12-07 Colts Reporter Stephen Holder, Indy Star, on the John Murphy Show

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Thursday, December 7th

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Let's take a look at the opponents though the Indianapolis Colts three and nine coveted buffalo this Sunday. Joining us right now on the subway fresh take outline the men who covers the colts but the Indianapolis darn easy Indianapolis Star insider in Indianapolis Colts football. Stephen holder of eleven Stephen has John Murphy and Dow Jones thanks for much governed by you retreated today. Our portrait are you looking forward to the trip to buffalo seated in what's been a difficult season for the colts what do you think. Well I I think I've got some great weather out so well so NC that. Or are we kicked group which you're really fox what we've got what you're worried that very well but I will look bored with the cause. I think I see some side in this scene that all salt on the scoreboard. But I want you to continue and the base early. A seat or last week in Jacksonville. And it appears that we pull up these dumb players in attic get back on track. But money alone are being put the situation remember that in order really don't break out so Justin Tuck. They Steven. Got one quick question for you this is the most important question that you will be asked door in this interview. How's mob would DeMarre can do. It if. Kumar is. All with the ring finger oil offered if you're within NASA. They're offered is that I'll let the right balance and it allowed to go back to quarterback goes respect. Are you done a great big boost here this deterrent to overcome this situation. But he's also hurt them in many ways I thought last week he's got a setback though. Marty it has been a victim of a lot of what happened. I'll all of offered this year it's a really throw open the running game has not been slighted that they're out there walk the and the passing game and now what the system thought you know pop art though. It's it's they're often than not right now for everybody about their mark looted. Steve what are we to make of logical Weaver said he certainly looks the part. And used it she said you know there's some signs that you know maybe he can make this work at other times he seems erratic and off target in and just that I don't OP. I mean I've heard it said that he doesn't really have that total mastery of the office staff and yet what do what do you see. There it's willing partner the guy. When he hasn't been in the fifth they'll help more than that the few months he ought to let the war. One week before the funeral. And look at all be the starter obviously important work order a wire was. Emperor with Scott for being didn't get it done so in a point where the bar are only offered upbeat note you may need a local. And here we are now Opel rap on later and what would happen this spot. It back to our surprise it was. I got them. It's on our side. There are oval but maybe that's what they're back up guys. Who it is that you know never really got to hear the master of the offer. And work and all offseason training camp with these guys. Had I think right now a lot of support for that problem political problem. I think here's the patient to make plays for example. Know you're a guy running right well as a sign or adult role all. He wrote a little bit late and while the other. Or a lot of options that completion percentage really suffered that though. I think he's got a problem for the pace and got out. He's confident that that there on the same day written about her but you know him Ebert and it's a well written. I think the whole lot of port one year old guy. Never been in this situation or again I think what's going for that are done it was probably. The record an area that break from situation is whether. You know what it sounds like this and this is going to be an interesting game especially if Tyrod Taylor please dizzy and adds two quarterbacks that kind of play the same way. But the Indianapolis Colts have given up a lot of sacks this year. In your opinion is that due to him being hesitant and throwing the ball or is it that authors of lines as not being good. They're both there and they're up at the line certainly circle all the comic bit but. Which got reports that have local. And his. Have been the kind of hold all book fall. If that's really have a worst nightmare or opera Y and America on the record has been there. In doubt you purple record at practice and it doesn't mean that the matter is global all the same thing true. You're gonna have the defense is gonna get there and you've got the outlook is that you know open date everything apple. And you give them a chance they're gonna get here and and the other thing is. Look I mean. Again I think it has to do a lot through it. Bob has a blue and that the little ball and the bases and all that it's both both the dark true. But they gave our urban or I wouldn't say an effort and it goes pretty but we are aware. So it's what that there's no real solution or you got the make a play or circuit that. And again that there are not perfect present there are so that there. It's really a combination of a lot of factors that have let the fact that really out. Lately undermine the offered this year he he can't put all like that you read up belt back. Although I was Stephen holder he covers the Indianapolis Colts for the Indy star Stephen that's how we about the long term prognosis for Andrew Luck both from a medical standpoint and from a football career standpoint is is his future actually gonna remain with the Indianapolis Colts on the road. I believe that well I think no indication that. Read anything. Wall saint confirm go over to look into the coal so. Doubt anything. Other than that was done I think apple I think there they're committed and I'm going to look so. That that have bigger event that's like right now and purple itself. Look at it it's going to be up all offset because they're they're articulate well thought that a lot of people thought that. They felt they require or beat this thing a law. Irresponsibly in the early but there was a striving. Don't get mail a lot of our grip earlier this year there were articulate what or where you play it's very much want it quite as Ian said. What's ordered deployed there what every parent and look with you I'm all your. The problem. The yet been ordered develop and they couldn't get rid of it. And it just became more prudent to decide about so. Right now as a couple of reliable voting so a lot of where you're working with them but let. That our. You recap this is not a it's sort of procedure or surgery and the like that but. It's worked out the form of three out out of all the ills but they kill it's it's something that can help coordinate. Up be eliminated and and then if he you do that then I played well all of art bought a lot earlier this year when he started practicing. Basketball or football league all the all. With so well and it look legitimate so. I don't think that there's any structural issues here it's more a matter of them trying to alleviate that they are right you'll. And the Pope real pretty property or what it would be great let me see but until we get. You know what that's rejects. Stephen you know they're a couple of things that I feel like the colts haven't truly invested and in some years and this is going back to Peyton Manning's years and that would you know starts with the offensive line. But did on the defense as well you know I don't really were called for call the colts have a top top defense or good defense. What's gonna what their defense this year. Well. Or are acre of the first year of Andrew Luck are year. It's literally restaurant. I'd be addressing the deeper today than what several years have created the edit you know for me. A lot of times. There we'll have a couple things happen either strike out which often it looked great. War oftentimes maybe your year a lot of guys and any sort of a downward trend and that app. A lot with local reporters that that's not mute everybody. Go call also they happen. They didn't do a good job. And create the and then they did not record rapt capital on defense. So that's beaver got old real quick and and that's why it's yours off there and museum groups Ballard that as we load up there on opening day. That hi guys in our lineup. Who are beaver we're not seeing last year and and that's for our way to do it okay and that's not. That's not as a way to do it but that's where they were rat. So there are built in the ether and right now all the bigger crap like that that order of business and they need some inside linebackers that need help there. They have I think a really solid he served wide right now that group was pretty good. Outlook is as good though apple or them I think sought an actor so over there. The New York Giants. So that I could bits and and they have the the opposite don't have a rush. And the interior linebackers are awful right now. But what circuit itself you know on the all your spare. Not a lot of at all offer. Let it be spared so early now are up he run again so that open mind. Illustrated reported though other. On the back into the defense even your you mentioned that the each of their defense are looking at it really you expect there right with. What the top three corners going into this Sunday are all rookies are. Yeah there are hurting. The bird rack there operate Davis right now that warrior so certain ways. Basically that would reflect or whatever else these this year and there were some that you bring into your basement so. They move Bob Bayer now. They ever start opening itself to cover some of us who are helpful but. Our site you'd like grateful all this year and has earned him or not or quarter or them. But he's got a there have been very end up more like a flight and then they have another tournament record and here it's bare a former fourth round pick out who. Let the purple all this your. Doubt as well on our our that we so they are down now and there are order. Through their pop record vs. Are all well. It's on order or if it's so one perfect topic that's what opened as a result it's cute but at the plate below it read now. And it's that's profit in the court order for the move split between this year in the here. So. Pop thing but let me right now I think that you dirtier players like that about next year this all. So the appearance of things there's sort of revealing. Hard period but it seems plain cute like they're playing well opposite a beeper summit stood immoral. Felt I was tell folks in in the caught sort of like the Buffalo Bill Steve it and that you know you don't have an extremely high national profile but. This week bills they have to come to the stadium get a chance to see. I would think likely to. Hall of famers right Frank Gore and Adam Vinatieri. Both of them are extremely. Accomplish in their careers both of them probably. Near the tailored to their careers but I don't student looked legitimately are two of the best at their position all time when you think. Our little every incredibly entered the debate. You know what I've heard about the early forties and I art so I don't. Basically every day every effort yet you know. No one got here so it all up so good about. The oh that have been nine record oh that's right. A bit better about myself every day or the other partner like. What a poker or so what they really integrated unions and he does. You're not really local law that the you waiting for the or both with slop off. That's football and Nevada I don't know adopted more and that's for the better obviously that's the sick the whole but. What the tour possibly a repeat what it looked the colts put him out there. What the two with no content spotted and had never before and you. Just that group that is bury the use of war and it's early and maybe pick and I looked like war. I admire spring board work ethic in the the guys that he is you know you look throwback guy you really believe the fullback right you have got that built there well. Because they appreciate both cart guy and I think that my limited knowledge of the bill and he was it a perfect awful bills running back because. You go our. The fact that we've been excited about the and it. Like it. You need great debt and spoke and Clinton. Look all that they awful practice what you thought O'Connor be looked aren't poor outlook. Everybody you know lock on third or your bowl and that's the ultimate. You know Stephen as you talk about them there's this game in the rest of the games for this year is really about this the next year for the colts. We have to ask you about so put down will even happen next here with the colts. I don't believe he will. To be completely honest I think that ship has failed and here's why look you know all of the now on the not. Him and speculate but whose job is not so well but it's different this here is. Beat the colts purple ball marker that's you know last year fueled fire and they haven't vehement incurred Broward and he does not require a vote. So that's what kind of acquire or run. And simply it's that has not gone well now he didn't have a quarterback and that certainly can go it's going to be a reconsider its. They have a poor record but but I don't think that. But got solid seven not this year that maybe wait for valor in diversity. At the only topic peppered at winter Mercer their order when he hired Chris Howard. Heat was very clear. When when asked about the culture treat it's their battle that the votes for a bit here. That's not a well what it's about what civil well also so. I I think you really need to be insulting to change the cover basic and I to have all of that that happened this year so I think so I'll. There's been an labs four in the go to we will bring up a black Monday. It is Stephen thanks for this have a safe trip to buffalo this weekend we appreciate you joining us today and show that. Our outlook report a report.