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Tuesday, November 28th

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Don't win your home but Buffalo Sabres live from 716. Food in sports this he's come home. You built post game show on the Buffalo Sabres radio. Here's your host Ryan cozy old. Bob Jose. Back to back. Buffalo on that score. In the news on Saturday at Montreal by a three to nothing. Score and tonight a toot up the score buffalo loses their nineteenth game this season. Just six wins it it's been aid horrid start for buffalo here as we are now. Much past quarter may mark of the season and we're here to talk about it with you on the all the belts Boesky joke right calls deal. Live at that point six it made her way across the street from the press box key banks that are inside here to settle at six. Food and sport. And of course we'll have our normal post game would break down this one and talk about what it means for you here. Coming up in the next few minutes will be heading back to the locker McKee thank senator. And Paul Hamilton we'll have player reaction in interviews coming up here. At that we'll find out what the sabres have to say about this one again not able to breakthrough with the goal for the second straight game. We'll also have Phil Housley live post game comments when he meets with all the rest of the media here tonight together that live. Of course Paul Hill snake on the game always part of our post game. And you or phone calls are welcome 8030550. The local number 8030550. All three no matter where realistic around the world is 885. If the 2558 an 88552. But it the you can send me a text that he TT tech slide that number. It's 55550. Switched to AT&T wireless and DirecTV today stay connected all season long AT&T entertainment your way. It dried Twitter tonight feel freed me up there with your thoughts at Brian. WGR. Well. Again as they said on Saturday against Montreal and the sabres played poorly tonight in fact. Scoring chances wise. I've might even argue that the sabres head the better of them but. They weren't native of the beat Andre vessel ASCII they weren't able to finish. And snippets goals were a thing of beauty both of them were deflected. Off sabre players. The first one from skirted Chavis a point shot that Larson sticks. But to stick out try to stop it deflects off and redirect so obviously letter is not able to it would just in time so that goes in. But it Girardi has a point shot. And it goes off Marcos in Dallas. And into the net. The tip those goals were not maybe why you would have thought they would have won this game tonight. All Hamilton and I were talking about pregame you know native beat Tampa gonna shut down stamp goes again shut down future off they did. It vary very little impact in this game at a couple of instances where both of those players were maybe involved scoring chances but. And yet the night. You have stamp goes in which are often no points on the board you're signing a while the truck did have a secondary this ticket back. On the your article what didn't have much of an impact chemical he has made the pass back to the point. Op it's pretty good night for the sabres. And this is the easy to say if you don't score you'll never went about how good you are on the other end. Hand the sabres now gone back to making outscored the last Super Bowl. Was Friday night's game three games ago against Edmonton and empty netter. For Kyle post so outside the rebels start things off here's Marcos in dollar lot with Paul Hamels. Ex prime Marco. It was a tight game I mean you guys didn't give up a lot unfortunately to deflected goals patent. Doesn't really America's the other and you don't get any. It's just not good enough to warrant right at home yet even better effort. It's too bad bounces but we just have to find a way to play better find a way to win it's not good enough for now. Seem like passing was the biggest difference ice on the game there they were passing the puck well and it didn't seem like your team was passed me very well. Other than that it seemed like a fairly even game. You know we knew they were. Cumin and their great team but I guess that run home we have to establish ourselves at home to our rank are Ference and we have two that are. What we want it when you see establish yourself how can you do that. Thank you so you can pass and it's just everything we just have to be ready to play from the drop the puck it's just not good enough for now we can go through games not scoring goals count against Erica. It's not just on the forwards it's not just on the deal with a goalie its collective effort we have to have more pride mistress in room we have to find a way. A lot so the one that went off few did you see that I'll come. If you were tied up Stamkos. Sometimes you know talkies things are gonna happen. You guys need to get a little more traffic in front of their and it's in my account vessel Huskies saw a lot of the church got a lot of them but C McKee saw a lot of them to. We're gonna have to go back to drawing board tomorrow on like a seven got to find a way to get dirty get dirty goals and his sister got he better be getting better as a group and we have to find a way it's just not good enough for now thank you mark thank you Marcus and on the post came Brian back to you. Neither is Marcos and Allah. Part of our blue and gold locker report brought to you by the Dallas care quality health coverage it's our mission is it Fidel is error dot org. Can see here the acres in Dallas voice tonight go back to the room now live is Evander Kane with Paul. We need more pride in this room it's third or fourth time he said that this season and how is that a reflection of maybe the difficulties just missed. You know I think. I think he's very I think. Its search is an individual. And pride in your performance. Present individual. To do you best. Clear rules of the lesser ability. He's got to do that gaming evoking. Prepare mentally I think that's that's what relies on the mental preparation. Com. To come ready to play in two. Whether or should not decrease emotionalism just to create some nights you don't don't Cotter. And you got to find a way created to inside yourself and and and play at southern city and well. I think that's what's the meaning and only attention OT in general. They're not going here's your leader goaltenders out to dry they're playing great. You got to give them some cutting him some run support. We have to find a way to to score goals. I think. You know. Just just to loosen up and were putting good that's most decent offense two shots that caught fire. Our own players stick and skate. But you don't score so. That's hockey that's clearly wants it is what. And that's good save Bruce from earlier this morals and we're not Duma. And when Marcus is that you need to establish yourself in your home rink and you guys are doing that is echo in and now what you were just talking about. Having some emotion coming out ready to play. It does I think come later said it's it's it's. You know I can't tell you it's. So or I can't create a more ocean side use it to your RR but I you have to prepare individually and be ready to play I think in our. You have to accept early enough to clear over the stability I think you know we've got to find ways to get momentum. You know for for for peers for for shifts you know and and lose it you know we don't we don't build off that momentum and and I think if we started doing on film a settlement of them. You know tip and keep getting on women and wrong Kaiser go on diet and increase. And we can you put the puck but it. It is for us it's it's just it's just frustrating it's and a sign horse is just it's just a lack of dislike of hardness you know we got a beard on its core rules and he going to be pissed off your goals or not scoring play. Such personal affection that's to make JavaScript to make gonna throw every occupy us lieutenant Matt. No if you got a puck. For fewer than Kris thrower it's not pretty in the knickers and in but the tools is where they were pretty. Thank you mr. commander keen in the post game Brian back to you entertain with some stronger words thereabouts. Bear down and trying to score goals. Also talking about coming ready to play preparation. Obviously. You know we're not aware of every single thing this team does outside of our off the ice terms of what they don't do for practice. What do they do behind closed doors to prepare what is each individual student fairway Thatcher that they've mentioned it what event here's Robin Leonard allies. To his roots in the place with the opponent the whole game to China his son's performance. Wasn't about performance. But not good enough. We're not bad decision on ya all wheel speed and desperate we. It's good enough just not enough right now we need to claw back we need to do something special and and yes it's. It's a fortune. Marco is saying this is your home arena you need to establish ourselves as a team in your home arena is that something you would agree with. Yes and I think you'll all of us you know does need to be here Arenas with him no matter what the stuff to play here you come out of this arena would've. Bunch in Bruce's ceremonies to be tough to play here and I think we can do all of us can do a better job. Again I think they. Or some awkward it was a weird game and they get to that bounced assists. And up now. Still want it's not good enough for from all us defensively it seems fine I mean you guys are limiting chances to a very good team but offensively. It seems to be the problem on it and just not getting enough traffic or whatever it may be. But defensively they are you I mean you are limiting them. And I. Offer from from mice I felt like we. We've we've played decent place again it's not good enough from from from Wallace and we got to be better it's. Coaches and all of us we've just got to look at it and see organ bettors. Obviously wants or morals I think we were shooting we're we're shooting parks and it's not going and we get a C or your do better. Do better here to serve to gets on and about having enters the strides but again strides target and offering. Thank you Robert Lerner and post game running back to you. Right there's Paul Hamilton with Robin letter. Before that event McCain before that Marcos and Ella all part of our Louisville locker imported in brought to you by for Dallas care quality health coverage it's our mission. If the Dallas scared out of or the sabres lose their nineteenth game 125. They are 615. And four. It Arizona beat Edmonton tonight the sabres movie that lasted the entire National Hockey League it is not that good starts this season for the sabres. And we'll break down this one here we go on it doesn't get any easier the sabres at Pittsburgh twice. Back to back games Friday and Saturday Friday at home Saturday in Pittsburgh. Both of them 7 o'clock fall for the right here on the sabres radio network. Our for our oil local affiliates were gonna say goodnight to you if you wanna keep listen to the post game go to double BTR by fifty dot com or on the double BTR by big yap. It brought you on our flagship here buffalo Sports Radio 550 or Paul Williams felt both games coming up. We're live here is that what sex when we come back Phil Housley post game comments all able to take on the game phone calls while veto real bite it. Two nothing Tampa Bay is the final I've Frankel deal this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. And along the bowlers Michael. Right arm wrestle asking packed it away. 34 of 34 pick up shut out. Now right there there Geico save the game brought to buy your local Geico agency 50% in just fifteen minutes to free Geico quote. Locally to Scott Altman or inlets. Welcome back here Paul Williams belt post game show I'm rankles the LA two nothing victory for the lightning of the sabres buffalo has now gone two straight games without scoring. The last game wasn't it that last goal with an empty netter against Edmonton on Friday night that 321 win. And for the sabres boy. That one win it seems like it's been such a long time there. Buffalo now juice evidence do in this last eleven games writes not been good. For the Buffalo Sabres while Phil Housley live posting comments and here it is the moment but let's get to our top shelf goal the game. Both of a more ugly they're both the elections awful savers account for Tampa. Let's do both the first one coming from circuits a point shot in the first period. Got to a point of surgery turned keeping that in spins it off. Of points from behind and then it goes good setup Blassie stall owners I put the affected in front of the net. It's a good job let it go about it. They called the power play take the lead. That scoring at sixteen point out of the earth is six the year of our play Johnson a lot assisting one nothing camp about what deflecting off of Johan Larsson. To the second ago. Your priorities point shot goes up another savory front and Tampa goes up by two cents for keeping them with a shot from the point thanks to. That would deflect it from in front of the that's it goes was there was very touched that they're not I don't know what Tampa is to get a total could lead. Office and Ella and Girardi gets its first all the way to the second period. In Tampa right there vote of two to nothing. He really only need one a two nothing final. Both those goals not things of beauty but for typical take it their top shelf all the game goals in the game tonight props to you by. It's it's designed studio for a beautiful top shelf beat your dream kitchen. Is it Clarence its design studio. And start streaming. Well for the sabres next up will beat Pittsburgh on Friday and Saturday home and home with the penguins. The sabres will be home on Friday night at seven and then on the road on Saturday at seven. And of course that will have 3 game at 6 o'clock wolf those nights right here on the sabres radio network the penguins have won two in a row. And are of very very tight race at the metropolitan. You have Jersey. Columbus. The islanders the capitals. Penguins and the Rangers. One through six. In the metropolitan all separated by just four points. Any of those like any of those teams. Could be anywhere between one through six in the matter of a good week or bad it is that by the metropolitan again. And it doing what they did last year being the best division deepest division. In a National Hockey League. I would guess again. That we'll see. Both wild cards come from that division on the Atlantic course that's where buffalo is their last. Tampa it proves they have 36 points right now that's number one in the NHL. If they win their seventeenth game this season. You've got Toronto with 31 and a big jump down. Two Detroit Boston Montreal with 25 point four victories so. I don't know you know it's it's a little more than a quarter way past the season but the metropolitan again looks very deep but you've got. Pittsburgh and the red hot Rangers who have won eight of their last ten. Who are in it it sticks in their division so. It out to eat that division is this year and the sabres again if Pittsburgh back to back games coming your way on Friday and Saturday. Well as they sat on Saturday. The sabres. Opportunities to score tonight. You just hate the fact that they can't fish in all three players in the locker and talked about preparation. Mental preparation. Like to be. Is this just they've run out of things to say. Is there something to it as the wide enough score to beat to meet with what's up with schools were RNC it's a point shot fought they US traffic in front. That's one of the things that I think docile as the candidate John letter is a letter on almost all of his shots there was a lot of traffic in his area in front. And the sabres the fence still I think at the sports a better job. A clear in the traffic out of the way or at least accounted for how often have we seen goals like that night or at the very at least. Shots like tonight that maybe letter makes that initial save on fortunate Johnson makes an initial save on and then. The readout was put home because of yet these players are being cleared out of the crease area it's been a repeating pattern for the sabres offensively this year to do that. They have talked about getting more traffic if Burnett for them we heard it again tonight from game to get more players willing to go in front in the dad. And all able to edit that to you know maybe there's some players on this team that you can tellem. You can teach him. But he said if it's just not their makeup to go stand there and it cross check it take its slash. And the police like match and it hit hard. You might just think twice about it in the air and there were some times that it is sabres on the power play they set up their shots very nice. But that's the last eat at a clear look at a lot of them. Where is on the other yet again letter did not release the a lot of shots include the two that would deflect it. Right Phil Housley separated the podium let's take it airlock for his post game comments. And it. If there. Well I mean it would have been a great deal because very packed in the game. You know it's that funny in when you go through difficult times. You know use your top team in the east and and you know here come on ways it was their own. You know the game is going sort of the way you want things going and giving too much and give us too much. Second period you know they it and they get a vote so the state and the power play. And then they get another goal. In the in the third. And they think that the bottom line is no chance to gain you know Leo shot at tying. But I just don't think we're making it. Difficult enough on the other goaltender and understand that we had as good Colton honestly you know secure praise. That same thing the Columbus the other day. And they were facing this list he's a topical and currently so we've got to find a way to make it more difficult economic weakening in the trenches and and you know getting dirty goal on the last time ago. And that's we discuss that that are. Your players are talking about their tell us. This is there where you lose them so they don't feel like yours. And here. Well I I have to look at it where we're where we're out in the in in the standings. And we're the other team was feel we need to put you heard desperation from the start of the game. And we can't be weaving in chasing games and we had the shortened bench. And all of a sudden we have the urgency when and where you know sort of backed into corner we have to have that same attitude when we start thinking this is our own rank. Now we're gonna you know establishment or check show more emotion. Yeah. But the biggest difference I saw maybe was the passing that's a very good passing team that seem like. You guys again were off maybe even making or receiving passes. Yes that means good hours of observation but. You know just what we get an opening in the mountains over stick there weren't some developing. We don't execute and you know we're gonna continue to work on. All the fundamentals per game. There. Yeah he was you know little stinger there it's fine coming back he's going it is natural motion tonight. In the you know coming back after that he's. He's he's he's moving in the right direction. You do that you. On alert or be achieved it shows when you're killing. Well first of all we don't want going five very. You know we take in an undisciplined penalties and no. We're the only guy. Five on Auburn. In the best of this has just happened to many times. It is comments your post game brought to you by Paul Williams belts or power. There. Nothing Tampa victorious will take time out when we come back we'll get all able to state. On this one the united sabres get shut out for the second straight night I'm rankles elevens that would six this is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. Like hell here. Nolan mixing it up Mattel and really wanted to look towards a brief. Regenerate the called Jordan Hill and there are others that poker game. Occupies that poker inside the Seneca Niagara casino the real deal. Winners only welcome back here to the Paul William belts sabres post each lot its point six rankles with YouTube nothing at bay. Shut out Buffalo Sabres. Have not scored since the empty netter on Friday it Edmonton. Nothing tonight losing to Tampa read nothing on Saturday night losing in Montreal the empty netter lamp posts oh. The scoring drought is now at a 140 minutes. And if the one seconds. Wool like it is a more stats three stars that's check the NHL night. Keep an eye and then Arizona game at the coyotes beat the Oilers. It's one to one right now the second if Arizona wins. Out they'll pass buffalo and the sabres will be 31. 31 teams. In the NHL foolish and pile on here that news tonight. Okay Paul Hamilton is right now he's in the media room we get is comments of course after every game. All kind of feel little like. What I was saying after the Montreal game like I'm not gonna sit here and go after them or how they play. Or even in terms of the chances that they generated they just couldn't figure out a way to get a five fossil last in I don't think snippet that anything special on the other Andy that. The superior tonight. You have other not paying the price either I noticed. Right before operate when the political about four minutes last. People might wonder like Jordan Knoll was out there was up there for one reason and one reason only he probably told him to plant himself in front of and that no bull. That's pretty that he went there got the crease and stood there. Now the sabres never got shot through events last year and here in the but it was basically the first time all night the vessel rescued a look around some. You know to try to see the pocket and they waited until four minutes left in the game and they pulled the goalie to make it six on five and that's the difference that's not good enough that I mean. Tampa yes they got two goals and reflection of what they get to flexed because the sabre players that the puck went off up have to beat with the Tampa players were at that. Well buff is simple white as a buffalo if those bounces. Because the buffalo players earn it than that so the Tampa players aren't the net too so there's really nobody is for either team for the puck to go off well. Now if it happened once in the first period and Rasmus respondents crossbar. It went off at temple player when upn and hit the crossbar so they didn't get the break there but there is just not enough and defensively they did a nice job that they've really limited Tampa Bay you know rob the letter wasn't called on to make phenomenal saves he was just. You know making the saves that he had to make somewhat good but they were like. Highlight film gonna be top ten on non TS and tonight that the saves and Keselowski. Might have been easier show are you ever had any way you faced 32 shots. I think he solve all 34. I'm pretty sure he saw mall I don't think there was street journal might that he didn't see. And there was might might have been one or two when. You know you heard the anger in Marco skinned Ella. He K he's come from a winning organization in Minnesota know they have won the Stanley Cup but there's an organization is gone some places in the playoffs and you know an organization we're just playing good is not good enough and not even close and mark you know markets Paulino has talked about baton. Scan bella has talked about that and he was he was Madden. You just wish maybe some more people in that room got mad Evander Kane was mad. Robin one or you can tell is very angry. And you know what they were saying is playing good isn't good enough. Not scoring goals and two straight games isn't good enough but when you don't have traffic than. In your horrendous passing team you can't make it past you can't accept the pass. Tampa Bay put a clinic on passing tonight if if you wanna see what good passing in the NHL is. Go back and watch this game again they put on a clinic almost every passes on the stick they receive the past. And the sabres don't it game bounces over the stick it does at the stake it goes awry it's in this gates it misses them all together. They get down near in the circles they missed that. There's nobody around the net to get rebounds when they are on. And it turns into an easy night for goaltender. All I heard Evander Kane talked a lot about mental preparation. It do you think that. He's just reaching for something else to say because he's got to get interviewed a lot of nights like this or is there some truth to that I mean. Do you think that it I'm not it's not enough of these guys that may be are doing what they need to do to prepare to play well these games. I absolutely think that. Their best players are not their best players night in and night out their best players except for king don't produce. On night in night out. I mean sometimes there are sometimes or not. But. You know oil and that's the thing you you gave up a lot to get Ryan O'Reilly. And some nineties there are some nights he's not and that's not what you gave up a lot to get them for and that's not why at the time. You signed him to the richest contract in Saber history. Which it still is until Jack Michael's contract kicks in in in July and you're not getting what you what you bargained for what you what you traded for your getting at some nights when you get it it's very good. And say wow you know he's a good player he's really leading this team and bring him together bad. You know it there's just too many nights where it's not there an amount of blaming him I just used him as an example. There are plenty of examples where good players are not producing and then you got guys who are the lower tier players who don't ship them. And you wind up with through sex. Paul Hamilton in the media room rankled some here over seven point 62 to nothing Tampa Bay victorious. While all its not too beans in a row they have been able to score. And tonight he really can not put anything on Robben letter terms of either of those goals all of them went off. Sabre players. So at the end of the day here I mean are we sitting here saying it. They're not far away or do you think they are. A few I don't know where there where you are going your way. He's. I don't see how the passing is gonna hurt it's got improved greatly. It just is it it's just. Not even an HL caliber in the least and how many years have I been saying that with different players different coaches. It just seems like we haven't had a team that can pass here. Really wanted to backed rare very. I don't know I'll go quite that far. But. It's it's been a long time since there but. They also have guys in the lineup who probably your AHL players. But they're good players are missing nets and not pass the puck well leader right now and there's just no confidence in what they're doing at all and even when they get a game when they score four goals they're right back into the doldrums the next game. That they they struggle for roll game against Minnesota where they put four. What do they don't cents. A whole lot you know as far as goals going Roy yet they did get three against Pittsburg so they exit two games were there with seven goals and and if you take the games around them on an affiliate seven goals total and Michael's seven games that we're talking about so. You know they they had a couple where the puck started more than that form and what they get out of those games one point. Where they scored seven goals. Are all well. We've got two games with the penguins coming up Friday home Saturday on the road. They you have a few days to maybe do some other things here but let's let's get a quick thought of facing the penguins to ninth straight. Well they won't face memory. So he's out for awhile for the penguins so. You know iron I don't know if they're able caught all the the other stuff we will call a goaltender I don't know if the goaltender from the American Hockey League we'll get to call. In that or. Tucker we go with a guy that's pounced all over the league so far this year enough. And Syria tryst in Jerry is the guy the back up bear so. Why he's ES four games. Casey does Smith has one game. So you know what wolf we'll see what happens there as far as who winds up in that and what they're going to do but. I don't think it matters. Tryst in jury. Casey doesn't it bring up some guy from the easterly giving you see every shot and he's not challenged he's probably gonna save most of and and most professional and always will stop the puck that you see it and until the sabres figure out away. To get some players and here are willing to play around the net and not be perimeter players. Because they're too many former players on this team then that's their nature. Phil Housley trying to convince them to be guys around the net but when your perimeter player you don't wanna get knocked around that much. That's kind of what you got soul. There's been a lot of work to do just about draws a lot of work to do with this team. All thank you for all your work tonight and we will speak on Friday with the sabres and penguins prepared. All right Paul Hamilton in the media room. Do nothing Tampa it's his final stats or shots were 34 to 46 buffalo. Both teams had three cracks at it on the power play Tampa scored their opening goal their skirts. They go one of three buffalo 03. Abbas the last either winning goaltender 34 shots 34 saves led to the loss again both goals go off sabres in there so. Nothing really in terms of and he gets letter tonight for me to say 26 shots 2626. Shots we foresee. You're three star overall from the the visitors had been start number three. Conservatives are never too bustle let's ski star number one will make Andrei lossless or high impact. Where the game it's brought about the lack port outdoor store high a pick here for hardworking men and women travel a thousand miles to find a story like hours. Focus the pain was there next. Let's check how the rest of the NHL's doing tonight for more than say hello again the capital oh thanks Brian. Outlets started Nashville where the predators have a 31 lead over Chicago. In the early part of the third period time dwindled to only goal for Chicago that would link back to back nights the league simple one nothing lead over Calgary halfway through the second period. Out you know for a while the Oilers and coyotes tied one apiece former sabre Zach castigating his first goal of the season. For that incident that contest nothing nothing they're just an awaited day is beach in the golden knights in the stars everything else has gone final including a five she went to the outer tonight. John so far is now to sixteen goals on the year a full four that is tent and Thomas Bennett is sixth in a losing effort. Panthers pulled out break 54 win over the Rangers the open up what we got the lead in the first almost gave it back. The New York's point three other own in the middle stanza but. Again fight for the Panthers pulled out for the win there sharks 31 winners over the flyers tonight ball and shoot out the Blue Jackets to beat the hurricanes beats you. It was a means. Or one winners. Over Detroit I'm tickled Qatar. Miracles he now has twelve on the season and no right to be paying a lot of attention when not watching the sabres and penguins this weekend. College football as. We're doubts they're really that just a handful of teams left for the fourth spots in the Khaled playoff. Tonight the college football playoff committee. Announcing its second to last stop for Clemson number one Auburn second Oklahoma third an undefeated Wisconsin fourth. Offered. Sitting in second they had a chance to win the SEC title against Georgia was number six. And waiting in the wings if anybody should falter or five Alabama who the idol this weekend. Having a look at those fourteen this that you mentioned that are in the top four they all have a game plan. They all win a state I don't the only good bounce now to beat. If Georgia feet right of Georgia six of the good Georgia beats Auburn I think it LeapFrog Alabama and obviously been offered out of Georgia coach him. Yeah I would have to think with everything the way it sits right now Clemson Wisconsin if they hold serve they're wanted for. And then you just a matter of who from the SEC wins to play Oklahoma the other side of of this of the bracket so to speak at it I could I just gets his scenario. I guess like that and if if if Oklahoma Wisconsin lose that opens door for Alabama. Georgia and Auburn with them playing each other in the Athens you wanted to apps with gas wanna. There's a spot right and then if Clinton loses to Miami to Miami get one of the four spots now. Or that I'm hearing from people that obviously cover college football regular that they can play anyway. Which I didn't know. I was kind of on the fence back and forth but that would give Miami essentially a win over at number one team. A win over another top ten team during their schedule which was Notre Dame. They've beaten some other decent teams along the way so. Maybe that's enough to keep that in navy that ACC it is is a winning. Scenario there too. If Ohio State. Wins over Wisconsin I don't think it is I think. Still with two losses to Alabama of the Alabama first I think that's. I've dealt it but obviously grateful I think it's because you know to the undefeated Wisconsin that we can slide it. And really your reason Wisconsin is sitting in the four seeding is because their undefeated that I don't think with the way the committee is sort of slotted things out this year. That the big tent sort of has got a lot of respect so to speak the only scenario I see here's here's how I think I speak it that make you very. The ACC winner yet it is to spot. The SEC winner at the spot there's too. Now. Right Oklahoma loses. And then Ohio sticky it's not that now I think aisle seat in Alabama or the other but you're right that's the only way at the collapse. Rank the two blocks of the SEC the ACC everything else right if Oklahoma in the big twelve title game it while it's and I had to close out that they're now to Los deep of law right and now. Obviously. Wisconsin which I think but that was gotten through Ohio State. And I think the last eight here at Ohio State heats. They need to win and you know Austin. So Saturday should be an exciting night. Okay pat thank you thanks here Friday for the patent. Sabres and penguins without. That's often view without men during the next game. We'll see. Saved it if if you think golf is what we're now that it's an opportune. I that'll do it for our fault leave both posts if you wanna think our crew back and her neighbors studios TJ walking and our network producer Kyle followers social media. Our crew here Rickie thank senator pat volatile job at both Neal and Paul Hamilton thank you gentlemen. Our pregame show hosts were Mike Hsu for the Bulldog and a game announcers were regenerate. And robbery fighting has rankled he'll get the final stamp Bates who buffalo nothing. Talk to get on Friday right here from downtown Buffalo Sabres and penguins right here on the Buffalo Sabres. Radio network.