11-20 John Murphy with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Monday, November 20th

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When he gets the AT&T hotline Merv sing in on his and beyond they would Donald Jones from noon to 3 good morning mr. Murphy welcome to the show wouldn't let that Rory thank you. Rough outing and I I don't you know we're adding you know how to ask your question Murphy see I'll ask the same thing ISL actually. The quarterback switch and the ramifications of it and how it all played out yesterday. Is that going to be a problem in the room with the players and their belief in Sean McDermott going forward. You know I don't think so and a couple of players or let that get in the locker room and indicated that they still believe in the head coach and I mean it it remains to be seen and of course. Coach McDermott has another quarterback position to make this week and to implement the dollar Specter. There to that question may lie in what his decision is arm but no I don't you got irate if that's the case I have not detected that. You'll be seeing you via not a flip the switch but I think it is going to be probably it's probably with Dixon on the clip. What as you and marker or do in the game you're talking all about it and analyzing Pete Emmons play. Murphy giving your opinion why why did go so bad so fast. There was. That definitely a snowball effect I thought you know and you know you look at the intersections. And first you know in the first quarter. Often Marcos and since that look like a pretty catch all. And a relative top rate crept up for it Peterman. And on the second interception. Obviously under heavy pressure from both boats Ingram on the other side that was involved it never should have been thrown. And I'm technical drop by the actions but I do think what you know notebook that started happening they're obviously nuclear. Well the competent to impede committed himself so confident that things just got worse. And you'll have built a played well written record that you know they have trouble. But stopping the chargers often the you know it there's an offense the run game was spotty and inconsistent again with. The big round and ultimately turn to the couldn't get anything going so. I'll bet I beat was eclectic snowball effect and should get a role of the maker opera. Yeah that the five interceptions leap off the page but Merck you're right that that the loss yesterday is really a continuation of the previous two games. There isn't just one hold the plug up in the dike you've got water leaking through in many areas right now. GAAP and that you don't respect I think that the decision that there's some evidence to make this week it. Over the next little week or two to get the fever with a built in quarterback. But frankly might be easier to let me don't mean as far as the figure out what's wrong. The defense is particularly troublesome because. We saw that he couldn't play well look early you know we saw them the first. A couple games you know give up a look at fourteen points per game and that's gone now for whatever reason that defense is gone and know that. A question that is on in the coaching separate now they have injuries to deal with governor Benjamin. Local little more today but certainly that does not look good. And you know if if there's a lot of different it is poles apart in the quarterback is just one of. For for the defense. How much two part question how much of the run defense struggles is the Darius trade. And how much of the defense overall falling off the shelf do you believe could be tied into Marcel being treated. A typical day weekly although the mark so parry story you know he played about a quarter of the steps yet one game it would've played by the corporate despair. During his early season tenure with the bills and not play particularly well. You don't need all the long range implications I think it was that the Arctic system at the time was that background. Couple days before Halloween that that it was a kind of a cultural look straight you know look at that teen culture trait they. They just couldn't by having Barry's making that salary at the plate at that level until they beat double weighted. It could be very difficult to do until it gets could detect these are the that I bet. My acting moreover almost thing its impact it is that. Those who want to step rotation on the defense of climate in the fact that the teams are able to put emphasis on others a front you don't owe it to particular. Double team so what is mark. Marshall Perry when he was playing. Although he wasn't playing effectively you're consistently. He did commit attention because of his size and because of its. Is pulpit because of its presence in the middle of the defense or. Birth do you think there is any. Tough decision for Sean McDermott about who starts at quarterback Sunday. Don't but I've been surprised by a shot and it is that coach and step in a little personal decisions several times that their brief tenure so. Say anything is locked down guarantee. But it could get separately because they're gonna more than a couple of occasions that he's worked out what okay yeah hum well I but it seems pretty apparent that. Even accurately computed sick you. You really don't think you are completely go expecting a visit. Started this week but as I said I've been chucked a couple of times already this year. We're for the sunny AT&T hotline he's going to be on today at three are still booming new industry with Donald Jones Murphy thanks as always appreciate the time and have a good Thanksgiving we will talk you on Friday after the holiday. It started giving thank you Merv.