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On the everybody's got to compete and they're always one good thing it checkpoint when the puck battle going as a group here we're getting remarkably fast game and you're just wanted to do get better when you. When the other vessels although and that's what we want. Buffalo Sabres. From 716. Food and sport. The bulldogs. All right the sabres try again tonight to get their sixth win of the season. Hosting Minnesota and he's just certain return of both Tyler and mr. Marcus we know is taking a quick look before we start here into the very short bios that. Were provided about the players on the visiting teams. And it's isn't Tyler and his his bio. His favorite basketball team is Golden State. They're. If somebody asked you for this agreement is somebody asked me like from the from the staff. We look we wanna know a little bit more about you. I want to share some information that I would have it gold seat of my favorite team do but I would never call them like fever team particulate that's reserved for. Teams that longer than that cared about. I'd like to watch them. But it might say you know what ask schools they would have to be it but please do not tell anybody crack a epic. I don't want my game on that hole. You wanna docket public you pick different team all the time to kind of reform sometimes are spreading in all but. Only a smaller world vote. To decide Golden State your team at all. I'm not commit respected to the point where I've been a few free when they win could you don't go back to the dark days leading by. If you will decide to actively seek out their team to watch them and pay attention to what they're doing. Out what doesn't read like the Russ Brandon is told me he makes he insists. That where and he tells you he's a Golden State and if it's because repair. I wrote for Golden State what you have to hear the rest of them so I. Because I would never want you to think that I just started liking them replace. Which is what I would say what can I would ever call the race is a different category now. Might might mind I don't know fighter that's what people attributable to wait I don't know what units could do it you aren't really ever heard of it supported my I. I holding gold Wednesday's might be Retief unless you make a special point that. You go back to the sleepy Floyd for something beyond that I I did when we lost their team I did like the Celtics. You know I like Larry Bird soul mind and now they're good again like I say I like the Celtics beat. No it's my Golden State is the only team you can that there's a problem yeah they're the only one even the spurs are closer or that. Most of the teams where it it's pretty recent and you're adults. So publicist girls minority Miami there's almost no excuse but. I think a blizzard like an old time element that you go back with. You can enters. I don't talk about my favorite baseball team is using after it is. No I just like them this year because I bet on the than they won the World Series don't write that down. Don't know I don't did not hear about this my favorite feed it to someone what what what who's at the littler rightly. That's my advisor and it is what's called least likely economic these routines. Yes this is always the last pregame show the sabres and Minnesota tonight here is what we've gotten an awful low five and sixteen. Five to open for fourteen points one. More than Arizona at the very bottom of the NHL standings the sabres have. What years it two games in hand on Arizona Minnesota nine and eleven layers in its division but not by much. Minnesota 93 under Bruce Boudreau. And the bring DeVon duplicate that this game he'll be the starting goalie Tim Johnson expected to start fourth receivers so. What can be done. We're talking a lot about the bills naturally but. The sabres are you really difficult also assault right now just to the roster the future. In what every year was four years ago who back to Darcy Ricky your fans suffering the beginning of the downward. Direction. It was still pretty easy to figure out Ryan Miller Thomas vanic. I got a couple guys here that have some value right country club bill. Right and go get traded. And I'll get younger and rebuilt. And that is what happened. Right now. Those guys equivalents are who old Riley. Pulled so. Bristol line in the guys who were on big deals. Wales would make contracts. Capable also like he he holds an amber if he's gotten. The other guys I don't we do. One. I don't know I mean what popped out. If you wanna match up more doll you're eagerly got its very acoustic with with especially with but if this were happening. Its ability and deploy. You know if there's two different coach here. Which I think what happened. This but there might be at different. I know a different standard I don't know the promise to be any different. Of the team. And light but but he would have been the one all these guys hear it like there might be a reluctance to. It beat failure there where's bottles do and if he thinks are all core problem he has his way to the top man. I don't know that he shouldn't have any hesitancy at all to do something about it it's a question of you new functional leave. Work work a deal that you can you on load any other and can you do so in a way that benefits you in its own fashion. Point one of these guys. I mean I don't know what. What's better idea. What one of these guys almost has to go if it's possible and federal have to decide what percent on the dollar he's going to take. On some of them for the benefit of shaking up his team and the ensuing cap space which. Whatever that would be. Mercury. Beat Murray the growth rate in the Miller trait I thought that was you traded a gold leaf you like a pretty good goalie. And not not judging it by like what the exact these were the act quickly. A look at the time that was good value for him and I thought Rick Fehr did very well to likewise in the victory he got a first the second lost Olsen for Thomas and it. Trade was early. Right before people were ready for it. And I don't think those were good moves like okay you're rebuilding and this is all you do and I was impressed with bold things. I don't think I can. I can use the same measure measurement. For these guys if it even happens. Because of those factors because of their price you know. I mean there are really hit it it is. When you hit in a spot. Winner who has. What what looks like overcome it. People are still pretty I don't know it's pretty well holds little older eSATA a career before this or Riley you don't. It is critical legal while we still young she started right out of the draft he's the rare second rounder that gives me the NHL point right away. So but. Either way. You commit US dollars and Harlem and those guys are viewed as perhaps the central to your struggle there but not a part of the solution beat me and I don't know. That's not a guy to spy on its border traffic. And that's a guy that if you could find someone leave it take your call. Who are. And called by the fact that they'll beat you in favor to eighteen count. And that always. Ends up analyzing what you can expect the team in return in the deal because a part of what they're giving you raise capital and so that is no way to what we built on the fly anyway. It's it's written they're a very challenging spot yes and I don't I you know we don't really. No doctoral yet and by that I mean I very rarely do these people well personally we don't know like. What he's all about it now we've gotten things. So it's hard to really get a redo. At this point he's not gone. Anything really meet the needs of deals in the summer he tried to upgrade these parents. Skin gallon on the dual Colombian palm. We don't have to allow. You know he probably audience when he made some moves but to. A half a roster. That might be flawed. It you know fatal way. I'd have no idea what to expect. What he can possibly walk and it really is. Missed this this team floundering likeness leads him in it just a very spiritual. He's got a he's gonna X ray locker room. The route you bureau who's gonna judge personalities. Work ethic and things like that too with his coach. But it needs work now we are can you dialed in witnesses for and beat sabres game at probably presented by prime com. The official telephone system provider of the Buffalo Sabres featuring next Tivo. The most reliable cloud based phone system prime column where communication is every. I don't know if I wanna really stick stick to the Marie to re in the Miller treat him looking back at it and I just remember. When it may mean is I like that that public a lot bad. It was pulled Locke who you know they leader flips. Chris Stewart who they also leader flipped. Which that was the idea that was the reason why I like it William carriers are nice player who's taken the expansion draft. First round pick and then a third that could open wider panic went for Miller it's the bot so. That just felt like a lot and I don't know if anything like that he's coming this year Vator neat is obvious. If they it'll start winning like or they could sign him but will be talking about that possibility possibility is being treated a lot. Maybe after football season is over if it hasn't happened right and his team is a better. Now I really. I think I imagine this with Paula in a while while robbery was here and and be like watching this team. Agree about Monday night it is bringing it to my comedy and I watched plays around the buffalo net winner. And they're just they're just beat the box and Howell. That doesn't happen at a but you see a shot uncle rebound in you know the way it is on TV sometimes depending on the angle where players are usually hope. The victory of buffalo was. Don't rumors are rumors of the front and it's been good. And before Columbus goal on Monday. It is. That kind of play to shock them out side. And the sabres made in the pockets lion there and hit met its swoops in and this is it is someone managed to get a stick on. Ideally with cystic three misses it but there's a second Columbus gathered just shoveled into the open like. It's where are where people meddling. Just that desperation I mean those are the employees you have to lay out. To try to make to either. Get to the popped it in the way. Wrote you know stop a guy from getting there in both panels. Arc it's just lost. In the buffalo and yeah I'm not I just don't get there. And you don't let can be speed related whose team it is generally speaking most of the time the second best team in the game. Just top to bottom roster wise so that's one thing like. I just. I don't think I've got to of people guys that are negative but there I mean I just I don't think battles that consistently. And have those are typically happen. That's up if they do. If everybody was. Or enough guys were really dogged. And that's. That is it you. Phil Housley says here today. Your downtown that he's looking forward to getting a couple of his better defenseman back. It's it's great to see a lot of guys out on the ice in getting closer. And it would be good to see them in and in a really good practice I thought they you know had a little bit of that today but it wasn't full team it. It's just a really good to see them guys getting calls its history. Yeah I heat. Ahead you know that's the data devaluation but I know he's getting really close and we just wanted to be cautious we go on a thrown a situation where we have short term success reverses long term success so. He's at and hours of really tough competitor and he wants to get back in the lineup I understand that but we just got to be Smart about it. Stated I. The could be the case that I think if they're ready they're they're ready and in. We're gonna him and where we have no kind of wait obviously you know we haven't had our fault. Six so to speak here since day one so it's the great thing is that these guys are getting close and but we wanna be Smart about it too because. We don't have one have any negative setback. I think Marcos and a tremendous competitor. You know. For example you know in wasn't feeling well. King came to Pittsburgh and 127 minutes was throwing up in the after the first period. And you can see what kinda. A person he is and what he brings to our team and Palmer had a great start. Really you know gave our team life at the beginning of producing. And with this production you know a really good solid leader and our locker room and hopefully those can guys can continue to do that because it's in really good addition to our team. Right. Well I think the first thing you look at that is is Kyle's work level I think when he works and make his mind up that he's gonna make a difference it's it's really evident and I conceded he's getting the chances. He's a guy that really evaluates himself in and puts a lot of burden on himself because it's all about production and on that's not horrible word to vote. Obviously would like to have and score more goals. But if his body work includes being good and is owned and and he continues to get the chances in his work level stays high he's got a he's gonna bury some parks forests but. Obviously we'd like to see and of course more goals are. You're. Yeah I mean that was a pretty heavy hit to the head and you know I I just look at that when I look back at camp how fast he looked and how really good he was playing in the inning got sick and that's sort of affected them. In a way and then the production went down so it I think it's confidence went down in the holy week can get himself out of that is the work through it. But that was a really good telling tale that he's he's back. Us. Yes sir and Jacob both playing tonight. I noticed sabres head coach Phil Housley is indeed meeting with the media brought to you by Paul William Phelps to a power. Hope attorney the greater buffalo area Honda dealers want to get the W careless there are three year lease on the new Honda CRV. You can register for the Honda dream goal promotion at WGR 550 dot com. If your victims the hot between goal was there of the game and buffalo scores of 550 mark of the first period. You'll win a new CRB. The three here at least no purchase necessary gridlock. From WTO Sports Radio 550 in the greater buffalo. Area on the dealers don't settle for less than a home. Josephson being back the sabres have had only go one shootout this year opening night. And it was exciting night they've got to the shoot out and then Josephson was there first guy. And he has a he has a good career numbers in shootouts. But I think that was most fans going really. You know Michael could not party's image shoot out. One other there guys did whoever it was that night by. The players. And so if he's back BP will get a shoot out and Ethiopian it's been since the opener. How many sabres this year. With even numbers. As their Jersey numbers have scored goals. Even even numbers let's see. I will give you a heads. If you want. It's it's not Michael. Is fifteen hospitals when he nineteen is dying both feel Riley isn't even. Yes. Number ninety. Right. All numbers ending in zero or even numbers. In less zero isn't I don't know of zero was the number it is it is you're sure you know Coca. Well. I don't know if you was but it went to a ten point. What's it as well as the it was entirely. It's there's only one more goal one mortal O'Reilly has seven gold rings don't wanna look at the way. List I notice there's only one more goal this year scored by receiver with an even number. Youngest your instance right but the goal. And Ryan. I'll now and I don't know really remember that is nobody's scored a goal he has one goal was in Los Angeles. Okay. Yet that's. Who could have a goal beat but doesn't Molson. Apple you know. Larson Larson physical wait a minute where's that all. Two more Larsson in Anaheim scored an empty vehicle within it right. Larsson sorry you know scanned delicate have a gold Georgian capital. And Josephson. Wright who's in her a letter. All right so it's who wore but I am just going over this point pull out could have art definitely opt out for you could've you know. Now. They have no gold commitment. No goals from their movements. Through 41 games. Us not good Tyler Ennis Marcus Toledo three goals each by the way returning to buffalo as Minnesota. Wild members. We'll hear from them as the always built pre game show continues next here on WGR. The back 716 which over the with a Bulldog little more than half an hour away from sabres Minnesota. This is as. This is all there Minnesota is up there on the list of teams when I think about what a shame it is that. We'll see where white. This is a unique caller I. In the NHL but they where it's different look. We need something much like it meant when the horse stars came in in the auto the eighties where that Roy green no team look like that what I Minnesota north stars. And these days you know as we say all the time. Most games look the same just you know with a little bit of a squid. And the sabres look like their uniforms went will be blacked. They do have the new winter classic Jersey that's out affect their for sale tonight in the sabres store and I think they're beautiful. White. White with them buried pretty youthful. That will take some fans were certainly two by eight back to the very beginning of the franchise. And yours to. Getting that on full time will join the course of people what are called America's team a lot of fans are calling. Hopefully they get there with him. The next couple years maybe their fiftieth anniversary team. Is another uniform overhaul that we. We get the right. News out of Iraq fighting for the white at home voted for the home team play I I've just about given all what's gonna talk about that for. Ten years seems like. Youths should be able to control what you really its first poked darker colder it is and you know. I I dearly want that that. Each one. Tyler and his Marcus we know their first ever eased against the sabres tonight. Leno first. You come back here what what's swirling through that. Much of it does their role and I mean at six are going to be back process to see the guys in the morning and in that regard ordered memories and trains stopping that and and you guys do. It's it's just YouTube about your grievances home for a long retirement. That's just excited and radio things going and to stricken Florida. Kind of warmth on weapon and I also in the game and played any game where these kind of emotions swirled around before it's been obviously emotions were we need to win notes. Whether it's a world junior game representing your country but with these kind of personal emotions and no it's a first for sure I mean I'd have to come back to a team that you know. You triggered fear from the OC. One away and so. You know that that's later damage to a more emotion this you want this one we'll more than. Other games and but they either have to approach like Taylor game there can't really get caught up in ought stuff I mean the and I see some are. They're faces that on the fore check and things like that so. You just got to play like in their game and I think that's what's your help and I expect any church in Georgia on the benches him gnaw enough and there should be area. What are your feelings when you walked in the door to the to the building here than had to walk into the visiting room was that a weird out Zurich. Caved into the the harbors that are awkward to so I was those trees turned on out through parts of ours ourself. I guess this things Steve and Mary out was seemed different to what governor I would do it through hotels that replaces those are very different so. Just take you now about the time do visitor gets. Closest place do you hope that make you a better player take your. Your game to the next I mean. Just the transition so far figure this team. It's been did it's been to a point where. They just send it into a role on this team was from the and it is to do it first it was what was a difficult put some urgency to figure out in my own and that he knew were pretty much on things because the goal of my legs every night and political points greater. We are great offensive player with himself to make my job defensive role or just be studied consistently. Is ready to bring this team so bill like and played pretty well and then just got to be consistent with the units that make you an eighty's heavy metal rock star that Sam yeah. Both of those killed. You're you've talked a couple times about the differences between the two organizations what are the differences that you noticed I just you know. I think it's just though where we are at this point to and you know where buffalo was and I was there the reserve rebuild there was. Atari had developed guys and them and be ready for the future. And in here Minnesota the futures now I think it's it's do we have the way and it's. It's Stanley Cup. It's a team insists spectrum covered scenery we can we ice and you know to put out there and we are great great depth and if they're that soft. And Buffalo's more you know just taken time to trigger or hard journey out and you know it it was talked about how seasons was gonna take that development process so. Here it's now also the with a winning as you must weren't so. I saw a difference of in my time buffalo was made me who I am today and a lot organization that it was a rebuilding effect where they're trying to get Jack cycle and samurai and are that type of thing. Did almost become like losing was except that. Yeah I mean that's what never worn loose and I guess doesn't have personally never want to lose heroes competitive in the game hockey. I just don't think it was. It if we put forth a good effort there was it was OK and down. You know I and you look at their actions that we had and then some great players on it but it wasn't just in this league it's so hard to win. But you know it's have. The depth wounded and how that there was kind of relied on two lines and you know here that he gets to the depth it's four lines deep. You know that are that the traded viewers know. No not at all I mean. You know I do with the traded is it there was can stand allies into the is somewhere on the back and so. You know it was the trip for both teams do it did the guys are trained for. They awesome I'm happy to be a Minnesota and then. You know to be on team that you know can make a push for for playoffs and that's got to cop. He can I'll let you talk to Jason and filled before he retreated. I had a phone provisions fell and then. I mean with Jason and both you know great guys in the news demean our owners know before ought to be entries in your talk and next season and what to expect and and that was a Sega hosted the back of awful before the trade and so things happen and but multitude triggered cries grew guys from that would have heard not just didn't think you'll be received out there by fans. It's going to be interest in. You know I I'd like to think that they they appreciate my time here and I I've I appreciate your two I loved being in buffalo and it's it's my home as well being born here so. Maybe here virtue but I hope with nothing to do about. Thanks Marcus thanks Marcus we on the pregame guys back to you. Our Paul thanks very much that's one of our two political locker room reports that brought you by the Dallas here. Quality health coverage it's our mission visit the palace here dot org front one former sabre to another year's Tyler Ennis with Paul. And Tyrod Taylor's 30 AM. I think it's treacherous and accurate. Things been going for your Minnesota good. You know in its ships there. Looking through I. But the biggest differences do you remember the while the navy plane for the sabres. Yeah I would just say the culture it like coming to a team that says quote when the Seneca and and what goes on rebuild in the seamless the post when so. One and her. And not missing had to make you play but whether it's a mindset that are. How you come into the ring her values state leaders as anything. You know just it's a genetic. Russert. You know use continuation of truth you know shows either way you know you know. But it's been it's been good you know I've been up and down the lineup. When different spots. You know I guess a vicious and everyone is you know really good player and lot of depth and you know should be a common thing we know you've. Love this city you've talked about many times but from hockey standpoint to junior changed if you need to be refreshed. Yeah I think so I think. You know when there's that much turnover. Every year and you know it's almost expected you know even if you know you're used to you're comfortable. When there's so much going on here you kind of almost anticipate something could happen. So. It's it's good to be a part of you know Minnesota Wild and obviously missed an awful lot you know since you've actually people see the stuff seat. You know a lot of great people organization that. You know it's it's really I'm in apartments with some weird to walk into this building. There was was but the same time seeing a lot of you know friends and a lot of people that you know. In my life pretty easy over the last few years. You know a lot of great trainers and and and stuff like that says please him it can be difficult playing against friends going out against guys he used to go to battle with. No home because. You know it. Pretty much like we talk well at turnover assuming different guys are so many guys get treated affiliates. Friends you know almost every game so it shouldn't be any different in that regard it's going to be is you know we got to get the went you know are our goals when we got to. You know circuit someone isn't and let's let's focus for analysis having a good game and and I think in two points. You talk to choose a bunch of the the word they treat you are known for illegally coached a couple of weeks to death that is you know kind of an introductory phone call and or talk with the plans this season but. You know then I got traded couple. And they're very classy very. You know that. There are nice and you know. Respectful and they. And good government and it's not handling it is easier to fit in Miette your best friends here here markets here does that make it leaves your definitive yes you know. It did make that transition easier for sure you know Ivan again like Marcus who you know spent much time on the buffalo on. You know a great guy great teammates that they mentioned the changes that publicly of video view tonight on the board and the fans are gonna. Or what we think that's the feeling. That's should be you know fun it's going to be live you'll emotional it's. You know it be special island you know fitted. To them like that the you know appreciate that's been nice gesture here. I'm back to play in this city that knows you well but come back to a place or you're given an opportunity. I thought that goes I don't get away they'll put the game but. The always remember him giving your opportunities. Yeah exactly you know you can never forget where you came from and anything in life has it's no buffalo gaming opportunities financial and I'm very thankful grateful for that and especially. One thing for me to view. You know I didn't I didn't know too much rope Biederman. Now lakes that are. Or back probably the best on the roster movement and so. Like she tired and their work. You know who knows that haven't followed that closely. You know obviously an unfortunate that it or for here in the Italy liberals in general yeah. I awareness of the pregame guys effective. Bills takes from Tyler and us there are fifteen games in the NHL tonight and I know of them started 7 o'clock. It's there. A place on point it anywhere we're going out on Tuesday. All nine home 716 through sport. We might be in essence is are placed on the planet Ryan comes back with the police were. They could do it and what they. Abstain no. Nah mean sabres games going to be right so I mean I took some poison. Cincinnati for a Cincinnati or Saskatchewan media toasters or a place where you can go anyway I gonna patent while it all through these should start. Around the NHL brought you budget for Europeans see your cart dot com serving worse since 1985 those 7 o'clock game aren't problems. Rangers and hurricanes. Flames at Blue Jackets and Oilers red wings. Senator's aunt capitals. Come opposite penguins. Wires that islanders. Who wins it doubles in leaps at the answers. 1730. Start in Chicago had ample. This spirited off. We've got us. At 9 o'clock or 9 o'clock games excuse me I skipped at 8 o'clock want to early national based on the eighth. 9 o'clock start for Dallas and Colorado and San Jose and Arizona. Vegas and Anaheim they face off at ten and 1030 Winnipeg and the only. More from him. Inside the banks that are next. Right cozy old Paul Hamilton has always built pregame show continues. After Thanksgiving will be on the air brought right here again it's that when six writing. And three Edmonton in town. Which over the bulldogs stay with us this is WGR. From whom and.