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Wednesday, December 6th

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These sound comply GO. I'll tell us field I'll go bungee ills. Jump on GO sound guy apology. Coupons GO. I'll go upon GO sound go to our geo on WGR. All right Bulldog is commenting on. Sean McDermott cliff. We're prepared to sell. Scherer I. I'm not the one who usually. Gets frustrated about what the coach says it doesn't say here how we sound saying it. But but there are talking about tot Tyrod Michael refusing to give in to any hypothetical. Beat I don't know sales. Too much free in that you're saying at some point he asked to practice if he doesn't practice obviously won't be able play with that isn't it is that that. Are you heard. Don't know weeks I don't know what level I think he puts himself in a corner that label rock. Because he could say well he doesn't practice by Friday what he's limited tomorrow while you really practice he did practice. And then what happens if you know he feels that he goes through all the meetings. Well he knows all the game plan and then suddenly on Friday. You know he can go out there he can do everything the team does and I just think he's putting himself in a corner he does that. Kind I got a tweet today from a fan who. Said something like McDermott couldn't tell you what color the sky is or he wouldn't tell you what color the sky is and feels like that that's more and more fans right now. Of that's just my opinion and I don't even know. Oh yeah. I hear where you're coming from I get it I do. You know but he's then I'll say this to her. Not that it makes it any different he's been consistent on that all year which is he an anytime we've had an injury like this whether it's a receiver quarterback whoever. He generally has said. You know there's no timetable we're not gonna say he has to practice by a certain day. So I think that's part of it and then you know I mean. There is the competitive make the competitive part of it that you do you do try to keep the cold guessing now that you're trying to do that necessarily. But it is a byproduct of an especially when we talk the talk but how ourselves and he says we are preparing for Tyrod Taylor but organs have to have contingency plans for Nathan Biederman. I'm. You have any. Any sense of what the odds are in this Marie oldest or do you dots. On Taylor playing. You know I a keep think gains that need to Biederman is gonna get the start but. The more we get to towards tomorrow the white think tyra my practice so I think if that happens higher at starts I think it I think my opinion is of Tyrod Taylor. Does practice tomorrow. That he plays on Sunday but. I think right now that I would probably put the odds more on the computer. And you know a part of this too might be. What Taylor looks like you know it's not just as simple as or doesn't have to be as simple as are you able to practice or not he esta. Perform he has to show a plus current that the style player he is would done or could. Right maybe should mean something us I said earlier sale today with the very first time we were talking about this today. I thought. Him being held to protect himself these these may be owe a great way to decide yes or no. Bailey if he's going to be at risk because he can't run the way he runs an escape the way you escapees then what do we really doing here. Totally understand that and I think that's got to be part of it again what if he says yet he practices by Friday it would be practices what they think well yeah a practice but he couldn't do everything we wanted him to do right you know I think that that's part of the reason why he doesn't give the answer the other thing I'll tell you is. No it might be kind of similar weather to today I the other slick field. That I commend the play where you know you could kind of think about that this is it not that is the kind of guy that's going to be running around and spinning around and no you put it in a position where he's going to be subjected to maybe slipping or anything like that I think you know you have to think about that as well I think. We are talking about this a lot in the first hour I think he's got an opportunity here if he were so inclined to try to redeem Peterman and himself. You you can't really eat. Imagine an easier match up than Indianapolis at home. Toward the end of the season here and if he were to start Peter men and Peter ring were almost definitely do much better in this game released was somewhat better. That's not saying much at all if they don't win this game with Peterman. He has that he hasn't raced LA but he now was that a play up place with Peterman where there's been success. Any given more believable Lee talk about him. If for the future and I think the bills want to end up there I think you're all the times he's asked all the different ways he's SL about. This year verse is next year in terms of importance and everything you know he just tends to sound like next year the future is what this is more about. And so I think there is value in that with the bills of wanted to get to all year McDermott force that. Now he's at a point were maybe doesn't have to force. I agree on all counts Mike. And you know he did use the words big picture again today as he has many other times you know and when you when you hear big picture you can't help but think he means. Future as well right I mean what's going forward what are we doing you know beyond 27 team. And to your point about the colts and yeah I mean like this is the worst or second worst pass defense in the league and have been all year like guys are just running free every week against them it seems like so. Yeah that would be I think an opportunity as you put it notes to redeem himself in the computer and give Peter minute chance to have a little more competence. And it kind of get on with living right I mean like that's. I know where they want to be when this is all said and done they do have to make a decision what to do with the quarterback position. Both in March and April for separate separate reasons one because of Tyrod Taylor's bonus he's due in March. And then because of the draft once they determine that the draft in April so. I think that the these last four games some way shape or form they would like to get a read I need to be human if they can't do that and sitting on the bench cell. That he would force this slate it leaked just. The extra cautious with Taylor even if Taylor does move around pretty well and even represents two. I don't know pull the team and maybe the public like hey I'm good to go over here. I'm all set and could you see is an aerial McDermott. Would. Still old. Defer to Peter. I don't think I could I think he knows that this team is still. In playoff contention they're one game back with four games to play yes it's gonna be hard. But I think after what happened last time. And to me probably judging what the locker room thought about the move and you know going forward how they went back to Tyrod. I think that if it's higher rights as everybody in that locker new Tyrod Taylor was healthy enough to play wanted to play. I think. That would commended Sean McDermott's mind that he would have to think about that how that would impact you what's going out the team in the locker room and things like that so I. IE understand Mikey he might have that thoughtful blog I just I couldn't see it based on what he probably would think the rest of the the team would feel about that. So to watch you know with us must or something more on quarterback and thinking about asking you. About meth use and check Lawson going on. IR yesterday how would you well I'm BB qualifier or evaluate those two losses for the bills. Matthews isn't much of a loss as much as it known kind of hurts to say that because you thought the committee and he really can help this offense and be a nice outlet for Tyrod Taylor. I mean you know it's kind of a lost season for him which is unfortunate for him because he's grown into a contract year and now he probably cost himself a lot of money with this season he had. In a bills uniform or didn't have those uniform. This year but you know let's let's be honest I mean. Really with Kelvin Benjamin coming back he was kind of the number three or maybe number four receiver anyway it out. Thompson as a number three because they need to speed they Jones has been the most targeted wide receiver on this team the last three weeks in Kelvin Benjamin is coming back so Benjamin's one. Zeke Jones is to Charles clay is still on the field LeSean McCoy is still on the field. Dionte tops and usually gets the start he's your speed guy. So I don't think it really matters the offense to be quite honest with you he hasn't made a difference anyway I think more matters to the player here. That does the team. And the offenses are Shaq Lawson is concern I thought Lawson had a disappointing when he seventeen. I really was high and him going into the year. I thought that he really put get a chance to put ups and sack numbers he's gone back to his natural position in a defense that is kind of made for him the way that Sean McDermott. Wants a running. On I will say he has not gotten enough credit for how. Decent he's been against the run this year. His stats way to prove that I thought he's played the run pretty well he's good at setter for this team but I don't think they drafted him in the first round of the united setter I thought you know I think that even though it was a different regime. You're gonna wanna get sacked numbers out of him he never got to the quarterback. The way that they fell and let's be honest in limited were in a limited role Eddie Yarborough has been just add as of now more productive and check Lawson this year. I feel it lost in not breaking through cell. Adds another need to the list where it would will be obviously be thinking more about once the off season gets here. But peace are put together what what this team could really use in the draft or I suppose in free agency. And someone to get pressure on the quarterback from the edge is going to be pretty high among. Yeah I agree with you and I will say that I don't even know Shaq Lawson spot on this team next year is guaranteed by any stretch of the imagination. Like yo let's go let's go back and think about all the players that they've moved on from who were taken by the last regime including. You know include the last couple years draft picks basically were taken high the last two or three years. I would not be surprised at all if they were to look to move Jack lost in this offseason. I don't I'm predicting it's gonna happen I just I mean if if we find out in the you know early April that be treated Jack Lawson for a third round pick is are any of us gonna be surprised. I know the the birth. Right at the same time the bills players drafted by Doug Whaley Ehrlich Obama regulations. To the bills and I. Because I saw the kind of advertisement take a look at one by one maybe you won't even notice there's going to be there at that I do voice there I didn't mean to myself. How you don't Matthews. It it com. It could just missed. I just have to want point out even if it means of being a jerk that a guy that was acquired to replace a guy with a reputation will be hurt. Has been there and we got here got hurt almost immediately. Played a little got hurt played some more and now will miss the final four games of the season I mean. What's the lesson it is the lesson should be right plate trying to bet on someone staying healthy because they've been helping my. And betting on someone getting hurt because they've been hurt. Is some on the fool's errand yes. Yes. The lesson is it's football. Height and weight into an all eyes hurt. It doesn't matter if people all the time telling me how. The medical staff this or that look all the receivers are according and I just think it's football I think yes some guys' bodies some guys' bodies are probably. A little bit more brittle and others or have injuries impact them or they can't recover more. I just think it's what all I really do I mean this is what happens in football sometimes guys have glossy and Julio Jones was injured for. Two out of its first three years or go to autos for four years in this league and people were saying on never played look what he's doing now this is what happens. So yet he comes here. What I mean it's not the medical staff's fault that. Jordan Matthews got hurt going high for ball on its first ever practice ticking down and chip the chip to store I mean you know what are you gonna do. But it anyway that he got hit on the goal line play in Atlanta we had to have thumb surgery. According to. Court who we talked and Kelvin today that male locker room today basically said that Jordan's gonna have surgery and Aso must have been worst deal that we thought we knew. Yeah I agree idea I mean what interview it's football. Looks say healthy but he has not had a very productive year Alley which I think is also very interesting part of everything you talked about. So move and make you think here. With either option the bills haven't starting quarterback how many points would you give Indianapolis in betting the bills like starting with tyra to Tyrod Taylor is starting quarterback. And they announce that tomorrow so you know that that's gonna happen would you give indeed more than seven points. I don't think I would. I just I think weather could play a factor. High of 458 is the forecast. Yeah with some possible snow little windy things can be windy I checked with my meteorologist friends I have some of those in the business rate already rate. I look. I don't know what the line is don't tell me but I would not I would set the line somewhere around six and a half. And with Peterman. I don't think it matters to me I ice at the line to see no matter who the quarterback is to be quite honest hoga I think this comes down to Indies struggling on offense. The right are you coming in tomorrow. So I would be in their freely Albion all the whole show and how are not bowled out there. Great thank you. You're welcome thanks guys. Who he is tomorrow weird is what I did tomorrow might plans or is that weird. Well here's that it's a little it's a little weird. My son has a choir concert. And it's close to showtime. By the minute now he's in the choir so wire I was in the choir he's in third grade. He's got a he's got his first concert choir the same course. I think it's I was chorus. Of course I don't differentiate. The idling your throat has acquiring and of course I think we added we sent it was saying this point is your land her a better from them some great song but I think I'm getting a big silver bells might be on the program. I don't know. It's tomorrow afternoon. And at first thought it was like I can't make it. But we have a date each coming for having worked the day after Thanksgiving. To accompany holiday but we work Edmonton. So I decided to use the day I thought originally was today. Would have missed Robert Mays I didn't. While I'm I thought too bad I thought it was today. The concert was today so I according to have today off. Then it turns out I was wrong in the concert is tomorrow. So I went to management has said is it right if I ask for Thursday sort of Wednesday they said yes but. The holiday a party is Thursday night. And soul. Like it was never like you need to be here is that Ehrlich mandated brown but I felt like that was. Being said that's been the case in the past sort of encouraged. Come to the party yeah they want us at the party so unlike fine. All not work but albeit the party law department he lost party I don't know I love the Christmas party I don't like I just do. Okay it's suing Janet I got it right if you for me it's if it goes to its sewer Janet we hang out the Christmas party and like that's sort of a tradition sue O'Neill from star and Janet from kiss yeah yeah. Data from the party she's more famous for the party draft and all of your extraordinary assumes they're urban involve known I got we could she could use to expand your profile. Feel like that are already here and lot of clients some of my no sales are buddies here I like the party sure. So that's Bora tomorrow I will be here at 530. Don't look for the. But that's old that's it that's. Smart smaller good that you should come to the party work here on the early you know manners. But plead I don't know I. I would have a tough time bloated they offer. You know do you convince them that would be that would be tough to be meeting I would not feel great about that. But you can keep your kids thing is also important so taking offers part of the show. To be there for that is if that makes sense I don't think I would have I think I could be here by 330. If not three now. But I've elected I mean if I had that data wanna do that at no time to think and prepare like I'm not gonna wanna. Be at work beyond here if I can't get to work until 3 o'clock in the most like you walk him police are doing the show yeah yeah I know so. Take the day off but I'll be so at 530. All be like the other people we see every year walking right by staring in here right I am gonna so do that in fact I think I can probably call men. With my glass of wine and just sit here next to you. While you do the show we'll sell you know you can't it why can't I do that. An album like that because I read into this month and frequently not talking with alcohol and I I. Rule. Hall. Not doing that I that is not a good and I don't I don't want you to do that okay well that that but I won't produce don't but I might stand out there. There and our I never feel good. Occasional the but there have been holidays here were sale has filled informer. And so he's here and not at the one buffalo studios which sparked so easy in the room we don't have offices here. Any moral sale that you ever did I I did for a long time but they're they're gone so we come to work. This where we are right now we're reduce the show is where we sit in front of the show. So when sales you're noon to three I even feel I'll get your whatever you know he's going to be your soleil I don't commons early because I know I can't get in my spot. But I do like to sneak in here to a commercial break just sort of you know it. Did the computer logged and then you wanna get back home I wanna get back on if you want to give blood certain web sites open and his stuff that I want. So that I'm not doing that between William 320 when the short starts. They can feel bad when that I don't wanna be in the room while someone is on the yeah. We've only been here when they're in a break like you're doing your thing I don't wanna mess with you just do fine. So you comment in your city your article I do the show would I haven't really make me mad I was serious but I will be here I will be here all walking around please do stand in the window and steered us like zoo animals presented all why am I as hosts that is a real highlight of the party you just coming out here. Loves being an infielder is it on in their revealed that a third find out congress show him on noted there caucus the prosperity for I don't know. Yes so the parties tomorrow itself will be my replacement tomorrow. All right so we've had another round here with cell of Taylor and Peter ring him what will happen Sunday sells more on your side in this. There if Taylor. Can play to whatever standard needs to be met that. This coach would turn to him right I don't I don't think McDermott wants to risk me. Mess and all around here Q and having Taylor. And don't sounding like I could have played I wanted to play I was healthy enough to play. He's just too much too but there's lot the lot at stake there from McDermott with it within the what do you think fans 8030515. Much over the bulldogs WGR. Did. Your troubles garage and adjust to play and why don't you know over how the week goes. Pollution and certainly they're well I know what I saw this guy Tyrod is an oil competitively ocean and I know it'll take a lot to keep in my house so we fully anticipate you know complained that it doesn't wiggle the other kids go to our talent and deacons Bennett and throat with with the best of them. We'll have to be that are very very gushed no matter who collections. Can you do this because tomorrow he wanted to talk about assault learned because this is the split that. Comment is the sports equivalent of the sports bar and so are the salt barn story sports bar. Hole ago seeing a whole lot of up. Without the bowling. Apparently apparently your mom can spin bowling balls he. Now Nathan Peter Grimm can spin it with the best he's Aaron Rodgers now you hit that these coaches cannot figure out ways to talk normally. It's so hard. For them to. Not give away the secrets. That the only way they can talk let's say things like Nathan Peter and can spend it with the best of them. He's Cam Newton. Apparently. Sling it. Anyway if you missed it NFL coach announces. In preparations for opposing team he'll be prepared for anything. Well. For. They colts are coming a little prepared for any team you played and they didn't have a quarterback you drill here. A dramatic. Bid book prepared looking wants. What what's your what's your defense of what's your explanation. We'll be prepared for the colts are prepared for any thing the bills are continuing to improve. And I don't know. Hit isn't thorough way to speak normally. And obviously need to people without giving away your deepest darkest there a way to do that. Can you think if it isn't there a way to do overrated. You don't didn't do that actually. Rex. He worked on them when it when it came to Rex. Most of the time. Commentary about his. Personality. Who is press conferences. And I I probably did this is much anybody. Seemed to make it about is. His his you know his personality his. Just being affable. Like loose right and he just. They which its second main. Like you know some people on the radio or you'll love it what does it take coach and equipment and technical what's Tyrod Taylor status he's injured he's not gonna practice today when might he be ready I don't. Freaking know that it's so and then later I don't know a person I don't know that. May be so I don't know. Even if we know he has to say is I don't know is true. Granny out to be honest news that we are all the ruse yeah. What more is there. Moon. Will be ready you've spent with the best of them got to write their stories. It's people still. In the board that they run all the stars don't off. I don't know and that it's going to be on that happens channel to have to assault barnstorm of the reasons or about other colts are preparing for bowl quarterback I'd buy that it's. Colts coach I can't wait to see that new sole power and yeah acts. I'm excited I all the channels I don't mean to single ought to be channeled that is typical rock record isn't so. Kevin is on WG RO Kevin. The guys really enjoy your show. Wanted to get your thoughts you available. Free agent quarterbacks after this year what the likelihood of buffalo could you wanted to catch. But okay who are they got a guy in mind cousins I imagine you're thinking about the. He hung up the I don't have any list in my head of record book and he goes to look causes would have to be at the top. Of any list brothel. Sure. Peace keen on the Bradford Bridgewater guy assumption. Tyrod Taylor Martinez another year to release and yet here's your Bradford in Bridgewater right there are contracts RO. Right Brad via Bradford and virtual all right so that would typically cousins is the most productive I think anybody who's asking about that it's thinking about him. So I might predispose to late say I don't like Kirk cousins as soon as somebody asked about free agent quarterbacks grapple low. I'd be stunned to sense as a sign and keep them but that it is contractors. Keenan has the affair okay including him on any such list I guess is appropriate and I'm sort of leaving him out. I'm really everybody out I don't I don't want to do. Not only do I not want to do when it. I I I mean I really really dislike the idea I don't think paying Kirk cousins 25 billion dollars a year. Is is a good idea. But I just do not think that is a good plan. I'd like refugees and the wire two yards agree you know we talk I talk about being productive passing game he's been at the Helm of a productive passing game. Much more so than my passing game so like I did it. But it is not it's not of interest to me. IE I I want them to pick a guy. And I recognize that that I might not into the even as good as Kirk cousins I don't think is that good but that's to be broad. And so I'm not really interested in Ebert water. Or Sam Bradford if anything does give you one Melissa you want it might be a better list. Comparatively speaking than than a lot of years recently. When you want to have somebody here with some experience or right oh sure yeah but I don't wanna I don't wanna sort of be anybody go right. I or answer. The question who is the bills quarterback. With they gave. Blank. A six year 125. Million dollar contract. No. Sure they're gonna need it guy I would think they're gonna need a guy a veteran guy but I. Do not need to be some queasy. But he's my guy forever and every band did not. I I don't like the idea nor do I predicted the bills will do. When it happens Alex Smith. A lot of good ones are really been on time looking forward to elegance could be a lot of changes it's been predicted before. Alex Smith. Mr. Big these might be a big few weeks. He's got one more year and they have more homes in and they can walk from him Witten often it's been pretty big number after this year yes. So that's probable right now yeah because of their slump sure. Yeah I it didn't seem. You know when the season started it was like well there is a championship game maybe years you know and then they'll keep them even though the big numbers there but it's to read your walk away from. Try one more time that kind of thing. Bet that feels good on. Mean they what what could change it back there have a crazy four week stretch here and when. The division going away and he looks like he did in the first month map for so okay and that could happen. It's Churchill not trending in that direction the fee equal lost right now. Let's put up numbers last week is solid they've been a big big big could previous bills they've had a good day office with a play. It is in this scenario with talk about this at length in this scenario Peterman is still here Tyrod Taylor is not. This team falls a little bit short this year you go in the next year it's Peterman and it's a high draft pick the highest draft pick he could be whatever whatever they do. Someone in the first round. And then some hole in veteran guy to fill in an emergency. If you do that the question will remain hollow or you better. The odds of you having a better team that way and you had this year I think it's less than 5050 mile if you start your rookie. Okay good luck you're not draft you got drafting the purse quarterback in the draft and even at that. You know are these guys winning right away Watson was. Pretty hot he didn't start first game he got hurt. But still so how are you getting there and year two starts to matter. But not in him in it in the sensibly him personally but a search to matter to the job search situation the job situation. Weatherman what McDermott's record is. This year. I've been I don't mean to say that it doesn't matter. But for purposes of like is he staying on as coach and how we doing here it doesn't matter all that much they could have been terrible this year McDermott would be back next year and that would probably be obvious. But then they're not terrible this year but next year are you better. With that. Scenario I think it's less than 50% I think there's New York. I'm that that's what makes this so curious if the rookies great right Ben you and you can do about it can be you can be sure but. Yachts. At. 8030515. Much over the bulldogs WGR. I heard the Promos already been. We encourage you to save the date for the WGR celebrity roast which is presented by Seneca poker inside the Seneca Niagara casino and liberty cap. The date is Thursday February the fifteenth. Grapevine banquets on Dick rope. Where we had last guest whose party Barack reforms there yeah leave the old book arsenal and then of course the highlight. Andrew Peters. Can pay walls. Everywhere you speak highly of. Doing so yes Philly he had just one joke that he told eighty different ways no but it was really well. I totally work for Marty's brother. Jason Woolley was good. The jays a bowling shirt dry you out. Now the kind of joked that isn't someone hitting you in the head down a lectures a bully this year. I I I speak to the horror that sort of event. Someone who is. The lead on afraid. To be disgusting is you need to do need an Peters. I he just. Like I should appoint this is why I'm here for armed him just come to be that guy. I don't think that's really viscerally marquis is Bly. You needed to be agreed. So that that's that's our rule remember it almost every situation though you need someone else to tell it got to stop and pick you or call her. Yes that's right except in our rights that's right. But at a roast you just you know and I I think it takes. That they thought to be able to would do that in dot. Slowdown and he just QBs aren't so a double a credit. I also doubt and I'm thinking about it being of some of the things we talked about. It turned out mice on oh when he was going to come with me. And he was sick I think what happened you know being ill and could not com. And it probably was OK. You can see that because of some of the sabathia better. That they give up it was a great time this year's will be very we can't tell you yet who is going to be roasted though we know blue. What we know if you are going to like it I think a lot the ticket for this event includes a three course dinner with dessert. Complimentary wine with dinner a commemorative gift they're silent auction to benefit. The charity. And he VIP opportunity there's VoIP to it's that include. All of what I just mentioned clause in VIP reception one hour before with these celebrity. Who's being roasted and the people doing the roasting and meet and greet opportunities with other people largest attendance. Individual tickets and tables will go on sales and so stay tuned Tony's next hello Tony. Bad dude. I got a question about a quarterback and you questioned for mice that it would fine. Are. That's a building and to be answering me phase equations but what you wanna know about. What quarterback. Are so my question. I don't or call. I don't recall. Andrew Luck injury. Supposed to last this long and it's kinda weird to me that they decided not that it even. You think that's an indication that they've somebody might be able to pry away and grew up from the all next year. Our I don't know. I mean it's been speculated but I wouldn't consider likely. Our Eric Eric without an I would balk at any cornerback. Particularly. You know eight guilt by. I would not want to go with our president or anybody that the only one I would consider it to lock. Every great you know it or not more away the next year or sick or something like that are. Eric my eight by opinion on this would be. IE. Uncertain as it is. Draft even the very first guy you just never know slew Indianapolis has a guy who's. Yeah really good he's been hurt. And my IE my fear would be. The only way I can get him is because Indianapolis is rightly terrified of his injury. Which makes me not want them into wanna do it but I don't wanna do it because why would you he's not he is not solely already in his career is still. He's still young enough that to me why would you risk. Along the trade him away. We know he's really good. How to trade him away he's helping you know he's great but I'm gonna just hope that this guy under a draft is going to be that good. The that is insanity. I mean and so if they were doing it I would question it's hey I. Was trying to be a jerk with that answer to your. Wanting to ask fantasy questions but I just know of no worse treaty no matter who was talking it. Then they who should I start I like to the topic of like building leagues and trades in certain things but I just. I would I'd never won a subject the audience to that. Tubular thing 8030550. Much over the bulldogs this is WGR.