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John Murphy Dow Jones W from our one buffalo studio in Orchard Park the bills practicing indoors in Serbia pro sports training center today. And I don't know what they'll do the rest of the week downloaded doesn't look like over you know and hoping to be serious snow for a kick off on Sunday but. It's those kind of warm and about your counterpart for the less hours so you conceive me. Looked outside now and when you take a look at when you take a look at the stadiums that we F. On the gives you just got to blow around. There's severe cases it looks like it wants to get a little nasty out here yeah you know. I don't see I ever played in the snow game here I think the year before I was here was that game against the colts. Yeah right where it was like it was this I think highlights new year is also know on the field there. It looks are what never played him in a snow game and I can only imagine. What it would be like to not expected that that the snow on Sunday. But I don't know maybe it will be fun. Yeah well you know it's different changes the look anyway. Something I've read this and and heard this that. There's something about when it's a real snowy gain but the TV ratings gonna take a little bump up in no matter who's one of the media LLC today that it's because all the let's face it. The game's got to look alike yet you don't and especially when you get these dome stadiums and people kind of you know kind of get used to the look of an NFL game and all of a sudden when you have a you know snowstorm and a slow snow globe affect. People kind of sit up technicals it was pretty cool. You know I I probably would do that you know by solemn. Witness you know with the this will be at justice. This is C it is like out there and in it they can actually play in this stuff it's. It's not easy to play when it's not practice and you know never played a game and it but I practiced in the snow. And just sliding slipping and sliding all over the field trying to catch passes you can UC. Dictated the past. From a quarterback who was like fifteen yards away from news you know it's it's hard to play yet but we'll see the where we get that date is Sunday but certainly have some weather in its government now. Our Twitter poll today you have to imagine that. You know they're gonna go outside here than it looks yeah I was surprised they were it's there. You know typically over most of the recent weeks Friday. It will see in the McDermott was talking about today is a matter fact. And it's about you wanna have when he called clean practice you know what people's opened slightly dropping passes but. We'll see armed political today so we just heard from Brandan Wright easy man. Eyes are under utilized later a guy that there hasn't made big contributions yet this year it's gonna make a big impact moving forward last four games of the season. On Twitter we asked which under utilized player of the biggest impact for the buffalo offense. In the latest quarter of the season what do you think 48% of you see these Kelvin Benjamin. That's where I would go this 31% say Brandon rightly. 14% say Joseph Webb who got looks in the wildcat formation this past weekend 7% of somebody else in my. You call 8030550. Tool free 1888550. To 550 or you can vote on Twitter. Do it. Let us know about what to think on Twitter. At geography show. Your your goal with our Writely and yeah he kind of echoed what you said about the familiarity factor with they competed if in fact Peter as the starter. If if Peterman is a start on Sunday I would expect him throw the Riley you know it is because. As a throat everybody else what he has that familiarity with Brendan Reilly because these guys have worked to practice squad all year. These guys are good friends I've I've seen him upstairs you know Michael Sears and eat as a console player I know that and I see the most is they sit together they eat they talk all the time. And when you had that. This is natural on the field you know it's it's this is how it is you know so if it Brendan Reilly is on the field innate to human as quarterback. I would say that Brendan Reilly we see some threw some passes thrown. To Brendan Reilly really see what he has he knowingly and maybe he can show this coach is that him and his fan base that. He's missed a popular for a reason. It was thought about it I mentioned it Sunnis Bakken out Brendan Reilly majority. I don't think you're ever recall evident practice squad player and Sony. Fans so much interest there's been that way since. Since September since early September and final cup who have more incidents in them or to quote quote nobody. I think earliest known to. Listen because came over last offseason. Yeah. Listening another one would never play the game never played adamantly you know Brendan Reilly people have been calling for him like he's back at quarterback. That's those crazy like you know back up quarterback is the most popular guys you know he's typically have a practice by receiver. As one of the most popular guys in western new York and think you know one of the most popular guys. In the organization that's that's a little different you know but people were impressed by him back in the summer. And they just wanna see what he had you know what can he bring this team. That he'd be and he you know he's a little bit faster than people think you know he get down to field a little bit. Obviously now we've been talking about you know corners are receivers young Ricky receivers that haven't been able to do it separation haven't been able to get off the line of scrimmage you know. Now we saw Ali can do against you know second and third stringers back in the summertime now. We're gonna see if he gets in the game we can do against the starters luckily for him these are pitchers starters and you know these guys that he's gonna seek have. Before games combined played in the NFL you know also it's a good game really for everybody on this office to detour regardless of who the quarterback is regardless of who if it. Brendan Reilly is out there playing or not you know. This office to be able to keep going going against this Indian Annapolis colts' defense. They a couple of rookies at the corner last week made Hairston who really torched them point six Kenny Moore of the second. It's it's. It's tough to watch the colts right now though there was an end you know you I can I came with the objects through betterment medica. These calls are of words from you know the earth and I thought they would be you know. In an you know it's crazy because. People would say well they don't have Angela oh I don't know of Angela even makes up for how bad this team is you know this team is this team is pretty bad and Andrew Luck is. Is banged up because that often the line has been traditionally bad that he's not a guy who gets the ball out of his hands. Now don't get it twisted and what we're saying up here. Just because this team is that that they still have won three games this year so you know I just looked up when you Cleveland separate Cisco used. Yeah I thought but it is costly walking you can only you know want to enjoy a lot Vicente Miley but it did happen. It yet it's snapped in and look for answers. Respect for employers are Goran team like Hilton is a quality players tied excellent catches but. She's just not there there's not there's not a whole lot there and it starts and them up front they don't have anything. In the trenches you know so often it's offense or defense though the bills to be able to dominate upfront. And you know and that's mine matchup of the week is how Williams vs. You know of their era left our. And it left guard reckoning for now used the eight years of its units unity yeah supplements illness down and I think that's a it that's my matchup of the week because he's been a guy who's given up. Some sacks this year you know and he's their left guarding Powell base and they're gonna double team problem. You know we'll see what how can do it in units. But they're often the line and roses has not been good. So to think 030550. Toll free 1888550. To 515 or. By Twitter at geography shall take on your from a will in Baltimore hello will go ahead in the year. Page. Eight it was a I want it done about brand and aura I think that our Rob Reiner oh. I think there absolutely is back and become I'll have a great game. Because it would be so do people unseat you have half a pound of Brett that. If you're not near mount Miller great debt that wrecked on every write up. Paying. I think it or are kept going. Oh and out. No but we've but you really couldn't get it on a piece about race day of friends and I pray that guy nobody ever put much. And you know and after that same week about 000 brand I think that you have a. Pay well. I hope Brendan Reilly has a big game so you know. I hope he does I hope you're right about that but since your ball tomorrow and ask you about. What's the vibe down near Baltimore about the ravens you know your bills fan in Baltimore so what's the vibe that you hear. You know I don't Olmert in the bills and being bought by act go through and this is ridiculous but I bet it right. Ninety I club and they apparently are the man. Ohm at it now black overlooked any amount. It paid Derek. A quarter at the end they aren't. Yet not a paper. They have built at the and it etc. advocate that evening badly Clinton sit on Bob Brady you know my prospect in. Speaker so late and argue that I lacked a bit. I'm glad you bounce back are we that a bailout but let you go back to back it beat it back out back and. You and thank you. Thanks for call with Baltimore and Tyler in fair port New York Garnett tavern on the witness. And our legal guys. Yeah well it's a variety Yarborough I think he'd actually gonna have a great outlet chorus he's in and then kept kept used back up in the practice glut. Yarborough had a big impact in the pre season. And it worked out as well during she's in but I thought he can had a great game check up and in are. A Yarborough didn't practice today skeptic I believed to chest injury from last week. A bloody at a solid game against Kansas City cup which we try analyst and over on the show unity doesn't get treatment time with his injury was he's been Thomas that could be. You know at the player that big time as a runner walls and in a vote. I'm trying to get a couple players for a little while now and happy fourth but I hope you are prohibited packed. You don't at some point during the offseason will be plenty time to talk about check Claussen now and he had his moments during these oh season's over there during the 2017 season he had his moments but. I'd I'd disease in indispensable over a key part of their defense I think would be stretched as a stretch necessary to. You know and I think about this not talk to people about this all the amount effect yesterday. And I had a meeting. In school district and I was meeting with about seven people from the school district. And we started obviously after we talked about what we needed to talk about moderates are talking about the bills and they cut you know who's who's going to be here next here and I was like let's. There's going to be some rules that are made in this offseason. That you know my sock you might not sake but this team I would totally different next year than it does right now and a guy like Jack. Might be in that boat you know I don't know you know he's this is his second year maybe they feel like he can they can give him another year. But you know I'm not sure where he's. He's class at times. But hasn't been consistent you know and and coach wants to have consistent pass rest. With his front four. You know and he can't get that done or at least you know they would they would bring somebody else and he'd be back if he can't if they can't get. Consistent pass rush with the front four. It hurts this defense that is good design of their defense they wanna be able to do it. Pass rest consistently with the front four stop the run with the front four they don't want to happen blitz everybody. He hasn't been giving that them that this year you know so we'll see what happens. It's great opportunity here for ADR growth so yeah you can get healthy with you know to make his mark in these final four games. Doctors call on the Gradkowski situation from. Bob in Syracuse go ahead bubble up an army Aramis. And then the guy. I was talking about the I would credit card about these. Board and quote. Penalties or. Gain game dropped. To me. When you Kuwait and and you giving a concussion. He Hillary out. Three for five games maybe pro season. To give the person that did it. A one game suspension. I mean. I'm fuel light blue. Yeah you look at it. You're knocking guys out for the whole season nerve maybe ever this season. And you've given us slap on the wrist basically is that bloodstain and you get a slap on the wrist that if I don't beat. We don't know all of your previous flights can be out he did practice limited basis today so whose ticket he could play this and a house Davis most. Most concussions Garrett and out for a full season you know they come back now long term. As when you are affected you know after these comparisons that you might decline of football you. Feel that's though long term some guys out for a season the guys that did you know even worse in questions like who keep me was last year. But it was crazy C notes what are. Asus has been Gradkowski as long as a devious way it is now Mike if he's out for three games has been dropped for the land of the time to Davies why it is out you know also be played this week and way. Its revenues and I think honestly I just think they need to have. Clear black and white this is what it is aren't like college football this is targeting OK if you targets in my his it was out. And this is what I think would help to make this. Eating clear for the rest or for the lead to make this decision and how long they needed to suspend rock. Because if you have a targeting rule in the NFL where OK you targeted this guy you're ejected from the game you get one game suspension. That's what as black and white clear as day you know and then this guy after the play you did this gave Q can I can cuss him we can't give you one game after I mean. You know that's the targeting we gotta give you something more but right now it's just up and air and at their discretion on how many games they feel like they seeded they don't have a true. It's this amount of gains for a penalty like this still understand what excuse me I don't either Wednesday. I mean look you I don't hear anything about these for a street. It is this that none of that stuff matters it out even know how you frustrated because the guy was holding you you put self all the time that is your game you puts off all of us right. Alex Frederick it is for an you know. But what over a hundred yarder in a game. You're winning 23 to 24 to three or whatever was with four minutes to go in a game. Frustrations don't even matter right even if you're losing in you do something like that that's achieved a czar is a teacher there and as clean is your your history has been on the field. You still net debt doesn't give you pass with something like this because you could have changed a guy's life. You know a guy with the family with Petit you couldn't truly changed his life and for you to think that it's OK I was frustrated so what what do you do it paralyzes. Then what you know would you say I was frustrated I'm just sari saris doesn't tell sorry doesn't cut it. You know luckily he wasn't hurt like that but he still did have a concussion or does have a. And that's terrible to serve hey Tom the bills are off the practice field they started just before noon today and get off the field about an hour so ago. And after practice as he usually does LeSean "Shady" McCoy. Met with the media talked about the game coming up it's an interesting matchup between a couple of you would think. Strong candidates for the pro football hall of payment either side of the football. Osama court for the bills and Frank Gore for the Indianapolis Colts and McCoy. And his in his new Pepsi started out about going up against francoeur whose weakness. A big profit for work or solid first so we're pretty good. I'm washing for a long before the film. And also dornin. It's part of a player horrible. Ones are. It relies to house train in Miami which very little and our guys normally. Treat monitors are. He's got some regards autumn to vermonters. Wanna switch you know. These are definitely respect. So. We have the same agent rosenhaus. And even the friends over the years on brought his career and just move that's a fifth place. And all Tomlinson necessities. And show has been. I mean. Here for a long long time ago for him in the fifties is it's amazing it's almost out of the a couple of us well. It's a respect them in a surprise but I was on the loose but outrages we've and other pain in the mall based. I don't want them. Off shore. As a thought today I think in this league. Chains and the people in this league they always they with the new thing was it was high. Though running backs. Does a couple of young guys really good in the light. Textual and I promote global put garlic free. These obstacles after the stars like you so you know what the work he's put it blows this hard work that's put the top yards each year. No fee to be fifth all time in the east deserves respect. Announcement. Must or should look in the hall of fame a golfer is guys like it's quiet. Loves football knows this week here's boat you'll. Seemed like the cool commerce whose or you'll see. With the media. Hype this so folklore talking a lot and he's got a does everything Naples were those articles home. You know so. This New York but a source Lucas his career. Well he's done it's often model of the but since of the sense. You know the thing. Yours I promise you we'll tell you I was there are seen. Help you do everything. Lately. What this at all on the freight is these. Stays hungry. Over the sorrow we have pilots. Before and just talking laughable. Assume looser. Relations. And we will stoking talk. Just his mindset loses a player who's not. Who works are sufferers have Iraq. They think they're rather have it. He hit it way talks bombs that you solos where they do this better if they work hard. A scarlet frank was from afar vaults arm is still trying to prove this game's still work on still the first when their last league sort of rounds. There. Float on that can do is control what not to do so. Assist team although there was one out. You know giver us on those seats in the playoffs. It was clear loses this game they wanna act have obsolete as well specific catalyst that. In this room right now. I thought I carry. Me. And every team has its things for you for the game. We can't lose games it's. Only right Hamas as kings game I don't know. It was got to play together as a team get away. Entire audience. Take care. What where it's excellent. Customize it says while it. Just leave this. Angeles. Michael whoever it is sort of the way right now and August. Individual. It's who we get together after. That's a sinker ball offense converting those doubts born. We'll turnovers the defense take the ball away maybe scoring defense wherever it's excellent. Yeah. Who makes this a face up. The ultimate eskimos to play. Few games. On T yeah. In the eyes. Stay on it. It's the biggest challenges. For us more thoughts on the ball over. Go that way we got a chance we'll give ourselves a chance to. We came here ourselves. And yes it does win then how we is that the next week. We best for us. Stand the stand as well. LeSean shady shady McCoy answered questions today an enormous respect for Frank Gore which I guess you expected third. Course of our partners older than McCoy but come. Nazi massacre is about a parallel paths but and it's it's amazing to me when I sort of crunch numbers and document frank Gore's career numbers he is he's been a major player for him on. Record has been in a major player in consisted for a long time and likeness on the court said there. Quiet you know you never seem an immediate you don't seeming commercials or any of that stuff disquiet. Goes to work every day works hard and he comes out on Sundays he's doing his thing. We did in week out and you know that he's able to do that because he's working so hard dornin weakened during the offseason at 34 years old he still. It was not the same players he was but he still coming in a word and get it done you know for them. Weekend and week out so. Menu you you have to have nothing but respect for a guy like Frank Gore you never CNN news or anything. Wrong or anything like that you know he's quiet. He just goes to work. This call from might Mike some lines ahead. You. Are you doing aren't accurate about. The offensive coordinator position picked and it's sent his play calling his directness. It seems like. He calls the wrong place at the wrong. The build actively searching for who opera or later they gonna keep this kind of position. What are just hired him like I mean twelve games and you're ready to fire. I would heard it aren't there certain. A little bit of a quick trigger I would think like that doesn't doesn't deserve more than five games twelve games. Really wanted to replace that's. Can prevent her with the tutors are at a coordinator experience there but even call play. Kubiak called the players and coach. So and it is positioned there were here. There's no it was not an accord. But that you wanted to go to play content that crappy user experience. To make this team go forward. In the future some of those. He's got a lot of experience. Did from the has a lot of experience. And who knows what an open. Right now is not going anywhere Memphis I mean look I could be wrong. If there's we've been wrong Susie say something like that line you know but. At least through the rest of this season. He's gonna be here. This notion that there's like a silver bullet to solve the bill's problems and it's fired this Garrett will solve the problems. I just can't get around that one of the reasons why one of the the main reason the bills about seventeen years. Lot of playoff spot is the constant churn of coaches and systems and you know it's it's it's counterproductive. Well they may choose iron new office coordinator when the season is over they mean I don't know I'm in the answered their. I don't know that they should I would be very careful about constantly switching coordinators so. Last year there were two court soul by my count it's like five coordinators in five years and in your room to make another change mean. Really you can't you can't they are urged the silver bullet that solves everything I don't think so. Every time you get a new coach and people you know we talk about it hey coach warning is his players will coordinator needs or entitle player for their system. You know Onassis what it is it's really more than it coat because the defense cornyn and concerns at a later in the system. Often the Grenada and user into the player in the system so even if you just where to fire the offensive coordinator. A new guy comes in with a new system I need these types of players. Who knows that could be Robert Willis and block is all of those guys and are all gonna you know also is like. Every time you change coaches you'd use this is not good. It's not that it's counterproductive to your team. And what you're trying to do moving forward and that's why you haven't been in the playoffs for so long you have to allow for. You know this coaching staff to deal with the need to bill and that takes a couple years in this league you know in and a couple of dress and the biggest thing is that they'd draft. Well if they draft well they and you be right in the SP you know next year and the next you're moving forward. That's is something that we have to see. All right we'll break we're back immortal moment John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts were live did one bills drive on Buffalo Bills tree. Went to my. Scheduled for Mark Williams well. Like the thing that says what's coming up tomorrow hold that thing is. Is that like in the yeah owners will be there won't be able to Ruble in the Sylmar he's always funny. Taught them a little bit about. I don't know. He you know when we get Rubin and it sometimes local off the rails even with the show you know we start talking about ratings you ahead of lastly it's a lot about food last Thursday there. Proven to be tomorrow it to 1 o'clock would take your phone calls on an overview of what's column we reject and we're talking and the newcomers are they. And players returning to lineup that there. Some new faces come on to the buffalo often you would think if things were down including German management agreement brightly. Joseph Webb of the underutilized players we settled do we see more until about wildcat stuff do we see I don't know. You know I mean the it they got the big run they got the role that you know they didn't connect on that you have to expect now that the colts would. It would Plante reports he'll let you know so do we see Mora to whip I don't know. But it is the bill's many figured they can line up and played pretty much straight up against the school's team and yet successful and that meant that the gadgets entries aren't exactly. So they've. And when you need. And wait the underutilized player the biggest impact in the final four games that he got Calvin Benjamin 40% of you say he's the 131%. Sebring and rightly. 14% say Joseph Webb 7% say somebody else. You don't 30550 toll free 1888552. By fiftieth thoughts on that let's go to Caesar and California hello season where he called from California. Wrong. Exactly what they are Oliver yes from call it a little doubt bit thicker by Fresno. A well certainly I got it doing Doug. I hate I think that I thought I had a bad part about it up about a lot and you know that brought beauty people get it you know that it ordered up. I mean I really to be with you ever heard anything from him before the years that it would it would have been there. I think he's actually made it a big difference in the authority it seem like but anyway you know what it. More at the end of the game I mean you I've been a boy you know around the ball toward making those that like that you know I know. What you got a lot of. What most well I think that's been set so he's mobile and fast and I think that's what he brings of the Stevenson. I think they have done a good job of finding a particular. Packages to use them well the that and and I think that's a good thing for him moving forward you know I would suspect in the seat. I'd expect to see him in the game more more as we move more in tune. This or there's this season out the you know them. I just think he's effective in the way that they tried to use them you know he's gotten better week in and week out and that's what the coaches wanna see from a rookie you know we're putting you out there you might make some plays in my hasn't that please. But we need to see improvement every week and I think that's what you see from them. The he's not just early observations from a couple of games in right. He met a lot of was particularly stout against the run but you can you can cover that up right with the people on the man with the death downs and distances which use. Yeah eight and a. We cover that was there is something easy you can't cover up you know and and a good team like the pages to find a way to exploited. And be honest with you I mean last week the second half they were really good against the run I don't I'd have to go back and look NC. How much men model was animals down you know when and if he was getting blocked or something like that by. You have to imagine this weekend to see him because you're playing a team that. Is in debt. Good now you know he claims it. I want to say that I don't I'm losing way it goes by analysts say that but you know when you watch more film is like this team's. It's not that good but to plan a team that doesn't have a good record misses are. And so you'd have to think that they're gonna put him out there. And let him grow some more within the defense. The problem is when you say that vehicle that picked good weeks the bills now is for the past. Yes we know that they're capable of not playing well and that's what's scary about this is crazy because we talk about the seats. You know air vice talking about the tees because he started off so hot yet you know in the more than five and I'll go ahead and and they've lost so many games. And forget about the bills were here watching the bills they've lost for the last five it's like and that the bills that come on the same. Saint street here as the teams you know since this is not that they have not we've seen them play. Bad let me point linked to bad we seen him come back legacy tees bounce back and have your game than last week. They didn't you know also. Really to be honest with you don't know what team you're gonna do it week in week out from this team. And right now when you Spezza don't know what quarterback you gonna do you truly don't know which team in the game. Then colleague from Syracuse welcome to showbiz on heiress. Page down and Donald. Letters back for you guys I won't formal. Fault or is. All in all over the ball ball ball all the leaders who coaches I'm right I couldn't agree more. And that's a little bit what pressures you'd tire out they have heard you talk a lot down about how are we gonna stick with tyra who has been speaking to get the best chance. I mean I think to stick with the offensive coordinator. And in the off season that they've got to pick up a new quarterback find someone that fit them and let and let him let him do his thing. And I hope tire out science a team that'll you know. Give him the best chance to succeed and kind of build an offense around him. I think going to be the best case scenario for both people not just your. Up. I mean I'm not ready to rush to the offseason as some people our own I think I've said this was determined that means there's. You know people are about the draft him firing coordinators and read Corbett next year will get there. Get at it maybe it's a punctured took it on the shoulder three hours every day I've learned over the years not to question these things let's. Again with a quarter of the season left to play let's let this season play well we don't get more games left three teams of three games against losing records. I mean it's it's crazy because you turn on ESPN. And they're talking about the track are ready right milk diapers big board you know and and it's like. Ari you know these these kids that are applicable games and all that stuff and I stand while they are doing it you know put us here was still. With four games to go in and really technically still trying to get into the playoffs. Also. Argues it. Duo really trying to give them roots are in the playoffs so it's hard to really start talking about the offseason and looking past the next four games all quarter of the season. Right I'm non critical look at art and I have felt true or false and numbness and did you do it yesterday area. News items stuff that comes across our student I'm an actor do. Acknowledgment of effort for false. Tom Brady the favorite for the 2017 at a co MV p.s BI and busy week the MVP poll the a poll while experts Natalie picked up right candidates. In this week for the first time all year robberies at the top of the list replacing cars and once Tom Brady at a parole MVP favorite proved false it's true. I think based on us last week when he opened its operation. Is likely to be the players. Oh. I hope not. So I'm gonna go falls on this I think the Eagles played a bag game and I think that's why you have Tom Brady now you know sitting at the top of the list because one you know game that day loss. But I think if the Eagles can bounce back. This week and have a big game this week at Cameron who. The people in Iran that lead yet it up lately ramps that they can now second is the rams he plays a game. We'll all be saying Eric Carson Wentz is back as the MVP you know so I'm gonna go false now and I think it will end up being Carson went which you can't ever. Take Brady out of it because he puts us that some people. Nationally level. Here's what's in DC. Court direct Eckert the Packers should keep Aaron Rodgers on the sidelines for the rest of the season Green Bay with six wins six losses. Hum Rodgers you know getting some work in practice now he can come back should register in the silent as the rest of the season through as it were false. Go faults with the us what he can play if he can help them I think Leo why would give him right. I mean they have four days ago and they're still trying to get into the playoffs you know they're sitting at 66 right now. They feel like I'm sure if we have Aaron Rodgers we got a good shot a healthy Aaron Rodgers healthy enough. You got a good shot at you know winning four games and ending up takes 26. And so with that being said as you can see them in the hunt. The people watching on in the seaside there's you know Green Bay is what else three spots outside of the wild card spot sitting a six and sixty got the tree in Atlanta. Above them and obviously Carolina sitting in the wild card. So if they can Indo winning the next. Four games to get into the playoffs with a Aaron Rodgers yeah he's a play dead I mean and I mean how big of a story if he's healthy enough how big of a story would that be. Aaron Rodgers comes back they went four days get into the playoffs. And thereby sale army Iraq is the best thing smoke. Finally got Jay Cutler to Arafat's biggest bust in the Euro in 2017. I have to say he is and I we win the move. Indian gamer too but the were saying when these things with more I think that often shoot out five and seven. Cutler has nothing special it appears that he was really ready to come back on the government broadcast Booth. Yeah he's Abbas. He is the boss. Yes it's definitely good because plus this is going to be true my question is. Does. He was a fox ratings and we're defy the spots now parrot back. You know this is another network saying OK you can come and work Fresno happy he up and left fox all of a sudden because team call them. You know I mean what happens to date but they're now moving forward at today's question but to answer that question yes feature views appears as and that's a written question. He has no real. We'll see its personality and feel so who knows me would mean. Right and a Coke were both struck Cuba units he's fancy. New York's artisan cheese back in a moment with more Jabber he shall present about apple auto parts. From one bills drive on Buffalo Bills reduce. Things he's not John Murphy shell. And now what have we learned for. For today's show what have we learned presented by advance a lot of ready Western New York homes and businesses with a minus insecurity you know theater. He'd prefer to learn and home theater writer of the Buffalo Bills at Thurman Thomas on the show four games left for the Buffalo Bills and talked about what you'd expect to see. The bills down the stretch. In one and let some some habits Tom Braden a couple of weeks. Their problem before at all what I think right now we're. I think three and one I think they can beat the colts and I think they can be the office wife does not quite sure about one of the Foxboro and when and game of their. Thurman Thomas on the soliciting we have Graham and Riley on the show do the people's choice the wide receiver who was. Released by the bills and recite the practice squad and now just yesterday signed the active roster the 53 man roster. We as bread to rally about getting released for the season and how disappointed he was when he did not make the 53 back in September. Oh really bummed out bit. You know wasn't the first time I've been told no Americans do something and you know luckily my passive healthy that make surprises lazier and then. You guys trade down and you know the night Eric Gordon Ritchie a member guys think they're reaching out to me that he's still going to be on our practice squads see how that meant a lot to me you know they saw potential in me so. Now here in those words encouragement from veteran guys take them a lot. Brandon Writely and bouncing back after being cut. It builds injury report is out after practice today and we have a list of players who were limited and did not practice today. About practicing for the bill today traverse cadet. Coming up a concussion separately in the game last Sunday. Charles clay did not practice today with his knee situation John Miller did not practice with his ankle Tyrod Taylor don't practice for him today with his knee. No timetable on making a decision whether Taylor will start courted head coach on the and Yarborough did not practice with a chest injury actually suffered a couple of weeks ago. And a practice sleeper Kyle Williams with a groin injury limited work for wide receiver Calvin bench in the those are encouraged that he may get a chance to come back this Sunday. Limited work today for a left tackle according planned this with an ankle he has that practice for a couple of weeks and that's trending in the right direction. Limited work for quarterback Joseph Leonard Johnson limited for. Running back Mike Tolbert and previous what limited with these contestants like the injury list and things will clear up a little bit more. Especially at quarterback spot though I think tomorrow. Even coach McDermott was back the tide tables of dejected after tomorrow's practice and there's no practice for. That tailored their knees don't be surprised. And yes McCartney. Gets. Practice. I would think he's ready to practice tomorrow if not the union you have to think. Need you you talking about going to a full week of practice with no raps aren't you know and I understand you know the system and all messed up by. Sunni directs the timing you gotten a new receiver now is going to be out there and ran it Riley Kelvin Benjamin coming back you know so. With we need community all the rest of tyrant doesn't practice tomorrow you'd have to use think naked and starts speaking of you know some of the new guys in the underutilized players it was a wonderful today we have to do identify. Which under utilized player which new player for lack of better term we'll have the biggest impact in remaining four games of the season on Twitter. 40% of you said it was sick Calvin Benjamin inclined to agree. 31% say our guest today brain and rightly we'll have the biggest impact will be port 14% thought Joseph Webb. 7% at somebody else in my doubt you think rightly has chance to have an impact of these but it all depends on the quarterback maybe a you know I think. And Brendan Reilly has a chance they may need him in his court. Aren't affect our presenting sponsor NAPA Auto Parts buy new equipment store reminded Napa online dot com. Production assistants from JJ two re don't George west difficult neck I was out there Libya Merrill Lynch W rusher producer. We're back we tomorrow at twelve noon with the Joseph Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts live at one bills drive. A Buffalo Bills read.