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Thursday, December 7th

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And WG ER. Sports Radio 515. Plus you might northwest. Make the switch to northwest and get. All right indeed. The band back together once again although sales here from like Sosa went through the usual three of us that we usually have. John you know all you know sell right John I got you know court. Or like. Micah Micah the dale there's here is his oldest at. An assembly. It's a college performance of some kind that he wanted to be so Gary heeded that but he is he is coming to work disclosed. Of the local economy and I appreciate wanted to go to the kids thing we've you know I've I've been there. But today is the holiday party so despite the fact that he has the day off he's coming here. And like I don't know I'm not a fan of that like I won't want to miss the holiday party but I would not want a bona day off and still able to go. Gluten that's orbit. But it but it always good to be at the party. If you use your big fan of the holidays the company party. What could. I can't say because medalist put it this way. I don't think had been to one and many years money like for example on the local stations daily schedule it during a Sunday well there's this thing called football that would. Get him but never been able to make B yet seven NE SPN party. And I'll check it out right you were never really based in Bristol when he races you'd know I. Good without him they would maybe three times they flew me back. For the ESPN parties and that was great but then after awhile it's like OK do we really need to fly everybody cross country for parties. Particular directly thousand people at the party so they that we didn't have that and then although next week it is kind of unusual because I want the the broadcast it on the sidelines I actually got invited to the seat pot party. That's Friday night so likely to make that one. Is that a first look at teen holiday party. Now not part of the game obviously I don't know if independently covering that it's like got you know bid to dip of the kind of nice and it's what's even better is like literally I like out. Five minute drive from the house and high yet so it's like that'll be good. That'll totally work for you John Clayton on the AT&T. Hotline with a so. Well Groundhog Day force last Sunday John the patriots came then. And they didn't exactly humiliate the bills. But somehow they still managed to win by twenty. Office that's just opera. Was a very familiar. Feeling game 93 at halftime like ten year old well maybe amend the second half started immediately sort of put the bill now. Yet one really bad part about it is that is that the way to score came out at 23 to read it to mindful because the minutes that started coming out what was it Tom Brady. Was 26 and three against the bills or something like that. And be able to put the score next to the record that was set up a little bit raw I know that wasn't intent or anything else so I was kind of a bad reminder. He not not great so. You know all we we feel is a very familiar sinking kind of feeling now that anyone around here was. Walking around on all the bills are definitely gonna beat the patriots but seeing them these but I guess per lack of a better way to put it outclassed again. Despite the fact that we're still we don't still hunting here at six and six and they need some help and all the stuff. It just feels like there's a very familiar sinking feeling around Western Europe football. And they if they re live that had. Ask the that's what got out of the benching. Tyrod Taylor even though it may not have that change the equation and a one game that one game was this huge. That loss was not that devastating because again. You know that win but he kept everything on part kept everything ahead I think the advantage is still there. Is that you can see that I think you know it's going to be probably eight made from one of the wild cards and but to win in the last step four games that they get within reason if three wins as possible so it's still there but it still hasn't slipped away. But you know you got to try to get. Some victories here it to get this going because again I think the key is just just getting into the playoffs who cares it was like it's been so long just the pace of a feat that goes. Past week seventeen. You still think he's one of the wild cards wound up being that bad record. Yeah I think so. That. They don't take a look at an Arabic facing each other and knuckle down the stretch. You got a lot of division games I mean like for example and you got the KC Oakland game that's an accord without market Peters and complain because he's suspended by Andy Reid perk. Throwing for blocking not to feel it after throwing the flag into the stands and thinking he was rejected any wasn't. Still so what do those two team is gonna be six and seven and you know you still have some more inter conference gains or not something's bound so bill. You know one wildcard going to be probably ten and that's going to be you know the second place team in the AFC south. So that that six. While that's six spot still I think can be eight Nate. I'm still look at Baltimore seven in five right now in just. Yeah that's true yeah they have but again what happens on Sunday night. Right yeah sorry about that and it's six. And I'll say this I think John I think Tennessee it. Does not have easy gains they got to go out west Arizona. Which is tough for any team to do we saw what needed to Jacksonville when they're out there they have to go out west to see which Cisco now playing drop below they still the plea Jacksonville at the end of the year I don't think it's a lot that Tennessee is in the playoffs at this point. I agree and you can see that there's some numbers that are kind of concerning and because a lot of time that this is kind of a baseball Saber metrics thing but you know what a key giant. It was like if you give up more runs than you score. In year over 500 in your kind of an illusion. And so you take that into account the next year and up the playoff contenders the titans have given up more points and they scored. So even though there Eaton for the fact that. Don't they they're not playing and you know give an example last year the team like that he traded to teams Detroit and Miami. There was Detroit you have that can win seasons did good things and eight comeback in the fourth quarter setting a record for Matthew Stafford. And you see what happened to them this year now they're sitting there are six and six and they are not winning that's come back games. And you look at Miami and UCL there season has gone off course and so you can either have an easy schedule and you pay for the next year. Or you give up more points in score and the next you're catches up to. John what happened in the Kansas City Chiefs this year. Several things first stop they're defense from the very start of the season has been terrible. A lot of it has to be losing Eric Berry and we it was a free safety and that type of defense and even look at it from doctor Earl Thomas and all that. When he missed the end of last year for Seattle it affects everything because you know it gets the positioning of the defensive backs. So they lead the league. And biggest plays given up explosive plays that's been vet about force and now the four point now in the first half of the season they were scoring the points. But then he started making adjustments on them defensively. So they started going into a cover two type shell. And got eliminated a lot of the big plays identical like a 32 point office took on an eighteen point op and Alex Smith wasn't making the big power plays downfield is going to many check downs and so last week because so frustrating that Andy Reid just threw up his hand. Gave the play calling to Matt Nagy and that make it came out it was able to hit some big plays early in the defense faltered again. So really the defense I think has been the downfall of the team and then they kind of figured out a lot of the staff Andy Reid was filling it contained. Could have got a streak going of asking you whether or not Woolsey Patrick Holmes anytime soon and you have been consistent with no. War aiding change after a loss to the jets. Nominee elite and it would change would be they get eliminated which they won't I -- sixteen or seventeen does nothing to play Portman would do it that way but now the he's just not. Not ready they knew he wasn't going to be ready they're not going to rush things. And I think they've taken Smart approach on that because. I'd rather go see it. My homes in a positive situation in year two then see you know what we've seen at other quarterbacks like an extra bit skis and they'll. Nathan Peter men and he used the wanna see that. It's still early it's too early you wanna do what the right way because if the idea trading up in getting the homes is that you know they think long term he'll be better than Alex Smith. Kabila take them further in the playoffs and Alex met. If that's going to be the case you don't wanna ruin him. We are speaking for I hope lots of bills fans loving this Kansas City slide John because we've got that first round pick with the the way the season started. It just seemed like a foregone conclusion label for data that's going to be in the late twenties almost no matter what now they could still win the division of course they're tied with the raiders and chargers now. Well atop the AFC west but boy it if they can find a way to finish around 500 and not win that division. That that would be joy is great for us here in buffalo. Yeah and you can think things are starting the fall apart on appeal to the body language that they're shelling in games is not good you saw. Now Andy Reid is a great control coach. Is now starting to lose control over some elements of the team and make the penalties in the Nelson the quarterback into penalties in the red zone. That we're very costly in the market Peters picking up the flag throwing it in the stands walking off the field and I'll get suspended for the most important game they have this year. And literally you don't know what they have a quarterback. And we think we're so bad habit or alternating three quarterbacks on the other side of markets Peters and market because of one of the best quarterback in the lake. So not to take a late Peters last week they bring in Darrelle Revis he gets beat for four passes in the first happened to bench him. So they don't know what they have and are brought against their car. Our man John Clayton is on the AT&T hotline with a us here on WGR for his weekly visit before we leave that division. It. Who would you who do favored to win that division now with those three teams all six and six. Yeah I'm think it might be the chargers and the reason I think that was at least they're the hottest team of the group and they have more than they have been they've got a real good. You know one that now they can't take injuries they have no depth. That's pretty evident. But when you look at that front or it's really good. Killing both as one of the best defensive ends in football they've got good defensive act. Tackled the line backing core isn't bad as some issues in the secondary but I like their defense that you get to look reference. And they'll Philip Rivers up that he's hot he's been pretty good this season. And after the of one or start to think it's like okay BCA at Kansas City team that lost six out of seven BC and Oakland team that just playing average. And at least hit you with the chargers short they may lose some close games they shouldn't lose they were 49 and those close games last year to a private think this year but now. They squeeze in some things outside that they might have a chip the only problem is. Are they gonna get any kind of home field advantage which they don't. We spoke when they collect the stub hub center literally. More than 50% of the crowd is going to be the other teams and not the chargers. I I I agree with the pit I would pick I'm Elizabeth's team that group. I mean knew that the games they lost earlier this year we're just your may have talent John I mean you know on the opposite side with Philip obviously but. With the way the curly running with that Keenan Allen playing excellent Antonio Gates and the defense aside with both signing of an Hayward mean. They do have talent on that team and I think if he lives on. Excellent job since the the first four games especially. Don't they were they really do and I think that that's. That gives them an advantage in that Phillip rivers is a very good quarterback coming I don't know. He probably won't get to the all of into the element of the Super Bowl and all that stuff but he's always. Good and don't you move is that teams and it really when you think about the three teams. Now I thought on paper Kansas city's defense was going to be good but it hasn't got the preteens. Chargers have the best defense. Raiders don't have much on defense and they had to go. What eleven games before they got the first interception and they're just a mess and the secondary so you know so if you need defense running and a quarterback. Guilt of the three teams right now the charges probably have the best. You have an obvious Simon Gordon not girly save all your tweets out there John Clayton joining us here. On the eighteenth to highlight how John the talk in buffalo for the last four days has really centered around the hit Rob Gronkowski Contra devious way. Thankfully weight is out of concussion protocol today he looks on track to be able to play he won't miss any games it looks like. Sunday he should be able to play however he gets appointed words Rob Gronkowski today called it dirty said that makes him a dirty player he said you know I have kids I've listened to raise. Obviously there's been a lot of talk about here what was your take on the situation and the ultimate suspension. All of what I'm wondering about that to get any sympathy because crops from buffalo. Not for me on now I mean I don't know I mean I Ivan I've gotten that sense the bills fans seemed plenty. Are we out by what happened. I don't know I am I. The little sympathetic that he went to my high school because every elected senior year came down to Woodland Hills. I can I want to that was Turco back when I went there as they went there but I don't know I'd like that that most people think it should be more than one game. I'm still it is the one thing I have concerns about it that you can never figure out what the the penalties are going to be in this league because they're all over the place and it seems like the kind of creating it they go along. And so you know if there was more at the the definition. Of what you want look at the and it kind of RAMP it up with the suspensions this year and I think that's fine for safety issues and the fact that he did damage caused the concussion. L with a cheap shot all that. In May get. They should've been two games I still say it should be one but the only reason I don't take two games is it's just not the the finder and I let look back at the acute believe Michael Crabtree battle. How they've bought a continuation of the fight and it's like they took two down to one the fact that the meat which could have been too and that there's no way to reduce net. Accusers Mets hitting guys suspension because that with the pod that was added on and then. But I think in this case more than likely I think that the sympathy should be yet to gains for chronic I still stick with one minute you're buffalo you probably want more. You know what I'm not even hung up on how many games. But you know late for me. One game to game in doing that we keep churning along in grant will be back for the playoffs and then wherever doing who's gonna do we're doing with him a bit. For me what we're we're not what I feel look I wanna take away from this. This is having a permanent idea. Over what kind of kind of competitor gronkowski might be or look at the battery is a read John the guy was face down it was disgusting what he did. So it is the kind of thing like I want is a sports fan of the week we tend to just dispose of the things that really bother us or find us. Because we like to games that we like to teams or whatever it is is keep chugging along. I just believed it was gross. Yeah but the one thing I think you have to look at history too like for example this is on as perfect. And then you have got to fight game suspension because he's got a history if it was Ndamukong Suh he probably got a three or four game suspension because in the past at least what ought. I mean I can't really think of any real bad. Things coming you know we placed our. And the east physical there's no question about that he'd be very good blocker and you'll you'll you'll put everything into it but this was the first time that. I could think of any type of the bad play like that and so with that in mind is like at the first time offender should get the maximum. I don't know about that. John Clayton on the AT&T hotline will those what sort of load the the the other stuff from got Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. And eleven personal fouls. You get a suspension that's upheld one that's thrown out we've got to pay player that's bit scared off on a body board that was a dirty player anything but still. Just just. The scene overall there's this league this to get between Pittsburgh and Cleveland here John because. He doesn't seem like their coaches are control of Pittsburgh and Cincinnati if you re controlling these teams. No I agree I think it. This is one and it that they should have picked up audit because again you go back to the playoff game. Where he had coaches on the field the mean Mike Munchak was on the field and Joey Porter was on the field. And it was that that got out of control and you can see the carry over and now this has become don't it's the rivalry between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. It is I don't think one of the best in football but this is the net is Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and as of viciousness to. And it is. And honestly I don't think it's necessarily. Totally good for the game because of your parent. And you're concerned about yours you're done playing football and you look at the stuff that happened in this game is Sam McAlister played football that this is this is ridiculous. That was the bad parts. But you can also see that thirst for this type of football because what ratings were up like 34%. Over Carolina Seattle game from a year ago. And so they'll an end and think about the ideas like. Is there anything appealing right now about the Cincinnati Bengals. I mean they're underscoring barely over two touchdown of the game there opposite than in the tank called season they've got a good defense. There losing team yet if any big rating part of it because of the Steelers but impart you know it's like. There are people going through a and auto show and auto race a car race and waiting for the accidents and you're waiting to see what bad things can happen in this game is too much. I think the league had to go to both teams and cut down on that because you know the next game is going to be somebody flight thrown that united that'd be able to enjoy the game. Tonight we have New Orleans Atlanta I can hear a gamer here on the B share Sports Radio 550. John telling about the NFC and who you think is the best team in the NFC right now and how this all shakes out. Well it is certain to change each week makes clearly with Philadelphia. And until the last week. Seattle that a good number on them with a 24 to ten victory and now there's number two seed that Minnesota is really playing some good football and getting the best that a case Keenan. And so now they've moved into the number once people what you're really looking at. There's not much difference. Among the top teams. Because they're so close I mean the rams are close to the Seahawks the Seahawks are close to the Eagles police so really what you're looking at us six pretty good teams. Carolina is a good team Atlanta L right now they're on the outside kind of looking into that they lose this game they're definitely going to be on the outside looking at New Orleans. Still as good as they I appear on defense when he basically quarterback they don't do as well and they give up 2425. Points so. It's just a great race and I think what you're saying is that it is only a very small number of quality teams in the AFC elegant as can be six playoff spot him but a normal year this that they would be considered playoff teams. This year you get him in this case I mean let's say for example and you know that. You know green baby cleave going to be 76 Emmys Aaron Rodgers they come back and win three in a row get the ten wins Detroit at an easy. Quality schedule and pick it. And OK but Matt he's effort maybe they can run for raw but I still think it's gonna be a ten win team that's not going to make it. But really when you think about the differences now as we're seeing between all these pains. Still that's what New Orleans Minnesota. It's pretty close. Other rams do you think. Real. Very much so. And the reason they're real is because one they have a decent defense Wade Phillips is doing is typical widget good job with the defense taking over new and it's. Sean McVeigh is one of the best coaching young additions this lake at babies is Jon Gruden but he is a great one. And you can see what he's got out of Jerry cop you can see the fact that donate edit three receivers to friend to build and that's helped them out. I would Robert what does Sammy Watkins and it got a great running back in Todd Gurley and it probably made one of the single biggest acquisitions on the top of the wind getting Andrew Whitworth. It's so no there really good and the big thing they're worried about two things right now. Won the fires are causing problems for the forcing him out to be able to practice because of the bad air and then secondly they anticipate is gonna be more equals fans. There been any other home game that they've had and the eagle fans are gonna drown them out I've already heard rental car places in. I Los Angeles have already booked pretty much everything Philadelphia. Speaking of Philadelphia how big of a blow for them there that I'm still in great shape attendants who obviously. That Seattle handle on the way they did. Not because it's a minor setback. I think it was a learning curve thing because bill if they needed a little bit of a wake up call because they they had gone nine straight games they they were one and one. For the whole season against teams with winning records so they just haven't faced a lot of good teams and so I think that. Not that overconfidence played in there but he needed a challenge how to get back to reality and they're on everybody out by 28 points. And so. Now you go back and you start to reevaluate its okay we didn't do this right we didn't do this right we're still good Carson went is fantastic. And they don't I don't think he's gonna go to the Super Bowl this year but I can guarantee sometime in a couple years he's good enough to take that seemed as Super Bowl. Doug Peterson had a great coaching staff particularly on top and they've got enough good defensive players they're really really good. And I still think somehow some way they're gonna end up with a number one seed. John who's the MVP still albeit with a quarter of the season left pretty good debate going on right now. Yet they say it's three and it started to really turn I mean Carson went I think had the lead and still does in my opinion I think Russell Wilson. Needs to be number two NN's Tom Brady number three and the reason I have Russell appears that. Number one he's doing things we have never seen in the national football league for example is like 88485%. Of the offense. Nobody is done now. He's almost what 98% of the pats now. He is he's got 154 quarter touchdown passes the record is fifteen set by Eli Manning back in 2011. Well Russell has four games left. It literally carrying this team and plays cities spinning around making are absolutely incredible but still right now it I was putting my vote in. I would vote for parts plants. All right John stay out of the room forest path. Aimed at some. I'm Mike port. Even lust oh. OK they're good blown out of my own problems and no we got a double. We really will John that you have good travels in the public the next week or bud. As a man John clay and on the AT&T hotline the only save on anything John had to say. We're going to be here to take from calls for awhile your eagle 30551. 888550. To 550. Pure and eaten the wild card team when he's not. It's not something I'm thinking about a year. I'm think in the bills could miss I'm tiebreaker at 97 yeah that's that's possible I'm telling you I think there's a I predict he's gonna happen I think there's a legitimate chance at Tennessee loses out we'll talk more about this as we continued sales and from like on the bulldogs is WG. Brian and I tell you about the Honda's dream goal promotion and into the moment there all my phone didn't quite hear you say Ryan and I are fighting. Is this would qualify as a fight I think yeah and his world to sleep but Wright told me to do something and I swore at a morning Sunday. Just kidding so we communicate it's no malice Ryan understands tough on any and he knows me. Every greater buffalo area Honda dealers want to give BWG a listener. A three year lease on a new Honda CRV register for the Honda dream goal promotion. WGR 550 dot com if you are picked. As the Honda dream goal listener of the game and open wheel scorers. At the 515 mark of the first period you'll win and UC RV with a three year lease no purchase necessary. Good luck from WGR Sports Radio 550 and the greater buffalo area Honda dealers don't settle for less than a Honda. Heard in the update their Tyrod Taylor was back at practice on a limited basis today sell some shot some video. Of tailored that was you right. Did you shoot that I did not have video today so so I saw a video yesterday of a tree lights forgive me that's OK some reporter had some video of but Taylor mean you know as it was not you know it was not dancing to me it's a simple drop back. The biggest Levon. The need didn't appear to be a brace just to sleeve. On the need so we'll see about his availability. Moving into tomorrow may maybe the bills will rule on it by tomorrow also serves reduce outside the players are out. To. I don't usually. Spent too much time worrying about who's in who's out on the line but the I think this is correct in order to best offensive games. The raider game in the pocket your game before that recorded one was back left tackle the. Scandals not I have to go back and look but I know for one of them he was placed can at least one I think you're right for both of them. Look I mean he's still a good player when he's healthy he's a good player and I think. I think the on Dawkins has been inconsistent but good enough for me to think that he can be. A franchise left tackle at some point or at least a big very capable of tackle some point at this point. I think. According Glenn healthy person's DN docket tell the it's a no contest you play according Glenn I don't know if he's healthy enough though and going forward. Still know that reliability is going to be there because he just seems to be in and out of the lineup then let it here's a thing if if they have any designs and courting lend me. Staying on this roster and when he teamed. They better have some serious. Serious. Good information. On where his ankle in what is going in. And having a come to Jesus talked with him a few well I mean. This this is this is right I'm not saying that the guy is low and raining but I think DS understand. The seriousness and gravity of how much we're paying you what we expect out of view in on top of that. Let's find out from the medical people where he is that because it just seems to me like. Throughout this whole ordeal of him being hurt from last year through this year. It's been more of a kind of like what's going on we don't know deal more than a payment he's got an issue right right yeah. So I think you gotta you gotta marry those two somehow now I don't know so. I at this point they did they would probably try to move on but you know maybe they can maybe he can marry those two and you can have a really good left tackle again. I'd say sure anymore you know. See I I I wanna say I would be very surprised to hear you're you're not saying him. But I would say. I idly authorities not to be back yeah I just think the financial ramifications after you already and what you did with Marcelo or any coupled with the dependability like yeah. What are you what are you doing rhino so. Well we'll see immediately if he can play in the short term. I think they've been better when he's on the field called on to say in lake so you know you're still investing in winning this season here. It was said John Clayton on the east think he. I just don't eat meat but you you need you need Tennessee to lose out like you were same origin we lose three games. End. Desserts that seems to W we've got a simple their schedule of doubt in my phone here this Howard sent out an email there reschedule it. Sewing me defying and Tennessee here. They have at Arizona this week and it's here for Cisco than the rams injectable OK I mean if if it. The rams in Jacksonville. Our losses have we don't wanna count them to a front humble convert Tennessee to lose three games. I need the rams in Jacksonville to be too I'm thinking and then. Find your ways to lose either Arizona or. At San Francisco right so so talking about so. I mean I'm not telling I don't think they're going to be the favorite charity favored this week dirty check this they are favored this week. Tennessee right. But couldn't you see them losing. Either or of those teams that are as an answer for Cisco. Seven that's a hard call because he just it's it's it's not going to mean you've got a new quarter right so that that changes things you know they've. Mean they have meant competitive a lot of games they've also been competitive some games I think that they can be. But it's also a team going out west that's not the easiest thing in the world do Arizona beat Jacksonville when they went out west I mean so they can do executive they can this ever Cisco I don't know. I'm not predicting they're going to the probably beats every Cisco. But then they come home of the rams and the they've Jackson. I mean. I just. I Tennessee's been the team I think last week was a killer. I thought Houston had a chance and they're coming up a short week there were up ten nothing on them they didn't finish the deal that game could wind up being. Of big of the not bills game you look at garden on my gosh you know fused him gonna held on that then they then they have a first down at the time when he going in NATO's a pit stops after us. So I. I just I'm not so sure rate now that Tennessee is a lot I I think people look at they look at the record I don't think that's the case in the Jacksonville win that division in Tennessee is still fighting. Baltimore more more looks like they're going to get it. Writers Guild. Hello there there at seven and by a lot now they've they've got Pittsburgh this week so like OK I I'd I'd I can see them losing that lead to seven and six but then after that. It is too at Cleveland Indians Cincinnati. He's right there are mean good locked and I need him to lose. Growing need to lose. Twice yes right in addition the Pittsburgh game well and. Not necessarily none of them and what they are now 75 OK so here's the thing the betting what it meant we think the bills are gonna do 31. Sure sure that's what you are so they have they have to go to into you but here's the thing they have to lose to sense if they do that if they taught. The only way the bills can beat them. Is it they lose to since C because their common opponents record they would have no losses now if they do happen to lose a sense is one of those losses. I believe mathematically you know the bills would get a because of strength of victory. I'm really glad that you knew that but just made him I got to get Eric I know officer Tennessee okay right a much book through completely museum you don't Israel. And managers what Baltimore goal we suddenly they can score points whenever Baltimore why wobble while others were terrible. Suddenly got the editors the verbal score right about the good good. This guy went to me that I thought so too. Suddenly they're playing football again on both sides of the ball 8030551888552. By fifty. I've told the lay of the land the playoff race if anyone wants to invest in it I I think that is a hard sell. In buffalo right now. You know quarterback situation is a little more interesting with some but sued Mike has to say about that Mike thanks for calling your RW GR. Here is Gloria good. So I was beginning reasonably pleased Peter read the next fortnight and prepare as if it weren't healthy. It Peterman is Obama after important. We definitely could draft a quarterback in April. And I would think we need to find someone like a case you know slash. Just think you know on his start here next year really get it you know. Six to eighteen feet and then put in a rookie. Without any ability to respond to. Okay well I I don't think vision just played Peterman because they still do weigh as much as it's can get convoluted with a tie breakers. I think Taylor gives you the best chance to win this week. And I don't think that this coach can afford. To wedge Peerman back into the lineup. With us the latter event and a double blow over every one with a life with and without what weekly discharge from Susan was of it was bad for the purpose of animals and most of them words are closely on the radio but you do know what kind of show or was it was one of the road show us. Who was bad so. You can't it's. Is it training on this by the way you do know that right I don't just I mean I did I did that I. Struggled with this one a little bit there were some questions Alia in this one but I got a point here is that the Q when I really did you actually read the document that went with a that you had to be sure. You me Hillary that sure right now wait a minute wait. OK you don't have to read sorry this stuff the real glad to tell you. So for regular one and obscenity treated like people are wondering what's going on out there we have. Obscenity training also pale smuggle training all the tennis of what we can't can't do. In this business. In the assembly training part of it came with a a document that basically said here are your obscenity guidelines. Okay it's long I don't expect either read to read it. Because there's you can answer the questions Mike Hanna not reading it. You can get a look through skim it that's what I mean little movements and then the document run what I think you should read it. There's some really interesting stuff in there that will make you laugh and all the questions were making me yes I know some of the guys that I mean it still teams in the examples they are able to work of stirred. Anywhere. I mean the words that are in there or paddling. Schoolhouse words and you're like wait a minute like I'm reading this. It was it was it was something that was Tristan and now at any rate so. Was talking about one nation that need help him Biederman run at that can assure you can't say because of senator it was a mess yet. So you know. I think firfer anybody out there that sickened Tyrod. You look I did it I'm I'm fatigued too but. This coach still has a race to run. You don't wanna invest in it I don't blame you I barely wanna invest in that but I talk on the radio so I wanted to adjust and make sure you know that were aware of the fact that he still the chance. So there you go. This coat with that with at all being the case cannot just under a plea Peterman because I want to. Wanna find out a lot of the next few primaries on the U reported at Taylor's not healthy then he has now. And I would understand him wanting to get Peterman back on the field to start watching the stink all opium from that decision. But you can't force I just don't there's too much at stake I think reinforces cells and for Mike on the bulldogs' 8030550. You can be next. 88550. To 550. This is WG. Not one thing it's another garnered writing. To bring about the role snow okay. Wind me up just do whatever Ryan tells ring. We do really wanted to know about the the next WGR celebrity roast should save the day. We can't tell you yet who is going to be roasted. We know. It's going to be awesome. But we just can't tell yet. The next WGR celebrity roast presented by Seneca poker inside the Seneca Niagara casino and liberty tab. We set for Thursday the fifteenth of February that is Thursday February 15 that's the date he needs saved. The location is same as last year grapevine banquets on Dick Rhode. Be a great liable we'll be announcing all of that the the roasters. Just about group. Tickets will include a fantastic three course dinner with dessert complimentary wine with dinner commemorative gift. Silent auction to benefit charity and there's a VIP opportunity for you to they will include all of the above. Millions mentioned for a mean there plus. He VIP reception one hour before with celebrities and grocers and an opportunity to meet and greet. Celebrities who are in attendance individual tickets and tables. Will go on sale soon again that is the WGR celebrity roast. Great mind banquets and Dick grow the seal harsh donor Thursday February 15% of my cynical poker inside the Seneca Niagara casino and liberty camp. Lou you have that. Re you you were their last year right yes. I was there firm Marty. And palace lawn. Timmy fund this year to via an included a little bit on some things are going to be fun Avant who won't beauty no no more than I know I wrote to and I know that's. That's and that's cool beat. Most of the lowest he will be a good one yeah we're coming up I'm not on 6 o'clock and there have not been people walking by hello is staring at a well mostly with no animals that a known quality party going on them alone. I'm a little let down at the and put on my best CB GB is featured in flannel over an animal dressed up. Expecting people to be bang out but no way we were neighbors stop uninteresting. Very well could mean I well all where all the not interest to. Speak for yourself it's right Brayan Pena walked by your window yet either pal. Betsy. The only Jeremy humans out of him that hour I'll Holler was there bill gives me and it happened there now they didn't. And the cool. Right. That's that's that's that's his nickname of the building with some. Certain. With a certain sales person yeah the old right rotten ride ride ride while right. Yeah and in the illusion that shall try to come up to me goes. Hi hi right Brad and I said now don't write it down to just stop there and you can call me melt piper junior and coming country gates right Bradford has drawn a line. It's got to be drawn somewhere it's in the go. Hurry her run right regret that your bribe protocol we don't album lines right answers the phone. You addition to telling me what to do almost all of 8030 by the 1888552. Budget the a strong opinion one way or the other who should play on Sunday. Mean we know whole yard give my my opinion about Taylor and the northeast healthy enough I think he's almost past the play. How to fans feel about that 80305518088. By fifty to 550 will continue to act commerce engine on the other side. Of a brief timeout sales and for Mike I'm able log in this is WG.