11-28 Phil Housley Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, November 28th

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Here. Well I mean it would have been a great deal because straight packed in the game and you know it's that funny in when he goes through difficult times. You know use your. Team and Easton and you know here come on ways or zero. You know the game is going certainly one thing going and giving too much and give us too much. Second period you know they it and they get a vote the state and the power play. And then they get another goal. In the in the third. And they think that the bottom line is no chance to gain you know Leo shot that pain. But I just don't think we're. Difficult enough on the other goaltender and understand that we had there's good Colton honestly you know secure price. That same thing Columbus in the name. And they are facing this list he's topical and apparently so we've got to find a way to make it more difficult and we get we get in the trenches and and you know getting dirty goal on the last ago. In this we discuss that are. Your players are talking about their tell us. This is their way you have to establish yourself here they don't feel like yours so. That. And what you get here. Well I I have to look at it where we're where we're out in the in in the standings. And we're the other team was feel we need to play you her desperation from the start of the game. And we can't be weeding and chasing games and we have to shorten the bench. And all of a sudden we have the urgency when and where you know sort of backed into corner we have to have that same attitude when we start thinking this is our own rank. Now we're gonna get out established or check the show more emotion. In the case. But the biggest difference I saw maybe was passing that's a very good passing team that seemed like. You guys again were off maybe even making or receiving passes. That means good hours of observation it. You know just what we get an opening in the mountains over stick there wasn't some developing. We don't execute and you know we're gonna continue to work on. All the fundamentals per game. There. Yeah he was you know little stinger their is fine coming back he's going it does show emotion tonight. And you know coming back after that he's. He's he's he's moving in the right direction. You did shield. Put on alert but it won't be achieved it shows when you're killing. Well first of all we don't want go down five very. You know we take in an undisciplined penalties and I know. We're dollar guy. Five on Auburn. People the best of this that's just happened to many times.