12-15 Jake McCabe Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, December 15th

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It took a lot of motions and I came in Europe are down your back you're back I mean in the minutes of overtime means very up and down game wasn't. I was there's nothing wisdom and Laker game for the most part that we had to renew the stay excellent schools and where games that right now we can for those. You know we did show good resiliency coming back to America. Obviously in the charger and take over the game but. You know resolving the two points and that and the day it's just knock him as an effort to help will you guys that it's only four. It's it's just kind of players he wants when every now and he's. No he's a guy that you know what's lot of burnt himself to produce and tonight he did that for us and and like I said. You know we need and a you know and hope Johnny vector area every time you know he's been in their we've we've given up way too much and we were there and get them form in this system virtually full of shorts and a it's structured. For the mistakes in pockets. Because I'm I wouldn't say there were a lot of them. But they seem like the came in parts are and they're not there's not lichtman glaring mistakes and an argument but the small the small ones out up in the economic plan Lawler. First offense and on record Graco sustenance you know we're stuck in Arizona and you know that may not have enough player but you know couple post on the road you're tired and you know that's been you know those blistered adding up so going forward membership counts mean to continue to. In a worker consistency through a full sixty minutes when you looked up for you pretty sure your vote count when he when he saw the replay. Doubtful and I don't think Internet too much on so. Hopeful for sure. How much does that appointments is just to increase that total tonight ad supported census every night. You know going to end you wanna players when Trevor at the goal is possible to get bodies there and armed united says you saw us produce schools because of so going for the something about her picture this it's.