11-28 Evander Kane Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, November 28th

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We need more pride in this room third or fourth time he said that this season and how is that a reflection of maybe the difficulties just missed. You know I think. I think he's very I think China. Its search is an individual Tom and pride in your performance. As an individual. To do you best. Clear rules of the lesser ability. You gotta do that giving evoking. Prepare mentally I think that's that's what providers and the mental preparation. Com. To come ready to play in two. Whether or should not decrease emotionalism just to create some nights you don't don't Cotter. And got to find a way created to inside yourself and and and players that are in season. Well. I think that's what's the meaning you know when your attention OT in general. They're not going here's your leave your goaltender Sam cataract they're playing great. And you got to give them some cutting him some run support. We have to find a way to to score goals. I think. You know. You know just to loosen up and were putting good that's most decent offense two shots that caught fire. Our own players stick and skates. But you don't score so. That's hockey that's clearly wants it is what. And that's good save Bruce from early it was Arnold's and we're not Duma. That when Marcus is that you need to establish yourself in your home rink and you guys are doing that does that go hand in hand what you were just talking about. Having some emotion coming out ready to play. It does I think come Malia said it's it's it's the you know I can't tell you it's. So there I can't create emotions and use it to your RR but you have to prepare individually and be ready to play I think in our. You have to accept early enough to clear over the stability I think you know we've got to find ways to get momentum. You know for for for peers for for shifts you know and then to lose it you know we don't we don't build off that momentum and and I think if we started doing I'm Vilma settlement of them. They don't get and keep getting on women and wrong guys are going. Increase. And we can you put the puck but. It is for us it's it's it's just frustrating it's and outside indoors it's just it's just a lack of dislike of hardness you know we got a beard on and squirrels are you going to be pissed off your goals or not scoring. But it. Such personal affection that's to make JavaScript to make gonna throw every puck you possibly can and the net. No he got a puck. For fewer than Kris thrower it's not put into the trees and in but the tools is where they were pretty.