11-28 Marco Scandella Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, November 28th

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It was a tight game I mean you guys didn't give up a lot unfortunately to deflected goals patent. Doesn't really America's the other and you don't get any. It's just not good enough to one run home yet even better effort. It's too bad bounces but we just have to find a way to play better find a redolent it's not good enough for now. Seem like passing was the biggest difference nice on the game there they were passing the puck well and it didn't seem like your team was fast and very well. Other Mattis seem like a fairly evenly. You know we knew they were coming in that are great team but but I guess that run home we have to establish ourselves at home. It's our rank our fans and we have to that are. What we want it when you see Stan which yourself how can you do that. Thank you so you can pass and it's just everything we just have to be ready to play from the drop of the puck it's just not good enough for now we can go through games not scoring goals count against Erica. It's not just on the forwards it's not just on the deal with a goalie its collective effort we have to have more pride mistress in room we have to find a way. About the one that went on future Jews who have a come if you were tied up Stamkos. Sometimes you know talkie things are gonna happen. You guys need to get a little more traffic in front of their and it's in my account vessel Huskies saw a lot of the church got a lot of them but C McKee saw a lot of them to. We're gonna have to go back to drawing board tomorrow on like us are gonna find a way to get dirty get thirty goals and his sister got a better because you better as a group and we have to find a way it's just not good enough right now.