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It's Mike Hsu okay. Just tumbled to his back yard plays with a dull. Why he would it would do him. We eat ribs and then what listen to solve the music so I'm gonna wrote in a Bulldog. And the exciting about it don't think it would just cars and motorcycles. Go back and help. So he's some I do love you but the way that he's not doing it with a beverage stuff. It's Mike show and the Bulldog. You GR Sports Radio 515. I had been playing with a here. Mike has the day off today. Itself but you were sitting in for him I'm the Bulldog joining us right now on the AT&T hotline in the NFL draft analysts. And it's FL old reporter and ran exports co host of draft dudes. It is Joel Marino on the AT&T hotline I Joseph thanks for taking time to join us again. Absolutely appreciate the the opportunity comeback on. All right men let's let's start when we'll get through the college guys do is we are. You're familiar with helping to work in buffalo at this time of year we are for a new perennially in the haunt. So this the ground beneath starts to shift towards. Which corporate actually be of interest in the middle of the first alone because it's usually where the bills are picking on how. The situation that we have at hand here. You can dial it back to the initial. Decision a couple of weeks ago by Sean McDermott to switch to Nathan Peterman now he may not have a choice because Tyrod is heard alluded practice on a limited basis today. What's your read the situation here in buffalo. Well I think for. I guess the last three years Tyrod Taylor has done an adequate job is buffaloes got starting quarterback but if you look at. All three of the contract that he signed. Bot would have been anything but committal about him being the long term answer at quarterback and now with this current regime. And Rick Dennison the offensive in an offense that really is predicated on winning on the pocket getting throws with timing and anticipation. In really kind of challenging all three levels of the field. What was the sense of understanding how to read coverage and where to put the football. It doesn't play well the pirates strength and Tyrod as you know was very mobile he's that's when eaten extend plays this beaten and pick up yards as the program a runner. You more of of a point and shoot pastor Ricky wants to see. We are targets that are open and hit them you know what without a whole lot of coverage nearby he's not gonna make those tightly looked frozen so. You have to think that buffalo would love for me Peter mean to be the guy that can do that. And and at the time where they made the decision to put into that made a lot of sense because. What was coming out some very poor offensive showing. The defense was all continuously on the field because drives were not sustained at the screen out after three and out if you don't maybe need that human can get this buffalo moving often moving. What more consistency and and of course that backfired and as John McDermott said Tyrod that. Think for the team and that's that's absolutely true the promise he still doesn't. It what they want to sit and well deserved criticism for not adapting system that plays to his strengths but. Clearly you know they they have their issues with this style I think they want Peterman to be the guy. And and I don't think. They've seen enough right now to really continue to play him and it's the dilemma now you know Tyrod Taylor got the knee injury in good lord if he's not mobile. You were you worried about the way he could perform on Sunday with without his best attributes and to sloppy situation and here we are talking drafting quarterbacks again. The sloppiness of the situation really starts all the way back at them. Agreeing to bring Taylor back in the first place like it because that's the style quarterback he gives his view if you lay out your joke. You've got to play those ranks otherwise it what are you doing trend would make him into a three step drop West Coast quarterback just. It it certainly it was I guess it was possible and possible but it didn't seem that likely to me and so them not. Designing an offense suited to his strengths like then why did you bring him back in the first place. You know I've thought about that a lot and this is pure speculation on my behalf but I think about Sean McDermott. And he has personality and the witty he just love guys that while the process and work really hard and are committed to the grind and I don't think you have a better example of that and Tyrod Taylor he's probably one of the hardest working guys union itself. And I'm sure Sean McDermott very much observed him in the way he attacked his rehab coming back. In its commitment to the team and getting better and probably fell in love with that said you know I can win with this guy and so they made the decision to roll with them. Again reluctantly. Because there's certainly you have to eat out a contract and thought. All right for a first year here we can we can see what we have in Tyrod Taylor was very miserable long term commitment. And and that's my speculation as to why I think you know. Taylor was at least given this season could could prove that he is is really not that. Joseph what did you think and eighth in the enemy coming out of the draft. Yet so this is this event property to get that lovely computer and the computer and I has a third round. Our great use a number three quarterback in the class animal book Patrick Holmes and emigrated from the user and he was in my top 100 prospects third round rate. And down. I really liked his ability to keep an offense on schedule a guy that can distribute the football they can read coverage and go to the appropriate places with the ball. I understood that he didn't have a great greatest physical attributes in terms of armed straight but I thought he had enough accuracy and enough anticipation when he threw the football. That had excite and that was a historically good at offense last year from Peru where they've been in years past what he was able to do there was very good. And then I had a can't see him out quote personal and in Mobile, Alabama for the suitable he dominated the week in a game where you're you're playing with receivers that. You've never thrown to except for that week he went out completely 21 and 23 catchers in the game that you looked outstanding all week in practice. There aren't well you know not every not every bit to have Tom Brady your Aaron Rodgers a lot but will you think OK this regatta can you go off and on schedule and move. In solar buffalo took my thought this was a really good fit. You've never met and he goes on for a 5% interceptions were senate election. Obviously that's that's gonna put a huge cloud over it and it hurts me from my valuation perspective but I don't think that that have to find it appealing career. But he's got a lot about spectrum. All but you wouldn't mind seeing employees and morally yet we we've spent some time this week Joseph pondering whether or not McDermott would be. All over eager. To get Peterman back on the field to sort of you know get the stench off on people because he made that choice the bills were five and four where he made it. And right now to start the splatter everywhere you know is Peter may and does play. And you know is. Company. You probably hope for better than madly UVs actually a decent they've been winning game he's all right take care of the ball throw some nice passes. Then the decision. Even though it still blew up. I'm I'm I'm McDermott dolls that look as reckless as it does you know until until Biederman dolls on the into erased that five pick up. Yeah I got the only thing you know which really looms. While I think about that is what if you go someplace that Dan and I are you really compounded the issue and the value just looked all right because you're continuing to play god just clearly not ready to play in the NFL. You've got out this week he had an out Kyra Taylor is banged up with a knee injury. And you can certainly use that as your excuse that hey you know tyra was going to be there wasn't able to be Tyrod and and could do things that make him good we had a role they computer than there already giving Joseph Webb some reps like quarterback I think they computer and probably gonna play this week. I think he plays poorly at least there's an out so with that in mind even think maybe it increases a McDermott appetite compliant. Right but he definitely can't just pass over a Tyrod Taylor who's healthy. No no it because that that that could that could get messy I would think Glock who would have a problem two when GAAP and do it. Decker we are talking with Joseph Marino. Covers the NFL and college football for fan red sports he's on the AT&T hotline with us here on. WG. Arduous elects kind of transition into each when he eighteen now from your read on it. Would be. Right played I think I think most people aren't. Agreement the bills are gonna move on from Tyrod Taylor meant they might not. They do when they would have to pay him basically sixteen million dollars next year I don't think they're gonna do that when there already willing to bench him for a fifth round rookie. Who had never thrown a pass in the NFL this year while essentially had not thrown one. But maybe but what do you read from the situation that the bills would. Elect to do that. Go the free agent route or go with a draft throughout or I need than Peter in as the starting quarterback next year. Well I'll say this I've I've hit the road a lot this this fault scouting football games and so while several are my colleagues of the brand or exports. Not a guy that spent that the big time quarterback. Games this is brand and being in and Joseph shell and so. Yeah I think about the games and I'm Matt ware Mark Jackson playing it will Greer in Mason Rudolph we noticing and Arnold we know we've seen Joshua road and when the GM goes. It matters and and Brandon beam is on the road games or marquee quarterbacks always play in that tells me wanting. The grand beamed out looking for a quarterback and so he's got. The draft capital needed to it to go get them. He got the things working against the number one whether it's you stick with the bills that. Probably kicking in the middle of the first round and put them out of the running her that the top two guys right now which are got throws in the big this. And then you have 88 a ton of teams they're going to be taking out of buffalo that need quarterbacks so it's not a great marriage for. Going ahead and being able to get their guy unless there's a second tier pastor that they believe in that they have a chance to get in so. I think Brandon being absolutely and in the looking for quarterback I I've seen him out on the road I know he's out there trying to find. But I don't I don't get overly excited about Buffalo's. Draft positioning and of course the landscape in front of them where. You know both teams are really in position to not take quarterback either read the topic Cleveland they they've got to pick rows and army fielder. For some quarterback and then there's a whole list of teams after that the giants in the Broncos in. If the list goes on a lot of other children need quarterbacks with jet. You know I I just don't know there's going to be. That opportunities strike a deal and move up we're working is going to pass on the quarterback and he's. While brandy did come from a place where he saw firsthand what that quarterback can do for a franchise in Carolina they were just pitiful. Until Cam Newton arriving there in the Super Bowl within what three years after Cam Newton got their four years but whatever was. He saw that but I'm curious are you not mentioning seemed Arnold because. He might go back to school are you just not mentioning because of you don't think that he would be drafted with those guys. No I think in Arnold part of this mix and you only a third year sophomore. Who. How could really great moment this year but he didn't take the leap forward. That I think everyone expected him after he caught fire at the end of his record freshman year and obviously the spectacular showing blatant even blinking and everything. Arnold the guy that title like a lot about. He's got a lot of work to do mechanically. And Don you've got a lot of work to do with consistency with. But it accuracy means that that the bat roller scooter growth usual seat. The bad ones are really bad and so there's a lot of work to be done there he's young. And if he's got a lot of mechanical stuff to work out. I don't know he's part of the conversation is your world will see if he is then you know there's been some grumbling are ready then you've got the buffalo likes. Think that he'd be a good bit but yeah I mean that's. His his decision going to be awfully polarizing I don't think he's necessarily isn't the slam dunk number one overall pick that. You know he was perceived to be over the summer. You also mentioned mayfield up at the top there and I'm curious were. He needs your your scouting report on him. You know there are some already areas pretty well known concerns there's the video over drunken arrest. Which is not a great look for anyone. And then there is in all the flag Ohio stayed in the crotch generation. Nonsense against Kansas State. But as a player like him and with that stuff in mind what what are your thoughts on him. Likable a lot of football player. Tremendous accuracy it all over the field you. Mobile he's you got enough arm strength to eject you got good armchair I think he checked all the boxes you forgot that I'd love to have as my quarterback. When you think what in the buffalo and even Josh Rosen. I don't know Gergen fit what brand of being in Sharma Thurman are trying to build. And excuse the term here but I think that those guards. I've been Jim McDermott are looking for good boards you look at the draft class and know that rain being with a par distillate of the drug quest. There are those the Sean McDermott let draft class this year you have a lot of seniors a lot of guy with guys with impeccable character reviews. Community people. Guys that are just kind of proved him long term securely in. I I think dep buffalo if you gonna gravitate towards those quarterbacks because of the things that you already mentioned about baker may feel that. You know you can you can debate how it impacts and evaluation. In every team can handle it differently but we are talking about the bills and I think that they our team it's gonna return to labor and even Josh Rosen who. I think you're the number one quarterback in this class who would be eight poultry. Was you know the way they keep plays stylistically sitting down the offense. But even him he's got an outspoken opinions. From the distractions that come back. And I just don't know being in the permit. Are gonna have the Democrat of appetite for those players especially because of our road and you have to get that out too with respect to get them I guess I just don't know. If those are gonna be that it's not camp Arnold more of that got Josh Allen from Wyoming Wyoming is more than a guy. But then you have to wonder you know it was the right. Good investment to move up or if you're they're going to be an album when you when you poll. The trigger where every original graphic is so I really just that I think there's I have a hard time with the landscape and quarterbacks. And in the bills in the way that they perceive players and where they're going to be taking in and I'm not sure there's going to be a great marriage. Touch on a couple of the others it you can't just for a moment I'm Mason Rudolph. Josh Allen as you just mentioned in a moment ago Luke fault anybody else you wanna throw in the mix there. Yeah I think Omar jacksons and part of that mixes journal com I don't like Lamar Jackson to buffalo they couldn't build scheme run Tyrod Taylor then you know I think you just. Asking for disaster with the Lamar Jack I think the idea that they're for blocking and even Wal-Mart acted very much as medical equipment completely understand that you had to walk. Luke walk. I I've done his old governor or already I don't have a high agreed on him I think he's more release date three guy he has a requisite arm strength or accuracy. Coming from an assistant that translated incredibly poorly to the NFL. They got to be an uphill battle Dutch shell and is physically gifted as a quarterback you're ever gonna find what you have to. You have further quarterback which you missed about a guy that can that's look the part can control football beautifully that's what we're gonna give you what. The production at the banner Wyoming the decision making. It seems likely that repetitive mistakes there are concerning and you know from an outside perspective as a lot alike but. You know it's there's a lot of risk involved in the team like he's. Already common the punching bag of his quarterback class that whatever team is ultimately given that I selection gonna have to. Really overcome scum of the bullet that they're gonna base because he just haven't played well. That's going to be there a concern then Mason Rudolph forgot that I actually like a Paramount. I don't think he's gonna BA you know the super desirable first round pick but you got a lot of production got a lot of big moment at Oklahoma State. You still have the that that transition from a a system that. Couldn't a lot of spread elements that are difficult but replica of the NFL but I likely throw the football has got the ability to put the ball down the field. But he's the guy that when when things are right around him you know when he had. Pass rush the pocket collapsing and yet to make quick decisions he kind of continues continuously struggle for couples these and then in dyslexia and Arnold the growth. Was expected this year. Again last year didn't happen really for me rookies really kind of been the same player of the year so you don't really know how much upside their yourself. It's. Two interesting quarterback class there's going to be a lot in a lot more on cover here is that I get deeper into the in the film and stuff but. You know that kind of next here or not he. You know I don't know what we're gonna like any of those guys either it seems like but I think about buffalo guys it's probably dark golden and Allen and I'm not sure that there's a whole lot. You know there's a lot of guys need to work on those are far from finished products and know how much longer can buffalo. Wait further quarterback and I think that's gonna be and it's something where you like a patch or a home or they're gonna have to sit and wait you know that's going to be the case if you take Alan. Or garbled and and and that the free agency market comes into play and that is buffalo bashed. Suited to go. Actor Kirk cousins and use all this draft capital to build around and that's that's really bright start to think what I think about what's quarterback situation to be likable Ford when he could. Whole scale this the idea of spending the money it would take to land cousins. I know the top cop do you like him as a player late I think he's in he's put up some some good numbers but I've. I don't know I'm I'm Mike buyer beware on him for 45 million dollars a year. Well I think I speak with Kirk cousins you have me player that fits perfectly in terms of that that grinder worker process mentality guy that they like. And the way he win it really well with Rick Paterson. System I think everybody was going to Tampa and that's right and just goes back a brothel does the dynamic has changed. And buffalo from the perspective seems really good now you have to ask yourself. Do you wanna make this large investment in Kirk cousins do you wanna make Kirk cousins the highest paid quarterback in the NFL cadet what's going out right and are you gonna be the one that's gonna do. And you think about this buffalo team. In the draft capital that it has and what it's trying to kill him maybe they are the right there and that goes back to appointed earlier at every team has Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers. Whatever you don't always good to have those but can you build a team Ron Kirk cousins. It would be competitive and go to go to the playoffs I think I think you can't buy com at the end of the day you're still I think you're going to be it's still have that. That issue of pay you know investing so much capital into a quarterback that's not right Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Russell wilt and you know and it's gonna. It was somewhat handicapped the rest of your roster so there's. So much in play but. You know this display up street didn't exhaust and work or get me eighteen years here and you just wonder you know it is buffalo team that's gonna say OK well let's just. Put all our eggs to Kirk Kirk cousins that built around them and if we can compete. New York and terrified the crap that society I just this idea I know the draft is a crapshoot of course. And cousins is at least you have a baseline and you have a body of work and you can you have a certain expectation of what you're going to get from him. Holy cow like signing him and making them but I want the drought and tool but I do not want to be the team makes in the highest paid quarterback in football I don't know it's the guy. Tiger makes me makes me really scare wonderful other college judge Joseph before we move on here in and and much go. Whose names is sort of cropped up loosened its due to Mia you know I don't do what you do for a living which is you don't really worked on this all your round. I'll Mississippi State nick FitzGerald. Did you have any anything on him for us. Yeah I'd stay away com yeah I think you'd you'd you'd. Come away with. FitzGerald is the type of player that town is it going to be fought it depressed or. I think you have better college football where than his pro football we're really. Struggled relative accuracy. You like the economists got a guy like one of those. If you greedy quarterback for the lack of better terms but I don't get overly excited about him in in the NFL and I'm not sure either player that. I'd really be thinking about for buffaloes cougars answered. You have a young starting portfolios you wanna give a plug for that. At helping them get it at their interest and. Yeah actually thank you so much every our producer my iPod draft gotten portfolio at 300 reports on. All of the prospects available for the upcoming class right of me. My own evaluation system that I put all the players group is consistent evaluation that's up. I'll put up he's got a reports and they and put to consisting. The valuation and everybody in the theft of purchased at any he's doubting dot com and certainly appreciate Jeff can you share that. Aren't the NDT scouting dot com all right Joseph thank you very much for this very thorough we enjoyed it I'm sure will chasing down again as we get into. You know late winter and spring in real real draftees. All right thanks a marker that is again Joseph Marino follow Omon Twitter at the Joseph Marino. He's from mafia and exports and again you can check out that scouting portfolio and indeed he scouting. Dot com. Carson's. I don't I wouldn't do that hard since. All I eat that I that I don't think. The way I read this organization I don't think they would do that either they they're not into. Going is spending a bunch of money on a guy like that polio free agent right. An older guy and now he left I usually now that. I couldn't see that. They're more about Britney said as he sat at training camp with either you guys Howard Jeremy he said rookie contracts mean you got it. That's how you do this Writely you built in because rookies are affordable right here you want as a rookie contract. And he take quarterback the first round. I eight years that rookie contract pretty sweet right. All right we'll talk more about. As we continued sales in from like I'm the bold but we stay tuned this is WG. Is that this is where her. It is it is clear that what happened to those involved. They don't like this. Invested got them again on Sunday we opportunity and justice. Let's focus or greater role didn't have a great week of preparation scams than the likeness of who wrote. That was for Davis wiped. He talked today in the locker room cleared again as you said in the update from a concussion protocol. The pretty candid remarks. Regarding the disgusting cheap shot Rob Gronkowski through on him late in Sunday's loss to New England. Good every with a sell pot geo is hanging today in for money. Mike will be here later for the holiday parties he took the day off here it's on out of school thing he wanted to be so that's why. He's not here but he still coming to make an appearance at the holiday party. Which we will all be doing excellent we will be appearing at the holiday party while we are in here doing our show. Yourself you've ever been to your and my sense is no. Sitting here working when the holiday party begins. Now. You know how all people. I don't know that they have lived it blooms with a follow through yeah they're okay there's little like old look at the zoo animals. An event that right neck pickup. A should we start looking you know they've figured mature trees are scratching herself as Salmonella when they want battle that's just don't throw any feces at the right. Today. Now yet today on the together I don't know that it might be a good look the scratching Illinois governor could be a could be mistaken. Anyway. Every sales in for Mike and I am poll by we just wrapped up conversation which he noted any thoughts on. Everything we talk about what Joseph will were open that mean that the that the quarterback draft class is going to be. We V topic. Number one I think from. I'm not say from here forward it's it's like you can you can hear the train coming. I I think. That that conversation starts to gain momentum. And once the season is overly I don't know what else will be talking about there's no. There's no long uncertainty about the future of the key people in the organization Brandon being just got here Sean McDermott just got here but these guys are in place. And what they're going to do about quarterback is going to be do you thing. That consumes us this offseason and and there's no question. For the third straight season. That's right right I mean let's I guess or third round. Second three year to three out of four may be whatever it would be wall sure I mean every year we good on this road well right there was. After tyrants first year there was okay he could walk after your one should they do an extension but there's no question about Indians starter right the next year it was well thought. But priority knowing his first year of course that summer it was a three man battle with castle in the game and you'll point out. These lives we lead. That was that and then of course last year that resolves uncertain about whether he'd be back alternate he came back. And it it always looked weird to me. That they brought him back. Just because of the style of offense it seemed that Rick Dennison was certainly known for and I think it's evidenced. The good to come true I think you may have I think we have to have that discussion too as we go for it is Lleyton what it with the the offensive coordinator and obviously it was not a great system fit for everybody involved here that. They just have not been ailing off the mat here throwing the ball especially but even running the ball and in many cases and this is a team that was. The best run offense in the NFL for two straight years and by a wide margin really they were doing it last year breaking records and things like that. I think that there's a lot of discussions have to be held around who the OC is who the quarterback is do you bring Rick Dennison back. I think it no matter if you do or don't I think you're probably going up from Tyrod based on what appears. But then you have to try that somebody that pot pick a quarterback that fits his offense or are you just basically saying where to find the best guy we can. Is he yup that's according to there's a lot of uncertainty. How old Juan. I think to Dennison piece of this is going to be it's going to be increasing its top. Mean talking about the quarterbacks is just work to which are you who's gonna be good do you like this guy that dilution to move up and draft who would be happy to get all that stuff I mean work. We're watching them play certain we will have opinions about guys but you still won't know I'll make the transition that's for mean by the guys were part. The coaching part of this is even is even so more slippery I think four for me anyway. But the Dennison I feel old. A fuel concerned about that if you're concerned about his place here we do what I want to. Go get my quarterback whoever whoever does move move helping get 16 or ER draft one. One ever will the bills under doing. Why wanna trust. His development. To Rick Dennison who just showed you that. He is not flexible enough to like play to a player's rights and I know they'll know who they're getting married choose a guy. But I just. I guess I'd like them to start over on conference if you're restarted due to give new quarterback. I might optimistically. I'd love further Sean McDermott to be bold enough to go harder but I Sharma today I guess right. And that doesn't seem like something realistically I should hope for. So what what are why you grow wanna do here like what what kind of cold to Y one to 200. Quarter of death I don't think Dennis entire was ever about developing Tyrod because. It was already like this is our quarterback he's been this league five years I'm sorry but 4567 years you know now you know sixers win. And I don't think his his hire was ever about. Being a quarterback mentor sure you have to do that that's part of it that are hired David Scully he's the quarterbacks coach. Yeah of course you're trying to develop in the morning trying to fit in into what you're doing. But but if they're going to go this route next year if they're going to kind of reset here. Get another guy in need in Peterman here get a rookie. You have that somebody can't develop a quarterback. I don't know that yeah. Dennis has never been a guy like he's a quarterback developer to me. He was always a guy who was an offensive coordinator who was a part of the Mike Shanahan treat Gary Kubiak treat them but it was about quarterbacks. Necessarily in fact the more right X. With that tree in what they were able to do quarterbacks did some things. So I don't know I I. I don't know I don't think. Don't think Tyrod or need to be humans. A any sort of lack of development or progression is necessarily and Rick Dennison is I don't think that's what he was brought here for. But I think the next step has to be. You hate to have somebody Gary quarterback along. Because that was the goal necessarily this year it was to win and we have Tyrod Taylor and we have these strains will played the strength which they have been able to do. Or he hasn't been able to do one or the other now. But I think you do have to kind of reversed course and think about who we have on staff are you developing your quarterbacks the right way and especially if you're gonna get a young guy. And is that what you want to ask Rick Dennison to do. Yeah I'm I'm I'm a new school with no right I Don I I don't know I don't I don't think I want him to do. You know I will will see it I this goal for me I I would want to predicted. But there's there there is there's always been this piece that he wasn't the first horse and the first choice washed out now and rightly that I still while. Now write my equipment. Yes my record glorious right he was the first choice right and I don't here's the thing so. I mean I when Mike McCoy was fired. There was lots of speculation or people least suggesting while get rid of Dennis and everything and I don't remember ever a guy getting fired as an offensive coordinator. In the mil a season going to another team as its offensive coordinator. You may have gone somewhere another guy just academy consultant would have. But they were no better off in Denver when Mike McCoy right they're horrible. He didn't do anything for that offense anything spectacular. Yes he is a nice track record isn't some nice things but. I'm convinced of Mike McCoy was the offensive coordinator here that Tyrod Taylor would suddenly be a great pocket passer. Like I I I'm pretty convinced aren't it was never going to be Chris writes I had a which orders correct so that's way caught between also love. I don't know how much they can expect from Rick Dennison to develop and you're right it's not what he he really. His job was you and I don't think he could necessarily do that sell vouchers and for Mike I and the bald bud Moore quarterback conversation and John Clayton coming up top of the hour should do stay tuned. I'm the Bulldog in this is WGR. It's rolled out Thursday. Buckle your seat belt but hold at the bell second quarter Elijah Alexander fifty dollars. But no recovered for the whole. Six they have to more plant your field goal fourth quarter college. Clay barrel November 29 when he break first and goal. The rookie camps. And I'll. Probe we'll take over aren't down. The metal. Their big four yards. Good morning I hope it's. Peppered throughout my 26. Hole and mount a comeback would immunity to go right pop. With the aid plane hit Bible for his hardball hardball leave the game. It's just been bulldozed into Harbaugh ninety seconds left tied around just did start to 37. 050. Look for Harrison. It's hard to help 3735. He's doing onside kick recovered for the call they haven't shot. Greek second time just throws it up. Intercept. And I've felt being involved. I'm 37. To 35. It is. Throwback Thursday trivia time. Just heard some highlights for me bills colts tilts. From 1997. Directors about a always brought you by a bagel Jay's when you want local. Fresh new York bagels and consistently delicious New York Delhi favorites. Juan bagel Jay's this holiday season a beetlejuice cater your office or home get together bagel Jay's does it all online at big it is dot com. It's not bagel Jay's it's not Buffalo's best. First correct caller at 64498782. Telus which hall of fame running back. Scored a touchdown in that game that you just heard it's 1997. Bills colts. The big comeback win for the bills which hall of fame running back. Scored a touchdown in that game for Indianapolis. Got it. Hall of fame running back scored a touchdown in that game fort Indianapolis. Top college by way. That's not the answer no right by my favorite name necklaces Paul Johnston. Paul Josh Johnston. Cornerback they had to go for two at the end of the game this is 1997. Which really think was the first year do you remember the first year I went emerging came back I'd I don't remember the first year I don't guess. Some of them but I don't accept 19940. OK but. Mayhem it's a long time I I remember when it came back can't remember now then saying they're gonna do the two point conversion like they had done enough bracket the NFL slash a bank in the AFL days I should say. There's a whole generation of fans out there don't know anything but the duplicate version when you and I grew up there was no two point in variety it was you just kicked an extra point. You went on your way right. All right the answer we've got an answer got a winner and so was stopped and remarkable. Without that now whenever he wasn't mentioned in the highlights ten yard run in the first court made fourteen enough. We. Have got John Clayton coming your way here in just about goalless in the than ten minutes so we will pick his brain on. All things bills another and other. The lead down bills patriots lost to the power bill bills lost to the patriots I should say. To talk about this quarterback decision that is looming for trauma dirt to make. Unlike a couple of weeks ago when he went in the computer and in this time we got an injury with Taylor. He practiced on a limited basis today so we'll see I I predict that there's no way McDermott passes over a healthy Taylor to wedge. Peter in back in there but we'll see if we get a healthy early stay healthy enough. Tyrod Taylor for him to play all that will cover plus will bounce around leaders Wallach we always do. With chocolate and stay tuned salesman for Mike John Clayton on the way after this on the bulldogs WG.