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Bills Football
Thursday, December 7th

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It is noon in all of a sudden. Your respective tickets through that the plane was wrong on Sunday. He sighed and hear what he wanted to do NASA has. You. Ryan Clark mentioned tweet. Needs in the other day you about navy possible retaliation. Could could you go into what what the response was from your teammates to you. From my teammates it. As far as oh yeah it was at the data plaguing. What did you mean. Your teammates her. Is this you know. Your life. Ain't got sense it was so what happens. From what you're. Do what he wanted to do and that is admit that if there. Simple act to what have you heard from him out since. It. On his phone. He's that he apologize to you and is that not True. Blue you. He apologized and those that need it. Now. Then it's. In on over the sale and and homeland there. He snuck through my back time. It broke when they and I got a son raised in it and people don't think about you and you know it is yeah. This year than it is this. Is. But to watch fact century. I've seen it many times that helped them to watch that with. Isn't this is where her. That is that is that they would have to you know involved. You know like this it is it is. I cut will be half. Passed it again and again on Sunday we opportunity and it's an explosive offense. And mineral didn't have a great week of preparation skills than the Magnuson who wrote. You're on the ground would be thinking this could be an array of things you don't know the exact who and the actual prognosis and how injured. And then have a Maltese and I am a product could have been telling you know I've been given that pretty bad. We're. Terrible headache. It is it is. He wouldn't want to do. Okay. That so. Adamant about head injuries and things like that it that does that relieve. Take a step back when the repercussion is just one game. Okay. Okay.