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My children. No bull dog. One time night hello this. We're. And move. Good to me give me a good thing. All the sounds of the season. Gotta you gotta get these futures quote. I feel like I'm in front of the foyer. Hot cocoa. Liquor pearl. Thanks for hanging with us 4 and 6 o'clock ourselves hang out who's been in for Michael all day long today answering the bat signal once again. And I mobile 8030551888550. To 550. Rejected calls on me you just mentioned something during the break that came up this. You're you're used to this by now I should write stuff down more often than I do. I did I sometimes do it met or. What happens and I'm not looking at it and forgetting anyway so then I stop already stuffed down and that's a great way to forget what you want Bloomberg. The browns. Made a change and in an announcement in met their culture is going to be back even though he's one. One game in two fingers. You inject I he's supposed to be a little bit of Coke right. Yasser soul. They're gonna keep him there was some rumblings that if Marvin Lewis was fired since that possibly you could. Go back to reunite with AJ McCarron if he got fired. But he's not sure they they announced today they fired. They're GM stock she brown. And arc arc could be announced today they're keeping you Jackson into 2018 Arnold about beyond that. But. What do you make of the slate it reads to me from a distant slate that ownership fair. Signed up for a certain style. That was gonna take some time. And it has taken time and are in to where we into a thirty year. Real or we still I come through that would have to be third because he's one and one he won. So no I was at the that would be what's his record eleven. I have very here. 127. And two years so it's two years okay when he deems total focus sixteen last until they should all right so it's only been it's been that long yet. And most of our office people they when they got there they fired him but there was big upheaval so called the Podesta came in. And a you know they've they've been made all these trades they acquired all these picks that'll attract capital still have a lot of draft cap yes we've got to ride picks again this year. And yet somebody's getting fired and I'm actually adds up no but the global lesson I think I would take from this is. Sooner rather than later you have to draft a quarterback. And and make it look like you're on track because. If you don't. It is much is there might be arrows pointing up I know that sounds ridiculous the browns have won one game in two years. The division B still seem to me like there's some talent or. Bears a lot of picks still. If you have a quarterback your franchise looks and it's going to work and so I think ownership just looked minimally I don't know I don't see. I'll I agree if you the optics and not taking a quarterback at least you take when he's not good you can how to sell them like I'm in like. We're trying here which the quarterback right we he hasn't developed you know you can blame and the guy kind of right now and I'll tell. Kaiser they pick Kaiser right but I mean like they had a chance at once right or golf right or Watson. And Holmes we. All right guys all this big anything that's revisionists like that with the browns took a lot of heat Mike brings up all the time. Sooners went started out pretty well last year. And held off but when he started off really well flavors make from the browns right right rode his job we'd pass on Carson once. I wonder if that that calmed down I think your season wore on and he looked sort of at least on even right. This year's hearts and he's like an MVP candidate I wonder the older. I Buick disarm our ability. You can pick that guy. You can work from concrete step back and pick up on top. On top of doubling down and then again not picking one this year right I mean. You know it's. If you're paired you the chance OK we didn't make no mistake should take when choosing golf should pay Watson thanks so so then you don't do it again right. The Watson has sees these to have right right so that could very well be true. I don't know where they go from here other than with Hugh I do think you is a good football coach although his record has not bore that out obviously. He. What's what's curious to me though is that they said already he's going to be back not the we'll evaluate everything at the end of the year right so this really does look to me like a power struggle. Between hue Jackson and Sasha brow with heat which hue Jackson won. That's a disappears and oh by the way. It also looks like according to reports they are targeting John Dorsey to be their next GM who was the Kansas City Chiefs GM. Who did draft after my homes in the was fired a right months later. And just so I am right Jackson would want it McCarron. Maybe this GM did. Record there was at the right botched right it's an exciting yes it maybe brown was the blue one who was guilty constantly reviewed all possibly yes maybe intentionally correct right correct that. All right. And just the whole. How to go about things you deep Modesto with the money ball. Analytics stopped and Sasha brown Mike and I just don't get the sense that he was in that he's has yet to win games yeah he did this a win games he's not. Kits stayed patient his whole career any can't relent analytics he's going to right or wrong he's gonna say any players man well I got to have players you don't want. Here's the thing about that it it it if you're playing money bowl you play in the long game and in its gonna take time. Enduring in charge of what the coach gets to keep his job and keep coming to. It is it's a question whether the coach respects the process more than. That because it. If they like the coach and they know that it's gonna take some time then they can be patient with the coach Wright and and even silly look. We know we're doing we know doesn't look good visual assault or bad right now. But this guy is our coach and when we gave him an off players were confident we're gonna have you know whenever a suitable. Commensurate wrecker got a good enough team. So is he should you don't have to be at odds. Unless he. Just respects. There were ways of going about it. It if he thinks that there were. You know just about to map guys are what we're at whatever our football coach stereotypical we might think all of the analytics guys. Then you've got conflict movie. If he can respect. I don't know the urgency shouldn't be there if big if we'll teach frosts that bear gonna keep him around for the good times. But as much as he might. You could only twelve. If there's one trick or any you know we're not Maine a right it becomes a so much more of a burden like. This is me out the my name is attached to sleep I'm gonna. Now he you can you can respect the process all you want to what they're trying to do and even buy into and say I'm gonna do it. But you know Tim Murray sped up the process because. Like I just I'm sick and lose it like I gotta do this I gonna do something so when you're hue Jackson. I can understand it in 080 now you're like okay man like. I guy I got to win games here so that would be and you though they could maybe Sasha brown said. Look I thought process I believe then he can't be only nine. Like you should've won our before games by now three games whenever maybe yeah maybe so I I think all that comes into play at the end of the day it is a hyper competitive business where you can't just sit around your hands and say oh we're gonna win next year that might be good in theory people can say that the ground here we've had so we discussions about it. It's got a Wii games. And if you don't shall progress they showed no progress this year but I I read people who say. There's so much better than last year watching games fine if you think that I just know they're went well. Throwing twelfth could help so where's the progress. 8030551888550. To 550. Terrorists are short here they come its deterrence program there where they've got the got bored with the dance hall aspect we mean Roman Albert taking the two were. Able to. 80305518088. By fifty to 550 those are the numbers cavities first up this segment hi Kevin thank collier on WG. The plane and go to another super thanks. Political accord and an outlook or come a third of the order power we. Learned to note that our current exported. Well we win or lose somewhere between according to guerrilla group could rent but we couldn't do it or it. You don't look into the tree and we're gonna walk back he's good. So you were you wanna play Peter renew these games you're assuming they'll be losing though is that the scenario. In a little. Bit more corporate and compete a little. By and maybe even look all go to the you know I couldn't do a little bit they'll control on the next Utica school opened in Mexico though it didn't. Because they're gonna try and win the game out of there in less they're blowing the team out or getting blown out that just simply is not going to happen. Airport we're going to. Need. Yeah I was so whether they're sowing the team now or below or getting blown out one of the if the score is really lopsided you'll get what you want if the score is within a couple of scores in the fourth quarter. Paid eight Peter is not coming in a tire until it started. Are. All right. Gotcha yeah I I wanna say gambling I I'd. But for the season began eyesore a I expected we talk about a lot. And queried you about a probably too many times what kind of season. Wouldn't have to be like how soon could we see Peter men. It what what was the wreck with their record is it that to be mathematically eliminated what do all that's. And his. Drafting Peter men that what you expected bearer view of Taylor to be which I think has been borne out. What makes sense that they'd want to get an idea what Peter brink and it was like the caller wanting to see him being curious about Peter may make sense. The organization certainly would be. So in an Iowa I am too. But it was never with like. I'm super optimistic he's going to be really greater malaria the next Tom Brady yours is more more just like. Bookkeeping to me I gotta check the box and make sure he's not great. Is how would you Peter just because. I'm not expecting the guy drafted in the fifth round to be my right my clearer answer you know avoid. All ball. I got eight and neither did well and. We did great if that happened but I'm just not one bad to go to everything just comes back to for me Bulldog is. Everything that's happened this year. Tyrod starting. Showing still more limitations in the passing game. Or as much they can hear me going in LA thrown five interceptions. Act attire. Everything they've done. Everything both guys the way they played. You know what it really comes back to me for an eye as I hear the Christmas music out there there's a band apparently it to me and him. It comes back to draft night last year and everything I told the next morning still true. It's still true which is. They made the trade with the chiefs. To get a franchise quarterback and when he. And I am I still believe they're gonna do Bibby tonight I I don't I don't think. Even though there's been an ebb and flow. Even though they were five into entire only those are the guys maybe we don't even they we can build around him even now all that happened. 1213. Weeks into the year. I think it just leads right back to know where it started. And kinda everybody knew it was to begin with just the question. Going to be like. Who was going to be available to them do you wanna pay to move up the rhetoric we wanna do can you move up. Chicken all the opportunity. Teams. Will move up to get quarterbacks. The wage shaking out because the giants will be up their day don't have to draft quarterback Denver will be up there they don't have to direct that these teams could certainly do that. I might even think they should but they might not you know the giants might hire new people go Manning's great to keep me up. The Broncos maybe that's who we are cook thousands of the Broncos right sure. So. Simmers has Colby up there and they've got rob blown out of sign him but annually up there they have Angela coming back rightly recess so. They're being movement the opportunity to go up there will exist. This is to question whether or not you can bid high enough fuel comparable bidding sign up to goma. By the way that makes this game even. Has an extra little layer to give India another loss you what Indy picking his highest possible the strap you wanna have more trade partners. Jerk. I'll buy that a by that. 80305518885. To do to fight to the atom is next on WGR hello Adam thank you calling you are on the air. It was caught on Al Bulaga and taking my call Sharon and tell them that Kelvin Benjamin. This guy. If he's doesn't get hurt and he's in the line up last week against the patriot I just keep wondering. You know how much closer at that game and that scenario and I know which one guy out of eleven written deal. But men have a receiver like that. Changes the dynamic of all law and in terms of blocking in the run game about given you maybe they have to double team him maybe that makes it easier for a guy like they don't get. Open off the line. And you know. Extending wonder I'd been nagging can be the difference between the scorpion 123 to three or 24 to three and one. You know. Maybe that game gets bigger the game ends up being you know while that's down left for new England and one more for us than. And then I get to think in OK well if he comes back this Sunday and get prepared. Maybe there's a scenario here where New England doesn't have anything to play for and that you know next game. That Tom Brady hit then and you know things go our way because that offense you know. They've had some obviously some ugly outings this year but I think you get a guy like that back in the lineup and the defense old. Yeah I think can happen. I I think the chances of New England I mean we'll see date they play. They played Pittsburgh the week before they play buffalo I think I have an event that says you're correct it's right Miami Pittsburgh buffalo so it if if those two teams are still all. Holding form where they are. I mean I just I don't thing doing is gonna be ready to sit down. I mean they they have to beat Pittsburg. Which I would expect them to be favored to do despite both teams being turned into and they still might need one mortar make sure they keep home field solely. I don't know that it's possible I just wooden. As I wouldn't want to be counting on it and I think. Thank you for calling them but I I think you're old. I just don't think last week's game looks like a different piece on the I don't know how much I agree and how much faith you have it. What they've been able to do this year have been able to do that suddenly they would be able to do because of him Redick I just right can't and I can't give myself that spot considering the quarterback and affected the running game has many leading going in things like that Miley air shots did write about this today on Twitter. He wrote how the patriots can clinch the one seed. With two games left so over the next two weeks are fears it would have to happen thank you they had to beat Miami and Pittsburgh obviously. This is that they were clincher before they play the bills. Baltimore would have to beat Pittsburgh. Jacksonville would have to lose one of the next two games. And then that would be it. Okay but here's the problem with that I think is still strange kind of want Baltimore to lose not beat Pittsburgh. You don't wanna be in that situation you wanna have them in Tennessee lose as much as possible but. If you are thinking of how can you possibly run the table we think you can beat the dolphins Weis and the colts may be the patriots rest players they could if they beat. They win the next two games in Baltimore beats Pittsburgh in the Jacksonville loses one of the next U they would actually have a policy wrapped up where you are just rolling in two weeks exact. I'm glad you had that ready for your tips adamant it's what's not that's not that's not moving heaven and earth. That's a few results right so you know what I predict it happens Knoll but I mean it could you know. It did it certainly could rob is next up on WG Arlo rob thanks for calling you are on the air. Eight I don't think you for keeping it very dismal kind of multiple sports editors think we are placed side. It didn't amount Angolan driver in the record outlet yeah soft figures that I wanna just. Put a little important. People like a lot of times. There that McDermott might leave the room and I just want to approach it differently and I think it is not about seeing how good he terminated because. They do solo shot but. I feel like when you it's almost like when we get mad when coaches always on or there. You know sometimes it's okay that gold little outside the box because he does give me an opportunity receivers. I guess it's just maybe a little ads thing and I think their usual little better opportunity to score more points. You you talk at all Peerman playing and and what you you why McDermott to just. Have a vision and not worry about what the repercussions of the locker room and what are we talking about it. I just don't think it will boost the world are making a decision that you literally believe. If you don't believe that any just doing it and trap the waters it's bat. But if you really honestly believe that this kid like I do give about our chances to score more. I think that you're not going to boot llama actually leaves. Well. Him believing in it. Doesn't mean that Peter Mann will play well. And that's the that's the twist he did I think he believed in Atlanta and I think I do he was just one around I think he really thought. This will help us and it was awed disaster. If he'd did it again. And it was bad again. I think you've got a mess I mean I just think you have a mass on your hands and as much as a guy I appreciate. The direction you're going there which is I need Eric Fuller the conversation were evident at the top of the hour your cell Cleveland your division you plan on a work plan. And I'm not gonna listen to the noise I'm gonna work quite so it is somewhere. Sean McDermott is watching film with is offense from the whole year and is looking at Tyrod Taylor going. Pearman has to be better in this. And do we as I've seen them I've seen him do in practice I watched him in college I watched from the precincts in Boston in the fourth quarter he's he can do it he can do it. That's great. It's still a huge risk we have to just do what I saw I I I just can't. C a guide taking that chance after how the game in Italy and skip. I agree and I don't I don't think gun. I think that there would be trepidation already from players and that if it went disasters they would be a Mike why why why would you do what that's right right so it's gonna take that into account. All right good deal we. Talk of a lot of football today some bills and some NFL draft when our man drove Marino he's suddenly he's a man he's been on three times anyway whatever. Our Joel Marino oh really and welcome here Richard a lot more football here with Joseph coming up stay tuned I'm mobile blog along with sell this is WGR. Might show how each. Did I he does come up with a backyard played with the adult. You would do. We eat ribs and then what listen to solve the music saga have broken a Bulldog. And the exciting about your ticket what is cars and motorcycles go back and help. So he's come I if you look at you look the way that he's not doing it without ever. It's my children. And a Bulldog. On WG ER Sports Radio 515. I've been playing with a here. Mike has the day off today. Itself but you were sitting in for him I'm the Bulldog and joining us right now on the AT&T hotline in the NFL draft analysts. And it's and I told. Reporter and red sports co host of draft dudes. It is Joel Marino and the AT&T hotline I Joseph thanks for taking time to join us again. Absolutely appreciate the the opportunity come back on. Wouldn't be hired men let's let's start when we'll get through the college guys do is we are. You're familiar with helping to work in buffalo at this time of year we are perennial perennially in the haunt. Soul of this the ground beneath those starts to shift towards. Which corporate actually be of interest in the middle of the first alone because that's usually where the bills are picking. On how the situation that we have at hand here. You can dial it back to the initial decision a couple of weeks ago by Sean McDermott to switch to Nathan Peterman. Now he may not have a choice because Tyrod is heard alluded practice on a limited basis today. What you read the situation here in buffalo. Well I think for. I guess the last three years Tyrod Taylor has done an adequate job his buffaloes got starting quarterback but if you look at. All three of the contract that he signed. Buffalo than anything but committal about it being the long term answer at quarterback and now at this current regime. In Rick Dennison the offense in an offense they're really is predicated on winning from the pocket. Getting throws with timing and anticipation. Is in really kind of challenging all three levels of the field. Live with a sense of understanding how to read coverage and where to put the football. It doesn't play well the Tyrod strength Tyrod and as you know was very mobile he's that's when he mean it downplays this beaten and pick up yards as the pro and a broader. You more of about a point and shoot pastor where he wants to see. We are targets that are open and hit them you know what without a whole lot of coverage nearby he's not gonna make those tightly looked frozen so. You have to think that ball well. Would love for me Peter mean to be the guy that can do that. And and at the time where they made the decision to put into that made a lot of sense because. What was coming out some very poor offensive showing. The defense was all continuously on the field because tribes were not sustained it was screen out after three and out if you don't maybe need computer can get this ball well moving often leaving. With more consistency in and of course that backfired and as John McDermott said Craig Tyrod that that. Think for the team and that's that's absolutely true the promise he still doesn't. It what they want to sit and well deserved criticism for not adapting system that plays to his strengths but. Clearly you know they they have their issues with this style I think they want Peterman to be the guy and and I don't think. They've seen enough right now to really continue to play him in at the dilemma now you know Tyrod Taylor got the knee injury in good lord if he's not mobile. These you worry you worry about the way he could perform on Sunday with without his best attributes and it's a sloppy situation and here we are talking drafting quarterbacks again. The sloppiness of the situation really starts all the way back at them. Agreeing to bring Taylor back in the first place like it because that's the style quarterback he is as you if you weigh out your joke. You've got to play those ranks otherwise it what are you doing trying to make him into a three step drop West Coast quarterback just. It it certainly it was I guess it was possible link possible but it didn't seem that likely to me and so them not. Designing an offense suited to his ranks like then why did you bring him back in the first place. You know I've thought about that a lot and this is pure speculation on my behalf but I think about Sean McDermott. There has personality and the way that he just love guys that while the process and work really hard and are committed to the grind and I don't think you have a better example of that and Tyrod Taylor he's probably one of the hardest working guys union itself. And I'm sure Sean McDermott very much observed him in the way he attacked his rehab coming back. Its commitment to the team and getting better. And probably fell in love with that said you know I can win with this guy and so they made the decision to roll with him. Again. We reluctantly. Because there's certainly adapt and you know this contract and thought. All right for first year here we can we can see what we have in Tyrod Taylor was very miserable long term commitment. And and that's my speculation as to why I think you know. Taylor was that he's given this season that could prove that he is is really not good. Joseph what did you think an eighth in the coming coming out of the draft. Yeah so this is this event property to get that lovely computer and a computer and I as a third round are great he was my number three quarterback in the class animal what Patrick Holmes. And and I agree to them that you can use them are top 100 prospects third round break. And dom. I really liked his ability to keep an offense on schedule a guy that can distribute the Opel and I can read coverage and go to the appropriate place is with the ball. I understood that he didn't have a great great its physical attributes in terms of arm strength but I thought he had enough accuracy and enough anticipation in the way he threw the football. That had the excitement that was a historically good at offense last year from Peru where they've been in years past what he was able to do their lives very good. And then I had a can't see him up close and personal and in Mobile, Alabama for the suitable he dominated the week in a game where you're you're playing with receivers that. You never thrown to except for that week he went out completely 21 and 23 catcher in the game that you looked out standing all week in practice. But there are it will you know not every not every bit to have Tom Brady your Aaron Rodgers a lot of will kill you think OK this is the got to keep people off and on schedule and move. Installer buffalo took my thought this was a really good fit. You'd never imagine he goes on for a 5% interceptions were senate election. Obviously that's that's gonna put a huge cloud over it and it irks me for my valuation perspective. But I don't think that that have to find it experienced career but he's got a lot about spectrum. Although you wouldn't mind seeing employees and morally yet we we've spent some time this week Joseph pondering whether or not McDermott would be. Over eager. To dip Peterman back on the field to sort of you know get the stench awful nickel because he made that choice the bills were five and four where he made it. And right now to start the splatter everywhere you know is Peerman does play and you know is a company. You probably hope for better than madly TVs actually but decent they've been winning game he's all right take care of the ball. Throw some nice passes then the decision. Even though it still blew up. I'm I'm I'm McDermott. Dollars and walk as reckless as it does you know until until Peter may and does something to erase that by picking up. Yeah I got the only thing note. Which really looms. When I think about that is what if you go someplace that again and I. Are you really compounded the issue and the value just looked all right because you're continuing to play guy who is clearly not ready to play an NFL. You've got out this week he had an out type Tyrod Taylor is banged up with a knee injury. And you can certainly use that as your skews that hey you know Parra wasn't in it wasn't able to be Tyrod and and could do things to make him go to we had a role they've been dealing they're already giving Joseph Webb some reps a quarterback you know I think they can Peter and probably gonna play this week. And if you play poorly at least there's an out so with that in mind even think maybe it increases a McDermott that type of point. Right but he definitely can't just pass over a Tyrod Taylor whose health. No no it because that that that could that could get messy I would think Glock who would have a problem to death due to Edgar we are talking with Joseph Marino. Covers the NFL and college football for fan red sports he's on the AT&T outline with us here on the WG. Arduous elects kind of transition into 2018 now from your read on it. Would be. Right played I think I think most people aren't. Agreement that the bills are gonna move on from Tyrod Taylor meant they might not. They knew they would have to pay him basically sixteen million dollars next year I don't think they're gonna do that when there already willing to bench him for a fifth round rookie. Who had never thrown a pass in the NFL this year while essentially had not thrown one. But maybe but what do you read from the situation that the bills would. Elected do that. Go the free agent route or go the draft route or I may think Peter van as the starting quarterback next year. Well I'll say this I've I've hit the road a lot this this sub ball scouting football games and so while several over my colleagues and Japan are exports. Not a guy that spent that the big time quarterback. Games this is brand and being in and social and so. You know I think about the game that I met where Mark Jackson playing it will Greer and Mason Rudolph we know seeing and Arnold we know we've seen Josh Rosen when the GM goes. It matters and and Brandon beam is on the road games or marquee quarterbacks always play and that tells me wanting. The grand and beamed out looking for a quarterback and so he's got the draft capital needed to it to go get them. He's got the things working against the number one you whether it's you stick with the bills that. Probably peaking in the middle of the first round and put them out of the running for the top two guys right now which are got throws in the big the nation. And then you have a a a ton of teams they're going to be taking out of buffalo that need quarterbacks so it's not a great marriage for. Going ahead and being able to get their guy unless there's. A second tier after that they believe in that they have a chance to getting so. I think Brandon being absolutely and in the looking for a quarterback I feel about on the road I know he's out there trying to find. But I don't I don't get overly excited about Buffalo's. Draft positioning and of course the landscape in front of them where. You know both teams are really in position to not take quarterback either write the copy Cleveland they they've got Derrick Rose and army fielder. For some quarterback and then there's a whole list of teams after that the giants in the Broncos and if the list goes on a lot of other children need quarterbacks the jets. You know I I just don't know there's going to be. That opportunity to strike a deal and move up at work he's going to pass from quarterback that needs. While brandy did come from a place where he saw firsthand what that quarterback can do for a franchise in Carolina they were just pitiful. Until Cam Newton arriving there in the Super Bowl within what three years. After Cam Newton got their four years but whatever was. He saw that but I'm curious are you not mentioning seemed Arnold because. He might go back to school are you just not mentioning because of you don't think he would be drafted with those guys. No I think and Arnold part of the mix and you only a third year sophomore. Who. How can really great moment this year but he didn't take the leap forward. That I think everyone expected him after he caught fire at the end of his record freshman year and obviously this spectacular showing blatant use in the bowl game and everything. Arnold the guy that idol like a lot about. He's got a lot of work to do mechanically. And Don you've got a lot of work to do with consistency with. But it accuracy means that bit about rose hers couldn't grow usual seat. The bad ones are you leave that and so there's a lot of work to be done there he's young. And if he's got a lot of mechanical stuff to work out. I don't know he's part of the conversation is sure what we'll see if he is then you know there's been some grumbling already that he's the guy that awful like. You think that he'd be a good bit but yeah I mean that's. His his decision going to be awfully polarizing I don't think he's necessarily that that slam dunk number one overall pick that. You know he was perceived to be over the summer. You also mention me field up at the top there and I'm curious were. You use your your scouting report on him. You know there are some already areas pretty well known concerns there's owed a duty over a drunken arrest. Which is not a great look for one. And then there is in all the flag Ohio stayed in the crotch generation nonsense against Kansas State. But as a player like yen and with that stuff in mind what what are your thoughts on him. Likable lot of football player. Tremendous accuracy it all over the field he's mobile he's you've got enough arm strength these are you got good arms. I think he checked all the boxes he's the guy that I'd love to have as my quarterback when you neglect him in buffalo and even Josh golden. I don't know Gergen it will bring into being in Sharma Berman are trying to build. And it used the term here but I think that those guards. Subpoena McDermott are looking for good sports you look at the draft class I know that rain being with a part of the political struck out. There's the Sean McDermott let draft class this year you have a lot of seniors a lot of guy with guys with impeccable character reviews. Community people. Guys that are just kind of proved in the long term security in. I I think got buffalo isn't gonna gravitate towards those quarterbacks because of the things that you already mentioned about baker may feel that. You know you can you can debate how it impacts and evaluation. If every team can handle it differently but we are talking about the bill and I think they marking its gonna return to labor and even Josh Rosen who. I think you're the number one quarterback in this class who would be a paltry. It was you know the way to keep plays stylistically sitting down offense. Put even him he's had an outspoken opinions. From the distractions that come back and I just don't know being in the permit. Are gonna have the Democrat of appetite for those players especially Dunbar road and you're gonna figure that out to retreat next guy to get them I just I just don't know. It goes to benefit now camp Arnold more of that got Josh Allen from Wyoming Wyoming is more that guy. But then you have to wonder if you know it was the right. Good investment to move up or if they're going to be an album when you when people. The trigger word every little graphic is so I really just I think there's I have a hard time with the meant big quarterbacks. And in the bills in the way that they perceive players and where they're going to be kicking in and I'm not sure there's going to be great marriage. We'll take time out here more coming up would Joseph Marino from fed rag after this on WG. It. Here's more which normally don't from Ventura and WTO. Touch on a couple of the others and we can't just for a moment Mason Rudolph Josh Allen as you just mentioned a moment ago Luke fault anybody else wanna throw in the mix there. Yeah I think Mark Jackson and part of that mix is sure I'll pump I don't like Lamar Jackson to buffalo they couldn't build scheme run Tyrod Taylor then you know I think you just. Patent for disaster with the Lamar Jack I think that he adapted from blocking and even though I like Mark Jackson very much as medical equipment completely understand that you had to walk. Luke walk her. I'd a done his old governor or already I don't have a high grade on him I think he's more release date three guy against Iraq was an arm strength or accuracy. Coming from an assistant at translated incredibly poorly to the NFL they got to be an uphill battle. Just Allen is physically gifted as a quarterback you're ever gonna find what you ask. You have further quarterback which he's been not a guy that can that look the part can control football beautifully that's what they're gonna give you what. The production at the grand there Wyoming the decision making. It seems like that repetitive mistakes there are concerning and you know from an outside perspective as a lot alike but. You know it's there's a lot of risk involved in the team like he's. Already common the punching bag of his quarterback class that whatever team is ultimately given that I selection gonna have to. Really overcome common the bullet that they're gonna base because he just haven't played well. That's going to be there a concern and then Mason Rudolph cigar that I actually like a fair amount. I don't think he's gonna BA you know the super desirable first round pick but you got a lot of production got a lot of big moment at Oklahoma State. You still have the that that transition from a a system that. There have been a lot of spread elements that are difficult to translate to the NFL but I likely throw the football has got the ability to push the ball down the field. But you're the guy that when when things are right around him you know when he had. I'll pass rush that pocket collapsing and you have to make quick decisions he kind of continues continuously struggle for couples Eden and in dyslexia and Arnold the growth. That was expected this year. Again I sure didn't happen really for me rookies really kind of been the same player for three year. So you don't really know how much upside yourself. It's an interesting quarterback class is going to be a lot in a lot more on covering here is if I get deeper into the in the film itself but. You know Canada next here or not he. You know I don't know what we're gonna like any of those guys either it seemed like but I think about buffalo guys it's probably dark golden in Allen and I'm not sure that there's a whole lot. You know there's a lot of guys need to work on those are far from finished products and know how much longer can buffalo. Wait further quarterback and I think that's gonna be and it's something where you like a patch or almost where they're gonna have to sit and wait you know that's going to be the case if you take Alan. Or Arnold and and then that the free agency market comes into play and that is buffalo best suited to go. Actor Kirk cousins and you call this draft capital to build around and that's that's really where I start to think when I think about what quarterback situation to be like for bought Ford when he could. Whole scale this the idea of spending the money it would take to land cousins. I don't see how how do you like him as a player like I think he's in he's put up some some good numbers but I've. I don't know I'm I'm Mike buyer beware on him for 45 million dollars a year. Well I think. I think what Kirk cousins you have me. Player that fits perfectly in terms of that that grinder worker process mentality guy that they like. And the way he wins it's really well with Rick Paterson. System I think everybody was going to Tampa that's right and just go back a brothel does the dynamic has change. And buffalo from their perspective seems really good now you have to ask yourself. Do you wanna make it large investment and Kirk cousins do you wanna make Kirk cousins the highest paid quarterback in the NFL cadet what's going to happen right and are you gonna be the one that can do. And you think about this buffalo team. In the draft capital that has and what it's trying to kill him maybe they are the right there and it goes back to appoint any earlier at every team has Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers. Whatever you don't always good to have those but can you build a team Ron Kirk cousins. It would be competitive in and go to go to the playoffs I think I think you can't buy com at the end of the day you're still I think you're gonna it's still have that. That issue okay you know investing so much capital into a quarterback that's not. Right Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson you know and it's gonna get somewhat handicapped arrested luster so there's so much in play but. You know this display up street in the golf and work work at least eighteen years here and you just wonder you know it is buffalo team that can say okay let's just. Put all our eggs to Kirk Kirk cousins basket built around them it into it we can compete. New York I'm terrified the crap out of society I just this idea I know the draft is a crapshoot of course. And cousins is at least you have a baseline and you have a body of work and you can you have a certain expectation of what you're going to get from him. What holy cow which signing him and making him but I want the drought and who. But I do not want to be the team makes in the highest paid quarterback in football I don't know it's the tiger makes me means we've really scare wonder what other college judge Joseph before we move on here in and and much go whose names is sort of cropped up it's it's due to Mia you know I don't do what you do for a living which just you don't really worked on this all year round. I'll Mississippi State nick FitzGerald. Did you have any anything on him for us. Yeah I'd stay away from IPQ you'd you'd. Come away with. FitzGerald is the type of player that town is it going to be fought at depressed or. I think you have better college football for the New Year's pro football where really. Struggled with his accuracy. You like the economists got a guy like one of those. There's your Greek quarterback through lack of better terms but I don't get overly excited about him in the NFL and I'm not sure he's a player that. I'd really be thinking about for buffaloes cougars answered. You have a young starting portfolio you wanna give a plug for that helping them get it at their interest and. Yeah actually thank you so much every yard producer I about draft gotten portfolio at 300 records aren't. All of the prospects available for the upcoming class right of me. My own evaluation system that I put all the players brutally consistent evaluation that job. Output up he's got reports and they and put to consisting. The valuation and everybody in the to have both purchased at any he's doubting our content certainly appreciate Epstein you share that. Aren't that NDT scouting dot com all right Joseph thanks very much for this very thoroughly enjoyed it I'm sure will chasing down again as we get into. You know late winter and spring in real real draftees. All right thanks for marker that is again Joseph Marino follow Omon Twitter at though Joseph Marino. He's from off in exports and again you can check out that scouting portfolio and indeed he scouting. Dot com. That is gonna do it for us stay tuned. The nightcap. With Ryan gates on the way activists on WG solid and I.