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It's Mike show no bull dog. We talk about all the time hey what can do better to make it you know about her experience in. Parking lot number five or parking lot number two weeks shatter and that's the same thing with the neighborhood parking lots where. Some of these viral videos from last year were. Kind of prevalent in the community and it made us all look there. Me or not. Dad's been you can pull up bills fans. They'll look. For. They have seen there. On WGR. Sports Radio 515. Famous words right there. All right we're waiting on Robert Mays from the regular he has not called in yet we're hopeful. You can call when you should have no trouble. Feel 30550. What do you think Sean McDermott is thinking right now. About his quarterback for Sunday to Tyrod Taylor needs to be healthy enough to play for. All the way health. We if you can appreciate the distinction there I think with the match up if Peerman plays a good chance sold to a lot better almost a 100%. And a decent chance they can even win then he can impress in this game it's Indianapolis and if that happens. Then what it would be big redemption and work out all the way but some redemption for McDermott and for Peterman. And it might leave us wondering what they would do in the final three games with us stole having a chance to make it. So we could be looking at that. Yeah that I think if you got a good game. In the bag from Peter. And how good a guy you know what I'd just as good I'm not saying. Trust not five picks okay like I mean no good game. Now couple yards touchdowns Webber he just looks good looks good. You know may it may be better than the average good Taylor day even if you only wanna go there early to present that should be somewhat of a particle. If you wanna think about. Leaving a million. I think you viewed bush should be required to be better than the guy you're replacing like right that's how I might wanna do it so a lot of them never. Think it would get pretty we can get pretty interest thing round here. Mean it's interesting enough as it is. The fact that he played at all to begin where it. Was. You know it sourcing and off and here now you know could get he could get pretty pretty twisty the year's film you know if if if he plays well and there's a decision we made. And the coach you know makes. Ryan our were informed us that our guest is not going to be avail button. Why is good little deal here. What was this deal. What do you what do you what do you mean. We have to hash this out and we have to hash this out right now I'll tell you the deal. Robert Mays came on in the week that you were off he joined the Bulldog and had an excellent. I used the word excellent here football conversation so I thought in all of begun. Getting that guy back on the talk about football because you did a good job the first time reward people and they do well. With air time. And I'll Wear radios to. And so what happened today like. I don't you know did you talk to you check your Wear them this was scheduled like a week ago this was scheduled a week ago he goes through a in outlawed in the agency. And I didn't check in with them normally if you that you go through an agency. They do that. They do that that's that's what they do. So I don't know I don't know works now I didn't I didn't know how to feel the need to enter to reach out your. Confident that this reliable easy finalist president ion better these people many times I kept as a melancholy times that I askew and it's because sides to pay a good enough attention the other times how many times they ask Ryan what was this going to be about. And how many times right answer football yet like there was no answer all right I would I even asked yesterday I saw you of our guys remember talking never once or maybe late summer. For the sleeping time and and I did enjoy the conversation and a he did he write something to write that we're getting them on the others it's just it sort of just an agency talks all you know we expose any opinions Haynie Kelli he wrote an article talking about offensive line play and there's some bills stuff and what's called any Kelly right this wasn't Elliot Friedman Tom Watson. Elliot Friedman wrote that they're calling on Evander Kane what's called earlier Friedman. Guys like them this was just a guy. Who wrote rights football and now now you called him. Not a call him call the agency called the guy yet and the guy says oh he's not available yet pretty. Called respect and self close personal self means that he's some last minute range all right by you wanna play first picked up comments and we have this I. I'm dined with a venture to be a good conversation didn't. I'm sorry great. But you wanna play. Ryan Europe for that a beater you available for that. I mean I miss him so them go first pick dot kind of music in me. We get the music when he rides going to be given to us like oh I'll just sit here. Real morals runs in the music you've got to. This laid up I will sit here. It's still never know it still never done. Single branch to hear there's rumors on the Internet it's that we're gonna have faith that we're not going to have a draft. This is cool they updated the draft order today okay. So now the bills have picks sixteen and nineteen as we start. A Vick Cleveland still has number one. It's true. Part of Kansas city's got nineteen. Well. That must not be accounting for like the division standings and must be by record right right there's this bill if they aren't for flee from the editor Jeremy talk about the this is morning. You know first places that they're doing maybe 25 or something they're in first place. Yeah they'll come down to whether they win right in the playoffs but right now they are in first so 41. Is the draft spot for the worst playoff team like the last playoff team okay we're at the end of the playoffs or get the first round will be we've picked when he first address of sixteen in nineteen must mean they're not doing it right. Well whatever will be better preserved the picture better mind whatever it's less realistic the boy Jerry made is absolutely correct me if the chiefs. Drop a couple more spots then you know they could drafts. Twelve or something else knows if they lose a couple more games that is certainly there has coma long. Like I mean it's just. He's just such a gift. That we have that league this season began. With the chiefs just pulled even immediately dropping the hammer and it. OK I guess I'm not really going to be older invest any energy your flawed in too. Their pick being this good news minor matter that they're they're not they're not unraveling. Verifying their great. Suddenly they're not that they're bitter rambling aren't wrestling related to go to Stanford early Christmas present I think you chiefs. Marcus Peters is spent Wednesday by the way by his coach without pain right Andy Reid said he will not practiced this week either. This is the guy that is the best corner. Who threw the flag into the crowd at the jets he was not rejected foreign but he did leave the field as if he had a so I don't know I mean pretty big punishment. By the by the team right by a team notably the raiders. Who have not had very many good passing these this year but what was against Kansas City. But you guys figure it is Crabtree is back Crabtree Cooper is not clear via okay. All right first pick dot com source sixteen in nineteen here. Number one Cleveland. Joshua. Trade but she she settled this website. A bit as a trade last year it over to and suddenly remembered that I did not what was actually. Denver is traded its first three picks for Cleveland's number one Denver as the fourth pick. Cleveland is traded down three spots Denver now has the first pick in the draft him. Who knows what is Denver ever had the first pick of the draft. Not Elway. Right. Yeah I don't know man federal deliver. Maybe Floyd Little I don't know of Denver's ever had the first pick of the draft maybe they have I don't remember Denver selects. Christian Wilkens defensive tackle from Clemson we'll see him in the playoffs. For me. While I guess that's that I'm waiting and told them to reap what you might work. Miette we have the giants. At two. The giants select. So Kwan Barkley. Running back Penn State. Insurer. San Francisco grocery you know what I should be that. Bit bigger higher budget and people who are gonna walk in the door ago. Eli Manning's been great wilderness reestablish his greatness we're not gonna draft quarterback we're gonna give him the best running back in football. Eight if you don't college football and we're addressing linemen and we're gonna make this thing sing again and while to refine and find out O'Dell from junior. We're fine. I guess they could. That's why. 83 if not far fetched I wouldn't want my team to do that. As much as I'd like Manning certainly more than Uga over the years I believe I would want my team to do that. But. With a far fetched when they had an opportunity here with that move. To move on from him and now they made it harder to. Now they're putting them back and they made it harder to also have a new coach probably. Steve Spagnuolo is there interim coach he's gonna coach may be gets the job but well. They're still not now has to happen twice are still. Certainly going to be another moment at which time they eat detached from Eli Manning may already broke up thirty day gotten messy. And like it rained really hard. And the coach and GM I got fired but. It was it would slow or any luckily by the way I mean like I defended Matthew do on that and I think I was in the minority on that. Com. Do you think that giants coach really would have benched Eli Manning on his own. Personal of those polled think his. I haven't listened to any of the likes. Orson and heard debate shoulders or whatever. But it was bill C what what happened but for for all the dysfunction in the bills. And on displayed late last season the rumors about racks of benching of Tyrod. He eventually Anthony Lynn having to answer for that and don't Whaley then bumbling through a news conference at at the end of the music mess. That's the giants was was that bad. Yup because there's no way the coach over to win nine or wherever another record was at the time team yacht is deciding. To bench. When her bristle at a legend whatever are easy. Well he's two time super Bora high street there's no wonder that boy I was music on his way out the door. Is making that call without ownership weighing in and agreeing. And then it turned into such a cluster you know what. That they've been I took every I'll back that says. And it's we at a distance ourselves from this mess that we helped make. Is Marty Reid and it's bumbling. Yeah out in and they fired them whenever I was fired already except like announcers who would ever say that. So you have public who are the two time MVP star Bradshaw Montana. Greedy he lies edit me dessert on the one. The fight that I can think of anyway. The giants selects one Barkley Larry Brown when another one after that kind of guy that would Dallas and he didn't even just one okay say it Francisco at three. Bradley shoved a defense of land and sea state house gas and trade. Cleveland at four. Trick how about if this really happen quickly that would be a very brave move for the browns. To risk moving down three spots in no way and what happened at one. But defense attack from Clemson Rory OK so now browns are there in the obviously moved down they got something from being down they still convey the best quarterback in the plot yes we had a second and a third that are there they're taking jobs for. Let's say. Josh Rosen. UCLA got it yeah five Indianapolis. Trade. Ardent heat defense event LSU he's lost Chicago. No need to worry about a quarterback here and you're called farmers were ago but here's what I wanna go. Okay. There's a dialysis don't him all Austin Bryant defense event Clemson team officials will see him in the playoffs. Writes seven Cleveland. It reduces Houston spec okay. Sam Arnold to go about Josh Robinson who definitely know quarterbacks immigrant all the quarterbacks that have been compete love it. Darius. GUICE. Running back LSU. Tampa. Meredith drafting a quarterback right no Tampa trade. Tehran paying defensive tackle from Alabama will will see him in the playoffs. Nine Cincinnati. Jim Donald. Derwin James. Safety Florida State. Ten Arizona. Bid directly to. Sam Arnold quarterback USC. And eventually dug out right registered sinks him yeah that's we should that was going to happen. A letter and told you jets. You're quarterback situation now is the Wyoming kid and then mayfield or someone else. But I think at this point the next guy up would be Josh Allen. The jets and the jets. Select tar Veres McFadden quarterback Florida State who please guys that they were in last year's but than they didn't declare something a remarkable these names. Washington and that's only way I would ever know about Washington. Beaten. Washington. They've lost Kirk cousins. Right. Washington selects nick FitzGerald quarterback misses state okay cool yeah this guy. He which is what twelve overall Ryan I did not see Mick FitzGerald coming there have been okay. I only heard his name yesterday for the first time never much the same thirteen Miami buffalo sixteen in this draft. I mean I have no idea yet Miami trade with Dallas. Dallas is fifteen Dallas moves up and gives up a second brilliant privilege Ellison going to. Rant forums bills can do Dale's gonna draft. A wide receiver defense Sam harbor from Ohio State let's see. May go Fitzpatrick quarterback Alabama we'll see him in the playoff yes that's right. Chargers. Orlando brown tackled and local I was gonna say yeah we'll see him in the playoff Newton. Miami. My AME. Believe. Miami. Let's see. Whose top rated corner left on the board. Won't just win McFadden went in some reform Alabama went. Was I just I got distracted a bit stand buyouts just texted the station he selected the Missouri punter IC in this spot welded to the safety from album okay. It's Carlton Davis still on the board from Auburn probably Kate. He goes to Miami Quentin Nelson offensive guard Notre Dame opens in Denver okay so. Or are we party go. Boss all right so the bills are up. The bills have this pick and then in three more another pick the quarterback situation is three have gone. You're at. Joshua Allen or may feel. Who maybe goes later. You I have four trade offers. My desk. But I want to Detroit is offering. Picked each team. This is sixteen we have nineteen to. And the eighteenth pick of the second round. Who is between. Whose son was taking some anti. Oakland. And done one more real quick Jacksonville is offering the 24 pick. Of each of the first three rounds from fortune far. I have nineteen panel. Who's it who city and city team Detroit. Okay plus Oakland which for us agreement. I think I can I think that I mean I think it could do this. I can down yet the capital you go to point four I'm always ready to move down I could go to point four because nobody. It's taking jobs Jalen. And some pretty intrigued with those two I agree let's do it mostly the Jacksonville to integrated and ready to do John jail on right now so I'll wait. All right well we're trading with Jackson day. Except that sixteen Jacksonville. Josh Allen Wyoming. Get out here and now Los Angeles. You know very I want many ups and downs the highs and lows why you know why you're mis deeds to the racquet but these holy god. Now literally he's a cowboy cowboys. Our guest the Canadian generally. Accurate idea and really our guest yesterday described his season so far as terrible via. It doesn't matter that's. Really all season and it's tools these distortions and you'll. He's and he's he's got these tools. All the tools. They lost everybody on that often and legacy is supposed to think they don't play organ. Or or was he and his other rouge I'll lightly I don't play those games and he's got inferior talent. Matching up on the outside again he's supposed to make that work because he's. Got a big into this is my Tyrod Taylor point what are you supposed to know what are you supposed to do. Pete what are what is he supposed to do that you better be better. Simple I mean 56 fancier sort of ice balls assay throw whatever you're thrown to the open guys we're joined judge Shelvin do was throw anyway. Mean you gotta try right throw throw which I think when he does that we got picked off a botched times and I did so that's what tonight he's not gonna get drafted. That's crappy most absolutely gonna get drafted in the first round hot. Joshua Allen C just went. Sixteenth you'll go to bill which we everywhere if these. We would make good trade if they were to do that we would ask them with the whole would lack of any. Any consciousness about about a forty. I have about this but I mean here you don't always good disguise apple would do you picked early and I mean. What I really believe they'll. You have is I mean Mick FitzGerald got picked twelfth and I had never even heard of this guy Mick FitzGerald is a hot argument first peck. All right first pick dot com. I didn't I didn't know if I was gonna be upset that that Robert Mays didn't call him but like if I feel like I I enjoyed playing first pick dot com we could've done a leader. But I did I do like it won't talk to Robert made some other time I'll. I hate to hello. Soon. I'm here really what I does Ryan know Robert Mays a hundred dollars or some thing that is going on and I don't get any of us. Much over the Bulldog back with headlines after this on WGR. Think this accountability with the offense and I think every rep to get more comfortable and feel like I'm in the better rhythm I think with this with my feet not hasn't rushed things or anything like that but this shows young compliments offices. Okay neither Peerman surprisingly says he's feeling comfortable in the bills' offense he should stop giving away the game plan. The the you'd expect him to say I just can't get this has given little away and I don't know what I'm doing I feel confident. Coming out almost every single clips and comments is totally predictable. Yet here we are. Mark Ingram to your benchmark I didn't mention bargain do an armistice. What do you do there I listened to you. So Ingram. Thank you. I did hear that so Ingram has a toll free. Against Atlanta the key in Atlanta I think it is. Seoul. Ingram like it's a fantasy playoffs. That's a top five running back he also has another one on his team. Tamara you know from the little right Donna tomorrow night media must they announced early what you know what they can do it be nice is that they just ruled out. And then you don't you just put them express guy yeah but that's a blow to Europe team he's great you would think it would be. But like Antonio Brown Monday night right. By a couple games with a Antonio Brown stands. What I decided at a talked enter full pony or read everything. But I decided was in in situations like that what could happen they could scratch brown and you know decision to replace him if you have somebody else going in the game wanna be prepared for that. He could do what he did which is plain and be awesome his Lieberman take your chances. But there's all so. The address them but don't usually doesn't do Marjorie tries to play in suffers setback and all I tried in that that's that's that's that you want to avoid and that's what. Like I will sit a guy like that as good as Antonio Brown or Mark Ingram because while it's kind of embarrassing if but brown goes off be kind and get a great game but you wouldn't of known he was hurt he didn't write already in here that. You you do go get someone else this way would you please don't get a zero. Right and so with Ingram. In this there was a possibility for him guys who could potentially. And openly editing got a little they dress them and they want you to think he's gonna be of they want they want you do not know they want the other team did not know what what's your gonna do. And so I'm just it's it can be embarrassing to bench the great player just in case but you also don't go to zero that way you know you get. For me in this case it would be. Like could be Frank Gore or can be Marvin Jones average care cool Frank Gore is the fifth all time and run. Regards gore. I mean I I I did it look it up I heard his name earlier. What is McDermott just talking about Borough. From the morgue or listen McDermott's. News conference slow. I was thinking about him after after I heard McDermott talked about him. And I just couldn't promise gonna try to perceive like I have this right. A new and then you can correct me when I'm wrong protests. He he's this white after McGahee Miami. Well the old five draft. And McGahee would have been the old four draft right. The 0403 drill holes three directors he sits out. Right right to doesn't force his rookie year so we would have been right after I I I I thought I felt like. There was. To me they've always been connected in some ways like was was born there and her. And McGahee played in the gore came back and played in the got drafted but only are you look at Gore's college career they felt like there was. I just remember hearing Gore's name. He's a Miami running back and maybe I just connected. That wage because of you have. Yeah he was. He played as a freshman in 2001. OK and then he was a teammate of McGahee he's in 2003. Maybe he was injured now I think I think he wants him in 2004. He played go all twelve games win five games in 030 right now just he's a contemporary groupings you remember they. It is mind boggling to me. That the that he was playing at at. Miami University. Both for McGahee. Yes and he is still the starting running back he's not break he's starting early gradually Indianapolis Colts veolia he is not like. You know what up he's he's not a mascot he's not like. Hey let's here's the throw the ball every now and I'm four dollars public key is keep the mule. Port. Built in him and he's been playing high level the 2001. He's a freshman in college. He uses these at the drought for a running back to hash that career mean again it's colleges and he's not in the global climate. So it's not he's been vehicles in 2001 baloney but he has been in the NFL since 2005 the long time. Roll back man with them is serious. Yep. Geez. These it I know he's fifth all time easily triple global thing. Yes he writes he's gonna need to he's gonna blow. You go to all payment thank you believe Frank Gore and hello to your friends like he stole playing and I don't even care yeah ice I think he belongs anyway. I mean has anybody ever thought that. You don't think I mean sort. Open is the guy you're beard but that's a story if somebody goes the hall of fame like I cannot wait for Frank Gore to get in here and there. If your of the fifth all time leading rusher you have to go you have to cope. But you have to go in and problem he's the fifth ultimately usher in the majority of his career error has taken place in a passing. You aren't I mean doubles. Yes I mean that's a little bit of a little bit of aviator truck here because. You know I'm making the point about it's amazing that he's been. Durable enough to play. And I'll at a level that keeps him as a starting running back for all this time but this. There for their Margaret arts which is your fifth all time. You don't ever have to be the best guy in the league. If you're gonna play the we're talking about twelve years as a starter. These and as he always always the the number one better than pretty much for stabbed in the there was some maybe you'll lose it fees but. Yeah. So. He's go he's going. He is he great he might be sort of all claim your not going at all affair on now to to look at is lost or anything like. The whole frame. One of many things with sports and it just sort of treated for me like the hall of fame used to be so meaningful to me. Like it's just this is how would is determined whether somebody was greater. And I would always love those debates remember when I started in radio there was a guy in Rochester used to bother me but it may be was even like pin written letters. I don't know. But I remember there being a guy in Rochester when I I would obsess about the whole thing baseball mostly but whatever anything to give me a to be exportable sought about who belongs in the hall of Famer who's in the doesn't blog whenever I love that. And there was a listener there rudely bother me about musical it was so boring and there's an orca well. Thanks but. I I just thought it was so important and now like could I don't think it's important all right. We we were loaded for years. At the end of the year arming Super Bowl time. We're getting John Clayton on. And click but. One of those weeks to towards the end of the year the playoffs or even that week. The majority of his time with a us would be spent talking about this year's class. Yeah the class will be announced and we would talk about with them who's gonna get in Ohio and edit we were supporting us all. And make that I don't know it could I don't know that's it feels like it's been at least a couple years since we've really I think well mentioned it did not really indulged in. Well I like John Clayton but he's part of the reason why don't care at all about all claim anymore because. Every one of those conversations. He would circle back to how some guys you know have had two weeks. Rather there's this this group of players and has had to wait. And Dave they belong and I think as I've become sort of moral logical about sports. Thinking like bolt what sense does that make you mean your other deserving or you don't deserve it brought what white is somebody's candidacy changed over ten years of not playing when he got to logjam of wine and up it needs to break so we need to get a few of these guys in just to get moving that's so dumb to me. Why don't we need to do that. Who got weight better ways. This is saying nothing. We've got way better ways of determining. Who the great players are in sports history then asking a pool of sports writers to judge so arbitrarily. It's like if you had a group of people that determine whether it was cold I'll put you if you go outside and then they come back in this they they determine how nobody degrees out it is. But. Luckily for us a thermometer was invented. To you stick that outside and it tells you. What do what do you need the group putting the people that are I don't know that it feels like twenty. Yeah we've we've decided it's forty degrees I don't know last time it was twentieth felt it felt cold to be. A logjam. Logjam who needs it. Here's Bob with a us on WGR Bob. You know now with the concert bow at Al Gore and it may be as you do at qwest. Here are. Don't agree with the statement or at least he was right. You know but over there. Well what you get on sol you'd say gore. On should be and he shook our literally in years. Grow and adults are. He strike you get it and nobody European about and Eagles are better and didn't leak in lately here. I think throwing should be allowed to walk balk naked in all of payment almost do whatever he wants. I think he's an all time great player. I think he's gonna wait his turn because he was mean to some people that some pushups in his drive way you might. Get a reality show. Look I hate that he ever played for this team that we care about but he's on the any any place that decides honor Frank Gore is our goal. And our tool. That's how it. And I would look to give you my opinion about it if I have one but I do not have one I could not possibly Carol last. Whether Terre I have I have no place here to tell you whether he belongs DeRozan belong I guess he was great yeah yeah. Mean I've got stats for that. But the whole thing like. Plus you know or else real quick like you get people in the hall of fame that maybe don't deserve it because of pour judgment by people but it. You know because they are people they have poor judgment. And that means that all these other people we think we're better than that one guys should be there. By logical extension all these all of if Rick Ferrell. From the thirties or whatever or that was as a catcher in Major League Baseball and all fame and you know Elvis or groups should be in the hall event. And then what do you do I mean it's showdown. Plus baseball is that the steroid thing that just renders it even more stupid. Or stupid error I guess is that actual word and so I don't know. The dressing like a nice guy you were here for a new release and owner IRI I'd like I'd like volley on the speed right crafted that advocate the imagery works in community hall yeah I mean. I'm proud of that moment I have more interest and what you Wear tomorrow than whether Terrell Owens and all I just don't care at all I hate. The hall of fame as a standard. It's you know it should be in black and white any picture of the whole payments fortune be it black boy about hormones teacher. Oh really yeah promo that's literally gray opposites can be cold put it sounds great just remember when you get Monica to remember that. You have long sleeves on right now that's dumb. You were you it's hot in here right now right. It is I have assured underneath I could peel this off but I'm I've been I've been all right all day in the long I'm trying to gradually today ambling long sleeves and here. Two things it's more comfortable to Wear all day long sleeves I don't wanna have to be peeling layers awful. All the time. Every day old and yeah I mean every day it's like her. Heard coming in like all right at an all mighty long sleeves because it's 65 dollars Lloyd I put honest watchers on the regularly. I'm gonna talk about it. Pulpit out tough it out he's talking about profit out look I stand on our side of the road to a new report about the snow. I don't talk and often and out T shirt on emirates that the T shirt off it's hot in here right now. Tonight you know that. What will happen for the bills at quarterback this week and for the rest of this season we've been talking about that a lot today will do more of you can do that with us believe it or not we have that technology in place. 8030550. Is the number here on WGR. And the greater buffalo area Honda dealers want to give me WGR the story three your Lee summit new Honda CRV. Register for the Honda dream goal promotion. WGR 550 dot com or picked. As the Honda dream goal Lister of the game and the buffalo scores 515 mark of the first period. You'll win a new CRV with a three year lease no purchase necessary. Good luck from WGR Sports Radio 550 and the greater buffalo area Honda dealers don't settle for us down. A quick check with the with the folks over behind us it's no job 515. It appears that these goal. Here by our studios has. Stopped for the time it is not snowing any longer yours and it snowed for two to three hours. But there's not much accumulation. And that's it that's all from snow job by 54 now it does still appear to be quite windy outside. And when talking itself I think icy trees we've. It's the old joke Peter King just walked in incentives and felt like it was where Indio and he won it was that too. Yeah those two things combined convince me that we pay. So anyway exercise caution I would I would normally say that but I'm also saying today. There have been there there there were some roads closed that there was earlier today there was a large trees down blocking your road and I saw a report of young is Rhode. Between mean and maybe should. Was closed at some point today because it was slippery. It's just but it did too slippery got caught. It wasn't properly prepared consulted whenever and it was on drivable edit I had a stake recently that was that he which was not. Salter was not properly prepared seat now it's too bad. Indefinite ditch because it. No it. Is dollars knotts not serious deal. We have had soccer on in here today the champions league the first round of play in the for the around 32. The group stage. Bulldog sure. Has and they were rolled the knockout I believe the round of sixteen is that the knock out. Or is that still too early I'd. No idol stage names sixteen is that not a watcher you know and and that draw will be Monday morning at six. And I will probably not watch it. I'd but I love the idea of Washington I definitely auction but I'm interested sea border some teams most notably the team did watch most. Feverishly this man united where they end up so law will be wanting to see not an idea to succeed him my team Dorman did not make it. Third gold of the Europa league lecture was not a great tournament for them a loss today 32. And two Real Madrid coupled to watch that game was our. I got beat by eighteen for my birthday I'm. And Odeo day later. We started doing big work in the room were the fifa. Really X boxes fees for and I've not played it defeat for Rome is under is distraught after flood of political talk amongst your gets spent almost a month. And I have not played the game one times Jeremy says. Like last year or knew he was in before this jury says he's way more into boy. Now I have not he's doing ultimate team this year I've never kicked in to beyond whatever whatever what you're did you get me 1112 and our baby is a long time now. You go ultimate team yeah I know I know alternate team like he always the ultimate he is when he is not playing it. You know us know when he's not playing it he's got his fall into the app on his phone he's buying and selling. Players for a like real fake money. The UK you you buy a real money you buy is a fake real money gorilla I think I wanna say it's the fake real money okay. But you you buy a pack of cards that covers players and it and then you can sell the players. Two other gamers. And body of their players and build your best team who I I think that's. The basics it did did they use euros because that that would be fake real money but if they're using just like. You know all the other team col leagues that's real fake money. Okay well one of those. Yes so he said I are more effort to make the differentiation yet that is really do they took. It more into it this year than before because now he's just anywhere he is he's got the apple open and he's looking at the the market. The fifa. Three player market and had to see were spread some time together on Saturday. The whites in the parkers or for a second your role heading out to move the country because it could Christmas tree news guys Jerryd mile went with a last year and we're gonna do that again this year. Although this year my whole family's going to rent it like terror and it take to vehicles. Lester road together but I've wanted to hear about some action here maybe he can buy you talk to for Christmas and things like that pre. Back to Taylor and Peter Mann right after sports next on WGR says.