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And then yeah. And then and. And it's my children. In the bulldogs'. I don't think that's very good attitude he might show you think. You'll you'll take. But I think you should be but then when I'm talking to my team that might assist. You're supposed to back me up and go get me deuce box is what I tell you don't go get if you thought Gallagher talked it through a Bulldog. Deuce box got therefore. Now we'll go to hell why there are plenty of raping a dozen. As possible and I'm very. Where's your talking a little DFS. To each other. In all parts result Barnes I was doing. I was we talked about GO Bernard a little bit during the break all of the different please eat it its emphasis goes there. You. And sell both think. That if Tyrod Taylor know what you pick the word here real start with serviceable. Terms of his health. It if Tyrod Taylor is serviceable available some word like that for this game that Sean McDermott would play him. And IAM not sure yeah I think I want a little more than serviceable mean. I. It is serviceable wouldn't be in for a quarterback. Traditionally. Would mean he can snap the ball drop back and throw it. They receive the drove Ferguson was serviceable and 81 against the chargers. He could not rotten he could not really severely hobbled but. The was able to take snaps and drop back a little. That was it even that was compromise put a bill passes serviceable. Tie rod needs more than. But it's a searchable for him. He needs to be able. Galloway of self and Ron if he can't run he can employ the word isn't healthy though is it exactly Noelle it only needs to be on a percent open no. He needs to be double protect themselves. It is if he if he can do the job without. But McDermott watching him going oh he would've gotten out of there he Rudy he he he just took a hit that he should've taken him he shouldn't be pointing. I mean it's a tough there can be a tough scale to really judge on but. I I think if he is. Reasonably healthy then McDermott. I don't these golf course Peterman and that is that have to be by tomorrow. I think by Friday. But if he can run around on Friday and show them like look I'm good to go here. I think that that. I do. Whether he does that to their satisfaction and I had no idea but really if he can do that then he would. You know hard to predict whether it be able to do so I've no idea. You know I think if I had to pick right now I would expect that. Peter please. Because of not expecting Taylor to be I mean he just didn't he didn't practice at all today. So even if he got up there are some limited basis today I'd be encouraged that by Friday he might be able to do what I am. Sort of swapped illegally and out here there's a it's it's hard to be specific about it but he needs to be healthy enough to be able to protect themselves. I think if he plays a certain way and if he can't. Quiet his fought it and spin. Because of this injury then to be kept. So the threshold for him I think diesel higher than maybe. You know pocket quarterback you know. Who doesn't need his leagues as much and he likes to plant and throw properly all that but. That is not as taxing as plantings spinning making people miss that. Yeah I this is probably going a little too far but metaphorically. I think like that McDermott might want Tyrod Taylor to be able to. Too but I don't know count to a million. In five minutes and then if he doesn't he's gonna change to two and like I think McDermott has already said. And shown that he his vision of all this is more for Nathan Peterman to play the position. There was a really bad day. McDermott. Really took great pains to explain away. In my opinion anyway Peter Romans struggles that day heat yet looked like you look bad if your TV couch but Eartha Surrey TV coach watching on his little TV couch a TV coach watching on his couch. An interest in TV I disorder Ross a shortened it. Scouts. But you don't like gee he like the TV in the count no TV is not in the couch no. The TVs in the room or is it like when you're looking at the TV in their account on the TV is don't be couch no there's not with that he has the casting couch it's not Betty okay. It's that there's a TV coach of the line. OK so he. But we're here for more than 54 then that's his. This is there and what is happened since with Taylor back in sixteen points in Kansas City or whatever Sunday once. So like is that supposed to have changed because of the five picks that is really the question right. And IE. I explain away his explaining that away as just protecting the player and not. Not wanting to let kids and you know right away that. Some hope in the guy that was at your player I'm. A mentally you guess about it for a few days and then you'll find out at all. And argument on it really it's silly but I think he did it because I do think. That any decision you made from here on out with Peter men it is it is it is. Affected by the high of interceptions in the first. And you have to be wet weather you who can. Give him some benefit of the doubt on this one because he was hit as he was throwing in this one because it was right to DiMarco. Sure. I don't think McDermott. Ken risk. Supporting a guy forcing the guy yet. If it's unwarranted. That played that port. And the sense I'd I'd I'd gotten was like after that. Players on the team with the leadership committee counsel whenever. He's you know we. Taylor you know c'mon aren't we doing here so I just don't think he'll do what he want to be a temptation that anyone would want to. I think. With an opportunity. Presenting itself. Right. Tanya. It is especially if you think it was fluke or it's worth something. So that it's all ego that would lead you do that -- it's worth something else it would be worth something to McDermott yeah us to come out of this with Biederman having played well bright but at some point right. I agree I just don't think you can force. Well so he might he might he would be certain somewhere reasonable costs are right now like just. Hope marketplace. Just so we played here. But it's got to be the camp I don't think he can just drawn Tyrod with Peter and just say I'm playing you're not help you. I mean you got you he's gonna happen no it's not helping Taylor and have to back up. I I think part of that bullets your point but is part of that because of what he said after the game. Or Monday. That if if he's healthy Tyrod is our starter in the know said that is not meaningful no I don't really care about that it's because of what happened and elect it's because what happened in LA it's about the reaction of the team that is that was my. Right away after that LA game I was like there is no way I don't care how he sounded talking about it there's no wait he's gonna walk out. On Wednesday at Stanford and his team whenever you would do that and go we're going back to Peter. Yup and I I didn't feel that way you were right by a couple things have happened since then and that's the two games and they played. And the offense sound exactly like they live up right he wants to be ones surrenders the other one was you don't prepare right I mean you know the sixteen points but you know you mean you got to place I think. Whether he would be malicious about it I wouldn't accuse him of that but I think he would. Probably really want to have Peterman here this this is a great spot. If if you ask yourself a couple questions like OK so. Old dog if you if you just Agassi for second here. Sell earlier was on and sell said that he doesn't think the point spread would be much different if at all. With either bills quarterback in new group that pretty much give them about the same chances of winning either way I kept. And a big I I might I might leave in the I don't know I mean Taylor's performance in two finalists three games he's played. With yeah. Soul I don't know does does that offset. This 56 yards against New Orleans in. And wherever he did on Sunday forgive me I don't know the number it was under a hundred again. In three quarters. Does that even. With a 65 does that wash a washout with five picks like is that Porsche now I don't know what bush. That you think you know is that I was saying which was Sunday after the game. Taylor represents your better chance to win the there should be some difference in the spread. We think. At least I would think there would be but it'll may be lying to the oddsmakers look at it was like I don't drop into bed with either so whatever. Well the bills I think would be favored either way and I would think there'd be a couple points different. Because of Peter man's reputation from the gains against the chargers but. This is just about you can join us at 8030550. If you are some of the say about this some of you might. This is just about the easiest setup you can have in the NFL this year is home against the colts. He is no receivers I mean do respect the bills relative to the rest of the league it's been true all year it doesn't really change with Matthews which says something. But they just don't have. Playmakers at all if that position he may have Benjamin back part of the Peterman thing was Benjamin button. So I've got. A weak opponent that I can throw line I'm at home. And the whole year we've had this point that we all seemed to agree with. I think that the bills would like by the end of this season to have given him. Gains so that they conceived p.s worth investing in. Do they need to draft somebody else we said the other day I think I think it brought this up. Half what they can Peter Burnett to do in the remaining games for it to not be. You know evident at the bills would be addressed what else I don't know but the point is. They would have won it. Vets the experience is is worth something to them. And it's also worth something to them to evaluate them and here is a chance to do that and it's a boat as favorable as can be. Rights of deer deer you're about checking boxes which is kind of how I referred to there want to see Peter and at least that to meet its site. Let's just make sure this does not. You must go to some with that that's bit bin I don't know that I ever actually cited that weight and were talking even back in the summer about. Them wanted to evaluate Peter and boy my my approach to that. Is that is that like I just got to make sure I'm not missing something here. Whose fifth round pick he's got these limitations OK whatever okay. I buried played a couple games topic. Both move on. Now. An effort that would do to address the point was going to be where did you leave home front I got bogged down in that. Crap. It was I was ready to go here. And totally lost to them sorry man. Told us tired. Started with picking shoes and it's right I peeked around salt and sound system so they had a great Peco would you mind on the whole I don't think you it was a good piece I appreciate that. Get no you wouldn't you would certainly want. If you are looking to. Get into. To. Vale would be your decision in the first place and make it Steagall that's not our new. That you benched Taylor went to Peter Meehan and he melted the way he did. Good redemption shot is never gonna be better than us. You know Miami's not that good either but this is this is done all right user is your two games over you put that you put an end. And you you you get that off of you know if if he's pretty good. You know I don't know it might get interesting to think about what they do for with the rest of the season and certainly. That becomes another being but what almost surely happens. Is. Web national critics all circle back and go. You know what the guys that we may follow for making that decision that Republicans complain. I doubt that happens because it won't be big news glaring thing but at least. But this team if he needs with. Fans locally. A lot of people and and people are just dying to pile on tailoring but people would be double the look look at enjoy. Okay it wasn't horrible it went horribly but the decision wasn't that horrible because the guys all right. And looking good from. We are I know I totally understand that would be motivation for him to warrant that. I'm just all I'm saying is he can't force he cannot. Make it happen at the expense of skipping over Taylor Taylor's. I just don't think he's he can afford it with a steam because if he does that again. Andy gold's rise again. All my god. I mean what do you do. The yoga still loses steam while there's one thing. We're guessing a lot of things there's one thing I think I know and I. I. Really mean. To say this in a way that is in Korea and I'm not. Pulling ourselves up by saying this but one thing I think I've learned West Point four hours this discussion is the ball below does not care. But fans dude not care right. It pays to not cared nobody has anything to say about this all day and yesterday nobody is anything to say about this and I are not criticizing by that. I just these kinds of things are interesting to me. Were always trying to put different topics on and part of the thinking is it's all of it even gives somebody listening going to care about it. Nobody wants to talk about what us. Nobody wants to talk about it that it's all. There's a lot a lot of balls in the air sort of speak in a lot of different things that you could be thinking about with this the bills to be thing about the as fans to some extent I think I have learned in the last day are just one ever feels. A little bit like there's been more response. One well we did you first pick dot com and in depth draft yesterday and John Major next year on next year who you know. What do you think about Kirk cousins penetrate and walked but that is as the dad is the endemic of in the hunt they're six and six and I think it's getting. Maybe that familiar feeling guilty coal. Bloody ball aborted due why. All. The OK. Great we want to be above. That so would anybody that you just don't that's what that is the state of things out. That's what's happening to scale you have it's the same as usual volume a few games left home games. And you know fans are just. All right. What's next what's next year well I mean you can get tickets for Sunday's games for like six dollars right now lawful stop but I believe it. Somebody told me that they used the seat he promo code and spent one dollar. There's the forty dollars off the carpet trying to get twenty dollars release for a fair extremely got a pair for a balk. Went to be freezing there why. Mean I wouldn't I would spend a balk I think but I don't know the parents who might who has always sitting in Asia would Rio what's the gates team mullets I'll be there. I mean to be cold to. Pat is where thus we found somebody iPad. Hey guys who go and I had their arm doesn't warm and talked yeah it used to talk about and quarterback is you know Eric not. And then for awhile we picked it meant a lot also remembered here about what. So it five years ago we had a direct and Intel. Finally why we didn't get kidnapped you up in the draft. They'll like it are also local devastate that actually worked out for good forced once it's your you don't. Well why would it be possible wife what's your what's your theory is why didn't happen and what what if you figured out here is I think there's one obvious thing. My theory is everybody so I thought I'm lucky that they're doing anything anymore between Eric children what they're doing out probably in. But it hit didn't it. Now that it certainly picked up by about what he's got a history about what family you know what it meant. But what I can do because they're in there. As soon laid out you know that right. We duck he's with Denver now you know that right. Okay. Yeah just did not have the pedigree pat I mean obviously. Meat may be one reason for that is what your answer to my question was which seems reasonable. The Mets you know off the field but he just to have the pedigree it would just the build was everybody numerous times past. Sold. But you do better than that mean I can't tell you exactly why they all did over over but the old date over and over. All right here's Russ Nextel arrests. There right there and I am a little different take it and I'm not saying I agree with that but if you listen to how McDermott talks of popular and I mean he talks about him like he is the future yes and I I don't think that they are looking to draft I don't think they're looking to move up. I think that they firmly believe he. And had it in their thoughts have leverage and I don't believe that Peterman is the man next year. I wouldn't expect to quarterback until sector third round just to back Peter Manila. I think that's where they believe this is going I think based firmly believe that I don't think they care starts this week and actually he's going to be starting and he's not leaving that's I want. They might agree with you to a point they might they might think my optimistically about him I think they do. But to the extent that they avoid quarterback being first and second round Disney rim really have to be that different so it's interesting how you divided that. Hewitt said fifth or sixth round that would have been that what I think would be the point trying to make it. I. I might be murdered just blow the stadium under it if if me if they'd. Decide based on whatever we're gonna see between now and the end for me can be determined. To not pick somebody in the first round and and and try that it didn't do it last year. And I got to Italy was like you know a couple of days before the draft after being scared by key envy and everybody else about these guys. Watson and involves a global mall together. Because there were a lot of criticism of both guys but I think he. And I'm not saying that's invalid during the but I just decided you know what. Nobody really knows it you need one but do they didn't do. If it's somehow. They think they are so Smart that they are going to decide. That this guy who's the first time he got on the field and when. 10 the worst performances in the history of the sport. It is grown enough that they don't need to invest depicting a guy. I mean. They're good I mean I'm gonna retire in the house. This caller is predicting it I'm really not I don't. I think they like I hear they like what I eat it like being here in the first place mix that true and they generally sounded I just laid it out we've legislated out of me McDermott. Really defend them even after five interceptions and a half. Like I think they wanna get him back in. But when is a question it could be this week Indianapolis is so bad that. It's not even really to take I wanna I wanna take anything that seriously firm any quarterback against the colts like it's not. Not enough that's it's not it's not gonna mean a lot I think. But. And but nothing 8030550. Thanks for the call will be right back here on WGR. That's just there's gotta have trust each other you know he's a professional a great quarterback and now as a receive your Gavin involved anywhere near you got to catch the ball and you know I feel like some deposit with Tyrod just you know couple catches are they you know get his confidence in me Garnett and mean they have. Great chemistry iris of these nasty pranks we do developmental period at the end of each practice and you know capital makes a running joke Carol Peters and yet the rest of us. Bernard Riley is a bill as a brother Brandon. Brandon Brandon Brandon Riley is. Going to play in a regular season game this Sunday called up from the practice squad which kept Cappy. Spring Hill will be active right. Oh yeah I have shouldn't assume that but I I think they've they've not had. Brandon hate the odd time has been an active but I would think with the Matthew's injury but he's he's got a point. Deep you know kept cabbies urged him it's not capped. Yeah happy. Cap. And Adam cap you don't cap you I'll be happy Capistrano. Now it's it's no hardly. Normally normally witches I heard this on the John Murphy show earlier it's got to give a little bit of credit but it's ignored Lee which apparently. Means a streak in his native Haitian. Our in a apparently one of his pop Warner coaches start calling them you know just cap short for Cappy and it's just turn and it can't Cappy. Normally the reason its name isn't normally can we normally not. By his uncle Anwar approach. Eden like normally. It will elect an hourly. A bit but look I. I don't know I'm thinking it's a distinguished gentleman kind importantly shortly know at least on the men or or letters or marketer and I would like I would like a football blog have been user that is namely because it would. Michael. Now and a few. Of these comfortable cap that's. Kept kept by gets on the site juror who see I mean I'm having more power and he elect all of us. Nick is where the solo neck. They have gone just great how are you. Unprepared and that you don't hear quarterback that there are markets. And the jets are out. If not unique I didn't enter iPods it was quite the under. Lol I would exactly describe the week that we don't care. But. Anyway go ahead. I I don't know I don't think about this a pac ten minutes. Both Peter and at this point. You know I didn't I don't think that much where we are dispatching an adult now. Then again especially against the colts have thrust the. I don't know if I hadn't activated recorder and there's checked my belt or practicing again it's by. At this point after being tight Eric reluctant. Rejected tool. On games last just. I don't attended over I didn't I don't know. It's not as our top in Iraq that you know I'm on the but I proper. Do the right that was pretty good at doing it and such an odd that you are so long although it. Her cat runs but I don't think he's getting worse this guy. But it that they would rather have an interception that it yet it turned opted by. The trouble most popular American doing on some of the elderly couple that were quick despite that and they were in the don't receive. I could have been a little lower by that the proper permanent fourth quarter but I think you know. And you didn't practice today so be it but I played all right I'll be getting there is that he went like this earth and in all might be in the best interest and practical sort like that Renee. You know some of the best defenders but it didn't turn out to him anymore but might inspire confidence in Putin well. Yeah I mean he's got to do is the thing is really enough to the conversation too good to me here admit most today is is centered around whether or not McDermott. Would be. All over eager to sort of get an opportunity to validate the decision. Against the chargers by giving Peterman back in even if Taylor. Could play and I and I just I don't think you can afford to do that and there's a lot there's a lot at stake. In doing that there's that the entire team and it just. Now that I would expect the Peterman would end up falling apart until five more picks against a much weaker opponent. It's still could go badly and pointed to double down on it. Is just with without necessity if there is necessity I eat Taylor can't play. Then it'll obviously the opportunity presents itself and it Peter Meehan makes the coach look good. And plays well. Then you know I think that works for McDermott in more than just hey we got a good game at quarterback against Indianapolis. But I don't think you can forces I'd still I think there's a lot of plot problems. Let's go to Mike next time like. They they I really appreciate the as questions through both hockey in. Football season I look at in this Cuba. I'm like. As far as. My idea has done under here in late new co which. India who you know have to work through and get thirteen. I was really surprised by the pass defense appeared like they brought him. Nice play makers be clear and Hyatt and they drafted trail play it let them. An ad in Beijing Games do you want him to. Though it it'll monies yeah. A lot of I. She'll play appreciate that it up for all the time but. I think he did in the press I didn't I think I didn't like how bill treated them at the end of last year. He is not a McDermott it like McDermott just gonna play whoever lines and yes I think and it goes just. Try to make and brown be their starter in our next year. Let I hit I think we'll let you quarterback and make they'll be in McDermott next guy figure today Michael. You're welcome Mike thank you. Here's Dan next night and. And just want to say thanks for putter great show Jerry structure the only sport Jason's I would love to see. The bills next year if they don't find the right draft partner and move up with both these are stronger than we do it sector as well. I would love to see them do it right instead what five years ago with our nutrient and current cousins actually came to quarterbacks. Whether it be. You know vote in the first world war in the first one the second and there's so many to choose from this year. I especially a couple of our own little bit like Josh and I want you guys are on their country kind of pop want them out again and our vision. Aren't I I. I wouldn't be in favor. Mean I know decrease your chances of giving the guy but sued to. They've got all their holes I am just I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna take a minute take my chances by admits on this one. I don't know maybe they'll get another chance. To draft another guy if there's that the guy they pick. Blows up. By. I'm bugs him amnesty in my line here a minute when a pick the guy that I think is best. Admit maybe I will you've been to. Please bear thinking would be increase my chances of hitting. I'm gonna goal we don't give up a bunch of stuff to move up and get the guys that we think is is the most likely to succeed. And maybe that's maybe that's Arnold and you'd have to go really odd to me. Maybe maybe there's even Josh Ellen maybe they like the tools he has even though he's had a terrible year on the field whose results of dumping good. But. Whatever it is understand picker. Whether it's at sixteen or whether it's at three I'm gonna pick one and the movement. I have like this idea before I think it makes logical sense it's also some things I think it is very unlikely. Doesn't happen very often teams are not usually that real about it all. The value of the quarterback verses other players may be will live long enough if this sport can survive for another thirty years which I do not expect. If the sport can survive for. For a while longer then you might have more people in the in management jobs like this happen in baseball they. Subscribe to different kinds of thinking this sport is very insular. And really if you're not from football to watch you mostly. So this is the kind of thing that a different kind of thinking would this idea would really like. Why not draft a butcher quarterbacks we've talked about it once in awhile through the years why not do that the right the Redskins didn't. Invent anything by it it just it did happen their golden. But you wanna be you wanna be well organized you wanna have us a specific. What a campaign or specific way. Although evaluating these players so that you can. You really have to be in front in a lot of areas if you're gonna do that because you know you're gonna a lot of questions about it you're gonna get criticized for it. If you really want people wanna give ourselves. The best the best chance. Of success here so why not. I think didn't say it I think down the road if the sport existed for long enough the idea would be that a team could spent all of its draft picks. I'm quarterback and use free agency and undrafted and whatever else to fill out. The a's roster because a lot of those guys. End up being serviceable players are good players running back. For starters. And then you could you could maybe see that someday. But. Having said all that which I don't even though we needed all of it but I just don't think the bills at all of that organization they have just. But always been behind. Maybe these new guys can move them ahead that's the hope since they did this this management team was assembled back in the spring. But they have never Benton. Forward Buick thing really the probably some little things and I don't know about but you leave your time really the bills it seemed like innovators is when Mickey gonna happen. The shoot at traditional offense. And went with that we have big talent. Why not do this why not just run you out of the gym week after week. And all it meant all alleged it was four Super Bowls in a row which is unprecedented. In the sport quickly innovation. That you know is is great and mostly in the drought. Especially under Ralph Wilson this team was the opposite of that they just. Have never impressed really in my career as as this and that is it that is a kind of idea that somebody will come along and and and go with. I don't know total work but I think the value of the quarterback is such that it makes cents. Good that's. Can. Vehicles and it's not going to be the mcdougals and the you don't you don't. Just one example of of eight things that we in this doesn't have to be like something that completely tripped you up but. Really. Your view pick two guys we beat two guys policy impeccable the first round or two for topics do that. Re really you are you saying that you don't believe and under dying ball that is part of the problem your picking to win and like you wanna. It's a part of them the fallacy you wanna represent that you know. This guys don't. We met his mom. And achieve the couple. That's exactly the point that some right that's so quickly deploy what you want and you got to sell that and sell it hard. And that's it and if you do if you do it's all the way you're you're gonna look like you don't know what to do. Right but you wouldn't necessarily a not knowing what you put either the opulent. Major that the word. Believe is exactly the problem or you don't pull even them know we're just being realistic about our odds this is the way young people think. Next question. Just like put a team goes foreign port down one of the announcers who spent twenty years play in this Boris tell you is because maybe doesn't they don't believe and thirty cents. Right agreed they don't this this or they do right they're gonna go for because they do believe in their defense always like that. No cure the odds. We know what we don't know. And I were to do this because the value Libyan right now one of these quarterback picks his colossal. Pregnant it it's that that's all you need you could you could. Justify it. 8030550. To reach us although were almost near the end Ryan's coming up with the nightcap the whole thing Wednesday for Wednesday. That'll be coming your way about fifteen minutes and it's you know worth waiting for. This is much over the bulldogs WGR. This is Emma. One of error lesser known. Tracks. I love dabble. Portion. I would love that's what I keep saying why wouldn't you love Abbott was such a love. I mean their Swedish. Great message. Harmony I think. There's some catchy lyrics already love him. Love. Love and happiness. In this Scandinavian. Via sort of dancing. With the week of Waterloo and revive him. Your Waterloo you're dancing we whatever this one's called you or yes is visually and hipster that about over but I thought it was raining blood. Could the winner takes at all about that have a song by no moon is so. What is happening. On the nightcap with a full two hour two. I know it's it's gonna blow the full two hours bullets wolf we'll get into a joyful or hours yachts and surprise the out this is this this segment itself is a little weird in food and right now. But. You know get in those days cornerback topic. We've been there's been some some comments made by Mike Mitchell of the Steelers talking about the NFL and suspensions vary. Very biting comments on talk about those men apparently a couple of days ago and what show we've we've missed this or maybe I've just missed this. Two biggest white apparently texted Ryan Clark and I told told him that the the whole hood is after Rob Gronkowski now. So I saw reference to that I'll I'll talk about that. That it I just saw that today Tucson I got today was the first it was that older than that I'd missed two putted Ryan Clark announces that he exe cement on ESPN or the Anderson should. He was on the whole show and talking about the other Gradkowski ease again. Reached out previously he told me the whole oats after. The whole the whole vote. While the means all of us. Yeah I don't have to ground the means tossed. Them. These are team yet on his teammates aren't well. We don't listen now and the fans though are people I am drum. Not only be items that may be damage found out what mind. Derby week. It was bad right gates' next with the nightcap which over the bulldogs see you tomorrow with three here on WGR.