11-22 Ryan O'Reilly Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Wednesday, November 22nd

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Brian we've had this conversation many times before I mean guys will play a little bit men. He believed or whatever a minute that blows up on your it just seems like keeps happening over and over. Yeah. You know couple mistakes early. I myself mistake. Early gave us and give up we're going to mix up play and I can't I'm very disappointed in myself I don't think I was there tonight and hopefully we have stick together and keep you know couple goals happen and we just kind of fall apart and you know it's it's my job it is to do look better in them and keep us together how do you change that because you've said that to me many times after games this year and it's starts just for some practice more balance. So I want to I have got to find a way of approaching different due to some differences and one doing mind I was in I was in my investments. With as far as the team goes I know a lot of guys are said to me this is an on the coaches this is on us we have we have to fix this we're the ones current and up up there do you agree to a. I don't think you know they put the system in place and it's it's a points system exit routes that some hospitals are going yanks were the ones that are in this room and you know we. As a group armor wanna be in the I myself not pitcher ran off to that tonight that group and tonight that there really regroup here finally today impact and and change going on them. That first goal is a lot of desperation a lot of people with a net. Pucks at the night yet one that didn't count last game that way do you guys have to play more like that it is to be successful here. Capsule you know we have to do that every night and yeah its. Something that's important you know we ethic and get harder and harder play Anson Carter in different areas. It's let's get those bounces because right now it's it's tough to score whatsoever and I can run to. World culture of accountability here the guys have to get on each other for mistakes and so forth do you agree with less. You know I think you don't complain about a tenth. Shut down it's Richard Fuld from Lehman and play better when you know it's you know what we're in this we're in this the other you know one group one team and ripped off to find a way it's it's help each other out and you know you know from a my best stuff to put some do their best and he's can push me do my best and you know like if and forgot about it since then what's the most.