11-28 Robin Lehner Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, November 28th

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She has always in the place with the opponent the whole game catch on his son's performance. It wasn't about performance. But not good enough. Where in a bad decision on yeah all of us the desperate we. It's good enough it's not enough right now we need to claw back to do something special and and yes it's. It's a fortune Marco is saying this is your home arena you need to establish ourselves as a team in your home arena is that something you would agree with. Yeah I think you're almost in August meets beer Arenas with him no matter what it's tough to play here you come out of a Serena wouldn't. Bunch in Bruce's ceremonies to be tough to play here and I think we can do all of us can do a better job. Again I think they. What's not so weird game and they get to that bounce assists. And a knack. But. Still want it's not good enough for from all us defensively it seems fine I mean you guys are limiting chances to a very good team but offensively. It seems to be the problem on it and just not giving up traffic or whatever it may be. But defensively they are I mean you are limiting them. And I. Offer from from mice I felt like we. We've we've played decent place again it's not good enough from from from Wallace and we got to do better it's. Coaches and all of us we've just look at it and see organ of voters. Obviously wants or morals I think we were shooting we're we're shooting parks and snuggle and and we get a C or your do better. Do better here to serve to get Scion but I mean there's there's strides but again strikes target and offering them.