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Update from one bills drive where practice is over today for the Buffalo Bills that worked out indoors the pro sports training center with. Snowstorm in Orchard Park around mid morning. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor got in some limited work to be an individual drills. As he recovers from his left knee injury and quarterback previous white has been cleared from concussion protocol we should be good ago. Snow forecast for Sunday's kickoff between the bills in the Indianapolis Colts 1 o'clock kick up you can hear the game right here on our flagship of buffalo WGR Sports Radio fight it. Shake up underway over the Cleveland Browns acquired executive vice president Saatchi round today and their personnel department for the last two years. Coach coach hue Jackson will remain on the job and return for next season according to Brown's owner Jimmy has. Other front office members expected to be let go as they. Reshape their profits again we've been we've moved officially begin their search for a new general manager immediately. Rights easier Steelers linebacker injured in the Monday night game. Has been transferred from a Cincinnati hospital of Pittsburgh that happened late yesterday she's here in these treatment of further testing on the spinal injury that he suffered. In the first quarter of the Steelers went over the Bengals on Monday night. He was flown by medical helicopter from Cincinnati. Yesterday at 230 in the afternoon he left the stadium on the stretcher less than four minutes into the game when it once you lose victory. Overs Internet NFL commissioner Roger to Dallas I defy your contract extension to remain. As commissioner a source told ESP added we're 200 million dollars over the life of the deal almost forty million dollars per year. If owners of revoke bonuses the incentives are bad. The base salary of the single digit billions for about 85% of the total compensation package would come from homes. Thursday night football tonight big matchup in the NFC south but moral instinct that night in three plane at Atlanta there's evident by. Your top 825 tonight at Mercedes and stayed at a Buffalo Sabres practicing today in Chicago they play the Blackhawks are tomorrow night's face off it in there. It is the job Murphy show presented by GAAP auto parts. John Murphy Dow Jones W from one bills drive were Tyrod Taylor got an individual work today and for Davies white. As been cleared from confession protocol. Let's take a look at the opponents though the Indianapolis Colts three and I covered in buffalo decided. Joining us right now on the subway fresh take outline the men who covers the colts with the Indianapolis start easy. Indianapolis Star insider and Indianapolis Colts football Stephen holder of eleven Stephen has John Murphy and Donald Jones thanks for much governed by you retreated today. Or portrait are you looking forward to the trip to buffalo seated in what's been a difficult season for the colts what do you think. Well I I think I've got great weather out so well so I hear that. It's quicker we kick which you're really fox what we've got what you're worried that very well but I will look bored with the cause. I think I mean some buzz in this scene that walls all on the scoreboard. But you wanna see if they continue and the base early. A seat or last week in Jacksonville. And it appears that we are a lot these dumb players in attic get back on track. So money at home are being put the situation remember it in order really got bright out so Justin Tuck. They Steven. Got one quick question for you this is the most important question that you will be asked door in this interview. How's mob would DeMarre can do. It with. Kumar is all we're doing very very audio offered to your own equipment NASA. They are offered to I'll let the right balance and it's a lot of those back to quarterback to always respect. Are you thought the great thing here that the term overcome this situation. But he's also hurt them in many ways about last week he's got a setback though. Marty it has been a victim of a lot of what happened. I'll all of the offered this year has really brought over the running game has not been slighted that there that there won't be. And the back in game then what the system thought you know pop art though. It's it's simple it's been offered now for everybody and offers for mark looted. Steve what are we to make of to Kobe Bruce said he certainly looks the part. And used it she said you know there's some signs that you know maybe he can make this work at other times he seems erratic and off target in and just not federal. I mean I've heard it said that he doesn't really have that total mastery of the office staff and yet what do what do you see. It's willing partner the guy. When he hasn't been in the system. Helped more than that the few months he ought to let the war. One week before the funeral. And he would both be the starter obviously bring or order a wire was well. And certainly a couple being didn't get it done so in a point where the start up only offered upbeat note you made me until. And here we are now Opel rap on later and I think it's what would happen as far. Effective are the five spot. Are there in a got to work on our side and other partners so all but maybe that's what they're back up guys. Who it is that you know never really got a chance the master of the offer them. Work and all offseason training it would be guys. Had I think right now a lot of vote for that problem political problem. I think there's legislation to make plays for example. They'll be a guy running the right route the fine but don't wait to roll all. He wrote a little bit late. And while the other. A lot of options that completion percentage really suffered that though. I think he's got a problem for the pace and got out. He's confident that that there on the same commitment sometimes they're not know him Ebert and it's not only been. I think the whole lot of port one year old guy. There are certain situation or and I think which goes for that are done there is probably. The basket and aerial spray on the situation you put it. You know what it sounds like this and this is going to be an interesting game especially if Tyrod Taylor plays dizzy and adds two quarterbacks that kind of play the same way. But the Indianapolis Colts have given up a lot of sacks this year. In your opinion is that due to him being hesitant and throwing the ball or is it that offensive lines just not being good. It's spoke during. There outline certainly circle all of the public yet but. Which called report that have local. And his. Have been the kind of hold off both fall. If that's really have a worst nightmare for proper line and America on the market has been there. In doubt you purple record the practice and it doesn't. Mean it doesn't matter if global all the same thing true. Undercard of the defense is gonna get there and you've got these droplets is that you know go to date everything happened. And it you give them a chance they're gonna get here and and you know against. Look I mean. Again I think it has who's been a lot to do it. But as I'm blue in that the little ball and the states and all that it's both both the dark true. But they are our there are reasons or like it's one thing at harper and mr. Rupert but we are aware. So it is what it is that there's no real solution or you got the make a play or circuits that. And against cisneros are perfectionist that the better so it there. It's really a combination of a lot of factors that lets the fact that really out. Lately undermine the offer this here you can't put all like that you read you know fell back. Although I was Stephen holder he covers the Indianapolis Colts pretty Indy star. Stephen that's how we about the long term prognosis for Andrew Luck both from a medical standpoint and from a football career standpoint is is his future actually gonna remain with the Indianapolis Colts on the road. I believe that well I think no indication that. That anything. Will paint and ergo ever look into the coal sold. Doubt anything. Other than that with sun and apple I think there they're committed and I'm going to look so. That that have bigger event that's like right now and purple result. Look I mean it's got to be careful process because they're they're manicured well thought that a lot of people thought that. They felt they were prior art beat this thing a law. Irresponsibly in the early but there was a striving. Not yet made a lot of progress earlier this year there were articulate what or where you play against a very much white white and Ian said. What sort of support there was every event and a lot with you I'm all it's your problem. The yet the sport has developed and they couldn't get rid of it. And it's just became more prudent to decide about Bo. Right now as a couple they're so I would believe the whole lot of where you're working with them let's let. That our. You recap this is not a it's sort of procedure or surgery and the like that but. It's worked out the form of rehab. I all the ills but they electric missile that can help coordinate. Up be eliminated and and then if you do that they expect wonderful ball and I thought a lot earlier this year when he started practicing. Ball ball well all he saw before all. What's so well and it looked legitimate so. I don't think that there's any structural issues there it's more a matter of them trying to alleviate that they aren't I feel. And the hope we will pretty comprehensive look and be ready for that Nate seat but until we get. You know what that's rejects. Stephen you know they're a couple of things that I feel like the colts haven't truly invested and in some years and this is going back to Peyton Manning's years and that would you know starts with the offensive line. But did on the defense as well you know I don't really were called Hoover called the colts have a top top defense or good defense. What's gonna what their defense this year. There or I care the first year of Andrew Luck on your. They that are really bad. I'd be addressed in the paper today they were terrible years of created the Eric you know for. A lot of time. There will have a couple things got to be a strike out which often is what it. War oftentimes maybe get a year what a guy as any sort sort of a downward trend. And that happens a lot with local reporters that but you'd everybody. Go call all those things happen. They didn't do a good job. They create the and then they hit they're wrapped capital on beep that. So that's Bieber got old real quick and and that's why it's yours off. There are duty armed groups Ballard took place we load up there on opening day that. Hi guys in the art lineup. Who are deeper we're not seeing last year and and that's for our way to do it okay that's not. That's not as a way to do it but that's where they were let. So there aren't built in the ether and right now all the bigger perhaps that's the next order of business and they need some inside linebackers they need help there. Then I think a really solid defense line right now that group was pretty good. Outlook is that both apple or I think doesn't anchor but over there. But New York Giants at but I consistent. And they have the brought Bob that they don't have a rush. And the interior linebackers to our problem right now. But what circuit itself you know on the we'll all get there. Double up in the they all offer. Let it be spent so early Albert up he run again so that open mind. Negotiated before you go of it. On the back into the defense even your you've mentioned that the age of their defense are looking at it. Really you expect there right with what the top three corners going into this Sunday are all rookies are. Yeah there are hurting. Veteran actor operate you might now that story and so certain ways. Basically that would reflect or whatever else these this year and there were some that you bring into your basement so. They will not bear out there ever start opened itself to cover some of whom are helpful but our site you'd like grateful all this year. And has earned it or not or quarter or them. But he's got a that have been very end up more like a flight and then they have another tournament record and here it's bare a former fourth round pick of the crowd who. Let's have the all of your. These out as well on the IR as we so they are down now and there are order. Through their pop record vs. Are all well. It's on order or if it's so one perfect topic that's what you also and of itself it's cute but at the plate though if you're reading though. And they've that's proper way in the court order for the move would be good this year in the eight years there. So. It's a tough thing but what I mean right now I think that you dirtier players like that out next year at all. So the image of things there's sort of revealing. Hard period but it seems plain cute like they're playing so our facility per government stood immoral. Felt I was tell folks in in the cotton like the Buffalo Bills needed and that you know you don't have an extremely high national profile but. This week bills paid to come to the stadium get a chance to see. I would think likely to. Hall of famers right Frank Gore and Adam Vinatieri. Both of them are extremely. Accomplish in their careers both of them probably. Your tailored to their careers but I don't student looked legitimately are two of the best at the oppositional time when you think. Our little every incredibly entered the debris. You know what I've heard about the early forties and I are so I don't. Basically every day return effect yet you know. No one got here so it all out so good about. The folks that have been nine record oh that's right exactly. A little better about myself every you have a partner like. Oh what a poker it's so what they need brilliant at creating and eat them. You're not really local law that are you waiting for the workbook with slop off. That's football and about it I don't know if you thought that war and that the better obviously that this that the hole but. What can possibly a repeat what you look the colts put him out there. Once the two with no content spotted and had never before and you. Just have to fit the parent the is from forty it's early and maybe pick and I looked like war. I admire spring board work ethic in just the guys that he is your new book throwback guy you really believe the fullback tight unit got that built there will blow. Because they appreciate both guard guys I think that my limited knowledge of the bill and he was it a perfect awful bills running back because. You got our act and the fact that the respect. Of the day and they are like it. Great debt and spoke and Clinton. Took office itself for practice what you thought you got a runner be looked on gore. Out everybody you know lock on third or your bowl and that's the ultimate. Knows the image you talk about him there's this game in the rest of the games for this year is really about this the next year for the colts. We have to ask you about suck put down would even happen next here with the colts. I don't believe he will. To be completely dark I think that ship has sailed and here's why look you know all of the Allen who's not. Him that is speculation about his job is not so but it's different this year is. Beat the colts remove all agree that you know more accurate view of fire and they haven't via incurred Broward and he does not require it felt. So that's what kind of acquire or run. And simply could decide not gone well now he didn't have a quarterback and that's certainly. It go it's going to be a reconsider its battle for record but but I don't think that. But got solid seven not this year that maybe wait for Broward diversity. It to the uncle pepper and went to Mercer their older when he hired Chris Howard. He would require. When when app but so are you retreat it's their battle as the coach for a bit here. That's not a hell of a public civil well offer so. I I think you really need to be insulting to change the proper spacing and I took all of that that happened this year so I think so I hope. It didn't last four games and go to we will bring up a black Monday. It is Stephen thanks for this have a safe trip to buffalo this weekend we appreciate you joining us today in the show that's. Our report. About Stephen holder it's called incentive for Indianapolis starts former. Buccaneers beat reporter covers the colts now's been in the NFL for about a twelve years joining us on the subway Preston on subway eat fresh. I was gonna say Greg yes about the out of every time and it's pertinent to every year Donald border. Coaches have a hot seat you know like I'm line every time you looked clicked net. Is that housing is a picture tip of the I mean every year went on to Nazi. Every year he's on the hot seat and it's because you know they have one. They feel like you know they have their franchise quarterback and so they should be winning more games than they have they have they have some receivers on the outside you know that he can get the ball to. But ultimately they haven't. Really invested in the rest of the team and that's a true running game you know they brought in. You know Frank Gore but now I don't have Andrew Luck who in the back through with Frank Gore. And they have invested on the defense even though he said they they went heavy in free agency that's not the real way to go well I know in this league and so. You know it's tough for him like he says anytime you bring in a new GM. Ned GM has it and then you're you're three and nine right now who knows where they'll end up. But that GM hasn't had a chance to really put his stamp on the organization and and have a hand in hiring a new coach. You know you you got to think that he's on the hot seat you know so I don't think he'll be out there next year I think there's going to be a lot of changes on that team next year. You don't own car there edited pristine spot. With the quarterback and let's assume and we hope it's true but it look comes back healthy next year. And as they build a team as they go on about building their team. Our act I guess we can say what this luck you're still in the early portion of his career. I own. Six years in business security Siva played this year and so five or six years and I mean now Beijing according to explain fifteen. Usually more but at least he's approaching the mid point of his career so if you're building the colts around Andrew Luck. You have to be. Aware of that clock ticking I personally everywhere that he's got the shouldering hoping to expect full strength but. You have to build around him knowing that you we keep this is this can't be. You know three year rebuilt we don't want to get him to look into the ninth or tenth year of his career right now have the pieces out of the order it would be a little bit more exhilarated. Because they needed a minute you know I mean quarterbacks play for a long time and Angela is that being banged up. You know it's not like Tom Brady where he doesn't get taxed out there. So he's been banged up so you gotta believe OK if we can get the pieces around him until he's ten years into this thing how long we have him right you know at its peak at this crime where he's actually. Able to take us over the hump is in the playoffs maybe to a suitable something like that you know so. They want to be able to get that going in early in his career the first couple years they were in the playoffs. You know so they want to you read activity meaning exactly exactly so they want to get back to that. That stage it via radio playoff team but they got some other teams now that are playing well you know in Jacksonville and Tennessee and Houston when they have this on Watson you know also. They need to get something going here soon or he's gonna be over his home right and be on the down your six next your your seventh lucky we think it would be deprived of the crime so you don't want to wait too long has Presley in the way he plays you know now maybe he didn't have a transformational he likes the throw it down to utilize to get outside the pocket a little bit you know he's a little bit mobile. He's not like we it is you know Peyton Manning or Tom Brady standing in the pocket step up sly laughs by Wright and throw. He plays a little different like Aaron Rodgers you know he needs that they need to do to deal with so. Bill should win this parable tomorrow we'll talk more about them. You know he's in the game how they can win they should win which makes it a dangerous game for inspected you know I think it is there's enough pieces there and indeed you can take if they. You know whatever would say get your stingers ready responded to unity unity state out yet that Indy takes or stagger out. They can cause problems for they Beckett got issues the Stephen ultimately you know the inexperience on the back and the rookies on the back and it. Not a whole lot of offense production not a real strong run game so they have issues but it stapled together. Who else again bills have to mind your p.'s accuse it. You do it I mean they they really do have to mind your p.s accused the bills have. Not play consistently at all right this year you know so. Allen even be sought to be honest with you they came out. Not ready to go in this game and may find themselves at halftime. And a very close game trying to turn it up there you know as I know you've got to come out from the beginning. And just put this team away here at home. You need to put them away at a dome team coming here to play in the cold all this stuff maybe you gazans know whatever around that things in the sunny. But you need to put this team away early in the game. Don't leave the close game or you're gonna find yourself really battling to win this game at the end. It is the inconsistency the bills that sort of led us to our Twitter poll today and we like your input I've met. You know 30515. Tool free 1888. By fifty to 550 what is the biggest obstacle for the Buffalo Bills that get into the playoffs and pretty much two thirds of you think it's the bills himself 62% say that I would be inclined to agree. 26% say the ravens are the biggest obstacle. 5% say the Tennessee Titans 5% to somebody else let's go to take 8030550. Toll free 1888. By fifty to 550 or you can do it via Twitter at Jabber Puccio. Bills wrapping up practice a little bit more than an hour ago with a limited work for Tyrod Taylor as he recovers from his left knee injury he did not practice in team drills. And your debut as white. Excuse me has been cleared from concussion protocol previous white. Talked to our reporters moments ago in the buffalo locker room and he was asked how he's feeling companies have a concussion protocol. I'll do. It is noon we'll sign. Your respective tickets through that the plane was wrong on Sunday. He sought and do what he wanted to do NASA is. It's. Ryan Clark mentioned tweet. And he's in the other day you about maybe possible retaliation. Could be to go into what what the response was from your teammates to you. From my teammates it. As far as the oh yeah it was it was a good thing. What would you. Your teenaged daughter. Is this you know who come. Can be done such. I was what happens. From what you're. An idea what he wanted to do and greatest that that particular. Impact talent that you have been out since. On his from. Season and he apologized to you and does that not True. Blue to you. He apologized. Doesn't mean it. Music. Out here. And it's. And I don't know the sale and and homeland there. It's not my bag. You could broke when they and I got a son raised in it. You don't think about it and you know it is yeah. This year. It is. But to watch back century. I've seen it many times that out of the event to watch that with. Isn't this is where her. That is that is that that what happens. They don't like this it is it is. Moving past. The on past we got them again on Sunday we opportunity that is an explosive offensive. And mineral didn't have a great week of preparation scams than the Magnuson who wrote. You're on the ground what do you think in this could be an array of things you don't know the exact truth and the actual prognosis and how injured. And then have a Maltese and I am proud to have been telling you know I didn't hit that pretty bad. We're. Terrible headache. Is. He would he want to do. It. Infinity that so. Adamant about head injuries and things like that it that isn't really. Take a step back when the repercussion is just one game. Today it is quite clearly clearly still very upset didn't really mince words about and he did what he wanted to duties no accident didn't security. Public apology that Gradkowski offered up in the locker room and in Orchard Park last Sunday clearly upset but he also said this is important he's looking forward to baby's movement. And this this is he has to move on you know he can't worry about in and it's going to be interesting obviously when they play the patriots and a couple weeks he knows he's gonna cover him again. Two Davis has not been targeted strikes me even rated mince words there. To go out and say something and try to do so on the militias back or anything like that you know but it's going to be a decision that's probably going to be a physical game those guys that try to do. Physical with him. And he'll have his head on this list thus you know it's a little this little dead swivel swivel head and have his head turned always fifty you know. I'm a military he does indeed it retaliated against knows this it's going to be an interesting. It was interesting to hear the depth of feeling from previous what is pretty thoughtful guy. When he said I gotta get us on the race you know I mean that's fruit talking about here we're talking about I hit it could've been extremely catastrophic it wasn't. He he's a concussion protocol now but. You don't know when you grow a guy in the back of Emmys face down can't shield himself as well. Sand like you view if if he would've hurt him really bad and and possibly. You know broke his neck or paralyze them or something like that. You know this is a guy with a son a race you know a brand new son you know and it's like to go. Come on mentally we all are here playing football you push off of me all the time now you frustrated I don't wanna hear that you frustrate I don't even care about topology none of that stuff matters. Because if you did hurt me. Then what would you assailed my fault I mean to paralyze you what are we talking about right now you know. And I'm really glad for Davies didn't. Totally brushed it off you know he's moving forward he's focused on the team. But even brush up like well that's the game I don't know you know that the game and there's not agreement already be is. A pointed that out and pretty emphatic and pretty personal terms like right now that's not okay that you did that and it's not what I was expecting. That's I would anybody's expecting he eked out now called dirty at which it wants. And neglect pretty used to that and let the up and. He should you know and this is what it is man am I trying to minced no words at all you made a dirty play and you almost hurt me. Permanently though you could have hurt me permanently this is not just within a game a full boy your apology none of that stuff matters even if our herds if you came up to me. And say now I'm saying this myself but you know if I was to devious and that happened to me if you came up to me and apologize. I don't even know if you know what I would say to that right you know like don't apologize to me and assists don't apologize to me to use it you did would you did. You meant it. And that's what it is I'm not an LC. Previously they what report times that he did what he meant to do. Very interest. Are gonna break when we come back we'll have a lot more talk about including what's the biggest obstacle the bills making the playoffs if you see that in the cards are what you think the issue might begin to fall. You know three or 515 toll free 1888. 552 by fifty. But we'll check your responses on Twitter at like here from the other moment as well maybe if some thoughts about previous white spots that I felt tour false all of that coming up we return. John Murphy show presented by dep auto parts from what do striped. This is Buffalo Bills radio. We drafted by the Minnesota Vikings had six revenue 2010. After three years did in Carolina website that with the bills would release him. Last Sunday Joseph Webb about a role in the office with the wildcat formation after having played just three offensive snaps prior to that. In the second quarter against the patriots he had an impressive 22 yard run the second largest drug abuse through the Joseph Webb this week's diamond in the rough presented by the ship's mission to their buffalo. Said Joseph Webb and hear about an hour ago if you miss that you can pick it up on our website Buffalo Bills back now we'll have that interview up on the web site under the Jabber we shall Tampa. You got me thinking about which had about Joseph Webb. What does it take away these eight years in the league now what does it take to come in as a quarterback to play a little quarterback. But the last this long doing just about anything special teams wide receiver running back. Wildcat running back in a while a spider running out spider and me it's there's a lot on Internet been in longevity is the key rate at. Longevity is the teeth and they always told me you know when you lose the more you can do in this league. The loan you be able to staying asleep you know somebody like him he's able to play quarterback receiver. Kick return you know you can do all of those things he'll have a lone career it makes me think of Brad Smith. You know breast met with that type of guy Brad Smith almost went to Robles for a dual listings and and you are valuable when you when you can do that many things like you can help battle special teams and what's the surprisingly haven't really seen him at the like the part personal protector you know on things like that right. Right now you can help out and you wanna go for a partner or something like that you know you are valuable when you can do so many different things. And because of that teams keep teams want to they'll find a way to keep you on their roster. You know if you are an effective player calls the emphasis. The news here from one bills drive today Tyrod Taylor got in some limited work no participation in team drills so they'll take it down to tomorrow and tomorrow we'll have an update on his set. Situation whether rubio questionable. Doubtful ruled in or out for Sunday's game against the colts so McDermott said Monday of Taylor's healthy he will start. In some limited work in individual rules for Tyrod Taylor today. To navy's white has been cleared from concussion protocol and you just tune in week at his comments from the locker a couple of minutes ago talking mean very eloquent. Talking about how strongly felt about the nature of it from Rob Gronkowski and he wasn't gonna take the bait what was the activity debate on the rematch coming up on Christmas he did that it it's out real note that. Yes the elephant in the room is going to be an elephant on the field. You know what am I gonna say anything right now what are my grocery I'm going retaliated you know I mean he's looking we don't feels to be physical game. You know if I can get a good clean saddled them. And I'll take it you know what is the clean sound I'm not a dirty player I'm sure that's how he feels in his mind. And and and that's really it you know I got to where about the calls this week. And make sure that you know legalized here I do what I have to do against a TY Hilton due to win I can't really think about. That hate on ground you know I'm gonna answer your questions what. You know we'll we'll cross that bridge when we get there and a couple weeks. And we got the bills have a couple of important games to get to before they get to that one in worried about retaliation that our Twitter poll today deals with the bills where they sit in the play operates yes it's still out there are four games left. But what is the biggest obstacle. But the pills to get to the playoffs is gonna take a step back and think about. What lies ahead is it another team is it themselves right now on Twitter about two thirds of you say it is the bills themselves 64% of you say it's the bills. Or the biggest obstacle to get to the playoffs 26% say the Baltimore Ravens wasted needs work out. By percent seed Tennessee Titans by percentage somebody else in my Gibson call of snow to take. 8030550. Tool free 1888. By 52 by fifty or you can do it on Twitter voted equitable Jimmer show. I mean I do think it is the bills Donald and the biggest obstacle when. Look we've seen this team I mean I'm not prepared to accept that the team that lost or their last fight is gonna play that way either rest of the season. Why wouldn't be the team that has came out of the gates went five and two. I don't know which which can go but it's been roughed up by week span here by game spin but who says they can't play better play better defense and make have you. A few points. Look this is the week day you need to get some confidence in ourselves as a team you know you're here at home you're playing a team that is 39 right now. You need to get some things going in the right direction for yourself so that you feel good about yourself. You've been up and down all year. And you users have you played some some gains very good you played other games poorly you know this is a game that you need to get going in the right direction. Oh by the way you're in the playoff hunt you know he's still trying to get in the playoffs. You have. Four games left you have to at home you need to win these next two starting with this week against the team that is three in yet NASA pretty poor. Indianapolis team and against the Miami team is exactly you know Miami team is isn't very interesting team they played up and down really that we deeply like the bills you know but. This Indianapolis Colts team sitting at 39 they've been playing bad all year this is a game you need to get something going. And be that team that we saw early in the year creating turnovers. Getting you know some sacks on the quarterbacks a pressure on the quarterback they need to do debt this week. So that going into next week against the dolphins oh which is my birthday to the point that out. They're they needed they need to you know when that game as well but it starts this week in getting momentum Prius sells this week. And you know you mentioned in Miami Dade they can kind of a similar path and look and now Miami started the season four and two and since then they've lost that they lost five in a row. And now beat Denver last week so they're wanted by the bills. One in four of their last by the dolphins are one in five of their last six and a plane went so I elected to be you know one in seven knew exactly. So we'll see it's out they're still for them let's take a phone call that is Mike on the line hello Mike welcome go ahead you're on the year. No equipment guys are doing today. I got a couple questions in the question of our estimate Lucas couldn't cook so they're they're not well can't afford pollutants but I want to. Do you think as an organization and we've we've changed to head coach weed through the deep breath for about three. Oh look we look to World War II week. If that weren't the same spot we will you work well. I'm in terms of power at all that bad move that would not what they have put. Wouldn't pick a bar that this feed but why don't be the same exact thing would be any need. And would you have looked at it two in we we head he came into work when you won't be will be good sure. Will hopefully be paying full article what Tyrod Taylor. And that we get these. You know growing world has been very involved you've got to do really got to get a quick look back QB before the court bigger. That kinda thing is that it's slick were in the same spot we will lefty he's. I don't feel that way mostly because there's a new general manager and a new head coach here and you know like. I think we're in a transition period with yeah quarterback that is not sold anybody and as long term viability and I certainly. Wouldn't put him in the category BJ Manuel put. I wouldn't say that I think there's a sense here at this is really overall big pictures up of the sense that. This is the start of the building process and this major building up doesn't mean you have to you know win two games to build up I think they're trying to date it's difficult trying to win now and trying to build something for the future. Reduce CO works of the next month. I think. Right now. You have to have a feeling that this thing is don't know where it's you know last year at this time the committee might end up the same record as last here knows they might end at the same record. Why I think you half to. You have to have in mind that I I think they have the coats if they want for the future you know he's gonna have some time last year. I mean this at this point season it was yeah he was still fighting to get into the playoffs what. It was a mess you know last had a lot of different things happening. Many you're going downward you know so right now and I'm not just talk in wins and losses right now we're talking like you resist saying. The picture in view of this thing you have to feel like. Yes technically we can end up the same record wise. But we're building something for the future here you know and it depends on you got wants to draft picks you know women in these are things in a talk about the future got a point to draft a maybe you do get the franchise quarterback that we've all been waiting for here who knows how that's gonna play out but right now you're still in the chances. You know you still in the playoff hunt you know and so hopefully you can. Make that happen it and still build for the future and in May be drafted quarterback of the future who knows. This call from my Gary and his car hello Gary welcome in the air. Our guys. A couple things I think that are running the bill are probably here and play our starter. No consistency other quarterbacks. Receivers. Oh we get Oprah and two key. The Serbs have been out and that people are so there are some article and it says it's not come up our our tourism. I call it publish were concussion protocol. They say if you're good at. But that we get our football they had leather helmets OK and then as things progress they got more. Technical outlets are inside. What they still have a hard sherbet. Outside about how. If you're support. Shock absorbing. A juror no I didn't should get something I was gonna get up there or. I don't know that we had already FBI. You put a concussion. Or impact research and all outside also all of that all of which will or. I'm not hurt it percent of and I actually don't know why they haven't gotten it yet so I bet because. That some people have an effect well I'm I'm sure tomorrow market also spent. Good chunk of the last ten years look in his helmet technology designing protective helmets it. And what you describe is essentially what he'd look at you know an outer shell for the helmets little soft. The you know I was talking to somebody. Yesterday. And we were talking about you know the only do what the fans wanna see and ultimately the fans love to see the fans love to see touchdowns and they like the CD hits. You know it's always been that way you know and so. Right now is he talks so much safety in the league. You know think about a ten years ago when he is DNA on Monday Night Football it was what was it called back and remember this segment that they did. But it was about the big hit in like the biggest hits of the week you know fans love to see that stuff right so for me ultimately. I don't think that the concussions will change unless you pull the face mask off the helmet. And I don't onto if you wanna go back to the old leather helmets whatever it is that's the only way it would change because then you won't go diving in face first like that. You know you actually tackled the right way with you shoulder form tackling but because you had this helmet and face mask. You feel like you have a sense of protection. So you can go diving in trying to make the big hit. Every time yet. It sets also is that most concussions happen because contact with the ground yet it's supposed to helmet to helmet. A deadly FDA did you do have a lot of you know the contact with the ground and you know a lot of a lot of these. Hits are because guys it is diving in torpedoing in new guys you know if you had the form tackle. Com you know usually hits and actually rapid guy you'll have so many big hits help you know it's hitting the ground stuff like that but because for me the reasons because you had that helmet with a face mask. Guys like I'm diving in there I make him a big hit and then all of a sudden a guy that you go helmet to helmet or you hit a guy so hard. Because you had that since it protects him that his head hits the ground you know and so I don't think it would change unless you take the face mask off the helmet. But if you do that you'll get so many being hit in media ratings drop as people like I don't see this anymore. You know vertebrae we got back where we're coming back with more than John Murphy Joseph presented by Napa auto parts company like from. So he orchard park New York Pillsbury. Things he's not John Murphy show. And now what have we learned from today show aren't a lot of protection you would've learned a lot entity shall what we've learned presented by Islam providing western New York's. Homes and businesses with a minus insecurity you know Peter. And they prefer alarm at home theater right the Buffalo Bills. I learned a lot about the business of the NFL from Andrew Brandt. Who covers and if a business where Peter king's website we talked about Roger Goodell is new contract extension Andrew Brandt it's about that. What we don't know guys is whether he did get his pound of flesh in this field meaning that. The incentive part of the deal which I'm told is very heavily incentivized. Are they tough incentives pretty easy incentive to want reports that this. Forty million dollar a year deal is really like eight million here. How easy it is to make the other thirty's what we'll see when it eventually comes out but. You know I kind of liken it to these player reporting do what you hear a guy got fifty million player deal. Well it's really like. Corning now. I. I think Roger Goodell probably won't make. Probably closer to forty bent to fit catered and we just don't know how much. That we aren't Roger will be at 1 o'clock o'clock. Joseph Webb joined us. Now wildcat wilds fighter quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. And Joseph Webb talked about his role in his versatility on the buffalo office. I always work. All of my craft and already be received little. All quarterbacks this season off whatever I've been we're doing prejudice stay up for the upward those those are working. Quarterback when we the last had a pretty good human routes in the cute tees in by subversive political season I've been to an. Let's alone might have been who has since passed through congress that kind of like second nature. Is it to know where it took him to Marshal mark counsel Greg cosell will wolf for you to join us tomorrow and Lawrence went tendered will be mature outlook report. Our thanks very much are presenting sponsor NAPA Auto Parts. By the local efforts around mine in Napa online account production assistants JJ to read of George last diplomat Thomas out of their Olivia marrow Shelby rusher producer. We'll see you tomorrow at twelve noon with a jar Murphy show presented by apple auto parts from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills really.