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WGR. Sports Radio five feet. John. Brought to you might northwest. Make the switch to northwest's air. Welcome back 716 neighbors in the Minnesota Wild tonight happy Thanksgiving. John Clayton I want us Wednesday with tomorrow's holiday. And John it was it was over your sideline work the other night. Yes how's that going. That ten. What about that at. Do we do we really need the injury tenants. Yeah I mean. It's it offers a lot of different things as I found out as the season goes on I think first what it does that mean did you hear the ideas like okay they have added I'd rather have on the vehicle the men out before I was able to listen to the concussion. Thought I was really hear what they're saying it as basically it says hey what's the score of the game. Who. It was did you win last week. What play did you write it is it's a real simple thing that they do but now that the that you can't see anything but at least you know where everything is that's good. And then there's another aspect and I don't like this was an aide. Minnesota preceding games Seattle and they put that cannot and the Minnesota guy's been around for a long time on the sidelines. And so I simply think what it do you what was going on that I think that went to the bathroom. You can go to the bathroom. In quiet in the middle of the field so that's about as. Finally so I don't plan will get a more desperate videos of someone. Don't get to accomplish something on the side. Humor about your that you see that I mean how many times have you seen they'd they'll put up a couple towels and stop by bad. Or somebody's going on the sidelines which don't doesn't look as good as putting in an attempt because then nobody sees it. What do you do you go back you go in the Phoenix Open. Without you you basically you're dehydrated enough that you're not going to be a week ago I needed to be a warm day in and beat you learn things that you go like for example I was and the Tenet cease sidelined for Tennessee's Seattle game. And it was like 95 degrees 95% humidity and Alex fine so that I flew down to the rams game in Los Angeles out completely dehydrated. What I found out is if you're on a plane that you're flying again. You're gonna lose. Body fluid. As you fly and you leave yourself dehydrated he really have to hydrate yourself that they before you flying in the day of the game. Good to know. So Tyrod Taylor is going back in your John do you look at this says that Sean McDermott had no choice. Yeah I got to look at it that way because it's imminent I got here. Our our what cannot social media. There are on Thursday at last week after we did our statement I was getting beat up by a lot of what people it's like why you sound so down in the bills and of course you know how long overdue and it happened rooting for the bill to get that a playoff. For the longest time. And here I am I think it. Well this is one of the worst decisions I can ever imagine for quarterback I think you're going on the road you're taking a rookie quarterback your expectations going to be fourteen to seventeen points. I didn't anticipate 51 quarter first happened receptions and four in the first nine nodded because going to be that bad. I just thought it was going to be bad and what ended up happening and I don't know I I think Tyrod would have obviously done better is that you know based. They now allow Baltimore. To take. The next the last of that the last wild card spot. And now they have an advantage because of that game and that's the fear that I had that's what I didn't want to see. That's why I thought the idea of staying with Tyrod Taylor and three interceptions. In nine games as opposed to five interceptions in one half. Right we're left with McDermott I think asked to be well past I don't know what he's thinking. John like if they misfired game. I mean there's don't know what would happen if Taylor plays that game of course but missing by game has to be the worst case scenario for he is. An approval rating because that that game will be an obvious too if that happens. Particularly when over this last week I mean who else is there to try to take it away. Because I mean you look at all the other teams in the AF CNF faltering so fast and in Miami the disaster on offense. You look at. And get the chargers and you're the two teams that I think you'll now could take it away from the bills and that's the obvious on the sixth spot he'll Baltimore could they do have a good defense. And he saw that going to Green Bay last week. And getting shut out. Yet they're not good on offense and getting the ball downfield and probably they need 97 team. But he saw that I thought they would be able to step up and they did for the chargers right now at four and six they could be a little bit of a factor because they always play close games we just don't went up. But other than that's funny it's all sitting there and still had been sitting there for more. Put Buffalo Bills that's why I was so adamant about I like didn't like the decision and again all of those out there listening states. I'm not against the bill I want them to get him it's been since 1999. It's too long the league is better if the Buffalo Bills make the playoffs. Well what part of that was I think was that. Wolf look at night so look one of your points differently. When when you you were talking about how getting to the wild card and losing. We wouldn't be good for any other franchise ready other city that rifles or to have been taken the way. I think some people here took that as well wait a minute I wanna do better than good volley I'll receive on our. Right that's that's what simple enough job and I and I you know I really feel that way I think a lot of times we're her sort of it feels like from a lot of national people like we're barely in the league which just take what we get whereas you know I could respect trying to be better than Tyrod Taylor. It turns out that this guy was not better than Tyrod Taylor so the whole argument like from my side takes a huge hit there. But you know ultimately I still wanna have a better quarterback in Tyrod Taylor Aiken respect trying to find one that's. Yeah but of course I mean to lose enough games to be in a better position to do it I mean how many years they have to suffer through that and it makes and is not as bad as Cleveland but still it's there. And it's like okay. Yeah they did it was like a very Smart organization against one mistake it's not to destroy an organization. And I like the way that Sean McDermott has changed the culture of things I like the way the Bryan been been able to go out of enemies they would go out and you'll get some players and stuff like that I think things are up positives. As stand there. I just didn't like that one decision because against my body itself invited and it was I was in a city that has not had a baseball team go to the playoffs since 2001. I do a talk show everyday understand the frustration of fans and so hey. You're not gonna go pick it jump but not Vietnam playoff team that was Super Bowl an opportunity to don't have the quarterback but one. Enjoyable Sunday or Saturday where at least you could say this team made the playoffs is a positive step that's not happened since 1999. So is this season recoverable part of this is like we talk about what happened in LA. For the last three games with tailor them with Peterman they got destroyed on deepens its 45 points allowed working. And and the other just getting beaten all so. You try to if you try to predict but what happens from here and that's a big story in the league this season is recoverable because I can't tackle anybody can't stop anybody. I don't think there are still in it. And you played out the standings already and tailors back in so that part is closed for now what really do you think happens though. Well it does seem that and this is where it is still manageable because the conferences so bad. I mean really when you think about it there's two legitimate. Playoff or Super Bowl teams in the conference at new England and that it's those of the two all right then you start to look at they. Well is the Kansas City we'll look how bad they've been. And they've given up more explosive plays and any team in football and teams have now started to figure out what you're doing with Alex Smith in the running game. And others in the six and four and it probably win the division that. And it's six certain items so that OK so then you look at the other teams that can't. It's Jacksonville is a legitimate playoff caliber top defense to pick up late for the quarterback. And you watch Blake or last week and it's you missed fumbling around in the fourth quarter trying to maintain a lead against the Cleveland Browns. It's still a seat he is horrible with a leap. And they get a defense right now giving up fourteen points a game leading the league in sacks and they're sensational. Is still struggling quarterback Tennessee we're still trying to figure out I think a playoff game. After that I mean everything's up for grabs I mean Baltimore's. Major faults or op sense. But their defense can be good so yeah it's salvageable because again we're gonna come and it's going to be 88. Maybe at the best case scenario 97. Like this I can't sign Darrell Revis. We look at it available I don't jinx I don't think she's just a little while ago which you probably can help. It just broke with the most the last half an hour twenty minutes. Three up that's weird one the united neck kind of strange. That is kind of strange dominate at the one problem at the other quarterback position could they've gone through a couple. I'm an obviously they feel great about markets Peters because he's one of the better quarterbacks in the league but they've been at least two quarters on the other side it as an injury and all that stuff. That's an interesting signing if he's still has some speed left. John while while we're on the chiefs who we. Talked about a controversial switch at quarterback to a rookie here is there any talk that you're hearing in Kansas City. About frustration with the Alex Smith going and any being. It would be. I think shocker but it means is there anything there to going to homes already. Absolutely none they took my home to the idea that it's gonna take at least a year to get him ready and what they're looking at is that and that's why Alex's understanding where things are because it's no different. And what they do with Colin cap predicts that by the middle of the second year it's not calling cap and it was ready and Jim Harbaugh played him. And so Alex is going to be looking over shoulder is not real happy about it that the second time in his career but there's no thoughts because what what their what they did is probably a wise move. They think that talent wise. Holmes is going to be better. And give them a better chance to advance in the playoffs and Alex Smith but what they also realize this is a playoff team that should win the division. So it don't make any changes and my arms just isn't ready yet so that's gonna be more next year and wouldn't surprise me if I could be the year after that. But dud know there's no there's no movement right now out of exchange quarterback in Kansas City. John Clayton of ESPN on the line with us Mike show in the Bulldog here on WGR. John what what about this team that last I looked it was yesterday the chiefs were nine and a half point favorites. It's that's pretty I mean do you feel like it's a it's a long shot that the bill when this game. You know. I think it's going to be difficult but again what you I'm still stunned at what happened to the chiefs defense because I thought there are going to be much better than they were but I mean they've been. Struggling as the first game of the season against delinquent. They've given up way too many points way too many yards. And you know that with the talent level I thought it was gonna be better than that. And so that keeps things open in the course getting back to Tyrod Taylor police say what you want about him short he's. Is he really quarterback now he is not but he's still able to get points in the court. We get a conference right now we're hard to get twenty points a game. For most teams don't at least he do he can put up 2324 points. And against the Kansas City Chiefs defense I think he can do that obviously the running game is going to be important to have he needs the support he also needs a healthy group group of wide receivers haven't helped you can't go into the game. Thinking you're gonna win without Kelvin Benjamin. And Matthews Jordan Matthews because they'll want that early injury came away now what what their wide receiver so I think he needs healthy receivers to get things going but. They do have a better chance of winning much so with. Still going with Taylor as opposed to make in the movie going back to the rookie quarterback. Well before I ask you about the the bills' defense leave their giving up all these points. That is a that is a pretty big story like that the season was five and two. And everybody was digging this week with a turnover thing was what laws in BP was kind of kooky but. The bills defense was doing a good job early in the season and that's why that's what. That's this coaches specialty that's what got him fired and others getting destroyed. The Daria straight is a part of the story here too. But what are what are please post a public confidence our principles that happened this coach. I think you have a lot of confidence and I think he's a good coach and I think that you can see the immediate spark that. They'll to to criticize again I'm I'm I'm sorry up to stay on the Nathan Peter and that was a mistake OK you put one up it's like all right these people who don't know what. But I think what's happening to him in buffalo is no different what happened in the reading Kansas City. They started I don't know. This six and four right now. And so they and their defense is just getting carved up if somebody that you go to the talent level of the defense now you can maybe put the criticism on it changed the way too many good defensive players because. Another late wife's body is. They're way too late on the front of the deep sense and because of that you can take advantage of it messes I think it's happening now. In the last couple weeks that may not be totally fixable. But what he can try to you know it's just tighten some things up and he'll get to different pressures and things of that nature and then try to get better on offense and obviously that's where the running game at that really support everything and it may need. Which on the quarry they have as good of us finished the season as he possibly can't. Just to get this going right good again. Playoffs are still in the picture. At McDermott could really use for Reggie rag not to be all of it. This game play is he doing in the east he's been quite all right let me needs that is. You know obviously he makes some kind of noticeable player I think fans antenna are up the stories that I really thought about Rick when now march and there but he's error. I don't leaves on the field a lot for them now so I know two different scheme that all this stuff like we'll have. But to stuff ready give excuses. Like crushed. God forbid he picks up a fall boulders act as a quarterback targeted that there's any of the announcers had its name I think and it's going to be it's. Two point all as another good player wins that have program. Pollutants and I guess in the last couple weeks he's really started to come on because he was debatable whether you're gonna get in the starting line up. And now I think they feel good about that they'll he's surrounded by a lot of older guys having Derek Johnson is. You know what 3334 years old Ahmad Ali you can see that with his age she's hardly able to get on the field anymore with that bad knees. So they've got some issues there and it had a knee injury to the defense of blind. But I yeah rag on them some good stuff and not that he's great in the looked up the first round billing Orly the feeling of being drafted but he's done some good stuff for Kansas City. We'll talk with the NFC a little bit you rep that Atlanta Seattle game Atlanta wins two teams trying to. Forced their way in the division leaders all seen action with the Elise so the rams what they then of course of for a Goodyear at the point differential rate. The pup how do you look at Philly is at the top of you know you look at those teams. Dallas in the conversation Carolina in the conversation. What stays out you. What stands out as the mean Philly right now the best payment football and I think that they keep finding ways of getting better I mean the fact that they were able to get OJ had I had. Trade and they were able to go ahead and they'll. There had been no Ellerbee it's just try to go a bit more depth on their line backing core amigos Carson was right now the MVP he's done that well he's a fantastic. Acquisition and the guy that is a franchise quarterback though they're better wide receiver how he rose was probably going to be up for. The executive of the year with what he's that would that teams and which you can see is that did they lose a couple more games but they're gonna have the number one seed probably at thirteen and three. Then after that. We'll see how it goes for New Orleans and Minnesota have because the one thing that's good about the world and as the defense surprise people but when they matched up against better quarterbacks. They have given up points that we saw a little bit about last week when Kirk cousins but 31 on them. So but they've they have a good chance to have a number one or number two seed Minnesota called defense right now and solid play by case because of the case keep them. That's what's happened now what that's Seattle lot I still think it was the decision. Because they have a home game coming up in a couple weeks against the rams but they're probably going to be tenants six. And if they have it high with two wins over the rams you know get the division and I think the rams get a wildcard but one thing that could end up happening the way it's shaping up. It that you may have seven and win teams like it was in 2012. And one of those teams like in 2012 it would Chicago Chicago didn't make it and it's six and what he's been losses job. But which you can see is that Monday in attendance six might not be able to make it Carolinas for real. They got Cam Newton had a good defense I don't think it's that looks bad for Dallas looks bad for Green Bay I don't I think by week's sixteen votes in the going to be out of the race. Detroit any chance. We try to locate because we're Detroit is about like Morris such an important game. Because it's one of the few games they have down the stretch your team with a winning record it one of the easiest closings scheduled in football. Insults and you saw last week that they struggle you know it would. Getting really claim that a lot so. They you know they've just got to go take advantage of the winnable games but they're that we have actor they can string a nice winning streak with a easy games we have coming up. The other exceed might have. Well I'm just. Putting this out there I don't think it's asthma. Each of the league's top ten teams. They beat that it slip that case sure if the patriots QB of honesty. Jacksonville. Yet but I think you can make that argument because you know and and again it goes down to the enter conference play. And the right now it's 2617. NFC and that's pretty much on pace. But like 83826. Or 839 point five AFC NI NFC vs they AFC in her conference ratio. And that goes back to 2012. And when you see those. And if it were those maybe once every six to eight years. Although it happened a lot in the middle more than two thousands because lever 2004 it was 4420 AFC in 2006 it was forty point four Bettman you have the eight. When teams make in the playoffs as a wild card or division winners and then you have just six to seven teams in the NFC. Whatever topic has been dominating enter conference schedule still getting the ten went spots. Oh. Well Thanksgiving plans. As it stands right now we have some family were taken to dinner tonight. They just can't it was too came in town into looked to miles down the road so were taken them to dinner that we're going over to my. Weitz Brothers place tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner going to be hooking up with Turkey. What Seattle like he Seattle good city. On nights like this on weekends like this. We always it is. That they can just so weird it's like record high temperature after. There's some cold rain and that for the last couple days and it's gonna be I think in the high sixties today for some crazy reason some sort some crazy pattern which is kind of night. But that's you know normally it's going to be forty in rainy. Yeah we by the way. High sixties now to discuss the plans for go nowhere but the bottom of the hour it was 63 degree. At 1 o'clock. Happy Thanksgiving yes indeed it we'll talk you next week but it. Sorry about that reef likeness last week yet you kept that should be good grief. It was cool down I was ten in most via agrees. All dole knows him giving the medal I hear it was a guy you know. But I think I said. Yeah so we're working I'm not everything's good I think this eight out of ten new kids cities like this week and me. If if if if you put. Seattle and Detroit had them. I think you've got but the poppy team right now the NFC's. It's. It's pretty strong. In the Pittsburgh doesn't exactly. Camera everybody they lost the mayor's fight but lost lines lines through what forward are almost against the school and score. So who's good real good and then watchman FC team that's kind of how looks to be Pittsburgh's pretty good news at the vertigo. The Goodyear to make it you know it hurts the Goodyear to try your hand in a playoff game against Jacksonville. I don't know we want that which we do right I do. 8030550. Open lines next back to several once six Thanksgiving eve pierce sabres Minnesota Wild pre game. At 6 o'clock tonight you're on WGR. But the women who lose their money. Your fiance he's gonna lose or morally and your mother in law is gonna lose her mind. Your long it's gonna lose her mind several of your sisters. And female relatives are gonna lose their mind. And well. And they they're gonna they're gonna brought you this constant questions. What should we Wear and then which of course my answer was I don't care. And then what color should the invitations being I don't care. What should we have for dessert I don't care. Should we seen this this lawyers that that that way I don't care if the CI don't care is not satisfactory at all. And you're gonna get caught in catch 22 and I'm certainly Bjorn Hal. And they catch 22 is. I want you to be a part of this two of so what color invitations. All right the blue ones. Well I kind of like I kinda like the tip ones. Okay attempt on cents or you're just saying that because. You want this so we you're not even thinking about it which is of course true. You don't that is a wanna take a wild guess. All right yes I know is it Mike Leach tests it is a cut I heard there was a much needed fitness. Though that most via. Pretty good reporters just they didn't need not completely know he'll indulge. Sold out it is but he's so good at reduced orders don't. Normally do it right purchase no cliche so there's those stammering there's issues like that's just writhing. Which he's ready pretty good yeah that's pretty good job. Where is he Washington State yes but they have a quarterback right. Yeah you know. These latest mobile. We Saturday guys it would. I think speaker mayfield is yours is gaining. It's getting more attention. Not just to see you regret crops. Last week against the Kansas State it straight. Not just because I know the IV IET's. Seems super tale. This year the way this yours started IE and the way in my life is on this you're elected that not the end. Very many Saturdays where it is well well it's known well in such saddle up. It's been run around on Saturdays almost since September started sold. I not so there's that and the urgency to do it with the bills getting off to a five and to start sort of dissipated now than it. You know at that they'd be looking for a quarterback. But for a little while it was trending that way you like we talked about Taylor's future and maybe that is something to consider for next to your least. And now we gonna decide right now not to do that again. Which is there's a re at 0% chance I think him getting benched regardless of popular ended. Anything getting the job that. I I think the only way keys that is if he plays at some level that I think he's attainable. 200. I would I would say it's beats. And that I gonna keep him in replace the coach again. And tried we don't you know baby we should just build roads aren't so the 0% chance. And there's more than 0% chance that Biederman is around maybe there's even better than the nutrients but he's on the team stronger but there's almost no chance. He would be their starter going into office I don't yes we're. Going into next season I think I think I'd write a sore back to. Where we thought we were we find god right rule to be able to. Variety. Need to do package objects. To try to get way out there. Do can I just they were I mean draft somebody who comes down there like one of my point of view we gather. I think they're gonna need to draft the you go here we are. This is why. We said. All offseason. That they needed to avoid. It was. It all all's all offseason was for me it was the the biggest win total. And you're talking about if you're drifting too low are the teams at the top of the first round going to want it rate with you can you afford it. All this stuff the second the Kansas City that is nice but you still might be too low or to be enough. It really we are right here like. I wrote about that today. Their five in five and tied for sixth. And like you know sort of reflecting the weekly was talking that you have a chance to make it the conference as we can all those things that we've been talking about the last. Want. But they are at the chiefs they're plus ten now. You couldn't give them whatever two plus time I mean. They're going to be 15% to win or some number like that that it's aunt who hold against the wiggled viewpoint that we with a week after that. So five and seven looks pretty solid. And if if you're five and seven. Or even right now looking forward that no one wants to talk about. The playoffs like before the season started again bright and maybe they can be five it's evident without into it but it's not going to sound like. It's gonna be about the playoffs and sound like they have some look at it known unless they win. Sunday or win next Sunday. Riding a five games for private seven. It's going to be really would be really hard to get anyone I. Mean included behind running the table. Especially if one of the sport it is net wing. And it's not the final week of the season soul. You know right now they've received record experts from the number one seed is still out there so maybe that will still be the case arm and on Christmas C Woolsey. But like that. I mean the idea of giving the nine dropping these next two I just forget. That that I. If they drop these two games frankly it's gonna dive they lose this one. Because I'd I'd I don't know we were dispatched to. Looking like doing what it squabbling. It was so funny. To make fun of the tanking idea was it was so funny. Oh no we we would every would say that word. Such a great to too great position. The whole. The whole time. Either but every day the whole time. Either commit this quarterback and do your utmost to make it work or don't. Don't have a back. Don't put a number on the table for don't have an act because. Because you choose not to have him be your quarterback one or the older simple. I was there. Well I was option be there I'd you know I'd Amber's got real early in the spring to Canada British simplistic about it. And hire new people like I don't care I can go through that I'll likely that I hire a new coach. And even keep Tyrod around and I'm looking. You have a permanently is for the critic Watkins Murray's this'll stop it. By radical went quite show rent I. There's churn that columns with the new regime so all the way with that. You know I said on Monday in here and I would have been seen in the spring not exactly this way it would be a great way to end up doing nothing is try to do two things. A try to build for the future and and and be mindful of that. In May moves with that in mind trading for draft picks and moving down in all but I'll try to win now too and where you wind up these what are you what you wrote about and you end up stuck there in the another world. And here you know it would cause where we've spent. In this news. Swear Rex. Ones we're moral laws. Loses. Mostly worked Heatley was do you leave these there was a year where they were. That was only meant to hang in there for four wins to go out for reasons that we draft Marcel you know that's why today today. To run in a row houses this crap you are. McDermott today. Ripping on eagle on what he did but I'm the guy he's talking like he's the browns coach surely. Every everybody has their own experts that I am an exercise like we're being quick to look rose to repeat sweat. In a public place. An interception that that I. Public. And is willing. Are you on in the eighties and the government. With of what you know that this. Person needs nodes in buffalo like your kids. With. The worst you can tell us and I remember about yes yes yes. And I don't have any interests it was that guy right now tell me about the playoff chances after that stop that all week. That he could even really explain he's the one X well. But he. It just never lets you know which is that it's all it is never has this team. So anyway yeah been great right. Early in the season. May make sure you know make fun of the idea that this team should actually pick a direction. And to what extent it looked like they had but not all the weight. And then you know now we're at this point where it doesn't seem any. Different than any other year. Talking about their chance but they have these games after they could with men there on the graphic in everything about it. Single man talking about that for many years enrolled as a true. Embarrassingly I don't want to talk about that at a pulse but is everybody agrees not to listen to. I don't anybody to go here Mike shall we are talking about the accident in the oh. People holiday man about me try to do that literally thousands depth. Don't mean it sounds right if you had like perhaps for years ago you were to. Though that it's Thanksgiving tomorrow only sort of emphasized. That while the it was just depth that you get freezing. Today because. And our enemies. Round tables with people that they sometimes she wants once a year and it's Thanksgiving they're built and beat up football at all. It. If he's healthy and he's out there. And cranberries I was talking about us. And you can watch three games tomorrow and you wonder if your assessment. Well we got the sabres coming up pregame at 6 o'clock where it's at once six point show in the Bulldog WG yard. What you offered dessert I was thinking of strawberry shortcake. Oh okay yes strawberry shortcake would be good well what about the blue very pot. Lot like the blueberry pie we can have the bluebird. It's just gonna go back and forth and they're gonna play keep away from you. And tell. You're married there's no answer you can give that is going to be excess factory are correct. If you successfully. Please if you don't the other shall still be. Well I just don't feel like he's that interest BO OK so to you need to work late. Going the back room and read a lot of books take the groups men now so you make sure that the margin just right and they know exactly you know these well. Outfits that you picked out or whatever however you're doing good. And in the end you'll wish you a low you need to find. Excuses. They'll buy it. To be as far at all arms way as you possibly can't. Mike Leach park zoo so that it doubles parts of if there is getting married. No one of the reporters is getting married and probably. I'd I didn't hear the question is is a three minute rant from Mike Leach but I'm assuming that the reporter asked Mike Leach is advice. How about going through that that wedding planning. Process. You know it is a process isn't. As I recall it is a process trust one awhile ago but tonight we have Golden State and Oklahoma City any interest. No. No if if if if I didn't know about it at a time in my disqualified but I didn't know that I don't check the schedule. I like a natural watcher but I like occupy it if I get to the end of the hockey game the sabres game week. Which could happen and start surfing I'd like Hitler too rare Westbrook. Tell me the NHL has had the rain Westbrook situation room teammates in the mold of a lot of different even they've sort of they got their own rivalry. Now so drama plenty of drama that there's not that hockey is there right now. Now all know. I don't think so. I don't know Taylor Hall played in Edmonton couple Fridays ago with futures. Observance that that if I didn't watch that Edmonton these people he scored a goal was. Edmonton is maybe the most interesting story in the week. Seven and fourteen is Edmonton's record and lost each of three. Mightily by the blues or not. The blues are able to really sweet. What he bullet hole. So. Additives here Friday they played tonight again they're back to back they played Detroit tonight yes you're it was an open here Friday night. Yes saint louis' the only team off tonight everybody else goes. 31 else also putting justice at right. Edmonton's here Friday Minnesota is your tonight will turn our attention to the sabres and while the return of Tyler Ennis and Marcus Leno or from not only. Were obviously former sabres are former sabres traded by the sabres in the offseason but had only played for them not just guys that. Do they have no list of fourteen this is their only drafted. Develop. And then eventually tree we'll hear from both of them in pregame huddle mostly to the sabres try to win and for once it's been a couple of weeks. Six general that lost. Which opened the bulldogs need to be happy Thanksgiving this is WGR.