12-15 Paul Hamilton Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, December 15th

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514 when it rankled that hear them. What's next let's go back across the street out of ball into the game winner in a moment but fans are going to be talking about cycles before. Here his first ever hear Patrick. There were some moments tonight expect a lot of them where he was definitely the best player in the Hudson fans have been waiting for women's takeover game why. He was that you that you took the points away. You have to say he played very very well. Skating all night he was on it. You know just very impressive and that's the thing go when he. It's like that he probably has good pickup. He certainly came through with a team needed him the most unfortunately is he said he thought he screamed goal in overtime and that's something you you know. You're gonna learn as a young player you know don't you know hit out of the way but. Still. They don't even get one point it's not for him. Just at all. Service to a noble sports. The the game cold it makes it to quarterly third Holmstrom in this. Radiating go to the net of. It's the first period. Behind some stuff with the old I mean the complete player honestly. How many times have you heard me say your best players have to be your best players and he's certainly Y tonight no team was very upset with himself that. He didn't come through in overtime but normally you know he's he's a guy that you know gonna come through for you. And unfortunately you know he gets the breakaway and over time and I really didn't get it done so. You know you he'll look at it and it is just you know he had so many opportunities. But I never really got the chance to. Church did have plenty of opportunities try to score on it. But you know it just couldn't come through and that's what they need is one of those to come through form. If it didn't. Last night politics and high quality kids or obviously. Been if you're the OT tonight to. Com. Look at these numbers that you rate its neighbors that stuff and the players on the that your rights groups. But. After awhile it got that he's used scoring at the eighth. Like if I would understand what would be the ability frustrated with himself if he's got a high bar for himself where he. Scores of life I can sense that in the road when I hear its pounding them stand right next. Yet he created a lot the last two games in helping us on informed so. You know that's the thing that's a finger to sell. If you know that that that's. What you say I mean he's creating he's playing the way he's supposed to do it's it's not going in the net form itself. Won't you know when you look at it that way. You know he's doing his best it it just he gets into those slumps sometimes where he just can't seem to convert. And but I think you would be more worried if he's not creating opportunities but he certainly is and getting. Oodles of opportunities there just aren't going to incorporate well he got the power play goal last in the one timer that that he just blew up walked away when. With the wind and cinema from the power play games to go. It's not like never scores but. You know he's definitely been frustrated because he feels he's one of the guys that have to come through and he hasn't. It. Giving that are right there. It'd be over. Have a great way on the previous week. The way for a whole thing you can point and I know that. Want to hear nor nor should they be against the against that the good night. It's still got that high bar but he'll probably tonight and I think it's all the it shocked and now he's looking forward unit that would lead one. And he also was inspired by their energy there which is something. It hasn't always been the case. Here excuse. But I thought that was their most energetic. All of that night and maybe even hope that this experience becomes real athlete village. It's definitely not an excuse what happens there is they came back. And they needed energy to come back they had the energy to come back right. In the long run they never should have been behind. To me you know if you look at it that way. You know too many mistakes with him behind him and a bad break. You know the broken stick with the bad breaks. So you know that happened also. But it's you know really if you if you look at that they've been ever driven behind breath he you have to give them credit they have you know you come back we've seen them come back and that's the problem with this you know they're chasing game and decent thoughtful talk about it. They'll always talk about the players have talked about it it's not a recipe for winning hockey you just aren't gonna win hockey games when you're chasing needles. It also a couple days off from game action and then there home again on Tuesday who. Pruitt and then they'll get the same text they saw these last night they get Philly Carolina again. And in the whacky National Hockey League here we are we got points and five us what 560. Yeah but it doesn't feel like it does now. The players aren't. I guess we'll pull it. Semi progress. Right mean getting one point. Here in terrible ways never. Then all of a sudden back into. This playoff we've. My breath say but the sabres that's all the players that we believe that so. For them to be getting one here one there I understand why it. Okay what well guess what it was the first Patrick at home since 4011 and but that was 245. Days ago we watched a lot of games. It seems almost impossible I know it's true. But it seems like how does that happen. Well. When I go through tenth season. Scored. When you have these cameras in the lineup for the three and emotionally. We can go back it will close its brutal conflict. If I fall have a safe drive home tonight dreary weekend it. So could take care.