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Thinks he's not John Murphy show. He's he's not John Murphy show. Presented by apple auto parts. Left and welcomed orchard park New York welcome to snowy orchard park New Yorkers snow has just started those of you watch it on the amnesty side can. She little snowflakes inside the new here feel about the nets protect yet. But again we know the zones in the forecast and the forecast for Sunday for the bills and colts. Probably some snow on the ground you would think. High temperatures going to be 23 degrees the forecast calling for. Mostly cloudy Sunday was snow showers in the morning I 23 wins out of west northwest ten to fifteen miles per hour and Sundays two to so. 50% little bit higher than that right now good afternoon welcome to show John Murphy Donald Jones from our one buffalo studio battle but your that the dislike it today it was. Under though you're under the weather we have volumes in Boca Chris thanks to Chris Brown for him you widget street lingo and it says here and test on we had Kyle Williams I'll components he was doing his old media for a victim of hello. That was cool who's good where we got to talk a little bit about some football stuff and about a Stanley analysts what you say about the defense. About the defense the defense. And getting back to putting pressure on the quarterback we talked about that a little bit. They and he he said. You know the combination of obviously those guys up front but also the guys on the back and doing a good job in coverage. That helped him get those sacks that they got last week yet three sacks last week and what to the week before against Rios mr. again tracked Condit slow. But it is I mean. If you think that there's a week if they can really get back on track answers sacks it would be this week because the colts' offensive line. Has given up a lot of sacks this year and he gave up I'll watch the game from Jacksonville last week and they gave us a sacks in that game com and that they might be the highest. In terms of teams giving up sacks there might be dies here. Worst in the league in this sect prepares Clinton at 51 sexy human didn't want to play. A home so I watch a game to watch set out last night the colts in the Jacksonville Jaguars a couple of takeaways by the we're gonna get Chris Brown in a moment he's gonna be out on the practice field in Serbia pro sport streets and indoor practice today. A couple of takeaways from the early takeaways from the colts injectable first of all checked it was a better team I thought the analysts on put twice in the last couple weeks. A samba beat the chargers and kind of a weird way of three weeks ago and then. I watched that game last night the colts and Jacksonville could defense protest. They're very good decent I mean they're total they're Twitter handle is sacked him you know because yes accidentally get a lot of we do a lot of sex put a lot of pressure on the quarterback they're not really giving up. They're not really giving up lack. You know on the ground they'd really be honest with you date their formula for winning is a formula that we thought. That we would win with this year you know and and really what they won their six games with the bills with the bills have won their six games with and it's very strong defense and run game. They have really. Made it big emphasis to really try to not put the game probably portal sold you know and so. It's been working for them in their defense is playing lights out they got a lot of young young talent on their defense and. Marcel Darius is the final for the years that he's making a difference but I colts' side. Not that impressed relief and the jets game a much of more between now. And Sunday of Jacoby percent ethnic he's played the big twelve start to this would be his twelfth start. Coming up Sunday with a bills grow some here. What's that about them he kind of looks department there's a lot of correct rose. Currently tied throws a lot of inaccurate throws it seems like he's got a alive arm but just doesn't it. What to do. Yes he he does have a big arm he can throw the ball down the field definitely TYO muses is dangerous weapon for them down the field. But you know it's not like Tyrod in the sense that not a timing rhythm type of thrower. He wants to throw to guys who are open and in this league you can't do that you know what better offensive line that they have you definitely can't hold the ball you know now. How did talk about yesterday. It's hard sometimes to bring him down you know just getting to him he's not gonna just go down you have to give him to the ground so. If they did to him this week they got to make sure that they wrap them up or he will you know deep outside the pocket and maybe make a play happiness on them like that. But yeah I would say he kind of plays like Tyrod and since them not being on time with this girls alive you know we as a big arm but he's not always on time because of that. You know he's making erratic rose who's getting pressured because he's holding the ball the ball a little bit longer and so it just makes their office. Look back on defense they look at too especially pass defense. Some. Some huge holes in the second man and a scorcher with play you know. Brownies that they have corners are gonna start this game that have a combined four starts in the NFL together and you know so. I mean if you wanna look for your passing game to game going. Even without Jordan Matthews this week if you have guys who are starting corner for them combined for game started you should be able to do something go you know I don't care it's just say Jones. Brendan Reilly you know him coming up now on to the roster. You know what Charles clay you have to be able to it that is what you try to threaten and that's though the outside the corners you know and so. I think we succeed this passing game deep going a little bit this week. I would think so and who's going to be thrown into we don't know yet we don't act Tyrod Taylor doctor to practice today excuse me according to head coach John McDermott. Anne McDermott said there's no timetable on when tyra double practice. McDermott met with the media about an hour oh about two and a half hours ago. Here's what he had to say when the need announce it to the tyra Wilma aptly today and McDermott assessed to be expected Tyrod Taylor will practice tomorrow. No timetable and I electing and a timetable on. Practices that he doesn't practice what that means. Six today's practice and they look at the reps at Joseph lost the work. What you were. What was the story. Jealousy and we'll we'll take one day at a time. John McDermott not committing to a legal question well is you have to practice Thursday it is correct answers Friday probably put so box CO place. Yeah I mean you know put yourself in a box he has already stated that if Tyrod Taylor's helping he's gonna start you know also Tyrod Taylor this week it. Even if he doesn't practice this week he's going to give all the mental reps you know they I mean they're not going to run. A whole new offense so for the most part he knows the offense and you want to make sure that your quarterback is starting quarterback. It's up to speed and everything he has everything he needs to do with timing wise all of that stuff for the week. You know what Tyrod Taylor is a veteran you know and so you have to expect that he would be able to get myself ready if he's healthy enough to play he'd be able to get himself ready. Mentally to go in today's game and play against a defense that really isn't that good of a defense but. At the same time it's hard to do sometimes you know when you do you haven't practiced all week. Yet he got hurt in the game and you know there might be some rust if he's healthy enough to go on Sunday but doesn't practice this week. It could be some real rest in the game you know so that's on them with something that we got to look for first off the seat he's impressed. Let's take let's take a look and listen to Chris Brown bills insider Buffalo Bills are obvious. Steady by collide inside the approach towards streets and were practicing early portion of practice is just underway Chris what do you see from quarterback position in there today. Right I've got Nate Peter vetted Joseph Webb. Rotate through on the reds here and that's kind of what coach said it was going to be the case here and it was a situation where. You know Peter it's got to get the first team reps for the most part he's got to get him ready in the event that he has to play. Joseph web taken a back up rescue cattle wander because of what coach said. Got to rotate him in your wondering if that's to have him replicate. Some of the plays you may wanna run this week with Tyrod and there itself. He's kind of more of a Tyrod type player in terms of skills that you wonder if that's why he's being rotated in there or it's just to get back or perhaps. It carries you have to imagine that Joseph Webb is going to. Not only did you know backed up reps or replicate would Tyrod would run but also runs out team as you know they have to have a quarterback. Are running the scout team this kind of like to Kobe percent. Yeah and I asked coach specifically if Joseph was get a run the scout team reps this week I was assuming is much but he kind of left it up in the air. As to whether that was gonna happen or not so. I don't know what kind of division of duties there are planning to have this week I guess it's kind of up in the air to a certain extent but I got to believe Peter is gonna get. All the first team stuff and where will it factor on the scout team reps I don't know why was cryptic their babies trying to. Maintain some level of competitive advantage. And leave things up in the air knowing Joseph did get some reps a quarterback last week against the patriots Davies trying to. Give chuck a guy know when the colts coaching staff a little bit of pause as to whether Webb might. Have some more duties this week in the scope the office. But from a strictly cosmetic the appointment. I got to ask green jerseys for the quarterbacks as competitive as saying that because there were in the red said the color Russian reforms rest of the offenses ever. Yeah that's not how it's look at this week the outfits every week. Is being outfitted in practice with what the team will be wearing on Sunday and this is the color rush game so. The team will be wearing red on red. So. Usually the quarterbacks Wear the red Jersey which typically. Symbolizes. The non contact players did you ever wonder quarterbacks Kenyon practice but. This week it's green let's just hope that defensive ends they'll see that is a green light to hit this there. Christmas colors Chris Chris hours from Chris now you know I know people want to really know about an inordinate calls dale Brendan Reilly. What's it we expect out of Brendan Reilly this week. Well it's a kid that's really worked hard. And I think he's kind of a poster child for what coach McDermott wants out of his players each and every week granted he's been on the practice squad. Since the start of the year. But I think the approach that he's taken is what coach McDermott was get that even in the press conference when he asked about. It's put his nose to the grindstone naturally was disappointed that he didn't make the 53 man roster after strong camp. And pre season. The coaching staff obviously felt he wasn't ready. To handle the week to week pro grind in terms of playing games and working against NFL defenses. But you know they feel he's made the strides that need to make needed to make through the course. All of this regular season serving on the practice squad serving on scout team. And has earned the opportunity. To get a spot on the active roster with Jordan Matthews going on injured reserve. Com. Riley has made you don't need to move now updated to the roster Chris but I think of greater import might be the possible return of Kelvin Benjamin what do you see from Calvin management out there. Looks to be favoring the leg a little bit here is he's going through. The individual position drills. I that would be his right leg in. There seems to be a little bit of a hitch in his step here in the early going and that's understandable he's probably got a knock a little rust off here. Hasn't been moving like this in a football setting for a little bit of time speed is not his game. So you know suddenness and burst it is not something that you'd necessarily have to have for him. I think you know his game his post up game he's like a guy low post basketball he's just got to get a body on. A DV and then box and out from the football and he could still be an effective player for obvious he's got to get down the field to. You know we get in at a breaks I don't think that's going to be happening with. Any degree of Sutton is from him at least here on on Wednesday hopefully he can progress as the week moves along. Well they need to aggressively now with Jordan Matthews don't know I hardly yesterday they. You know they need double mentoring they need all its many hands healthy and they get for this team right overdosed on stretcher. Right and it was evident to me with Jordan Matthews that he was battling through any injury the last few weeks. And it was not responding it wasn't getting better. And you could see it just by. The way he was running rats he was just unable to get separation. In any capacity against defensive backs. In the time that he did return to the field dealing with these injuries so. Why not give a guy like Randy Riley a chance who is. A little bit more of a sudden burst type of player gets in that was breaks pretty quick. Has a knack for use in his body to create space between himself and the defender you know with a shoulder lane and then coming away. And making space for himself and that's something that's been sorely lacking in his receiving corps the last two weeks. Chris what about you know injury news on the defense excitable guys and got you know came out of last week a little bit banged up what are we looking at this week. Yeah any Yarborough is not was not supposed to practice today anyway but he was out here for warm ups and Strachan. I'm try to seek out the far end of the field he is participating. In individual position drills here. It looks like he is he is over there working through them he's not the first guy that lines probably less but. Looks like he's trying to take a stubborn approach. With his injury which has not been disclosed I guess we'll find that out when the Wednesday injury report is revealed. Post practice to see what he is in fact dealing with his availability is going to be important this week those casino Jack Lawson is not IR. So. You know you're you're down in numbers there yes they've added cat Cappy up from the practice squad to help fill that void in terms of numbers. But I got to believe in terms of wraps you know to be Ryan Davis said he Yarborough. You know Jerry Hughes and then cap feel feel hitting give guys a break. Where he can click to guide its relatively new to this game I mean he only signed to the practice squad on November 21 or we're talking three weeks. Then he's been here. I can't seem getting it's not a time even in the rotational system that Leslie Frazier routes. Also on defense Chris what can you tell us about for Davies white he is. Scheduled to be limited to practice today. Right so he went through stretch he's out here but he is still in the concussion protocol and so just so. Fans don't get confused. You can be in the concussion protocol and you can participate in practice where he years. On the spectrum of the return to participation protocol. Is stage four there are only five stages she's in stage for now that's when they can get back on the practice field inning non contact capacity. And do you positioning type drills so I would anticipate that after this individual position drill portion of practice. He'll probably step to the side and not participate in any one on one type stuff any teams segments because he still has. A couple of tests hurdles to clear. In the concussion protocol now if he comes through this activity today which is a form of exertion. And none of the symptoms return. Concussion like symptoms return and he passes the tests that are part of the protocol. Well that things are looking up at he has a real chance to play this week but there is always the chance after exertion like this on the practice field. That concussion symptoms return and then unfortunately if that proves to be the case yet if the reset button and start the protocol ovary. Crisp. One last name and and you gotta go quickly but I'm nick O'Leary is the out there. Today. Yes he is out here is participating. Will see if he's a full participant or limited participant coach did not mention him. Today among the list of injured were nicked up players so the anticipation is he will be at full participant and you just gotta post pattern here an individual from. I Napier and look pretty good in doing so it doesn't appear to be favoring his back which is his injury so hopefully. Missing last week's game did in the world are good. So he'll be able to participate fully here in practice and get through the week with no ill effects to be back in the lineup on Sunday. Chris let me ask his question to help us launch or Twitter will be for religion go so we there's this influx of talent returning to the buffalo offense and players who have not played a prominent role yet. Wonder which of those under utilized players who have not played a prominent ruled that the fuel that the biggest impact. In the bills' offense for the last four games of the season what do you think we put up Brendan Reilly's choice. Tobin Bridge of his choice Joseph Webb is a choice or some audio secure depict. Of that the people who really haven't done much on office jet who do you think that the biggest impact in the final quarter of the season. Well I mean it's hard to it's hard to hit one guy down only because. We don't know what the availability of Benjamin's going to be we don't know how much playing time Riley's gonna get even though he is up and on the active roster that. But that goggle with Riley L youth go with the wild card here and say. You know maybe it used up and make a few plays. Through the course of the last four weeks and really kind of showed his coaching staff something and convince them that he's a guy that they wanna reside or as a reserve. Future free agent which typically happens right at the end of the season. In January. All right Chris thanks thank jacket and you got Chris from bill since at a Buffalo Bills that come on the practice field in Serbia pro sports streets that are yet that's our Twitter poll when you've got to get involved and if you like. From the comfort of your own home which underutilized player so far this season is gonna have the biggest impact in the bills' offense the last four games of the year. Yeah it's a speculative question Crist. So he was reluctant to commit. But we put up a couple of choices are separated right he just called up to the fifty premium to yesterday to open Benjamin. He's only played what five quarters less than five quarters of football since being acquired Erica Halloween. Joseph Webb. Who had the big problem role player on offense is this Sunday somebody else do what's called the sought to take. 8030450. To a free 1888. By fifty to 550. The under utilized the unsung player from the offensive. As it is gonna have the bigs impacted the offense the last four games the Obama Calvin Benjamin. 45% of respondents are so far. Bomb ghastly lessened by quarters wouldn't forty fives and only forty once apps that lead against the saints and then just for. And nobody got hurt. In Los Angeles against chargers. Got a lot to offer guess he needs to be healthy I think they're will report hoping that he gets to practice Saturday and is healthy but. I do believe government and is a lot to offer the softens and open starts this week. You know I don't see really tell Benjamin that the first lord candles going quarterback native of Tyrod Taylor is playing quarterback I don't see. Subdivisions of him being a huge huge part of the office is because he hasn't been here and tyra likes to throw to guys that he's used to grow into. So I don't see him being a huge part of it it Tyrod is is the quarterback at Peterman is the quarterback and Java Benjamin could be a big part of the office but ultimately you're talking about a guy with a meniscus you know and and I don't he's still a little did B as you watch him out Beers I don't know how effective and how much to really truly play in the game. I think I'd have to go with Chris on this in the wild card especially in the opinion is there's a quarterback as and go with. Brendan Reilly you know and and I think. Brendan Reilly obviously show people a lot in the in Newt you know back in the in the spraying him in the summer. But you have if they may Peterman is the quarterback. You have Brendan Ryan the open those guys have worked out team together all year you know and that pickles a long way. Any game you know as we saw with Tyrod Taylor and Dionte Thompson's I think it truly comes down to. Who is playing quarterback as to which one of these guys have a big impact of uterine would. Bigger Riley because he's got that experience with the first team experience. Yet. And so that they so when you work a guy like that you know how he likes to run routes you know I mean. Is it it's it really does. Work like that that's why Dionte Thompson when he got here. Was able to connect with Tyrod Taylor so fast because those guys had worked scout team together and train together in the offseason stuff like that so. These two guys have been lost out team all year together working together probably. Talking tracks we ought to can the defense today together you know I've actually when I spoke to the rookies those guys sat together. Yes I know the difference. And so it would all of that being said if he's a quarterback and Brendan Reilly gets in the game I expect to see him actually go to him a little bit. What do you think it's call electoral an eagle 30515 and toll free 1888. By fifty to 550 or you can do it by a Twitter at geography show which under utilized player its chance to be the to be the hero for. The offense moving forward Libya you know play a big role. More important lesson to take you know trio by a 5231888. By fifty to 550 the practice report from Chris brown and the seed and go through the list of participants not participants today according to head coach McDermott Tyrod Taylor no practice today you know timetable on when he might practiced with Disney. Traverse cadet. Your broad Jon Miller all of them out today limited work today portrait Davies white and Chris Brown talked about him in the limited work he was getting in the early portion of practice today. Office environment according Glenn limited work there is a a step up from where he was. Over the last couple weeks he was a non participant for most of the last couple weeks in the McDermott says that is step in the right direction for Cortland. Limited work today for Charles clay as has been the case for a couple of weeks. The but it worked for Calvin Benjamin. Leonard Johnson limited Mike Tolbert limited and Agassi injury update will get the official. Injury report after practice which is probably at least two way. And so today coming up at 1 o'clock Norman Thomas Oliphant running back makes his regular weekly appearance with the last 1 o'clock today. Coming up after that we will hear from Britain and rightly just added to the active roster yesterday late yesterday he'll be in studio with us after practices he comes off the practice field. And of course your phone calls needle 30515 in total freak. 1888550. To 550 or by Twitter at Jabber. Newer addition to the buffalo office as chance to have the biggest impact on the rest of the season for teams that remain. It was collins' vote to think let's working a call here from my time in west Seneca Tom good afternoon welcome on the show us. And thank you so much written illusion junior. I have an attendance six guys who released I believe really believe that we can be tenant six. Of course. Yeah we should by some fluke lucid colts on Sunday. I think the playoff dreams are over. That being said on the totem pole. Yeah political would Peter and if Pete Stark's. And I have to comment on the New England game. Before the game. I said to myself. So. If the bill could scored three touchdowns in a field goal but we will win that game. Sure that would have happened but who wouldn't want 24 point tree but it didn't happen. Bad loans commentary that Malaysia by gronkowski. Those for which gives shout they're very seeing in the NFL. So flagrant. Or one game suspension. That's pathetic should have been ordained and hefty fine dust electron role that you have somebody like debt. They could be very seriously injure injured paralyzed or whatever. This NFL but it wake up and come down how to run these cheap shot guys. That's pretty much you guys. Okay Tom thanks it would junior you probably don't write in the court Rob Gronkowski Malia it's which about what that was. I mean we got the same suspension as to dismiss Tuesday. You know on and it's like he actually made a play within the confines of the game with the hit to me did you look at that rock and taos ski. Totally after the play decides to. You know dive with his elbow with a huge pad on his oval Barry Bonds type of pad right into two Davey is why it's. You know back of his age and you can truly paralyzed someone like that in and totally change. His life you know a man who has that he would you know a girlfriend I believe. Yeah I mean you could change his life like this I think he should have been suspended first voice that have been ejected from the game there was my thought secondly he should've been suspended for. Multiple multiple games you know and then if you wanted to try to reduce it from there. Then whatever they wanna reduce it down but at least suspend him for you know 23 games inning gave him the opportunity to reduce it down or something. That the Dallas open for at least two I think once candlelight. I do think that Pittsburgh knowing the game coming up next week. It's a factor in ultimately knows he's one of the stars and the patriots that is terrible it's. You know it's. And if that's the case as like a case all this talk about safety is what are we talk about it all your cares about is the ratings and we don't know you know it's. Ultimately it's a business and and you want to ratings to be up. But come on man and if he could've seriously entities like 2766. Or something like that to seventy. And into Davies is like 5116. Foot 190 soaking wet you know you could truly changed his life. And you've got to suspend for one game I hope that's not to. I just that's the only explanation acted come up with from that game the one game suspension came out late Monday reinforced yesterday when there. Protect he's appeal was denied we talk about that elect as well lines are open. It'll Treo 550 in two free one eat eat eat. By fifty to 550 your thoughts on which Buffalo Bills newcomer to the offense and not exactly new government new additions over the next few weeks. We'll have the biggest impact army in four weeks of the season. Give us gobble talk about it when we return the Jabber he shall present about NAPA Auto Parts either when those private buffalo 23. Go back Jabber B Donald Jones like from one bills drive welcomes show happy to have you with us here today and what's turning into a snowy day here to park your house. It worried about. Oh you little cold you know it goes wrong. And those wouldn't do much for home commuters that. Department Friday while the parties the right amount of affluent want to start snowing here never stops you know it's no business. That's at. In that it does not diligent well known and now you're at the it will stop. Its and I'll. One you know because everything is cool but for him care. I saw there where it opened its. Little snow in the forecast. We'll see out turns out sometimes he's forecasts are a little bit off fee what to Africa Africa. What's your forecast for the rest of this bill's season it is or somebody who has not played proper role offensively yet. Who you think will have a proper role to play that's our Twitter poll is it opened Benjamin is it. Brandan Wright regional whip somebody else epic and give us a call it 030550. In toll free one eat eat eat. 550 to 550 we can vote and it would apple do it. On Twitter at Jimmer crucial thing caller from Jason in cherry creek. And adjacent market. Hey guys thanks for having me I I don't think I mean I'm excited about wiley because one guy got you know a better job they played OR and and Peter Lynch I have a bad all right I didn't get faster be paid. You know I mean an end of the charters but. Like any of cancer that certainly when you which quarterback can have a different guys Charlie EO there was a lot of pat the bag when they complete it really hit. It guys great and our one spot in the right spot. You know what I mean is that they like to give you that I think. At. Yeah I mean there's a lot different if you're talking about the about the difference in the timing of both of those quarterbacks right yet Tyrod Taylor who. Typically. You're looking at Tyrod Taylor he throws it well you see it come all the way out of his pains you know just because of the way that he played the game and when he throws the ball. As we had made Peter and who's throwing the ball some time before you become how do you break in also is a big difference in. You trying to focus in on the ball when you have a quarterback that you know two quarterbacks at a totally different in their timing and win their releasing the ball and is about. Velocity spin on the ball I mean velocity has been on the ball can be allowed different now tyra tell as a lot of velocity on his past now may Peterman. He I mean because of because that he actually gets the ball out of his hands fast it looks like he has a lot of velocity on his ball I can't really felt. The difference in that but there is some quarterbacks though there are some quarterbacks that. You know I remember speaking to Stevie Johnson about how it happened it. And happening didn't really take anything off the ball when he was throwing you know different slant some different things. Really close so certain quarterbacks have a lot more touch and if you remember. Government has said he proposals floaters in Ireland and Tyrod Taylor does. Slope the ball and even though some girls who have done it in there of most of his throws he's floating it in their giving guys an opportunity testicle. Location in the back to your mind as a receiver you aware that something one quarter. Up years actors so. I mean is it always be ready for that which you know. Just from seeing these guys in practice idea usable at all sometimes you know so you'd. The Houston got a regular route right away you just have to adjust whoever is throwing the ball. Some of the best quarterbacks are often times you know some others are an awful little bit more than ethnic and you know which you can't really let that creep into your mind because. Then you'll be reluctant to go across the middle or something might that he might like me up you might keep me. In my set me up for a kill shot you know and if you do that muted alligator arms you don't wanna jump up and get the ball so you just got a regular route. And hope that. He throws it where you needed to be if not I got to adjust to make the catch there's talk call here from Fred in Connecticut go ahead Fred welcome and the Arabs. Hey I love you guys so called double thing. The sort where I think I have agreed Donald as far as newcomers. It got an app and on the court. That we wondered army who does what. Why well fought about as it's based on the tyra situation and get it guys they bought it Baum. Bennett quarterback out that the system and we've seen again aware of quarterback will be labeled. And good quarterback. And yet but another system in merged. Tyrod is Willie. Ordered the fact is that coach you know what. He does not in the good. You know about walking. And you put it right now he could be in the league quarterback means they won't she wore. I mean initial flash movies somewhat flat is being put him in a system where did you actually connect it. I mean. I think he did go out to be. And I did want to note that they. Europe amass or about it you know I'm not sure if you change systems. If he would be allowed better you know he's been in a couple different systems now we've seen the same thing from tyra. And for me I don't know if it's this system. As much as it is him not throwing the ball getting the ball out of his hands quicker and not being on time and sometimes being off the mark you know. I don't know the system could change those things right there. Because I think that is is in his mind or I don't know the system changes that Baghdad's. I don't know follow to make that throw my throne and deception you know and and and throw it into tight windows and different things like that. I don't know the system changes that I think these are things that you know he's been trained to do since he was younger you know and and that's the way he plays the game. We are eleven starts in the Tyrod Taylor's this year his and a this year. I think it's I think I've come around to the conclusion that this system. With the precedent to dues that is. Tyrant friendly is what they do the last couple years there at some of his strengths are sort of from muted in this business a veteran game you know the run and also the deep passing game. Guard it was bright stuff today from the website the bills. Now over the last five weeks have completed probably three. Passes a point guard or two longer that is the that's it's that's anemic edit its search your run game to win yes threats. You don't stress the field that just puts so much pressure on every other part of your office. No mean teams do not fear you're gonna throw the ball downfield and it and until you show us that on a consistent basis you got to take shots down the field and connect with date. We're gonna stack the box and stop the soma cola because you know have a true dynamic receiver that can get down the field. Back in threat and what we are doing vertically you know it's only two you do that religious stack the box. Only five passes heavily completed two receivers last Sunday I think the the patriots only have four and dome it if we just under utilized the bills' receivers you know and their necks out play calling thing that's. It's a design of the profits. And certainly healthy place in the terror strikes. I don't think I mean I don't think the system necessarily plays into his stance I think there's a lot of different things. That have hampered this office you have the system in the quarterback in the system. And you had just to quarterbacks style of play you know and then you have the fact that the often the line has not played well in the run game or even in the passing game a lot of times you know. But then you have the fact that. You know Tara does get the ball off faster. Which makes the office the myelin that some time you know also with like a revolving door of different things that aren't really working in this offenses. In this offense is favor and because of that you have the office that you have right now which is not good. Here's Jesse in buffalo at Jesse Ramirez. You know this just from the park in Guatemala right latest battle arguably what you put Uga and receiver. And I do not only to have about this you'll cheat and that he's not getting the ball out fast enough but I must say that. I mean what can policies in an interview with him at get a bills in the sand action. This thing turned on the run ever receiver we're not lemon will not church involved it was the line of scrimmage. Kitten up all know it opened to run your route after a good receivers are young receivers. With the fact that colts took a way better receivers can give out too I really expected to eradicate nab blowout occurred. No in the battle at scrimmage and I think that polls but the receiver not giving up walks the line primers and actually to add to question. Well what different I would like to see this article La what they call. Hopefully the coach called and Blake. Just an example. On the court had thirty or six cherry on the first I would get a we can. I first instead of running the ball. We decide it's sensible. Think they wanna see change what you want a commitment to run. And I would bet that China shows how much smarter and we but I think wanted to big play with Tyrod is. Receivers and not getting off the line of scrimmage and practical the Internet that now. To line of scrimmage not as well run before our young receivers. Kitty optimize. From Roger questioned him at that point I mean I was talking about possessive and Barbara set you know and they had been they're not getting. Off the line of scrimmage they're not creating true separation now you don't need much separation in this leak. And and that just comes down to quarterback throwing it in there because most guys are not that open in this league play yet they're having trouble at the line it's them it's having trouble at the top of the route and creating that separation you know also. You can add that Jesse to the list of things that I just put in that hole revolving door. A point to things that are not working in this often does favor they really have anything going for them right now you know and so because of that you have the office the way it is but in terms of your question. How much practice goes into that they practices that every day you know I mean they they do different drills to work on it every day but ultimately. If you'd have to work on this stuff yourself and the game past the slow down for you and you have to do is understand so a guy like they Jones. In the offseason he needs to go work with some. Some some bump and run type records you know in the offseason in his work with those guys that they can teach him look this is what I'm trying to duty US corn and this is how you can. Town or what I'm trying to duty and that's house they dolls learned or whoever else is a young receiver. Will learn how to get off of this bump and run and how to create separation you know. Play receiver is an art. It is you have to learn how to first Q off the one estimates secondly you have to in his let's in this league you if you can't get up and honest and it is a problem. Secondly you have to be able to change speeds and do different things to make the DB thing to do with something else if you don't know that are you can't play receiver in this league. The actors. Do. A it was via I'm happy because in but you know. I had to dip out at a barber shop because they started in rollout about. When I get there I mean yeah arguments you sold out X question what was the man it is argue about the bill and yes they argue about the bills all it takes he's yeah yeah you have. I mean he has like five tiers on both sides you have well five Barbara both sides. Then you have a couple on this side go on at a couple on this side need to get it out loud and in my home and an elected now. What do think about this in them Lego you so hard for yours no outside it's a nothing like they had they had is running joke because actually fell asleep. In the Barbara's right up mostly nighter arguing that. You know I was leading. And he has his asides here right so I sat in the chair and on the size in a game homicides. They're arguing back and forth and out mostly race though there's a guy who's trying to talk to me. But on sleek and they felt like I was speaking sleep that's that it was. So I think without would have been NBA IC let it is make sleep early. Don't like it allows Billingsley. Director of combative and general Andres well yes until he can do about it. There's a lag them in eagle package ward. Tyrod they visited our receivers can't get open it's not much. That's not all Tyrod it's funny that much to show. Some of them do what they listened to a I pity and tinian of that as an art. Watch it we salute you guys are gonna get to return to break we got more to Tom as we continue on with Barbara -- three. Jennifer Dow Jones from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills read. John Murphy she connected showed John Murphy Dow Jones here until 3 o'clock today Thurman Thomas stopped by at 1 o'clock. We'll get Brandon private people's choice never Amber's idea practice squad players with more and supreme nominee and that this all clueless yeah he and Xavier. Guess I don't know if there and the one it didn't play well he was born in a Manger Nebraska he has come to the I hope it plays well but he got a lot of praise really from a much on the and culture we have that's open radio but the heat joked today was asked about Brendan Reilly what he's seen the brand Riley Cooper's a couple of book. Months of Brendan joins us that have been later room she will talk with him. We'll hear from him about that and a program that. Let's hear from you who among these newcomers who is the one who's gonna make an impact on the stretch he colleague from elect Obama Oki. I get down. Don't. O'Reilly. In the rightly abnormal. All riled up right now Doerr I'm. Riley and cap are going to be unsung heroes in this week Y one like you said Riley has at that. I'm not the lying in Q that he and the bank kept at but improve it on a fourteen. He has gotten a chance. You make it to a heat game and I think we'll come to build this opportunity to prove that he has what it take. You pressure now yet you might have a limited I. And Matt. But you make up for that type them limited that time and he gonna prove a point out there they teed. Yeah. Is that the real reason or is it because of his main desk at the pack pack that. Yeah that step I take that you calmed the perfect name for other you know keep on you know for four more years of began. If you can prove a point out there and appeal. And at that Hillary beat I got a big upside to a game that lightning victim but you know obvious the head. I'm the front of him that you know we're just we're a little bit better right yes. All right now he has shot he would do something up you're going to get the team in Indianapolis Colts where you have an opportunity to showcase. I'm out the NFL in every team's not just you know a crack team but you know you have a chance we'll get important that they think why. They're not bickering on open line. Oh I'll have some issues then whoever the quarterback is whether tire out or Peter Main he has a weapon he has weapons. It's just you need to throw into the windows of opportunity to make these drivers here at all. HT kept kept beside the active roster yesterday just in practice squad a couple of weeks ago. Three years in the AMOCO jaguars ravens falcons cardinals giants bounce complete. In college at University of Akron. Remember 75 Sunday. Courts kept champions real names. And it's the bills provide this information is legal proceeding. Is in short. And Allard DLY. Which translates to mean strength in his native each line which Norton. Normally but as you might imagine is coach pop Warner oppose column kept. You know uncle Gordon. And end shortly and kept air that kept. School it's called immunity in the movement and all that note these. Yeah caps. Where it that it be kept note at at at that Connecticut. Kept kept the brain and it rosters yet yesterday. Let's go to Allah New Jersey hello well. And hourly bill and not my job. Contention that would locked and couldn't wait to get out here. To get to a game where the quarterback he'd get down in the fall I just you know I watched was treated so he didn't have a voice. Well. I bet today if you have them and he he would he would stay respected class receiver could you imagine if you had somebody like Errol Errol long thought this game. He beat scream at on the sidelines. Saying please put somebody and they can throw the ball. And you know and it's a good thing. The secret that cigarettes now I mean are you articulate that the fact of coordinators say that now we're gonna beat the bills ballot. Stop the running keep part rod in between the tackles game one. Well six guys failed this year do Americans expect succeed in this. You know I'm on another note the tees which he suspended Marcus theatres. Euronet slated community suspend him and Erie city system and put on a flight of them that's it and since then says to this as liberators yeah. If you remember. Earlier in the season Marcellus and hoping mark disputed that we'll Seagram. Interest bearing interest. All right it's our one in the books and Thomas gives up in the next hour Thurmond made it through the snow or is on his way through the snow to join us here in studio and the snow has picked up. He ran Orchard Park is we can be alive from new here field where the Buffalo Bills are getting set to host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. At 1 o'clock to be 23 reasons on the ground Sunday we believe. About back Thurman Thomas when we return the geography shall present abide NAPA Auto Parts from. One bills drive on buffalo do three.