson can't get to the quarterback or. You know Jerry Hughes isn't playing at a level I thought he was gonna play at this season he can't take everything. And blame it all on the trade of martial arts I think that's going too far. Eagle 30550 join us on tap mirth. And more your phone calls on tap this week a premier grow may Serna a green thumb double like PA. Hugely dank fruity and residents' IPA. Brewed with equinox Medusa eureka and Columbus tops it is pro football Monday presented by northwest make the switch to earth let's get back to living. 8030550. For your opinion this morning on WGR. Do timeouts left in the sand. The stampede and it looks steps up fires another one down the left side this one is intercepted this one is picked up by Trevor what it sounded far sideline. Game goes down about 347 yard line up to get us. It's all bill's old days Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Buffalo new. Scored all Monday. WGR. Sports Radio five. No I'm John Murphy talks pills with Howard. By junior. Buick GMC Jimmy Murphy cars dot com serving Western New York since 1985. C is still a football Monday mirth coming up to Baltimore to calls to at 8030550. Or 888550. To 515. As we remind the south coming up at ten. And Mer from noon to three and Eric what it for Joseph McDermott at 445. I'd atrial particulates get caught up we do have some lines OpenId if you might have gotten a busy signal. Because we've had the line stacked up pretty good we finally you have if you open if you wanna get in we've been talking about to think predominately the quarterbacks which and tied into that. As. Have you lost faith in the head coach of the bills and and what about the room what about the players had a they feel about. The gamble the XP calculated risk it's what he called I believe last week that just look at his face yesterday. 8030550. Okay opt torch to be Orchard Park next Ryan thanks for holding on your on WGR. Did you keep it quick or. They do it in the locker room I mean we come out today that are. We're calling it aren't frustrating at ethnic what are your brother Kurt your head or Hannity. Medical I don't regret we are they topic of the playoffs and and what I always got your attention and make up to you ought. It would let it. Are. There and you'll make it not on the next year and I thought your guys. The question eight on on your money. So it didn't increment. That you were a lately but. Brutal but I question you got eight. Our. If we. Eight. Order walking into the locker room next year. And they're not. Alan Arnold are not already ordered no different than me and think it though if you. Call. It Coke or whether or content or city. Is a now here are all here. Right and in an am I partner with a quarterback. There's an eye out here and do any. Why lie I'll use my. Ryan you don't know that. You're right what I mean at the pictures are quick I'll alleged you've gone. People what is said that about last year's draft class and then to Shawn Watson comes in those nineteen touchdowns like. You don't know when would have predicted that but the problem with the bills has been vet at what you're saying others never going to be anybody better than the guy we've got so why try. Thank you have to try to get better at every position. And it's building the bills need to be. I don't know taken to task because they they actually might think. Long term we wanna quarterback better than Tyrod Taylor you know wells does most teams in the league do. I don't agree I guess you're right they were respect. And I might might law remedial in the and it. Think about more quarterbacks in the league right now. Look at in the league last year warriors who have been starting in an apple well a little and Shawn Watson and carton. And Jarrett took off. And new James Winston to an extent yen of Elisabeth goth for sure. I don't think we've been gone with sharp pointed well OK I would Irwin and and what early and get Marseille holed got to get to the question. What are questionnaire at I don't think there's a quarterback anymore or are not in the drop this year David you don't know and that's. You don't know people shied away from Jerry goth because Heidi as they never great curt Howland at the cal and now Jared golf is on one of the best offensive teams in the league they're coach is a big reason why how and how do you say there's no -- Scott nobody knew there was a press Scott right right fourth rev -- fourth round pick whatever does that and is Tzipi state and ends up and we'll double digit wins in a division and the fourth quarterback that the cowboys want it right. So I don't know you have to take your shots that's what Peter and was was a shot could take another one next year and another one the next year until you're actually satisfied. But it's that mentality that leads the bills set what how many how many years of Taylor do you want seven years in all right the droughts over and then were mad at him because they've they've. Peak there. Now acknowledges ends up to semen like everyone's just content to only take what you've got immediate AT&T hotline Merck saying it on his and beyond they would Donald Jones from noon to 3 good morning mr. Murphy welcome to the show went. Let it Rory thank you rough outing and I I don't you know we're ID and how to ask your question Murphy see I asked the same thing ISL actually. The quarterback switch and the ramifications of it and how it all played out yesterday. Is that going to be a problem in the room with the players and their beliefs and Sean McDermott going forward. You know I don't think so and a couple of players so whereas that you're in the locker room and indicated that they still believe in the head coach and I mean it it remains to be seen and of course. Coach McDermott has another quarterback decision to make this week and apparently meant the dollar Specter. They are to that question may lie in what his decision is all but no I don't think that I if that's the case I have not detected that. You'll be seeing you via not a flip the switch Specter thing it is going to be probably it probably would take on the court. What as UN marker are doing the gaming you're talking all about it and analyzing Pete Emmons play. Murphy giving your opinion why why did it go so bad so fast. There was. That definitely snowball effect I thought you know and you know you look at the intersections. And first you know on the first quarter of ought to Marcos and since that look like a pretty catch the ball. And that there would cut rate cut but for me Peterman. Another second interception. Obviously under heavy pressure promote votes in Ingram on the other side that ball that never should have been thrown. And I'm technical drop by the actions but I do think what you know there are those that are happening they're obviously nuclear. Well the competent to impede committed himself so competence and things just got worse. And you'll have built for played well other than the quarterback you know they have trouble. But stopping the chargers often the you know it there's an offense the run game was by the union consistent again with. The big round in the two of the time to the couldn't get anything going so. I'll bet I beat was eclectic global technical things should get role of the maker opera. Yeah that the five interceptions leap off the page but Merck you're right that that the loss yesterday. It's really a continuation of the previous two games there isn't just one hold the plug up in the dike you've got water leaking through in many areas right now. There and if you don't respect I think it has the decision that some permit us to make this week it. Over the next little week or two to get this team over the hill and quarterback. But frankly might be easier to let me don't either as far as picking out what's wrong. The defense is particularly troublesome because. We saw this defense played well look early you know we saw them the first. A couple games you know give up a lot of fourteen points per game and that's gone now for whatever reason that defense is gonna battle that. A question that is oddly enough the coaching separate now I'll be living trees to deal with governor Benjamin. Local little more today but certainly that did not look good. And you know it's it's there's a lot of different this is polls support in the quarterback is just look. Or where the defense. How much two part question how much of the run defense struggles is the various trade. And how much of the defense overall falling off the shelf do you believe could be tied into Marcel being treated. Well. A typical day we know although the Marcel Perry story you know he played about a quarter of the steps yet one game it will be played by the corporate despair. During his early season tenure with the bills and not play particularly well I come you don't know the long range implications I think that was a that the Arctic system at the time was that background. Couple these before Halloween and that it was a kind of a cultural look straight you know that it teen culture treaty. They just couldn't by having various make is that celery and and played at that level. Absolutely the government waited on it wouldn't trade partner which I think many of us up. It could be very difficult to do so it gets hit an attractive target and I bet. Miles I think moreover almost thing its impact it is that. But what the stepped rotation of the defense alignment of the fact that there are teams are able to put emphasis on others up front you don't go into particular. Double team so where's march. Marshall Perry when he was playing. Although he wasn't playing effective leader consistently he commands attention because of the size and because of its. Is Balkan because of its presence in the middle of the central. Murphy do you think there is any. Tough decision for Sean McDermott about who starts at quarterback Sunday. No but I've been surprised by a sharp than it is the coach and step in a little personal decisions several times that their brief tenure so they say anything is locked down guarantee. Are directly to get there can be because they're gonna more than a couple of occasions that he's worked out what okay yeah will I but it seems pretty apparent that. Even currently computer and take you. You really don't think you are completely expecting a visit. Started this week but as a setup and chucked a couple of times already this year. Where for the sunny AT&T hotline is going to be on today at three or skimming near industry with Donald Jones Murphy thanks as always appreciate the time and have a good Thanksgiving we will talk Q on Friday after the holiday. It didn't thank you Merv. Murphy brought to us by M&T bank the official bank of the Buffalo Bills by Jim Murphy Buick GMC Jimmer Picard dot com serving western York since 1985. Eagle 30550 bills football Monday were getting your reaction to Pete immense performance the quarterbacks which Sean McDermott's decision in the overall. Three game losing streak and I think that pretty much covers it we have blinds open if you wanna get in let's do our Ted hot player of the week shall we. Can identify that player earlier this hour so here's your cute call 6449878. Let's know who the Fed's top player of the week is. Will clear out the contest lines we'll give it to start with called number five pick first cracked collar. And whoever that person is prescribe collar. When a forty dollar gift card to Ted's hot dogs 644. 9878. Call now for your chance to win and identify our Ted's hot player of the week. Given the Senator Clinton picked up first down down the middle Mike felt. At the chargers 45 yard line one yard pickup. It's all bill's old days Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living. Today is that we have to talk about some resolution counsel and I am pretty sure over the next couple days we get back early tomorrow but overnight some of those things are going. That failed to be talked about pleaded. David that. What was the question to that answer. The quest now what you're about players face in McDermott the it was about whether you know if he's going to be the starter in a head start. Yet there's a question before that was do you feel vindicated. I knew the situation going to a game and cost just them I'm on a subordinate their. He's a golf course I believe my limited have become a starter as us Airways had an independent agree with the decision a decision was made Ezra. My decision 22 calls so. Regardless of whether Kos thinks is Nathan or as me. Move forward from a lot of data prepared the way and I'm not there in a far opportunity presents itself had a run going there continue to do things. That I know I can do. McCain well good for Tyrod because they think to be starting against Kansas City but when he said what you said about the leadership council like I gotta be thinking leadership councils got to be addressing. What players are thinking about their head coach right now and why he decided to change quarterbacks and how badly it went yesterday. Gotta be discussing that isn't that the leadership council I mean there have to be players in that room that have to be wondering. That's why I mean I just can't believe peace yell at 1 o'clock today he'd announced that that Peterman is still starting. No it's going to be interesting to watch over the next if you make you know Oliver's a couple days. Will there be any leaks and by that I don't mean you know source says the bills are gonna do this but. Players. Like I'm told by a player on the bills' roster that the decision blah blah. You know came from above and beyond just just how great job they finalized but you're trying to just just little bailout the headcount know just how upset the players might be about it though cut you know if you had a mean Tyrod Taylor of course would be upset about it if it may McCourt was upsetting to think so yeah so it dubious indeed to see something like that happens if you know. A player texts. Someone in the media. And then it's at any concern that this is the the unnamed player says. That my Mac to do is lost the locker right which came out before the game yes yet something like that by the way and then they want there are there targets in upper room back. 8030550. Join us it is bills football Monday we have lines open it. Share in the misery Matt and Tom Alando you're on WGR go right ahead. They hired an good as well talk about. What the next step in the bill. He is I router Peerman what are we doing. Are we the waiting for next year. Yet now or now like I mean I. Go back Tyrod Taylor for this game. And I would I would honestly I have somebody tweet. Thanks much Matt average somebody just treated and said something about how. He thinks McDermott should come out and named Tyrod Taylor the starter for the rest of the season now I would do that either. I would come out today and say Tyrod is starting against Kansas City. And I would be basically on a week by week basis look at the season continues I don't think they're tanking of the season goes south. Hell yeah get Peterman back in currency would this disease say Tyrod starts and also say something along the lines of we're gonna get Neeson back in the air give him back to work for his next opportunity whenever that may come from not even sure can go that far. I almost wonder he says if if he announces that Taylor is starting once again. I almost think he he says. Guys I'm just talking about this week I evaluate this team on a week by week basis I'm not looking down the road I'm not looking past Kansas City. That would be very. You know McDermott this it would be very McDermott say that but very co cheap to say that I I think you would say. I've made my mind up we're focused on Kansas City Ty retailers are starting quarterback this week. What about dates and feed him and he can almost pull up ballot check at that point I'm here to talk about Kansas City I really don't think. He would say anything about but I'd like to get Peterman and at some point this season jury does. Not so again amendment just you don't get a guy back at some point you'll be back to work because I'm sure I'll have another opportunity the only reason why he might say that Jeremy is is too I think. Would be to give a public show of support for a kid who just had. About is that an outing as you could possibly happen your debut in the national football and if he's worried about humans confidence. Maybe he thinks a public on the record tell the media. Vote of confidence in the kid. Is something needs to pick his spirits up and make sure that he you know. He is is game doesn't crumble because of the five interception first half. That's the only way I could see him saying something about Peterman look I think they're absolutely going to get him in at some point this season and I don't think the build to one on any kind of a playoff run now. So at some point they're gonna realize hey guess what we're not making the playoffs the guts go and eighteen. Hey Peerman cult like just are not in our picture next year I'm sure he's gonna come back and play at some point. It's question of what how many teams currently have a worst record in the bills if the draft were today. We've done the playoffs were today. If the draft were today they're five and 540 think that picks. Well most DA if she is still behind them. Touch. Thirteen. No earlier than fifteen right now kept. There are four teams tied at five on five ravens bills cowboys and Packers now the ravens gonna keep winning you know Packers gonna keep losing. Who cowboy cowboys I know what to think of the cowboys. And then look I think the bill's going to be five and seven and a couple of games so they're draft position might actually improve a little bit. Still got a long way to go it'll trailed 550 sir room for the jets and dolphins. Their foreign six point dolphins' side note I'd just like here here's where the all right. And anti tankers. Don't listen to this and yell at me and tell me this minute say one thing then not even about just draft pick. You want the best chance to and the drought if you don't think you're gonna end this year in the last place schedule. It makes a difference. They're the two games to crossover games or last right names you know what you have you played two left last place teams or to second place teams yeah because that's the difference between playing. Mean this year there on a second place schedule right. They didn't get the play. Who their crossovers this year the crossovers what abandoned it's the north and the south through that you cross it was because they're playing the entire west he had ends up being Indianapolis and Cincinnati and Indianapolis is loud and drugs allegedly play. And and non that would that would have been last last year. Jacksonville maybe maybe yeah yeah sometime right to do turn around but that's said. Okay continent and Michigan to make enough I was saying if those people mutton on an unfortunate. But. Fifteenth is not it's not too good yeah and an outlet and a guy called earlier. About. He was sorry about how he was consolidated quarterbacks in the draft but his point was. We're not gonna be. All good it up high enough to get one of those top quarterbacks and he didn't want them to trade away extra picks to move up to get a quarterback because this team has multiple holes. It's a fair point you know I I don't I don't think Brandon being is gonna do that and that's the one way this could be worse fuel sound like how could this be worse the answer is if they had put a kid in that they drafted thirteenth or. Eighth overall and spent all their draft cattle to get him in in his first start but five picks Peterman just like that. You know it gave this guy trying not committed to him. And they gave a look yeah fifth round pick took a flyer. 8030550. I pulled up we got to get to Margaret calls we got another fabulous our bills football Monday on the way and WG. Small bills cold days. Buffalo Bills football Monday exclusively on WGR Sports Radio 550 brought to you by northwest make the switch to northwest and get back to living.