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Wednesday, December 6th

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Might show. No bull dog. Home just one day and guess what day it is. Everybody. Okay. It's Mike she'll open the Mike Mike Mike what does that Mike. That and a Bulldog. And guess what status. I know you can hear me it's my shield and a Bulldog and guess what today it's. Tungsten. And on WG ER coal. Exports ring you'll find. We leave prepared to be picked on for this in fact I'm not I'll be disappointed. Aren't they put on my pick in choose. A sure we start over hype that's not going to be people aren't real or I can tolerance is not a war. Just so. In one fantasy league know Jesus. Ago I finished as the three seed. And it was all to me to pick my. First more picking. To pick my first round opponent between the other three teams playing in this round Columbus Todd talks floor right. So one of the three teams. Has gronkowski. And no back up and no moves left. And despite. Painstaking efforts of but by me in the last 48 hours to hash out different. Projections in different scenarios. I ended up choosing that guy who happens you guys that you and Newton. And I'm a little bit tired. From the work that's what that's what I wanna be picked on for a little bit like. There's there's there some relief but I'm also like a little bit tired. From it and grind I I might need a nap here from because for a grinding away at these numbers well. Well a little bit tired you that is well I I wore alleged. That's horrible. And and I think embarrassing. I'm wounded he probably more inclined. Two goal on the attack about this. If if IE warrant also tired and I could tell you tired but I really can't but I just don't feel wouldn't be appropriate conversation for the radio you're. You're actually tired and their might not be a good reason for it so that's what you're saying and yet it's not is not a great I. Yeah I don't think it's a very good reason again I would be embarrassed. But it also it it's inappropriate for a reason for me to talk about on the radio but I I've embarrassed YMO. I'm really not. I'm really not that tired and I'm really got embarrassed at night it is the kind of thing well all you people would use these guys should Julia be who should be embarrassed us and our mental embarrassed for if you are mentally fatigued. By a trying to figure out what he should play against the guy that did it. No idea. The important usually got to zero we know I'll listen to your whole no all right I'll let it wasn't I told lawyers countless years. We've got here we had diluted zero do you play. New England plays Miami on Monday night. And it's a good matchup for New England like any match up to bat one but that's a good matchup for knowing what true yeah. He also has Brady Koch's Amendola and Hogan and K let's that's so some over the gronkowski. What production would be absorbed Hogan is back at practice would be absorbed by these other players. Right Scherer state they played Miami last time he scored 35 Brady threw for 22118. Completions for 2 morning one but yes 35 points so they're gonna get their points in the play Miami I guess without ground. Oh yeah the Mormon problem. There implied total of nine under I would not expect they get more without him but still they should do with the usually do so why OK I helical got his ball understand asylum some books who pulled escrow accounts these targets. Those guys it is mentioned or who gets ride yet sure gronkowski targets not Dwayne Allen right Roddy right now many passes early reference to Dwayne Allen went sacks per cat. What's still well all those guys are not. Zero ego and best players in the league bid to guarantee zero right I think you just. You have to just gonna. Mr. hope Brandon colts and Danny Amendola don't kill me here I agree so that's what you do says what I did debating that just seems like you you who exhausted all possibilities because you enjoy exhausting all possible though rice. Is is why you did you wouldn't have bothered the answer. This. Is not going to be a zero all the legends baseball doesn't depend at all on who else is on the team Shaw. Her from. Though judge shouldn't like I can just need to take I finished five and a way it should mention that and I and I dare I barely I barely considered missiles on employees. But I loaned you should be embarrassed I am embarrassed and retired why I'm tired. And I'll stop reference in because I can't really. But it's I've I am I am dollars. IE I love this wrinkle. That this one is fine as that this league provides last year was once even got to do this I did get beat but I'd be the right choice it was just still better than my team. So I love this wrinkle if your league does not have this Rangel should. Right that this is what I want to National Hockey League. When they get to the playoffs that the top team should get the pickle they wanna play the season is so long and teams are also close. What's what's so scary about that what does it have to be fit you know warmer say 200 homes were to yeah. Right now is not a good idea that you treasure is there are sure if you poke a hole that explain to me again Mike Powell you got people are still regulatory Lester out of that worked out there were three other teams and I picked the one that scored the fewest points go kind. But these for their little more than my team scored which I also predicted. I would into that I said I have the fourth best team I'm gonna take you. I lost when Kirk cousins didn't throw one touchdown pass on them on the night game against Carolina I was watching the game and Jamison Crowder. Who was my back up fumbled on the last play of the game literally like to stay and it. So that was that night. You know and this Monday night was 01 to him because. My opponent has five patriots not including. Or using committees including gronkowski but still. Monday night night Landry the Monday night's going to be that for me just be stressful. I should be ahead of Obama at least we're going into that he's got messy people play Monday in a bright better a better be. There's the the other guy and that if we stressful if you're not ahead at that that warmup throw that's right I can just get it builds a pretty obvious that your losing the other guy could have picked has breezed tomorrow night and I like the idea of going up against that it wasn't so lobbies me breeze in Atlanta Thursday night on the road. I thought like that's probably good to play against spot. That and a paean to 00 factor use yeah. The this guy also has Zeke Jones on his roster and let's shift. Through the bills. So. We're here we have this this week here we have a Sports Radio talk show. Here we have a Sports Radio talk you know what so on about us. Yeah okay this is a Sports Radio talk. Like one of the first things you need to be able to do if you are a Sports Radio talk show talk about who the quarterback and asking should be juror. Sure you write and he didn't you talk about the sports the for starters and and that's it right at the top a list of the sports news yes he's quarterback in the NFL team and yeah and we certainly talked about quarterbacks dozens if not hundreds of different ways overtime. But here's discount entrance it's got to be on success. Certainly it's almost hundreds of quarterbacks. That's coming up on a hundred for all the people that we wanted them to draft or were interest that it voted for sure it's hundreds and played against she absolutely. Guys right. So why appears which is just like. What should they do. This week what should they do. That's a good question isn't it is that is that it's a short question. But it's a good question Mike what should they do. You have the playoffs peace contention in the on. You have the future peace. You have Tyrod Taylor's injury and we don't know everything the original about that of course what we know enough we know I think we don't talk about it. We know that. He was hurt. Early in the game against New England. Played through most of the game anyway it left the game on a cart wasn't able to practice today. Sean McDermott specified. Taylor's injury up a teller tendon contusion. Which like I don't know. It sounds bad. Three words totals were the many words my question what should they do these numbers mean good bruised knee. He's not practicing today. What is the what are they thinking and I think it's basically. Tyrod Taylor might be available to them on Sunday but at less than a 100% and if so is he worth starting. It depends on exactly what we want less than a 100% means. I I guess I would wanna put it this way. Can he protect themselves. OK can he do while. He normally does. Teach him to get out away and he made a day a day making him a lame doc a sitting doc. Because he can't run. I don't policy at all is that that seems ridiculous. You certainly would be capable of doing some running but there might be some some things that he beat can't do. And it is variously if you can't caught if he can't let chances of that has left me. If he is the if you care plan. And spin or something. Because it's gonna give out. Then there's the risk of carrying a ligament because it's weak or whatever the wherever it could be your bring that wrist and then you don't play. Period but you just can't. Put a guy out there that is going to put himself in danger because he can't play. Reasonably the way he normally. That sounds right do you know what else they would want to know. That they would want to put not that's because of the danger part purchase like. They they want Peter and playing right like they want Peter big big show that McClellan has demonstrated. And so I might gas that Taylor will be injured and off. To sit this game might guess that this one because part of the goal he's still talking about the big picture he still sounds really. Really. Strained. To give Taylor any credit for anything you know like putt on Monday. We're jumped out to me was when talking about that interception I even set up. Part of that way if let's a play he never makes me and you know as well we all he he's not. He's not very complimentary of the sailors not a big fan but I don't think I think that I think that comes. Yeah OK I think it does and I look I've mum a priest poll who's I have I have. It was a confirmation buys that would. I I think that I thought that a long. Soon. Ol in old I've gone probably take things that he says and and react even more. In that direction because I believe it at a time we don't mean so. I don't know exactly how. Big dam being one he said or didn't say a about that. Really was but when I hear it I think like disguised people aren't but that's because you go back to the contracts often in the winter and spring that they like them. Let's say though. Well this inept I happen to think in that period that Taylor impressed McDermott McDermott has certainly said that. It and off times that what he saw on the workouts he. I first got here. I knew what the situation was with Taylor but he was at the facility working out anyway like I I by some of that but you know as a player and I don't you don't. No I think this is what you say when the guy's going to be on your team but you know it was pretty specific I know all. And I know I I think you can be specific. And also disingenuous right now went dreamt of as maybe the best way to beat Marty that it's all an alternate that sounds really good. I don't you ever. Anyway and I love about that specifically. I think. It. Could be interesting I I think. If it. I get why you would assert that or or think that. They would like to McDermott would like to. Give Peterman a chance to sort of it'll. But bailed out if you will for the charge our game. They did another shot. And have it not coastal poorly cute but see he's pretty good he's not you know he's not a trainer and look I. I loved the guy's career is going to be defined by the acting either. But I'm not eager to give them in just to validate that does that and make the decision and and I supported it pretty even though I still don't. Not dying for him to play a big if if Taylor can practice even by Friday. And run around. And move around in a way that his teammates see that like you looks pretty nor. Mold that I think you have to play them I don't. I think they can give him a week off I think they can do all those things and and still McDermott this is not days is McDermott I think he can. He can have that situation and say. He's he's not daughter percent let's let's go with Nate we've practiced with him before he started before let's do that. And I don't think there has to be or I would say probably would be any sort of backlash internally. That would that would mean anything for that. No he he has to practice. I Friday any any position sure I had priorities I don't know man I I think. I think of Tyrod Taylor. And this is his choice he Egan Eagan analyst however wants. It it if he decides. That he wants to let anyone that's. The media that's teammates. Know like what. I'm all right all right I can do this. Then I think there's a backlash. And if it so really hinges on Taylor and anything Taylor. It is. Being used in some way. In some in some disingenuous. Fashion by the cult like he's not he did do that if he's not ready. And Taylor wants to stand up and say. I'm home I'm really okay I I feel like number to play. That I that I think the coaches and a bad spot they now think he can just force. Peter NN. Eads Taylor's cooperation with. He needs Taylor. So for what benefit other players other players' time. And meet Gillick whatever I distinguished journalist for himself and held a spot. Previous quarterback who he just re installed as the starter. Says I'm going to go well. That is there are a lot of things mean sometimes the players says that when they're not. The player doesn't have to be right if the player can say that the player this is really hypothetically about implying a need to be implying Taylor would do any of these things but. He up a player could in that situation do bad to stir up an issue like. What what ever eaten. And I'll Wellesley with their because I don't expect that necessarily but McDermott has already eat. Shown. That he thinks Peterman can be better for them. I think McDermott. Ruse that first half in LA. And privately thinks that that was a fluke. He talked like that after that game the TV coach. Can't see what the film shows and all this you know. He wants to give the kid back out there you know that he had he. Definitely wants to give the kid back out there before this is over it would surprise we defeated market conduct and accept absent I mean I'm I'm not denying he he believes in Peter when he said that he's shown that. He hit his he did not. It to what extent it was almost incredible. He did not vary from that after a five interceptions and one half. Any know this is about the long term and Peterman was drafted with that in mind. We're gonna need a quarterback next year at the latest. And we drafted you with card Bill Jones on the roster we mean there's all of it. And when it's about what questions come up about the playoffs in the urgency this season he rushes the ball off it is not. At least by how we talks I think by how we acts in this would be how we feels. It just not the thing the playoffs or not the thing Peter restarting against the chargers. Says at all so. This can get bogged own. Whiff exactly what Tyrod Taylor is feeling or how he's feeling and to that we won't know like we're just not gonna know. It X past whether he practices that there and right and BP didn't practice today but. This coach wants to get Biederman in two more games he thinks there is value. For the future in doing that so much so that he started Peterman when he was five and four and thought or said. That he thought that was better for the bills like he stood there and said this was gonna make our team better this year to buy equity totally not think that right now. I I don't know because. I I'm not shirk. Howl much of the show he put on after the five picks in the first half was just to show. You know. Apparently. I'm I'm sitting here just now and saying like I wouldn't deny that he wants to get Peter in that game and am I now want rights are one reel that back into the Bakken and because. He. Did a part of me that I'm pundits were calling where I stood the you know in it's in the aftermath of that five interception game in a lot of my my thought was. He's just saying a lot of the stuff this is all just to keep people guessing about what's gonna happen because he's playing he's playing games where it. Privately. Wouldn't it wouldn't surprise me privately meeting go. Hole and horrible at that point that was cool. That was bad I really screwed up but doesn't want to admit that and there is something he thinks to be gained. By leaving it open ended whether or not Peter they would even play the next week all that all of stuff we went through beat up against. So. I don't know man like if it's possible he's he's now gone I really hope Tyrod Taylor simply because he's he's better then the. I'd do a bit and I don't think that I don't think so I just don't I don't know I here's a scenario. Finally your match up in the NFL better for quarterback van Indian home but there aren't many if I mean this is like. If you wanted to have. Boost somebody if you wanna do like give somebody all boasting he most favorable situation. In the league this is it you who your Indianapolis at home he's had a little bit of experience now. It is plausible to me is conceivable to me the Peterman will do fine. If he starts this game and he's not gonna have mind blowing statistics they have no. Passing threat on the team at all but. That he'll do fine in the won't be interceptions it'll be. Sixteen for 454190. And one touchdown and painful calling to say that's what you get from Tyrod Taylor anyway. And then. You go to the next week and then its interest things like the bills are gonna be favored to beat Indianapolis. With Peterman. Or Taylor but they're going to be favored to win the game anyway. And they could have their kind of game with Peterman. That quarterback is critical as you might tend to be about him McCoy McCoy he hasn't gotten off awhile you know Indies now much of a threat offensively. And so while I'm you win this game with them. And he is fine for you and then what do you do. Then it's the dolphins and you'll still be alive and maybe you'll even get real help this week and that it's really interest and tailors at least. Hope you're right was this week if not healthy eats he's got to be close I would think we're talking about bruised knee. Right bruised me blow what do. And again patella tendon contusion that you went Venice where there that what the charger game what that decision to hold view among other things ones. McDermott it wants to end all. I'm Peter and he wants to end up there he wants to be there at the end of this season that was. Forced may be but an attempt. To make that move. And allow him to end up there by the end of the season hey this is really going to be a downgrade for a we wanted Sony fans say. This is really how much worse could it be when you see this but the problem the only problem with that with that entire thought process is. It it it assumes that McDermott is ignoring. What Peter indeed in the game. That's always sounded to me I know that's how he sounds I I just can't believe that that's a real. If that's real Lynn. I want him to be my team's coaching or not ignored at a US. Take that into account that the epic so. But I don't gonna column he didn't call you all always got a column he played Sunday would you be eager to boredom Ian. Instead of someone who. It is dog more in the league and can't help. I think I think McDermott and every way comes across as though the answer to that is yes. I mean what he's done and always sounded woody side I think the answer to that is yes but. We don't know. 8030550. What should this be. What should this be right punching was but he should this be early results on the poll 61%. Yes. To your question and is being specific in disingenuous the best way to be as bulldogs suggests that. Robert Mays is run by ringer and sell later it's the best way to be disingenuous. As to be specific about your being disingenuous about. Wanna meet your caller thought I need to make a new poll are you know you wonder are people think there's anything such things pictures. Think she missed her. So much covered already up to try to keep up there. All right so I'm. What's going on with the bills quarterback here will take your calls next on WGR. You know in the position that we're in it's it can be easy to get down and go a different direction for our guys fought the whole night and it was a total team effort up and down the line up great. The sabres won. You called it I did. Lately there have been different versions of how your interest has waned your interest in the sabres one's interest in the sabres has waned. Here here's my story from last night. I was this is this is not. Your models picking shoes. You know I just had passing interest in the game I was watching. My wife and I were watching comedians in cars getting coffee actually. It's coming to Netflix. Going to Netflix. And then I ran people salute them what to watch TV with the wives and that's the old ideal for Prius except with a slice. We were on the YouTube. If and then. She went to bed so I thought about the game no I turned the game I sought Colorado tied at 22. McKinnon. And then I saw a cane make it 32. Sabers and in and I went to bat. And I woke up and remembered the hockey game I wonder what happened. And I looked at the box score and it was this morning that I realized I was watching the third period not the second period. All okay. And that is some. This kind of thing usually you're aware of if you usually you were really dialed into supporting him yeah I didn't realize last night that I was watching the third period. Now I know I do go yeah I break it time for today's show I did you figured it out I didn't figured out now right yeah. I I I saw a lot of the back half of the game all the third period some of the second a little the first but I was in and out. Where it was where it was so. So. It was really noticeable to me. That article was flying. I thought and I tweeted and I pride patrols by words. Poorly because I I said I think I cities where he rarely stated this. And and I don't think that's exactly right you know there's still have an edit function on putters I couldn't go back and fix and answer was in deleted because that's your thing. I still stand by it yes we'll put that off them. The third period started it he looked like he was shot out of a cannon right away. And you know Colorado's not real good or anything but I'd I mean I need a guy to look like that. Pretty free Austin pretty gradually that's that's the value of having a player that's capable of that is like. You won't impose your will on the game what your your hard to handle and he I thought was is hard to handle on that third period as I've seen them. All year so I don't know hole if that was just. You know they were in a good mood. Frankly no one ever but I was impressed with how we are also over the line and played like he bearer in. Lot of ice time there's a goal down lull in the offensive zone with the plot as I thought. You promised the president yet this season is lost but he is since he's come back from this injury. As turned his season completely alone because he is he went on IR. I was really getting shaken by like. Who the numbers have always been bad now he just like I'm seeing things hundreds glaring to me in like that really bothered me tonight. I I don't think we'll ever poor I certainly never noticed them before I think I'm I'm my eyes are open and watch players. He's he looks fantastic. And so that's encouraging you know. He could be part of the solution here so to their important guys yesterday I thought it was a very good. Was cycles goal in the pinnacle. Yes. He sped away say that in my box right away there was there was a draw in their end. And he chipped park around the confidence isn't just blue moon by the guy. And just race to. So we got a very very you know light response to the conversation we had about Taylor and Peterman. The fact yesterday I noticed that to me yesterday at like 6 o'clock we went on about them now there was really. No there was no response of that on the phones yesterday at all gonna weird I don't know I'd expected. I predicted if we were talking about the playoffs. But we're not where. Current I just wonder as we've talked about today whether. McDermott. I think he does wants to get Peter men beckoned. Taylor is hurt he may have no choice. But to put Peterman and but if he does have a choice would he still do. Any good still defend. And stand with what you said already this week. Which is when healthy Tyrod Taylor is my starter but he was only 99%. Healthier something in or not trying to be too cute right. But he he could mean that. I messes on Monday or so this on Monday he could mean that to mean just think he has to be. Full Tyrod Taylor then these are these are quarterback you know. That they want to get. Through this year. Having Peter men get wraps having him play that was. I think we thought it at the time and I think we've seen evidence of it of course we have. That that was important this year they wouldn't have drafted him. If they didn't have some. Pull for him and you've seen this coach show you video hit has had a lot you might also note that this would have to matter okay. But Madonna would like any other person want some personal redemption for that decision you know he was sure it is we've got a great. Spot here with the colts. And he's got an injured Tyrod Taylor hit it. Isn't so bad for him out as long as Peter windows and throw five weeks ago and it at 100 Rockne. And it and as long as. Taylor. Is. I guess I guess I would want to save this way it is if Taylor thinks he's beaten Donald for yearly if he thinks he can play. And the coaches playing games. I I think you'll cook political column but I I'd do what is there left to do here if you're Taylor like they've become the emit and you know if they. Major come crawling back last year for their money they have not designed the offense for you between Peter weigh your best fine I mean. Bigger every turn they have punched Tyrod Taylor just right in the lower abdominal region Egypt itself. Seoul and you know they are paying a moral repayment nine million dollars for the pleasure but still we did not treated him like their quarterback they've treated him like an employee. And usually your quarterback it's. Catered to hampered to some of them and they have different that definitively in my view not on. Soul. What what. If Taylor feels like he's getting. You worked here. I just I think he'll stand up at some point it's early I'm I'm healthy I can. Well there is a risk. I would respect that and we are really close to what happened last year and now being you know all years that there's been a lot of similarity. And this one is really close to that I'll last season ended. There is a risk in that like Taylor may or may not be thinking about this but. He could be maybe you should be his future but what happens to him. Next year and if world right. In thinking that he won't be here next year then none were really be and what will he be paid in what will he be. Brought on four to start to back Alton so. That that is the kind of thing that. Whether it's real or not. All other teams could use against you if they just wanna be able to give a reason why they're not. There's signing Tyrod Taylor. Are good you weren't good company he didn't go out and rolled it yeah well I think that kind of thing can be. Interpreted different way that's right and look I'm not saying in. This surely if somebody doesn't like him and they're looking for little reason to not sign him. Then that might be a reason you could use. But I think nationally. The view. Of him being benched in the first place is one of the bills being inept. So I think Taylor will have will have what. Public sentiment not just here but probably less here than anywhere else. Out there I think people would go well the bill starting quarterbacks as helping and their. They're good enough player and wow there what's going. There again I right. So. Now that those aren't the visiting teams would feel that way because teams might be more on board you know on the side of what you said. Which you know. Yes you do what's right formed a group you know protective shield logo what do ever. So but but still I think McDermott runs a risk. If Taylor is healthy that Taylor would would make it be known if he gets passed over. It is in his eyes. May not in. Truthful manner that sloppy the ways that that's an easy. Get the spirit but I I don't think it'll matter. If Pete Harmon has a good game against the easiest team he could be facing at home I just don't think it'll matter because. Taylor. He isn't everybody's favorite he has his fans but he is an everybody's favorite certainly locally. What whether we care about nationally locally. This is where. McDermott. Wanted to beat. If if Peter ring plays against the colts. And succeeds which is it's at least possible I mean it's. Very different than at the chargers look at the chargers since. If you as a good gaming is Indianapolis. It's not that the charger game didn't happen but it's close. He was a rookie it was his first start. He got pressure all the times are tough opponent it was a top opponent. West Coast Julie could hear that from West Coast. And so. Next week it's very interesting then and I I don't know why don't wanna guess I don't know if Taylor would go back in if that happened I I don't know if he complains or any such thing. Well okay he did but you know he's not a part of their plans anyway and now Peter in the story is well you know he. He looked a little bit more like the kind of quarterback. That this coach would have trusted in the first place and there's the dolphins. And that's not much different than the colts. So I don't know I think there are lots of different Parse this one wouldn't be called Tyrod reacts. But I just don't think it's high on the list of of what's important I think McDermott wants to get to. Peter man gets more experience win or lose it's not about this year for them as much as it is the overall. And he needs to play and here is a chance for him to do that. And and I I happen to think that how Tyrod reacts is would be important to McDermott. Because the team batters and Tyrod would have support there and if he says I'm good goal. And determinant as long we just just passed him by because he's eager to get the validation wherever easier to find out about Peter mean we're whenever wherever as motivation is could be a box all of those things and anymore. I think he runs he runs the bronze risk of of doing wrong by the team and the team matters a ball ball which you already know he's willing to take that risk is already sure going to take them or ask it. It's. Got new splatter everywhere in the urged I mean it's so I I I take. I would think. A guy is meticulous McDonald it would take that into account in. Trying to wedge this in again I I just I guess what what I wanna I wanna say. Someone definitively is I I don't think he passes table over if Taylor can. This week yes I just don't think he does. If possible it will be debating whether or not that's right or not. And Taylor doesn't have to say anything so maybe we'll never know RA. They did it if we. He's not healthy he couldn't practice Peter has to play. Won't do it does doesn't smell at all maybe you'll never know. But I don't think he can risk Taylor. Making it known that he could've played a wanted to play. And just pass them by just because he wants to wedge Peter Rebecca. 8030550. Is the number is it's really wild to me like now one bills fan is couldn on this and don't take this. To think that I'm telling you two were asking you to appear if you don't the thing shifting to say about it definitely do not call don't bother will get by. But like I think the only thing bills fans wanna talk about is gronkowski that's what it's felt like this week. And you know not so much like yeah this quarterback thing which we were all just about a couple weeks ago. Just my read. We have Robert Mays from the ringer coming up but for much open the Bulldog WGR. Are you an opportunity for someone out there and radio into an apparent tickets to go Steve. Denmark play Canada. World junior champion Canada's in this thing Canada is in this thing with no put food. Percentage of our audience who knows I'm talking about. 37%. Lower. Twenties. 7% what percent is the audience was actually paying attention to the right thing anyway predicted and right as for blew past the guy's name merrily. Cliff who is a Saber draft pick who was not invited. Two team Canada's world junior. Selection camp. Who is a memorable name so I think that's why I'm gonna give the person is a little bit higher because he was caught. But anyway Denmark and Canada are playing on Saturday December 30 at keybank Saturn caller five right now at 6449878. He's gonna win a pair ticket to that game value as prices 180 dollars general contest rules why. Don't forget to secure your tickets for the outdoor game. Can't in the USA are taken hockey rivalry outdoors new airfields Friday December 29 as part of the world junior championships. Here in buffalo could buy tickets for that yourself. At buffalo world juniors. We are a funny moment at home speaking of course Pope. Railed kind of a funny moment at home by yesterday. My son is always. Is very dry skin and so we're always hounding him to put lotion on your system. He he gets a lot to be funny and we're like no that's about as much as you should have produced at that artworks were so. That's irrelevant to this he's he's on the floor in our bedroom early in the morning to you ready for school giving rationally lotion on. And he tends to be like this week he's just all distracted easily he's got some toys with nominees is like sitting on the floor naked just like flew around. And my wife now in in our. House is not a lot of swearing. This was this was stark what happened yesterday. Don't wanna say the word. I might not wanna say the word probably. I might. Advise against she. She goes you know what if nothing like a mean way at all but just sort of an in annoyed voice in the I want to put lotion on and get dressed not just be down there go just down there smacking your. Hayward bright he's always is down there. All around smacking your rate. And I go excuse me like this like it to tip Levi her saying it. And then she couldn't believe it is I can't believe I said that either in my kids laughed. And last night I brought it back up and she's like well he only reacted like that because of your reaction to Mike. And save that press and don't believe me you're the one who did it like I didn't know the reason that happened right you are. So. I was waiting for my son to bring that back up and make fun of a but he didn't and I think Bristol coming. Or is telling his friends about I think that did happen all while he might like sits on the likely due to break a you mentioned that your friends it's going to Korea oh wild guy told the ball well it's. Some thing. But it always in my dog sheds like crazy so. But I think hopefully were out on the way back but just missed all this for all. Vacuuming once or twice a day low because there's just so much for all over the place and go to the point gets dressed for school eventually. And then just sits on the floor Scully this toy is order in neo Gallic. You know he's getting on the bus every day with dog here as close. Match ups. This others liberally swearing accuse covering auditor realizes it's it's there to come for kids right it's just bad and couldn't. All right we'll talk about the NFL with Robert Mays from the ringer after this break Mike show and the Bulldog WGR.