12-15 Phil Housley Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, December 15th

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And weirder means and means we'll ahead next thing you know my mind Bender on but to. The next thing that you're hiding in that sequence. Isn't a lot of open. Well when you look at the game and I thought we had a real good control but. Until the third period. You know it's just. It's a recognition part when the the talk changes possession have an urgency to come back. And you know it was a bad break that Evander Kane broke his stick on that one goal. But when when you when your net position and and you see. You lot of games that we played this is their fifth team in any night this is. The second leg of a back to back. And and to our guys to find. The energy to come back and and tie the game I thought it was a great effort on their part because. Could have easily gone a different direction but. For the most part you know are we played a really really good game it's just those little details. And they continue to talk about it about our play without the puck pockets that that urgency. That's something bad can happen and and it did you know so. It but the great thing is is that you know we find a way to battle back which is which was costs and buyer guys and it really. Was it at the point in the game and where we were in the in the energy level that we had. A home but you know it's just tough to lose in overtime you know this is. Continuing story try to change it to London. The end of the lines trying to give it something different because it hasn't worked and that's the disappointing part because you find a way to get back in the game to tie the game you get a point in overtime and you're looking for something. More here looking for a win. I think he just uses speed especially through the neutral zone. I think is and in some must've been triggered because he starts shooting the puck even coming down off a bad angle we really talked about. You know what you planned Carolinas there and never went shot attempt seemingly. You know analytical either you know really getting off the charts and 55%. Coming into the scheme. The last five games and so we want to take a little bit of that recipe in this throw as many pucks as Annette and and that's what happens you look at his first goal with pro hoc committee gets a rebound. And then we just continue to shoot you know. We have to keep that identity is their team and and Jack was beaten took matters into his own hand a little bit there and in in the in the third and and found a way to tie the game which is a great effort on his part that. The collar guys we're we're starting to get an attitude about getting more pucks that are not. Yeah I mean I think what we gain that a little bit and started in Colorado went on a tough road trip become in effect our building and you know if you could see where we're question and a good direction even though we lost in overtime. To Chicago and Saint Louis. We were we were making steps in the right way you know it come down from 20 the time Saint Louis with them that a lot of teams have been able to do. You know I thought in Philly we we had a solid effort in the could've gone either way in that game and we've just got to could keep pushing forward I think. We got to just keep moving in in the right direction I know we want the results that at this point their season I'll take it. Retailers and we're. See more of what she needs the are you arms does a terrific job under penalty kill he's always in the shot plane that was you know our bench really rose after that in the guys were really. Pumped up for him to be able put his body in harm's way and that is just a great effort is especially in our penalty penalty kill at that point in the game.