12-07 Nightcap with Ryan Gates

Thursday, December 7th

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Time to relax and rewire. No effect at all. Come down and over there just well let me finish my. It needs to be sold here every time I actually try to get something going yours like on the spinning gal can be allowed. Mean yeah I'll be loud and talk over the rise and we told you volume up. Well you're not guaranteed at the bass player in the draft you draft first the and they go your way you want what we want to know why would I don't know why does your outlook because people. Overvalued position at quarterback. Yet at all to me. Great if you are you. It's a nightcap with Ryan geeks on WGR. Sports Radio 515. All right welcome then. It's abridged version of the nightcap to also be under com holiday parties version of the nightcap will always provide some. Some ups and we're like sort of like a holiday cheer meisters if you think about it where the outage here if you think about them. I I'm not going to actually what are we bridging. We're bridging from you know show Bulldog show to Thursday night football yes the big falcons saints match of the big. This aid matchup. You know it's a good game with a dream to important divisional rivalry. It is now got open Khmer gone and I've for fantasies. And it's Thursday nights it's going to be it's gonna be good one and yet we are now that the fares in football schedule always provides the premier match ups that's true at all every week every week it's a Thursday highlights act that violates the best of the league's. Tail and people that cornerback and others positions. Yeah that's true so those those voices that your years of courses meet. Rankings Jodi B he aboard a Kyrie of course joining us here. And and special guest to gel beamer you know gel. Sometimes she. As Ulanova pizza delivery boy and sometimes. As a year your WB and morning producer producing. A BG company Malia and produce at least he's on the staff there and also on the what what what is the name of the show it's called a new morning when Susan rose in price in Mazur a ski which I'm sort of surprised that you don't know why I hope that. I hope the Brian's listening that you don't even I am at a shell that they changed you're supposed to be friends like that on much. I'm betting that price I can tell you. On occasion as this is two days off so he he's in fact down the trial I mean streets he reverend or he can't wait Cottrell doesn't have. WG are playing through about from speakers you know now when there's concert on on the tip Regis you know and and how we stick to sports here they stick to meet UC IA I think one thing I really sort of lay my hat on at night knowing is that during bills games when you. You don't have to release all of the beer that you drink during pregame into a trough like. Euro dropped you can hear my you can hear me and my most of the times yeah I'm not a bathroom you sure can't. I can attest and yet all right so somewhere here were hanging out. And 01 of the things that global talk about its solemn. Some sports here we'll talk about some sports along the way but it is thought the holiday party. So one of the things I wanna get and I'm not sure if you maybe need to guys here really. Have stories to tell butts. You know it's a holiday party here and there is. You go to holiday parties and these you know either there's specific advocate that you're supposed to stick to you at these holiday parties. But I wanna know if you out there. 8030551888. By fifty to fight to get the phone numbers here have any. Off this holiday party horror stories mistakes that you've made along the way. A breaking some of that advocate that is you know so delicately. Processed in India optic in the office. Politics scale so if you've got any stories out there because I'm I'm young I'm young here. You are young but I'm younger so it's funny you're not the only Xena got you've got actually ours you've got more. Office Christmas party experience and I'd I've got more. It's a street cred too old Bible to see that Al monks in in in the room because I think I think if a far bosses could choose between the two of us he would deathly Puccio. That's not either of us which show. While yes it's huge here now business is the double Joseph allowed this is a double and Joseph bridge nightcap so. You have that you do you view of banks to write your tell me about this wasn't even holiday party a year and your other job where. You had eight. Like a massive buffets knew you drink many I believe sacred relics were these mud DD beer you were considering at this office party. I would suggest that you over indulgence that office party the highlight of but at the scene that was is much smaller company so I feel like it's a tie this damn see here's the thing. You know though I feel like the amount of drank and miss. Of of you know lots of drinking average drunkenness recognize drink thank you drank a lot okay. The word made up but I like it's. I feel like the scale of two which you drink is really to the amount of people at a party right I mean the more people at your Chris is part of the last. You drink right I think it's a rule by. Well I think it's an American rule it's more more like Americans happy time there because she if you walk around what our office party is right now there's there's a lot of people out there we've got. The clients that advertisers stations out there. We've got so you know all all of the hosts from all the different stations whether it's Rob Lucas who O'Neill. Mike Ackerman might help the bull dog you name it's it's it's a who's who of Entercom radio here tonight that Brian has routes he can't be bothered. Touch of skin. As you know a little ridiculous if you ask me buds. You know I've been through there there's there's a difference and so on some holiday parties because I've been holiday parties in the food and bad industry. And they will have there you know official holiday party that's put on management. And then there's the underground holiday party lost putt and by the staff for the staff excluding management management is specifically not inflated my duties holiday parties because you know. That's when you can. Really getting atomic bombs and up you can loosen up you can loosen up and you you could see a thing on tiger not normally wouldn't say. If there was management. We're not allowed to loosen up at via. Come because this is notes this is ludicrous that you are now know we really. Listen up here when we do this and appear. Yes it's yeah it's it's a different atmosphere tonight because there's there's people walk I don't even know what options yeah yeah I mean I learned about I learned about a lot of party tonight. Because of Brian antics of. And they are like carrier oh we go order he texted me as a Garrett on the buyer like you know normally on Thursday and he's like no like you know to have the holiday card. That way that's that's tonight at least last year like I got sent out the email. Like they sent me out to another Nate you are received the other yeah thanks I appreciate I won't notice this Christmas party and then I had a tax my boss permission to come to the party FL like. Yeah the doctor everything out Kathy and especially need to name tag that gets handed out no front table no in fact they try to stop me it's Doris had not known now. I work here yeah did you did you show your badge yet I don't have a badge in your life at work here full time I don't have a large my daughter goes there goes to trial and one migrant islands gullible souls fire yeah. Oh just all the there what do you Giuliani I got a phone call from your from your days at bath and beyond those some digging and Saudi charities they never had a whole party now the group. Yeah com. You would think that was it. It was a good crew that I worked with the public know how the party I have to say when I was at a job pizzeria in high school. On they did throw a holiday party. And that was really fun not to say this is it like it. This gain time fife if our own links hash tag add. Good job on an interactive delicious or ride out to catch on but no this is only my second. Holiday party you're intercom is my first in four years is as you know I took a two year break it down. Hiatus yes is they would say so on that now and done a lot of fun out there are a lot of free stopping you got to take advantage of it when it's there. That that's the best thing about the you know if you if you work for company that's really pulls out all the stops and and they do a great job here at an account with with. Different cakes they got literally unable. Lies just covered in Qaeda not to table it's five tables put together I'll sell itself to super table so it's like god you could not put one person through all of them beside a table. It's like yes yes there's one in the middle and for around five. Odd though Moscow on radio free number 8030551. Z eight by fifty to fight for you we are gonna get to Thursday night football. Thursday night football's coming up eventually but I am hoping to get some of you guys involved here with some of year. Office holiday party stories and it's really if there has gotten. Advocate broken your parties because. I'm not so we've got Troy. Troy is on the nightcap with us he's he's apparently got. Got a doozy for extra what's gone. They don't guys. Bought ten years ago I I worked for companies that Wednesday. Certainly companies has about fifty employees. And the whole world a company wants the malls on guy. I've ever been around in my life and useless. In the party guy who's in the form guide. And and me she tries to make. Everyone you know have a good time while it'll work. Life of the party kind of tied. Yeah he was sort of party so her. A lot of ten years ago we have a we have a Christmas party and not Friday there was right before Christmas. Like point 22022. And we had a party in the office and he started the party. At 10 o'clock in the morning. While this guy must really like to party that if you started that early for the office party you know this guy's a season not. Yes he he he shut everything down at 10 o'clock in the morning we had like fifty people. We had like forty guys use working in the pan am in the in the shop and get content from people work in the office outlook in the office. So law. Over the assistant. Office managers well. You with Liu we had a great day everything was going great so. The party started we had. Look at who's drinking and he never ever had a great are. Was that a shotgun start. Eric B and the ability naively eat the old Nixon speech you're owed me cry easily lead to real emotional. Wall this one particular night that I have worked just about. Eight years before that in and everything you know it was cool every part of this time. He is. We're waiting for him to come out to make its fixed feature in his inaugural Korea's. He comes out of the actual. There and I'm I'm not I'm not what I'm about to become both a very natural. To make his speech and not being bought. Is black she and black. It I'm not mesh well idea of dirt there's there are some. The shoes and socks is a really nice touch because he would have had to take them off at least issues to get his pants up oh so he put the shoes back got like. There was a concerted effort to use to. Steve form factor aren't yeah that's invade our heart so yeah I'm sick about this. Gregory picks up just because you would almost stopped cold I'm. Sexual harassment of a host for help. You know this what perform background. Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking I'm like man this is not something that you can get away with right now and what what's going on here. But called the people that work better everywhere mocked it I am here it was just. It was just hysterical aren't unfortunately. The boat company quote a ball three years after that so. Bet you don't but it will look at the most farm I'm 56 years old that was the most farm I've ever had working place. Yeah they've stakes try appreciate call and that was a good way to kick off these these stories you've you've got. See that that's. Kind of be the opposite and I expect because you've got the boss is normally and there usually the ones that have to stay and a a fair we thought that's just the just the band out there and it's. That's stopping rocket out there. Yeah. Usually got your bosses and they they have to stay the the most formal ball you know they're looking over there people. And yet if they do something crazy it's never going to be forgotten about but this is a nice reversal on the story because normally you expect. Maybe some of the employees to get a little bit too loose. One of those employees does something and that's super embarrassing and they're they're a story. I'm on the following Monday like job managing here about what god Nancy did at the at the holiday party. It's whoever was talking about you know if you don't you RB you want to be Nancy no utility Nancy you would think the. The bosses. I can't really get a buzz above biased and I holiday party. Mean really because they had control is actually like here where they have to us entertained the clients and everyone they have to be on you know you think. We have to be our best behavior too weak to be up to mark Tom. But you a thing of all people the bosses wouldn't know not to get anywhere above. Buzzed yeah it's that there's got to be serious there there there's going to be certain etiquette and one on one of the things that's. I think of I and I think office parties is. The opportunity to get out there and you know there's there's a lot of people there and here it's seen people in in the radio media industry got to get out they're not work. I was just gonna say the word you're looking for is network that's why I like these things you show a lot you shall that you. Have other abilities you know that you eat you can talk to get hold a conversation you're not a super nine days lull now that I'm not a pretty thing I. I want my radio. He'd smallpox. I it's not that night and not good at because I feel like most adult people enjoyed talking. But. Humble rather Leila. I didn't say it is Satan you know like. All of the good looking women in the world like to talk to me no that would not a bad Hubble breast all the good looking woman brag it would have been a regular brag but it's the fact that. You know older people they big flocked to me. I'm like I'm. I'm like I'm great grandparents had a eerie cool young hip. You know ahead. He did that do they squeeze your chief and they wanted to talk to me beauty they wanna talk to me and I don't know here's my thing. How much eye contact is like not too much eye contact that way and why do I control the conversation what are you doing your hands what about your eyebrows eyebrows are big indicators of how your feeling if you're doing a lot of this cinema as a something wrong with the war. What do you know my my throat is horse like trump the other day hours you'll and a you know like weather happening on top and it's it ought there's a lot of embarrassing things that can happen. When year in a jury of your peers I don't think they hands is as much of a problem I like to talk with my hands so when I'm in a conversation and you just. Using that we'll use them to illustrate what I'm trying to line when trying to say. But I understand about eye contact because a lot of dynamics here you know you have to look away right you can't just stared the entire right and I don't like such a pardon if you do that it's like asserting your dominance it's healing that I have always the first person to blink so if you're like. You know in a conversation with a person I'm always like yup. Yep and Mike looking away because. I did you won't stop looking so someone has to stop look and that's why I like the conversation like this where there's there's actually three multiple policy could look around and not feel awkward because I feel like. Do you want a reaction of a hole I think there's a 152 carpet honestly fifteen seconds is long scare me for fifteen seconds and it's not weird you know what's so like what is the cop these all things are going through my mind while I'm supposed to be talk eight were reported to be great Blake you know people don't deal well it might be in trouble holly part. It. I just can't archaic or what I get you in trouble at a holiday party. Then on even if you're out drinking is reading the room because I find that and people are awful reading the room the older I get. Maybe it's just me but people really that I see people walking situations like. Do you not see what you're doing here that those countries where these that you always just couldn't mostly what this guy hitting on a girl you know the girls uninteresting and you like can't he see this to how can I see this in he can't. Yeah that's those are dug like the walking time bomb that you see you see people walking into real like man. This guy is going for it but yeah I'm not to assure that he should be going forward here I fear the worst. And then you you watch it happen but here like watching it in slow motion this train wreck but he can't look away you wanna just keep watching it. The South Ossetia locks newsroom exactly what his leather jacket. But but I think I think that's a great example of what regional meals but I think it to work in a worse way something like this you know not ignorant not knowing who you're really talking until you're trying to relate in it could get you more trouble than anything in you and I even had on one dollar and I'm just upward. No matter what happens. The idea. Of having to pretend to not be awkward terrifies me. Terrifies me like I have to be conscious to myself they don't be awkward don't look on the waddle arguing that if you're talking here or property. Spirited there's no it's his hair I don't know I'm awkward angle of awkward if I'm really intimidated by an attractive woman I am very awkward I don't know but there's more there is differently than. The awkward in being offensive or being creepy. Awkward is not creepy you can awkward not greedy. All right you know after. 0515 you got the music playing us out down here. Got gel in my overalls it's Terrero music to play out tentative point this out here 830551888. 5525. PP on the phone numbers guy the wash share with us. Office party advocates office party horror stories mistakes that you've made at the office party on the lesson. Where on the list and will be here for another half hour so Joseph be very neat Kyrie and Jody via sealing out here. With me here rankings and each year. I think with Kirk cousins. You have a player that fit. Perfectly in terms of that. Grinder worker process mentality guy that they like and the way he wind speeds. Really well with Rick Paterson system in buffalo from that perspective seems really feel it now you have to ask yourself do you wanna make it large investment in Kirk cousins you wanna make. Kirk cousins the highest paid quarterback in the NFL if that's what's going to happen and are you gonna be the one that can do. All right back here on the bike. It is. The intercom holiday parties we got people come in and outs we've got beat us string band. Jammies Christmas tunes out there does double goes down to Georgia really good really good version by the way yeah and you know it. I'm not I'm not here to nitpick the double double went down to Georgia. Christmas holiday parties. Doesn't. The early next nontraditional Mineola traditional not complaining yeah and odds. That was. The V Joseph Reno you just heard in that clip there he was on the show and the Bulldog earlier talking. About the court backstop the bills. You checked out and demand at BG five duty dot com on demand audio brought you might northwest savings bank where people made the difference is mass tonight. That's around a little bit before we get to Thursday night football that's going to be here at 8 o'clock so we ban. Soliciting for a year. Your follow pots. Your holiday party part polity Arnie that's on your holiday party politics party that would be a turtle plot are hurting holiday parties cleared out the room at a holiday party. Yeah I think that's you know their offensive. I think nominally it's not all of us via certainly. Especially feel it coming on each are rarely have time to get yourself away well I'm from the situation now here it's understandable you have a very tight area and there's not as many doors and flipping. Places that people aren't in a year year year pretty much stuck if you. If you drop a bomb in here it's what the thing you know let it go a lot situation now because people are gonna now. Sony has dropped the bomb and then just walk through the crowd and like you know let it trail behind Julianna and you'd you'd like never will get the blame or do you just sit in the room and leave it in that one area Boettcher and let it linger for a second that we've so doesn't spread to the rest of the party Elaine a closed room. The moment and little else they've closed room and I'm releasing. I would I do a walk in the room let it air out in like proceeds of the party if there's anything lingering I just an Alley. Yeah that's the role now I and deny deny deny deny deny that's right classic classic Roger Stone all right there all right Mike in Jersey he's got a faux pas for us from his holiday party let's go I'm like. Hello hello you guys they get over to share my experience. A Nevada college and I about plus Java one of the biggest bank in new York and about what other two parties. Just within thirty minutes of getting at a party had a lot of drinks well Connolly that well. Other studies on the Dieter and there are people whom you know my office or whatever and that the global setting maximum offense with anybody actually. And that you might song came by the that you have probably issued out of unionbancal what Hillary did have an interest there. So much and she was the the woman who sat right next to you in the office. Yet it is that Mac which is good looking though to them. I just kept and she'd be lucky if you have a program manager in my America plays like all these kids need to combat. I want that it will come up Fabian he's you know what it's on the way about the forget. While we you've got men out there because I mean I think especially now that if that happens now I had I think that's depending on I guess circumstances but how did you fare. You know the next time you had to work which she still send tax deal when you went to work the extent. Opening maximum YouTube thing that will be the last pulled it off and I just told her look. You're like muscle or you know I do need to do and how would. You it's like ours are simple to George Costanza Korea had to draw a map of the office team just avoid or because of the move at the party. Dog I had the privilege of my concern you know trying to earning dual involved as an abdominal implication regular tickets this week you're also. A but it turn out okay you are built myself but we'll also look at. The old movie yet that that is bull like exotics are shared with us that is it. That's that's one that you now. I I was before up on the show here decided that this was going to be a bridge caddie or you know maybe dad we we should tackle some of us. It it always sides that you don't wanna be. It's located of the stories from the holiday party you just don't wanna be the one that's the centerpiece of the gas. Yeah it's always fun to listen to them as long as you're not. Dump her life and that situated and I'm like that you know what it's the person that the person that didn't go to the holiday party heard about the next day. Yeah right at and they come in to work the next time you're working endorsed confront you there's nothing worse than a company who's gonna have a Christmas party and Thursday night like why would you do that site why would you make it Thursday night. So that bad decisions are made you have a weekend too so exactly right into the feel bad about it look at it is calling you call and everyone's like all in the want to help her and those who is holding pardon. Got a person goes the holly guardian has to work at 430 next Morton commodities some someone in this room who now all right you know Treo 551 eat eat eat by 525. If you've got a dog in Seattle coming up next I was. We're on high and too much as enjoy the party. They're yelling yeah I wish I was there Mac. Program dole. Why don't you get to change you guys all know how those work. Yes you can like steal people's gaffes. It's one of those deals right. Perfect yeah. Sold my wife and I were 25. And so typically how workplaces where the younger where the young yup then our workplace so. We get an invitation to my place to work party and it said Blake get it you know you got to dress. Nice apparel and all that and so were taken like wow yet did you wide open we gotta go get on the night. So we don't want to be key in the youngsters that are joking around and all that and don't go all we get like a movie night you know my wife hit the lotion and whatever power. The women that worked there and then. I give the white old can give Denver mayor. And I could tell that it's like plastic bag wrapped in wrapping paper and until election like they disagree. This solemn you know. I don't know what it is played. So make you sick. And sure enough the owner he goes next and it's a pretty big company and for some reason he picks can change with me. And you pick him the gift that I had my hand. And then I'm watching him because it is ended right after donor use the last want us and I feel that he's he's he's opening it. And it's so cold toilet paper. Wish they'd tin. And it strain. That's what the owner of the ball but I hope you got. Oh bull what's the with the toilet paper you know what I know what. Had a string. Well I didn't separate silicon it's a plastic bag that was wrapped in wrapping paper so whether it's inside the adjustments toilet paper's. And the strings. And have him like a post ten. Can I ask you what did you trade for what did you end up getting. Out of my strike I guess it again why not so nice yeah. And here your boss must fill it full after oh yeah you made out literally a bag of garbage can Trace that back like who put the garbage into this loop. Hold it ended if you want the last one he chose not to trade. I'm happy he made mistakes mistakes are made by that's all excited and I decided not to I don't like it. Tonight do we have the word party tonight so I'm kind of opened don't go my way like that you know two years ago so. Let me ask you work tomorrow. Yeah I'd feel good again ya what you said it's a Thursday where party than the workday on Friday so terrible so let's play and I'm going to work tomorrow. On I water alarm on the West Coast so I I don't tune QB and should you guys five. Wow so yeah every time you have. Let's leader on the West Coast seeking go to India now you get a nice Griese burger before going to your good. Yeah exactly man Phil played inter party so I don't need to worry about any co workers you know also. Also I know I have had a brother the you have good night out and done things are called are our that that's done yet it's. I have heard about it. It in one of those where you know you have the leave the office exchange of gifts I've never got an alien in a situation like that where you sign up for secret Santa or something like that. Andy you join in on some off the shenanigans read you trade guess. If there's the the episode of the office where they duets and Michael. Are buys an iPod for a ride in because he wants to be cool. Yankee swap the Yankee swap that they caught a yankees off day he's yankees up so everybody doubted those situations but man. I think it's safe to stay away from the situations personally like I'm a not giving person like I'm not the kind of person that what you give but. I don't wanna be told hey you're giving a different experts like I might get me get for the three gentlemen I'm here with today. But so I don't know was well let go very wrong and in the end. If it doesn't garage I can also seemed very cheap cell. I'm just gonna stay at guy we don't do gifts and our office we all just pitch in in the office and get our boss something really cool their bosses really cool. Yet your boss hooks you up there yeah I got me I got a new best thing I coat yesterday treats you guys you guys are the quick vote with the Thursday holiday yeah. Yeah you know why I think they do that. They're trying to two curve year you're drinking yes they're trying to curb years or jolt on them but they don't know that I am terrific at Friday morning like. There's always grab up water and me. I can make it through just about anything I usually I'm the guy that takes like a banana some caffeine and pretty much good to go down that. Jokes on them right is one of the best recovers and it comes from one night of drinking you know I can speak from. Witnessing I I can agree that he's he's does have an uncanny ability to just snap out of the blues like. Says the Sundays like senator tough today you have a Saturday nights and CB is a thing IA during bills games I'm up early like I'm doing their early broadcast LO IC I don't go out Saturday as he gets ready to see if late. Late for you are really for me. Matt and yeah like I I don't get to really go out as I also do sports talk serie early Saturday like him here early so that kind of early on weekends to. See him. Brian he's a big. He's. A big go router oh yeah I've gone out with Brian I gotta be gone right from going out to the coming into work and and seen him for hours later and he look all visited chipper. Yes always and chip from an art in a pre old guys if you want it needs. 550 to 550 out over had a break here you'll be part of last call on the nightcap. Give us some your your holiday party stories maybe it's a gift exchange media if you went in for the cast. The kids with you or law coworker that you sit next to. Because that's what Mike in Jersey dead ends but you know what that's a doozy listen. Shooters got to shoot I ask a question about like what was more bolt the move of kissing or the lying he used next day I was playing so there are. I don't know where like I was going for it she kiss like. Please like you know probably I guess my sister on the on the lips to. Mike. It and I know you're you dug yourself a hole when you're digging a little bit deeper there all right let's let's get a break it tonight at Joseph beaver. Nick Jiri Jodi B he gains on WG. Video I don't like. Sold my mind. America. You. The best 708 it's. Instead of one day a presence we had 880. But oh and you feel like the only kid in town without a Christmas tree. Here's a list of people once you show us tonight when me. David we rob. Besides dumb I know that I. So do Kirk Douglas James on Saturday nine visual. As do we still get that. Had gone into the nightcap which he write in game seven from here and I'm not an odd duck behind and it. Paul Newman had your wish and Goldie on tactical. Bullet yet and don't get out wideout behind your opinion we'll. Discriminates. At the holiday party we know much met Mike Ackerman and that's why Matt yeah. I think generally good. Bull legendary Mike Bagger man in studio honestly. It's sort of like that that thing the thing with my bag and is sort of like every good picture taken of anyone important in buffalo. There's just might back in the back with a yes I'll let up up near my dad has got like. He shows up in every single pitcher I I've ever seen basically orders in the background I watch that was a good team. Like where's Mike government that like him in a little bit like a little person in the background like in Alitalia might dagger is great idea that Mike flag on. All. Up 40. He learned he learned from possibly it's all right so we we do we do have. We've got time for for one last thing here. It's fried ravioli and we have earned comes why okay. A place for fried ravioli calls anywhere in here one day because he treats us well culture it's as well so we're gonna get some subprime believes February Hasselbeck minorities had a ravioli tonight out of show before before we have to leave your your your big Virginia Tech fair yes. So let us know your feelings on this whole Tyrod Taylor so you know what have you form. I thought is in Rio because Howard makes fun of me almost every morning. I love pirating college brought Virginia Tech three ACC championships in two of them he won the MVP of the game. I will always remember Tyrod is that guy of Dan. He's not the bill's future I love tyra tyra if you're listening I love you I have a thing. I have a football in my backseat and I'd love for you to sign from my father for Christmas. If you're listening. All that. I love tyra what he's not the bill's future the bill's future is currently in the college football playoffs his name is baker mayfield higher bid makers and he'll be playing on New Year's Day at 545. Sale in our boss for standing at the corner I'm like trying to sneak through you know try to avoid everybody to get to the cookies they're like Nate. Baker mayfield and I'm like. Up they're like who easy arm. I said Russell Wilson is an old wrote Drew Brees Drew Brees threw London clinic they want thing. As as you know from my college football. Experience. That'll be a great game Georgia Oklahoma is going to be a great game it it will be better than Clemson Alabama I I don't feel and a general continent I did I I think Georgia Alabama as your final. A caller right now I really do I hope three before. Yeah SEC teams DB got he's got other thoughts Joseph I think local time ones who aren't agreement well like the contrary I can't give up I'm not about just a continuity joke and throw it the app craze what X I think one thing that I almost positive uncle went into December 28. Virginia Tech will beat Oklahoma State. And that's what I have to say about that. The you we got Jovian areas of the that the residents. Alice and a resident Virginia Tech and he's wearing Virginia tax Sox is soccer game is on fleet as they say hmm. It's the stuff are these fried. Ravioli is our. Cheesy. You know at this is front now. He's quite there yet it's it's the year don't seem close. Eye on it's I like I don't want moving that well let me desist. I'm mostly hate everything Christmas. Your skin Halloween your greater I would like should take. I don't like Christmas do you like cold weather I hate it yes OK we if that ever detected. It's the first job I can get out of state CU what what I've come to find is that now that guy essentially live and on and I'm forced to you know kind of create my own Chris this year. It's not fun it's IE I'm not gonna. I gotta be honest you know what an apartment with 224 year old right foods not gonna go while. Get a Christmas tree if we had girlfriends this to be way different right this I don't mean something yeah its parent into the Christmas cheer staggered and we we need some support as well as so what's it like. You know having someone. That enjoys your presence. And also that you want to sit around Christmas tree and exchanged jokes. That's a couples the right all it means is that my electric bill as a whole but that's on me so so that's adulthood that is that is so that's that's sort of literally literally I spent an entire Sunday watching. The bills game and putting up a tree with the thought that my electric bill was. It unless you get the last group our eyes Leslie Ryan thank you it's been a pleasure to work with you may in jail all right so now we're organ over to Obama. To Thursday night and end and Brian and I are gonna go to the to the bar. Since yes we are now New Orleans Atlanta coming up next right here WG air.