12-08 Jack Eichel Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, December 8th

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Jackie had enough gasoline you had been on the iced it. Get that penalty shot for ya around there he had enough gas to do it what was going through your mind as you're coming in on the penalty shot. Com. And all that ice is entered as it isn't too good here sites came in on shoot it and but in different things from. Yeah O type of your goalie was when he gets up and it's puzzling to open. President just hopeful that. Structuring it's more than a frustrating. You have the lead and then they get more shorthanded goal I mean that I know that's probably. Bothering a lot of guys more than anything here that we do have a chance to put the game away and instead they tie it. That's frustrating. It's tough to you know due up but I shorthanded goal in the situation. I. And they do play you have difficulty controlling the puck and beat me in case you're almost playing out. It's kind of winning it and touching moment. You at. Him. I mean I think that. It's been a bit of our problem the entire season. You know we sit back in leads in and I thought that it is day two I thought you know we're all guilty of it we didn't go after them you know we are. Happy with just getting the puck out of our zone instead of trying to make it hard on them and you know who did note chains and and they come as full speed you up to game you saw happen it's frustrating you know we've. Then in the situation before and they've given aptly this is a game it to get two points than in all regions so. Yeah we need to be better than that you know I get a chance to win the game over time I don't do it. I need to score nickel. You know also it yet it's the soft as it for the played great use of aspirin it's for both teams now is a must earnest for us than them so. We got to be better for him we got to find a way to get two points in this game and if we kept this and it's all. Played on Sunday.