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It's Mike should open I couldn't start now. If there's a mistake tease out. It's not a joke I'm afraid they read the wrong thing. This is not a joke these shall comply geo and the bulldogs. Have a great night on W. Go dvi as we told you there. Lot of football on the show opened the bull like showed that it would notional. Shall president outlook. He will be making an appearance for the holiday party how is actually doing that he is yes I do not he is on and off because he had not wanna come to the holiday party have you been to the holiday program Mike is always there he loves how long thought Oliver. Like almost. It almost doesn't make sense of what you've holding. I mean yeah it's about you know what's it like it is a nice nightly. Lot of advertiser here and it's at night for us to mingle with. People who maybe otherwise we would see. And thank them for helping us do we do you know moving their money matters their bitter advertising. Silica that's probably key like embraces the whole thing. Honda idol. I mean I'm not gonna say that he doesn't care about the advertisers you definitely don't like anyone in this business would relate he just. Just like the party's Italy I don't know I'm not among mr. party like myself like I did I get sector hot this sort sweat the minute your self conscious and I'd sweat more intimate smaller guys trotted out and I. That's now that's that's that is mile per hour. I'm quite the opposite I got a hot and I'll sort of sweat now I'm going to be self conscious about sweating Susan Malvern sweat more and now I gotta go. That is my time I'm a part of it Florida couple Beers I'm like that's pretty much. So you'll be here long I don't know Woolsey I'd go but meego could could be. It's not a plus one. And I had that discussion with another media member about this this week. Do you have a plus want your holiday party at your place of business. And actually two other media members I spoke to said they do not either. I know there are plus one parties this year not that type of party right this is us to recognize and our own building and people who help make us run. Cameo in the advertisers. But I had somebody else the media come out to mean say. If you plus one ear Entercom party and I said now we we just have a said wow I needed a week he said I thought that was not for us right as of now it's kind of in the same thing here. In Allah be standards it. Operating procedure practices anyway so it might be here he's Clinton to what walking here and sit here and I told not to get more might punch him. There's I don't know what I said was an old you've ever noticed this but you sometimes the example I used was sometimes you're here. If your fill in for Murtha is not a TV day. You'll be here doing the noon to three should write and I hear I mean like this studio where this is where we worked as our office is our studio we have no other place to really go. When we get here so if you're here. We can't come sitting here and get ready to do the show so. But I always try to sneak into a rape right as I do and I don't wanna just a I've never read one time have I ever sat year. While you were doing the show. And just booked. Right but that would be weird no you haven't Mike Mike has not only then that he's come in he's does that work is it's the icing his chair. That would be a little weird maybe for Canada he has actually commit and come on the air rubble and I think so different that. References like come in but if you're someone who talks on the radio. And there's a person talking on the radio in the room and you don't want to talk on the radio it's weird weird it is I agree with you this is the the natural inclination will be to what caught on that person did join the covered like a joint and right hand Wright does say something I write but it's so he's off to some cells here which is awesome. And we've got our own party tonight they're all caught up that's all you know if Joel Marino from van ran exports is going to be all of us. A little more NFL draft and also bills we we will call from. Prior appearances on the show. That Joseph in any policy NFL coach talks emerged about the an apple for senate. Pays attention to the bills so we'll get his thoughts on how things are shaping up with the bills. The news of the day really it's as you go to you for the news today consumption repeat would you party told me that seems dumb because you're sitting here actually working. Ready to talk on the radio so what's who's in the days ago. I would think that two big pieces of news today are that for devious way is out of concussion protocol. And practicing. With those that he actually did practice with the bills in fact he was listed on the injury report as a full participant in practice on. And Tyrod Taylor is listed on the injury report as a limited participant he was at practice for the first time this week I was out there early today before I came here. He still as you heard the update from Joseph listed as day today so we don't know he's going to play on Sunday. The fact that he was out there today he's limited. Had a tells me maybe they're getting to a point where he'll be ready on Sunday I don't know this but I'm trying to read tea leaves out. Well good news or not I don't wanna blow past one but obviously don't wanna get to have the quarterback situation. Here but that it's good news that white. Is cleared and healthy because that was a very scary looking play and he spoke today and I admired what he had to say a lot. Two Davids wait because. I I think. I don't know in sports in general are animal that football has its share of guys maybe snipe him at each other especially when there are questionable plays and certainly no love lost between. The Bengals and Steelers franchises there's been. These series going back many years of dirty awful hits are engaged between those two teams are appreciated white. Not letting gronkowski up all this mean frankly it was during that he he is what he did I think that was really yum. That's what I wanted to hear them not but I guess sometimes. Sports can sound like a British company in the club. And well you know it's the heat of the moment. And you know whatever you know which is I I I don't I don't I don't dislike home I don't hold it against the missiles like what you told the students have been good yeah I I am. Read it was there was despicable what he did mom didn't didn't ground say after the game that he apologized to treating this like it is say. I apologize to because white said today he has not heard from him you know I don't ID nine. Feel at all from what grown bright red Cronkite set I do not cured myself when I'm ready. In the quote read like he was saying to the media I wanna apologize to right there you go not I sought him out in to write him I was sorry for what I did it was. Mortgages I'm gonna tell you mood that I'm sorry. And that and that's as far as any apology went according that your Davey is white today he has not heard from Rob Gronkowski has not heard any apology. Thousands are movie ever well I mean talk today about. Having a child say after reason people don't think about that you know they. And I and I agree with this I would say that. Fans think of athletes as robots essentially they cannot. People with families and lives away from the playing field of the diamond or the ice the equipment football players wearers I think lend itself to that right hours and other sports yeah. But he. He is in. Luckily it's does not appear to be any more serious than I am obviously could've been because he appears on track to play on Sunday but still. Ridiculous act. Warn today's suspension and I would say women absolutely finally multi game suspension Asher want. I mean I'm not admit that that generate a lot of conversation in the days after the game. I immediately lost in front trying to wait you're comparing this to that in. You know how is this not worse than what this and they I don't know him in the head he got a game like okay. This football you know look I am happy I guess I'm okay eight. I'm not okay with what he did. I guess I didn't expect more punishment of the mad because it's football and even though was outside of the play that that'd you know. And I think that's how football rolls in don't. The the thing that is most I think unfortunate about the whole situation does that mean you you know what they get into this. And bring it up now what I wanna keep moving into the Tyrod and and Peterman here. Quickly but. You know football is is it's dangerous there is the risk of an injury. He is there an and the repercussions from that can be severe we've we've now heard and read. Numerous numerous too numerous to mention examples of players who've suffered the consequences of head injuries. So playing you put yourself at risk period traders what's football player which has been getting a concussion. From playing football is going to be there step on the field there's a chance to have one come your way your first one is a pro. In such. Discussed being outside of the boundaries of play manner is just. It it's what is most maddening about that but his concussion meter title. Starts at one at least in the NFL I don't know about what we don't happen to him from school through college. It starts at one iron. In all the people's Coble from Rob Gronkowski because he's. Spoiled brat in you know not capable controlled. Yeah and you know you watch again on Monday night and those things that happen are. They're unfortunate did you use that Shuster on Vontae is perfect and I low gun has hit the end zone. They're unfortunate but. That's kind of part of the game in the way it's it goes sometimes they out these other risk you take and I don't think that Judas issues there was intentionally trying to hit him in the head with his head annaly Georgia Loko was trying to hit the receiver in the head with his head. You still have to be responsible for doing it there's no doubt you can understand it happening car wrecked I can't understand a guy doing this right that's a conscious decision that. I'm going to take my elbow US stutter step. In drop on him like Hulk Hogan right in the back of his head and that was what was so concerning so. When I hear people at IA I don't you alluded to it I appreciate it on Tuesday because Monday night I wrote on Twitter and I know he said this. I ran into I love football I love football so my option. I always extol the virtues of the game. How great the game is for what it teaches you as a as a Manning growing up in me you know locker with people all the burden races and socioeconomic backgrounds and religions and hype of being together and overcome things what it does re how you become tough in life for physically and mentally. But there is this attack on football around the country rate now for what it does to people physically. And it's not all untrue I'm not here to tell you that it's fake. It was hard Monday night. For even someone like me to defend the game against that because of all those things happen I'll still do it you out because I'll tell you that it still has all those great things about it now. But that was money because I can say look this is a violent game this is what happens. But if I look at Sunday pulled out and I say that right there what happened. That's just a contest to do doing something right that's up football like that that didn't happen because of football Rob Gronkowski did that happen because of Rob Gronkowski. We've seen things like that on the ice with guys that sticks or whatever and that's hockey it's a guy's thrown fisticuffs. The wheezing baseball brawls things like that. That didn't happen because of football that happened because there was a guy who said I'm going to try and hurt somebody outside the realm of my sports. That was what was discussing and know what can happen. Yeah no I mean the idea that I got here that's on the mean. You to try to take it very seriously just really shouldn't. But like I have a drag but I drag and I didn't participate at all but I got like linked in on Twitter enjoyed an argument between fans ask him like. I I I did not take the time to sift carefully through the arguments but but there were people trying to say like gronkowski has a point. Or something like I just don't how. You can possibly be more blinded by your phantom. Then then to try to defend what he did what he did was discussed but he brightly period when the end. I just don't know how you can possibly look at that and go well you've got to put yourself in his shoes I mean he's he's been hell. He gets more offensive pass interference penalties called bottom. Who show up quick it can mean really stick editors know to think I'm not just let me let me say this two things about that. Number one. AV is getting held why's he taking out of your biggest white. In the refereed the ones that are calling apparently it let go by slam a rough right I mean what you know and the second thing is yep you're right I agree tell sometimes I agree because he's big and he's great in these tough defense you know what happens the guy I think that they get held. We're now what so what he got held right what does that have to do with anything he consciously made a decision to do to previously. It doesn't make sense it would it would it on some level. This wouldn't excuse it at all so don't misunderstand what I'm about to say but you you could. I'm saw liable appreciate the frustration. If Vera losing the game 23 to three and he's being held to zero catches because he's being interfered with and held all game long. And but there's frustration there it's still again you know on loses is my life I would not excuse the behavior. Bought you could at least appreciate. This guy being frustrated you wouldn't expect him to take it out in some. Healthier. More defensible manner but you would understand the frustration. His teams up 233 there's agreement it's always got and I just love and 49 yards what do you about you what chart. But what couldn't possibly be upset about it just never it just. Its sole. Boldly just gross. And I hope you all exports football it's funny you know the violence and it hockey same way. What do the things about it that is maybe you get older. I find this you find more and more things problematic. That happened in the games. They took the Bengals Steelers game. Is harder to stomach. As a 52 year old man than it was when I was thirty night hockey games that teeter on the brink of mayhem that doesn't happen very often at all anymore and hockey. But when it does I find myself sort of on comfortable right but it is one of my one on one what's what's gonna get hurt you're really badly this is bad. They don't wanna see Obama. See this through and I hope this I hope this gives reined in somehow right. You have those reactions. And then the next time the game is on your read the act. I need to sort of forget about it you forget about the actions of the person that would you and you sort of keep grown. And I hope I don't do that with which he's been an all time great players who do the best tight end that maybe government. He's also had a clean record right he's not been a dirty player and I hope our. I wanna I wanna hold this against him yet but I. You know peace peace peace. Saying it like it is. And I I think I wanna I wanna do. It is it was it was gross. And gladly ways okay interest and he said. But he said I could've bit might occur that my tong that would that obviously when that happens that you're coming down with two or sixty pounds coming down and you bite your tongue would not be. Really good. I'm he bit his lip and that's why he used lead and had to put the towel up he said he that he he bit his lip. But when he walked off me I might think to myself he walked by me and I'm thinking geez he doesn't look good. You know I mean and I TV CNET from the broadcast right so luckily. Thankfully he's OK now you know and in any in any go to the thing that the rind cheese a year. He may never play football again and that's the words they Michelle sealed the senate tweet every Tweeter. He checked that out there was so much she spoke to a neurologist or saw us Haas. Spinal cord. Doctor whenever what she said that this person said he may never play football again. That is horrible it's. Unfortunate obviously it's also. Wasn't an illegal hit of any sort it was a football play. And that's the part of the game that is scary and does come with the risk of all these kinds of things I'm not here to tell you that. Football is think the most safest thing in the world I know that's not. Also. I am also uncomfortable on Monday night watching that game and tell you how great it is because of all these things they're going out of it and I wanna tell you that. Well we all week week we all sort of I mean we're into the conversation now is funny guy I set a one member of quickly to move on but. I'd I'd but do it we're here now so may we just continue with this we'll get to Tyrod. And Peter in in a minute. But what what do you. What do you make of the the there's there's talk about the NFL instituting the college rule to review. Hits and have immediate ejection I don't like is you don't like it I I tape because. I think it's too much it's too subjective. I went oh exactly like how are you policing that how he determining that again. There are times when a a guy hits a guy in the head he's not trying to do that he's not targeting him targeting. I have a problem with the word target he's targeting his head. Just because another guy's head lowers in your trying to make a play and you lower your head assuming your targeting someone's head. Might mean that you should have had a different angle the cute you know maybe you're the technique was often. I don't like it and then you're gonna eject people and make an all these subjective rulings one referees who say that's targeting another one's gonna say that's not targeting. And I think we're getting weighed. Even further down the renal it's. It would almost become like I know it's not the proper analogy but. What's the catch. Me if so many different kind of people on different levels telling you well this is right this is wrong he made this will be didn't make this what I don't like it. I know I like the spirit of them trying to protect people of course I do. I don't wanna see that Julia. Might be something to consider mean that this should not be part of of the port excuse me ahead of player safety. But the length of games. They cut college has these rules and like college games are timed differently Bullock. I know for much in the SECO easier on Saturday flick the game starts at 330 and it's like 730 right sometimes like a good. A bomb waiting for the evening games thus there and I'm still old Robert arsenal Mike what that what gore earlier. Yeah I three and a half hours is easy in college football that's right and I I think some of the review stuff that's in place has has a part of that again there's different there's different issues with the with the clock is used. That I think contribute probably more significantly to put I don't I don't mean only more stuff getting reviewed. I mean I'm anti review sewed generally I'm starting from a place where I be wrestling with trying to make the game safer and don't bog me down. I do not need. More things being circled in super slow motion by announcers who cannot possibly tell me what the rules are there's no relief and write speeds but don't play. It's yet and and I think. Every officiating crew every official might have a different interpretation of what happened and I think was going down the whole point of worst we would beat out a Twitter. And elsewhere battling every single time one of these calls was right that's targeting asset they haven't acknowledged right I see it all the time. I thought the there one of the reasons I thought to every I didn't know the two previous one was gonna talk today in and say what he said. I saw. Portage last night Mike Mitchell all of the Steelers talking about this and I I just I thought he made a lot so totally did. You know it as much as you have to be in control. Load your body and and how you're hitting in and be responsible not be reckless and all this stuff. We unity he made an example out of this display I actually the pilot a few times. And I'm still sort of gray on but he email example is played from last year we got flagged for hitting a Bengals player didn't Tyler put on a number was yep. A grind nodding. And to the I was going to go hit the guy could see the ball was being gonna be delivered to him so I went to go hit them and the ball was. Not accurately throw so he had to lay out to get it so now is I'm about to hit them I'm hitting them nears when that wasn't my intention of Ali that's right you can't. Unity. How are you going to rule on stuff like this league you you're you're saying I'm targeting. By. I blame football if you put that rule in place in college he could be ejected for that bright and like come on in kidneys trying to. China plays trying to he's trying to everything right shredder the way was taught to do it but because there was an errant throw. Suddenly weren't where to miss a starting player for game now has an excess anybody's got any thoughts on. On this conversation Zelaya have viewed certainly welcome to chime in moderate some you know your reaction to what white had to say today will give you some of those comments. About the gronkowski can itself. This targeting idea that's making the rounds today in the NFL in just the the overall the overall violence in the gamely how you feel about. Football scene now verses I don't know 101520 years ago August depending on your age. We're open to that an eagle 30551808550. To 550 but we will get to. The quarterback news today because a cell told you at the top Tyrod Taylor practiced on a limited basis today. And we'll see what that means much mice ants well I'll tell you I'll save it till after the break. I have a certain sense of how fans are feeling about the bills quarterback situation right now and won't get into that maybe take some calls on that to draw Marino from banner read it for John Clayton. At five with a sales in for Mike and the Bulldog in us is WG. A foot ball. You one of the flag football then let's take our heads off they'll make it easier for me now got to where it. Give us life for me to pull off that I know what we're playing. Not on the plate full speed contact football we're not doing that I thought I gotta ask a guy hey are you ready for me to hit you right now before it's. That's crazy I'm gonna mess gonna get hurt trying to protect them up with the player because he's gone and an overall damage you'll quarterbacks in the food and on this them. That happened two years ago about I I'm I'm not open at all and you don't go all the other hybrid two years ago however had to die for how important gut. But if you don't argue don't get me that's the great out of my pocket because any drove the bad ball. Make that makes it. And it Mercer taking our money but now you know you got like match up the only a dirty player and it's my character we've never met before. I donate more money and and Adam. Underprivileged kids that probably people on the big. Don't give me that in mind that you go to school there and I think all that you don't know me but they don't which is still open book while my competitive. None of the vote is just so what's going on in the game and yet I'm a little luster but. Mean we've gotten better we got to do better than yesterday I've gotten better players and Simon yeah we got it you better be listed as one in the league. Obviously everybody company is owners players all that the point rod. We've just we've got to do better we can't have a guy where you just. Handout this went on how you see fit their needs to be effect guideline of how we do what we do. That is Steelers defense of back. Mike Mitchell referenced during the opening segment of the game yeah I heard that last night and think I want to dumb and once again to be as safe as it can be I'd I don't I don't like you know or dharma football or hockey elegant and pretty blasting anyone in the head. You see it much more in football because you're tackling. Although there's you know there's been plenty of head it's in hockey just not had had and certainly that's not what you see in football you see helmet to helmet it is it happens. And I think it's. I think it's really difficult to find your way the tomb. Manipulated. To did to eradicate or I just don't know how old you would do it if you're playing football it was going to be tackling. There's going to be moments where as fast as the game is going. A guy is gonna hit the other guy where you don't want them to hit a bright bright. Yeah I can beat over legislation it's mixed it's to that point already I think in a lot of ways. And we're getting further and further from that I was at the actress trophy banquet last night. Get into the west area. High school I'm Natalie congratulations south park's Jeremiah Sanders you want it. And my former. Athletic director and offensive coordinator coach Cleveland will count currencies when that started the war he speaks. To everybody beforehand and he always has a good message about no life in football and he actually went through the I didn't realize this he went through like the rules of the game how they change he referenced all this and how. The game is changing we have to adapt in those things they realize a lot of ways like the way they were used to play back in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds like it was just like. People died and people died in the fields we had to change the rules. You know and you always have to write you always have to change the rules I'm all for changing rules like we have to a depth because they're bigger they are faster stronger all these guys are playing. And the rules or are you changing and we have to adapt the equipment is changing and all those kinds of things and you and I totally get I. Think you have to not to derail you hear I hear the rest this you have to respect. The Newton the appearance of making it seems safer because yes I mean you just have I just have more and more people that look at. Contact sports I can include hockey in this and Disco. It's not for my kids. Right and and the opposite is true and that's. I want to go at it which is. But as much as you you do need to make it safer and adapt to rules the bottom line is. Football supposed to be played of as a violent game. It's supposed to be played with people hate each other hard. Like we don't celebrate jacked up anymore and we don't make NFL crunch course videos anymore like we all did on VHS and always wiest we watch those before games out in the locker room right let's get on the busing go Ra rally everybody did that. And that's not what the game is. Glorifying anymore but at the heart of that football is still a tough game. You've got to be tough to play you have to understand that you're gonna play it you're gonna hit people you're gonna get hit there's a risk that comes with that. But doesn't mean we can't do it any controlled way that we can try and minimize that risk is much as possible. But that risk we'll never ever completely go away Brian will always be there we have to accept that. We just have to do the best we can't within as we go forward. Young that's right. So leave you out you know you have a choice to make right I think if he gives his view and expect. Bet you're gonna get in don't be participating in a sport that is gonna change to the point where there's no risk and you can forget that it's not gonna happen. That's right there that if that the more that happens that we are losing the sport I think. I think a lot of it is because of the injuries that are happening from the from the mom's side of things for example like I don't want my son doing that right he's not going to play. But I also think part of it is from the old school people horse seem the game change and saying. You can't touch anybody anymore or my watching here right right. Right yeah. Now I mean there you have it certainly there is that so looked at ball lines are open 8030551888550. Two by fifty if you want in on that that this part of the conversation. The quarterback situation with the bills Mike said it late yesterday shall we we we spent. The better part of Tuesday and Wednesday sort of you know old tried to figure out. You know come at the conversation from different different angles but really you know so all and isn't this isn't that confusing is the quarterback conversation. You know and the bureau who's going to be the quarterback is it's a kids in its evergreen. And usually. There is no shortage of people that want to share their opinion about it the last two days. That has sort of not been happening. And I hit it leaves me wondering. Whether or not. Fans and go with what you've checked out on the season but I I think that's that's also a possibility. Given their record given how they looked against New England. Given what the standings look like you knowing what what kind of help you leave it Baltimore hasn't lost. Last couple weeks Tennessee beat them mighty Tennessee to lose three here or might that doesn't seem likely. Assuming another New England lost in this in the bus that I can lose 97 news is my premise here. I don't know that fans. Some fans may be a lot of fans maybe fans that we normally hear from. Having sort of reached a point where they're looking at Peter Meehan vs Taylor which. Immediately after the game like there was no shortage of fans who wanted to talk about. Peter many young player Peter Miguel played here regular sixty yard game from Tyrod Taylor all that sort of stuff. I don't go now and I sort of feel this way. Neither one of these guys is going to be my quarterback. Long term and soul I don't know with a point but it it doesn't. I'm not as invested and as as I normally would be. In the hunt fatigue is a part of that are already mentioned that the tie breakers. It just looks like you need a lot of stuff to go your way. And I don't know I just don't sense with with with a question about who's going to play quarterback for the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. It doesn't seem like a lot of people are invested in voicing their opinion about who that should be. As much as most. Because it doesn't don't think it matters right somewhat well I'll tell you this. When I got to practice today and we walked out into the field house. We saw. Tyrod Taylor was practicing. I tweeted out tyra just practicing we don't know the status completely but he's practicing. I will tell you and I get twitters at the greatest gauge because people are decent RPI understand that but the general response was mostly. You know like Anna I don't want on the play. Not at the ready for injury but. I mean any plays right they lessen the chance or. I'm done with him militias who Obama or at least I do have a curiosity factor about clean your racquets right. Because I will say this Bulldog. I agree with you that neither guy is the long term guy quote unquote adding that means you'll multiple years down the road. But. Pretty sure they appear to be here next year memory and I don't think Tara Taylor well yup stimulus so from that aspect of it. I think it's a more important with the bigger picture in mind. It may appear in place some coming up the next few games whether that's third this week a committee this week which are the following week or whatever it is. He's on this roster next year. And right now there are no other quarterbacks on this roster it would be just him and whoever they either draft or sign or trade for so. We better at least get used to the idea of a he's on this roster he might be actually. A person that winds of starting this team next year unless it goes in as the number one guy can't and I seen him on the reins or he. Gets that number one job through whatever avenue injury something like that. He's your next year ya know I have no doubt so. It probably is a good thing to find out what you have before you make other decisions which impact the position. You know we we thought going all the way back to the summer. When you know like obviously I thought the season would be a certain kind of season you know five or six win season. Almost certainly there would come a point in time worded Biederman would play right you get a certain kind of record how many times did we even ask you hypothetically like. What's our record got to be 48 but before Peterman goes in the submitted about now four games left is what I you know. And when whenever we talk about. My my my thought was of course you wanna see what he has. You're gonna wanna if you do do your do your work here you've got the draft picks next year yet to a the first round is a good crop quarterbacks or make sure. What you've got on your roster but I assure you don't have your guy right before you goal notes move heaven and earth to get up to the top five draft pick. It was always to me though with that said sorely checking the box you know we. To say oh that would not mean I was hopeful at all or expecting Peter mean to be the answer it was more let's just make sure. He's not better than we think. It would be my approach to it and he should play some just to make sure he's not some some all time draft missed by everybody else. And was just too okay. Yeah OK there you see me coming into the year yeah that was the thought he OK he'll play at the end of the year and my expectation would have been he plays 34 games here I go. Okay looks like you're probably a backup journeyman type guy OK great I still need to draft somebody but yet I was not thinking I need him to play because he might. Like Iowa no the grave I I disagree I think. That they would come into the year thinking we might at the Plame as we need to know what we're doing its when he eighteen he went out not he might be great but. He would be the guy who might be the starter and maybe is the starter. Can we use those other picks elsewhere can we kind of maneuver around the board a little bit differently can we get other parts around him. So I think they came into this year probably at some point hoping yet we'd like to see him on the field he would he can do because. We don't tell and we're pretty short this is never going back to August we're pretty sure about Tyrod Taylor he's not gonna be here like. I appreciate the way they behave punished tells you that right right right. But we need to know maybe Nathan's the guy before we invest a first round pick in a quarterback when we have other holes as well. You I said many times on Sunday after the game and I wrote this a WG our budget to dot com to. Victim in my opinion Taylor helping Taylor. If you're still trying to make the playoffs Taylor who you. Yes you agree that absolutely OK if if if he is if he is healthy and you still have life. The you can make the post season right I think he has to be your governor and finding out about human disaster correct I still we tried that back a prank we should call that is. I mean just that we're splatter everywhere did not go well if any other reason. The locker room and what it means to the people in the locker room trying to get to the west if for any other reason even if you feel. They computer and some people think he just gives them a better chance and that's why I respect that because of the limited passing game they have a Tyrod Taylor but. If for any other reason I don't think you can do that. With veterans that room with a chance to go to the post season right you saw them for the first time in their career right I think the room is a big sort of factored into. Let's talk to nick here on WG idea thanks for calling your on the air. I've got no drama in fact taking my call. I guess I thought all right I'll vote count there were not sure I thought that it. True that law. What we're about to get you aren't sure Ben is. Just that early or games that's correct at all in my opinion OK and during a deliberate target shot there for. Number jail I really feel. That I appear John if Paramount is ought to being a quarterback flushed out its future if you don't play him. We should you try like into the last prayers were absolutely not they basically. Okay it got a little still short short passes. But overall we'll go to one guy who here click or somebody until now though go to nick O'Leary. But you want to share that bullet or any at all about by everyday diet and a lot of ball tool in April that way. And I really feel the men should have an opportunity for the rest of the season and who know he. What would would you would you play him it. Do you think he gives you a better chance to make him playoffs and tailored. Okay well he's had a chance he threw five interceptions a single. I think. I I'm going to be in an awkward position if I'm. Playing defender of Taylor because. You know I'm not I'm not a not a huge fan I'm ready to move on. But I I think you're exaggerating everything you said about. He is is what you're doing and I I do not think this coach was as badly as that thing went. In LA against the chargers can run the risk of putting Peter there on the field instead of a healthy Tyrod Taylor. I I'd adjust to their vehicles Bradley again. That's how coach is. Right I mean I just I just don't think he can take that risk too risky. And even it if he were to I mean I think we'd be a long way from that but you're right. Again the room the reaction that there are there are eyeballs there ears in that room people matter it's not just the veteran guys. The first your guys the second year guys it's the tree lights in the they joneses of the world who are gonna be with you that you're trying to set something here and you're trying to. Really have them trust you so far that trust is there was Sean McDermott right. Maybe it took a bit of a hit with some guys up to what happened LA I don't know I don't think so I think there's a lot more with him. But he go back to that do that again it goes miserably again I think you run the risk of losing that trust trust that a lot from from got your guys. Mean Biederman may have to play but I would say it that way like it if if he has to play the anyplace but to be. If Taylor can do it. You you have to go and I know always I know it's nice to see all the games I don't have to this new Wallace and whatever his knowingly and I also know what happened in Kansas City and Atlanta and Oakland and Tampa. When he played and that it's much better than missing nickel we are five times wide open in the hands on what the caller certain. 830551. ABB 552 by fifty sails in for Mike I'm able odd. We wanna see on Sunday against the colts on WG arc. You call a vibrant now. Pair of tickets to go check out Denmark and Canada. In hockey you're not going to Denmark and came with the real vacation anyway those two countries and replica. Caller 564 point 987 days to get her to see Denmark and Canada during the world junior championships this game will be. December 30 that Saturday at keybank senator. Values prizes 180 bucks general contest rules apply and yours mine now daily reminder. Make sure you secure your tickets for the outdoor game between Canada and the USA which is Friday December 29 at new air field. Can buy tickets for that event at buffalo world juniors. Dot com. When a pair right now for Denmark again. 644987. Pro life senate spot GO in for Molly. Sells guns red color rusher and on for the Christmas party today and that is why the Arab compound. You party yet I went to practice today and had probably two or three people say you look good to blend in with the team because the office of guys are wearing red jerseys and I got a registered on. Like I know and do that because I wanted someone to throw me football I did it because we got holiday party tonight. And I want to Wear red answer in like twenty seconds or less of him is that we do it all the way here in the color washed your recent Sunday at home. I think it's a little odd but I thought it was also expected the team Canada announced that a good August on the calendar that that was the Soviet color rush week. OK I. It's really caught me by surprise and Anthony is next up on WG Arlo Anthony thanks for calling your on the air. I don't party that. I'm I'm looking at this season here I feel like. It's gonna turn out like every season prior to this one and I militants away. I mean yeah apple two had a lot of break a lot of turnovers. You know typical Tyrod play 180 yards Koppel touched down. You know I'm on a good day. And I feel that kind of gave this whole quarterback situation a different spin all the funnier by two great depicted there. And before you know it you played some teams that are red hot you look pretty bad. And I think at the end of this you're going to be 88 maybe 97 probably miss it on the play out. What a waste it year quarterback you really won't really know what Peter and go about in the next hour. Following up what I think. All right thanks I do I do think. The there's always there's always things that are different. About seasons are in different names different paces just different people but I do feel light. Bear is a certain amount of in the hunt fatigue that that really settled in. I don't think anyone was expecting the bills and once somebody opened problems. To beat New England but. You just you you always hope like you know I said I did I get up and go to the stadium on Sunday Ian. One of the ball would be like if they beat the patriots do would be you'd be such of such an amazing thing. You don't with and with the wind standings are all the so you'd be so great but just the best I can do. I think all of the average person like watches that game goes of that game. It's sold meek it's 23 to three years too slick not you just not in their class. And so now you're six and six and sure you're still alive. Who's to know you I'm not that I'm not in that class Latino bite argument of the box that New England somehow I hate. All right take you don't every dog has his day maybe I can meet you can beat anybody to beat New England you know. Instead it's just. And we'll be over here with my 500 record and studying the tie breakers. And I don't think anybody that root for the bills is really dead and that's the cost point of a lost season with Hewlett I think you always risk that when you're trying to win and you can. Kind of choose arena trying winner you know try and evaluate. And they chose trying to win as people know I have no problem with that they chose to try to win this year and they felt they could. Content and they're still contend I mean they're still way there you know a game out of a playoff spot so. That's that is what happens although I will say though I don't think it's a lost your completely because I think they figured out the tyra tiller wasn't the guy. At least it seems like that because maybe that that's the issue was about for him not make the Peterman got a sea of people make you glad that you're gonna then. We have the finance Tyrod can play I think we we have our answer that he can't carry eighteen that. When other things are breaking out around. Let's squeeze in 1 morning here room. Mark is next up are mark thanks for calling your on WG. Are you welcome thanks to take my call my take on it was. You know welcome got it dead as I do watch football for a long time to spray like one of the worst like egregious like just. I'll play there was ever seeing light at the end of the Gucci Ed not stellar but anyway. Let let this seriously is like. There was no reaction from the bills like immediately. Ellen I mean like some they didn't quite. One of players to come out there like you know take Kim IL. Has put me to me like. I don't know where they let me like he says that they they just like in addition that that I hope don't you know kind of deal. I know what you mean from what. What would have been. An appropriate response in your mind. I'm not saying total lies at the I think it's pretty close to like you know certainly you know that saying about you know about the sabres stopped. When my favorite day was like when Jim I'm. But it's a different team because it's a five minute penalty if that happens in hockey it's an ejection from the game in football I hear you want blood I get it again do. But it's a totally different sport different rules. What did you think that you can't we. Know was not over it was not aware there was still time left in you still have to play. And you could get ejected for future games if you do that Marshawn Lynch ran out of the field did not throw a punch in the game and he was ejecting he was suspended. I would worry about suspension more than rejection to get right game the game one is a few minutes let me read it three or not. President before that game doesn't it suspended but but himself bill doesn't get suspended all around game that he did he if he goes in because someone got advisory. It market you for the call appreciate very much see you. Did you get any sense that that any players were bothered by how that was handled it Aaron Williams was due pretty critical on Twitter about and I think. I didn't get that sense from anybody we've talked we talked to locker room that ability to those here I wasn't there which redeem his white today to get any of that. Shawmut girl was asked about it he obviously we've heard his comments and say that's not what I saw in. You know said no he was he was fine with the poise his team showed in whatever response was given our. Sales in for Mike and the Bulldog Joel Marino and exports with his thoughts on the bills' season as quarterback. Situation bills are faced with and some NFL draft conversation as well stay tuned that's up next after this on WG.