12-08 Jason Pominville Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, December 8th

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Chasing you get a point out of this but he got severely out shot what was the flavor of the game in your mind. It's not. It's not winning hockey and you get a you see your PP with for. A little over four minutes left you want to make sure you're able to kill the clock and if anything just move around and even if you don't get much least you know give opening. We have approval and and we see the results of was gonna make sure that. Those kind of things don't happen and obviously we knew it would. It happens. Seemed like passing especially in the first period is one of the reasons you could get could not get any offensive pressure yeah I think I mean. They haven't been that their best lately and that. There's a lot of talk with them coming Oden. Getting good start which they did in. I thought for the most part we we respond well we. And we can get as much offense is we want that we defended our tomorrow the first was. One goal lead in how to treat it second and and then again the chance. Closing you know and Ernie were doing it. It's almost playing not to lose sort of put that came away at that point yet you want but the game wave it. At the same thing in wanna give up anything for sure. I mean whether it's just. Not creating that just trying to get it in their zone and in but it's almost seem like they were national more than than we were in there isn't. They probably have more shots and we didn't mean that that should happen. It's fields relying heavily. It's it's it's been that way a little bit too much he's played he's played really well for us tonight was bigger example that he battled he. Made some great saves and I kept the senate and and they have over fifty. Last time I looked up and that's it's it's unfortunate that we. We that these points the way from. Final finally got through on the power play and reason because you're at than that I mean basically you got a puck in men than that he warned of getting your goal he had good. Good retrieval and right away we. We lost drop earlier that jump and get the puck back and and treatment again in. Makes me an excellent line and merely the tip. It's good play overall.